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Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Part 1

Written by shoguy

My name is Allison. I just turned 18 three weeks ago and have just experienced the most incredible sexual encounter in my life. First let me describe myself. I have long blond hair and stand 5'8''tall and weigh 105 pounds. By that description alone you would think that I was very skinny. In fact when you look at me from the sides when I raise my arms and you can see my ribs. I have a very narrow waist which measures 21 inches and my hips measure 33 inches. My legs are very long and thin too which also suggests a very skinny teen, but the best part of my weight is seen in my very large tits which measure a mouth-watering 36DD! Yes from the back I do appear to be just another blond skinny teen, but when I turn to the side my tits are huge, in fact pendulous. Although my breasts are huge they don't sag. They sit high on my chest and point up. The other thing that accents my big swaying 36DD tits are my huge nipples which are always causing traffic jams and men to drool. My nipples are over an inch long and about an inch and a half wide and get even bigger when I'm turned on. They also sit high on the ends of my big tits and point straight up to the sky, which adds to their eye-catching size.18 years of age, 36DD-21-33, 5'8", blond and 105 pounds! Skinny with huge tits and big fat nipples! To put it quite bluntly and conceitedly, I am what is considered every mans teen age fantasy!

Although I am constantly being asked out by boys my age and much older men too, I have remained faithful to my boyfriend Bobby who I have been with since I was 16. My family story is not common. My mother and father and I live in a very exclusive part of Beverly Hills. By most peoples standards we are considered very wealthy and affluent. My mother doesn't work and just spends her days working out with a personal trainer or at the tennis club or shopping on Rodeo Drive, or at any number of exclusive spas.

To anyone seeing where we live and our rich and famous lifestyle they would think that my father made his money in banking or the stock market or as a high powered lawyer or a famous surgeon, but the truth is that he also didn't work. The only thing my father does besides go to the health club or play golf is to entertain very wealthy clients from around the world who do business with my mothers father. Yes, it is my mothers father who is very, very rich, in fact he's mega-rich. By most peoples standards he's a billionaire many times over. My grandfather has provided my family with everything we have including our home, private schools for me and a membership to all of the very exclusive country club in Beverly Hills. My grandfather has provided us with a very upscale lifestyle; one that we could never even dream to afford, but would never want to give up either.

My grandfather met my grandmother when she was a fashion model. She got pregnant and had my mother but they were never married. My grandfather was always away on business overseas and because he lived in New York we did not see him often. Through the years I've learned from my mother and father that my grandfather had the reputation for being ruthless in business, in fact he has been know to buy companies and fire thousands of workers that have caused families to loose their homes and life's savings without any remorse. This power and greed is what has made my grandfather very- very wealthy and feared in the business world. His wealth includes homes and villas all over the world, yachts and a private jet and chauffer driven limousines.

On my 18th birthday this month, a black BMW M6 convertible was in my driveway waiting for me when I got home from cheerleading practice after high school. I couldn't believe it when I saw it because just a few days before I was on the phone with my grandfather while he was flying in his private jet and I was telling him how much I loved that car and thought it was the sexiest car I have ever seen. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the car because I knew it cost over a hundred thousand dollars! In order to get into the car I had to call a private number and program my personal code. On the seat was a card that read,

"A sexy car for the sexiest young girl know. Happy 18th Birthday Baby."

It was signed- Love Frank.

As I said my grandfather is very wealthy, but even though he has billions of dollars he is also very powerful and very handsome. Frank is very distinguished looking with salt and pepper hair and has an amazing physique. He stands 5' 11" tall and has a slender build. At 74 years old he looks more like a man in his early-fifties. I always thought my grandfather was very distinguished and very sexy. This was something that all young girls thought too. Ever since I have known him he is always in the company of a beautiful young girl. When I say young I mean that they were not much older than me. They were easily 30 to 40 and even 50 years younger than him. I had to admit that when I saw these young girls with him I would secretly get jealous. It was those times that I didn't see him as my grandfather but as a very sexy distinguished older man who exuded confidence, power, wealth and authority. At times I even fantasized that it was me who would be on his arm in a sexy dress attending a high society dinner or gala.

Last month my grandfather had his private jet fly my father, mother and my boyfriend and me to New York City for a big event that was being held in his honor. The event was being held at one of the most prestigious hotels in the city. The guest list included the most prominent people in the business community from all parts of the world in addition to all of his top associates and their families in his successful business firms. Because the attire for this event was so important my grandfather made arrangements to have us each fitted with clots that he personally selected at the finest boutiques in the city; all of which he put on his personal account.

My father and boyfriend were taken to a store that featured some of the most expensive men's tailored suits and shoes form Italy. The suits and shoes easily cost my grandfather $5000 each. After they were fitted for their cloths they were taken to a spa and hair stylists for a new hair cut. During this time my mother and I were taken to a very exclusive boutique. We were met by an attractive woman in her forties that was assigned to help us with all of the clothing my grandfather personally selected. When we were brought into the private fitting room the women directed us to the cloths that were on hangers. She said that my grandfather had come in and personally selected our outfits for the evening. When she showed us each what we were expected to wear we were both taken aback at how reveling the outfits were.

My grandfather had chosen a sinful leopard mini halter dress for my mother. My mother is 54 and is in amazing shape. Her body type is different from mine. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs 115 pounds. Her measurements are 34B-24-36 and her shoe size is a size 8. She works out almost every day to stay in great shape and guys my age are always telling me that she is hot. The dress that my grandfather selected for me was also very sinful. It was also a mini dress but mine was hot pink had a deep plunging V design that went all the way to my navel and had a ring hole that exposed my navel. The back was exposed and went right to the top of the cure of my ass.

The woman brought out two pairs of shoes that she said were picked out by my grandfather. Both were high heels, but we were stunned when the woman gave my mother a pair of these clear- glass-like high heels. They had a 6 inch heel and an ankle strap. I've only seen girls in porn movies wear these ultra-trashy shoes and could not believe that my 74 year old grandfather would pick these out for my mother. When my mother voiced her concern that there was some mistake and that maybe they were intended for me, the woman said that she was certain they were for her because of the size and that my grandfather had specifically said that these were for his daughter. After seeing the shoes my mother was given, I was surprised to see that mine were a pair of classic black high heel pumps with an open toe. They were the exact size that I wear, a size 10. I was surprised that my grandfather had not only picked out the right size of our dresses but also the size of our shoes.

The woman then brought out two expensive looking boxes that each had our name on it. When we opened them we looked at each other somewhat embarrassed. My grandfather had also chosen the panties and stockings for my mother and me. My mother was given a pair of tan thigh high stockings and a white garter belt. She was also given a very shear white thong. When I saw what my mother was given to wear I couldn't resist seeing what was waiting my eyes. Once again mine were more classic in design. My grandfather selected a red satin thong and a pair of nude color thigh high stockings for me. The stockings were very elegant and had a beautifully designed six inch lace band across the tops.

Suddenly a man dressed impeccably in a black tuxedo came in with a bottle of champaign and said that it was from my grandfather. After he poured us our glass the woman handed my mother a card from my grandfather and told us enjoy or champaign while trying on our outfits and not to hesitate to call her if we needed assistance with anything. With that she left the fitting area, closing the door behind her.

For a few uncomfortable seconds my mother and I didn't say a word. We were both somewhat stunned by the outfits that my grandfather had chosen for us to wear. On one hand we each knew that we had perfect bodies that were always receiving compliments from men, but we had never dressed so provocatively before, especially in front of each other. My mother picked up her glass of champaign and took a sip then opened the card and read it aloud saying,

"To two of the sexiest women I have ever seen. My 18 year old granddaughter and my daughter. I know that you will each find that these outfits are a perfect compliment to your flawless- eye-catching bodies. Frank."

My mother and I have always called her father Frank because he had insisted on it years ago. With that my mother sipped her champaign then began removing her cloths to try on her new outfit as she said somewhat unabashedly,

"Well honey it looks like your grandfather wants you and I to stand out from the crowd tonight and since he has paid for everything we have in our lives including our homes, cars, private schools and our country club memberships, I think we should honor his request. Besides your grandfather is not a man to take no for an answer or to be questioned."

My mother was right. My grandfather had provided a very comfortable lifestyle for us. We would never have been able to afford the comforts he provided. To a very large extent, my grandfather provided so much for us that one could say he owned us.

I then sipped my glass of champaign then stripped my cloths and began trying on my new outfit. Even though my mother and I were sitting a few feet away from each other, it was as if the other wasn't even in the same room. The first thing we did was to put on our sexy thongs. We each stood and looked in the mirror both amazed at how devilish we looked wearing these tiny thin strips of shear material. It was so sinful to see the thin material disappear between our ass checks. We didn't say a word to each other, but were secretly thinking the same thing; that the thong made our each of our asses look very sexy, just by the way the material separated each cheek seductively and teasingly. We each turned to look over our shoulder into the mirror and took in the sight of our asses and admired how perfect they were. We were so much into admiring our own sexy asses that we forgot that the other was in the room. At one point I looked over and actually watched my mother run her hand over her ass and say under her breath just loud enough for me to hear,

"Not bad for 54. Not bad all."

As we sat in front of the mirrored vanity we enjoyed our champaign then began rolling up our thigh high stockings. While I was pulling up the 6 in lace tops of my nude colored stockings all the way up to the inside of my thigh my mother was fastening her garter belt to her stockings. After putting on our stockings we stood and stepped into our new high heels. When I stepped into my classic black high heel pumps I was looking down and moaned to myself approvingly at the look of the nude stocking that showing through the open toe of my pump. I thought it looked real sexy seeing my cute toes encased in the nude nylon of the thigh high stocking, as they poked though the open toe. This look sent a message that I was a very naughty 18 year old school girl and I had to admit-I liked it a lot.

