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A Granddaughter's Request Chapter 2

Written by ole_grouch_1124

The rest of Jack and Melissa's week in New York was spent in similar fashion. During the day, they would do some sightseeing. Nights were spent making love. Melissa turned out to be an insatiable lover. It didn't surprise Jack seeing how she was so young and vibrant. He barely managed to keep up with her.

The week flew by and it was time to go home. It was time for one more conversation.

"You realize we cannot keep going like we have been this week, don't you?"

"Don't worry, Jack, I'm not going to jump your bones the minute we get home."

"It's grandpa now, not Jack. One slip of the tongue could give us away and then there will be all hell to pay."

"I don't see what the issue is. I'm 18. I made my decision and I have no regrets. I don't think you do, either."

"No, I don't. But your grandmother and mother are not going to understand. You yourself said that you weren't planning on having sex with me after we got home, remember?"

"Yes, but that was before you turned me into a little nymph," she teased.

She let out a little laugh. She was enjoying this. Jack was going to have his hands full.

They arrived home and were greeted at the door by Jack's wife and daughter.

"Well, there you two are! How was your trip? Did you have a good time? You have to tell us all about it," Helen was saying as they exchanged hugs and greetings.

They sat around the living room talking about the trip. Melissa plugged her digital camera into the television and was showing all the pictures she had taken. She would stop every so often to talk about a particular picture.

It was getting late when they finished, so Melissa and her mother went home. Helen and Jack were getting ready for bed.

"You really showed her a good time," she said. "I'm glad your home, though. I missed you terribly."

"I'm glad to be home because I missed you, too."

It was nice for them to be back together again and they both felt it. They lie in each other's arms after making love and fell asleep.

The next morning, after Jack left for work, Helen was sitting at the table drinking coffee. She was an average sized woman in her mid-fifties. She still had curves in all the right places, but her age was starting to show in certain areas. Her breasts weren't as firm as they once were and her tummy gained a little flab. Her hips had done the same thing. She exercised regularly but it didn't seem to do any good.

A few moments later, her neighbor and best friend, Linda Brandell, knocked on the door and let herself in.

"Hi, Helen. How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine, Linda. Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure. I have some time to kill. Stay put, I'll get it." Helen stared blankly out the window.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm not sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Last night, after Debbie and Melissa left, Jack and I went to bed. We made love, but there was something different. I can't put my finger on it, but something was different."

"How do you mean, different?"

"I don't know. He was passionate and caring enough. He satisfied me. But I could tell that something was not right."

"Maybe you're imagining things. You and Jack have been together a long time."

"Maybe. I don't know. I haven't needed sex as much as I used to and I think Jack was starting to get annoyed. He was passionate and definitely in the mood last night, but it seemed like he should have been more passionate considering that it's been a little longer than a week since we made love last."

"Do you think he was fooling around in New York?"

"I doubt it. Melissa was with him. He wouldn't have had the time or the opportunity."

"I think you're just imagining things. Look, you're going through changes. So is he. I could understand your concern if he fell right off to sleep, but that didn't happen."

"Maybe you're right. Maybe I am dwelling over nothing."

The remainder of the week went by routinely. Jack would leave for work in the morning and Helen would enjoy a cup of coffee before going to work. Then came Saturday.

Helen and Debbie were both working. Melissa stopped by sometime mid-morning.

"Hi, Jack," she announced.

"I told you not to call me by my first name while where home."

"What's the matter? No one's here. It's just you and I. And thinking about you and I ..."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was probing for his. Jack put his arms around his granddaughter. His hands went down to her firm ass and pulled her in. He was immediately hard.

"Someone has missed me," she lamented as she reached down to rub his cock. "Maybe we need to do something about that."

She wasted no time undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants. She pulled them and his boxers down in one tug. She dropped to her knees and immediately started kissing the head of her grandfather's cock. Her tongue began running circles around and underneath the glans. She took him completely down to the base of his cock and slowly sucked her way back up.

"That's it. Suck your grandpa's cock. You love it, don't you?"

"M-m-m-h-m-m-m!" she hummed as she continued sucking. Her hand reached up and started massaging Jack's balls as her tongue circled and danced over the head of his cock and down her grandfather's shaft. Her other hand had undone her jeans and was now in the process of rubbing up and down her sweet, young pussy.

Jack stood her up and kissed his granddaughter. Their tongues intertwined as they explored each other's body. Jack's hand went underneath Melissa's top and caressed her soft, fleshy breast. He rolled his thumb over her nipple and discovered it was already hard.

Melissa continued stroking Jack's cock with her hand. "Oh, grandpa. Oh, Jack. I missed you. I need you."

Jack pulled her top over her head and threw it to the side. Her breasts required no bra. They stood firm and proud. Her taut nipples were jutting out. Jack lowered his mouth to suck one nipple in while his hand was teasing and tweaking the other.

"Suck my tit. Make my nipples hard, Jack. I love it," she moaned. He began alternating between the two breasts as his granddaughter arched her back. He kissed his way down her abdomen. He pulled her jeans and panties down to her feet to allow her to step out of them as Melissa leaned back against a desk.

Her shaven pussy was glistening with her sweet juice and looked so inviting. Jack stuck his tongue out and started licking up and down the length. As he reached the top he teased her clit. Melissa began bucking her hips in rhythm to his tongue.

"Oh, yes, grandpa, eat my pussy! Suck my clit!"

Melissa was starting to go wild. Jack pulled her down and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs to allow him greater access. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Please! Don't tease. Put it in. I need it," she begged. Jack bucked his hips and drove his cock into his granddaughter's womb until it was completely buried.

"Um-m-ph!" was all she managed as he reached as far as he could. Her pussy was like a velvet sheath that gripped every inch of his seven and a half inch cock. It was like she never wanted to let go. He started slow fucking her.

"Harder, faster. I need to be fucked. Please, Jack!"

He began fucking her in earnest. Melissa bucked back with each and every thrust. Her juices coated his shaft as he pistoned in and out of her. She was so hot.

"T-t-hat's right! Fuck your granddaughter," she moaned breathlessly. "You love fucking her, don't you?"

"Oh, yea. I love fucking my granddaughter. Her pussy is so juicy and tight. I love it!"

Melissa reached behind Jack and drew him closer. He took a breast and began sucking on it as he continued pummeling her pussy. Her moans were getting louder and her breath shorter. Her climax was building and Jack knew she wouldn't be too much longer. He pounded her for all he was worth.

"C'mon, baby! Cum for your grandpa. Cum for Jack."

Melissa arched her back, bucked her hips and let out a long, loud moan as waves of passion washed over her. Her whole body shook as if an earthquake had just occurred.

Jack continued driving in and out of his granddaughter as her climax peaked and his began to build. Her pussy grabbed his cock each time he withdrew. It felt like every nerve within him was exposed.

He could feel the pressure building. He humped her faster. Melissa was in the middle of having another orgasm and was moaning incoherently. She reached up and pulled him down to kiss her as her orgasm reached its peak.

Jack could not hold out any longer. The sensations travelled up his shaft and out the head of his cock painting her walls with a nice, hot shot of sperm. Load after load continued shooting into her womb as Melissa began yet another orgasm.

He groaned into her mouth as their passions overcame them and they were caught in a simultaneous orgasm.

"Oh, grandpa," she said breathlessly. "That was so good. I really needed you."

Jack withdrew from her and rolled off. Melissa let out a mild protest but understood. They were lying there basking in the afterglow of sex when they both heard it.

"OH, MY GOD!!!!!"

Startled, they both looked up to see Linda Brandell standing there. Shock and disbelief were written all over her face. She turned and ran towards the living room.

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