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Vacation with Gramps

Written by ozzyrovers

First of all let me tell you about myself, I have just finished year 12 at school and will shortly be going to Uni to study nursing, you may say I am a fuller figure, not overly overweight but I have always battled with it. It has meant that I have rather large breasts and wide hips. I have shoulder length hair, brunette, and although I need glasses prefer not to wear them or use contacts with limited success, I am 163 cm tall and well weigh a little more than I should. As I said I have finished high school and I am about to start on a bit of a break before starting Uni, I want to go see some stuff first, then hit the books. The other person in this story is my grandfathers, although I call him Gramps his real name is Roy, he is 65 retired, and although only slightly taller than me weighs less due to his physical fitness and slim physic. He is alone now since my grandmother died of Breast cancer 18 months ago, I could tell he misses her terribly but he seems to be getting on with things. He lives in an older house on the other side of town and although we often go around and tidy up and do some house work for him, there always seems to be stuff lying around. The house is not dirty just messy.

This story begins on one such a house working trip, mum had to do some other things and she left me to carry on. When I went inside I was not greeted with the usual clutter I would normally have faced, but rather a neat and tidy house. I asked Gramps, "What's going on here, did you clean up or what?"

"I am capable of doing that you know, it is just that I enjoy yours and your mothers company," he started, "but I have decided to sell up, buy a motor home and go see this country before I go to be with your grandmother."

"What?" I asked somewhat stunned.

"You heard," he said, "I am going on a trip, this house has too many memories to haunt me and I want to do something not just sit around here and wait to die."

I just looked at him as he went on.

"I had a Real Estate bloke come around and he reckons I can get a good price, I will have some money left after I buy a motorhome and that will allow me to go see some sights."

"Wow Gramps," I said with some enthusiasm, "that sounds great, wish I could come along."

"Sweetheart," he went on, "telling you is easy, I am wondering if your mother will see it the same way?"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well she grew up here and no doubt has some sentimental reasons, I do too but also a few painful ones," he went on "so onward and upward."

As we spoke Gramps made coffee and we sat and talked about his upcoming adventure, what sort of motorhome, where he wanted to go, and all that stuff, I was so happy for him. He was getting on with his life, it had taken 18 months to get over the grieving stuff and now wanted more.

"Don't get me wrong," he added "I wish Edna, oh grandma was coming along, we always wanted to do the trip, but she is gone and I am not."

When mum came back Gramps told her what he told me and although she put up some good arguments against it she sort of agreed, "But it is such a long trip for you to consider on your own, it will be too hard."

Gramps then added the clanger, "but Kylie is coming with me," he paused then added "she wants to travel before she goes back to College, and she will be looking after me." He had a smug look on his face, as if to say THERE..

Mum looked at me, "what," she asked, "you knew about this?"

"No I just found out like you did," I quickly stated defending myself, "and I only said it would be fun to go along." Then I added "but if Gramps says I can go I really want to go too."

"Of course you are coming," Gramps went on as if mum's opinion didn't matter, "you will be able to watch over me make sure I don't get into any trouble, make sure I eat right and do all the things a good travel companion does."

Mum sat there her mouth slightly open, it seemed all settled, "so when does all this happen?"

"Just like our trip," Gramps said "no time frame whenever, first have to sell this old place and we will see from there."

So just like that it was settled, mum and I quickly did what little cleaning we could and we were on our way home. The silence in the car was unbelievable, mum told dad the plans, all he said was he is old enough to make up his own mind and it seems like Kylie will keep him good company, she will make sure we know any news and keep in touch, it sounds pretty sweet really. So it was settled Gramps was selling up buying a motor home travelling the country and I was going with him. I can tell you sleep was not easy that night, my head was filled with all sorts of things, I was now really excited about going out to see the world, I thought I may have gone on a little road trip to the beach or something but wow never anything as big as this.

I finally got to sleep, but suddenly mum knocked on my bedroom door, and not waiting for an answer she barged in. "Honey, it's your grandfather on the phone he wants to talk to you."

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I sat up. I have not worn PJ's or a night gown for a number of years now and mom added quite quickly, "you will need to wear something of a night if you are going travelling with my father."

