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Happy Birthday Rosie

Written by MisterReason

Henry Becker was getting antsy. The presents had been opened, the song had been sung and the cake had been cut. After getting another dirty look from his wife after sneaking back for a third extra piece of cake, Henry was getting irritated, and he knew that if he hung around that old battle-axe much longer they would start arguing, so instead of ruining his granddaughter's 18th birthday party he decided to take a stroll...


"Fuck you, you miserable bitch," I mumbled to myself after my wife shook her head at my grabbing another piece of cake. "You don't give me pussy or head, but you sure can bust my balls."

Somebody that I was standing near glanced over at me, but probably assumed that I was just a senile old fuck mumbling to himself. The guy was right, probably, but I didn't care.

The frigging pieces of cake were so small that it wasn't any big deal if I had a few extra slices, I figured. Besides, I wasn't the one lugging around an extra 50 pounds. I was still the same 167 pounds I had been all my adult life.

I wanted to leave the party, having fulfilled my grandfatherly obligation, but I knew that Martha wouldn't leave before everybody else did, so I didn't bother asking. Instead, I grabbed my camera and snuck out the back door, hoping to have enough sunlight to take some pictures out in back of my daughter's farmhouse.

As I walked past the barn, I heard the snorting of my granddaughter Rosie's horse, so I ducked inside, hoping that the kid was in there so I could talk to a female who didn't loathe me. Inside, Sprite the horse was alone, and after he turned his back on me I left him alone and headed for the back field.

There was a pond way out back, down the slope that led to the tracks, so I wandered down that way, snapping a few pictures of the scenery. It was then that I saw Rosie down near the creek that ran along the now-abandoned railroad tracks, and two things became very clear to me right away.

Rosie was not alone. She was with one of the neighborhood kids that had attended her party. This kid was a tall and skinny guy with long blonde hair who seemed to be incapable of forming a sentence without the words, "know what I'm saying"? at the end, and I had been tempted to suggest that maybe if he was more coherent he wouldn't have to ask that question.

The second thing that was obvious was that Rosie wasn't a kid anymore. Since I was her at her 18th birthday party, that should have been obvious, but she had still seemed like a goofy kid to me despite what the calendar said.

What she was doing to the guy, who name had slipped my mind seconds after it was told to me, was definitely adult in nature, and as I inched closer to them while staying out of their line of sight, a third thing was becoming clear. I had to take a picture of what was going on.

I managed to get a half dozen shots that, if they came out as well as I hoped, would be a far more interesting chronicle of her party than the ones I had been taking all day. Being the unofficial family photographer because of my skills and equipment was usually a burden, but as I snapped away, I was warming to the task.

They were done in about 5 minutes, and to my dismay the action never advanced beyond what I had initially seen. Rosie never took a stitch of clothing off, and although she didn't seem to be very well developed, I would have liked to see what a pair of 18 year old tits looked like, since it had been four decades since I had experienced that.

I did get to see her friend - Jay or Ray or whatever the hell his name was - rather intimately in the moment it took his to pull his underwear and slacks up, although the sight of his skinny pecker did nothing for me.

So while I wasn't envious of his equipment, I was quite jealous of what it had just experienced, because it had been a decade since I had gotten from my wife the pleasure of the affection little Rosie had given him.

When I had developed the pictures the next day, of Rosie on her knees in front of the guy, sucking on his dick with enthusiasm with her hands on his ass, taking all of it in her mouth without straining, I was impressed, both with my photography and with Rosie's cock-sucking abilities.

Zooming in on the teens, the photos showed Rosie as clear as day, with her mouth full of dick, and there was no sign of her letting the guy's load go anywhere except down her throat. None of that finishing off with the hand or spitting it out like it was poison, which was what I was used to back in the day when Martha would go anywhere near my cock.

On that day, after they finished and went back up the hill while I stayed out of sight, I rejoined the party. I got a kick out of seeing Rosie as she went about the duties of being the cute innocent birthday girl, and looked at her in a whole new light for the rest of the day.