When I looked over at my mother a bit of jealously came over me when I took in her new look. Wow, I could not believe that this was my own mother I was staring at. I had to admit that she looked real hot! I know she is in amazing shape, especially for a 54 year old woman, but she was now a sexy knockout. The clear glass high 6 inch heels strapped to her ankles made my mother every boys older woman fantasy. The six inch glass heels and the stockings and garter belt made her look so devilishly sexy. I know every boy would have wet dreams about her for the rest of their lives if they could see her now. I then broke our silence and told her candidly,

"You know mom, all my guy friends have always thought you were hot, especially my boyfriend. Wow mom if Bobby could see you now he'd pass out."

I could see the almost conceited look of knowing on my mothers face as she continued to take in her look.

As Allisons mother took in her sinful look in the mirror she thought to herself coyly,

'Well Allison if you only knew that your boyfriend Bobby has seen me dressed like this many times while you were at cheerleading practice."

Allisons mother continued thinking to herself smugly,

'I'm soooo sorry honey, but your father has practically forgotten what its like to fuck, because of preferring to go to the country club or to play golf. But luckily your boyfriend appreciates my perfect body and loves to fuck as much as I do. Your boyfriend absolutely turns me on. Besides, I know you are a little bitch to him honey.'

As we walked around the room holding our champaign glasses we were slyly taking in the others appearance, making a mental note about how devilish and sexy we each looked. Our bodies took on a new sexy look because of the way the sinful thong and stockings and high heels were accenting our legs and asses. As my mother and I walked slowly and somewhat deliberately, the sounds of our high heels echoed off the wood floor and filed the room with depravity. The way we were walking and admiring ourselves made the scene very competitive between my mother and me. It was as if we were each wondering who Frank would think was sexier and which one of us would turn him on more. I then had a sinful thought as I looked into the mirror and saw the two of us taking in the sight of our sexy attire and asked myself questionably,

"I wonder which one of us you would want to play with and fuck grandfather!"

We then walked to the sinful dresses that my grandfather had chosen for us. The dresses were designed to be worn braless because of the deep V and backless exposure of mine and the exposed front and sides of my mothers. We then removed our bras before putting on the dresses. When our bras were off I could see my mother intentionally glance at me almost in awe of how big and firm my breasts were and also how huge my nipples were as they pointed up proudly to the ceiling adding to how sexy my tits are. My mothers breasts were still firm especially for her age, but her nipples were much smaller than mine and had a slight wrinkle to them. I am sure this is another thing that would turn on a younger guy, but I know I have the type of tits that drive every guy insane for, especially older men. This is also because I have such a small skinny frame. I could see the look of jealousy all over my mothers face as if she were secretly thinking,

"I'm sure those perfect big swaying tits and those huge nipples of yours are going to catch every mans attention tonight Allison, including your wealthy, powerful grandfather."

I had to admit that I had always secretly wished that I was the one on my grandfathers arm when I would see him with a girl not much older then me. As I was about to put on my dress I slowly glanced at my body and had my own look of conceit written all over my face as I saw how hot I looked clad in the red satin thong, nude thigh high stockings and the black open toed high heel pumps. I then mischievously thought to myself for a second,

"I hope when you see my body tonight grandfather you'll ask yourself why you ever had another girl on your arm when you could have had your sexy granddaughter."

As we were each thinking our own private immoral thoughts we slipped into our equally sinful dresses that my grandfather picked out. The dresses fit us both like a second skin. When they were on we each took a moment to see our appearance in the mirror. We were both speechless at the sight of how wickedly sexy we looked and how much of our flawless bodies were revealed. We both looked as if we were a pair of sinful models on the cover of a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog.

The open front and the wide open sides of the top of my mothers skin tight leopard mini- halter dress showed nearly all of her breast. The sides were especially visible when you were looking at her profile. You could virtually see the edge of her wide areolas. The material was very thin and the outline of my mothers nipples could easily be seen. The bottom part of her dress showcased her sexy legs and came down right below the fasteners on her garter belt. In fact when she turned quickly it exposed the fact that she was wearing a pair of tan thigh high stockings fastened to a white garter belt.

When I put mine on it was as if I was transformed from a innocent high school cheerleader to the highest priced porn star in the industry. I was amazed at how perfect the pink micro- mini dress fit my body. It was as if it was made exclusively for me and to make every guy secretly lust for me and every woman including my mother bitterly jealous of me. The dress did absolutely nothing to cover my body and to reveal my perfectly designed for sin 36DD-21-33, 5'8'' 105 pound frame. The dress almost made me look more nude if that was possible.

The first thing one would be drawn to was how much of my huge tits were exposed from the deep V cut. The open V showed the fullness and firmness of my huge tits and the deep cleavage between them. The material on the top was almost transparent and you could easily make out the outline of my huge nipples form the other side of a room as they defiantly pierced through the thin fabric. The open navel ring was also very hot and showed my sexy navel in an almost teasing and suggestive way. This was also something that would catch an admiring eye and suggest to them that I was an incredible fuck. The next thing that made me look like the ultimate porn star was the amount of my long thin legs that were shown. The dress barely covered the sexy lace tops of my nude thigh high stockings. The nude stocking color was the perfect accent to my sexy long 18 year old legs and the open toed black high heel pumps shed all images of me being an innocent high school teenager, to a hot in demand porn star, naming my price for every fuck. I felt so very naughty as I looked at the deep open back as it showed the top of my perfectly curved ass. I had to admit that I was really starting to enjoy my new look, especially knowing that my grandfather wanted to see me dressed this way.

As her mother was walking around the room slowly and calculatingly and truly admiring herself she was having similar thoughts at the sight of her sinful appearance and thought to herself devilishly,

"Well honey not only do I wish that your father wasn't here, but also you too, so that I could be in the private condo your grandfather put your father and I in this weekend with your boyfriend, just playing with each other and fucking all weekend. Oh god, I'm so horny for Bobby's cock, I wish he was here right now so that I could suck him off then fuck him like crazy. Ohhh I can't wait until he sees me dressed like this tonight. Even though he'll be with you honey I know he'll be thinking about fucking me the way he does three or four times a week! "

After glancing in the mirror once again and seeing her perfect body magnified by the naughty sinful cloths her father had purposely selected for her she suddenly shifted her attention to her him and smiled slyly as she devilishly thought to herself,

"I wonder how many young girls will be around my handsome father tonight. Umm, I wonder what my rich father thinks of my body and if he ever imagined fucking me? Umm I have to admit I've often wondered what my handsome fathers cock would look, taste and fuck like. By the amounts of different young girls he is always with, I have a good idea that he's a real good fuck and that he loves fucking.

Allisons mother went deeper into her immoral thoughts, slyly thinking to herself,

Ummm maybe you and I will get to play with each other sometime father. Maybe we can fly off in your private jet to one of your many villas around the world and spend a week or two just fucking and playing with each other. Maybe it's time I show you just how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and the upscale lifestyle you've provided that I love so much. With all you have done for me and providing us with every luxury imaginable if you wanted to fuck me for a month I would Daddy! I'll do things to your popular cock with my hands, mouth and pussy that no 18 year old could ever think of father."

After we were finished dressing a hair stylist came in to do our hair. My grandfather had even specified how he wanted our hair styled. My mother is a brunette and her hair was done in a shoulder length style and my grandfather had instructed the stylist to have my blond hair put up so that my shoulders were exposed. When our hair was done the woman who assisted us came in with the jewelry we were to wear. My grandfather gave my mother a pair of diamond earrings and a long diamond necklace. The necklace dropped perfectly between her breasts and would draw the attention to her immediately. My earrings were also diamond, but hung down to my bare shoulders. My necklace was a pearl chocker style that drew the attention to my neck. We both knew that the jewelry was extremely expensive and were eager to thank my grandfather.

Their ideas to thank him were exactly the same. Both were devilish and equally sinful. Allison thought to herself deviously,

"Well grandfather maybe when Bobby is asleep tonight I could sneak into your bedroom and have you help undress me. Then I could get into bed with you and show you just how much I appreciate all that you have done for me."

Allisons mother thought cunningily,

"Well father, another extravagant gift to go along with the Lexus and Beverly Hills house and the membership to all the exclusive clubs and to the countless other expensive gifts you have given me. Oh yes, I could definitely see you and I fucking. Maybe I'll fly back to New York and surprise you with my new outfit on. Well, everything except for the dress. Just the stockings and garter belt and these sexy glass platform high heels and this wonderful diamond necklace. Then you'll absolutely know just how bad I want to fuck you and suck that popular cock of yours."

When we were finished my father and my boyfriend returned from the spa and were speechless when they saw us dressed the way we were. My father and boyfriend looked incredible in their expensive new suits that my grandfather had bought for them and the spa treatment also added to their style. When my father remarked on our attire my mother explained that this is what her father selected and expected us to wear at the gala tonight. She went on to say that he personally selected everything for us and was very specific about what he wanted to see both of us in. When my father voiced his disapproval about seeing us dressed so revealingly my mother was quick to point out to him that it would not be in his best interest to go against her fathers request. My mother then told my father in a very sarcastic voice that the lifestyle we had was due to her father providing everything for us. My father thought about the fact that he hasn't worked a job since they were married and deep down inside he knew that the last thing he wanted was to go against my mothers father and have to get a job for himself. My father knew that he couldn't say a word about it and just had to go along with whatever my grandfather wanted. My father secretly knew that my grandfather technically owned us!

I suddenly felt very sexy when my father directed his attention to me and said that seeing me dressed his way made him wish that he was 20 again and that if I wasn't his daughter he jump at the chance to be my date. I then saw a look in my fathers eyes that I have seen hundreds of times from men when I was shopping on Rodeo Drive. My father had the look of lust in his eyes as he starred overtly at my long thin legs in the nude thigh high stockings and then traveled down to the open toe of the black high heel pumps. His eyes then unhurriedly traveled, with a piercing gaze to my big 36DD breast that were billowing out of the deep V cut pink mini dress and then to my turned on inch long nipples that were poking out of the sheer material, advertising that fact that they were turned on and desperately needed to be sucked and played with. It was as if my own father was seeing me as a hot 18 year old fuck instead of his innocent daughter. I had to admit that I was so turned on by the way I was dressed and by the way my father was glaring at my sinful body.

