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Dominant Grandpa

Written by houseboyservitude
My wife and I were happily married for ten years and were in our mid-thirties when we decided to enter into a new and exciting lifestyle. We had always enjoyed our sex life and never considered ourselves to be in a 'rut' or bored, but rather we were ready to grow and expand in our sexuality. We explored different sexual activities and practices and determined that we both derived pleasure from giving pleasure to others. We were both rather submissive with strong desires to serve and obey. This of course led us to the realm of BDSM and once we looked around at the scene, we knew we couldn't return to the mundane world again.

We took out a personal ad online, not knowing at all how things would work out. We posted some nice and revealing pictures of ourselves and listed our interests. We were surprised how great the response was. We had all kinds of Dommes and Doms, and Dominant Couples reply, as well as some complete weirdos. We communicated back and forth through email but we found one seemed to always stand out with His erotic and well written messages. Soon we found ourselves drawn the most to the emails from a Dominant that told us to call him Grandpa.

Grandpa was always very patient and respectful with His communications. Other Dominants tended to get pushy as we corresponded with them, and as we were new to the lifestyle we were nervous and a bit hesitant. Grandpa's words always seemed to put us at ease and encourage us to take the next step. Grandpa had said that He had a lot of experience as a Master in the lifestyle and was a widower that would appreciate the submission and service we had to offer. When we decided to enter the lifestyle we had never expected to find ourselves being dominated by a seventy-two year old man, but now we wouldn't want it any other way.

We were emailing Grandpa several times a day and often chatting online as well. We always felt comfortable with Grandpa and he slowly started to dominate us without over stepping any of our comfort limits. Grandpa soon had us stripping each other naked and kneeling down while we were chatting. He would give us commands that we eagerly carried out and grew very comfortable with. The relationship progresses to phone calls that let us get to know Grandpa and get more comfortable. Grandpa then invited us to meet in person and we eagerly accepted. We met at a nice restaurant and had a nice dinner and some drinks. It was a very nice date and there was no play and nothing pushy but rather a chance to warm up and get better acquainted. At the end of the evening, Grandpa asked if we would be willing to submit and play next time. My wife and I eagerly accepted and we set up a date and time. Then, with a surprise, Grandpa reached out and pulled my wife into Him and wrapped His arms around her and slowly worked His hands down to her butt as He gave her a long wet kiss. He smiled afterward and watched us both carefully as though He were studying our reactions. It was a bit of a shock to me and I felt awkward and stunned, but it was also an intensely erotic moment that I found thrilling.

We were both trembling with nervousness as we stood on Grandpa's front porch awaiting our first real-time session. We didn't know what would happen which was a bit scary and arousing. We had been instructed to shave all our body hair, in particular our pubic hairs as the standard sign of submission Grandpa said. This had led us to even more anticipation with such erotic preparation. When Grandpa answered the door with is charming smile and easy demeanor, we were put more at ease. We were invited to come in and sit at the dining room table. Dressed rather relaxed in loungewear and a housecoat, Grandpa brought out some documents and paper work and presented them before us. He explained that it was a contract for BDSM consensual play and it was standard protocol for the lifestyle. We signed the papers and declared a "safeword" in case things got too intense for us. After consenting to Grandpa's domination, Grandpa asked if we were ready. My heart was beating intensely and I noticed my wife took in a deep breath as we both nodded.

"Good", said Grandpa with a big smile. "Let me show you around." With that we rose from our seats and followed Grandpa as He gave us the tour of His home and pointed out where things were for us. The house seemed like any other until we were led down to the basement where the 'dungeon' was. We saw several racks, and bondage tables, and devices that we had never seen before. It was dark with dim lights that added to the mystery of the dungeon. We were led to a room that almost appeared as a horse stall with wooden walls and a window covered with strong steel fencing. Grandpa opened the sliding doors and said, "Welcome to the servant's quarters."

A single light bulb hung from a chain that dangled from the ceiling. There were closed-circuit cameras looking down and a monitor mounted high on the wall. Three mattresses were placed together on the floor. There were some chains securely fastened to the wall and neatly hung up on pegs. The servant quarters seemed quiet, yet it appeared they could be intense in a matter of moments. There were a few shelves in the room, and upon one were two boxes, one labeled "houseboy" and the other labeled "maid".

"You'll find your new work clothes in those boxes. Go ahead and change and meet up upstairs and we will get started", said Grandpa with a smile as He turned to go.

