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A Granddaughter's Request Chapter 1

Written by ole_grouch_1124

My granddaughter and I were always very close. From the moment she was born, it seemed like the two of us were inseparable.

My daughter was living with my wife and I when Melissa was born. She was our first grandchild.

Melissa's father had no interest in seeing his daughter. I became both a father figure and grandfather to her.

My wife and my daughter worked on Saturdays. This meant that I would get Melissa dressed and take her to the carousel. Then it was off to the playground. Lunch always consisted of pizza and root beer soda. A trip to the local pet store was next and finally, the holiday store. Melissa loved to look at the Christmas decorations. By the time our afternoon was over and I would get her strapped into her child seat, she was out like a light. Sundays would be an afternoon of football and games. She loved to watch sports with me.

The years came and went. Eventually, my daughter and Melissa moved out. They still lived close by and would visit once a week. I watched Melissa grow from a child, through her teen years, and into a beautiful young woman. It was very difficult to see her grow so fast. Normally, during these formative years, grandchildren have a tendency to forget about their grandparents. Not so with Melissa. She always remained close to me and always reminded me that we were still "buddies".

It was during her senior year in high school Melissa came up with the idea that we needed to take a trip. I had asked her if she had a destination in mind and she said she didn't.

I was raised on Long Island and had not been there in quite some time. My wife and I settled in the Midwest. Melissa has never seen a city as big as New York before and I thought it would be a great idea to introduce her to some of the best sights, sounds, and smells she would experience. I purchased a couple of airline tickets and made hotel reservations.

Melissa was so excited the morning we left. She had just passed her 18th birthday and graduated high school, so this was both a birthday and graduation gift. Melissa is an average sized girl for her age with a beautiful figure. She had developed curves in all the right places and her breasts complimented her figure very nicely. They were neither too large nor too small. She had brown hair which she kept very long and trimmed. She was absolutely gorgeous.

I am 59 years old and while I am not a health buff, I do try to keep in shape. Over the years, I have developed a little paunch, but nothing that would be considered out of the ordinary for a man my age.

My wife and I have always had a good life and enjoyed sex several times a week. Granted, as we have matured, our libido has diminished some, but we still enjoy making love. Lately, however, my wife doesn't seem as interested as she once was.

Melissa and I got through airport security and were settling into our seats in the first-class cabin. She took the window seat. She wanted to see New York City when we land at JFK International Airport. I didn't mind. The flight attendant went through their pre-flight routines, delivered their safety brief, and set about tending to the passengers. Melissa was chatting endlessly about all the things she wanted to see and do.

After about a half hour into the flight, things settled down and I began to relax. Melissa was still talking, and I noticed she had placed her hand on my lap. This alone was not out of the ordinary, but her hand was a little higher than normal. She didn't move it up or down, so I ignored it. She continued talking about all she wanted to see and do. She asked me a few questions about the city and I answered her.

The plane started its descent and was soon in final approach to JFK. I have to admit, Melissa was not the only one who was feeling the excitement build. We landed, got our bags, and grabbed a cab to mid-town Manhattan to the hotel.

Melissa's eyes grew wide with all the sights as we ran up the Van Wyck Expressway heading to the Grand Central Parkway, Long Island Expressway, and the Queens Midtown Tunnel. I pointed out certain sites along the way -- Flushing Meadow Park which was the site of the 1964 World's Fair. She caught a glimpse of the Unisphere as we passed it.

As we started coming out of the tunnel, Melissa's eyes widened at the height of the buildings. She had seen tall buildings before, but nothing like this. I distracted her long enough to point some points of interest.

We finally pulled up to the hotel, paid the driver, and checked in. The room was beautiful and offered a wonderful view of the city thanks to a huge window. There was a complete walk in bath with separate shower and Jacuzzi.

The only problem was that I had requested 2 beds and there was only one. The front desk told me that it was the only room available. There were several conventions going on and all the hotels and rooms were booked.