As Allisons father shifted his attention from his sexy 54 year old wife to his sexy 18 year old daughter he said to himself hotly,

"Fuck honey you have a body that was designed for sinful fucking. I may your father, but if you gave me the slightest green light I'd be sucking all over those great big tits and big fat long nipples of yours, then eat that wonderful 18 year old pussy until you came all over my face. After that I'd eat that wild ass of yours until I made it cum. Then I'd fuck that sexy pussy like a wild man in heat. Yeah baby you've got one sexy body that has my fucking attention."

While my father was taking in my body I noticed my boyfriend with his eyes all over my mothers body and by the sly smile she had on her face I could tell that she was enjoying the attention from him too. After Bobby looked at Allison with lust and surprise by the way she was dressed he immediately shifted his desire to her sexy mother who was also dressed for attention and for fucking which they had shared in many times already. Bobby thought to himself frustratingly,

"Fuck you look so fucking hot! And I know your thinking the same fucking thing too baby, that if your stupid ass husband and your bitch of a daughter weren't here we could be fucking all weekend! Fuck, I can't wait to get back to LA to come over and fuck the living shit out of you bitch. You're killing my fucking cock right now!"

The limo drove us to the hotel where the gala in my grandfathers honor was being held. The party was already going on when we entered the ballroom and guest were having cocktails and in conversation. I was amazed at the amount of women that were dressed in a similar way that my mother and I were. They were all dressed teasingly to show off their figures. Many of the young girls wore tight mini dresses with high heels, while the older women wore skin tight gowns that had plunging necklines and deep open backs. Some had long slits running up one side that reveled that they were wearing thigh high stockings underneath and some with a garter belt too. My mother then pointed to my grandfather who was speaking to three Middle Eastern men who were dressed up in white sheiks clothing. I suddenly got very excited at seeing him. My grandfather stood out from every man in the room. He was dressed in a very expensive black European suit with a purple silk tie. His power, status and ruthless nature separated him from everyone at the event and there were many very wealthy and powerful men there too.

A man dressed in a tuxedo came to my mother and me and said that my grandfather requested us. Leaving my father and my boyfriend to get a drink we followed the man and went to my grandfather. As we got closer to him I could see a sly grin develop on his face. He was thoroughly taking in our appearance for the first time and was enjoying this sinful moment. I could tell that he liked what he saw by the expression on his face and I was enjoying this fact immensely. I could also tell that my mother was enjoying his penetrating stare as I saw the eye contact she was making with him. I saw the sudden sly smile on her face as if to say,

"So you do like the way your 54 year old daughter looks. Just say the word and you can have me tonight father."

Allisons mother had the same feeling of competitiveness when she saw her daughter intentionally lick her lips as she walked to her grandfather as if to say,

"I see you looking at my great big tits and my hard turned on nipples grandfather. I know your thinking about the two of us fucking. Lets not think about it, Lets make it happen Frank!"

When they stood by him he gave them a wonderful compliment saying that they looked even more stunning and appetizing then he had imagined, if that was possible. He then gave them each a warm hug then introduced them to the three Middle Eastern men. The men were all prominent sheiks and had done a vast amount of business with my grandfather. They were not that old and looked to be in their early- thirties. They had a sinister quality about them and did not seem warm or friendly. They also seemed somewhat heartless as they looked at us as if we were pieces of meat for their pleasure. They spoke highly of my grandfather and one even said that he was the only man that ever stole a multi million deal away from him and lived to talk about it. My grandfather snickered along with the three men, but there was something brutally honest about what the sheik said that made my mother and I think that he was serious and that my grandfather was as ruthless as all the rumors we had heard. As they talked to my grandfather and the men each looked look us up and down with a deep lustful hunger in their eyes. It was a look that would be degrading to most women, but out of respect to my grandfather my mother and I pretended not to be offended.

We were then ushered into the dinning room for dinner. The dinner was amazing and as we sat with my grandfather and the senior executives in his company it was obvious how powerful he was and how much they clung to his every word. My grandfather was very charming to the wives and to their daughters. Two of the girls that sat at our table were the daughters of his two top executives. Like me they were each with their boyfriends too. I learned that the girls were my age, both 18 like me. One was black and the other was asian. They were both dressed in a very sexy eye catching way themselves. Each had on an ultra tight mini dress that highlighted every curve of their teenage bodies and there long legs too. The asian girl was very skinny and her mini dress had a transparent mesh top that showed her lacy sheer black bra clearly through the transparent material. Her nipples were huge to and the top and the lacy bra did absolutely nothing to conceal how big and hard they were. The black girl had a mini dress that had criss-cross straps that went under her breast and highlighted the exposed tops of her tits. The girls were seated one on each side of my grandfather which I admit that it made me jealous. Although I had to admit that they were very sexy I was the one that wanted to be his personal escort for the evening and I am quite sure that my mother was having similar thoughts too.

The dinner ended with a few speeches from politicians and businessmen who honored my grandfather in the business world. It was easy to see just how connected my grandfather was and that he was a man who could get and have anything he wanted and always got, which included any woman or teenage girl he wanted too. The women were always young and very sexy and always in abundance. After the speeches there was dancing to a party band. It seemed that my grandfather was being pursued by every girl in the room as he danced with so many of them. Although I was jealous I was having a great time dancing with my boyfriend and my grandfathers many business associates. At one point I saw my mother talking to my grandfather and the three Middle Eastern men. They looked as if they were discussing something very serious. As they were talking the three men were being very obvious about taking in my mothers body so openly. At one point I was surprised to see my mother smile slyly at the three men before she walked off. As she walked away from them their eyes were riveted to her body and I had the feeling that she was quite aware of it too.

As the party was going on I noticed the two girls that were seated at our table dancing with their boyfriends then after a while the boys disappeared and my grandfather was dancing with them. I then saw him take the girls to a corner of the room and was talking to them. As the party wore down I overheard my grandfather tell both of the girls parents that he was going to personally take their daughters to a popular members only private club with my boyfriend and I and that they would be staying at his penthouse with me and my boyfriend that evening and that he would have his driver return them the next afternoon. Any person hearing a 74 year old man tell an 18 year old girls parents that he was going to take their daughter to a private club then back to his penthouse would have never allowed it, but because they feared what my grandfather could do to their life and lifestyle they agreed without hesitation.

The party was still going on when we left for the private club. My mother and father stayed dancing and drinking and then went back to the private condo my grandfather owned that he put them in. The club was very wild and featured some of the most popular socialites in the world. It seemed as if they all knew my grandfather too which further showed just how powerful and connected he was. There was a DJ there and we all danced and drank champaign until my grandfather suggested that we call it a night and return to his penthouse. In the limo the girls sat on each side of him and were laughing as they drank champaign. As we drove back to his penthouse my grandfathers eyes were taking in the sight of my body with an almost menacing glare.

He looked at me as if my boyfriend and the two girls weren't even there. His eyes roamed unhurriedly and methodically up my long stocking covered legs. My legs were crossed in a way that he could see the top of the lace thigh high stocking. After taking in the sight of my stocking covered legs and the exposed 6 inch lace top of my stocking he went to my high heel pumps, glancing at the open toe that showed a hint of the nude color stocking. He then grinned hungrily at my big, firm 36DD tits and my huge nipples that were desperate to be sucked; sucked by him!

When we arrived at the penthouse my grandfather had his butler show the girls to a room on one of the upper floors of the ten floor penthouse. My boyfriend and I were on the fourth floor and my grandfather was on the tenth floor. I was so horny from thinking about my sexy, powerful grandfather and thought that Bobby I would fuck, but by the time I took my dress off and my high heel pumps then rolled off my thigh high stockings and got into bed he was snoring like a log.

I must have been exhausted from the long flight and the wild night and fell fast asleep. Because I was so horny I woke up after an hour and went up to the ninth floor to watch TV in one of my grandfathers many game rooms. I noticed that it was about 3:30AM and as I walked up to the ninth floor I heard voices coming from my grandfathers Jacuzzi room. As I went up the stairs the sounds and voices were getting louder and I could tell that they were from a few females and my grandfather. The sounds were more moaning and guttural cries of lust rather then talking. As I approached the open French door I almost died when I heard the sound of gasping then heard one of the girls say,

"Oh fuck, we heard you had a huge cock but we never imagined anything could be this fucking big!"

I was then shocked when I heard the other girl say lustfully,

"Ummm we heard this huge cock could fuck all night...ummm fuck yeah," which caused the other to groan and say,

"Ummmm, fuck yeah-- and we heard this great big cock can pump out buckets of cum too. Ohhhh fuck yeah."

When I turned the corner I was shocked to see that the voices were those of the two girls my age who sat at our table during dinner that evening. I could not believe what they were wearing and doing. At the party they both were wearing very tight short dresses which clung to their every curve. But now it was obvious what they were wearing under those eye catching dresses.

The black girl stood about my height at 5' 8''Her skin was very black which was a contrast to my grandfathers fair skin. She wore her hair straight to her shoulders and her body was very slender. She had very long legs and her breasts were very small, especially compared to my 36DD's. Her measurements looked to be about 34B-24-34. What surprised me was the way she was dressed. By her look I could tell that she came dressed to fuck him. All she was wearing was a pair of sheer smoke-colored thigh high stockings and a black garter belt. She also stood tall in a pair of classic black high heel pumps and her lips were coated in a bright red lipstick. Even though she was my age, she looked very seductive and mature, which made her very naughty. It was clear that she had dressed to turn on and fuck my sexy grandfather.