"Grandpa!" Rosie said, greeting me with a surprised look on her face upon seeing me at the door.

"Hi birthday girl," I said cheerfully. "How does it feel to be 18 years and 4 days old?"

"Feels about the same I guess," she said, adding "Um - Mom and Dad are working," telling me something I already knew.

"I know," I said, holding an envelope with the photos of her birthday party. "I developed your party pictures."

"Cool," Rosie said, reaching for them. I"ll make sure Mom gets them - she's got lots of albums with your pictures in them"

"I'd like to look at them with you," I said, peeking around my granddaughter while asking, "Unless I'm interrupting something."

"No," Rosie said. "Come on in."

Rosie probably wasn't all that thrilled with the thought of having to spend time with her grandfather. Can't blame her there, and maybe she was planning on gobbling some of her boyfriend's dick before I arrived, but there was no way I was going to miss seeing her face when she saw the snapshots of her party.

"Oh, I look so dorky," Rosie commented as she saw the first picture of her opening a present, and as she looked at the photos, I looked at Rosie.

Rosie was wearing shorts that revealed a lot of her legs, which were a little plump but shapely but a little shapely, and a white tank-top that showed her pale fleshy arms. Unfortunately Rosie was wearing a bra, with the straps showing a little on her round shoulders, so those small bumps on her chest were pretty much hidden from view.

I had arranged the pictures in order, with the good ones at the end, and by chance there was one of her and her boyfriend, with him dabbing cake frosting on her nose.

"That's your boyfriend, right" I asked.

"Rory?" Rosie responded, clearing up the mystery of his name. "No, he's just a guy in my class."

"Oh," I said, and given the casual way she dismissed him, I was a bit set back, since in my day my cock had never gotten into any mouth that I didn't have at least some kind of relationship with, proving how far out of touch I am these days.

I braced myself for Rosie's reaction as she got up to the first of the six shots of her and the guy who wasn't her boyfriend, and when she got to the first one, I saw her eyes bolt open wide and her hands start shake.

"Oh shit," Rosie mumbled, and then she turned to the next one, which was a much closer shot of her sucking away. "You were spying on us."

She didn't say that with anger, but more with an attitude of resignation.

"No honey," I explained. "I was getting tired of your grandmother nagging me so I went outside to get away from her, and was just planning to take some shots of the creek."

"I could have turned around and come back, so I guess you're right about being spied on in that way," I continued. "But I'm glad I did, because that was a lot better than pictures of scenery."

Rosie snickered a bit at that, and after looking at the final shot, handed me back the pictures and asked me for something.

"Do me a favor, Grandpa?" Rosie asked. "Give them to my Mom."


"Don't give them to my Dad," Rosie said. "He would - guess it would hurt him. Mom and me, we have an understanding. She caught me doing that once before."

"She caught you with Rory?"

"No, with another guy," Rosie replied, and when I looked at her with quizzical eyes she explained. "I'm not very good-looking, so it's a way of getting to be with guys. I've got kind of a reputation for going down on guys."

"Plus," she added. "I like doing it. Like being in control, I guess, so if you would give them to Mom, I'd appreciate it. She'll ream me out or ground me."

"I'm not going to give them to her," I said while handing her back her pictures. "They're yours to do what you want with. I just took them because I was bored. Jealous. Whatever I was, I just thought it was a beautiful thing to see, and reminded me how lousy my life has become."

"You think I'm a whore, don't you Grandpa?" Rosie asked as she looked at the photos in her hand, and when I didn't answer she added, "Believe it or not, I'm a virgin."

"Oh," I said, a bit surprised.

"Yeah," Rosie said with a little grin. "That's why when guys talk about me, they say, Rosie Arnold, she's all head and no tail."

"Well, that's a good thing I guess," I said as I started to feel a little uncomfortable. "Better get going. Say hi to your folks for me."

"You and Grandma - you don't get along?" Rosie asked as I prepared to leave.

