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Summer with Grandpa

Written by sexygirl76

18 year old Suzanne decided to spend the summer on her Grandfather's farm before going off to college in the fall. She knew her grandfather had been lonely since her grandmother died 2 years before. Her parents weren't to keen on her spending the summer so far away but since she was 18 now, they figured she was old enough to make her own decisions.

She caught the greyhound in Portland, OR and three days later arrived at the station in Kansas City, Missouri.

She threw her slender body into her grandfather's waiting arms as soon as she got off the bus. Her 38C breasts pressed tightly against his chest. Her grandfather Peter stood 5'10" about 2 inches taller then her own 5'8". His salt and pepper hair still showed signs of the dark brown hair that matched her own. His ice blue eyes sparkled as he looked her over. "Damn girl. You really grew up." He said with his southern accent that had never quite gone away. Grandpa had grown up in Mississippi but moved to Missouri when he met her grandmother in school there. They had married right out of college and were together for over 50 years when she suddenly went to sleep one night and never woke up.

Suzanne's green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. "Thanks. You look great to grandpa." He had put on a bit of weight but it was more muscle from working the farm then fat.

Peter smiled at her as he rubbed his mustache and beard then picked up her duffel bag she had dropped when she hugged him. "Come on darling, I gotta get back to the farm."

She wrapped her hand through his arm as he led her out to the pickup.

"Gee Grandpa; it's sure hot in here." Suzanne said as they headed towards the road and out of town. Both windows were wide open with a strong breeze.

"The weather man predicted almost 100 degrees today." Peter said not taking his eyes off the road in front of him.

Suzanne pulled her soaked halter top away from her skin. "Ah...that's better." She moaned as she pulled it down her chest until her breasts were free to feel the wind.

Peter glanced over at her and gasped. "Suzanne." He cried as he suddenly looked back at the deserted road. "Pull your shirt up." He ordered.

Suzanne had her breasts lifted in her hands, letting the wind cool them with her eyes closed. "Why, this feels good." She opened her eyes looking at her grandfather. "Besides, it's not like you've never seen a pair of tits before."

Peter tried to keep his eyes on the road, but they kept glancing over at her. "You are my granddaughter." He said hoarsely. "You have no business showing me your tits." He groaned inwardly as he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans.

She smiled at him then lowered her eyes until they were resting on his crotch. Her eyes widened as her smile brightened. "Grandpa, you're getting a hard on." She said with a chuckle.

Peter just growled but concentrated on driving. This seemed to work for a couple of minutes until he felt Suzanne hand opening his jeans.

He stopped the car, and then looked at her as she brought his 8 inch cock out in the open. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked her.

Suzanne had moved onto her knees and was just about to take his cock into her mouth when he stopped the car. She looked up at him innocently. "Ah grandpa, I'm hungry." Then before he could protest, he felt her lips enclose him.

Peter sat there in shock as she bobbed her head up and down over him. Her tongue moved all over his flesh. "Oh god," He moaned throwing his head back as he tangled his fingers in her hair. He felt her push him against her throat then pull back, he wondered if she had ever done this before.

Then it hit him just who was sucking so nicely on his shaft. He gripped her head, trying to pull her off of him but she just held on with her lips. "Suzanne, this isn't right. You shouldn't be...Oh god." He groaned when he suddenly felt himself slide into her throat.

Suzanne held him for a minute then slowly pulled back up. She had never done any of this before but always wanted to try deepthroating. She jacked the base of Peter's cock while her tongue moved over his piss slit. When he suddenly spurted precum into her mouth, she tasted it, then smiled as she swallowed it then looked for more.

Peter was having a hard time remembering that it was his granddaughter who was giving him a blowjob. It had been so long since anyone had sucked on him or he had been inside a woman and her mouth felt so good around him. His hand tangled once again in her hair, as he pushed her up and down over his hard cock. "Oh baby. Suck grandpa's cock. Make me cum in your hot mouth." He groaned giving up and enjoying her mouth on him.

Suzanne moaned around him as she sucked harder at his shaft. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and the way he was pushing on her head while he cried out in pleasure, told her it wouldn't be long. She slipped her hand down under her body until she found her bare pussy leaking like crazy. She hadn't worn any panties on the bus, determined that her grandfather was going to take her cherry.

She slipped 2 fingers into her virgin hole, sliding them in and out as she continued to suck at Peter's cock. Suddenly he gripped her head hard as he slammed her repeatedly up and down over him.

"Fuck...Gonna...Cum..." he panted as he forced her head hard over him.

Suzanne let him move her head as she moved her fingers harder in her pussy, trying to bring herself off when she got him off in her mouth.

Peter slammed hard upward with his hips, driving his cock deep into her mouth as he shot off. "I'm cummmmiinnnngggg." He screamed.

Suzanne moaned around his shooting cock, swallowing as fast as she could while her pussy spasmed around her flying fingers. She drank all his juices then dug at his piss slit looking for more before she finally let his spent cock slip from between her lips. "You taste good grandpa." She said with a smile.

Peter, who was resting his head against the back of the seat, slowly opened his eyes. "You shouldn't have done that darling." He panted as he fixed his jeans.

Suzanne sat back in the seat as he started driving again. "Why not? I liked it?"

Peter looked at her. "You are my granddaughter Suzanne."

She fixed her skirt as she sat back down on the seat. "Yea, so?"

He looked at her as they pulled into the driveway leading to the farm. He was silent until he had pulled up to the house, and then looked at her again. "Its incest darling, Family members don't have sex." Then before she could protest, he got out of the truck and headed towards the house.

Suzanne lay in her empty bed a week later working her pussy into frenzy as she thought about her grandfather's cock and how she was going to get him to fuck her. She had tried pressing herself against him while they walked over the farm, but he just pushed her away.

When she kissed him on the lips, he pushed her from him so hard that she landed on her butt in the dirt. He had given her a dirty look then went back to work.

Now as she pushed herself towards orgasm, she was wracking her brain trying to figure out how to get grandpa to fuck her. She had even purposely left the bathroom door open when she went in to take her shower. He had just closed the door without looking at her.

As Suzanne body convulsed in orgasm, she wanted to scream in frustration. She was determined to have grandpa fuck her and she wanted him to fuck her now. Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she moved out of bed and down the hall. She stood outside her grandfathers closed door then slowly opened it.

Peter was lying on his back, naked with the moonlight shining over his body. His cock was half hard lying against his stomach. She walked quietly to the bed, then onto it. She froze when he snored loudly then when she was sure he wasn't going to wake up, continued moving towards him.

She watched his eyes as she lowered her head, taking him once more into her mouth. She felt him harden as she ran her tongue over him. When Peter moaned in his sleep, she knew she had to have him inside her.

She knew from girls at school that it was easier if the guy was on top when you lost your virginity, but since grandpa was being such a poop about it, Suzanne decided it was time to take matters into her hands.

She straddled his hips, and then rested on hand lightly on his stomach while she guided his hard cock to her entrance. When he was lined up, she took a deep breath then slammed her body down over him, impaling him completely into her body. She gave a small cry as he shot through her hymen, but other then that she loved the fullness of him inside her. "So far so good," She said quietly as she looked up into his sleeping face. He was buried inside her and none the wiser.

Resting her hands on his stomach, she slowly lifted her body over him until he almost left her pussy, then slowly moved back down, taking him inside her again. "Oh...that feels so good." She moaned as she rode him, massaging his cock with her inner muscles.

Peter came awake slowly, feeling Suzanne's pussy pulling at his cock was pulling him from his dream. Slowly he opened his eyes to see her moving up and down over him. Her breasts bounced with her movements. Her breath was coming in pants as she fucked herself on him.

Suddenly Peter was wide awake. "What the fuck?" He growled watching her.

Suzanne opened her eyes to look at her grandfather's. "Well you wouldn't fuck me." She said matter of factly even as she continued to slide over him.

Peter groaned as he felt her pull him deeply inside her. Her pussy was tighter then her mouth and felt great sliding over him. "This isn't right." He growled even as he thrust up into her.

"I don't care." She cried when she felt him slam into her. "I love you grandpa and I love your cock. I don't care if it is right or wrong. I want you to fuck me." She stuck out her lower lip as she moved faster over him, pulling him deep inside her.

"Suzanne...Baby...Please." He begged grabbing her hips to pull her off of him. "Don't do this to me. I can't fuck you. It's not right." He pulled at her but she just held on, keeping her pussy moving up and down over him.

"I'm not leaving grandpa. You're cock is already in me. You might as well enjoy it." She took his hands from her hips, moving them to her breasts as she rode him hard.

"Oh god...Fuck...Oh no..." He panted even as he slammed upward into her.

"Fuck me grandpa." She screamed bouncing her body over him even as she held his hands to her breasts. "It feels so good."

Peter was fighting inwardly with himself. He wanted to fuck her so bad, to show her just how good it could be. Her pussy was milking at his cock, pulling him deep inside her. But at the same time, he knew it was wrong.

When she suddenly tightened around him as she came, Peter knew there was no question. She would get her wish. He had to fuck her and he had to fuck her now.

Suzanne gasped in surprise, when she was suddenly thrown onto her back with her grandfather pounding her from above. "You wanted my cock you little minx. You got it." He growled as he thrust hard and fast into her gripping hole.

Once the shock was over, Suzanne squealed with joy. "Yessssssssss...Fuck me grandpa. Ream my little pussy with your hard cock. It feels so good."

Peter didn't respond; he just took one of her nipples between his teeth, sucking hard on it as he ferociously took her pussy. He pounded her hard and fast, making her squeal with pleasure. He could feel her juices flooding him as he slammed repeatedly into her body. "You like that baby?" he growled against her ear as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "You like grandpa's cock deep in your pussy?"

"Yes grandpa, oh yes." She screamed as she dug her feet into the mattress so she could push herself up against him. Their bodies rocked together as the mattress groaned under their movements. "Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good." She cried digging her nails into his back as she shoved herself madly against him, pulling him deeper inside her. "Fuck MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as she came again around him.

"God, you have such a nice pussy baby." Peter grunted fucking her hard. Suddenly he pulled out of her body.

"No..." Suzanne cried trying to pull him back.

Peter just laughed. "Relax little girl. Just wanna change positions."

She looked at him in confusion for a minute, then smiled when he pulled her to a sitting position then pushed her over onto her hands and knees. "Push your face into the pillow baby, and stick your ass up in the air." He said as he moved in behind her.

Suzanne spread her legs wide, as she rested her head against the pillow. "Oh grandpa," She moaned as he filled her with his length. "That feels so good."

Peter just chuckled as he fed her his length. When he was buried in her completely, he pulled out to the head then suddenly slammed forward again. "Oh god," She grunted at his sudden invasion.

Peter just laughed again and started fucking her furiously, pushing her head towards the wall with each of his violent thrusts. "You like that little girl?" He asked as he pummeled her pussy from behind while he gripped her hips in his hands.

"Oh yes. Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good." She moaned whipping her head back and forth as she shoved back against him. "Make me cum again grandpa."

Peter rammed her pussy with his cock as one hand moved beneath her body, gripping her clit, while he wet a finger of the other hand and shoved it into her virgin asshole. "What the fuck?" She asked looking over her shoulder as he slowly fingered her ass while he fucked her.

Peter chuckled, "That's your ass baby. Feels good with my finger in it don't it?" He pushed his finger further into her as he pummeled her pussy with his cock.

Suzanne tried to ignore his cock in her pussy for a minute while she felt his finger in her ass. It was strange but didn't hurt. "I like it." She moaned as her shoved his finger deep. "Finger my ass grandpa while you fuck me." She moaned lowering her head back to the pillow.

Peter shook his head as he filled two of her holes at once. Her ass was pulling at his finger while her pussy milked his cock. He knew it wouldn't be long before he was filling her pussy with his juices. He pulled his finger from her ass, wet it and another one then slammed both into her. She whimpered in pain for a minute then fucked back against him. As he watched her sucking at his fingers, he got an evil idea. She had pushed him into her fucking her and it had been a long time since his cock was shoved up a sweet ass. He pulled out of her suddenly, making her moan in disappointment. "Why did you stop? I was so close."

Peter didn't answer. Instead he spread open her ass-cheeks then pushed his cock against her virgin hole. "What are you doing grandpa?" She asked looking over her shoulder at him when she felt him against her other hole. "That's not my pussy."

He smiled at her as he dipped his fingers into her pussy, coating them with her juices, which he spread over his cock. "Believe me sweetheart. I know." Then before she could do anything, he pressed forward with his hips, spreading her open as he slowly slid into her ass.

"Ugh..." She groaned digging her nails into the pillow as she felt her ass slowly being opened by his hard cock. "Grandpa, I don't know if I like this." She whimpered.