The asian girl was a little shorter and stood about 5'5" tall. She was very skinny and only weighed about 90 pounds and had an almost flat chest. I guessed her measurements to be about 29A-22-32. She was almost boy like, but in a very sexy way! The thing that made her stand out was her huge, dark brown nipples. Although her tits were almost non-existent on her ultra-flat chest her nipples seemed to stick out over an inch and were almost two inches around! She was also dressed sinfully to impress my high powered grandfather. She was wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings with sexy lace tops and a pair of sinful glass platform high heel pumps like my mother had worn; the same type that porn stars wear. She also had on a bright red thong that drew my grandfathers attention to her teenage asian ass as she walked seductively before him. As she walked her high heels clicked seductively on the tiled floor and sent a message to my grandfather that she was there for fucking. She wore a bright red shade of lipstick and her hair was tied up in a bun.

The next thing I saw nearly caused me to shudder and cum. My grandfather was standing between both girls holding a glass of champaign in one hand. He was totally nude. I could not get over the amazing physical condition on his body. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him and his slender build was more like well defined 30 year olds, not anything like what you would expect from a 74 year old man! The next thing caused me to say to myself in utter disbelief.

"Oh fuck! Look at the size of my that cock. Oh my god, it's soooo fucking huge!"

I could not believe my eyes at seeing the staggering size of my grandfathers cock and thought that they were playing tricks on me. It was so fat and long and had a huge hook in it. It was so huge it rested almost to his knee! The thick blue veins that ran along the side of it made it look like a freakish maze. It also looked so powerful and threatening. With all the wild veins that criss-crossed and billowed out from the enormous shaft gave my grandfathers huge cock an almost grotesque image. It wasn't anything like my boyfriends smallish silky cock or any other guys I dated. God, the sight of my grandfathers freakish almost grotesque monster cock was turning me on like crazy!

Each of the girls had their hand spread as wide as they could on my grandfathers enormous cock and were slowly pumping up and down the freakish length of it as they both moaned sexily at how huge and how fat it was. I could not believe the staggering length and width of his massive cock. Even with two hands on his giant cock there was easily enough shaft exposed for them to put all four hands on it and still have the massive cock head exposed. In fact at one point my grandfather snarled at them and said in a deep resonating command,

"Fucking pump it! Pump it with both of your hands NOW!"

They immediately obeyed his sternness and instantly put both hands on his endless shaft and proceeded to stroke it in a perfectly timed unison which caused my grandfather to groan approvingly while he sipped his champaign in celebration at having a new set of eager 18 year old girls to fuck and play with and use anyway he wanted! That sight is something I will never forget and was burned in my brain forever.

As my grandfather sipped his champaign he would meet the waiting tongue of one the girls for a wild 10 second sinful kiss then turn his head to meet the already flicking tongue of the other girl who was desperate to kiss him. The kissing seemed so immoral, as their lips never touched; just the wild dagger- like tips that made contact which resulted in sending sparks up each of the young girls pussies which caused them to moan hungrily. As they continued this almost wicked kiss the two girls continued to jack up and down his giant- endless shaft in a trance-like state while uttering words of disbelief about his freakish length and width. After about ten minutes my grandfather sat on the bar stool and told them in a forceful tone to get on their knees and suck his big cock.

Desperate to please my rich and powerful 74 year old grandfather, both girls squatted on their high heels, each on the side of his enormous shaft and began a wild display of kissing and licking up and down the endless length of his powerful 13 inch cock. As their tongues and lips were worshiping my grandfathers giant cock they were each moaning and mumbling,

"Ummmmmmmmm….soooooo big……sooooofucking big,"

There moans were their way of letting my grandfather know just how much they worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running their hot tongues all over his huge shaft my grandfather instructed them to suck his cock head and balls. The black girl instantly lifted his giant cock head to her mouth while the sexy asian girl began licking and sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and as I watched this wild display I moaned in ecstasy and continued playing with my aroused nipples and pussy. I shuddered through three amazing orgasms just watching the two18 year old girls, my age, desperately pleasuring my 74 year old grandfather and his massive 13 inch cock.

As the girls were doing as my grandfather instructed he continued to sip his champaign and take in the sight of his two wonderful18 year old sluts. The sight of the two girls squatting in their naughty thigh high stockings and high heels were turning him on as he acknowledged their actions saying in a sly tone,

"That's it girls, show me that you deserve to be here fucking my big cock tonight."

As the girls worked my grandfathers massive cock, both eager to please him, I realized that they were thinking the same thing I was. They each knew that he had a reputation for fucking hundreds of sexy young girls and that at the party there were at least 500 girls our age and their mothers that would have given anything to be fucking him tonight too. This was the type of power he had; Power, wealth and a giant cock; something that every hungry girl wanted. And the fact that he was 74 years old and in amazing physical shape was even more of a turn on to an 18 year old girl.

The girls were delirious licking his huge cock and those hanging balls as their long fingers expanded around his massive shaft to hold it still. It was staggering to watch and to see that their long fingers could only wrap around half of his huge shaft.

It was such a lust filled sordid scene watching these see two 18 year old girls dressed in sexy stockings and high heels sucking all over the enormous cock of a 74 year old man, my grandfather! They were depraved with lust for my grandfathers giant cock in a way that every girl he fucks is. Oh god I thought, while wishing that I was the one squatting on my black open toed high heel pumps in my nude thigh high stockings eagerly pleasing my 74 year old grandfather instead of them. Part of me wanted to go in and tell them to leave and let me show them what its like to turn on his giant cock and make it cum.

The girls were driving my grandfathers huge cock insane. Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably. My grandfather demanded that they stroke him off and that he was going to cum. The girls began pumping his freakish pulsating cock up and down faster and faster as they twisted their hands over the top and under the bottom of it to maximize the sensation. The black girl said excitedly,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I wanna watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock."

The asian girl added hotly,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, I've been dying to see how much cum can fly out of this great big fucker."

That did it. My grandfather began to moan in a deep throaty voice,

"Here it fucking cums!"

Oh my god I thought that I had seen it all, but for the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where. As both girls were moaning in disbelief at the amount of cum that leapt out of his massive 13 inch cock they continued to vigorously pump his huge hard on; fisting it insanely as he told them in an almost threatening tone,


As my grandfathers cum flew out of his giant cock I reached down and began massaging my huge hanging clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it wishing that that hot load was shooting all over me!

As my sexy grandfather leaned back on the bar stool snarling at the girls to keep jacking it, his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, way over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum hit every piece of furniture in the room, including the Jacuzzi! It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick scorching cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and land in the water of the hot tub over ten feet away! You could actually hear the splattering drops of cum as they hit the water loudly which caused the asian girl to moan in astonishment,

"Oh fuck ….soooo much fucking cum…..sooooo much fucking cum," while the black girl moaned lustfully,

"Fuck..don't fucking stop baby ….Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby… Let your great big white cook shoot all over the fuckin' place baby. Fuck yeah baby, your making my pussy cum just watchin' this great big white fucker pop off!"

I was amazed at how hard my grandfather stayed after shooting so much cum and for so long. This surprised them too. The black girl uttered her astonishment saying,

"Fuck, you just popped the biggest load of cum I've ever seen and your still as fucking hard as you were when we were jacking the fuck out of it!"

My grandfather then said proudly,

"Baby this big cock is just getting started. Now lets fuck bitch. It's time to introduce your sexy black 18 year old pussy to a real 13 inch cock!"

My grandfather then forcefully led her to the back of a sofa and roughly kissed her for a few seconds before spinning her around while heatedly saying,

"Now you get to fuck the great big cock you've been dreaming about while you were fucking all of your little dick boyfriends bitch!"

Suddenly the fear of getting fucked by a 13inch cock set in and the black girl moaned frighteningly as she looked back and saw my grandfather grab his giant shaft in his hand. Even from where I stood it looked staggering in size as it shot out well over a foot from where he was holding it at the base. His cock looked so staggering that it seemed to take up more then half of his tight body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre- cum was flowing from his huge cock head.

As my grandfather lined up his massive cock to the entrance of her smoking pussy she covered her mouth to muffle the cries of fear. My grandfather ignored her and mercilessly brought that freakish cock past the entrance of her sex starved pussy which caused her to tighten up and gasp,

"Ohh fuck! ....its sooo fucking huge… I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours baby….Ohhh fuck its so fucking huge!"

Without any concern for her he spit on her pussy then began feeding that turned on monster into her scorching black hole. He was going wild, forcefully inching that angry monster into her overwhelmed pussy. I came like a faucet as I watched in horror and listened to her cries of pain and lust. While my grandfather was working his giant cock into her defenseless frightened pussy the asian girl sat on the bar stool with her long thin stocking covered legs crossed while she played with her huge extended nipples. As she watched her friend being taken by the biggest cock she had ever seen she said in disbelief.

"Oh fuck, that is a huge fucking cock. Damm that fucker is huge!"

It was such an amazing sight and I nearly died when I saw how angry and frighteningly huge my grandfathers cook looked as it continued to force open the black girls tight black pussy apart wider then she could ever imagine. I feared for her but also wished it was my horny pussy that was about to get the fuck of a lifetime as I watched my grandfathers angry cock stick out from his body like an angry flagpole and continue to burrow deeper and deeper into her tight black hole! The girl looked back at the twisted expression on my grandfathers face then glanced down and saw the thick veins that menacingly ran along the sides of that huge shaft and the drops of pre-cum that flowed out from the giant pulsing cock head and said crazily,

"Ohhhhhh fuck…..Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big…soooo fucking bigggg, I'm already cumming over that huge cock head of yours."

My grandfather began running his hands up and down her sexy smoked colored thigh high stockings and began fucking her harder and harder which caused her scream out loud,


My grandfathers power and aggressive nature were so obvious at that moment. As the black girl pleaded mercilessly for him not to fuck his giant cock any deeper and that it was too big for her tight pussy he said furiously,

"If I take this big cock out of your pussy now I'll call my fucking driver and have him take you home right now bitch. Then I'll spend the rest of the night fucking her sexy little asian pussy!"