"Let's just say these aren't exactly the golden years for us," I said. "Probably my fault as much as hers."

"Sorry," Rosie said. "And thank you - for the pictures. I really appreciate you not busting me."

"No problem, I said. "You might want to be a little more discreet in the future though, although like I said, it was a beautiful sight for me. Certainly made the party more interesting for me."

Rosie smiled and gave me a hug, and as I felt the warmth of her body I sensed her reaching her head up, maybe to give me a kiss, but when I leaned down she whispered in my ear instead.

"What?" I said, not believing what I had heard.

"I will if you want," Rosie said, shrugging her shoulder while looking at me. "Like I said, I really enjoy doing it."

"But I'm an old man," I said, not adding that I also happened to be her grandfather.

"You're not so old," Rosie said, adding that she had done it to older guys before, although maybe not as old as me, and then asked, "Unless you mean that you don't want me to because you can't - you know - get it up anymore?"

"No, that's not it," I said, and I might have admitted that I had indeed gotten it up rather recently, having jerked myself off in my dark room while imagining that it was me standing in front of Rosie instead of what's his name, but Rosie's hands on my belt stopped me cold.

"Here, honey?" I asked as my belt came undone, looking around the kitchen and imagining her father coming up the back porch and seeing this.

So that was how I found myself in Rosie's bedroom, surrounded by stuffed animals and pictures of singers and actors who I had never heard off, and Rosie was locking the door behind her and approaching me.

"There. Okay here?" Rosie asked. "Now where was I? Get on my bed - lay down on your back so I can get your pants off."

What started off with me having fun at my granddaughter's expense was now becoming something all together different, and after my pants came off my ankles and Rosie reached up to take down my boxers I raised myself up and tried to stop her.

"Honey, this isn't something we should be doing," I said in protest, but Rosie shooed my hands away with a laugh.

"Don't get shy on me now, Grandpa. I'm way to excited to stop now," Rosie said, and after the boxers came down she told me that I had a cute dick.

"It gets bigger," I said apologetically about my wrinkled stem, who was doing what he often did when nervous, which was trying to hide.

"Sorry. Guys don't like to have their dicks called cute, but yours is," Rosie said as her pudgy fingers grabbed it. "And I can tell you get pretty big on account of it's so wrinkled. See?"

Rosie giggled, and whether it was because of me groaning as she grabbed my cock, or the way it looked when she stretched it upward, I didn't know and didn't care when she lowered her head and took my dick in her mouth.

I couldn't see because Rosie's medium length black hair fell down to block the view, so I reached down and pulled it up. There it was, a sight that I never thought I would witness again, my cock in a woman's mouth, and Rosie was pulling it way up every time she raised her head before going down to the bottom.

"Don't you like it Grandpa?" Rosie asked after a minute of her sucking made only a little difference in my cock.

"It's great, Rosie. I'm just trying to make this last as long as possible, because it's been so long. Who knows? It might be the last time," I suggested.

Rosie smiled and said, "Okay. As long as I'm doing it the way you like it, I can do this all day. Want to make it good for you."

"If you really want to make this great," I suggested, "Would you take your top off for me?"


"Yes - and your bra," I added.

"My boobies aren't very big," she said apologetically.

"I'm sure they're beautiful," I said as she got off of the floor and grabbed the bottom of her blouse.

Hell, I've been looking at big sagging tits for quite a while, so the sight of breasts without stretch marks and veins no matter the size was going to be great.

Rosie stood up and pulled her blouse up over her head and then reached back and undid her bra, and while they weren't big - and looked small in proportion with the rest of her slightly chubby frame, the sight of those grapefruit-sized breasts with the plump red nipples made my heart skip a beat.

"You're beautiful, honey," I told her as she cupped her breasts and squeezed them. "Really, they're beautiful."

"Wish they were bigger," Rosie lamented.

"And I'll bet you've got a lot of hair - you know - down there," I opined, and then felt bad when I saw her blush and apologized. "Sorry, Rosie. That wasn't an insult."