Between the flight and the cab ride, it was already past the lunch hour, so we headed out to eat. We found a great restaurant and ordered our food. We were in a booth that provided a good deal of privacy. While we were waiting, Melissa looked at me.

"Grandpa, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, you can. What's on your mind?"

"What happened between mom and my father?"

"What has your mother told you?"

"She said that they had planned to get married but things never worked out."

"Yes, that is true. Your father was very immature. They did live together for a little while. When your mother found out she was pregnant, your father did not want to have anything to do with her. She moved back home a few months before you were born."

"Why are boys so immature? My father was immature. The boys in school are immature. They act so silly and goofy at times. It just seems like they never want to take anything seriously."

"That is one of the great mysteries of life. As a rule, boys don't mature as fast as girls. Some don't mature at all and others mature quickly."

Melissa looked at me. I could tell she had something else on her mind. "What is it?" I asked.

"How will I know when the right one comes along? How will I know when someone will be serious enough to have a relationship with? "

"Hasn't your mother spoken with you about these things?

"Yes," she replied. "But I wanted to hear it from someone else. I wanted to hear it from you, grandpa."

"Sweetie, this is ..." Our food had arrived and I did not want to continue this discussion with the server in ear shot. "Why don't we wait until we are alone to finish this conversation? I promise we will continue."

"Okay," she said as she began digging into her burger.

After lunch, we walked around the city for a while and took in some sights. When we returned to our room we were exhausted. I flopped on the bed. Melissa sat next to me. "Grandpa, can we finish our discussion now?"

"Sure. Where were we?"

"I had asked how I would know when the right guy comes along. One that I would be willing to have a relationship with."

"That's very difficult to say, sweetie. There are no tell tale signs out there. You have been on a few dates already. How did those boys make you feel? Were they gentlemen? Did they treat you respectfully? Were they boorish?"

Melissa thought for a moment. "There were 3 different guys I dated. Two were kind of cloddish and clumsy. The other, I dated again and went out with for a while. He turned out to be an egotistical jerk."

"Three guys are hardly a measuring stick. You'll need to date more before you can tell anything. Look, you have to take your time and be selective. One guy will come along and he'll stand out above the others. I can't tell you how or why. He'll be kind to you, he'll treat you respectfully, he'll make you laugh, and he'll make you cry. You'll fall head over heels in love with him and you'll know."

"But I want someone like you, grandpa. You are always kind and considerate with grandma, mom, and me. You are always thoughtful, funny, and, at the same time, reserved."

"Your grandma will tell you that I am one of a kind. I'm not. It's just that we have been married for almost 40 years and there has never been anyone else in our lives." I started to get up.

"Where are you going?" Melissa asked. "I thought you were tired."

"I am. But as you can see, there is only 1 bed and we are not sharing a bed. I will sleep on the couch."

"Grandpa, that's not necessary. This bed is big enough. We can sleep in the same bed and have distance between us."

She was right, but I couldn't get over the feeling that it was wrong to share a bed with my granddaughter. I knew nothing would be going on. It was just a feeling I couldn't harbor. I lied back down and dozed right off.

When I awoke, I found Melissa sound asleep. She was more towards the middle of the bed. I looked at her for a few minutes and was amazed at what a beautiful young woman she is. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Slowly, she started to stir. She opened her eyes to see me staring at her. She smiled. "What,"she asked.

"Nothing," I replied. "I was just amazed at what a beautiful girl you turned out to be and how fast you have grown."

"You're not too bad yourself." She sat up and sat next to me. She again placed her hand in my lap, almost as high as she did on the flight.

"Grandpa? I have given a lot of thought to what you told me. I understand that I have to be patient. I'm still a virgin. If I am going to lose my virginity, I want it to be with someone who loves me and who I can trust. I want that person to be able to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I want my first time to be memorable. I want that person to be you."

I was dumbfounded. I could not believe what I was hearing. "Do you realize what you are asking me to do?"