He ignored her as he held her cheeks open with his fingers while he watched his cock slide into her ass. "I don't care. You wanted me to fuck you, I'm fucking you." He hissed through clenched teeth as he slowly penetrated her.

Suzanne whimpered in pain as he continued to push into her. "I wanted you to fuck my pussy. Not my ass."

He just laughed. "It's just another hole." He pushed forward a little bit harder making her cry out as he shoved the head of his cock into her.

"Grandpa, it hurts." She cried clawing at the pillow.

Again Peter ignored her. He closed his eyes, enjoying her tightening around him. "Oh yea," He moaned. When her cries penetrated his lust filled mind, he slammed three fingers into her pussy, fingering her hard and fast as he continued to slowly slide his cock into her ass.

Suzanne was on the edge of a precipice. Her ass was burning, from her grandfather forcing himself into it, but her pussy was spasming like crazy as she came forcefully around his fingers. "Grandpa..." She screamed as she shoved herself back against his thrusting fingers and in the process buried him completely up her ass. "Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh..." She screamed when she felt him buried inside her.

When she slammed him into her, Peter lost his control. When he felt her take him completely he growled low in his throat as he started shooting deep into her bowels. "I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..." He screamed even as he slowly thrusting in her ass, coating his way with his cum.

"Oh grandpa," Suzanne moaned as she felt him shrinking then slowly leaving her. The few thrusts he had given her when he was coming had felt good and she was sure if she was lubed up, she would love to have his cock up her ass again.

Suzanne didn't sleep in her room for the rest of the summer. She spent the night in her grandfather's bed. She would suck him to hardness; while he ate her out then he would fuck her both in the ass and pussy while she begged for more.

As she caught the bus back home at the end of summer, she had a bright idea. Grandpa had initiated her into sex. Next was daddy.

But that dear readers, is another story.

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Pops and the Schoolgirl

Written by Mr Jack
A refreshingly brisk breeze entered the quiet hospital room. A girl dressed in a school uniform dashed straight to her grandfather's side. The girl plopped her young ass into the sitting man's lap, kissed his cheek, and rattled off questions, "Hi Pops, how are you? How's Grammy feeling? Don't you wish she'd hurry up and get to feeling better? How long has she been asleep?"

Pops smiled and hugged his precocious granddaughter. Katie always brought a joyous thrill to this man's heart whenever she was near. He could hardly believe she had already turned 18 and would be going go off to college in a few months. The girl was a perky and petite handful of infectious fun.

Kissing a soft cheek, Pops answered, "Katie girl, she has been asleep for awhile. Your Grammy had a hard day, but the doctor came in and said she'll get better and will be able to come home soon."

The girl's face brightened. She smiled and said, "Oh, that's wonderful, Pops! Hey, guess what? Mom's busy, so I'm supposed to come by and drive you home. How's that for a surprise?"

Pops twisted so he could hold the girl a little more comfortably. Although Katie only weighed somewhere near a hundred pounds, she was sitting precariously on the edge of his lap. Afraid she might fall onto the hard, tile floor, he placed a hand on her sock-covered knee to steady her. He answered the girl's question with enthusiastic joy, "Why, that's a fine surprise, Katie! You'll have to promise to slow down so you won't scare your 'old' grandpa."

Katie stared at the man and responded peevishly, "You listen here Mister, I don't drive fast! You're the one that's lost his license because of too many speeding tickets! And, Pops, you're not an 'old' man. All of my friends think you're the coolest, hippest grandpa any grandchild could have. I think so, too. You're the only grandfather I know of who drives a 'hopped-up' Shelby GT Mustang! How many times have you been caught drag-racing with high-spirited high school boys?"

The man smiled and hugged his granddaughter tightly. The girl kissed his cheek again then whispered, "Hey Pops, can I lay my head on your shoulder a few minutes? Sister Mary Margaret had us girls working out too hard in gym class today. I've had a steamy hot shower, but I'm tired and sleepy."

Taking permission for granted, the girl laid her head on Pops' broad, strong shoulder. One of her long, pigtailed braids fell across his chest. She scooted around and brought her legs up in a semi-fetal position. She felt the big chair move as her grandfather laid it back into a partially-reclining mode.

When Katie had scooted around, Pops suddenly found himself facing an unexpectedly intimate dilemma. The hand he'd had on her knee had slipped above her sock and was now resting on the bare flesh of her lower thigh. Unconsciously, his thumb had started massaging the tender, enticingly warm skin. Without his mind's authorization or consent, a bulge was forming in the crotch of his pants.

Goddamn his wicked soul to the fires of Hell, Pops was getting a hard-on! If Katie was feeling it, she was not saying so. Instead of following his grandfatherly instincts, he gave in to stronger urges of a man's masculine nature. He allowed his fingers to join his thumb in gently caressing the young lady's warm, silky soft skin.

While Pops' hand and fingers cautiously caressed his granddaughter's leg, his eyes studied the young, feminine form in his lap. Twin braids of light brown hair framed a cherubic, angelic face. Pouty, luscious lips were half-open and the tip of a tantalizing tongue peeked out. A gleaming white blouse stretched tightly over a seductively alluring bosom. The girl's gray, pleated skirt had climbed halfway up her thighs exposing tempting, beautiful flesh. White cotton knee socks leading to black patent-leather shoes completed the stimulatingly erotic schoolgirl picture.

When Pops' eyes reached the socks, Katie stirred and moved her legs. The girl used her toes to flip the shoes off her feet. She again settled back into her grandfather's comforting embrace.

But, something was now different. When the girl moved, Pops' hand had slipped from her outer thigh and was now resting on the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Without thinking about what he was doing, he continued massaging the tender, soft flesh. His fingers were less than an inch away from his granddaughter's most sacred feminine treasure.

Pops knew he didn't dare lay a hand on that forbidden treasure. No sir, this he would not touch! Oh no, he wouldn't! No way, no how would he touch her. But, he did. The tip of one finger touched against a panty-covered mound. A second finger joined in and then a third. The fingers slowly traced a path around the puffed panty mound. The mound stiffened as fingers squeezed, tickled, and played. Did Katie move?

Yes, she moved. Whether the girl moved voluntarily or as a result of reflexive action mattered little now. When she moved, her panties opened enough for several of Pops' fingers to find their way inside the thin fabric. These fingers were drawn magnetically towards a wet opening. They worked their way inside where moisture attacked them and coated them with sticky feminine wetness.

Pops' fingers explored the hot, wet, feminine recesses. Suddenly, his fingers touched an obstruction. He'd hit Katie's hymen. He had been fairly sure of her virginity, but his own fingers now confirmed the fact. Perhaps he should stop? Shouldn't he leave the innocent girl alone? His masculine mind rebelled and silently answered his questions, "Hell no, don't you stop! If she wants you to stop, she'll tell you so!"

She didn't tell him to, so he didn't stop. He played with the fresh, young pubic flesh. He probed and prodded the girl's swollen vaginal mound. His teenaged granddaughter's entire pussy was his to enjoy with his fingers. She was making no objections, so he played and enjoyed.

Katie's pussy convulsed and released a torrent of vaginal moisture. Her panties became soaking wet and so did Pops' hand and fingers. Her grandfather's fingers were squeezing hard and digging in as deep as possible without breaking the innocence of her hymen.

The girl's pussy convulsed again and spasms constricted her vaginal muscles. Her body jerked and her pussy sprayed the probing hand and fingers with feminine juices. Katie was cumming. Orgasms rocked her petite young body.

Katie's breathing became labored. Pops could feel the warmth of it against his neck. With an unstoppable determination, he continued playing with the pussy in his hand. He felt her body shaking and knew she was cumming hard.

Pops intensified his manual manipulations. His fingers ravaged the hot, wet, feminine flesh. Katie began cumming again. Earth-quaking orgasms sped through her loins and raced throughout her body.

Katie wanted to scream in orgasmic release, yet she knew she dare not make a sound in the quietness of the hospital room. She bit her lip and forced herself to be silent. Soft whimpering noises escaped unchecked. She'd had orgasms before. She'd played with her pussy and made herself cum many times. But, as good as her self-administered orgasms were, they were nowhere near as good as these her grandfather was making her have!

Just when Katie thought the blissful pleasure was ebbing, Pops' fingers savagely attacked her virginal flesh again. Her body attempted to jerk away, but it came right back for more of the sweet, hypnotic punishment. Unbelievably, her insatiable feminine flesh began to spasm with more orgasms! She gritted her teeth and dug her fingernails deep into Pops' neck and back. She allowed herself to be swept away into a netherworld of enjoyable enchantment.

Pops held on tightly as the girl's body absorbed the orgasms. He continued to hold her as the passionate pleasure slowly subsided. His kissed the top of his granddaughter's head and rubbed his hand up and down the back of her shirt. He withdrew his other hand from the soaked panties and softly whispered, "Hey Sweetie, your old granddad needs to wash his hand. I expect you need to wash something, too."

After a quick peek at the sleeping woman in the hospital bed, the two entered the small bathroom. They didn't speak. What was there to say? Forbidden fruit had been plucked. Forbidden passion had been aroused.

Pops washed the vaginal wetness from his hand. Katie sat on the commode and did the best she could to clean up the mess coating her pubic mound. The girl took off her soaking-wet panties, wrapped them in paper towels, and put them in her oversized purse.

Katie stood and looked uncertainly at the bathroom door. Pops' eyes followed hers and he said, "Go along girl. I'll be out shortly. I've got to take a piss."

The girl did as her grandfather instructed. She headed for the door. Just as her hand touched the door handle, she heard a zipper unzip. She froze in place. She heard the sound of pee falling into the toilet bowl.

Katie didn't open the door. Instead, she put her head against it to steady her nerves. She took several deep breaths. Her ears heard the peeing sound stop. Abruptly, she turn around and said, "Pops, don't put that thing back in your pants just yet. I've heard it said that 'one good turn deserves another'. Haven't you ever heard this old saying?"

Without waiting for an answer, Katie stepped toward the commode and grabbed her grandfather's elongated shaft. She wasn't shocked to find out he was hard and erect. No man could have done what he did to her without getting a hard-on. The fingers of one of her hands attempted to surround Pops' surprisingly long and thick muscular manhood.

Katie had never given a man a 'handjob' before. She silently asked herself, "How hard could it be? Don't you just grab on and pump? But, do you pump slowly or do you pump fast? Should I ask Pops? No, he'll think I'm just a child, so I'll teach myself!"

Using her grandfather's cock as her 'handjob' guinea pig, Katie began pumping. She started slow with long, steady strokes. She watched as Pops' eyes closed and his face lit with radiant jubilation. She smiled with the knowledge she must be doing something right.

Pleased with herself, Katie held on and pumped. Pops' cock felt rock hard to her small, velvety smooth hand, yet at the same time, she'd never felt of anything so tender and soft. Her hand could feel her grandfather's blood racing through engorged, extended blue veins.

Pops' cock was floating on a billowy cloud high in handjob heaven. A long time had passed since he'd had a teenaged feminine hand stroking his meat. The skin of Katie's palm and fingers was as supple and smooth as a proverbial baby's behind. And, damn well it should be! Why, it hasn't too many years since this girl was just a child. But hell, she's not a child anymore! She's now a hot-blooded young 'babe' with the age and the maturity of a woman fully grown!

Katie noticed the look of pleasured delight on her grandfather's face. She was now convinced this handjob work wasn't hard to catch on to at all. Why, it's as easy as pie and lots of fun, too! So pleased was she with her progress that she began pumping with vigorous, quick strokes. She felt the meaty rod stiffen and swell with an impending eruption.

Pops felt the pressure rising, too. His testicle fires had been lying dormant for too long. His seminal fluids were bubbling and boiling. They were gathering heat from the energetic friction of a soft, feminine hand beating his meat.

The eruption came with an unexpectedly strong seminal ejaculation. Pops' testicle fluids shot out and overshot the commode bowl. The toilet tank and bathroom walls received a full load of thick, milky, white cream.

Katie tamed the unruly liquid torrent and directed the stream to the commode. She held on tightly and continued pumping. She knew she was giving her grandfather the same kind of glorious orgasms as he gave her. She heard the whimpering cries he was trying to quietly subdue.

Pops was cumming harder than he had cum in years. His orgasms made his legs weak with their shattering intensity. His granddaughter's young feminine hand was the perfect tool to make his cock sing with orgasmic glee.

After one last drippy drop of cum shot from his stimulated manhood, Pops knew he was spent. He pushed Katie's hand away from his now empty shaft. The girl smiled at him demurely, turned, and left the bathroom.

Katie was talking to Grammy when Pops came out of the bathroom. The two were having a lively conversation about school and the weather. The teenaged girl moved to the opposite side of the hospital bed from where her grandfather stood. The man wondered if maybe this child was afraid he might want to touch her again.

