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A Summer at Blue Gum Reserve

Written by BlackCherryBomb

It had been over two years since Lacey had seen her Grandfather. As the plane taxied off the runway she realised how much things had changed in that time. She had been sixteen then and her Grandfather had always been her favourite person. She had always spent summer holidays with her Grandparents on their farm. At least she had until her grandmother had died five years previously. Then summers had been just her and granddad. He had taught her how to fish and they had spent many days exploring the wilderness of the Oregon countryside, amongst other things. Two years ago that had changed as Lacey received a grant to study in Europe and for the last two years she had been studying in London.

She had worked through the previous summer to gain extra credit, and with hard work she had managed to complete her course nearly six months early. Now it was Christmas and when she had arrived back to San Francisco she had informed her parents that she intended to spend summer with her Grandfather. It had been her intention to go to Oregon shortly after spring and surprise her grandfather with an extra long visit to make up for the previous two years. She had been shocked to learn from her parents that her grandfather had sold the farm and moved to New Zealand of all places. He was living in a small community outside of Christchurch in the South Island.

The change in her grandfathers' location had meant that it would soon be summer in New Zealand even though it was only just the beginning of December. Her parents agreed that as a treat for working so hard and passing her course ahead of schedule that they would pay for her to spend summer in New Zealand with her grandfather. Although they would miss Lacey, they knew that she had been pining for her grandfather and Lacey's mother hoped that a visit from his granddaughter would cheer up her Dad.

Several telephone calls later it had all been arranged. Lacey would fly out of San Francisco and after a change at Auckland; she would fly into Christchurch Airport, where her Grandfather would meet her. The flights had been arranged so that she would land early in Christchurch, giving enough time to drive out to the community where her grandfather lived.

Her parents came to the airport and saw her off the following Friday evening. Her father had pulled some strings and her ticket had been upgraded to first class. As the flight crew were giving the safety demonstration, Lacey took the time to glance about the cabin and her fellow passengers. The flight was fairly quiet and aside from herself there were only five other people in first class. On the far side of the cabin sat an elderly couple and between her and them in the centre aisle were three businessmen. The flight took off on time and soon they were cruising above the clouds on the way over the Pacific Ocean.

Once the meal had been served the cabin lights were dimmed, Lacey found herself too excited to sleep and although she tried to concentrate on the movie she had selected, she found it unable to hold her interest. She decided to stretch her legs and so she rose from her seat and made her way towards the lounge on the upper deck.

As she began to climb the stairs, the brunette stewardess that had helped her to her seat was descending the stairs. Unaware that Lacey was there she was startled when Lacey said hello and the coffee cups that she had in hand took a tumble. With slow motion Lacey watched the coffee in the cup slosh over the side and fall to cover the front of her blouse. Thankfully the coffee was cold and no harm was done but the Stewardess was horrified at her clumsiness.

"I'm so sorry, please come up to the lounge and I will help clean you up. Do you have another top you could wear? By the way my name is Anna"

Lacey answered that she had no other top as Anna led her into the private lounge.

"I may have something that will fit" Anna stated ducking behind the bar in the lounge. She returned with a promotional polo shirt with the airline logo on it.

"Can I get you a drink, I mean it is the least I can do?" Anna laughed nervously.

"Sure, a rum and coke would be nice" Lacey replied. "Honestly don't worry about the coffee it was an accident and besides it wasn't as though it was hot" Lacey continued, trying to reassure the pretty brunette.

Anna returned with the drink, the first sip told Lacey it was a double possibly a triple. Anna laughed at the look on Lacey's face at the first sip and stated that it was strictly medicinal for the shock. This sent both girls into peals of giggles for some unknown reason.

As the rum began to take hold of Lacey she felt herself warming up, to the drink and to Anna. They had chatted while Lacey drank her drink and it was obvious that Anna was flirting with her. Whilst Lacey was still technically a virgin, her stay in Europe had introduced her to all sorts of ways to enjoy oneself with either or both of the sexes, so she was more than prepared to reciprocate. Besides Anna was pretty and very sexy so why not.