"Yes. I want you to make love to me. I am afraid of my first time. I don't think any guys my age are going to be as understanding and gentle as I think you would."

"This is all very sweet," I replied. "Guys your age are not very experienced. They like to brag that they are, but they are just as scared as you. True intimacy, and being comfortable with it, takes time. It's something that can be very special when you have someone who is willing to take the time with you. What you are asking me to do is against the law. It's incest. If your grandma or mom knew, they'd have me thrown away for the rest of my life. And I would not do anything to ruin the relationship we have."

"Grandma and mom are not going to find out because I don't intend on telling them. I don't think you are, either. As far as ruining our relationship, I don't see it that way. I see it as making it closer."

"Sometimes, you don't have to tell someone anything for them to know when something is not right. When you have been with someone as long as your grandmother and I have been together you can read their reactions and determine when something is not right. I don't know if I could hide that from her."

Melissa thought about this. "I'm not saying that I would want to continue having sex after we get home. I just want to be able to know what to expect from another guy is all. The guys I have dated were all in a rush. I wouldn't let them get too far because they did not want to take their time. I love you and I know you love me. I'm not asking for the world. I just want my first time to be one that I will remember."

"You would certainly remember this. But we are not going to be doing anything. I cannot betray the trust you have in me and I cannot betray your grandmother that way."

She let the conversation drop. I thought I had gotten through to her. I was still shocked at what she asked of me. I took a book out of my suitcase while Melissa flipped through the TV channels looking for something to watch. I thought reading a few chapters would help me calm down a little.

After I finished, I noticed it was starting to get late. I was also feeling a little hungry.

"What would you like to do tonight? Where would you like to go for dinner?"

"You and grandma are always telling me how great the Chinese food is in New York. Why don't we have Chinese for dinner?"

"Sounds great."

The front desk recommended a good restaurant and we headed out. The restaurant was very well decorated and there was a candle and flowers on each table. We were shown to our table and made small talk as we looked over the menu. We ordered our food and continued our small talk.

After dinner, we decided we would just walk around some more. I had something else in mind. We headed to Central Park. I was going to take her for a horse-drawn buggy ride through the city. When we arrived, we chose a driver, hopped in, and asked for the grand tour.

The evening air was starting to get cool and I noticed that Melissa was shivering a little. I pulled her close to me to keep her warm and she moved in. Her hand was again on my lap, but this time, she was rubbing it up and down ever so slightly.

I had my arm around her shoulder to keep her close. She really had nowhere else to place her hand. She would stop rubbing her hand every so often to see my reaction. When I didn't respond she would begin rubbing again.

She was taking in all the sights when she rested her head on my shoulder. I felt her move her head to give me a soft kiss on the cheek.

I started noticing slight stirring in my groin. I couldn't believe this. I was actually enjoying it. My mind became clouded with thoughts of right and wrong. This was not something I should be feeling.

Melissa sensed my discomfort and took advantage of it to increase her rubbing. I finally placed my hand on hers to stop her and turned to whisper to her.

"We can't be doing ..."

She didn't let me finish. She took the opportunity to kiss me on the lips. It was not sensual and it didn't last long. She held the kiss for a few seconds and placed her head back on my shoulder.

When the ride was over, we tipped the driver and began our walk back to the hotel.

"That was completely out of line," I told her. "You took complete advantage of that situation and it was not right. Not after the conversation we had this afternoon."

"I'm sorry, grandpa. I just can't help it. I know what we discussed, and I know how you feel. But I have feelings, too."

"Yes, you do," I replied. "But your feelings are confusing you. At your age that is a very common thing. You can't always act on your feelings. You have to think about what you are doing."

"I have thought about it. This isn't something I just came up with at the spur of the moment. I have thought about this over the past year."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My own granddaughter thought about having me take her virginity for a year. It still didn't make it right. We arrived back at the hotel after a while and returned to our room.

"Do you need to use the bathroom?" I asked her.

"Not right now. Why?"