It seemed very dark and quiet as we were left alone. I put my arm around my wife and she gave me a big kiss. We were both nervous and taking the journey together was a big turn-on. We undressed and shivered in the coolness of the basement dungeon. We wondered if Grandpa was watching us through the cameras. We opened the boxes and put on the contents. Mine was a houseboy uniform consisting of a pair of tuxedo boxers that fit tightly, a collar and bow tie, and some cuffs around my wrists. My wife put on a French maid outfit that was low cut and showed off ample cleavage from her 38DDs. The skirt came down mid thigh on her and the white stockings were knee length, leaving a patch of bare leg showing. She had lacey wristlets, a choker, and a headband to complete the outfit. She looked quite beautiful in that black and white maid outfit that showed off all her best curves.

My wife searched around in the box and whispered to me that she didn't see any panties in there and she wondered if she should wear the panties she had worn over. I told her she should only wear what was in the box and nothing extra. This left her feeling embarrassed and very self-conscious going without panties, especially since the back of her skirt was split open leaving her exposed. She kept trying to cover the split with the tie strings of her apron, but every time she moved her back end was exposed and her face turned red. I had to take her by the hand and tell her how beautiful she was and that she was dressed the way that Grandpa wanted her. Together, hand-in-hand, we crept up the stairs in our new uniforms of domestic servants.

We were expecting to find Grandpa when we came up the stairs. Instead we found a tablet with detailed instructions. We were assigned a list of chores to do and told that Grandpa would be in the den if we needed him. The kinky uniforms that we had on made both of us feel erotically vulnerable and anxious for Grandpa to see us feeling so exposed. This feeling was only drawn out by not seeing Grandpa right away. We went about the chores and did housework like laundry, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and taking out the trash. The chores took each of us to the den at times, where we saw Grandpa and He kept the moments from being awkward. We served Him afternoon tea and began to feel much more comfortable with our work uniforms. My wife even gave up trying to keep the gap in her skirt closed and let her beautiful ass be exposed when it was.

We began preparing dinner as Grandpa made His way around to inspect the chores. He gave us lots of praise and compliments for our work and we felt appreciated. I went into the dining room and prepared the table as instructed, placing the proper settings including candles. When I returned to the kitchen, I saw my wife stirring the pot on the stove as Grandpa stood close by taking in the aroma of her special sauce. His hand reached into the split of her skirt and very slowly worked around rubbing her bare ass. She froze for a moment, and took in a deep breath that raised her head up a little higher. I could tell that she was getting very excited and was probably dripping wet. I too became aroused and soon had an erection that was trying to poke out of my boxers. Grandpa turned around and smiled, "Mmmm, smells delicious", He said as He gave her a few pats on the behind.

Grandpa sat in the dining room as we lit the candles and busily filled His cups with water and wine. We served him up as much dinner as He wanted and we enjoyed watching each other serving side-by-side. Servants were to eat in the kitchen, so that is where we had dinner as we took turns hopping up to answer the bell call of Grandpa. We were both very quiet, and enjoying ourselves in a sort of fantasy bliss. We also wondered what would happen next. We drank more than a little bit of wine and it helped to relax our nerves and inhibitions. The clean-up after dinner also helped pass the time and give us something to focus on.

Grandpa had retired to the living room where he put on some old, classy jazz and swing records and opened up the newspaper. My wife refilled His wine glass and asked if He wanted dessert, but He replied that He would have dessert a little later. Grandpa lit up His pipe and told us that He would like some massages and He instructed my wife to rub His feet and me to rub His shoulders. We did as we were told. I worked my hands upon Grandpa's shoulders as He read the paper, holding it up so that it blocked my view of my wife for some time. When Grandpa finally finished the paper and put it away, I had a good view of my wife. She was on her knees with one of Grandpa's feet in her lap, her skirt was stretched and riding high on her thigh showing plenty of skin. I had a great view of her cleavage and it appeared that her large breasts were almost ready to pop out. I also realized that Grandpa had to be getting the same view that I had.

"You look a bit uncomfortable, My dear. Did I get that uniform too small?" inquired Grandpa. My wife froze and wasn't sure what to do or say. "Come up here, and we'll take a look. Come on; come up on Grandpa's lap", said Grandpa as He motioned with His hands while following the music.

My wife slowly rose to her feet and taking a deep breath, she nervously approached Grandpa who welcomed her with open arms and pulled her in straddling His lap. Grandpa pulled her in for a deep embrace as He buried His face between her breasts. My wife closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she began to breath very heavy. Grandpa slowly released the embrace. "Yes, your big breasts look awful tight in there. You'd better let them out. Just pull down your uniform a bit and let them hang out. Let them get some air", said Grandpa in a reassuring tone.

My wife was breathing deeply and I could tell her heart was racing. She slowly moved her trembling hands up to her top. Grandpa called to me, "houseboy! houseboy, come over here and help. Come help her out of this. Just roll that uniform down a little."