As the stewardess went back to the bar to refresh Lacey's drink, Lacey suggested that she have one herself. Taking her up on the suggestion, Anna returned with the two glasses in time to see Lacey slowly removing her coffee stained blouse. Anna quietly drank as Lacey continued to undress; as the blouse was removed it became apparent from the tan stain on her white lace bra that the bra would also have to be removed. Turning her back to Anna, Lacey asked the stewardess to undo her bra strap. With trembling hands Anna carefully undid the two hooks that held the scrap of lace together. As the hooks were undone, Lacey moved back towards the stewardess, pressing her back into Anna's chest whilst she removed the bra completely. In the dim light of the lounge Anna could just make out a single streak of coffee that had run down the side of one of Lacey's pert young breasts. Her nipples were erect and her breathing shallow as Anna raised the towel and slowly dragged it down Lacey's breast and over the nipple, capturing the errant drop of coffee and also causing Lacey's nipple to swell to an erect peak.

The sharp intake of breath from Lacey was quickly followed by a moan as Anna repeated the procedure with the towel to the other breast. This time she did not stop with just one stroke and as she continued to rub the younger girl's nipples, Lacey began to moan and writhe in front of her. Suddenly without warning Lacey pulled away and turned round to face Anna. The stewardess could see the lust in the young girl's eyes and was well aware of the fact that it was a look that was mirrored by her own. Without thinking Anna reached for the half naked girl and drew her into a tight embrace. She kissed her full on the lips and moaned when the lips parted allowing her tongue entrance to the warm rum flavoured cavern that was her mouth. As their tongues darted and duelled with each other, their hands were exploring the wonders of each others bodies. Lacey had both hands full of Anna's breasts whilst Anna had moved on to investigate the areas of Lacey that lay below her waist.

A shrill ringing from behind the bar broke the spell and as Anna rushed to answer the phone, Lacey found herself putting on the forgotten polo shirt. A quick conversation and Anna returned saying regretfully that she was needed in Economy. A quick kiss and hug and Anna escorted Lacey back down to her seat.

The rest of the flight passed uneventfully and Lacey found herself drifting off to sleep, dreaming about sex with strangers and stewardesses and her grandfather all mixed up. She woke ruffled and horny as the captain announced that they would be landing in fifteen minutes.

The changeover in Auckland was uneventful although the heat at the airport convinced Lacey to buy a cute short and vest set, which she put on under the polo shirt and trousers she was wearing. Her mother had told her it was a long drive from the airport to her grandfathers' new house and she would swelter in the heat if she had to stay in trousers. The short flight to Christchurch left Lacey no time to contemplate the events of the previous flight or the subsequent dreams.

Disembarking the plane was accomplished with the minimum of fuss as was passport control and it was with a squeal of joy that Lacey spotted her Grandfather in the arrivals lounge and raced towards him. Enthusiastically wrapping herself around her Grandfather she seemed unaware of the looks she was garnering from the other men present as her lithe frame was engulfed in her grandfathers' embrace. "It's sooooooo good to see you Granddad" Lacey stated breathlessly with her face pressed close to her Granddads ear. "I have missed you so much." Her auburn hair swayed as she raised her face to her Grandfathers. Her jade eyes were filled with unshed tears of happiness and her pale skin was slightly flushed, as her grandfather returned the hug, Lacey was surprised to feel her nipples stiffen and a warm flush travel through her pelvis, pressing her body tight against him she wasn't too surprised as he began to get hard.

"I've missed you too sweets" her grandfather managed to say, clearing his throat several times he extricated himself from his granddaughters willowy limbs and placing his arm around her shoulders ushered them towards the baggage claim area, and then out into the parking lot.

The trip back to his home gave Bill Evans plenty of time to think. Lacey had fallen asleep almost as soon as they had started driving. Bill smiled to himself she had been that way since she was a child. Place her in a moving vehicle and she instantly fell asleep. However she was definitely not a child anymore. The leggy auburn haired beauty sitting next to him was anything but a child. Bill had known she showed promise when he had last seen her, but nothing could have prepared him for how grown up his little granddaughter was now. Just the memory of her hug at the airport was enough to begin to get a rise out of him and as he shuffled in the seat trying to get his stiffening cock into a comfortable position, he admonished himself. He was not going to even begin thinking about Lacey like that.

As the journey continued out of Christchurch and on towards the Southern Alps, the weather turned warmer, as the cabin of the car heated up, Bill undid the windows and let the fresh alpine air in. The combination of the warm sun and the cool breeze was enough to wake Lacey, who immediately was awed by the beauty of the scenery that they were driving through. As they drove through Arthur's Pass they startled a hawk that was feasting on prey by the side of the road and Lacey was enchanted. As the afternoon wore on the sun got hotter and in response Lacey removed her polo shirt and trousers to reveal a shorts and vest set she was wearing underneath. One glance told Bill that his granddaughter was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were strikingly visible, and when she again fell asleep it became possible to see most of her right breast also.