Grammy was happy with the news she might be going home soon. She'd spent many long, happy years there with her man. Her only regret was she could no longer sexually satisfy the man she loved. Her long illness had robbed her of the sexual stamina and vitality she'd once had to give and share. Her involuntary impotence didn't prevent her from recognizing the fact that her husband was still a strong, healthy, virile man. She had begged him to find sexual solace with another woman, yet he had steadfastly remained faithful to her. She knew he often beat his meat to get some measure of relief. With love in her heart, she wished he could find some pussy to play with, and eat, and fuck!

After visiting for awhile, Katie kissed her grandmother's cheek and said, "Grammy, I just came by to see how you are and to give Pops a ride home. Mom and I will be back to see you tonight. Love you bunches. Pops, are you ready to go?"

Pops kissed Grammy goodbye and followed Katie out the door. They rode the elevator in silence. This unspoken quietness continued on the drive back to the house where the grandparents lived.

Katie maneuvered her car into the driveway and stopped. She dropped her hands to her lap and sat staring straight ahead. She had something to say, but her mind was swirling like a whirlwind twister out of control. She had to calm herself down before she spoke.

Pops was also staring. He had turned towards his granddaughter with the intent of saying he was 'sorry'. He'd gone too far, he'd done too much, and she was now fearful of him. His breath caught in his throat and instead of speaking he studied the girl with the eyes of a mature, horny man.

Young, hell yes she was young, his eyes told him, but the girl was blossoming into a fine figure of womanhood! She had all the right female equipment in all the right places! A ripening bosom strained against her white blouse. Her legs were thin and short, but the sock-covered limbs stretched out seductively. Her gray, pleated skirt had pulled up while driving and several inches of feminine skin was again showing above the knee socks.

Memory reminded the man that this schoolgirl had on no panties. The wet garment was in her purse. God, he wanted to run his hand up the girl's silky, soft leg and capture again the womanly mound hidden there! He reached instead and took a thick braid of hair in his hand. Here an emerald green bow ribbon added adornment to match the sparkling green of the girl's eyes.

While this man played with her hair, Katie summoned her strength and steeled her nerves. Words tumbled from her mouth, "Pops, do you want to take me to bed? I want you to...if you want to. Mom has told me that my 'first time' should be with someone special and someone I love. Pops, you're special and I love you."

Pops expelled a breath. Hell, this girl wasn't fearful of him! She was openly inviting forbidden intimacies. The man followed his instincts. His hand slid up her leg and fingered the feminine mound he found there. He played for a minute or two and then huskily said, "Honey, let's go inside."

Once inside, Pops led the girl to the master bedroom. He jerked the bed coverings down, turned and grabbed the girl, and sat her on the sheet-covered mattress. Without saying a word, he unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, and tossed it aside. Reaching behind her, he unhooked the bra, stripped it off, and tossed it aside, too. He gazed in thankful appreciation as two well-formed, young breasts bounced out of their confining enclosures.

Pops desperately wanted to touch those tender young tits, but good god he wanted her completely naked first! He pushed Katie back on the bed, unsnapped the skirt, and removed it. There were no panties to pull off. That left only the knee socks.

Pops dropped to his knees between his granddaughter's legs. He reached for a sock, but then stopped abruptly. His eyes told him to just leave them on, at least for a little while. She looked so erotically pretty with nothing on but two emerald bow ribbons in her hair and two long socks on her seductive legs!

Until today, this man hadn't touched teenaged female flesh in years. Before him now lay a bountiful feast of feminine delights. With his mouth hungering for pussy, his head lowered and grabbed a mouthful of protruding clit. He kissed and licked the delicate fruit. He sucked greedily. So cunt-hungry was he that he forcibly tugged and pulled on the clit with his lips and his teeth. Katie didn't struggle or pull away. She sighed contently.

Pops' tongue flicked and licked in a frenzy of pussy-crazed lust. He kissed and sucked with unrestrained zeal. Not one inch of this girl's pubic mound was spared this oral assault. He scratched and pulled the thin bush of pubic hair. He spread the delicate wings of her inner pussy lips with his fingers. His tongue darted inside the slippery wet vaginal void where feminine orgasms are born. He licked the pink flesh and swallowed the girl's moisturized juices. Katie's hips squirmed and she moaned uncontrollably.

Granddaughter be dammed, Pops had a wanton 'woman' in his bed! He reached over and sat her up erect. His mouth and tongue transferred their oral assault from her pussy to her breasts. He attacked the tender mammary mounds with a savage tit-hungry lust. Tittie flesh and nipples were kissed, bitten, licked, and sucked.

Pops threw the girl back on the bed. Undeniable magnetism drew his mouth back to the sweet, young pussy he was growing to love. Love, hell, he adored the magnificent, swollen mound! As he began eating again, he felt Katie's sock-covered legs encircle his shoulders. She pulled his face closer to her throbbing womanhood.

Pops ate his granddaughter's pussy with a ravenous wantonness. Katie whimpered and cried with tears of enjoyment. Suddenly, her legs constricted around him. She pulled him so tightly against her pussy he couldn't breathe. Her voice begged, "Oh Pops, please don't make me cum just yet! I thought you might want to fuck me!"

Katie was right. Pops most certainly did want to fuck the sexy young lady. There on the floor he stripped off his clothing. When he stood, the girl grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times. She winked and mischievously said, "Wow, this big fella looks a lot nicer here than it did sticking out of your pants in the small bathroom! Would you believe it Pops, in all my eighteen years, I've never seen or touch a cock until today? I think they're really nice things, at least yours is. Would you mind if I sucked it for a few seconds? Will you teach me how to be a good cocksucker?"

Pops was amazed at the girl's unbridled sexual curiosity! He pushed his granddaughter away from him, climbed on the bed, and lay beside her. He answered, "Damnit girl, I've got to lie down for this! You've made my knees so weak I can't stand. You can suck if you want, but I'm not teaching you how. You can learn on your own just like your grandmother did when she was your age. Now there was a girl who loved sucking my cock!"

Katie watched her grandfather's eyes close. His mouth grinned with eager anticipation. She became determined that she would not disappoint this 'special' man she loved. Scooting down on the bed, she took hold of the swollen, erect cock. Her tongue timidly touched the bulging round head. Moisture ran from her mouth and down the length of her tongue. Saliva dripped on the pulsating penile head.

This girl's steaming wet tongue began to lick the tender cockhead. She made slow, lazy circles around and around it. Finding the pee hole, she flicked it and tried getting inside it as deep as she could. Her lips closed over the throbbing bulge. She licked and sucked frantically. She felt Pops fingers digging into her back and heard him sighing deeply.

Without really knowing what to do, Katie lowered her mouth onto the hard, meaty shaft. She lost her balance and fell forward. The saliva-coated, steel-hard rod plunged deep into her throat. She pulled back and regained her balance, but the cock was still imbedded in her mouth. Instead of pulling away, she started bobbing her head in an up and down motion. Her grandfather's manhood was hers to eat and enjoy. Eat, lick, kiss, and suck, this young woman did. She heard this man's ecstatic whimpers and cries.

Pops hung on for dear life as his granddaughter hungrily sucked. Her 'few seconds' was running into several minutes. A teenaged mouth had not sucked his cock in many, many years. Good god, he'd nearly forgotten how glorious it felt! Hell, it was beginning to feel too good! He grabbed hold of a braid of hair and forcibly pulled the mouth away from his ready-to-shoot erection. He whispered gruffly, "Damnit Katie, you need to stop sucking if you want to do some fucking!"

Pops' schoolgirl granddaughter giggled with merry excitement. With saliva still dripping from her mouth, she jumped astride her grandfather's reclining body. She laid her young breasts against his heaving chest and threw her arms around his neck. Her lips sought his and found them. She passionately kissed the naked man lying beneath her. She kissed and kissed and received kisses in return.

Katie abruptly stopped kissing and rose up on her arms. Words spilled from her mouth, "Pops, I'm not going to let you fuck me! This is my first time and you are being a little bit too rough. So Mister, I'm going to fuck you!"

Without awaiting approval of her plan, Katie laid her head against her grandfather's chest. She raised her hips and guided his blood-swollen shaft to her dripping-wet pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto the muscular rod and felt the bulging tip touch her virginal hymen. She moved around ever so slowly and felt her orgasmic heat rising. Unsure of what to do next, she stopped.

Pops was aware of her virginal hesitancy. A girl only had one 'first time'. But hell, she's come too far to stop now! Perhaps she just needed a little assistance. Slippery vaginal juices were coating his cock and running in a torrent down onto his pubic hair. His hands reached for Katie's smooth, soft ass and gripped her ass cheeks tightly.

His granddaughter needed assistance, so Pops gave it. With strong arms, he jerked the girl's naked loins against his. His cunt-hungry cock ripped through Katie's hymen and penetrated deep into the subterranean recesses of her femininity.

Katie screamed as the long, thick intruder tore through her virginal veil and spilt her pussy apart. She might have rebelled and pulled away from the pain, but strong hands were holding her ass and a rigid rod was thrusting in and out of her. Besides, the pain was ebbing and another sensation was taking its place. Her young body recognized it immediately. She knew orgasms would be coming soon.

Katie realized that, even though she was on top, her grandfather was fucking her. She spoke angrily, "Damnit Pops, stop fucking me! I'm supposed to be fucking you! Now you behave yourself and let me do my job!"

Pops relaxed and let the girl have her way with him. Hell, if she wanted to do all the work, then it was fine with him! She'd taken to handjob giving and cock sucking with a natural, instinctive talent and now he'll just wait and see about her instinctive cock fucking skills. He began worrying about whether or not she might need a little more of his assistance.

This girl's grandfather needn't have worried. Feminine instinct was alive and well inside this young woman's mind and body. Katie raised her breasts up off Pops' chest and settled on her elbows in the bed. Her hips began moving up and down in a slow, rhythmic carnal dance. She raised and lowered her slippery pussy on the man's engorged, slick, lubricated shaft.

Virginal pain was forgotten as Katie's cock-hungry cunt rode the long, rigid rod between her grandfather's legs. She bucked and bounced upon the swollen meat forcing it ever deeper inside her vaginal void. This sacred place had never before been touched by a man and most certainly no cock had ever had the pleasure of visiting this hallowed feminine sanctuary!

Good god, a man's cock was now taking its pleasure inside this girl's last vestige of virginal innocence! Pops was having trouble catching his breath. His granddaughter was pounding against him relentlessly. He reached out for Katie's breasts and roughly gripped the dangling mounds. He squeezed and fondled the beautiful boobs. He tugged and pulled. He pinched the pretty, pink nipples so hard they began turning purple with loss of circulation.

Katie paid scant attention to her grandfather's roughness. Yes, he was hurting her and yes, goddamnit it was a little painful! But god, the ecstatic feeling between her legs was blocking out all other sensations. The feeling was growing stronger, so she increased the tempo of her rhythmic thrusting. Her hips raised and lowered franticly. Oh god, she loved the feeling of this man's cock inside her pussy!

This girl's erotic sensations were building to a climatic peak. As the magnitude of the heavenly bliss intensified, she rode her grandfather harder. A violently wondrous orgasm hit her and then another and another. Katie was cumming harder than she had ever thought possible. With the single-minded thought of prolonging the pleasure, she continued to determinedly fuck the man beneath her.

Pops knew his granddaughter was cumming. Joyous thrills shot through his throbbing loins. His bloated, distended cock let go and released a shot of seminal fire. This sexy, young cock-teasing schoolgirl was making him cum! Orgasms, sweet awesome ecstasy, swept throughout his body. He grabbed on to the girl above him and hung on for the most 'mind-blowing' orgasmic ride of his life.

The heat from her grandfather's pressurized seminal fire spurred Katie into another fit of orgasms. She whimpered as rapturous delights consumed her mind and body. Her feminine passion reveled in her newfound womanly pleasures. She continued cumming as she thrust against this man again and again. She cried aloud, "Oh god Pops, I love the feel of your cock buried inside my pussy! I love the meat and cream filling me up!"

Katie's hot, wet, slippery pussy was milking every last drop of manly juice out of Pops' meaty manhood. He felt the girl's tight vaginal muscles grip his shaft with incredible force. His cock gave one last convulsive spasm and he orgasmed once more inside his granddaughter's cunt.

Suddenly, the girl above him fell flat onto his chest. Her breasts smashed against him without warning. The two of them lay exhausted with their chests heaving and their lungs fighting for breath. A sticky, wet mess of cunt and cock juices coated their loins and stained the sheets beneath them.

Pops turned on his side and his granddaughter cuddled against him. The two lay together and ardently embraced. Without speaking, they allowed the euphoric elation of orgasmic afterglow to sweep them away. Inspired by illicit lust and love, succulent forbidden fruit had been plucked and shamelessly devoured.