"I would like to relax in the Jacuzzi for a while and then take a shower."

"Go right ahead. Enjoy."

I walked in the bathroom, closed the door, and started the Jacuzzi. I undressed and stepped in.

The water was very hot and the bubbles had a soothing effect on me. It wasn't long before I was in a very dream like state.

I didn't hear the door open. I didn't hear her come in or walk over to the Jacuzzi. I didn't notice a thing until I felt someone stepping into the Jacuzzi.

I opened my eyes and there was Melissa. She had absolutely nothing on and she was making her way into the tub.

"What do you think you're doing, young lady? Get out of here! NOW!"

I had shifted positions to try and cover myself but it was no use.

"How did you get in here, anyway?"

"You closed the door but forgot to lock it," Melissa said. She sat down opposite me in the Jacuzzi. "I could use a little relaxation, too."

"You could have waited until I was finished."

"Yes, and by that time, you would have fallen asleep. You were practically asleep now."

I turned to look at her. She was even more beautiful than I imagined without her clothes. I looked at her breasts with their perfect pink nipples sticking out of brown areolas. She was about a 34C. They accentuated her hour-glass figure perfectly. I looked further down and saw her partially shaved pussy. She saw me looking. "I can't have any hair sticking out of my bikini, now can I?"

I had given up trying to hide or cover myself -- it was useless. "You definitely take after your mother," I said. "You do what you want regardless."

"I take after my grandfather. Once I have decided I want something, I go after it and I don't stop until I get it."

She got up, leaned towards me and with one hand reached down to my cock. The other hand reached around the back of my head and embraced me in a long, passionate kiss. It was no use resisting. This girl was going to get her way no matter what.

I parted my lips slightly and felt her tongue probing. She definitely knew how to kiss. Her hand was exploring my balls and cock. I had a bigger hard on than I can remember having in quite some time. Not that I am small. At 7 and a half inches and fairly thick, I can say that I have held my own.

"Wow," Melissa exclaimed. "Are all men this big and thick?"

"Of course not. Just as women are different sizes, so are men. Some are bigger, some smaller. I would say mine is about average."

She was not very experienced in handling men. I grabbed her arm to pause her.

"If you're going to do this, you need to be gentler. And another thing, if I am going to teach you, then I should be taking the lead."

I resumed the kiss. This time it was my tongue doing the probing. My right hand reached under her and started gently rubbing her pussy lips. She was already wet and it wasn't from the water.

I broke the kiss and started kissing my way to her neck, and around to nibble on her ear. She started breathing rapidly as I continued working on her pussy. A low, guttural moan escaped her lips.

Melissa threw her head back and let out another long moan. I kissed my way down to her breasts and started licking and kissing around her nipple.

"Suck it, please," she exclaimed.

I flicked my tongue over her nipple several times to get it hard and began a gentle sucking. In the meantime, I had inserted a finger into her hole while my thumb continued playing with her clit.

Melissa started bucking her hips and her breathing became rapid and shallow. I knew her moment was building, but I wanted to control the situation. I wanted to make this her most romantic moment. Most of all, I wanted to tease her as punishment, so to speak, for insisting on doing this.

"Oh, grandpa, why did you stop? I was so close."

"Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for that. I thought we might get into bed where we can be more comfortable."

A huge smile made its way across her face as I picked Melissa up, embraced her in a deep, passionate kiss, and continued the kiss while I carried her to bed. She had already turned the covers down in anticipation of this moment, so I laid her down on her back.

I started my kissing down her neck and worked her other breast. My right hand made its way down to her slick pussy and continued teasing and playing. "O-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h, grandpa, this feels so good," she said. "Please, don't stop this time."

I didn't respond. I just continued kissing my way down her abdomen stopping to play with her belly button. I stuck my tongue inside and lingered there for a little while. Then I got up, grabbed her left leg, and began kissing my way up her calf and thigh.