At that moment I watched him look at the asian girl lustfully then take his hand and wrap it around the base of his huge cock. My grandfathers cock was so fat around that even his large hand could only go half way around it! He then began to pull out, but just as he did the 18 year old black girl looked back and snarled,

"Don't you fuckin' dare baby. I've wanted to fuck your huge cock for months. When I found out that you had such a big cock I was goin crazy trying to get with you and to fuck it. I wanna fuck every inch of your great big sexy white cock baby. It's just so fucking big. Neva' had anything this fucking big. Just let this young black pussy get used to that monster cock of yours and then you can fuck it all night baby. All night."

My grandfather then said callously as he forcefully reinserted that monster cock into her spasming fuck hole,

"That's more like it sexy. This big cock never takes no for an answer!"

He then gabbed took her garter belt in his hands and began pulling her back to him as if her garters were the reins on a horse. As he pulled on her garters he guided her black pussy over his massive cock which caused her to look back and watch in fright as her pussy was being pried farther apart then it ever would again in her lifetime! When my grandfathers huge cock was half way inside her she began to tremble and her body began to convulse causing the back of her high heel pumps to come off the ground as she groaned out loud saying,

"Ohhhh fuck. That fucker is huge! Can't stop fucking cummmmmming! That's one big ass cock!"

My grandfather then began to show her that there a good seven more inches that needed to be fucked so he pulled her by her long straight black hair and commanded,

"Give me that black pussy baby. This big cock doesn't like half- fucking any pussy!"

My grandfather began pulling her hair roughly, showing the back girl that he didn't care if she passed out; he was going to fuck her with every inch of that 13inch pussy pleaser.

As he bored into her tight over-stretched black pussy, deeper and deeper he finally bottomed out. You could see tears were running down her face as she looked back at him and cried out lustfully,

"Ahhh Never fucked anything this fucking big. Ugggg. Soo fucking big, sooo fucking big."

The young black girl was delirious as she continued to cum all over my grandfathers giant piston-like cock that was making her pussy snap and pop loudly as it lengthened the mouth of her pussy beyond recognition with each selfish thrust. At this point I could feel my huge nipples rip through the thin material of my sheer top as I watched in utter amazement as my sexy 74 year old grandfather continued to fuck his giant 13 inch cock into the young black pussy from behind. I watched in lust as he grabbed onto her garter belt while running his hands up and down the sides of her smoke-colored thigh high stockings and continued to pound that giant shaft deep into her black pussy. It was clear that he was thoroughly enjoying himself and that he reveled in taking control of her young black 18 year old pussy. Her moans of pain and lust caused him to fuck her deeper than her tight wet pussy would allow. As my grandfather fucked her like a machine I was amazed at how incredibly fit he was physically. My grandfateher didn't have an ounce of fat on his body. He was so lean and so incredibly sexy and that giant cock only added to his powerful magnetism.

As I watched I started to imagine my grandfathers huge tireless 13 inch cock sliding in and out of my horny 18year old pussy! As I watched I began instinctively rubbing my big 36DD tits and pinching my fat inch long nipples that were now hard as rocks! I naughtily began to wish that it was me dressed in a pair of thigh high stockings and a garter belt with my sexy high heel pumps on, standing and kissing my handsome grandfather while I playfully pumped his enormous cock.

After battering her black pussy non-stop for more than a half hour and making her cum in endless waves, he drew his attention to the young asian girl and remarked on her huge nipples. I was also surprised at the size of her nipples especially because she was so skinny and had such a flat chest. I have huge nipples too but hers were even longer than mine and so dark. My grandfather began kissing her and as their tongues instantly flew across each others in a wild flicking motion as he ran his hands all over her ultra flat chest and her sinfully long hard nipples. He said coarsely,

"Yessss, I'm going to pull and suck these big fat nipples right off your little sexy girl tits baby!"

My grandfather began sucking on the young asian girls big swollen dark nipples aggressively and began biting on the long hard tips which caused her to stand on the tips of her glass high heel pumps and moan loudly,

"Ohhhhh fuck--- that's gonna make me cum!"

He then began kissing her deeply while he pinched her long dark nipples as if he was trying to pull them off of her tits. She was moaning wildly as my grandfather pinched and pulled on her huge nipples until she shouted out,

"Ohhhh fuck, you got me so worked up baby. Here it comes!"

As the asian girl was cumming like a faucet my grandfather took his hand and grabbed her red thong and said in a heated rage,

"Let's get these the fuck off you so I can get at that little teasing pussy of yours baby."

In his angered rage he tore her thong off her as if it were a piece of paper. His act of aggression took her by surprise and caused her to moan loudly saying,

"Ohhhh fuuuuck!"

This seemed to turn her on even more as their kissing got more desperate and sinful. As I watched my grandfather aggressively use his power on the young asian girl, I was getting so fucking hot. This was the side of my grandfather that I had heard about and I am quite sure these two girls had too. I was so accustomed to being treated like a princess by my boyfriend and all other guys that wanted to date me, but his aggressive personality was making my pussy wetter than ever. My boyfriend was always gentle when we made love to me and would never get this aggressive. The way my grandfather conducted himself in business was exactly how he was fucking these two girls. I began to think about the difference in my own father who was so gentle and soft spoken. As men, my father and grandfather were so totally opposite. My father was weak compared to my grandfather, who was a man that controlled everyone!

As I watched this 74 year old man with a perfect physical physique, with the biggest cock I've ever seen or heard about, using these two girls my age for his own sexual pleasure and deviance, I was lost in thought about of the way he commanded authority and was feared by everyone that dared cross him. But the more I watched my sexy grandfather using these two girls for his own enjoyment and thought about how ruthless he was in business and the numerous people whose lives he ruined, the more turned on I became. After he torn off the asian girls thong he grabbed her leg and lifted it on the bar stool which exposed her dark pussy. He then took his finger and began fucking it into her tight fuck hole while he continued to kiss her and pull on her huge nipple mercilessly. As she anchored her glass high heel pump into the rung of the bar stool she began to scream and say,

"Oh fuck. I can't stop cumming baby. Keep fucking me with those fingers…ohhhh fuuuuuck that so nasty!"

As my grandfather continued to assault the skinny asian with his mouth and his fingers ruthlessly, he began working on the black girl again. He was even more determined to fuck her with the giant cock that was swinging in the air with an angry rage. I have never seen something that frightening in my life! 

My grandfather then turned his attention back to the black girl and responded to her with more fury as he grabbed her by her long straight black hair and pulled her back to him assertively and sent his tongue flying out to meet hers for a few depraved seconds as he said irritatingly,

"Listen baby, this 13inch cock owns your pussy and let's get this straight…it fucks the way I want, not the way you want or the way you want your little pencil dicked boyfriends to fuck…You understand that now baby?"

They continued to flick their tongues wildly across each others in a wild lust filled display as the young black girl said in a deep throaty voice,

"Ummmmmm, sooooo fucking big. Ohhhh baby it's your pussy now baby. Anytime you want it or need it. I've heard all the stories about this great big fat cock. I know you fuck all the time baby and get all the pussy you want. Anytime you want this black pussy it's yours baby."

As she looked back at my grandfather who was now holding his gigantic cock in his hand and was lining it up to the entrance of her soaking pussy she gasped at the enormity of it and uttered lustfully,

"Ohhh fuck! Look at that huge cock! I'm so fucking hot for that great big white cock of yours baby. Fuck it the way you want baby…fuck it the way you want!"

My grandfather then forcefully had her to bend further over the plush sofa and began and said roughly,

"Fucking bend over baby and take this big fucking cock now!"

He then began angrily inserting more and more of his massive angry cock into the black girls tight pussy. His enormous fat pulsing cock was now determined to enlarge the black girls tight teenage pussy beyond any dimension she ever thought possible. After about ten minutes of angrily and impatiently working his 13inch cock into her black pussy he finally bottomed out. He then began pulling way back until his big cock head was at the mouth of her pussy and waited a few seconds for her to catch her breath then slammed it back down until his long hanging balls slapped the bottom of her black ass. Every time he did this she rolled her eyes back and threw her head back screaming,

"Ohhhh fuck! Your cock is huge! It's got my pussy jumpin' all over the place baby. Neva' had one that kept it snappin' like this!"

Even though she appeared to be in agony I could see my grandfathers cock coated in white cum form her spasaming pussy. She was cumming in a non-stop delirious state! After a few minutes my grandfather pulled out his huge cock from her black pussy which caused a loud suction- like popping sound. He then pulled the asian girl by the hair and kissed her wildly and demanded,

"Now get down and suck all of your friends black pussy cum off my big cock now baby!"

The skinny asian girl didn't hesitate for a second for fear of what my grandfather might do if she waited to long. She immediately knelt down on her glass platform high heels and began licking my grandfathers huge cock all over as it was dripping cum from the black girls pussy onto the floor. As the black girl was recovering the asian girl was licking every inch of his enormous cock, so desperate to please him. She began to spit what she had licked off back onto his endless shaft and then went back to licking it clean again. She was moaning through all of this saying,

"Oh baby this is the fucking biggest cock I've ever played with or heard about. You are so fucking huge. Oh baby I could play with this huge fucker all night."

I was so aroused at the thought of my grandfathers power and control over these two girls that I began to see myself kneeling on a pair of glass platform high heel pumps like the asian girl and licking and kissing all over his enormous cock while I looked up into his piercing dark gray eyes with a seductive grin on my face as I loving pumped off his enormous fat cock until it shot all over me! I didn't care that he was my mothers father or that he was almost 60 years older than me. All I cared about was being forcefully taken by that huge cock in the same way he was using these two girls my age for his own pleasure. My grandfather was the sexiest man I've ever seen and his enormous over-sized cock and his ruthless way of using these two young girls my age for his own pleasure were driving me crazy and caused me to cum again and again as I watched this lust filled sexy action wishing that I was a part of it!