Katie fell asleep in her grandfather's arms. Pops allowed the girl to rest for awhile. Finally, he kissed her awake and climbed out of bed. He pulled off her knee socks and then picked the nude teenager up in his muscular arms. He carried her to the bathroom shower. The two bathed in the hot, clean, refreshing water.

Taking turns, they dried each other off. Pops again picked Katie up and then carried her back to his bed. He insisted on redressing the sexy young lady himself. He knew Katie's stained panties were in the purse she left in her car. Reaching inside a dresser drawer, he pulled out a pair of his wife's 'granny' panties. He put the panties on his granddaughter, grabbed a few tissues, and stuffed them inside to catch the sex-wetness still dripping from her pussy.

Bra, blouse, and skirt went on next. Pops bent down on his knees and began putting the long knee socks on the girl. Katie tenderly laid her hands on his head and whispered, "Oh Pops, this has been the best day of my life! I never knew sexual intercourse would be this great! I can now say that I've been satisfyingly 'fucked' by a man! But, wait a minute! Why, I wasn't the 'fuckee', I was the 'fucker', wasn't I? Oh Pops, when can we do it again?"

The socks were pulled up and the schoolgirl's shoes were slipped on. Pops stood and lifted his granddaughter to her feet. He answered her question, "Girlie girl, we can do this any damn time you want to! But for now, you'd better run along home. You and your mom can pick me up this evening and we'll go see your grandmother."

After Katie sped off, Pops lay on the bed with the intention of taking a short nap. A blowing horn awakened him three hours later. He hurriedly dressed and rode to the hospital with his daughter and granddaughter.

Grammy was in high spirits and feeling much better. Pops kissed the love of his life then took a seat while his wife, daughter, and granddaughter giggled and gabbed. He realized he was sitting in the same big chair where earlier he'd played with a sweet young pussy. He closed his eyes and reminisced.

Grammy glanced towards her man sitting in somber, lonely stillness. Her thoughts rambled silently, "Damnit, it's his own damn fault for being alone! Why doesn't he get off his ass and go find himself some pussy? Why, if he only knew it, there are sweet pussies available all over the place!"

While dreaming of young pussy, Pops had fallen asleep. His daughter, Katherine, shook him awake and asked, "Dad, have you eaten? Come down to the cafeteria with me and we'll get something."

Katherine sat across from her father at the cafeteria table. She looked around the room and saw nobody within hearing distance. She laid her soft, feminine fingers on her father's work-calloused hand and softly asked, "Dad, can you come over tomorrow after Katie leaves for school just like you did today? I've been shopping and I bought a new pair of lacy, hot-pink panties. I'll model them for you. I know you won't let me keep them on very long. You've been pulling my panties off me ever since I was a teenager and I never want you to stop! I like to get naked for you and I love how your eyes light up with lust for me when I'm nude. Oh god Dad, I love having your cock inside my pussy!" 

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Summer with Naughty Grampa

Written by Erica Gasca

My parents got mad at me because after high school I didn't want to go to college. Instead, I wanted to work and make my own way in life. Because I was 18 (almost 19) I thought I knew everything. They decided that the best course of action was to go to live with my grandfather in San Diego. He was retired, loved the outdoors, exercised, and had a huge house. Because of his life style was in perfect health and looked younger than what he was. Even though we never really visited him we stayed in contact with him via email and phone.

He had a beautiful home up on a hill that over looked the city. Everything in his house was awesome including my room which came with a phone, television, computer, and a radio/CD player. More importantly, everything looked new. My Grandpa was making me feel welcome and wanted. Yet, most of the time he was home he was in his study or room. I hardly ever saw him.

My Grandpa help me find a waitressing job at one of the big restaurants in town with good pay and decent hours. The outfit was a little skimpy but it made for good tips. It showed off my ample cleavage from my 32dd chest and the skirt was nice and tight so everyone could see my curvy hips and thick Latina legs. Most of the customers who went there were older men and most seem to know my grampa, so as I said before tips were very good.

Besides work I loved staying home and playing on the internet. I went to lots of sites and did lots of chatting on line. Also, being a single hot blooded Latina I did visited some adult sites and did a little having sex online (cybering). It took the edge off and I got to play out some of my naughtier fantasies. Yet, I never knew that this online hobby would turn into one of the kinkiest experiences I would ever have.

Usually, I would wear a tiny little teddy no bra and a thong when I cybered online. All my lingerie were very tiny, silky and somewhat see through. I bought several different colors and types with the money I made from my waitressing job. The closet looked more like a lingerie shop than anything else. But being an independent woman I deserved it. Also, I had several regular guys that I talked dirty with, some on the mic and others just texted. Some received naughty pictures of me (without the face) and some I just teased.

One night, I was just started with a naughty cyber when there was a knock on my door. Not thinking much of it I answered it. It was my Grandpa in his pajamas with two glasses and a bottle of wine. He smiled at me and asked to come in. I was a little confused and surprised, but it was his home and I let him in.

"So how do you like your room? I know it's kinda of sudden and not expected, but I was hoping to spend some time with you," said grampa.

"Sure that would be nice," I replied as he gave me a glass a poured some wine.

We sat and talked about everything and nothing. He was quite charming and very funny. Yet throughout the night I saw him stealing quick glimpse of my cleavage and legs. I also, notice that the tent in his pants was quite big it just looked thick and long. It might have been the wine or the fact that I was horny before he came in but I found myself flirting with my Grandpa throughout the night. We were about to open our third bottle of wine when my Grandpa sat at my computer.

"So what's this? Who are you talking to?" he asked.

Then I remembered that I was cybering and didn't turn off the computer. He lean forward and began to read the dialog between my online lover and me. When he finished he turned and looked at me with a big smile.

"That is very hot, very sexy and very naughty. Are you going to finish it?" he asked.

"What? What do you mean Grandpa?" I asked trying to be innocent.

"Well it's obvious you have the poor man stroking his cock and he wants to cum. So are you going to help him?" he asked again.

"Grandpa!" I said.

"Oh don't be so surprised. I'm not an old fuddy duddy. Now get over here and don't leave this guy with blue balls," he told me.

I got up and walked over to the computer. To my surprise, he patted his legs asking me to sit on his lap. It was a little embarrassing and weird, but I found myself sitting not only on his lap but his huge hard on. While I adjusted myself he pulled up on my teddy and I felt my bare ass on his lap.

"Who am I going to be helping out him or you?" I had to ask with a giggle.

"Maybe both," he smiled back.

I smiled at him and looked back that the cybering I was doing before he walked in. My lover had been sending me instant messages (IM) for the past several hours and he was still on. He was relieved that I came back to finish our little computer sex. We had left off as he pushed me on my knees and was slapping my face with his cock. Even my Grandpa smile indicating that was a good place to start.

As I began to type my Grandpa began to rub on my inner thigh very slowly and softly. He leaned into me as he read the little story we were producing. As I wrote I found that the texting was more exciting when someone watched me type the dirty and nasty things I would do in our little fantasy. Moreover, I found myself slowly and gently grinding on his cock without even thinking about it. My inner thighs burns as his fingers ran up and down my leg.

My lover has always asked me if I had a camera on my computer and I've never put it on. Again, he asked and again I declined to show him. Yet, it was my Grandpa who turned on the camera and aimed it to my ample cleavage then invited him to view. My lover was now looking at my tits almost falling out of my teddy and my big long dark brown nipples poking a hole through the tiny material. Then my Grandpa accept an invitation to view my online lover live and all I could see was his hand pumping his thick hard cock.

We continued to cyber after my lover kept telling me what wonderful tits I had and asking lots of questions about them; if I liked them touched and kiss and licked, do I like giving tity fucks, are my nipples sensitive, do I want cum on them. I replied yes to each and every one which made him go crazy and my Grandpa's cock get bigger. As we continued my lover kept asking me to take off my teddy and I kept telling him that my hands were too busy. Again without permission, Grandpa pulled my straps over my shoulders and began to pull my teddy down exposing my full firm 32dd.

"What are you doing grampa?" I asked.

"Shhh baby. I know you like it. Just go along with it," he whispered in my ear.

Next thing I know, I saw jets of stream shooting out from my lovers cock. Seeing my tits finally exposed made him cum so long and hard it was amazing seeing that much cum fly. Then the screen went blank because my lover logged off. I sat there breathing heavy finding that I was very hot and horny from everything that was happening.

"That didn't take long. He must have been very frustrated," my Grandpa said as he continued to rub my inner thigh.

"Yea, I guess," I replied and turned to see him staring at my tits.

"Too bad," he answered.

"I guess the fun is over now huh grampa?" I asked.

"Not if you don't want it to be. Do you have any other friends you play with?" he asked.

"No," I lied.

"Too bad, I wanted to see some more. I wanted to read some more. Do you want me to find you another friend?" he asked.

"Sure I guess," was my only reply.

He told me to instant message a friend of his but not to tell him who I was. His friend replied to my instant message and asked to view my camera to which my Grandpa let him view. Again, I was treated to a big fat dick being jerked off and lots of complements about my huge tits. While I made nice with his friend my Grandpa had spread my legs with his hands and was rubbing my inner thigh so close to my pussy I knew he could feel the heat coming from it.

"Tell him what you like doing with cocks," my Grandpa whispered in my ear.

"What?" I asked trying to be shy.

"Tell him how much you love sucking cock and having them between you tits," he said as he grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled it back a little.

The slight tug on my hair and his harsh yet lustful words made me give out a little moan. Just like that, I knew my Grandpa was in charge. I would do anything he asks from then on in. My hands worked fast as I described in detail how I would suck and jerk and kiss his friend's cock making him cum into my mouth and swallowing his load. Within minutes I was treated to another screen full of cum again. As soon as his screen went blank, my Grandpa was already getting the next customer for me. Grandpa contacted his friend and using my nickname pretended to me and began a lustful conversation with this friend. Then Grandpa whispered into my ear asking me to take off my teddy so all I had on was my tiny little g string while sitting on his lap.

After taking off my teddy I began talking with my new lover in the meantime, my Grandpa slowly and carefully took off his shirt then his pants. He was not wearing any boxer so his hard cock was now in between my legs resting on my thong covered pussy. It was a huge monstrous cock with a fat bulbous mushroom head and a big fat vein running down the middle. The pre-cum made the head glisten as it stood there staring at me. With his knees he spread my legs wide open, his left hand pushed his cock away, and with his right hand he began to rub my pussy over my thong.

Again, the camera was on my tits as I told this dirty old pervert how I would let him bend me over and fuck my tiny little pussy. A few times Grandpa had me get up and bend over to show his friend my round Latina bubble ass and thong covered pussy. When I did this my Grandpa took the liberties of filling up my tits and licked my nipples. He was fantastic at making every touch bring chills to my body. Just like with the last one, it took only a few minutes to see on my line lover spewing his cum all over his desk and like the other two he logged off.

I was so hot and wet by this time I wanted Grandpa to shove his fat dick into me hard and deep. Slowly, I began grinding on my Grandpa's finger as he rubbed my thong covered pussy. Leaning back onto my grampa, I spread my legs and began to purr on him as he touched my hot wet pussy. Taking a nipple in each hand, I pulled and twisted my hard long dark brown nipples while Grandpa began to find me another online lover. Once again, the dirty old man could see me playing with my nipples as I watched him jerk off for us. This time Grandpa put the microphone on so his new friend could hear us.

His old labor breathing came over the speakers and he watched me play with my nipples. I moaned and gyrated on my Grandpa as I continued to squeeze my nipples and cup my hug tits. The man pointed his cock toward the camera and began to jerk off faster.

"OOOO yes Grandpa that's it jerk off that big dick. MMMM play with it for me," I moaned as I leaned into the camera.

"You like that. You like Grandpa's big cock little girl? What do you want to do with it," my online lover asked.

"MMM Grandpa I would suck it so deep. I want it deep down my throat. I want it in my hungry hot wet mouth. OOOO Grandpa slap my face with your huge cock," I moaned back.

"You're a dirty little girl. MMMM. You want Grandpa to make you gag on his huge dick? Huh little girl. You want to suck Grandpa's cum out of his hairy balls?" he replied.

"Fuck yes grampa. Shove that big nasty dick down my face. Make me suck it deep. I want to milk your big hairy balls dry grampa," I moaned back.

Just then my Grandpa made me stand up and he took my thong off. Then he adjusted the camera so the dirty old man could see my tiny bald pink pussy. The man grasp then grunted several times as he unloaded all his cum onto the table in front of him. Using my fingers I played and opened my pussy so he could see it clearly. My juices made my pussy glisten as I played with it and showed it off; it was so hot and wet I needed a cock deep in me. After coming the man logged off.

When my Grandpa got the next man online he made me stand back so the man could see my entire body. I posed for them showing off my body as good as a professional stripper. While I showed off my body, Grandpa got several more men to look at my camera. Then I heard the words I've been longing to hear all night.

"Ok baby get on your knees," my Grandpa said.