"I guess so," I answered without bothering to cover up, I took the phone, "Hi Gramps," I said "what's up."

"The Real Estate Agent just left," he said with a deal of excitement in his voice, "a couple have just offered me one hundred thousand more for the house if I can be out by the weekend."

"Holy shit," I said.

"Watch your tongue young lady," mum said as Gramps laughed down the phone.

"They gave me a cash deposit, do you want to come pick out a Motorhome with me?" he asked.

"I sure as hell do," I snapped.

"I will be around in half an hour, be ready I want to make sure I am out, an extra hundred grand will be good spending money."

I tossed the phone to mom as I ran to the shower, all I heard as I closed the bathroom door was mum asking into the phone "what's going on"..

Soon I was standing in front of the house waiting for Gramps to pick me up, he came around the corner in quite a hurry, stoped the door flew open, "get in" he snapped, and we were off.

That day I am sure we looked at every motorhome that was ever made, from yard to yard, many were old and showed their age, some were nice but with only one bed or a bed above the driver's area and Gramps didn't want to be climbing ladders etc. At last in a yard we found one, low miles, very neat, nice big shower and toilet, big bed for Gramps and a good size one for me, a great kitchen with a microwave and all the trimmings a big TV DVD and stuff and from what we had seen during the day it was at a great price not too dear not cheap and in Gramps budget. So Gramps went in to do the paper work, done I sat and talked with the girl at the front desk. She had looked funny, properly thought I was some sort of gold digger going after the old goats money, so I explained what we were doing and where I fitted into the picture, she soon was showing me all the extra features of the 'rig' as I came to know that is what they are called. I now knew how to empty the 'black water' (shit) tank the 'grey water' (shower and sink) tank I was really sounding like I knew what I was talking about..

Gramps soon came out with the papers and all the stuff needed to take the 'rig' I sat and listened to the sales man show Gramps all about the stuff in the motorhome, seems the girl behind the desk knew more, this guy was full of black water. Gramps handed him the keys to the car and we were off home in the motorhome, I was glad Gramps was driving it is so big and takes up a lot of the road.

We went around to his house, and were soon taking sheets blankets and the like out to the 'rig' the kitchen cupboard filled, the closet stacked and the linen cupboard overflowing we were done.

We chatted and giggled like kids as we worked, it wasn't work it was fun and soon we were all done all I needed was clothes and girls stuff.

"What are you doing with all your furniture Gramps?" I asked.

"Sold it with the house," was the simple answer he gave. "So it looks like I will be out before the weekend so we got one hundred K hey kiddo," Gramps smiled.

"We," I asked.

"Of course," he added "we are partners now, it's us from now on."

Soon we were parked in front of the Real Estate Agents, Gramps took the keys in and we were off to my place for the last time till we got back, I just grabbed my stuff and ran it to the rig. I would sort it out later, all the good byes done we were off. I could not believe it 48 hours ago this was a dream 24 hours ago an idea, and now we were off. The lights of the city soon disappeared behind us and Gramps said, "Well kiddo what say we look for a parking spot and get some chow?"

"Sounds good to me," I said "is there a caravan park or something around here?"

"We don't need a caravan park we can stop where we want to," Gramps chipped in.

"Of course," I said, "I was forgetting."

As we drove on we pulled into a few truck stops, 'NO CAMPING OR MOTORHOMES', "wow" said Gramps, "didn't count on that." Then we saw a sign to a RV park so we pulled in, the people there were really nice and for $20 we had the run of the park, we soon pulled up in the spot we were given and we decided to go for a look and see what was around. No sooner than we set off we were invited to share a drink with a group of RV'ers that sat in a circle drinking wine or whatever. We went back got something to drink and joined them. As we talked we found out so much more than the salesman or the office girl could have ever told us, for starters we needed camp chairs.. We were going to love this lifestyle..

One by one every one soon began to leave and return to their places for their meals or whatever they were doing, so did we. I am not a bad cook, may not be a world class chef but I won't starve either, soon we had a meal, Gramps had set up the TV and as we watched the news we ate, seems like something as big as our news should have been on CNN but no.. We cleaned up the kitchen area if nothing else we knew we had to put everything away so we could drive the next day. It had been a big day and we were both feeling rather weary so we set up my bed and said our good nights and were soon tucked up and sound asleep.

