Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Part 2

Written by shoguy

As I sat in my 12th grade History class I couldn't help but drift off and think about the events that lead up to this day and what happened in my home this morning. This past weekend my grandfather flew my mother, father and my former boyfriend and myself to New York City to a party in his honor. My grandfather is a very wealthy and powerful man who has business dealings all over the world. At 74 years of age he is very distinguished looking and in amazing physical condition. My grandfather has an incredible physique, especially for someone 74 years old. His distinguished and handsome appearance combined with his wealth and power always found him in the company of very sexy young women.

Growing up I never really knew my grandfather because he was always traveling around the world on business or for pleasure, but I knew that he was very generous to me and my parents. He was so generous that he provided us with one of the wealthiest lifestyles in Beverly Hills. Looking at our lavish-lifestyle you would assume that my father earned a few million dollars a year, but the truth was he hasn't worked a day in his life. My grandfather has paid for everything we have. We live in the most expensive area of Beverly Hills and belong to all the high profile country clubs health spas, and yacht clubs. My mother also never worked a day in her life and the only job my father has ever had was as a gofer for my grandfather. I learned that all the bills for our lifestyle get sent directly to my grandfather, including cars, restaurants, food and clothing. My parents both drive the most expensive Mercedes and BMW's and we even have a personal chauffer on call at all times. So for our entire lives my grandfather has provided everything for my family.

I learned from my parents that my grandfather had a reputation for being ruthless in business and always got what he wanted. While in New York City for his party, I also learned that getting anything he wanted included fucking any sexy young girl he chose. My grandfathers' endless list of sexy young girls included the daughters and granddaughters of business associates and even partners and employees that worked in his many companies. They even included the daughters and granddaughters of business rivals that wanted to be with my grandfather because he was even more ruthless and powerful than their fathers or grandfathers. Well the time finally came at my grandfathers' private party last week that he made us aware that we were his personal possession. The party held in his honor was for all his worldly accomplishments in his 74 years. To anyone reading this you would think that this was so disgraceful and immoral, but after the things my mother and I learned from his party, we were eager to give Frank (my grandfathers name) anything he wanted. ANYTHING!

I woke up this morning with the sounds of men with accents talking loudly and the sounds of a woman moaning and groaning. I heard a car door close and when I looked out my window I watched my father carrying a suitcase to a large black limousine. He looked as if he was in distress as he shook his head from side to side. I got out of bed and opened my door slowly as I listened to the groaning sounds. As I walked down the hall the sounds grew louder. As I stood along the handrail I looked down into the living room in total disbelief.

I saw my mother dressed in a skin tight mesh, white stretch micro-mini dress that was so transparent that you could easily make out what she was wearing underneath even from where I was standing two floors above! Standing beside my mother were the three young Middle Eastern men who were at my grandfathers party a few nights ago. Each of the men was in their mid twenties and dressed in expensive cloths. As they each took in my mothers' sexy appearance you could see the hunger on their faces build and the hot tension rise around her as they leered at her lustfully. As they were taking in her appearance they were running their hands up and down her body which caused her to groan louder and louder. As they were playing with her body excitedly with their hands, one of the three men started telling her how sexy she was and that they were going to love fucking her all week. In turn she began running her palms up and down the obvious bulges in their pants. Suddenly one of the men began kissing my mother hard which caused her to moan excitedly while the second man pulled up her tight dress over the curve of her ass which reviled a white thong and a white lace garter belt attached to a pair of nude thigh high stockings. As the man continued to kiss her the third man who seemed to be the one in charge tore her thong right off saying,

"Let us see this sexy pussy we will be fucking all week."

As he tore off my mothers' thong as if were a piece of paper, I watched her break off from the hot kiss and look back at the man and with a devilish sneer and say,

"Oh fuck, I can't wait to fuck your three big cocks. I'm so fucking wet right now, I can't wait to start our fuck."

As my mother said this my father stood at the entrance of the room and watched the three young men kissing her hungrily while they each played with her exposed ass and her braless tits through the sheer white mesh material as she playfully ran her hand teasingly against their big canceled hard ons. As my father and I watched in stunned surprise one of the one in charge pinched my mothers' braless tits through her mesh top causing her to groan. He then looked at my father and said in a very irritated way,

"When your wife comes back from all the fucking we are going to give her, her sexy pussy will be sore for a month."