My grandfather then lifted her up and started to kiss her as their tongues both flew out of their mouths and began flicking wildly, not once touching each others lips! As they kissed she eagerly pumped his huge cock with her open palm as it ran past the side of her thigh high stocking. My grandfather then said with authority,

"Now its time to fill your sexy young pussy with a real big cock baby."

"Ummm, fuck yeah," she replied with a devilish grin on her face as she stared in shock at my grandfathers huge wet cock that was sticking out with a slight hang, over a foot from his tight sexy body,

"Lets go fuck over there," he said while pointing to the bar stool.

She walked in a trance while trying to hold his giant cock, pumping it all over as they walked. The click of her glass high heels on the marble tiled floor advertised the fact that she was there to fuck and to please his great big cock. As they walked past the bar my grandfather took his glass of champain. When they got to the bar stool they immediately went back to kissing. It was so sinful to see a girl my age dressed in a pair of black thigh high stockings and wearing a pair of naughty glass platform high heel pumps and kissing a man that was nearly 60 years her senior. This was a sight that most people especially my boyfriend and my parents would say is morally wrong and disgusting. As I watched them kiss all I could think about was how sexy my grandfather looked and how enormous his cock was. At that moment I wanted to be the one that he was kissing and was going to fuck on the barstool!

As she sat on the tall bar stool she crossed her long thin legs and ran her hand teasingly up along the sides of her black thigh high stockings then along the 8 inch lacy top. As my grandfather sipped his champaign he pumped his huge cock slowly a few times and said,

"Very sexy baby. I think your going to make a wonderful fuck."

As she heard that she said hotly,

"Oh baby your driving my pussy crazy already. Just looking at that huge fucker has me hanging right on the edge. Fuck, you've got this pussy snapping already baby!"

She then looked over at her black friend who was now sitting on the bar stool next to her and sipping champaign while recovering from her giant cock experience with my 74 year old grandfather. As the black girl sat back with her long stocking legs crossed there was a look of spent ecstasy on her face from having just experiencing his tremendous 13 inch cock. Her attention was now focused on her friend who was about to be taken by the same freakish turned on angry cock that she fucked an hour ago. As she sipped her champaign the asian girl looked up at her and said in astonishment,

"On shit, I fucked your dad a bunch of times and I thought his black cock was fucking huge. Fuck… that was until I saw this great big fucker! Fuck, this cock is easily five times bigger your fathers!"

The black girl looked at my grandfather with a sly grin that confirmed what her friend said and added almost wickedly,

"Umm fuck yeah. I spied on them fucking a few times and I thought my dad was huge too. Watching them fuck caused me to go to his office a few days later and turn him on with a sexy outfit and flirt with him teasingly until he had me blow him and fuck him myself.

She then said to my grandfather slyly,

Up until your monster pussy pleaser split mine wide-open, my dad had the biggest cock, buttrust me he ain't near as big as you baby."

The black girl then spread her legs and looked down at her pussy which was still wide open from being stretched as wide as a beer can and said heatedly,

"Trust me on that."

As she said this she bent at the waist and kissed his huge cock head then said hotly,

"So fucking huge. Daddy aint got nothin' on this giant white cock."

She then flicked her tongue over his big as a baseball cock head like a fan on high speed for a few seconds before kissing it tenderly.

My grandfather suddenly got impatient and put his champaign glass down then leaned in and kissed the asian girl heatedly for a few seconds then took his hands and grabbed her buy one leg and threw it on up the bar while he forcefully took her other leg and had her brace it on one of the bar stool rungs. He then said firmly in an almost dark sinister way,

"Let's get this fuck going baby. This big cock wants to reshape your tight little young Chinese pussy right now!"

As my grandfathers giant cock lined up with the asian girls tiny pussy a look of horror suddenly overcame her. It was as if she finally realized just how big his cock really was and the damage it could permanently cause her. From where I stood I could see the freakish difference between my grandfathers giant cock and the asian girls almost boy-like skinny body and very tight pussy. The next thing that happened was so hot. My grandfather took his huge cock in his hand and reached over and took the black girl by her hair and pulled her off the stool and commanded her to spit all over her friends pussy. He said deliberately,

"Yeah baby, get her little Chinese fuck hole wet for this great big cock. Spit all over her tight little pussy before I stretch it out wider then your fathers cock ever could!"

As the black girl obediently obeyed my grandfather he began slyly laughing. He then grabbed her by the hair and told her to spit on his big cock. The black girl was so turned on she actually came just by spitting on her friends pussy and my grandfathers huge cock. I was loosing my mind watching the sexy sight that was taking place. I was so turned on just watching my grandfather take charge and use these two girls for his own pleasure and in turn they were also turned on by his power and control.

After inching the his giant cock head into her she immediately began to get frightened and begged him to stop, saying that her pussy was just to small to take it. She pleaded for him not to fuck her with that monster cock. She said in distress,

"Oh baby it's too fucking big. You're going to fucking kill me with that giant fucker. Baby please let me suck it for you. I'll blow it until it cums baby. I'll suck it all night if you want."

As she tried to struggle free it only enraged my grandfather and his angry cock. He then put his hand against her throat then leaned in to give her a quick kiss and said furiously,

"You're not going anywhere bitch. I've fucked hundreds of tight as a glove asian pussies just like yours. I'll make this big cock fucking fit. Trust me, your tight fuck hole will adjust to my big cock, even if it doesn't want to baby."

He didn't even give her a choice. My grandfather then spread her legs wide apart and began pounding his 13 inch cock into her violently as she cried out in agony,

"Ohhhhh fuuuuck baby your sooooooo fucking big…. Can't take it, its sooooooo fucking big."

During this animalistic pummeling he took her left leg in his elbow. His huge cock was pounding into her so hard that it nearly caused her glass platform high heel to fall off her foot as it dangled wildly in the air. As he fucked into her with long pounding strokes her right high heel was desperately trying to stay anchored to the chair. My grandfather was moaning loudly about how tight her pussy was and how good a fuck she was, while his tireless 13 inch cock pounded into her so fast and hard that it caused her tiny tits to shake around wildly.

My grandfather fucked his huge cock into her relentlessly for the next half hour as he bit down on her aching inch long nipples while uttering sexual obscenities to her. Their tongues were going crazy slashing into the air hysterically before they met and flicked against each other crazily. He was pounding her so hard that at one point she collapsed from cumming so hard on his great bog cock. I was amazed that my grandfather could continue fucking like this for so long. He was a fucking machine that was in amazing shape and I knew the way he was fucking that he could easily fuck for hours if not for days! This was so different from my boyfriend who came after a few minutes then fell asleep. I began to see myself getting that great big cock of his for hours and hours and as I thought about this I began to cum myself. I wondered if older men could fuck longer and then boys my age then suddenly thought of my father and how he looked at me dressed in my stockings and high heel pumps with my big tits and hard nipples exposed in the dress in the dressing room today. I suddenly wondered if he could fuck for hours to. I knew he liked what he saw by the way he starred at me in my sexy outfit.

As my grandfather continued to batter her tiny asian pussy, she was screaming out that his huge cock was hitting places in her pussy that the black girls father never touched. She was cumming in one continuous wave from the angles of my grandfathers monster cock. Suddenly my grandfather lifted her off the bar stool in one quick motion which causing her to wrap her glass platform high heels around his back. It showed that he was just getting started on her pussy and needed to fuck into it deeper and from a different angel. It also showed just how inexhaustible my grandfathers sex drive was.

They were now at the highest point of this disturbed, possessed fucking. My grandfather surprised her again by taking hold of her ass and lifting her off the bar stool without missing one long fuck stroke. Any younger man would have been fatigued long before and collapsed, but my grandfathers sex drive was unlimited!

With his giant serpent like cock wedged deep in her pussy he walked to the center of the room and continued to fuck her with one long hard fuck stroke after the next. She was going out of her mind and kept shouting that her pussy and ass were on fire and that she couldn't stop cumming all over his great big cock. He continued pumping into her like a fucking jack hammer, slicing in and out of her sex starved pussy. As my grandfather continued to drill his massive cock into her she snarled,

"Oh yeah baby keep fucking me with that huge fucking cock. My pussy loves your great big cock baby…. It's so fucking big, I can't stop cumming all over it baby."

They kissed wildly with their mouths open making sure to keep this fuck going dirtier and dirtier instead of turning it into some romantic and passionate kiss. He then reached up and put one hand on her shoulder while the other remained on her ass. He began slamming her 90 pound body down harder onto his huge fuck pole like she was a toy, then used his hand on her ass to guide it back up to the tip of his giant cock head. He would bring her back to the tip of his cock head and would hold her in place for a few seconds so that they could kiss again. After a few seconds of hot kissing he would slam her pussy back down to the wide base of that great big wide shaft. This caused her pussy to explode all over his great big tireless cock each time her tiny ass came slamming back down on it.

She was going wild kissing him saying,

"Oh baby I can't stop cumming all over your great big cock. Let me remember your great big cock forever baby. Keep fucking this tight 18 year old pussy with your huge fucking cock baby."

My grandfather was in a trance as he fucked into her tiny hole like a man possessed. He then put her down for a second then pulled her to his chest and lifted her off the ground effortlessly and slammed his huge cock back into her twitching pussy and began the onslaught of hammering that giant cock into her relentlessly as he held her suspended with her back to his. The asian girl could not believe the wild spasms that were shooting like gunfire through her over stuffed pussy as he held her suspended in air while that giant cock bore a new passage into her!

It was as if she was hanging off that monster cock while he fucked into her. In this position she was useless and my grandfather was in total control of the fuck. Actually, it was his massive angry 13 inch cock that controlled all the action. As my grandfather continued to pummel her with one long brutal stroke after another, she turned her head to the side and their tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each others for a few minutes of twisted kissing. They were sharing a wicked kiss that was long overdue. This was an immoral kiss between an 18 year high school teenager and a powerful 74 year old man who was in amazing physical shape who had a giant cock. As they kissed her pussy was exploding from each powerful thrust of my grandfathers huge cock as it bottomed out way up into her stomach with each penetrating thrust.