Bill was exceedingly grateful when they reached his home in a small community on the West Coast. The thoughts he had been having over the last few hours about his granddaughter could hardly be deemed appropriate and yet he was unable to get past them. Part of his reason for moving to this particular community had been the fact that it was a well known home for swingers and a more sexually open crowd. Bill and his wife had enjoyed a vigorous and healthy sex life and since her death it had been seriously lacking. Although Bill had dated other women since his wife's death he had been unable to find true release with any of them. There was always something lacking. Therefore he had taken the plunge a few months prior and sold up the farm and moved to the Blue Gum Reserve on the West Coast of New Zealand. The Blue Gum reserve was built in the remains of an old Blue Gum forest and logging camp. Comprising of some 500 families or so, the reserve was peaceful and serene and allowed the inhabitants to live out their lives pretty much as they saw fit.

Lacey woke up as they pulled into the centre of town. The sun was still a couple of hours away from its zenith but the heat was already scorching. Her grandfather pointed out the local café and suggested that Lacey duck in there and have a milkshake whilst he ran some errands. Needing to stretch her legs after the 4 hour drive, Lacey agreed and made her way into the diner. The cool shade of the diner was a welcome relief from the heat of the sun out on the street. Inside there were standard booths and tables and all with the exception of one were empty. The occupied table had four girls around Lacey's age all sitting and discussing something quite animatedly. Their discussion however had broken off as Lacey entered. As she made her way to the bar one of the girls rose and made her way towards her.

"Hi, you must be Lacey, right?" without waiting for an answer the blond continued, "I'm Sarah, and the others are Rachael, Marie, and Candice."

The girls all called out hi as Sarah had named them and they beckoned Lacey over to join them. Sarah however went around the other side of the counter and made a milkshake which she then placed in front of Lacey.

"Try it" Sarah stated, "It's my own recipe, Oreo Cookie Adult I call it". Lacey took a sip and smiled. It was lovely, an Oreo Cookie milkshake with more than a hint of brandy.

Whilst she drank the girls filled Lacey in on the comings and goings of Blue Gum Reserve. As Rachael said everyone knows everyone, which was how they had known who she was. More milkshakes were made and consumed, with the girls telling Lacey all about the forthcoming anniversary and the antics that would take place.

Every year the people of the town celebrated the founding of the Blue Gum Reserve. A day of celebration was enjoyed and in the evening, the youngsters (those under eighteen) had a two night sleep out in the woods, whilst the adults had a dinner and auction in town. Mention of the auction had reduced the girls to giggles until Marie had told them all to grow up. Marie was the eldest of the four at nineteen. Candice and Sarah were eighteen and Rachael was seventeen. Marie had taken part in the auction the year before but this year was to be Candice and Sarah's first time. Marie said that anyone over the age of eighteen could join the auction and that if Lacey were interested then she had to go and see Ms Prentice the head of the committee. She had been about to say more when the jangle of the diner bell had broken their conversation as her grandfather stepped into the diner.

"Morning Mr. Evans", the girls had chorused, as Bill entered the diner,

"Morning Ladies, I see you have met my granddaughter Lacey" Bill replied to their greeting. "Come on Lacey we need to get going."

As they turned to leave the diner Marie asked "Mr. Evans Are you going to be bidding in the auction again this year?" Lacey saw the glance her grandfather shot her before answering Marie.

"If there is anything of interest I may consider bidding, Marie" Marie preened, but her grandfather ushered Lacey out of the diner before she could hear Marie's answer.

As they made their way back to the car, Lacey had an epiphany. She was certain that her grandfather had bought Marie the previous year at the auction. It all made sense, the comments that the girls had made over milkshakes and her grandfathers reaction to Marie's questions. She was certain her grandfather had bought Marie at the slave auction and more than that he had, had sex with her.

Lacey had to admit that she was more than a bit jealous. Her feelings for her grandfather had never been completely platonic and now she knew that if there was a chance she wanted to be her grandfather's purchase at the auction this year. She knew she would have to manipulate the situation both at the auction and at home to ensure that when the time came all was in readiness. His reaction to her hug at the airport had confirmed for her that at least he was sexually attracted to her, but she wanted more than just attraction. She needed to know just how far her grandfather wanted to go with her and she only had four days to find out.