I hurried over and stood behind my wife. I placed my hands on her shoulders and she took in a deep breath and relaxed a little. I slowly slid the straps around her shoulders and slid them down her arms as far as they would go. I then slid my hands back up her shoulders and slid them forward into her soft bosoms. I took hold of the cups of her outfit and slid them down, rolling the top part of her maid outfit down and letting her large and magnificent breasts hang free in front of Grandpa's face. The straps of the outfit were still around her arms and left my wife rather restrained as she straddled His lap with her boobs completely exposed.

Grandpa took a breast in each hand. He very gently fondled the boobs and worked his hands all around them. He squeezed them a little and stretched them a little. My wife squirmed as the sexual energy was building inside her. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as Grandpa explored her chest with His hands. He worked His fingers around her big nipples in a circular motion. Then He gave each nipple a gentle squeeze that made my wife quiver at her thighs.

"I think I'll have dessert now", said Grandpa. "houseboy, I want you to fix Me up some chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and I want it served up on this rack", He said.

"Yes, Grandpa", I replied as I helped my wife off Grandpa's lap. We walked out to the kitchen together. We didn't know what to do our say to each other, but we were both experiencing the greatest thrill of our lives. We were eager and nervous, and my hand wasn't the steadiest as I coated my wife's breasts in chocolate syrup and topped them off with whipped cream. We returned to Grandpa and I brought Him an apron to help keep clean, and I helped my wife back up onto His lap. I stood by and watched with a moist towel ready as Grandpa had his dessert.

Grandpa slowly worked his tongue along the edges of the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. He would change direction at times and sometimes lick in circular patterns. At times Grandpa would comment on how tasty the dessert was and how sweat it was. As He put away more chocolate and whipped cream, Grandpa began to mouth her taking in big and long sucks upon her breasts. I had to hold my wife steady as she began shaking as Grandpa sucked her nipples of all the sticky chocolate syrup. I think my wife orgasmed during this, and I was about to also. My cock was rock hard and pre-cum was leaking out my boxers. It was also clear that Grandpa was enjoying this as well. "Mmm, that was an excellent dessert!" said Grandpa when he had finished.

We cleaned up and returned to Grandpa. He told us to loosen up and dance to the music as a catchy swing tune was playing. We followed directions and started dancing on the open floor in front of Grandpa. My wife's breasts were still hanging out and her arms were restricted by the straps. I still had a big boner that was trying to escape from my boxers.

"Relax, relax, it is time to have fun. Get out of those work uniforms and make yourselves comfortable. Come on; come on, take them off. houseboy, help the maid out of that outfit. Good, good, that is more like it, now maid, help the houseboy out of his uniform", coached Grandpa.

We followed Grandpa's instructions and found ourselves dancing naked in front of Him. He sat on the couch watching us and moving His hands to the music like a conductor. Grandpa kept giving us directions and we kept following them. He told us to swing our hips. He told us to shake our booties. He called us to come closer and shake our booties for him. Soon we were on each side of Grandpa swinging our hips and shaking our bare butts to the music. The song came to an end with two strikes on the drums which Grandpa imitated my slapping our bare asses with His hands.

"Now that looks like some good booty", said Grandpa with a grin. He looked at us seriously for a moment and asked, "Are you ready for Grandpa to spank your booty?"

"Yes", we both gasped.

"Good. Ladies first, maid, come here over my knee. Grandpa is going to give you a good spanking. houseboy, come over here and take her hands. Stretch her out a bit and try to keep her still. That's it, that's it."

My wife climbed up on the couch and stretched her beautiful naked body out over Grandpa's knee. I took her hands and stretched her arms out and looked into her eyes. I don't think either of us could believe what we were doing, but it seemed so thrilling and erotic. Grandpa rubbed His hand around my wife's ass as He warmed it up. I could feel my wife tense up in anticipation and she squeezed my hands. There was a loud smack as Grandpa's hand came down across the maid's bare butt. I stared into her eyes as she winced slightly and smiled to signal she was okay. Grandpa rubbed her butt more and raised His hand up and quickly brought it down upon my wife's butt. Each time Grandpa struck her a little harder and a little faster. My wife started to let out little whimpers, but she never called out the safeword. Grandpa worked her long into the spanking and her little whines of pain began to be followed by moans of pleasure. Grandpa picked up the intensity of the spanking and it built a lot of sexual energy. I thought my wife was going to orgasm right there over Grandpa's knee. Then Grandpa stopped and rubbed my wife's ass which was now beat red. She was panting and trying to catch her breath as Grandpa called out, "Next!"

I took my turn and placed my naked body over Grandpa's knee. My wife took my hands and stretched me out. I looked up at her as she gave me a smile as though she had suddenly satisfied a long craving. I felt the warm hand of Grandpa slide across my butt cheeks. He was gentle at first and then picked up the intensity and the friction started to take hold and my ass began to warm. I heard a gasp escape me as the smack of a hand upon my flesh rang out. The nerves in my butt were awakened and the sting set in. I think that Grandpa spanked me much harder than He did my wife. The smacks upon butt cheeks seemed louder and the intensity was much faster. The sting felt like nails driving into my butt cheeks and going deeper and deeper. I was a bit shocked at how powerful the moment could take me. I looked up at my wife and she was smiling and seemed to be taking great pleasure in watching me get spanked. One last, powerful smack that sent a jolt through me finished the spanking session.

