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Grandpa's Birthday Gift

Written by Joseph Barnosky

Darryl was turning sixty today. He wakes up this morning happy to still be alive, but the thought of being another year older puts him in a bad mood of sorts. He is surprised to see that his wife is no longer in the bed and he chalks it up to her doing something special for his birthday.
He crawls out of the bed, his joints popping as he does so. Getting old was no fun, especially as the things you used to do, you don't anymore or can't. He heads for the bathroom, pisses and starts that shower. By the time he is ready to get in the water it is nice and hot. His shower doesn't take long and even though he hasn't been in the military for over twenty years, old habits never die.

He swipes his hand across the mirror and picks up his razor. He grins at the stubble covering his face. He actually let it grow out a little, daring to bring his morning routine, but now it is just getting to him. A few minutes later, he has a smooth face, well as smooth as a sixty year old's face could get. He sets down the razor, dries off, dresses and exits the bathroom.

He heads downstairs and makes his way into the kitchen. As he figures, Catherine, his wife, is busy making the most extravagant breakfast. What does surprise him is his twenty year old granddaughter, Jane, is sitting at the table.

"Happy Birthday Grandpa," Jane says, smiling big.

Darryl smiles back, his day just got a notch better. His grandchildren always brought a smile to his face. "I didn't expect you here this morning," he says taking a seat across from her.

Catherine brings over three plates and sets them on the table. "Jane is here today because she wants to spend the day with you," she says with a wink. "She even has a special birthday gift for you. And just so you know she has already cleared it with me."

"Conspiring against me eh?" he says grinning.

Catherine can't help but to smile as she says, "Now why would we do that?"

Jane giggles, picking up a fork and stabbing her scrambled eggs.

"Oh and Happy Birthday, dear," his wife says, pecking him on the cheek.

The three eat breakfast and Darryl heads for the den to read the morning paper while Jane helps Catherine with dishes. The morning passes fairly quickly and Darryl begins to wonder when Jane planned to spend the day with him, when she walks in with a bag pack.

"Are you ready Grandpa?" she asks standing in the middle of the den.

He looks up and smiles, "Whenever you are."

The two depart out the back door and into the woods behind his house. Jane leads the way insisting she has the perfect spot for a picnic. They walk slowly, occasionally talking about her school and other really unimportant things. Darryl is fully interested, but Jane just rambled off, not really showing interest in her own life. The weather is pleasant and perfect for a birthday.

"This way," Jane says at one point, leading her grandfather off the path through a thick area of brush.

After pushing through a few leafless bushes, they emerge into a clearing. Jane takes out a blanket of the bag pack and spreads it out. She motions for Darryl to sit with her. The two lay next to each other, looking up at the trees standing tall around them. The majestic views of nature fill their views.

"This is lovely," Darryl says turning toward his granddaughter. "I bet this field is full of flowers in the spring. But you would still be the loveliest thing here."

Jane slides closer and leans in, pushing her body close to his. She wraps her lips suddenly over his and slips her tongue out. Darryl pulls back shocked.

"Jane," he says. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm trying to give you your birthday gift. Grandma and I discussed it already. She knows how you look at me and Jennifer."

Darryl's face reddens. He didn't think anyone caught that.

"It's okay Grandpa," she says. "I know you're a dirty old man and I like it."

She reaches in and starts working on the buttons of his shirt, pulling them open and running her hands over his chest.

"Are you sure about this?" he asks.

She looks up into his eyes and says, "If I didn't I wouldn't be here right now."

"Whose idea was this?"

Jane stops and smiles, "Mine of course."

Darryl shrugs. If his granddaughter and wife wanted this, why shouldn't he? He grabs the hem of Jane's shirt and lifts it over her head in a single motion.

"What about birth control, condoms?" he asks stopping suddenly.

Jane smiles again, "Mom has me on birth control already. After she told me how you and she had sex when she was younger I asked her to put me on it."

"She told you about that?"

"Of course. She said it was one of the best times in her life and if it wasn't for her meeting my Dad she would still be doing it."