After an amazing 30 minutes of non - stop fucking he put her down which caused her knees to buckle from the weightless fucking she just received and caused her to fall to the sofa. After he sipped some champaign he turned her around to face the sofa and fisted his enormous shaft and lined it up with her scorching teenage fuck hole again. She could not believe that he could still be turned on and wanted to fuck more of her asian pussy. He then put his foot up on the sofa and angled that huge cock inside her. Before he put it back into her burning pussy she looked back and gasped at seeing the long angry hooked cook as it dripped her fuck juices,

"OHHHHH FUCK," she cried out loudly. It's all yours baby!"

With his foot up on the sofa she looked back at the frightening sight of his huge cock that jutted out from his tight body and waved from side to side arrogantly. Even for where I stood I noticed his huge piss slit was opening and closing with a clear fluid running out of in a steady stream.

He then took that angry cock in his fist and brought it to her quivering pussy and began forcefully inching it back into her. She began to shudder and said apprehensively,

"Ohhhhhh fuck...Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...soooo fucking bigggg."

She was groaning as she came even harder then she had before from this new sensitive fuck position. My grandfather found every horny hot spot in her young teenage pussy and made it cum at will.

They continued this twisted and depraved non stop fucking for a half hour straight. She must have cum fifty times from the sheer pleasure of my grandfathers huge enraged tireless cock. As this hot action was taking place the black girl was watching as if she was in a trance. Just watching her friend fucking my gradfathers huge cock was making her see what his giant cock did to her pussy. It caused her to shudder at the thought that her pussy could take such an enormous cock. She couldn't believe that her asian friend could handle his giant cock as she watched her little brown pussy being stretched so wide that it looked like it was being pried apart by a beer can.

Finally my grandfather put her down and commanded both of them to lick his big cock clean. They were desperate to do as he commanded as they each squatted on their high heels and began licking all over his giant shaft, tasting their own sexy pussies that coated his tremendous thickly veined shaft. They used this time to recover from the battering their pussies had taken and to please him at the same time.

They used the tips of their tongues excitedly and ran them up the sides of his massive shaft, each moaning and mumbling,

"Ummmmmmmmm...soooooo big...sooooo fucking big," as they worked all over his great big cock head and shaft.

Both girls were in such a high state of arousal from sucking his enormous cock. This was their way of silently letting him know how much they worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running their hot tongues all over his huge shaft, the black girl lifted the giant cock against his tight chest and began sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. While she worked on his enormous hanging balls the asian girl stood then bent slightly at the waist and began flicking her tongue wildly over his huge cock head. My grandfathers cock was so big that she needed to stand just to reach the tip!

While they we working all over his giant cock my grandfather was sipping champing and taking in the lust filled sight as he looked down at the two 18 year old school girls dressed for fucking in thigh high stockings and high heels. As the girls were sucking and kissing all over his giant cock and worshiping it while saying how huge and sexy it was with lust filled words my hands were all over my body which was cumming constantly. I was so amazed about how sexy and how powerful my grandfather was and the amazing physical shape he was in, especially for a 74 year old man

After he had had enough my grandfather pulled them up and suggested that they go to the hot tub to play with each other. While they both stripped he poured them a glass of champaign. The tub was in another room which I couldn't see. I didn't want to risk being noticed, although I wished it was me going into the hot tub with my grandfather and that huge cock that was hanging shockingly down to his knee. The girls stepped back into their high heels and walked into the Jacuzzi room each on the arm of my distinguished 74 year old grandfather. The sound of their high heels clicking on the marble floor filled the room with sex, the kind of immoral sex between two 18 year old high school girls and a wealthy, powerful 74 year old man.

It was so obvious that my grandfather was using both of these girls for his own pleasure. He had no interest in what they were thinking or feeling. All that mattered to him was that his huge cock was worshiped and pleased. The way both girls were moaning and groaning and as they each came in wave after wave of earth shattering orgasm while telling him how much they loved his great big cock was obvious that they were possessed by my grandfathers power, wealth and his massive cock. I could not believe the way they each seemed so desperate to do as he commanded. It told me that they knew he has had hundreds of young girls just like them who he could fuck him on a moments notice. This was clear to me because each of the girls had dates that evening while they were at the dinner, but as they walked off I heard the asian girl say,

"Baby, when you said you wanted to take us back to your Penthouse and fuck us both tonight we couldn't get rid of our boyfriends fast enough for you and that great big tireless cock of yours!"

I tossed and turned all night thinking about my grandfathers huge cock and the way he aggressively fucked those two young girls and how hard he came. I knew we were flying back to LA that day so I wanted to personally thank him for my birthday present and this amazing trip. It was early and my boyfriend was passed out and snoring from all of the drinking the night before. I knew it would be a good hour before he got up. When I slipped out of bed I took notice of his cock and almost laughed out loud at how small it looked compared to the sight of my grandfathers giant cock. It was about the size of a thimble compared to his.

I was so horny from what I saw last night that I began to dress in a very naughty way. I put on a tight sheer white blouse that I had brought but hadn't worn. The reason I didn't wear it was because of how sheer it was. Not only did I want to wear it but I surprised myself by not wearing a bra underneath. The material was so sheer you could read a newspaper through it from the opposite side of the room! If my mother ever saw me like this she would have yelled at me to put a bra and a camisole on under the blouse. Although I didn't bring the types of dresses and stockings that the girls wore last night I did bring a pair of very short pajama bottoms for sleeping in. They are ultra short like a Daisy Duke pair of shorts that actually showed the bottom of my ass cheeks. They were skin tight and clung to the perfect curve of my sexy round ass. So what I did was wear the tight fitting pajama bottoms and the sheer white blouse. I then thought about the girls fucking with their high heels on and how it added so much to the their naughty look so I took my black high heel pumps that I wore to the dinner and carried them out of the bedroom.

I wanted to put on my thigh high stockings to add to the heat, but I knew that my time was limited. God as I looked at my boyfriend I suddenly wished that he wasn't here. I said to myself,

"Fuck if you weren't here Bobby my grandfather and I could be getting into a real sexy fuck. A great big cock fucking, not like the ones I get from you and that little boy cock of yours!"

I didn't want to chance waking my boyfriend with the sound of my high heels clicking on the wood floors. I then went to the bathroom and put my hair up and put on a hot shade of lipstick. I put on a bright red shade like the girls had on because I really wanted to turn my grandfather and that massive 13inch cock on. In the bathroom I stepped into my black size 10 high heel pumps and looked into the floor length mirror. I had to admit I looked hot. The sight of my big 36DD braless tits through the sheer material of my blouse made me look more nude and to see the ultra shorts clinging to my ass accented by my high heels was just the perfect look I wanted to turn him on.

When I knocked I was happy to hear my grandfather say come in. He was sitting on the edge of his desk and was on the phone talking to my mother when I entered the room. I overheard him say that the limo was on its way and that his private jet would be ready in a few hours. As soon as I saw him impeccably dressed in a white shirt and black pants all the images of last night including that huge cock of his and the way he fucked those two girls my age and the buckets of cum that shot from his giant cock it caused my big nipples to become instantly hard. As he talked to my mother his eyes immediately began to scan my sexy 18 year old 36DD-21-33 body. My grandfather didn't hide the fact that he was looking at me as another potential fuck and I was loving every second of his deliberate stare as his penetrating eyes slowly went from my black size 10 high heel pumps up my long slender legs to my huge 36DD tits and my now aching inch long nipples.

He hung up the phone a few seconds later but when he did he continued to take in my sight. His overt staring was getting me hotter by the second. At that moment I don't know what came over me but I began walking sexily around the room pretending to look at all the art and pictures on the walls, but I didn't care in the least about that. All I wanted was for my sexy grandfather to take in my hot 18 year old body. As I walked towards him his eyes were now burning with lust and I began to see that self-assured ruthless look of confidence on his face.

As my high heels clicked on the wood floor with each step the sexy hot tension in the room between my grandfather and I began to rise like a sauna. I watched as my grandfathers eyes went from my black high heels to the tops of my long legs. His eyes were scanning my body as if I was on display for his pleasure. My grandfather was unashamedly leering at me as I walked purposely and seductively around the room for another ten minutes. God I never felt so wanton and turned on at the same time. During those ten minutes the sexual tension in his study was becoming very hot; as the only sounds you could hear were our deep faint groans we were each making and the sinful clicking of my high heel pumps. As I walked towards my grandfather I nearly fainted when I saw the giant bulge that I had seen the night before run along the inseam of his left leg nearly reaching his knee! I began to think to myself.

"Oh fuck I wish I could just bend at the waist and take out my grandfathers huge fucking cock and spit all over it then pump it as I looked up into his stabbing gray eyes while I grinned slyly and whispered, "Such a big fucking cock. Ohhh I love pumping the fuck out of it and getting it nice and horny to cum for me."

As my grandfathers eyes continued to burn all over my turned on body my high heel pumps continued to fill the room with sounds of lust for fucking I continued to glare at his enormous bulge that continued to grow disbelievingly before my eyes I went back to thinking,

"God I wanna suck all over my grandfathers huge cock and worship it just like those two girls did last night and make him pop a huge load of cum all over me and this fucking room!"

I was so caught up in this heat between my sexy grandfather and I that I totally forgot that my parents were coming in a few minutes in the limo and that my boyfriend was in the penthouse sleeping. I then thought frustratingly,

"God if only Bobby and my parents weren't here I know my grandfather and I would fuck and play with each other all day and night. God, the way I watched him fuck those two girls my age last nigh we could easily fuck all week!"

My grandfather finally broke the devilish silence saying,

"You look very sexy Allison."