Quickly I dropped to my knees looking at my Grandpa's huge thick fat cock as he walked towards me. Cupping my tits, I licked and sucked on my nipples while I waited for Grandpa to get closer. The monitor lit up with comments from the old men telling me how pretty I was and how great my big tits looked. As my Grandpa got closer, the messages came faster. Soon Grandpa was standing in front of me with his cock inches from my lips.

I opened my mouth and was about to swallow his cock when my Grandpa hit my forehead with his cock. It was a loud thud and it felt funny being hit with a hard dick. He was looking down at me and with his free hand was using his finger telling me not yet. Licking my lips, I waited for his instructions. Grandpa wanted my hair in pigtails and a deep red lipstick on my lips. Without question I did everything he instructed.

Again, I was on my knees in front of the camera with a cock inches from my face. Grandpa grabbed his cock and used the head of his dick to trace my lips like he was applying lipstick to them. I could taste the pre-cum as it smeared over my lips. Smiling down at me he began slapping me with his huge cock. He asked me to face the camera so everyone could see what I was about to do.

"Ok sweetie, put Grandpa's cock between those big full firm tits and give Grandpa a good tity fucking," he tells me.

I cup my tits and place his fat throbbing cock between my tits and begin to slowly run up and down his hot hard dick. Smiling up at him I continue moving my body up and down his cock. He grabbed both my pigtails making me look at the camera and smile for those watching. As I looked at the camera I open my mouth and was about to gobble up his dick when he pulls on my pigtails.

"No yet honey," he said with a smile.

I looked up at him and pouted giving him my best puppy dog eyes. Then I opened my mouth and let out my fat long tongue out for him. My tongue went well below my chin and I could tell he was surprise and its size. He placed his cock along my lips and asked me to wrap my tongue around his cock. After he placed his cock on my tongue I began shaking my head side to side sliding on his thick long shaft. Grandpa's cock was big and fat but I stroked it with my tongue several times. Finally, I ended up at the head which I quickly took into my mouth.

I smiled as I saw several men shoot their load as I gobbled up my grandpa's cock. It was everything I wanted in a cock; long, thick, pulsating and tasted so good. The huge purple head was so big I could barely get it past my mouth. Soon my head was bobbing up and down his dick as I gave Grandpa the best blow job I could. Gagging, chocking and slobbering I had most of his cock down my throat.

Grandpa let me do my thing as he stood there looking down at me moaning and enjoying getting his cock sucked. Then he would pulled on my pigtails picking my head up making me fight to keep sucking his cock which he found funny. I guess he wanted to show the men that I was hungry for cock and that I was hungry for his fat monsterous cock. Several times he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face and tits getting them sticky and messy, then without warning he would shove it down my throat making me gag and chock.

He was fucking my face in front of a bunch of strangers and I loved it. Grandpa pulled on my pigtails making me swallow his thick fat dick. Then he began talking very dirty to me.

"That's it you dirty little cock sucker, take Grandpa's cock all the way down. You little slut, I've always knew you loved cock. Come on baby lick Grandpa's balls like the dirty little whore you are," he told me as he fucked my face.

I licked his balls then tity fucked his cock some more. Again, he slapped my face and my tits with his massive cock. Then he made me lay on my back so my pussy was facing the camera. Next he made me swallow his cock while he ate my pussy. Nobody had ever eaten my pussy as good as Grandpa did. He spread my legs so everybody could see him licking my wet lips and shoving his fingers in me. As he did that I moved my hips grinding on his face and fingers moaning while I sucked his cock.

After several minutes in that position, Grandpa made me get on my hands and knees facing the men. Then he kneeled behind me rubbing his cock's fat mushroom head up and down my pussy. He pulled on my pigtails making me arch my back showing off my tits to the camera as he rammed his fat thick cock into me. I screamed and bit my lower lip as Grandpa's cock stretched me to the point I almost passed out. Grandpa let me get used to having his fat cock in me before he started to slowly pump it into my tiny wet pussy.

Every time Grandpa shoved his cock into my body he rocked me back and forth. My big tits swayed as he fucked me deep and hard. Biting my lower lip I began to fuck him back moaning and grunting with each shove. I could hear the slapping of our bodies every time we met. He pulled on my pigtails and spanked my ass as he fucked me deep and hard. We spent a long time fucking like rabbits.

"You have a tight wet little pussy baby. I love how you fuck and suck Grandpa's big dick. Come on baby show these men what a little slut you are. Fuck Grandpa deep and hard," he said as he spanked me.

Then Grandpa laid on his back as I got on top of him. I looked at the camera and began riding Grandpa's huge cock. Up and down I rode that fat dick while I played with my tits and sucked on my nipples. Grandpa was grunting and moaning as I picked up the pace and fucked him harder and faster. After what seemed like hours he spanked my ass and told me to get on my knees.

Quickly, I was on my knees and Grandpa was in front of me spraying his cum all over my face and tits. My whole face and body was drenched in man juice. I felt like someone had poured a bucket of warm milk over me. My hands were on his thighs as he covered me in cum. When I could open my eyes, I saw my Grandpa smiling at me as he looked down full of sweat. It was hard not to smile back, so I did.

"We're going to have a great summer baby," he told me as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked it clean and thought 'it's going to be a great summer."

Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Part 3

Written by shoguy
It all started a week ago, but it seems as if it happened a year ago. That's because I've been waiting anxiously, going out of my mind in anticipation for this weekend to finally arrive. Just as I stepped into my white high heel pumps, my cell phone rang. When I saw the number my braless nipples on my 36D tits started to throb, and the moistness in my pussy began to flow like a stream. I answered with a sexy tone in my voice,

"I'll be right out grandfather."

Yes the weekend was finally here. The weekend where my grandfather and I would be going to one of the casinos he co-owned in Las Vegas, to stay at his penthouse....fucking and pleasing each other....all weekend long!

This past week changed the lives of my father, mother and I in a way that could not have been written in the most scandalous and fictitious novel by the worlds most imaginative fiction writers.

It started last week on my 18th birthday. My wealthy 78 year old grandfather presented me with a $65,000 BMW, and flew my family and my boyfriend and I in one of his private jets to New York City, for a party in his honor. Yes, that's right a $65,000 car and private jets. This is the type of wealth and power that my grandfather has, and his lifestyle is what attracts only the sexiest of women and makes them eager to please, and anxious to fuck. These are the traits that absolutely drew me to my grandfather.

My name is Allison. First let me describe myself. I have long blond hair and stand 5'8''tall and weigh 105 pounds. By that description alone you would think that I was very skinny. In fact when you look at me from the sides when I raise my arms and you can easily make out my ribs. I have a very narrow waist which measures 21 inches and my hips measure 33 inches. My legs are very long and thin too, which also suggests a very skinny teen, but the majority of my weight is seen in my very large tits which measure a mouth-watering 36D! Yes from the back I do appear to be just another blond skinny teen, but when I turn to the side, my tits are pendulous. Although my tits are huge they don't sag, in fact they sit high on my chest and point up.

The other thing that accents my big swaying 36D tits are my huge nipples which are always causing traffic jams, and men to drool. My nipples are over an inch long and about an inch and a half wide and get even bigger when I'm turned on. They also sit high on the ends of my big tits and point straight up to the sky, which adds to their eye-catching size.18 years of age, 36D-21-33, 5'8", blond and 105 pounds! Skinny, with huge tits and big fat nipples! To put it quite bluntly and conceitedly, I am what is considered every mans teen age fantasy!

As I said, my grandfather is very wealthy, a billionaire many times over. His fortune was amassed by having a cut-throat, take no prisoners personality, and business reputation. In addition to his wealth and power, he is extremely handsome. Frank (my grandfathers name) is very distinguished looking with a full head of white hair and an amazing physique. He stands 5' 11" tall and has a slender build. At 78 years of age he looks more like a man in his early-fifties.

I always thought my grandfather was very distinguished and very very sexy. This was something that all young girls thought too. Ever since I have known my grandfather he was always in the company of a beautiful young girl. When I say young I mean that they were not much older than me. They were easily 30 to 40 and even 50 years younger than him. I had to admit that when I saw these young girls with him, I would secretly get jealous. It was those times that I didn't see him as my grandfather, but as a very sexy, distinguished older man, who exuded confidence, power, wealth and dominance. At times I even fantasized that it was me who would be on his arm in a sexy dress, attending a high society dinner or gala. I even had sinful thoughts of my grandfather and I in more intimate settings after those events.

To anyone seeing where we live and our rich and famous lifestyle they would think that my father made his money in banking or the finance market, or as a high powered lawyer or a famous surgeon, but the truth is that my father hadn't worked a day in his life. The only thing my father does, besides go to the health club or play golf is to chauffeur my grandfather on demand, or help entertain very wealthy clients of my grandfathers from around the world who he does business with.

Yes, it is my mothers father who is very, very rich, in fact he's mega-rich. As I said, my grandfather is a rich billionaire- many times over. Through the years I've learned from my mother and father that my grandfather had the reputation for being ruthless in business. He had the type of business code that would buy company then fire thousands of workers without an ounce of remorse. Even though he knew this caused families to loose their homes and life's savings! This power and greed is what has made my grandfather very- very wealthy and feared in the business world. His wealth includes homes and villas all over the world, yachts and a private jet and chauffer driven limousines.

When I walked out of the house, I had to smirk when I saw who the limo driver was. It was my very own father! This was my grandfathers way of totally emasculating him, and I was absolutely loving it. It just proved the type of power and dominance my grandfather had over everyone in his employ, including my very own father, who jumped when my grandfather demanded. Jumped, because my grandfather; in every sense of the word owned our family.

When I walked out of the house my fathers eyes were glued to me, as he turned the handle of the limo door and opened it. As I walked towards the limo I could see my reflection in the black tinted glass. I was getting real excited knowing my grandfather was watching me through the tinted glass. As I looked at my reflection I thought to myself,

"Wow I do look hot!

The clicking of my white high heel pumps drew my fathers attention to my long pale white legs, then up to my swaying, braless 36D tits and my inch long nipples that pierced through the fabric of the sheer white blouse indecently. My flat stomach was accented by the tight pair of ultra-short shorts I wore.

I could feel the effect my hot outfit had on my father and could actually make out an erection in his pants. I actually smirked and laughed slightly, which caused him to become embarrassed. As I walked to the limo, I didn't give my father a second thought, or even an acknowledgement. All I knew is that I couldn't wait to be sitting next to my sexy grandfather. My father was smart enough to know not to make small talk with me because a man as powerful as my grandfather could easily make his measly life miserable. This was something I observed through the years about my grandfather. It was this kind of power that commanded loyalty from his employees. It was the kind of ruthless power he processed. This complete disregard for anyone, including my father being our personal chauffer to Vegas, while we sat in the back kissing and playing with each other was turning me on like crazy.

When I got into the limo my grandfathers eyes were riveted to my body. It was exactly what I had hoped for. When I slid into the plush leather seat I crossed my long thin legs and let him take in every sinful inch of me. I could feel his eyes travel slowly form my white high heel pumps to my braless 36D tits, with my big brown nipples piercing through the transparent material. I then noticed how amazingly fit grandfather was as he was dressed in a white dress shirt and black pants. His slender physique gave him an even more distinguished look.

As his eyes roamed almost greedily over every inch of my body, he said in a dark confident tone,

"Very sexy baby...Very sexy."

I looked at him in a very mischievous way and said,

"I've been going out of my mind all week, waiting to finally be alone with you baby. I wanted you to see me in something naughty first Frank."

My grandfather then leaned into me and said in a commanding manner,

"Oh yes Allison, this has been a very restless week for me also. At every business meeting I was haunted by the many images of your sexy body through the years, and the annoying impatience of waiting to finally be alone with my sexy granddaughter, in my limo, then in my bed at my penthouse, celebrating your 18th birthday."

The ride to Las Vegas was about four hours. This gave my grandfather and I the perfect opportunity to get acquainted. At that point his tongue came out of his mouth like a snake and I instantly opened my mouth and pushed my tongue out to meet his. For nearly 10 minutes the tips of our tongues flicked wildly across each others which caused me to moan excitedly. I have never kissed any of my other boyfriends this way. It was so devilish and naughty. Here I was, just turned 18, dressed sinfully, and now wantonly kissing my 78 year old grandfather, who was impeccably dressed in an expensive business suit

After our naughty kiss he opened a bottle of champaign and made a toast, as he took in the sight of my long legs then to my hard brown nipples that shot off the tips of my 36D chest, saying slyly,

"To my very sexy 18 year old granddaughter, who deserves the absolute best in life."

It was then that I noticed the enormous bulge and length of his cock as it ran along the inseam of his left leg. I nearly died from the shock of seeing this giant bulge run a few inches from his knee!