"How did you know?" Rosie asked, and while I could have said it was because when her blouse was up over her head, I had noticed that although her underarms were shaved, they had a dense 5 0'clock shadow that coated the entire round crater, and in my day that was how we used to figure how hairy a girl's pussy was.

"Just a guess," I lied. "You Mom's family being Greek I guess."

"Most girls trim it or have it waxed," Rosie informed me. "But since no guys get down there I don't bother. I guess if I ever get serious with a guy I'll do it because boys like it that way."

"Maybe you should skip the boys and go to men," I suggested, which confused the poor girl. "Guys of my generation, we were used to girls having a lot of hair down there."

"Not as much as me, I'll bet," Rosie said.

"Can I see?"

Rosie shrugged her shoulders, and then to my surprise unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, and while I could see the outline of her bush against the fabric of her panties, there was nothing sticking out the sides, and when the panties came down they revealed a very lush and thick triangle of black hair.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," I assured her as I surveyed her adorable body, now seeing the slight belly with the cute navel above the bush that was certainly not the immense jungle she saw it as being, and I told her I while I had seen others that were a lot hairier, none were any nicer looking. "You're a stunning young lady."

"Wow! Did I do that?"

Rosie was giggling at what she saw when she glanced down at my cock and saw the once flaccid wrinkled tube now fulling erect and arching back onto my belly, and she seemed quite pleased with what she saw.

"How could I look at you and not get excited?"

"Knew you had a big one," Rosie said as she went to her knees and lifted my cock upright.

"Oh!" I groaned as she wrapped her lips around my cock, and soon I was writhing on the bed as Rosie's mouth went from my cock to right down to my balls, sucking hard on the eggs as she stretched them out as far as she could. "You're so good!"

"I know," she said with a wink.

"When I cum, are you going to swallow it?"

"Of course," she grinned and she stroked my cock while answering.

"Can I do something to you too?" I asked. "Want to make you happy too."

"I am happy," Rosie said.

"In another way."

"Grandpa, I want to stay a virgin, at least for now."

"No honey, that isn't what I meant," and after I told her what I wanted to do, I asked her, "Has any boy done that to you yet?"

"No," Rosie said.

"How about a girl?" I asked, and when Rosie blushed I grinned.

"Don't be embarrassed about that," I said, wishing I could have seen her and a friend going down on each other. "Can I be the first guy?"

"Okay, but you have to cum first, Grandpa," Rosie said. "Want to watch?"

"Yes, Rosie," I said, and my granddaughter shifted so that she was between my legs, and after shaking her hair back proceeded to finish me off.

I wanted to last, but the sight of her hand and mouth sliding up and down my cock, and then Rosie moving her lips way down to darn near deep throat the whole thing while all the time looking up at me with those big bright eyes was too much.

I came, and although I couldn't see my ejaculation because it was going in my granddaughter's mouth, it felt like I came like a cannon instead the dribbling excuses for orgasms my hand produced.

Dear sweet Rosie never flinched, and just kept on sucking as I went limp in her mouth, even slurping back some of my semen that that trickled down the shaft of my cock. Then she let my dick fall out of her oral embrace, and with a sassy expression opened her jaws wide to show me the load that she still had on her tongue before swallowing it and smiling.

"You're amazing," I said as she licked her lips. "Now it's my turn."

We changed places, and now my cute cocksucker was on her back, those creamy thighs parted to reveal that luscious bush that grew well down between her legs, and while the hair was so dense that it hid the lips of her sex, the hair that surrounded them was slick with moisture that gave it away.

"You do like giving head, don't you?" I asked as I ran my hand over the dewy pelt. "Now I'm going to make you wetter."

Another thing I had never dreamt of doing again, I thought while I buried my face in her soft bush and ran my tongue around the fold before burrowing my face in. The sweet taste and scent of pussy - always different but always fantastic, was intoxicating and since I may have been the first guy to go down on Rosie, I vowed to be the best she would ever have.