The journey to the house took no more than ten minutes and then for the next hour or so her grandfather took delight in showing Lacey the house and the grounds. It was beautiful, the property was backed by mountains and there was a pool and hot tub in the garden. The house itself had a large great room with a gorgeous fireplace and the bedrooms were all ensuite with views out across either the mountains or the valley. A walk around the grounds had completed the tour, with her grandfather taking pride in showing her the lake and river at the back of the property. The lake even had a sand beach and was big enough to go boating on. As they walked back to the house hand in hand, Lacey couldn't help being overwhelmed with how much she loved the man beside her. His strong hand holding hers was warm and she shivered thinking about it caressing her breasts and stroking the inside of her thighs.

On returning to the house, there was a message for her grandfather on the answer phone. A council meeting had been called for that evening and his attendance was required. Bill was overly apologetic to his granddaughter about having to abandon her on her first evening in New Zealand. Lacey laughed at her Grandfathers concern explaining that she had been alone in Europe for the last two years and that one evening alone in New Zealand was not going to kill her. Besides she was still jet lagged from the flight and would most likely go straight to sleep. This went some way to appease her grandfather who promised he would not be too late. He also showed her where all the DVD's were if she wanted to watch a movie or TV.

Once her grandfather left for his meeting, Lacey decided to take a shower. The hot water went a long way to easing the aches and pains that a long haul flight and then a long car journey had inflicted on her, and when she finished her shower, she was surprisingly wide awake. She changed into a short nightshirt and decided to forgo underwear, enjoying the feeling of being naked under her nightshirt. A flick through her Grandfather's DVD collection, proved uninteresting and the TV channels weren't much better. Bored she decided to send an Email to her parents to let them know that she had arrived safely and was settling in. On reaching the study she took a seat in the sumptuous leather office chair that her grandfather had. To her surprise the computer was already on and as she switched on the monitor she saw that her grandfather had left several windows open. Well curiosity got the better of her and Lacey began to maximise the windows. The first window was a real time link to Christchurch Airport and it was obvious that this was the last window her grandfather had been looking at before he began the drive to pick her up. The next window however did not open to a website but to his journal instead. He was still in the entry for the previous day and so Lacey began to read.

For the next four hours Lacey had read her Grandfathers journal. It began when he had arrived at Blue Gum Reserve and she had been right about Marie. Her grandfather had bought her at the slave auction and there was a detailed account of their night spent together. However what was interesting was that there were several pages in the journal dedicated to her. Lacey could not believe how candid her grandfather had been in the pages of his journal about how he felt about his granddaughter. He was well aware that prior to coming to Blue Gum Reserve his feelings for his granddaughter would have been considered inappropriate at best and downright illegal at worst. However Blue Gum had no taboos, as long as no one was hurt, it was all good. In fact his journal had details of several encounters that her grandfather had enjoyed with various families as well as accounts of both same sex and mixed sessions. But the longings Bill had expressed in his journal for Lacey were more explicit than anything he had done. His belief that they would never be fulfilled had led him to write in greater detail his desires and dreams. Lacey heard as her grandfather pulled up the drive, and quickly returning the computer to how she had found it, she scurried into the den and switched on the TV. As luck would have it an adult movie was just beginning and with a flash of inspiration, Lacey arranged herself on the couch so that she was lying on her stomach with her face buried in the crook of her arm. Her legs were positioned so that when her grandfather sat in his chair he would be able to see up her shirt and she could watch him through the crook of her arm whilst pretending to be asleep.

The sound of his key in the door alerted her, and she steadied her breathing all the more to appear asleep.

Bill entered the quiet house. He could hear the drone of the TV from the den and a quick look in showed his granddaughter asleep on the couch. The movie was one he had been meaning to watch and so he fixed himself a drink and proceeded back to the den. From the crook of her arm Lacey watched her grandfather settle down into his seat and then once he was comfortable and paying attention to the TV screen she began. Slowly she moved her right leg until it was draping off the couch. As her legs spread she watched her grandfather focus his attention from the screen to her. At first she was certain he just wanted to make sure she did not roll of the couch, but as an advert lit up the room, Lacey almost laughed at the look of pure desire that crossed his face as he realised that she was naked under the night shirt. As he shuffled more in his seat, trying to ease his growing cock into a more comfortable position, Lacey nearly giggled aloud. As the action on the screen built towards a climax, Lacey turned up the heat by rolling over onto her side and deliberately snagging her top so that it rumpled up around her neck and shoulder. Now her entire body below her neck was exposed and at that point her grandfather lost control. Slipping his cock out of his trousers he proceeded to stroke it as he stared at his gorgeous granddaughter. Within minutes he had climaxed, shooting ribbons of cum over his hands and stomach. He left the room and Lacey heard him in the bathroom washing up. When he returned he had a blanket that he used to cover her. Then he switched of the TV and went to bed leaving Lacey to fall asleep on the couch to dreams of being ravished by her grandfather.