He then noticed me staring in shock and said almost arrogantly, "You like that big cock....don't you baby. I'm quite sure it's bigger then that pathetic boyfriend you have, or even your spineless father?"

At that moment I knew I had to play with it. After seeing my grandfathers giant cock fucking the two teenage girls after his party, for over four hours straight, and his amazing stamina to fuck and cum endlessly, I needed to play with it myself. I looked up at him deviously then put down my champaign glass and began running the tips of my fingers ever so slowly over the massive girth of his monster cock. I could feel the pulsing through his pants, then looked up at him and said in a mischievous voice,

"Oh baby, not only do I deserve the best, but I also deserve the biggest too...Oh god... its so fucking huge baby... soooo fucking huge...I've never felt a cock this big. The only thing I could think about all week is this giant cock of yours, and finally being able to get the chance to fuck it myself....Oh grandfather, the thought of your huge cock's been driving me crazy all week baby!"

As I teasingly ran my fingers up and down his seemingly endless shaft, mesmerized by the enormity of it I moaned in a deep lust filled voice,

"Oh baby, you're at least 10 times bigger then my pathetic boyfriend and my father or any other guy I've ever fucked."

As I continued to stroke his massive shaft through his pants I released my tongue and we went back to kissing wildly for about 15 minutes. As I teasingly ran my palm, then the tips of my long fingers against the bulging sides of my grandfathers huge cock I began to think,

'Oh fuck. Even though I watched him fucking and knew this cock was enormous, I never imagined it was actually this big—God, his cock is longer than my arm!'

I thought about the pounding his giant cock gave the two teens my age last week and I began to wonder what this monster cock was going to feel like in my mouth what the effects of it would do to my tight 18 year old pussy?

All I knew is that I couldn't wait to blow it. All I knew is that I had to make love to it. After running my hands over his enormous cock we began heatedly kissing each other and running our hands up and down each others bodies. My grandfather then had me lye back and began excitedly kissing all over my 36D tits through the see through material of my white blouse. He was moaning loudly and saying how much he's wanted to play with my big sexy tits and how much he loved my huge nipples He would lick and kiss them heatedly through the sheer material and then our hot tongues would meet in an untamed nasty tongue kiss.

While toying with my aching nipples he said in a stern voice,

"Ummm, I love your sexy big tits and huge nipples baby. Such big tits for a tiny frame. Wonderful baby. Simply wonderful."

As he said this he bagan pinching them and twisting them forcefully through his thumb and index finger. He was twisting my swollen nipples so hard that it caused me to press down on my high heels and raise my ass off the seat. My grandfather knew this assault on my nipples was driving me wild, and to the point where I was going to cum. As I was getting close to cumming I said headidily,

"Oh fuck, your gonna make me cum baby...That's gonna make me pop."

He continued to pinch and twist my nipples like this until he drove me over the edge,

"Oh fuck." I screamed as I came just from the way my grandfather pinched, pulled and twisted my overly sensitive nipples.

After I came my grandfather went back to busily sucking all over my tits, his hands were running up and down my long-slender legs, sending sparks way up into my pussy. For the next half hour he went from kissing me to sucking my tits and playing with my long legs. When he sat back we sipped our champaign, as I reveled in the sensations that were still shooting through my body from the way my 78 year old grandfather was using me.

As I crossed my long legs my grandfathers eyes were openly roaming from my high heel pumps to the tips of my extended and engorged nipples. As he groaned almost irritatingly at me, I looked in terror at the giant bulge that went all the way down the inseam of his left leg to the top of his knee! I knew my grandfather loved the sight of my long skinny legs and high heels as he boldly said said,

"Oh yes baby you have a very sexy pair of legs. So shapely. I love the way high heels look on your naughty young legs baby."

At that point he grabbed onto the top of my shorts and said in a demanding almost fearsome tone,

"Let's get these off so that I could see and taste my 18 year old granddaughters sexy ass and pussy that I've been waiting to get at all these years!"

A my grandfather roughly grabbed onto my shorts and started pulling them off, he said in a demanding tone,

"Lift your sexy ass up baby."

This caused me to groan,

"Oh yes baby. Take um off," I said in a hot voice, as I eagerly complied with his demand.

I was so turned by the authoritative way my grandfather took control of me. This was how he conducted himself in business, and in the way he fucked every young teen. The way he was treating and controlling me was exactly the same way he acted when I watched him fucking those two teens last week. This was something that every young teenage girl knew before they fucked him; that he was extremely aggressive and dominant when he fucked. And now I was experiencing the same aggressive treatment from my grandfather. He wasn't going to romance me; he was going to use my body for each and every one of his wildest pleasures! All the stories I've heard about him being ruthless and insensitive and unforgiving from my mother and father and having watched the way he fucked those two teens were now going to be my reality!

My grandfather aggressively pulled down my shorts and I lifted my legs as he slid them over my white pumps. As he took in the sight of my pussy for the first time, he uttered in a deep voice,

"Very sexy pussy Allison. Your grandfathers going to thoroughly enjoy fucking your sexy fuck-hole."

Just the way he referred to my pussy caused me run my fingers over my pussy in a teasing way and say,

"Oh Frank, I can't wait to have this fuck-hole wrapped stuffed full of that great big cock."

My grandfather then took me by surprise and said in a firm tone,

"Fucking turn over baby. I want to get at that sexy ass and pussy at the same time."

He then put his hand around my slim waist and in one firm motion spun me around. In this position I was on my knees with my ass was arched up, as I looked out the rear window. He then got between my long legs and without any preparation began inserting a finger into my burning pussy, while he spit on my asshole. As he fingered my pussy he began eating my asshole and sending the tip of his tongue deep inside it. My pussy was already on fire from all the hot play that led up to this point, but my ass never experienced anything like this. He then took the finger out of my pussy and spread my skinny ass cheeks with his hands, which caused my asshole to spread wide apart. He then spit on it again and then inserted his finger into it.

The sensation of my grandfathers finger probing and then aggressively fucking deep into my ass sent a shockwave through my body and caused me to spasm into a wild tremor. As my ass was cumming I looked back in disbelief and hotly said,

"Oh fuck baby. You're making my ass cum!"

My grandfather then insirted two fingers into my smoking pussy, and a second into my turned on ass. He then began feverously fucking his long fingers into my pussy and ass for over 20 minutes, which caused me to nearly pass out from cumming over and over again.

As he fingered me with both hands, he would drive me wild and bring me right to the edge by saying in an almost evil tone,

"I've wanted to finger-fuck your sexy pussy and ass for the longest time Allison. I wanted to feel the insides of this pussy with my fingers before I forced my great big cock up there."

I was going wild, cumming like a faucet from my grandfathers non-stop finger fucking and his hot talk. After what seemed like 10 orgasms shot through my ass and pussy, my grandfather pulled his fingers out of me and told me to turn back around. After I turned around I crossed my legs and he instructed me to taste his fingers. He held his fingers to my mouth and said blatantly,

"Now suck your sexy pussy and ass off my fingers Allison. Taste how good that naughty fuck-hole and ass are. Go ahead and tease yourself baby."

As I licked his fingers clean, I was moaning in a throaty voice saying,

"Ummm,yes baby."

After licking his fingers we sipped our champaign and kissed again. I then had a desperate need to see his giant cock. I began by kneeling on my pumps in the limo while I seductively ran my finger nails up and down his huge shaft. As I did this I smiled slyly showing him my girlish braces and moaned in a little girlish voice,

"Ohhhh god,its soooo big grandfather. Sooo fucking big!"

I then began kissing his monstrous shaft through his pants which caused him to groan,

"Ummmmm yesssssss baby.Get acquainted with your grandfathers 13 inch cock"

I then began going wild kissing and licking his huge hard-on through his pants as I was panting from the anticipation of seeing the monstrous size of it up-close for the first time. Although something inside told me that a girl would never get used to seeing a cock this big no matter how many times it was uncoiled from the confines of pants.

My hands began rubbing my grandfathers huge cock through his pants.

"Oh fuck!" I said out loud, disbelieving the enormous bulge I was wildly rubbing.

As I ran my fingers over the bulging shaft it easily felt ten times bigger then my boyfriend or every other guy I have ever fucked. And it was monstrous compared to my fathers cock, who I saw the other day when the 3 Middle Eastern men came to our house.

As I panted with lust, I said in a throaty voice,

"Oh fuck yeah baby let me get that big cock of yours out of those uncomfortable pants. Let me get it really wet with my mouth and let me show you how bad I've wanted to blow you ....I want to suck all over every inch of it grandfather. I want to blow that huge cock so fucking bad Frank. All I could think about all week was watching those two whores you fucked, suck all over your giant shaft, and how they came just from sucking it."

I added heatedly, "God, I've wanted to blow this great big cock of yours ever since I saw you fuck lover.....Oh baby, let me show you how good I am at blowing your huge. Let me suck it like all the other sluts you get every night Frank."

At that point my grandfather ripped off his pants and out sprung the biggest cock I have ever seen. I swear I nearly fainted when I saw it as I gasped aloud,


As my grandfathers enormous cock stuck out from his body like a tree trunk I squatted there motionless, shaking my head, in disbelief, that a cock could actually be so huge! Even having seen it last week and knowing how big it was, did not prepare me for the shock I was experiencing from being so close to it. As my grandfather leaned back, he sipped his champaign, with a smug look on his face as I just stared at his giant cock in a trance for over five minutes as it waved from side to side menacingly.

As I marveled at its enormous size, the huge cock waved angrily and confidently in the air. As I took in the almost grotesque and freakish sight I continued to groan over and over disbelievingly,

"Ohhhh fuck it's huge,"

As I looked at his monster cock in this trance-like state; awestruck by its size and power, my 78 year old grandfather just grinned confidently while he sipped his champaign. He gave me all the time I needed to get used to him having such a massive cock. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying this special moment. This was the time when every teenage girl he fucked got to witness the biggest cock in her life towering wildly and angrily before her for the first time. After this five minute lust filled display my grandfather broke the sexy tension in the air and said icily,

"Get your sexy hands wrapped around my huge shaft and pump it while you suck on the great big head Suck your grandfathers great big cock Allison. Get your hands and mouth on it.....RIGHT NOW BABY."

After my grandfathers order for me to suck it, I immediately took it in both hands and went wild, kissing, licking and pumping every beautiful inch of his huge shaft.

As I licked it uncontrollably, flicking my tongue over the huge maze of veins that protruded from his gigantic shaft I looked up and said heatedly,

"Sooooooo fucking big baby...... Sucking my grandfathers great big sexy cock."

I was amazed at how little I was able to take in my hands and mouth. Even with my mouth spread open and my jaws spread as wide as possible I could barely get his big cock head into it. I thought to myself about how easy it was for me to swallow my boyfriend or any other guy I have ever blown whole, but here I was desperately trying to get my mouth over the head of my grandfathers great big cock!

At one point I looked up and teased,

"So grandfather,do you like the way your 18 year old granddaughter is blowing and kissing your huge cock? .... Do you baby? ... Do you like having this hot 18 year old mouth of your sexy 18 year old granddaughter blowing all over your huge cock, kissing it...ummmmm...licking it....ummmmm making love to it...oh fuck yeah... I could tell you do grandfather."

He then grabbed me by the hair and we met in a vicious tongue kiss. The taste of champaign on his breath made this lust filled scene between an 18 year old teen and a 78 year old man so nasty! He then said to me in an almost rage,

"Yes baby you are driving me wild with that teasing body I've wanted for a long, long time now. I'm so very happy you finally turned 18 baby last week Allison. Now you and your grandfather can fuck as much as we want baby. As much as we want!"

As I knelt on my high heel pumps blowing my grandfathers huge hard, on all I could think about were all of the hot young teens that had an opportunity to blow and fuck his enormous cock. I began to think about the two teens I watched him fuck last week and the things they were saying about all the girls that knew about him having a giant cock that wanted a chance to fuck him too. I was so caught up in blowing him that I looked up and snarled,

"So, am I blowing you as good as those two whores you fucked last week grandfather ... Are you liking the way I suck and pump your great big cock baby. Am I sucking this huge pole as good as all of the young sluts I've seen you with through the years grandfather?

As I looked up at him with a devilish smirk on my face, I licked away at his huge shaft waiting for his response.

My grandfather then pulled me up to him and our tongues flew out to kiss and he said in an authoritative tone,

"Baby, not only do you have them all beat with the way you give head while you pump it with those sexy hands of yours, but you also have it over every other teenage slut I've ever fucked.... world wide!"

That told me exactly what I wanted to know. Suddenly I felt like I had so much power knowing that body and my big 36D tits on my thin frame could excite a man as powerful and wealthy and as well hung as my grandfather.

I immediately lifted his shockingly heavy giant cock with my hands and began stroking it sexily up and down so that he didn't loose his huge hard on or his horny edge. I could feel his huge cock pulsing like crazy in my hands.