"Umm yes. Very sexy," he added with a soft moan.

I then replied with a confident tone,

"Well thank you. I'm flattered Frank, considering the hundreds of young girls that are lining up to be by your side."

My grandfather continued to look at me with the same hunger I saw in his eyes last night while he was fucking both girls and said with a deep throaty voice,

"Remember this baby, I don't say or do anything just to pass along a compliment, so when I say you're sexy I mean it baby."

He added almost arrogantly and with a confidence that caused me to almost cum,

"Your entirely correct Allison, I do entertain scores of young females that enjoy my company, but with a body as sexy as yours and the way you are dressed would put you right at the top of my play list baby. Right at the top."

As my grandfathers eyes continued to burn right through my sheer clothing he added,

"And more importantly…I know you know it too baby."

I then smiled slyly at him indicating that he was so right. I then went towards the sofa, slowing clicking my high heels deliberately making sure my grandfathers eyes were riveted to my wild ass. I then leaned forward over the sofa and put one of my black high heel pumps seductively over the other and turned to one side slightly so that my sexy grandfather could see my profile and my long sexy legs. As I leaned forward my ultra tight shorts rose up over my perfect round ass cheeks, which exposed most of my entire smooth perfect ass to him. I stood there in this sinful pose with my black high heel pumps crossed over each other and my long smooth legs clearly reviled in a sexy position for his viewing while my skin tight shorts ran up high over my ass cheeks. As my grandfather looked over my body with an almost inescapable hunger I ran the tip of my left index finger from the back of my high hell pump , up my left leg then over my exposed ass cheek then over the curve of my round ass. Knowing my grandfathers eyes were riveted to my every move I licked the tip of my finger deliberately then teasingly traced the outline of my turned on inch long left nipple that was clearly visible through the sheer fabric of my skin- tight white blouse because of not wearing a bra.

As he stood confidently leaning at the edge of the desk he said in a sly tone,

"Oh yes, you do know you have a perfect body. I like that quality in a young girl Allison. I like it a lot baby."

At this point we were interrupted by the chuffer announcing over the intercom that my mother and father were arriving in 15 minutes. I knew my boyfriend would be getting up any minute too and that there wasn't much more time for my grandfather and I to continue this sexy hot play. As desperate as I wanted to fuck my grandfather and by his reaction to my sexy body I could tell he wanted the same, I knew it was impossible for us to fuck today, but that being said I was determined to let him know that I wanted to fuck him. I then walked towards my grandfather and was going crazy by the sight of that frighteningly huge cock that ran down his left leg and was billowing out over a foot long and at least almost 8 inches from his thigh! As I walked towards him with my eyes were glued to that huge cock and I said coyly,

"Oh yes Frank, your right, I do know I'm very sexy, because I hear it all the time, but it really turns me on to hear it from you. When I came into your room I wanted to thank you for my perfect 18th birthday gift you sent, but judging by that giant bulge in your pants I think there's something else you'd like to give your sexy 18 year old granddaughter," "Am I right baby?"

When I approached my sexy grandfather both our tongues darted out of our mouths as if two missiles were launched at each other and we began flicking the tips of our hot tongues wildly across each others. This was the message that confirmed we were turned by each other and that we had to fuck. My grandfather then turned up the heat in a manner that I witnessed last night and began roughly sucking my huge turned on nipples through my sheer white blouse.

He then began pulling on each nipple and looked me in the eye and said greedily,

"Ummm… I've wanted to play with these big sexy tits and wild nipples for a long time Allison."

He then added in an almost haunting deep laugh,

"And now your finally 18 baby, hmmmm perfect baby! Absolutly perfect!"

My grandfather then alternated between sucking on a nipple brutally which caused me to groan. He then pinched and pulled the other which sent lightening bolts straight up into my scorching 18 year old pussy. Just as I was about to shriek he would let up for a second and then send his tongue like a snake rocketing out and in turn I opened my mouth and let mine fly out feverishly to meet his in a wild act of sinful kissing. Our naughty kiss was heightened by the fact that I was an 18 year old girl and he was a 74 year old man: a man that was nearly 60 years older than me. Then to make this scene even more wild and immoral was that he was my own grandfather.

He would continue to play this game over and over with his mouth and fingers with my 36DD tits and make me delirious when he'd catch me off guard when his tongue would fly out and demand mine. I began groaning instantly and knew I was right on the edge of cumming. Suddenly I felt my grandfathers hand on the ultra tight shorts and rip them down in one motion. I was going wild now anticipating that monster cock, but instead he began inserting one finger in my pussy and another in my ass. My grandfather then began an assault with his fingers into my blistering pussy and my burning ass. He inserted one each until his fingers were instantly coated with my cum then immediately switched by inserting two then three punishing fingers into each of my burning fuck holes. As I was trembling from the shear pleasure of having both of my tight holes invaded and used by my sexy 74 year old grandfather. As he continued to pummel me with his merciless fingers while he madly sucked my huge inch long nipples through my almost transparent blouse he said with arrogantly,

"We'll continue this fuck next week in Vegas baby. I've wanted to fuck you for the longest time Allison and now that you're finally 18 we can fuck as long and as much as we want baby."

With those words and my grandfathers fingers working both my pussy and ass at the same time which was something I've never experienced that put me over the edge. I began to shudder and cum like a hot running faucet that couldn't be turned off. I moaned loudly,

"Ohhhhh fuuuuck, you've got me so fucked up baby."

Through my endless cum we stayed with our untamed kiss, a wicked kiss between an 18 year old girl and her 74 year old grandfather. A kiss that would repulse so many people if they could see us now including my boyfriend and my parents who would be here any moment. As I continued to cum my grandfather began pinching my fat distended nipples saying,

"Keep it going baby, let that pussy shoot until I can fill it with my great big cock next week."

I then reached for his cock to feel it before we broke our kiss. As I ran the palm of my hand against his bulging crotch I was going insane as I felt it for the first time. I began to think how obscene it felt and that it couldn't possibly be as huge as I was feeling. But I knew from seeing it last night that my grandfather was enormous. As I played with it I said hotly,

"Oh baby I cant wait to have this giant cock in my pussy. I'm going to fuck and blow it like no other slut you've ever had."

At that point I heard my boyfriend calling and my grandfather said with another hot kiss,

"Yes baby next week will be ours to fuck. We'll be in my Vegas penthouse with your pussy that I've imagined fucking so often finally wrapped around this great big cock."

When Bobby called again my grandfather looked irritated and I immediately ran my long manicured nail seductively along the freakish bulging shaft that was obscenely pushing against the confines of his expensive European suit. I then kissed him on the lips softly which caused a soft popping sound and said seductively,

"Don't worry baby it's time I broke up with him anyway."

My grandfather responded almost arrogantly,

"Good decision baby… very good decision."

We kissed one last time and I then bent at the waist and gave a soft kiss to his massive shaft and said in a purring voice,

"I can't wait to pump and suck you off. Ummmmm so fucking big…so fucking big!"

I then walked out of the room knowing my grandfathers eyes were riveted to my body. I took off my pumps and stripped my cloths then jumped into the shower. In the shower all I could think about was the way my grandfather made me instantly cum and the freakish size of his enormous cock that I knew was going to fuck me all week in Vegas. As I was getting lost in thought Bobby stepped into the shower as if to surprise me and when I noticed that he had a hard on I nearly laughed to myself. Fully hard he measured about 6 inches which was pathetic compared to my grandfathers giant 13 inch pussy pleaser.

I pretended to be happy to see him but said that we couldn't make love (as we always called it) because I felt uncomfortable in my grandfathers house and that my parents were on their way. I then took his tiny dick in my hand and jerked him off. This took about 3 seconds which is always the case with him anyway. As I was jerking my boyfriend off the image of my grandfathers giant cock and his tireless stamina to fuck burned in my mind. I began to instantly think about my relationship with Bobby and said to myself laughingly as he shot about 3 little burst of cum into my palm,

"I hope you enjoyed it because this is the end of the line for you. As of next week I'm going to be fucking a giant cock and it belongs to a very wealthy, powerful older man-- my grandfathers' giant cock. A real cock-- not an average dick like yours!"

As Bobby was getting jerked off by Allison all he could think about was how hot her mother looked last night and couldn't wait to get back to LA so they could get back to fucking again when her husband was out and Allison was at cheerleading practice. Suddenly the thought of her mother dressed in that leopard mini dress with the tan colored stockings and glass platform high heels caused him to tense up and when he though about the garter belt that he noticed it brought him over the edge instantly as he came all over his soon-to- be X girlfriends hand. As he came Allison was only thinking about her sexy grandfather and that enormous 13 inch cock and all the sexy things she was going to do to it next week in Vegas. She laughed to herself when she thought back to how she felt competing with her mother for his attention and said slyly to herself.

"Well mother it looks like Frank and I will be in Vegas all weekend fucking and playing with each other. Oh- and if you only knew the size of your fathers enormous cock and the way that it fucks, I know that it would absolutly make you jealous. Sorry mom, but I'll be in Vegas with your father fucking all weekend while you're playing tennis or going to the club with your stuffy old friends."

What Allison didn't know was that her mother was also going to Vegas for a weekend of wild fucking; not with her grandfather, but with the three young Middle Eastern men that were at the party. Her mother had agreed to go to Vegas with the three men as a special gift from her father to them for the business deal that went wrong for the three sheiks and that Frank made over one hundred million dollars from. Her mother knew that Frank owned her for the lifestyle he provided them and she knew that it was the only thing she could do when her father told her that the three men would like to take her to Vegas for the weekend. She knew that the weekend would only be about one thing –fucking and pleasing them. Just the thought of being with three Middle Eastern men who wanted her for nothing more than pleasure absolutely turned Allison's mother on. She would soon find out that these men were very rough with women and demanded obedience. She would also learn that they each had big cocks, not quite as big as her fathers, but each was ten inches, and all desperate to be pleased!

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