As soon as he said that he ripped open his pants and out sprang a huge dark colored cock. Although it wasn't nearly as big as my grandfathers, it was big. The night of my grandfathers' party I watched him fuck two teenage girls and I was in total shock at seeing his freakish cock. I learned that night that my grandfather had a 13 inch cock. Judging by the size of my grandfathers cock who I knew was 13 inches, this guy had to be almost 10 inches. The thing that made him look so much smaller than my grandfather was the width of his cock. Not only was my grandfather enormous in length, but he was incredibly wide around. To be exact, he was a staggering10 inches around! I remember how much both girls screamed as my grandfathers giant cock pried apart their tight pussies and stretched them wider than a beer can.

I knew that my mother was going mad at the sight of this guys big cock, because I have accidentally seen my father on a few occasions and I knew he had a small cock, which compared to this guys seemed tiny by compression. As my mother was starring in disbelief at the big dark cock that was pointing right at her, the other two men undid their pants as if they were following their leader and pulled theirs out too. I could not believe how big they all were. They all seemed equal in length and width. Once the three cocks were out and pointing at my mother they looked menacing and were throbbing in a way that said to her,


It was then that I heard my mother gasp out loud and say,

"Oh fuck! Your cocks are so fucking big. Oh my god there so fucking big! Ummmm so fucking big!"

As my father looked on in shock, my mother instantly took a cock in each hand and squatted on her high heels and proceeded to jerk up and down and all over the two pulsating cocks while she flicked her tongue wildly over the cockhead that was right in front of her face. My mother was wearing the same glass platform high heels that my grandfather had her wear for his party. The 6 inch glass high heels only added to my mothers' sinful porn-like look. Suddenly the room turned into a scorching sex scene filled with excited groans from the three men and my mother. My mother looked as if she was in a trance while she lovingly pumped and jacked the two huge cocks in her outstretched hands while she kissed and licked all over the third one. She then said hotly,

"Oh fuck I can't believe how big your cocks are. I can't wait until each one of these huge cocks are buried deep in my burning pussy. Oh fuck... they're so fucking big. Oh god your cocks are so fucking big...Ummmm, I can't wait to fuck every inch of these great big fuck poles!"

I could not believe the words that came out of my mothers' mouth and I am quite sure my father was thinking the same thing. When I looked at my father again I noticed that he had his hand on his pants and he was rubbing his cock. I couldn't believe it, but my father actually was turned on at the sight of his wife being taken by three younger Middle Eastern men right in his home and right in front of him! At one point I could tell the men and my mother noticed him playing with himself too.

It was then that the leader went over to my father and demanded that he take out his cock and play with it while he watched his wife get fucked. At first my father refused but then the man suddenly became irritated and struck my father in the head which caused him to collapse to the floor. I could not move because I was afraid at what would happen if they saw me. Deep down I knew that I should have gone back to my bedroom and call the police once the man attacked my father and knocked him out, but I didn't want to miss a single second of the this very hot scene. I know it was evil of me, but I was really getting turned on and secretly wanted to watch my mother get fucked by these three big cocked Middle Eastern guys. There was a devious part of me that wanted to see my mother get fucked real hard until she begged them to stop.

The reason I was so vindictive was that, I had known for along time my mother was fucking my boyfriend Bobby every time I was at cheerleading practice. I remember driving home from high school one day because I had forgotten my cheerleader bag and when I went to my room I heard noises coming from the pool outside which was right below my bedroom window. When I looked outside I saw my mother bent over at the waist, sucking my boyfriends cock with nothing more on then a pair of black high heel pumps. After 15 minutes of sucking his tight balls and his rock hard cock she lead him by his cock to the outside bar, stopping every few feet to kiss him while she teasingly pumped his hard shaft. As my mother lead the way with her hand glued to his cock, her high heel pumps made a seductive clicking sound that drew my boyfriend's attention to her toned ass. The clicking noises that popped off her high heels each time they met the hot cement was exactly what my mother knew would add to the hot fuck scene. Once she got to the bar stool she turned her back to him then leaned over it while he fucked her from behind. As my boyfriend fucked into her I remember my mother looking back at him over her shoulder and taunting him by saying things like,

"Do you like my pussy better than my daughters' baby? I'll bet my daughter doesn't fuck your turned on cock like this, does she baby? I'll bet she doesn't make your horny cock explode like I do either, does she baby?