Melissa was squirming on the bed in anticipation. I finally reached my target, her sweet, young, pussy. It had been so long since I'd had a virgin and now I was going to make a woman out of my granddaughter.

Her pussy smelled so sweet and was so wet and wanting. I blew a breath of air on her outer lips which sent a slight chill up her spine.

"Please, stop teasing, I can't take any more," she cried.

"You asked me to make love to you, and that is what I am doing. Just relax. I have plenty in store for you."

I stuck my tongue out and took a long lick from the bottom of her slit up to the hood of her clit. Melissa shook with anticipation as I kept licking the entire length of her pussy. She was incredible. I couldn't believe how sweet she tasted. I took one final lick and stuck my tongue into her hole.

Melissa was bucking her hips like crazy and was now moaning out loud. I thought she was going to alert the entire hotel.

"Oh, my god, oh, my god, don't stop. P-p-please, don't stop."

I let go of her legs and reached up to play with her tits and nipples. This seemed to bring Melissa over the edge.

"Grandpa, something's happening. I, uh, I don't, uh, I don't know wh-a-a-a-a-a-t," she said as she went into her first orgasm of the night. Of course there would be more to come, but this girl needed to get through her first.

Melissa's body shook like an earthquake. She was screaming almost at the top of her lungs as she flailed on the bed.

Finally, the tides washed over her and she started settling down. She was still gasping but was catching her breath.

"That was fantastic, grandpa. I can't believe how good that felt. I had no idea."

"There are a lot of things you will experience that you have no idea about. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy them."

"What about you? I have heard that men like to have the same things done to them. But I have never given a blow job before, so you're going to have to teach me."

Melissa started kissing me in the same manner as I did her. I turned on my back. She simply did everything I had done to her. She kissed her way down my neck to my nipples, stopping to lick, tease and play with them. She is a fast learner, that's for sure!

I was as hard as a rock, and the way she was going I didn't think I would be able to hold out very long. She worked her way down to my navel and then down to the base of my cock. She stopped, saw it twitch, and pondered for a second how she was going to do this.

Without so much as a word of instruction, she licked her way up the shaft from the base to the huge purple crown at the top. Pre-cum was already forming at the tip. She licked that and then into the slit.

"M-m-m-m-m-m. That tastes so good. I hope there's more where that came from."

"You won't have to worry, there's plenty where that came from," I moaned. My god, she was driving me crazy.

"Before you begin, make sure you use your lips to cover your teeth, and whatever you do, don't bite down."

"Seems I may have you at a little disadvantage here," she teased. She then opened her mouth and let the head of my cock enter. Melissa instinctively began sucking. She started making her way down to the base.

"Not too much at a time," I warned her. Take your time and get used to it. Let your throat relax.

Melissa was a fast learner. She sucked half way down the shaft and back up again. She did this a few more times. Then, all of a sudden, she took my whole cock in and went down to the base. She gagged a little at first, let up, then went back down more gently the second time around.

I was in heaven. Sure, she was inexperienced, but it wouldn't take her long to become one of the best cocksuckers I had ever experienced. I placed my hands behind her head and started rocking in and out of her mouth. Her suction was driving me crazy. Then she stopped and licked her way down to the base. This time, she continued until she had my sack in her mouth and started to tease my nuts.

"U-h-h-h-h-h!" I let out a moan. I could feel the pressure building inside my sack and I knew it wouldn't be long.

"Baby, please. I'm going to come before too long."

Melissa worked her way back up my cock, put it in her mouth, and started sucking for all she was worth.

"Oh, oh, o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h! I'm cuming, I'm c-u-u-u-u-u-ming!"

I felt my seed shoot up my shaft and out the tip of my cock. Melissa's eyes widened along with her cheeks at the sudden onslaught of sperm. She didn't know what to do at first but began swallowing when she realized there was a second jet coming.