The following morning was clear and bright and whilst there was a slight breeze, it promised to be another glorious day. Following breakfast, Bill asked Lacey if she would be happy spending the day in town as he had to go over to a neighbouring town for a business meeting and would not be back until late afternoon. Lacey assured her grandfather that she would be more than happy to spend the day exploring the area and the town. Her grandfather dropped her into town an hour or so later, stating he would be back to pick her up by three 'o' clock. Lacey waved goodbye until he was out of sight and then made her way to the council offices to see if she could track down Ms Prentice the coordinator for the Auction. Ms Prentice had an office at the back of the council building, beside the photographers' studio. As she entered she was greeted from behind by a small mousy brown haired woman hurrying across the courtyard.

"Lacey, hello, I'm Elisa Prentice. How can I help you?"

"I'm interested in taking part in the Auction on Thursday night Ms Prentice and I was told you were the person to see." Lacey stated to the petite woman.

"Well I am sure you will be very popular Lacey, umm how much do you know about the auction", Ms Prentice asked cautiously.

"Not very much" Lacey answered "But I already know that sex is or can be involved and there are no taboos in Blue Gum Reserve, or so I have been told." The way in which Lacey delivered the statement made Elisa re-evaluate her intended response. Something in the young girl's eyes made Elisa certain that not only did the girl understand what could happen but she had someone specific in mind when it came to being bought. Elisa said as much and was unsurprised when she was told by Lacey that she was correct and that the person Lacey wanted to purchase her, was Bill Evans her grandfather. Now Elisa did not know that Lacey had read her grandfathers journal or that she knew about Elisa and her grandfather and the evenings that had shared with other young men and women. Elisa was a confirmed nymphomaniac who loved sex in all forms, and Lacey intended to utilise that information to get what she wanted.

A few leading looks from Elisa had assured her that Lacey was more than ready to have a little fun if Elisa was willing to help her ensure that she was bought by her grandfather. However there was still the matter of the portfolio. Elisa explained to Lacey that the auction was a blind auction. Bidders were shown a portfolio of the slaves and then they made secret bids. The highest bid won, and the slaves were sent to await their buyers at their homes. Bidders did not find out who they had won until they returned home. Then for the next 48 hours they were the property of the buyer. This all made sense to Lacey; however she was quick to point out to Elisa that she did not have a portfolio. Elisa said that was no problem as many of the new girls did not have portfolio's but that the photographer next door was usually happy to oblige.

The two ladies traipsed next door and found the photographer Leon. At first glance he looked like the typical surf dude although his heritage was obviously more Pacific Island than Californian. Muscled tanned arms displayed tribal tattoos and his long black hair was caught in a tail and bound by a leather twist. He was at least six and a half feet tall and had the deepest soulful eyes Lacey had ever seen. Elisa did not miss the reaction of either Lacey or Leon to each other. His reaction had been obvious from the bulging in his shorts as he had taken in the young pale auburn haired girl in his doorway. Before he could say a word Elisa pushed Lacey through the door entering behind her and closing the door. She then proceeded to make the introductions and explain what was required. As Elisa reeled of a list of shots required for the portfolio Lacey began to be nervous. Not only were the shots going to be explicit they also sounded expensive. As Elisa paused for breath, Lacey interjected her concern about the cost of the portfolio, Leon laughed along with Elisa, who explained that Leon's costs were covered in the price paid for the slave. With that taken care off, it was time to set up for the first shots.