As my boyfriend fucked her like a piston she went on and on about how he deserved so much better than me and how I wasn't good enough for him. After a few minutes she said she needed to suck his cock again. She then squatted down on her high heel pumps and eagerly blew him as he groaned in ecstasy telling her how hot she was. Of course this caused her to smirk up at him. After teasing him she positioned herself against the bar stool again and he reinserted his cock and went back to pounding her senseless. My boyfriend was fucking my mother so hard you could hear his cock hit her ass with every stroke. Mixed in with the slapping sounds of his crotch hitting her ass, were the sounds of their deep groans, and the clicking of my mothers black high heel pumps, as the backs lifted then slammed back down on the cement patio, with every hard thrust of his cock when it slammed into her pussy. As they fucked and kissed, I remember her telling him that I was just a spoiled little bitch and that her pussy was always ready for him whenever I was a bitch to him. Although I wasn't really into my boyfriend, and secretly started fucking a few different guys behind his back including my 57 year old black Principal, I wanted to get even with my mother for fucking him behind my back.

This is part of the reason why I was turned on by the sexy scene. Also, there was a part of me that secretly wanted to play with their big cocks myself and wished it was me the three Middle Eastern guys were going to fuck instead of my mother. Although I wanted to go back to my bedroom and put on a pair of thigh high stockings and high heel pumps and walk down stars and lure them away from my mother, I decided not to disrupt this nasty scene that was going on as she was pleasuring them with her hands and mouth. I was actually so turned on that I started playing with myself, rubbing and then fingering my wet pussy and pinching my inch swollen inch long nipples that were sticking right off the tops of my excited 36DD tits, right through the flimsily material of my white teddy.

When my father groaned and fell to the floor I was surprised at my mothers' lack of concern for her husband. She was so lost in pumping the two big cocks and alternating between sucking one then the other that she didn't even care that my father collapsed to the ground. As my mother greedily moaned while she pleased the two men she showed just how little she cared about my father. The leader than walked back to my mother to get back into the hot action. My mother greedily took his cock almost as if she was rewarding him for knocking my father down. She wanted to show how him how turned on she was by his aggressive act. It was if she was rewarding him for knocking out the head of the household and taking his wife without even the slightest of protest. My mother then took his big swollen cock and paid special attention to it for ten minutes while the other two stroked their cocks while they watched their leader.

She then looked up at the young leader and said hotly,

"Oh baby, just watching you knock him out was so sexy. Seeing you punish him for disobeying you turned my pussy on like crazy baby. "

She then looked at him with a smirk and said in a real hot voice,

Ummm, bring me that big, sexy cock.Let me suck it baby. "

My mother then took his cock and continued to pump it lovingly and lick it wildly. After a while the leader asked her in a sarcastic voice if she wanted to stop sucking his cock and go tend to her husband. Without a second to think about it she looked up at him and with a devious grin and said hotly,

"Oh baby I could are less about him. All I care about is giving this great big cock of yours what it wants and needs...All of your big sexy cocks! I don't want to stop playing with your big cock for a second baby. All I want to do is worship your three big sexy cocks."

She then added in a hot throaty tone,

"He can stay there on the floor all day for all I care baby."

She then smirked at him and continued pumping him and licking his swollen cock while he groaned approvingly and the two others took this as a cue to get back into the action. With no concern for my father the young men were enjoying the special attention my sexy 54 year old mother was paying their turned on cocks. The leader than walked back to my father and kicked him in the side which caused him to groan loudly, and told him to get up and take out his pathetic dick and play with it as he watched his sexy wife finally enjoy a real cock.