I teased her clit, sucking and nibbling while watching her reaction from the forest my face was buried in, and the way she was she was reacting did as much for me as the head she had just given. Kicking her feet around and thrashing her arms, clawing at the sheets while I brought her closer and closer to orgasm, I was forcing to wrap my hands around her hips to try and hold her down.

"Grandpa - shit!" Rosie was screaming while her thighs kept slamming my ears to produce the best headache I would ever get, and then she was cumming.

I could tell she came not only from the screech she let out as her upper body kept rising and slamming back down on the bed, but from the spray that hit face for only the second time in my life, and I held on as she squirmed almost off the bed before I stopped tonguing her.

"Oh man!" Rosie said once, and then another half dozen times as she tried to catch her breath. "That was - oh man!"

"I liked it too, believe it or not as much as you did," I said as I struggled to get up off of the soggy bedding, and when she saw me Rosie laughed and made a grab for me.

"Gimme that," Rosie said, forcing herself to sitting position and grabbing my cock, which was in a semi-erect state, and although I tried to protest I ended up in her mouth again.

"Honey, I won't be able to," I protested.

"So what?" Rosie said, and positioned me so that I was almost standing sideways between her legs, craned her neck around and started sucking on my cock while grabbing my dangling scrotum and trying to twist my balls in knots.


"No - what - what are you doing, Rosie?" I asked when I felt her other hand between my ass cheeks, and then felt her finger inside of me, "OH!"

I damn near fell over, grabbing for Rosie's shoulder to keep myself upright as I became my granddaughter's puppet. Where she came up with this, I had no idea, but my cock was getting stiff again while she milked my balls and did things inside my ass that I know the protologist hadn't done.

In less than a minute, I had collapsed on top of Rosie, but not before having another orgasm, and while I have no idea if I shot anything this time, it felt just as good. My asshole was still tingling, my balls were aching and my dick was probably dead forever, but as I lay there laughing along with my crazy granddaughter who seemed to find my near-helpless state hilarious, I didn't care.

"Told you I liked to suck dick, Grandpa," Rosie said while I tried to tickle her. "And I always make them cum."

"You're such a nasty little girl," I told her, and while it took a bit of time to get dressed and on my way, I managed to.

"You can come by anytime," Rosie assured me before I departed, and I told her that if I ever recovered, I might take her up on that.

I felt guilty about what I had done, and although I knew I would never go back again, I knew I had enough memories of that visit to last me a lifetime. Strangely enough, while I had a magazine in my hands a week later, I wasn't reading it but was instead daydreaming when the knock at the door interrupted my thought.

"Rosie!" I declared after opening the door, and she was biting her lower lip as I let her in. "What brings you here?"

"That," Rosie giggled, pointing at my crotch. "Grandma's with my mother."

"I know."

"I drove them to the mall. They're having lunch and Grandma's getting her hair cut too," Rosie tittered as she closed and locked the door and pulled her blouse off before showing me her cell phone.

"Mom's going to call me when she wants me to pick them up," Rosie said as she undid her jeans. "I figure that gives us three hours at least. Got any ideas?"

"A couple," I sighed as Rosie grabbed my crotch and kneaded me through my slacks while he eased her bra up so I could squeeze her tit.

"Me too," Rosie giggled as she felt my cock getting interested inside my pants. "One of them involves this big fella here, and the other..."

"Your tongue," Rosie whispered in my ear before nibbling on the lobe. "Ever since that time I haven't been able to think of anything else."

"You liked me eating your pussy?" I asked her. "Did I do it better than your girlfriend?"

"Yeah," Rosie said as she began backing up, with her hand full of my slacks pulling me around like a puppy. "Lisa can't do it anything like you. Maybe sometime you can teach her. The three of us?"

"I can't keep up with you, Rosie. You're enough for me," I said, letting her take me down the hall by cock.

"Which way? Rosie asked, and I told her to turn left.

"Our bedroom," I told her. "Nothing good has happened in there for years."

"We can change that, I'll bet!" Rosie said, and I was sure she was right about that.

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