She barely got the first swallow down when the second one hit, then the third, and, finally the fourth. Cum was leaking out the side of her mouth. I couldn't believe how hot that looked. She finally let go of my cock. "That was a lot!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, it was." I can't recall the last time I came so hard. I surprised myself. Melissa finished licking up the remnants and cuddled next to me.

"That was wonderful, grandpa. I didn't know it could feel so good. And I enjoyed doing you, too. It was everything I hoped it would be."

"Melissa. If we are going to continue this, I wish you would stop calling me grandpa. It just feels out of place. Please, call me by my name."

"Ok, Jack. If that's what you want."

I could feel myself starting to stir again so I rolled half-over and began a long, soft, passionate kiss with her. She did not hesitate. She threw her arms around me and returned my kiss as if she hadn't kissed me in a long time.

I gently rolled my fingertips all over her body. I was not focusing on any particular area. Melissa snuggled closer as she clamped her arms around me.

I could feel the dampness of her pussy against my cock and I knew that she was more than ready. I took my time as I began playing with her breasts and started working my way down to her snatch. She opened her legs and allowed me access. She was still wet and very horny. I inserted my fingers into her hole as I worked my way down to her clit. This time, I focused on her clit and used my fingers to stretch her out as wide as possible.

"Oh, please, I need you. Please, make love to me. Make me your woman. Please!" Melissa was begged.

I ignored her pleas and continued working her clit and hole. It wasn't long before she was in a frenzy again bucking up and down in rhythm to my fingers.

"Oh, oh, I'm going to cum. Please, take me, Please!!!"

I had a feeling she was multi-orgasmic and I was out to prove it. I thrust my fingers in and out of her furiously. She bucked harder and harder. "I'm cum-m-m-ing, I -- I -- I'm cuming," she cried as her juices flowed out of her like a river gone wild.

"Now, you are ready" I told her as her orgasm subsided. I spread her legs and positioned myself between them. I needed to double check with her. "Are you sure about this?

She was half out of breath. She nodded yes in anticipation. "Will it hurt?"

"It may at first until you get used to it. I promise, I will take it easy and be as gentle as I possibly can."

With that, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy lips. I slid the head up and down her slit to get her warmed up. Her breathing never caught up. She inhaled as I touched her. Then, I inserted the head. She took a gasp of air. I waited until she was ready. I pushed until I felt her hymen resisting.

"Last chance," I said.

"I want this more than anything else in the world."

I pushed in further. Her eyes grew wide and teared. She screamed at the sudden onslaught of pain she felt. I limited my movement to allow her time to get used to it. My god, she was tight. But what was I to expect? She was a virgin.

Slowly, I began a soft, smooth rocking back and forth. I could tell by her expression that the pain was beginning to subside and give way to pleasure. Her body started reacting to mine. It wasn't too much longer and I was able to sink the rest of my cock into her pussy. Again, I felt harder than I had in a very long time. Melissa was now bucking in rhythm to me. I kept moving in and out, in and out.

"Oh, please! Please," she moaned as I moved in and out of her. Every time I pulled back, her pussy seemed to grab my shaft to hang onto it. When I pushed back in, it was like I was pushing into a velvet glove. Her juices were really flowing and I could tell she was on the verge of another orgasm.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, me, please." I was hammering her home and then all of a sudden, the dam burst. "I'm c-c-c-cumming!" was all I heard her scream as her orgasm washed completely over her. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my juices boiling inside of me and now up my shaft. Shot after shot of hot cum filled her womb. I was groaning like a mad man. I dove into her one last time as I emptied my sac into her.

We stayed intermingled like that for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, my cock softened enough to slip out of her. We looked at the bloody mess we created.

"Don't worry," I said. "The next time won't be as messy as this. It always happens the first time."

"That was wonderful, Jack." She looked at me with the most loving eyes I had ever seen. "I love you more than anything in this world." I could do nothing but smile at her. "I love you, too, baby."

We laid together for a while, and during that time, must have dozed off to sleep. We had six more nights in New York before we headed home. I had a pretty good idea how they would be spent.

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