As my father slowly stood up he pulled down his pants and suddenly all three men began to laugh loudly. My father was beyond being embarrassed. He was so humiliated because in comparison to the three Middle Eastern men that were half his age, his cock was tiny! Even with a full erection my father only measured about 5 inches and compared to the three men my fathers cock looked like I thimble. The leader looked at my fathers' cock while mockingly laughing and said to my mother,

"You call this pathetic thing a dick?"

He then walked back to my mother and kissed her hard while he ran his hand over the curve of his ass,then looked at her and said tauntingly,

"How did you let such a pathetic tiny excuse for a dick fuck this sexy pussy baby?"

My mother just groaned and said sarcastically,

"Oh lover, I used to laugh at his tiny cock and always imagined I was fucking one as big as all of yours. Trust me baby, I know my sexy body deserves to fuck a real big cock, and I can't wait to feel each of yours buried deep inside this tight fuck hole. I can't wait till the three of you get inside this horny pussy and fuck it till' it becomes yours!"

My mother than reveled the reason the three young Middle Eastern men were in our home. While she continued to shamelessly pump and kiss each cock as if she was worshiping them instead of just blowing them she said hotly,

"When I met the three of you at my fathers party I was instantly turned on, and all I could think about that weekend was what it would be like for the four of us to be in bed fucking. When we were talking I noticed the way you were each looking at my body and I was hoping you were each thinking the same thing that I was."

Without any concern for my father overhearing this, she looked at the leader and said brazenly,

"Oh baby all I could think about that whole weekend was the three of you playing with me and fucking me in so many different fuck positions."

The leader than said candidly,

"Yes baby when your father introduced us we instantly wanted to take you back to our hotel and fuck you all night."

He then said that they were at my grandfathers' party because of a very big business deal they had with my him. The man said they contacted my grandfather because of his ruthless reputation as a businessman throughout the world. He went on to say that they each made comments to my grandfather about how sexy my mother was and that they were very pleased when he contacted them to let them know that she would love for the three of them to entertain her for the upcoming week on their private yacht.

After the Middle Eastern man told my mother about the business with her father she began thinking to herself about the events that lead up to this. While she continued pleasing these three turned on 10 inch cocks of guys that were more than half her age, Vivian began thinking to herself about her sexy meeting with her father yesterday and how he was the one responsible for arranging this fuck with the three business associates.

"I can't believe how this all happened,' Vivian thought to herself as she lovingly pleased the three young Middle Eastern men.

She reflected back to the party in honor of her 74 year old father. Growing up Vivian barley knew her father because of his travels around the world and never being married to her mother.

'I remember the night of his party. My father had my daughter Allison and I go to an upscale boutique in Manhattan and arranged for us to wear the most sinful outfits imaginable. My father had prearranged and selected all of our clothing including two very reveling low cut mini dresses. He even chose what we would wear under the tight mini dresses. He selected a pair of classic thigh high stockings and a thong with a classic pair of black high heel pumps for my daughter, but surprisingly had me dress just like I am now; almost porn-like, with a thong, and a garter belt attached to a pair of thigh high stockings and these tall 6 inch tall glass platform high heels. 

I remember how competitive I felt towards my daughter as we were dressing and I could feel the same thing back from her. As we dressed we would slyly glance over at each other, taking mental notes how we each looked compared to each other as we slowly put on our thongs, then our stockings and finally our high heels. As we walked around the fitting room before we put on our mini dresses, we looked at our bodies approvingly in the floor length mirrors while we sipped champaign that my father provided. It felt like a bizarre competition between mother and daughter which was brought on by my very own father. Our outfits were both very sexy and each highlighted our very different bodies.

My daughter Allison has a body that most men –especially older men fantasize about. She just turned 18 and has long blond hair and stands 5'8''tall and weighs 105 pounds. Although she is very skinny she has a huge set of breasts that measure 36DD! To add excitement to her huge breasts are an enormous wide and sinfully long pair of nipples. Even when I gave birth to her my nipples didn't get that big! 36DD-21-33; my daughters body is definitely what all men want, especially older wealthy and powerful men-men like her grandfather -my father!