The first shots were test head shots so that Leon could correct his lighting, however shortly after they began to get down to cases. At this point Lacey began to feel a little nervous and self conscious, however Elisa was an old hand at this and produced a large bottle of rum and coke to chase it with. Then she produced several large joints and lit up. Lacey had smoked several times whilst in Europe. She had spent many days in Amsterdam so smoking was not new to her. The combination of good rum and good pot soon had her more than relaxed and as the photo session continued Lacey loosened up. By the time Leon was ready to take full nude shots Lacey was extremely horny and Elisa was more than happy to help her out. The sight of the two women stroking and caressing each other was nearly too much for Leon and his bulging shorts were a testament to his work ethic. Elisa took great pleasure in teasing Leon and pointing out to Lacey how much he obviously wanted to fuck them both. It was at this point that Lacey admitted to being a virgin and the moan from Leon set them both off into hysterical giggles. Leon begged to be the one Lacey lost her virginity with, but Lacey refused saying that there was someone else destined for that honour. She did promise to spend the following weekend with Leon up in the mountains posing for him amongst other things.

By the time three 'o' clock came around, Lacey was back in the diner waiting on her grandfather and Leon had a portfolio of over two hundred shots of her and another hundred or so of her and Elisa playing with each other.

For the next two days Lacey made her grandfathers life interesting. She manipulated situations so that there was always some sexual content to what was happening. If she was in the kitchen at the sink then she would deliberately position herself so that he could see her butt or her breasts. She stopped wearing underwear altogether so that he could permanently see and smell her arousal. The morning of the auction, she found her grandfather laying out the camping gear in the front yard. She asked him what he was doing and he proceeded to tell her about the sleep out. Before he could get any further into his explanation, Lacey told him that the camping things would not be required as she was going to be staying with a friend for the next couple of nights. Her response comforted her grandfather who had seemed nervous as he explained about the sleep out. They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then Lacey had got her grandfather to drop her into town on his way to set up for the Anniversary fair that afternoon. She promised to meet him at the fair and then she had told him that she was going to be staying with Elisa for the next couple of nights. Now Bill was a little concerned about Lacey being with Elisa, but he trusted Elisa to be discreet and he also knew that Elisa would take care of his granddaughter.

All morning as Bill and his friends set up for the festivities that afternoon he was told about the new slaves that were up for auction that year. In particular one young lady was causing quite a stir. By two 'o' clock the fair was set up and Bill had just enough time to register his bid for the auction and go home and get changed before the festivities began at 4pm. He decided to go home first and so he did not arrive back to the fair until 3:45pm. By this point nearly all the bids were in for the auction and as Bill perused the portfolios of the prospective slaves his eyes were drawn to one in particular. The photos were amazing and Bill thought that they were the best work Leon had ever done, however the subject of the photos, was what was so mesmerising. There was something about the young girl that was familiar, but as Bill thought about it considering he could not see her face he could not be sure who it was. Either way he found himself drawn to the young woman and he placed a bid far higher than he had previously planned on spending.

Bidding done, Bill wandered out into the fairground trying to find his granddaughter. That in itself was not an easy feat as everyone was costumed and masked. The annual masquerade had begun in earnest and it was nearly an hour later when a lithe young woman in a black cat costume and mask draped herself over his shoulders. The kiss he received from the cat was neither chaste nor prolonged and as he began to press himself into the amorous kitty the laugh that had issued forth had brought him up short. "Careful granddad, you wouldn't want to get too excited to see your granddaughter now would you" Lacey teased.

The evening pressed on with music and food, dancing and speeches. As the moon rose at around 10pm the youth sleep out began and the crowd thinned out considerably with the departure of the young people. Once the youngsters had left the adults had liqueurs and waited for the slaves to be dispatched to their respective Masters homes. By 11:30pm all was in readiness and the excitement in the air was palpable as people began to make their way home.

Bill completed the short drive home in record time. As he approached the house he could see that it was in darkness, yet off in the field there was a faint glow. By passing the house, Bill pulled the car up to the paddock and made his way towards the meadow that ran down to the lake. What he saw made his breath stop. In the centre of the meadow a mattress had been placed and surrounded by candles. Each corner of the mattress was touching a wooden stake that had been driven into the ground, and lying on the mattress; naked and tied to the four stakes was his granddaughter. As he approached, Lacey opened her eyes, before he could say a word she spoke, "Take me Master, I am yours to do with as you will".

Hearing those words issue forth from his granddaughters' lips was too much for Bill Evans. All control was lost at that point. All he could think was that he had to have her. He had to possess her, love her and take. Without realising he began to remove his clothing, buttons flew from his shirt as he removed the highwayman's costume he had worn for the festivities. At the sight of her grandfathers naked lust Lacey moaned in desire, nervous shudders coursed through her, causing her breasts to jiggle in the moonlight. Her movement set off a corresponding twitching in her grandfathers erect cock and Lacey found herself mesmerised by the movement. As Bill settled his weight down on the mattress he relished the scent of her pussy as the breeze gently caressed them both. He resisted the urge to plunge his face between her marble thighs and instead dragged his gaze up her past her gorgeous breasts to meet her gaze.