It was the next morning that would set the mood and the lifestyle for the remainder of our trip. I had awoke early, saw that Gramps was still asleep as I went to the bathroom, I was seated on the loo when the door opened and there stood Gramps, stark naked sporting a massive erection.

"Oh shit," he said, "Oh shit" as he turned around, I noticed he had a very taught bum well-muscled body some guys my age would be jealous of his body.

"Are you OK Gramps?" I asked.

"Yep sweetie," came his reply, "I just gotta pee."

I stood up quickly to exit the bathroom, then I remembered that I like Gramps was naked. The towels and stuff were in the shower section on the other side so I had nothing. I heard Gramps moan.

"Are you sure you are OK Gramps?" I asked again.

"Yes, I am fine, I just gotta pee real bad," was his answer. I had to leave the bathroom no matter what. Bite the bullet as they say, so I opened the door and walked out, Gramps went straight in and I could hear his pee hitting the bowl. I had now gone back to bed and covered up.

Now Gramps also exited the bathroom naked, his erection gone he tried to cover himself but his hands were too full his massive penis was still showing. I had seen many boys at school and they were nothing like that size. He dashed to the bedroom and returned wearing a pair of shorts.

"I am sorry about that, sweetheart," he said "remembered where I was, forgot who I was with."

"That's OK," I replied "it will properly happen again we are living so close together."

"Well maybe I should wear Pyjamas at least," he added.

"I hate wearing stuff in bed much better A-Natural," I said, "besides you have nothing to be ashamed of from what I saw."

"You shouldn't say things like that about your grandfather," he said.

"So I will just think it," I laughed "and hope it happens again, cause I am not going to change my sleeping habits, are you?"

The conversation seemed to stop there, and over breakfast and for the rest of the day nothing was mentioned of the incident.

We travelled up the road stopped at a museum, and a restaurant for lunch, Gramps bought a book that was suggested the evening before about good places to stop where there were no 'NO CAMPING' signs, and we found an area where RV's could stop which we did. There were several RV's already Set up, we found a suitable spot and pulled in, we too our new chairs and went to join those sitting around in a circle, once again we found out more stuff and good spots to go bad spots and bad RV parks. Once again all back to their rigs and settle in for the night.

Before I got into bed I went to the bathroom, as Gramps had seen me nude I hadn't bothered to cover up, as I passed his room he looked up saw me and went back to reading the camping book. I left he saw me again when I was in bed he went to the loo same way as me nude, I just loved the look of his cock and before I went to sleep rubbed my pussy thinking about it. I was awoken from a sound sleep by what felt like the rig rocking. As I lay there I realised it was Gramps masturbating, I must have turned him on with my nude display. Wow never thought of Gramps in that way but his whacking off was turning me on too and I rubbed my clit till I came. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.

Again the next morning as I sat on the loo, peeing the door opened and there stood Gramps, nude a huge hard-on pointing straight out from his stomach and straight towards me, "you gotta hurry there I gotta pee something real bad," he said.

"I cannot pee any faster," I said "just wait."

"Nope, can't, spread your legs," he said as he aimed that monster into the opening between my knees. His pee splashed between my legs, it was so horny to watch him, he too was getting turned on, I was not sure at the time, but he accidently allowed his stream of pee to land on my pussy, it was like an electric shock to my clit, I came instantly. Gramps stopped peeing and was now rubbing his cock, suddenly he stopped and quickly left me alone. It was like someone ripped my heart out I felt like I had upset him or something. I went to his room not even bothering to cover up.

"Did I upset you Gramps?" I asked "or did I embarrass you?"

"Hell no sweetheart," he said "I shouldn't be doing that with you, you are my granddaughter."

"Gramps, its fine, I was enjoying it," I said "really enjoying it, mmmmm."

"If I wanted you to stop I am big enough to tell you to stop, I am fine with what we did, in fact I would like to do it again," I added "no one has ever turned me on so much."

"But I am your grandfather," he stated.

"So what, I liked it, when you peed on me you made me cum," I said matter of factly "and I liked it, I am not a virgin you know."