Now about me. Without being conceited I have a body that exudes sexuality. At 54 years of age I am in better shape than most girls in their mid-twenties. My measurements are completely different than my daughters, but I am proud to say that I attract a lot of attention too, especially from younger men. I work out regularly to maintain my perfect toned body. My breasts are very small, almost flat measuring 30AA, and my waist and hip size is a perfect 24-36. At 5'6'' tall and weighing 115 pounds, my 30AA -24-36 turns a lot of heads, especially younger heads like these three horny Middle Eastern guys that can't wait to fuck me and of course my daughters former boyfriend Bobby who came by the house every day when my daughter was at cheerleading practice and while my husband played golf.

As my daughter and I sipped our champaign and walked around the room all I could think about was how powerful and wealthy my father was and that if he wanted me to dress like this I was more than willing to please him, especially since he provided us our wealthy lifestyle and everything we own. The strange thing was that I knew that my daughter Allison was thinking the exact same thing.'

Allison then thought to herself.

While my mother and I were dressing, we were each looking at each other slyly as if we were competing for my grandfathers' attention. It was more like we were rivals instead of mother- daughter. By the confident way my mother was acting I just knew she was thinking the exact same thing that I was, which was,

"What would it be like to fuck him?"

Well as you know, later that night I watched my sexy grandfather fuck two young girls my age with his massive cock for more than five hours. The image of that enormous cock fucking in and out of those two girls my age, non-stop for hours and watching the amazing amounts of cum that shot out of it more than five times that night was too much for me to take. I remember not sleeping at all then going to his study early in the morning, while my boyfriend; rather ex-boyfriend was asleep. I went to his study sinfully dressed in a pair of black high heel pumps and a pair of ultra- tight shorts and a sheer white blouse without any bra on. The image of my 74 year old grandfather and I playing with each other to the point of him making me cum just by the way he sucked my big swaying 36DD tits and my inch long nipples through the sheer material of my see-through blouse while he finger fucked my scorching pussy and my burning ass while I ran my fingers up and down his giant 13nch cock is something that is forever burned in my brain. That was when my grandfather told me that he would take me to one of the hotels he owned in Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate my 18th birthday and spend it by fucking all weekend long. I remember how jealous my mother seemed to get when my grandfather told her and my father what his plans were for me.

Looking down into the living room Allison watched her mother continue to eagerly and proudly suck and pump the three young Middle Eastern cocks as she moaned in a throaty voice about how much she loved jacking their big powerful cocks and couldn't wait to fuck em. As she continued playing with the three big cocks, Vivian's mind drifted back to the meeting she had with her father yesterday. When the call came from her father that he was in LA and needed to speak to her about a matter of business she instantly canceled her luncheon plans which included her afternoon fuck with her daughter's former boyfriend. Although she was excited to meet her father, she was also jealous that he was going to take her daughter to Las Vegas for a long weekend.

Vivian thought to herself,

'I remember how fucking jealous I got when my father told my husband and I that he was going to take our daughter to Las Vegas for a long weekend to celebrate her 18th birthday. Of course the reason I was so jealous was because my father was always in the company of young, very sexy teenage girls between 18 and 20 and because he is very powerful and very wealthy and also very sexy especially for 74 years of age. Just the way my father could control and manipulate a situation and have my daughter and I were eager to dress the way he wanted turned me on, and I'm quite sure turned my daughter on too. I knew the way my father took in the appearance of his granddaughter at his party while the three Middle Eastern men were flirting with me and lecherously taking in my body, my father was equally lusting for my daughter, and I could tell she was loving every second of the rapt attention her wealthy and powerful grandfather was giving her.'

'Even though I had 2 hours to get ready before his limo arrived I was having a hard time deciding what to wear. All I knew was that my mind was racing from the party and how my father had my daughter and I dressed for him. I was actually getting really turned on to be alone with him. First I took a hot bath in the jacuzzi and shaved my legs. When I dried off I put lotion on my entire body. After I dried off I had an hour to get dressed. I felt so wicked, as I tried on outfit after outfit with the single purpose to turn my father on. I went from outfit to outfit thinking," Will this outfit turn my father on? Is this hot enough? Will this one make his cock turn on to fuck me?'