"I read your journal, granddad", Lacey breathed by way of explaining herself. "I know you want me, and I want you too. I want you to be my first lover. I want you to fuck and love me like no other person will. I want to be your little slut and fulfil all your fantasies." Bill was brought up short by this little speech. It was one thing to contemplate fucking his granddaughter but the thought of being her first both excited him and terrified him. Automatically he began to undo the ties at each of Lacey's wrists. On seeing the look in her grandfather's eyes Lacey understood his dilemma and knew it was up to her to prove that this is what she wanted. Without any warning as her grandfather freed her wrists she pushed him back on the mattress and promptly fastened her mouth over his deflating cock. The combination of his surprise and her warm wet mouth had the desired effect and his flagging member began to reverse its course and once again become erect. Bill groaned aloud and as Lacey sucked harder the groan became a growl. Firm hands reached for her breasts and Lacey swooned as her nipples were kneaded and pinched. Bill lay back on the mattress and manoeuvred Lacey's hips until she was sitting astride his chest, facing his feet and still sucking and licking his cock like a champion. The smell of young aroused pussy filled Bill's senses and the last of his reservations where shattered as he stretched out his tongue and tasted his granddaughter for the first time. The sensation of her groaning around his cock nearly set him over the edge, and it took all his concentration to focus on the beautiful gift before him. Slowly he dragged his tongue over the length of her pussy, paying very close attention to her clit. As he sucked on her erect clit, her pussy convulsed and he used his fingers to tease and stretch the convulsing chamber to prepare it for his cock. Meanwhile Lacey had begun to tease his balls and anus, unable to continue sucking his cock due to her moaning.

Bill buried his face in his little slut granddaughter, her nectar was so sweet and as she convulsed in orgasm around his fingers and tongue he became savage. With no warning he pushed Lacey off his chest so that she was lying on her back. With a swift elegance that belied his age, Bill was on his knees and between her legs in moments. Both of them shared looks of naked lust as Bill went back to work on Lacey's nipples. All the while he was running his cock up and down her slit while the young girl writhed desperately trying to trap his cock inside her. She moaned, begging for him and without warning he smothered her with a savage kiss and plunged his cock into her. The pain was minimal for Lacey as her grandfather had stretched her pussy well with his fingers; however the feeling of being so filled was one she relished. She shivered with delight as he pulled his cock out almost to the tip and then plunged it back inside her. His cock rubbing on her erect clit as it slid back into her velvety hot pussy. The tightening of her cunt on his cock made Bill roar, he picked up the pace now unable to control himself. He felt as she convulsed into orgasm a second time around his cock and still he drove his cock on and on harder and harder inside of her. For her part Lacey moaned for more. She kept up a constant stream of filthy talk that turned Bill on even more. He was in heaven; his precious little granddaughter was his, his slut to do with as he wanted. With that thought in mind Bill pulled out of Lacey, and ignoring her whimpers of disappointment he turned her over until she was on all fours. The sight of her naked in the mixture of candle and moonlight, with pussy juice dripping down her thighs made Bill pant. He lined his cock up to her now dripping pussy and drove his cock home. Lacey screamed in pleasure and immediately came around his cock. He leaned forward and grabbed around her for her breasts and then he began to systematically pull her nipples as he fucked her from behind. Lacey met each thrust of her grandfather's hips with her own and reaching under them began to stroke his balls and they banged into her. The massaging of his balls was too much for Bill and with a roar he came, shooting deep within his granddaughter slut. Lacey was not done yet thought. She continued to squeeze her cunt muscles on his cock until she had milked him dry. Bill rolled off his granddaughter and lay on his back staring at the stars. Lacey however was just beginning, she rolled over to place her head in her grandfather's lap and began to lick and suck his balls and cock clean.

Bill could not believe what was happening, the feeling was amazing. He had taken his granddaughters virginity and now she was sucking his cock clean. As far as he was concerned this was the best life could get and he would now die a happy man. He said as much to Lacey, who merely stated they were just beginning. Bill laughed and reminded his granddaughter that he was not a young man anymore and that he would need some recovery time. Wrapped in each others arms they fell asleep under the stars, each dreaming of the new ways they would enjoy themselves for the rest of the vacation.