"When you were wanking off last night," I said "I was too, you have a nice cock and I like seeing it."

"Kylie," he said sternly "you should not be talking like that."

"Why Not," I returned "I am not a virgin, and to be truthful I would love to feel that cock deep in my pussy, I love a big cock but never really had one."

"What," was all he could stammer.

"You have a really beautiful cock and it was really nice seeing it standing up and yes I would love to be fucked by you," I stated.

Gramps was speechless, so I went on, "In fact my pussy is dribbling now just thinking about it, you did like looking at my pussy didn't you?"

"You liked peeing on it too," I said "I know you did because you were wanking it." Gramps stood there looking at me I was still naked and as we talked, he only nodded his head, and mumbled "uhh-huhh." His cock was now talking for him as it started to rise again. I reached out and took it in my hand, his cock jumped as it became harder, "I will take that as a yes."

"Would you fuck me?" I added "now." He said nothing but his cock once again twitched in my hands, once again I said "I will take that as another yes."

I turned around still with his cock in my hand and sat on the bed, it was easy to lead Gramps onward, as I laid down le moved on top of me, I aimed his cock towards my moist opening. When it touched my pussy lips another bolt of electricity went through me, I had an orgasm right then that continued as his cock entered me, I could feel ever glorious ridge and bump on it. Deeper and deeper, I felt fuller than I ever had with any of the boys from school, not only was Gramps cock longer that any I had dealt with but its width and circumference was astounding, I was sure he would not have been able to get it all into me. Then I felt his pubic hair rub against the smooth skin above my clean shaven pussy and as it pushed harder to me I knew he had been able to get it wholly in me. Now he took over and then slowly withdrew until just the head of his cock was in me and then he eased back in, he repeated this over a dozen times, my pussy spasaming each time he bottomed out. Then he picked up the speed and urgency of his onslaughts into me, he was now driving his cock into me fast and with no regard for any pleasure, pain or feeling he was giving me, his body needed release and his cock was going to get it to him and using my cunt for its own purpose. Then I felt his cock swell even more than it had before, then it was twitching and pulsating, he pushed into me deep trying, I am sure, to get his balls in me as well. I felt his cum rush down the underside of his cock, then it was flooding my cervix, again he withdrew and forced all of his cock into me, as he reached as far as he could his cock spewed another load of cum into me. My cunt could not hold the copious amount of cum he was now pumping into me and combined with the juice my own orgasm was producing, the resultant fluid was forced out like a leaking hydraulic hose, it squirted onto the bed. One last pump into me and with a final grunt he was drained, he slumped forward onto me, his cock now began to lose its hardness and with this my pussy began to also settle back to its normal state, although it was so dilated it could not contain the fluid within resulting in a stream of combined cum dribbling over my arsehole onto the bed.

Gramps had now regained his breath and some composure, "Oh Lord, what have I done, Kylie can you forgive me," he was becoming almost hysterical.

"Oh yeah," I said sarcastically "you should be ashamed letting me rape you like that."

He stopped looked down, "what?" he asked.

"You heard me." I said "I raped you and we both loved it."

We looked at each other, and hugged "That was the best sex I have ever had and I will only be pissed off if we cannot do it again," I said.

"Are you sure?" Gramps queried.

"Yes," I added "I love you, first as my grandpa and now as my lover, I want more of that lovin'."

"Well sweetheart, you will have to wait," he went on "the mind is willing but the flesh is weak," looking down at his cock it was so limp and pointing to the floor, "I need time and nourishment to recover."

Neither of bothered to dress, couldn't see the point, we got coffee and something to eat, as we sat Gramps said, "You are so like Edna, she was insatiable too, she loved sex and anything to do with it."

"Did she like Pee games?" I asked.

"Oh Yes she sure did," he went on to tell me about some of their games, "she would like it when we had friends over and all them would join in and pee on her pussy, opps guess you now know we were into swinging too."

"Wow Gramps," I exclaimed "pity I couldn't have joined in the fun, grandma had nice boobs I would have liked to play with them."

"I am sure she would have liked that too" he said then went on to tell me all the stuff they got up to. All but incest but we had just crossed that line.

We had to get dressed to drive on but when we stopped that night, well that's another story...

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