As I stroked him I began kissing his tongue and said,

"Oh Frank, I love blowing your huge cock. I've wanted to blow you for a long time now grandfather. I can't wait to have this 13 inch cock stretching the limits of my pussy, but right now I've got to suck it off baby or I'll go crazy. I need to suck it until it shoots off all over this fucking limousine. I watched it pop off last week when you were fucking those two teens. I watched it cum over and over again, and I couldn't believe how much cum flew out of this huge shaft each time. Now I need to watch it cum myself baby."

I then added hotly as he was moaning like crazy,

"Oh baby I can feel your huge cock throbbing like crazy baby. I know you need to get off. Let me finish you off and pump you dry grandfather. Let me pump every last drop of cum out of this great big sexy 13 inch cock baby. Let me pump you off grandfather.... Oh fuuuuck.... you are ready to pop baby."

I then knelt beside him and began licking and blowing his pulsating cock while I jacked it lovingly in the palm of my outstretched hand.

As I eagerly stroked and blew his huge cock I began to think of how any teenage girl could easily become obsessed with his huge cock or a cock this huge.

As I wantonly pumped his giant hard on up and down, twisting my hands all over it and being almost traumatized by its huge size, I began to think to myself, 'God, just having a cock this big could make any girl go wild and act so naughty and so differently then she would with a guy that had an average sized cock. I know, because all the guys I've ever fucked never made me act like this, especially my boyfriend. My grandfathers huge cock made even the most conservative shy girl so naughty, and so eager to please it. God, this huge cock could even make the most traditional and old-fashioned girl a sex starved slut once they got a good look at this gorgeous 13 inch monster cock! It's not having an average or big cock that can turn a girl into sexy slut and make her act so fucking wild, and so naughty. It's having a huge cock that like my grandfathers that causes every teenager to go insane and beg to please it and fuck him!

I wantonly kept stroking and pumping my grandfathers huge angry cock as I sexily kissed it and talked to it, saying that I loved his great big cock and needed to watch it cum. This was really turning him on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled and said urgently,

"Come on baby, I want to watch your great big sexy cock pop off. Oh yes baby let me make you pop."

I began spitting on his enormous shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled,

"Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock I've ever heard about (hand jacking up and down real slow)....I know your going wild, knowing your being pumped-off by your sexy 18 year old granddaughter (hand jacking up and down real slow)... Ummm you love the way I look in my naughty high heel pumps (hand jacking up and down real slow) ....A sexy naughty high school teenager dressed to fuck and please her grandfathers great big 13 inch cock (hand jacking up and down real slow) ....Oh yeah that huge fucking cock, so fucking big and so fucking ready to explode (hand jacking up and down real slow)

I continued to drive my grandfather with my hot talk. As I pumped his huge throbbing cock now determined to make it pop, I deliberately taunted him saying hotly,

"Oh yeah you like the way your 18 year old granddaughter is jacking your great big fucking cock (hand jacking up and down real slow) ....Oh fuck your huge cock feels so fucking good in my hands grandfather (hand jacking up and down real slow) ....I can feel your great big cock throbbing because you love that fact that it's your hot grandaughter stroking it just the way you like it baby (hand jacking up and down real slow) ...Just how you like having it pumped, (hand jacking up and down real slow) Ummm....Oh fuck yeah, look at how sexy that great big cock looks in your granddaughters hands, while I'm stroking all over it."

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. I began to pump up and down his huge shaft faster and faster and said,

"Ohhhh baby, cum real hard for me baby so that I could I can watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock... Just lay back and let my hands jack it out of you baby."

That did it. My grandfather began to moan, "Oh yes baby... Ohhhhh Fuck! Here it cums baby."

For the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where, as I continued to vigorously pump my grandfather huge hard on; fisting it insanely and telling him how sexy it looked. As the cum rocketed out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my hard little clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it.

As he lay back in the plush leather seat of the limo his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum shot past our faces splattering against the dark tinted windows in the back of the limo. It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and splash against the tinted windows.

You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass loudly, while I was moaning,

"Oh fuck ....soooo much fucking cum.....sooooo much fucking cum baby....Don't fucking stop baby ....Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby... Shoot it all over the fucking place baby."

When he finally stopped his huge cock turned to rubber in my hands as I eagerly licked it and kissed it while I moaned over and over about how huge his cock was and how much I loved blowing it and couldn't wait to fuck it. I was obsessed with it and was worshiping it. This was far from love, this was like someone possessed with sucking a gigantic cock. I was just like every girl or women that worshiped my grandfathers huge cock after it came. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his huge rubbery cock as I licked it all over for more then half an hour.

As I continued to suck it passionately I was moaning,

"Ummmm so good...still soooo fucking big.... Oh baby your huge cock tastes so fucking good...Ummmmm I love the taste of your cum grandfather."

After he came I looked back and saw what looked like stalactites dripping down as his cum clung to the ceiling and tinted windows in the rear of the limo. It was a sight I will never forget as long as I live. There was what looked like fifty long white dripping beads of cum hanging everywhere! I almost laughed at the idea of seeing my father having to clean all of my grandfathers cum. I dai laugh out loud when my grandfather remarked that he was going to make my father actually clean it up after he dropped us off.

As we sat back and kissed, my hands were seductively pumping my grandfathers still throbbing freakish cock. Once in the parking garage my father signaled my grandfather with a light that appeared on the phone which indicated that we had arrived at his casino. As the light blinked on and off we continued our improper grandfather/granddaughter kiss for 10 more minutes, and then finished our champaign. My grandfather then picked up the phone instructing my father that we were ready. After my grandfather hung up the phone we went back to our delicious kiss. At this point the hunger to finally fuck was driving us crazy, as indicated by tongues flicking wildly across each others. After we finished kissing I slid my shorts back on. When my father opened the door my grandfather and I were still deep into our wild kiss. It was as if my father wasn't even there, and to my grandfather, who literally owed my father, he really wasn't there.

As I slid out of the limo I conceitedly watched my fathers eyes as they were locked hungrily onto my sexy body. I ran a fingernail along my slender pale white skin of my thigh to hold his attention. I then uncrossed my long legs and put one outside the door, as I locked eyes on him as he followed my white high heel pump as it met the cement floor. As I brought the other leg out the door he was literally drooling over me, as the other pump touched the ground. I teased my father a little more and drove him absolutely crazy, as I teasingly ran my fingernail down my long leg to my high heel pump and turned it inward slightly, so that he could see the high arch of my foot coming out of the pump as I ran my finger over the back of the heal.

I was thoroughly enjoying teasing my father in this brief moment. There was no doubt that he would have leaped at the opportunity to fuck me. He had the same hunger to fuck me that my grandfather had, except that there were major differences between my father and my grandfather. First, my father was a weak minded and spineless man, who got whatever he had in life from my grandfather. He worked for my grandfather and did whatever he was ordered to do. My grandfather paid for every item we owned, including cars, houses, vacation homes and memberships to exclusive country health and clubs around the world. He paid for me all of my education as I went to the best private schools and even the exclusive Beverly Hills High School I am in now. Last week my grandfather bought me a $65,000 Mercedes for my 18th birthday. If it wasn't for my wealthy and powerful grandfather my father and my mother and I would be living a struggling middle class lifestyle, instead of the extremely affluent one we have. The other thing my father or for that matter any man doesn't come close to having is my grandfathers staggering 13 inch cock! A paralyzing cock that can fuck for hours and hours and reproduce buckets of scorching hot cum!

As I ran my finger up my long legs I bent to the side slightly, exposing my ass cheeks to my fathers eyes. My father was like a little puppy dog, watching my every move as I teasingly ran my nail over my exposed ass cheeks. As I leered at him I pursed my lips and made a soft kissing popping sound that seemed to echo off the walls, as if to say,

"Oh Daddy, I know you'd love the opportunity of a lifetime to fuck your daughters sexy 18 year old body, but I'm much more interested in fucking my sexy 78 year old grandfathers enormous cock."

As I was thinking this, my fathers eyes went right to my transparent white blouse and braless 36D tits. My father was literally drooling at the sight of my huge extended nipples that were rock hard from all of my grandfathers pinching and pulling and sucking. As I got out of the car my grandfather came to me and put his arm around my thin waist, drawing me to him. As he did this I instinctively crossed my leg, putting my high heels together.

The look on my fathers face showed the signs of a man who felt defeated and demoralized. All these signs showed on his face as he looked at his 18 year old daughter, dressed so sinful, in classic white high heel pumps and a pair of ultra-tight shorts and a skintight transparent white blouse without a bra that visibly showed her huge straining inch long nipples, while she was being held close by a wealthy and powerful man, who was 60 years her senior-her 78 year old grandfather. It was so obvious that my father knew my grandfather and I were going spend the weekend fucking all day and all night long and in every imaginable position, and knowing this was making me feel even more devilishly wicked.

I knew this was driving my father insane inside, and that he knew he couldn't do anything to prevent it, because he knew that I was so turned on and excited to be there fucking my powerful grandfather. The thought that this was tearing my father up inside, made me lean in and kiss my grandfather right in front of him. This was the ultimate turn on for me, kissing my grandfather right in front of my father, dressed in this sinful outfit that had "oh let's fuck," written all over it.

The thought my father looking so emasculated as he watched his 18 year old daughter dressed so sluty with the tip of her tongue flicking wildly over the tongue of her 78 year old grandfather was turning me on like crazy. The other turn on was that my grandfather didn't care at all that we were kissing right in front of my father. This was one of the many things that excited me about my grandfather. It was all about control, power, and domination to him. To have something that someone else owned or wanted. He knew my father was not going to say a word or protest, because if he did my grandfather would cut him off, and the thing my father wanted more than anything in the world, including his family was the up-scale lifestyle he was living, thanks to my grandfather.

As we broke our immoral kiss my grandfather told my father in a stern voice that there were instructions in his private jet that included him flying to New York to pick up some personal documents that his legal team were drawing up for the Middle Eastern business deal he was working on. This was the deal that involved my mother going away on my grandfathers private yacht this weekend, with the three Middle Eastern men she was introduced to at my grandfathers party in New York last week, who came to our house a few days ago and literally fucked her right in front of my father..

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While my grandfather and I were at his penthouse in Vegas for the weekend, my mother was entertaining three businessmen from the Middle East. My grandfather had arranged for this. This was the type of man of power and control he was. My mother was eager to do whatever her father had requested, not only because she knew that he literally owned us, but that if she did go away and fuck these three men, that it would go a long way to her getting more attention from my grandfather, which included his wealth and I'm convinced his giant cock. Knowing this made me want to turn on and fuck my grandfather even more.

There was a serious rivalry that existed between my mother, and I over my grandfathers attention. I could feel it. I felt it this last weekend when we were in the private boutique getting dressed for my grandfathers party. As we both dressed in the sinfully wicked cloths my grandfather arranged for each of us to wear, we were both looking at each other with piercing eyes as we put on each item of clothing. As we put on our string-like thongs and thigh stockings and high heels, the air was thick with desire for his attention. I could tell by the way we were each looking at each other, that we were both thinking similar thoughts, and that was which one of us he would like to see dressed this way and which one of us he would like to fuck the most.

This competitiveness between my mother and I went back to when I caught her fucking my former boyfriend. I came back from school one day to get my cheerleading outfit and from my bedroom window I heard grunting noises coming from the backyard by the pool. I looked out only to find my mother dressed in a string bikini and black high heel pumps getting fucked from behind by my boyfriend. As they were wildly fucking, I watched her look back and snarl at him and make him tell her that she was a much better fuck than I was. I could tell my mother was thoroughly gloating when she heard my boyfriend tell her that she was an incredible fuck and that he loved her fucking her pussy. At one point she pulled his cock out of her pussy and squatted on her high heels and swallowed his hard 6 inch cock and teased him by telling him that I was spoiled little bitch that didn't deserve him.

The competition between my mother and I for my grandfathers attention was almost ruthless. The advantage I had over her was that I knew my grandfather preferred fucking teenage girls. Girls between 18 and 20 were his preference. As long as I can remember he always had one or two and sometimes even three sexy teenage girls by his side. I also knew that my grandfather has wanted to fuck me for a very long time.

After watching him fuck the two teenage girls after his party with his enormous cock, I went to him the next morning dressed teasingly in a way that suggested I wanted to fuck him too. As we kissed and played with each other he told me of his plan to send my mother away with the three Middle Eastern men for the weekend, while he and I went to his casino penthouse in Las Vegas. He told me almost arrogantly that he's been waiting for this fuck for a long time, and said he arranged for the two of us to have this special 18th birthday celebration in his Las Vegas penthouse.


After telling my father what he expected, my grandfather took me in his arm and walked me to his private elevator. The click of my high heel pumps filled the garage with the sounds that advertised my grandfather was about to take another sexy young teen up to his penthouse to fuck her with his enormous cock for the weekend.