Change after change the outfits became more and more revealing. Finally, I selected a very sexy and quite daring outfit. Thinking about how my father had my daughter dress in a more classic and sexy look, I chose a very tight black short pencil skirt. It clung to my hips and was about 8 inches above my knee. I was all legs. I wore a pair of elegant tan thigh high stockings and black open toed high heel pumps just like my daughter wore for my father. I decided to be daring and not wear a bra. The material was so sheer that you could easily make out my ultra-flat 30AA tits and my long pink turned-on nipples. This in itself was very sex and very naughty. I was confident that this classic sexy look would drive my wealthy and powerful father wild.

When my fathers' limo arrived I took one last look in the mirror and admired my devilish look. I couldn't believe how much sex I exuded. I began to think what the neighbors would say when they saw their socialite 54 year old neighbor walk out of the house dressed in a short tight black pencil skirt with tan thigh high stockings and black open toed high heel pumps and a sheer blouse without a bra. The sheer blouse being so transparent that you could see her flat chest and big turned on nipples piercing through the sheer fabric a mile down the road!' I then said out loud slyly,

'Well father, I know that you like fucking young girls and I know that you are taking your granddaughter to Vegas to celebrate her 18th birthday, and there is no doubt in my mind that you two will be fucking all weekend, but hopefully once you see how sexy your daughter is, you'll want to add this tight and very talented pussy to your endless list of sexy fucks.'

My father called on the limo phone to announce that he had arrived and sent the driver out to escort me to the car. When I walked out of the house the limo drivers eyes were glued to me. I could see my reflection in the black tinted glass as I walked towards the limo and knew my father was watching. Wow did I look sinful! The clicking of my high heel pumps drew the drivers' attention to my long shapely legs then up to my silhouetted hard pink nipples as they pierced through the sheer fabric lewdly.

I could tell the effect my hot outfit had on him and couldn't wait to be sitting next to my sexy father. The driver was smart enough to know not to make small talk with me because a man as powerful as my father could easily make his measly little life and all of his family miserable. This is something I knew about the power my father and it was something that literally turned me on. It was this kind of power that commanded loyalty from his employees. It was the kind of ruthless power he processed. My father had a complete disregard for anything except acquiring more power and wealth that turned me on like crazy.

When I got into the limo my fathers eyes were riveted to my body. It was exactly what I had hoped for. When I slid into the plush leather seat I crossed my long stocking covered legs and let him take in every sinful inch of me. I could feel my fathers eyes travel slowly form my black high heel pumps up to the top of my tan thigh high stockings to my ultra-flat chest with my braless pink nipples piercing through the transparent material. I then noticed how amazingly fit he was dressed in a white dress shirt and pants. His slender physique gave him an even more distinguished look.

He then said as his eyes roamed in an almost sinister way over every inch of my body, "You look very sexy Vivian...Very sexy."

I looked at him in a very mischievous way and said, "Ummm... I was hoping you'd like it Frank ( My father never wanted us to call him anything other than his name), I wanted to dress in something that would really impress you"

My father then leaned into me and said in a commanding manner, "Oh yes baby, you most certainly have captured my attention."

At that point his tongue came out of his mouth like a snake and I instantly opened my mouth and pushed my tongue out to meet his. For nearly 10 minutes the tips of our tongues flicked wildly across each others which caused me to moan excitedly. It was so devilish and naughty. Here I was, sitting in a limo dressed in a sinfully short tight black pencil with a sheer white blouse without a bra on with tan thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps and a sheer thong, wildly kissing my 74 year old father who was impeccably dressed in an expensive business suit.

After our naughty kiss my father opened a bottle of champaign and made a toast and said slyly as he took in the sight of my long toned stocking covered legs then to my hard turned on braless nipples that shot off of my ultra flat chest, "To my very sexy daughter, who deserves the absolute best in life."

It was then that I noticed the enormous bulge and length of his cock as it ran along the inseam of his left leg. I nearly died from the shock of seeing this giant bulge run a few inches from his knee!

He then noticed me staring in shock and said almost arrogantly, "That's right baby, your father has a very big cock."