"Okay now, you both are dripping wet between your legs and you'd better clean it up", said Grandpa. "Go on, go right there on the floor and lick each other up. Go on, go 69 it. houseboy, you lay down on your back. maid, you sit right on his face and take his cock in your mouth. That's it, good. Good", said Grandpa as he coached us along.

It felt really good to experience the touch and feel of my wife's naked body at that moment. I could tell that her loins were red hot as she straddled my face. I could smell her wet pussy as she slowly lowered it down to my face. I licked her thighs up and down and slowly brought my tongue around to her pussy. Her vaginal lips were wide open and I slurped up her secretions and probed her open and wet vagina with my tongue. I felt her big titties glide across my belly and bounce over my lower abdomen as my wife began to lick my cock of pre-cum. We were both at a level of arousal that neither had ever experienced before. The sexual energy was very strong and it felt almost trance-like. I found my wife's clit and began going to town on it. I felt her warm and wet mouth wrap around my cock as she swallowed it. We were going to town on each other and both of us were moaning with wild pleasure. After being held in a state of arousal all day we were both very excited to release. I could sense orgasms preparing in both of us when Grandpa, suddenly interrupted, "Wait, wait. Stop, you have more clean up to do. I am dripping wet too. Take care of this and you can finish those orgasms. Come on, I'm dripping wet over here."

Grandpa had slid his pants down and His seventy-two year old cock and balls were out surrounded by thin, white pubic hair. We felt desperate to get off and my wife raced over and kneeled between Grandpa's thighs. She held the base of His cock and ran her tongue up and down Grandpa's shaft. He moaned approvingly and she took his cock into her warm, wet mouth and bobbed her head up and down. My wife took Grandpa's cock out of her mouth and stroked it in her hand as she worked down and licked His balls. She ran her tongue up and down His scrotum as she stroked His cock and worked her tongue around His anus and back to His scrotum. My wife took Grandpa's cock back in her mouth and massaged His balls with her hand.

"Come over and take care of her, houseboy. Come on over and take her from behind", Grandpa called to me. I took up position kneeling behind my wife and I ran my hands up her bare back as her head bobbed up and down on Grandpa's cock. I worked my hands down her back and spread her butt cheeks a little. I slowly slid my throbbing cock into my wife's hot and wet pussy. We both moaned with great satisfaction at the sensation. I placed my hands on her hips and began to slowly pump back and forth in her pussy and it felt so damn good. I felt hot ejaculations squirting out my wife's pussy as I began pumping her faster. She was moaning as she slurped on Grandpa's cock. At times my wife would moan and arch her back and tilt her head back only to have Grandpa pull her head back down onto His cock. I pumped faster and started fucking my wife harder and harder. It was the best sex that we had ever had and we were moaning like crazy. "Come on kids, go ahead and get off. Go ahead and cum now", Grandpa told us.

I fucked furiously away at my wife who began shrieking with pleasure as she stroked Grandpa's cock in her hand. I felt her pussy start to vibrate in orgasm as hot ejaculations gushed out of her. I felt myself stiffening up and I had a very intense orgasm that I felt throughout my body as my loaded squirted into my wife's pussy. I pulled out and slumped back feeling drained and exhausted. My wife went to town on Grandpa's cock again. He pulled her head off His cock and told her He wanted to shoot His load over her big ole' titties. She gave Grandpa a few more pumps with her hand, and then Grandpa let out a deep moan before shooting a big load onto her boobs. She licked His cock clean and sat back with a big satisfied smile.

Looking down at my wife with a big wad of semen across her chest, Grandpa said, "Good kids, good. That was really good. Now I want you to rub that load all over those titties of yours. houseboy, you help her too. Rub that hot load all across those big ole titties."

With that my wife and I rubbed Grandpa's load all across her breasts as directed. We then picked up our uniforms and Grandpa said it was time to call it a night. He led us back down to the dungeon and into the servant quarters. We were ushered in and Grandpa bid us a good night before sliding the door shut. My wife and I snuggled together and discussed how we each found the day thrilling. We found that we were still too excited to sleep so we had sex twice more that night. We wondered whether or not Grandpa was watching us through the cameras that were inside the servant quarters. We could both smell and feel his sticky semen that was blown over my wife's breasts, as if it were a constant reminder of Grandpa. We finally fell asleep in a warm embrace upon bare mattresses without covers and looking out the caged window.

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