As we walked I could see the reflection of my father from the elevator windows. I couldn't believe that my father was actually rubbing the front of his pants as he watched me and my grandfather walk away from him, arm and arm. I laughed inside knowing that my father was going crazy from the sight of his sexy 18 year old daughter dressed indecently, in sexy white high heel pumps and a pair of ultra-tight shorts, and as her high heels clicked against the cement floor her skinny milk-white ass cheeks were rising and falling from side to side with each deliberate step, as she walked arm in arm with the man she was going to fuck, a man that was her 78 year old grandfather.

As I looked at my fathers reflection I then saw him cringe and look down at the wet-spot in his pants. As my grandfather and I entered the elevator we both looked at my father in a similar, almost pathetic way. I smirked and laughed slightly as my grandfather utterd out loud that the man was pathetic. He than took me in his arms as the doors closed, and started biting my neck and pulling on my turned-on nipples aggressively as I moaned,

"Ohhh fuck. You're driving me crazy Grandfather!"

As I said this I looked out just in time to see my father hang his head in final defeat and walk to the limo. God I was turned on!

My grandfathers penthouse was on the top floor of the casino he co-owned. The elevator was spectacular. It ran up from the private garage through the center of the hotel. It was made of one-way glass that you allowed a person to look out, but no one could see inside. As we rode up to the top floor penthouse in his private elevator we continued playing with each other. I was moaning like crazy as my grandfathers hands assertively ran up and down my slender legs, then across my exposed ass cheeks that hung down from my ultra-tight shorts. He then ran one hand roughly over my sheer white blouse and my distended inch long nipples while the other rubbed my smoking pussy through my shorts. As my grandfather took control of my body, I rolled my head back and said in a smoldering voice,

"Oh fuck.You're driving me wild baby. I'm gonna cum."

The way he was aggressively playing with my turned on body put me over the edge, and in a hot second I came in an explosive orgasm. God my grandfather really knew how to get a girl hot and drive her insane, I thought to myself.

After my grandfather and I broke from our lusty kiss, he walked me to his luxurious master bedroom. The bedroom was amazing. It was something that only a man as wealthy as my grandfather could have. The room was designed with the most expensive and luxurious items. It had spectacular window views of the city and even a view of the casino through a one-way glass window that was canceled behind a curtain that could be opened by remotely.

We began kissing heatedly for about 10 minutes until my grandfather broke it off and showed me to the huge walk-in closet. There was a box that he had on the dressing vanity for me to open. He explained that every item in the closet was specifically for me. He had selected them exclusively for my body. My grandfather was a man who made it his point to know every detail about the people he had around him, or did business dealings with. The fact that he picked out every item himself, and that they were all in my exact sizes, showed that this was a man who gained his power and wealth by acquiring valuable details about someone, regardless the expense.

I was overwhelmed by the items in the huge walk in closet. It was full of the sexiest, most sinful lingerie and high heel shoes, ranging from styles that included classic pumps, both closed and open toed, to these ultra-high 6 inch glass-like platform high heels that I've seen strippers and porn stars wear. There was so much to choose from, and every item was designed to highlight my eye-catching 110 pound 36D-21-33 body, including my size 10 shoe size. I even saw a few ultra-skimpy, transparent string bikinis on hangers. I couldn't wait to wear by the private indoor pool of my grandfathers penthouse.

The most sinful thoughts flashed by me as I pictured myself in the sinful criss-cross bikini, imagining the thong run through my tight skinny ass, as the tiny string disappeared between my ass cheeks, exposing my entire ass as if I were nude. The thin strings would run up my flat stomach and would criss-crossed over my 36D tits, and would just barely cover my huge inch long nipples. To compliment my sinful bikini I would wear the pair of the 6 inch glass-like high heels.

I pictured myself walking around the pool teasingly, as my powerful grandfathers eyes were riveted to my sinfully perfect 18 year old body. The click of each high heel would announce the fact that I was there to please him and to fuck his enormous cock. Oh yes my grandfather was a man that knew exactly what he wanted, and I couldn't wait to give him everything; my hands, my mouth, and especially my tight, turned on 18 year old pussy.

After lustfully thinking about our naughty grandfather/granddaughter pool-side fuck, I sat at the vanity and opened the box my grandfather had given me. As I removed each item I was getting very turned on. Knowing exactly what he wanted to see me dressed in for our first fuck, my grandfather selected something that would bring out my sexy teen look and in turn make me his ultimate teenage fuck.

As I began getting dressed I was so turned on from anticipation and lust, knowing that in a few minutes I would be walking to the bedroom of my 78 year old grandfather to finally get what I wanted for a long time, and that is to suck and fuck him, and to please every in of his giant cock. As I slowly dressed, I was deep in thought about how sexy and naughty it was dressing up for fucking, and knowing that I was going to fuck a man 60 years older then me. A man who was extremely wealthy and powerful, that always had a sexy teen on his arm, a teen as eager as I am to fuck him. He was a man that who had a ruthless take-no-prisoners business reputation, who always took anything and everything he wanted, who in addition to all these merciless business characteristics possessed a staggering 13 inch cock. He was a man who had a reputation for being able to fuck for hours, even for days, and produced staggeringly enormous loads of cum, and it was finally my turn to fuck that monster cock, and make it pop again and again for me.

The combination of having a ruthless and influential personality, along with having such an enormous cock, that hundreds of sexy teens desperately wanted to fuck made my grandfather very aggressive when he fucked. Once he started fucking, he never showed any compassion when a young teen begged him stop fucking, or not to fuck any deeper, or that his cock was too huge for her pussy to take. These pleas for him to back off or to stop only enraged my grandfather further and brought out his sinister, more aggressive tendencies, which always resulted in him taking it out on their young, vunerable, tight pussies.

Eventually the young teen would stop protesting, because she ultimately knew that this was a once in a lifetime chance to fuck such a giant cock, A giant cock from a man who was one of the most powerful men in the world. The teen always knew that if she protested she would be instantly replaced by another teen, or two or three teens, desperate to fuck his legendary 13 inch cock. Another thing that every young teen knew about my grandfather before fucking him was that they were there for one thing, and that was to please his giant cock. He had no interest in romance of pleasant conversation. All he wanted was a sexy teenage pussy wrapped around the 10 inch girth of his 13 inch cock. Ironically, these were the things that attracted every teenager-to him, including myself.

Every girl wanted to fuck him because of his famed reputation for having such a huge cock, in addition to living a very exclusive lifestyle and having a ruthless business reputation. Most of these teens were daughters or granddaughters of men or women in one of his numerous companies, or one of the many companies that he ruthlessly took over. In every case they all knew that their pussy was all he wanted, and they were eager to give it to him. Even after hearing the numerous stories of how there was no romance with my grandfather, that it was only about satisfying the needs of his giant cock,actually made it even more of a turn-on for them.

Every teenage girl wanted to experience his lifestyle and his giant cock; even if it meant that their teen pussy had to endure a savage pounding from his great- big tireless cock, regardless of their protest. They all had the same lust to fuck him and please him as I had. What sexy, 18 year girl wouldn't want to fuck a wealthy and powerful older man who lived a jet setting lifestyle with the most rich and famous people, and had a legendary 13 inch cock?

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I witnessed this aggressive side of my grandfather the night I watched him fuck two teenage girls after the party in his honor in New York last week. I remember the fear that came over the 18 year old black girl, who in spite of being turned on and eager to be finally fucking him, after waiting two months for the opportunity, began to protest that his giant cock was just too big for her pussy. She was pleading and shouting out loud that she was afraid he was going to split her body in two with his enormous cock. I remember seeing the heals of her stocking feet come out of the backs of her high heel pumps as she tensed up from the enormity of my grandfathers giant cock. As his huge cock angrily pried its way into burning pussy, she shouted out in agony

"Fuck baby, pull it out. That fucking cock is just too dam big for this pussy. Ya cocks just too fuckin'big lover!"

All that did was enrage my grandfather as he threatened to pull his cock out and call his driver and send her home. After he said this, her best friend who was an also 18,but Asian, and who was sitting on the bar stool anxiously waiting her turn to fuck him announced out loud, in a way that surprised her so called best friend,

"Do it baby. Get rid of her so that I could give that huge pussy pleaser of yours the fuck it really needs. Let me fuck it baby. I know exactly what that monster cock of yours needs."

She added arrogantly,

"Once that monster is pumping its way in and out of this tight 18 year old Asian pussy, you'll be glad you sent that bitch home."

This talk of ruthless competition between two alleged 'best' friends, to have my grandfathers giant cock to themselves, and be the one to please it was exactly what every teen felt that wanted to fuck him. My grandfather made every teen lust to be in his presence.

What also surprised me about the Asian teen was that she only weighed about 90 pounds, and had an almost boy-like frame. Her chest was virtually flat, and the only thing that distinguished her from a boy was that her nipples stuck out over an inch long and almost an inch wide. Although she encouraged my grandfather to send her friend home deep down she feared the same things his giant cock would do to her tiny frame. And she soon found out too!

When her best friend heard this, she looked at her with a sinister rage and said,

"Fuck you bitch. I waited almost two months to fuck this giant cock and I ain't going nowhere until this black pussy is wrapped all the way around it, and fuckin' every ounce of cum out of it."

She then turned around and immediately and squatted on her high heels with the toes of the pumps anchored to the floor while both heals came out of the backs of the shoe, then began stroking and pumping and kissing his giant shaft as she looked up at my grandfather and snarled lustfully,

"Let's get back to our fuck baby. This pussy is yours. You know I've been tryin' to get with you for two months now. After I heard all the talk about you havin' such a fuckin' huge cock from all my girlfriends that you fucked, I was going crazy trying to get your attention, and linin'me up for a fuck too. Baby, you know I came by my Daddy's office everyday dressed in these thigh high stockings and high heels, and tight-ass see-through dresses, hoping to catch your eye and to let you know I wanted to fuck that great big cock of yours."

As she desperately continued to convince my grandfather that she wanted to be fucked by him more than anything, she went on to say,

"Baby, you know that I made my daddy introduce me to you, and when you took me into your office you told me that I was real sexy. When I thanked you, I told you I dressed that way to get your attention. When we started kissin' I told you I heard a bunch of stories about your huge cock, and that I wanted to fuck it real bad too. I remember runnin' my hand all the way down to your knee while we was kissin' and not belivin' it was really that fuckin' big. Sure, I'll admit that when you made me take it out to to get a good look at it I freaked when I saw that monster. Only cuz I never seen anything so fuckin' huge, even on my daddy, who I had him believin' I came to the office dressed like this every day to fuck him. But even though I was freakin' I still kept pumpin' this giant dick and tellin' you that I wanted to fuck it real bad."

She added heatedily,

"Shit,you coulda had this monster buried in my pussy right there if you didn't have those three girls from Germany waitin' at your penthouse, that my Daddy told me about."

The black girl was pleading with him desperately as she spit and bathed his giant cock in hot salvia while she pumped it feverously, saying,

Come on baby; give this pussy the fuck it's been waiting for. This black fuck-holes been made to fuck that giant white pussy pleaser of yours. Make it your black pussy baby.Fuck it just like you wants too. Just like you needs."

After that my grandfather and her got into a scorching fuck that lasted an hour, and in that time she came over and over to the point of passing out. Even though my grandfather came twice during their heated fuck, he was eager to get at her friends Asian pussy.

The words of the Asian teen to get rid of her black friend, saying that she knew how to please his giant cock were not lost on my grandfather during his hour-long fuck with the black teen. Of course, when my grandfather started lining up with her tight-as-a-glove pussy she immediately protested for him to stop. This was met with an even more menacing rage by my grandfather. Through her futile protest my grandfather carried her around the room, and spread her tiny ass cheeks wide with his strong hands while he bit her long distended inch- long dark nipples.

Throughout this his huge cock savagely tunneled its way up into places in her pussy that she never knew existed. Throughout her protest of pain, she was squirting like a faucet all over his giant cock and onto the floor. I've never seen something like this in my life. The Asian teen came more than 20 times like this! At one point her pussy squirted so hard it actually pushed my grandfathers cock out. It looked like a waterfall spraying over his giant cock as it swung way-out from his tight body. As she was cuming, he grabbed hold of his giant shaft, and in one swift movement forced it back into her battered pussy again, and continued to slam her down onto it's endless shaft with his hands pushing down on her shoulder.

This was how they fucked through the night. He would alternate between one another, using each of their pussies for his personal desire. As the sun came up and after four hours of intense fucking, and after they fucked in his Jacuzzi he sent them home with his chauffeur. As they were dressing to leave, each teen would secretly tell my grandfather that she wanted to fuck him again, anytime he wanted. This was another common reaction that happened to every teen that got the chance to experience my grandfathers sexy 13 inch cock.