As he watched the look of stunned shock on my face turn into heated lust and he said in a conceitedly voice that made me aware that he has seen this take place millions of times,

"I can tell you like looking at this big cock too Vivian....don't you baby. I'm quite sure it's huge compared to your weak, pathetic husbands.

He ten said arrogantly,

"Go ahead and play with it baby."

At that moment I knew I had to play with it. After the amazing weekend and all the stories I had heard about my fathers ruthless reputation and his reputation for being with thousands of sexy young girls and knowing that my daughter was going to be fucking him all weekend in Las Vegas I needed to play with it myself. I looked up at him deviously then put down my champaign glass and began running the tips of my fingers ever so slowly over the massive girth of his monster cock. I could feel the pulsing through his pants then looked up at him and said in a naughty voice,

"Oh baby now I know why your so popular ...Oh god Frank ... its huge... soooo fucking huge...I've never felt a cock this big. Oh baby I've been thinking about what it would be to fuck you for a long time...A real long time father. When I was in the dressing room with your granddaughter, all I could think about was wishing you were there watching me put on my sexy stockings and garter belt then those sexy glass platform high heels and then taking me and fucking me right in front of her. Oh baby you had us both competing for the chance to see which one of us you wanted to fuck. God all I wanted was for her to see that you wanted to fuck me over her father. I wanted you to take me right in front of her and fuck me with this fucking huge cock while she watched her mother get into a sexy hot fuck with her grandfather!"

I then let him know that I was well aware that he planned on fucking his granddaughter this weekend in Vegas and said hotly,

"I know your going to fuck your granddaughter this weekend father and I have to say that I was jealous before but I'm extremely jealous now, especially knowing that my big titted 18 year old daughter is going to fuck her 74 year old grandfathers huge-unimaginable cock all weekend long!"

As I continued playing with my father's enormous cock he said assertively,

"Yes Vivian, I'm going to fuck Allison all weekend. Her body has driven me wild for the longest time, and now that she is 18 I'm going to enjoy introducing her to her grandfathers' 13 inch cock."

As soon as I heard my father say that he was 13 inches my throat made a guttural low groan and caused me to actually cum. After I came our tongues met for a nice slow-flicking kiss that lasted almost 5 minutes. We then took our glasses and sipped some champaign. My father then told me that the reason he was here was that he needed me to entertain the three Middle Eastern men from the party on their private yacht for the next ten days. When he said entertain I knew that this translated to fucking all three of them. Although what I really wanted was to spend ten days fucking my father's giant 13 inch cock, the thought of fucking those three men that were openly stripping me with their eyes was very appealing too. I also remember that they didn't seem at all interested in my daughter which added to the thrill of fucking them.

He told me that the three Middle Eastern men were really turned on to me. He added that the reason he needed me was because while I entertained them he was planning a takeover of the company that they were trying to acquire. My father said that while I was entertaining them he had planned a way to take over the new company and sell it off before they knew what hit them. This was exactly what my father was about, corporate greed. If someone had something he wanted, there was no stopping my father from getting it. This included more wealth and now his own daughter and granddaughter. I had to admit I have never been so turned on. Just thinking about my father being so ruthless and cold-blooded with no regard for the fate of so many innocent people who worked their entire lives to build homes and families and that gave their all to a company that was just swept out from under them, and that their entire lives were instantly shattered and the fact that he was reveling in his success and their fate and sent shock waves way up into my tight pussy.

My father then signed the deal with me when he said,

"Baby, after I take over their company, I'm going to take you to my villa in Monte Carlo for an entire month to really get to know my daughters sexy pussy."

My father said that if I agreed he could make the arrangement for the men to pick me up tomorrow morning. When I mentioned that my husband would be home at that hour he just laughed and said that it was time to humiliate him for being such a poor excuse for a man anyway. My father than reached for a few boxes and said that they were for me to greet he three m young men and to wear during the ten days on their private yacht. . In the boxes were the most sinful cloths imaginable. Even more devilish than the outfits he chose for my daughter and me for his party last week.