As she leans down for a kiss, Darryl's hands dive to open the clasp on her bra. The straps become slack and he pushes the material up and over her breasts, feeling them against his bare chest for the first time. Jane wiggles her arms to extract the bra straps and tosses it aside.

As Darryl's hands explore the contours of her breasts, Jane's hands are busy feeling the hardness of his body. Even though he is sixty, he has worked every day to keep his body fit. She twists her body slightly to allow her hands to unfasten the buckle. Darryl feels this and with the fastener released, his hands lower his pants over his hips and his legs help kick them off.

Jane settles back on top of Darryl, pinning his cock between them. He can feel the rough material of her jeans scrape over his cock, but rather than cause pain, it only heightens the passion that is rising within him. His hands cup her ass, pushing her down onto him. He slides his hands inside her jeans, cupping her bare ass directly.

Jane can feel his cock pushing against her. Even through the jeans, it feels hot, although she can't work up the courage feel it directly with her hand. Instead, she runs up and down her grandfather's body. When she feels his hands reach inside her jeans, a surge of pleasure flushes through her. Being squeeze between his hands and his cock makes her ready.

Jane lifts her body up slightly and unbuttons her jeans. With a wiggle of her hips and a kick of her legs, she slides the jeans off. Settling herself back on Darryl's body, she can feel the hardness of his cock directly against her stomach. It feels so hot and hard. She wants it more than ever now.

"I'm ready Grandpa," she whispers. "Be gentle with me."

His hands return to her ass. His hands guide her body to slide her pussy over his cock, gently spreading her legs apart to reveal her entrance. Looking into Jane's eyes, he reaches a hand between them to guide his cock to her entrance. She sighs as the top of his cock brushes against her before being pressed against her entrance.

Jane's hands grab onto Darryl's shoulders and his hands return to her ass. They stare into each other's eyes as he pushes her down with his hands and arches up with his body. With a slow rhythm, Darryl relaxes and pulls back slightly before resuming his inward push. He can feel himself sliding deeper and more easily with each push. The pressure and heat around his cock feels amazing as it slides deeper into Jane.

Jane can feel her insides slowly part as his cock inches its way deeper inside her. She feels herself opening wider and wider with each gentle push as he penetrates deeper and deeper. His cock makes her feel so full, filling a void inside her that she doesn't know she had. The feelings flowing over her cause her to relax until suddenly she feels him slide all the way inside. Her stomach is pressed up against his.

Impaled all the way inside her, Darryl lifts her head up to give her lips a kiss. His hands move to her hips to lift her up slightly to slide slowly back out of her. As his cock glides out, he can feel a gripping sensation as if Jane's pussy does not want to let go. When his cock reaches the opening, he allows it to slide smoothly back in, burying it deep into her depths.

With every outward stroke, Jane feels a pang of loss, but with every inward stroke that loss is washed away with a feeling of desire and fullness. Her body is moving on its own, sliding up and down on Darryl's cock, trying to force him deeper and deeper inside. She can feel the tension building in her.

Darryl can also feel the pressure building inside him. Each slippery stroke of his cock tingles with sensation. With Jane supporting her body on her hands to better move onto his cock, he gets to watch her small breasts swinging beneath her. The sight triggers an eruption.

Jane feels Darryl squeeze her tightly to him, forcing his cock in as deep as it can go. Fully impaled, she feels his cock twitch as it bursts forth his hot cum deep into her pussy. She squirms in pleasure, grinding her pussy against him, encouraging his cock to pump burst after burst into her. The feeling of fullness combined with the grinding of her clit causes her to burst as well. She lets out a loud moan of satisfaction before collapsing onto his body.

They lie in each other's arms. Darryl's cock is still inside her, slowly oozing the last remnants of his cum. Both of them are panting with exhaustion, they once again look into each other's eyes and exchange a simple kiss. Jane is the first to break the silence.

"That felt amazing," she says.

Darryl smiles, "Better than amazing, and seeing your breasts bouncing beneath you was just as erotic as feeling your pussy on my cock."


"Yes and I'd like to see it again sometime."

Jane smiles and says, "Deal."

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