Lacey awoke early the next morning, at first she was disorientated as the sun warmed her and birdsong had replaced the normal sound of her alarm. However the feel of her grandfather's stiff cock pressing into her back as he slept soon brought her to her senses. She smiled as recalled the events of the evening before. She had waited so long for her grandfather to truly love her as a woman and it had been better than she ever imagined.

She rolled over on the mattress to face her sleeping grandfather. His cock rose gently up and down in time with his breathing. A magpie let loose with its raucous call and as the sound reached her grandfather he moaned and rolled onto his back. Still sleeping, his cock did not deflate and Lacey was mesmerised.

Before she was even aware of her intentions she rose to her knees and sucked her grandfather's cock deep into her mouth. Her hands gently caressed his balls and ass as she lick and sucked and slurped on the magnificent cock that had made her feel so good the night before.

Bill Evans woke in stages. However the fact that the dream of his granddaughter worshipping his cock in the summer sunshine, that he had been having, was in fact reality was more than enough encouragement for him to open his eyes in time to see his granddaughter smile as his cock exploded into her mouth. Bill groaned as the auburn haired beauty kept on sucking until she had drained him of every drop of come.

"Well good morning gorgeous" Bill drawled as he pulled his granddaughter to him for a deep lingering kiss, that left her gasping and longing for more.

"Morning yourself" she cheekily replied.

"Thanks for the wake-up call, but you really didn't have to"

"I wanted to" Lacey replied pouting, "Was something wrong? Didn't I do it right?"

Bill laughed at her look of concern, "My darling you were perfect and nothing was wrong"

As if to prove his words he pulled her into his arms and kissed her as his hands ran over her body stroking and teasing. As his mouth left hers and trailed kisses down her neck , Bill heard Lacey whimper.

"Please Granddad, please"

"What Lacey, What do you want? Tell me"

Lacey squirmed and writhed as her grandfather sucked on her nipples hard and strummed her clit.

"Please fuck me, Granddad, please fuck me now"

The want and need in his granddaughters voice once again drove Bill over the edge. Grabbing her and kissing her hard, Bill growled into her mouth as she sucked on his tongue. Without breaking the kiss Bill rolled them over so that his granddaughter was pinned beneath him. As he positioned himself between her beautifully spread thighs the look of pure unadulterated lust that Lacey gave him caused his arms and legs to buckle. He collapsed onto his granddaughter with his face just below her navel.

Almost immediately his mouth began to water as his olfactory senses were assaulted by the luscious aroma of her arousal. Without thought Bill dropped his face to source of the enticing aroma and proceeded to lick and suck his granddaughter to a screaming climax. As her thighs unclenched from around his face Bill drew himself up her body and with one deep thrust planted his cock deep in her still quivering cunt.

"More please granddad .... more", Lacey moaned and thrashed as Bill Evans fucked his precious granddaughter mercilessly. He couldn't believe how long he had fantasised about this and now for the second time in less than 12 hours he was living the dream. As he stroked his long thick cock in and out of her moist tight hole, Lacey began to moan and whimper at her impending orgasm.

Bill balanced on one hand and using the other proceeded to alternate between pinching Lacey's nipples and her clit, this drove the young woman crazy with desire. She thrashed uncontrollably as her hips bucked against him and he could feel her orgasm tear through her as her pussy clamped onto his cock making his eye bulge.

His granddaughters' eyes were clamped shut and tears escaped the corners as she panted and moaned through several more orgasms. Each climax caused her pussy to tighten even more on Bills cock like a velvet vice and as the final orgasm subsided and her pussy unclenched the release was so intense that Bill thrust deep into her and came roaring his climax to the universe.

They snuggled as they both relaxed from mind-blowing orgasms.

"So?" Lacey enquired, "What are you planning on doing with me for the next two days? I am at your command, whatever you wish Master I shall do...."

The look in her eye as she called him Master made Bill catch his breath. He had wanted to dominate Lacey from the very beginning. He would have sworn mere seconds before that it would be at least an hour before his cock would become erect again, but hearing the word Master slip from the delectable lips of the temptress beside him, had his penis erect and aching as the blood rushed in his ears.

He was just deciding which position and how hard to fuck his granddaughter when he heard his name being called from the house. As he lifted his head, he saw Tom heading towards him.

Damn he had forgotten his arrangement with Tom......

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