One box had 5 of the most daring string bikinis I have ever seen. I wear string bikinis, but nothing I have were like this. I new my father selected these because they were designed specifically to keep their attention riveted on me at all times. As I held up each bikini my father and I would meet with our tongues flicking each other for a few minutes in a very sexy and very naughty kiss. I was really getting turned on to the thought of being dressed in these sinful bikinis in front of these three young Middle Eastern men for ten days. As I was flicking my fathers hot tongue I began to moan as I imagined myself teasing these three young men dressed in these naughty string bikinis that would barley cover the nipples of my tiny flat tits.

My father then handed me another box. In this box there were five styles of high heels. They were my exact size which was an 8. When I told my father that my daughter and I were surprised that he seemed to know our exact measurements and dress, right down to our shoe sizes he responded assertively,

"I make it my point to know everything about my employees, my business rivals and especially the daughter and granddaughter im going to fuck."

I then ran my hand up and down that monstrous cock again and met him for another sinful father –daughter kiss and moaned hotly,

"Oh baby I can't wait till it's me getting fucked by this huge 13 inch cock instead of my daughter!"

There were two pairs of classic high heel pumps. One was a classic white high heel pump and the other was an open toed black high heel pump. I had an idea that I would wear these during dinner either dressed in a strapless tight dress or perhaps for a very devilish look coming to dinner dressed in just a sheer white lace bra and a pair of nude or beige thigh high stockings attached to a white lace garter belt. The next three pairs were different types of those porn-like glass platform high heels. One was a strapless 6 inch glass high heel that I could see myself easily slipping on and off getting in and out of a jacuzzi or for getting up from a lounge chair on the deck of the yacht, or for removing when we finally got to bed after fucking all day and night.

The second was a pair 7 inch glass high heel that had an ankle strap on it. At one point my father said that these young men were going to love fucking me, but that he had learned that they could be very aggressive especially because I was a white American woman, and in their culture women are very reserved. I told my father that I saw the look of lust on their faces at the party and that I was going to enjoy letting them use my pussy, especially knowing that while I was fucking the three of them and distracting them with my pussy, he was going to be taking over their company. Of course that brought my father and I back for a sexy kiss. I then thought that this would be the pair I knew I would wear when the four of us would be fucking non-stop and very aggressively. Having the strap on my ankle would assure that the 7 inch glass high heel would remain on while they aggressively fucked their spoiled white American woman. I knew that just the fact that I was a white American would make them turn angry when they were fucking me.  

The last pair was a sinful 8 inch glass high heel shoe. It was the ultimate porn-star glass high heel. This would be the one pair I would wear when I paid special attention to the one young man I learned was the CEO and owner of the multi-billion dollar company that my father was going to take over. To compliment the porn-like 8 inch glass high heels I might be dressed in one of these sinful bikinis or maybe act as the slut bride dressed in a pair of white stockings attached to a white garter belt, with a wedding veil on while he fucked me with that big 10 inch Middle Eastern cock as I stood tall in these glass high heels. When I told my father just how I planned to wear these bikini's and sexy high heels he thought it was a perfect plan and especially loved the idea of me being dressed as the naughty bride with the added touch of the wedding veil. When he asked about the wedding veil, I told him that I would wear mine from my wedding. This caused my father to smirk and say,

"Perfect Vivian. Now I know where my sexy daughter gets her cunning instincts from."

The last box had the sheerest of tight dresses I have ever seen. They were all mesh styled and ranged from formal low- cut, to short micro-mini sleeveless dresses with plunging open backs. The mesh was so transparent that whatever was worn under the dress would be easily seen from a mile away. These dresses were designed to make a woman seem even more nude. There were easily 20 dresses in the box, but when I took out the sheer white sleeveless dress this was the one I knew I would wear for their arrival tomorrow. When I said to my father,

"Tan stockings and a white thong and a white garter belt without a bra and these 6 inch glass high heels should be the perfect outfit to greet them at my door, right Frank?"

"Baby you are going to be the perfect distraction for these three naïve young men while I take and sell off their multi- billion dollar company before they knew what hit them. Baby right after that deal happens, we will be flying in y private jet to Monte Carlo for a month to celebrate and get into our long-over-due father and daughter fuck."

With that, we clung our glasses in a toast to acknowledge that we were both anxious to get this deal underway and to ultimately get to Monte Carlo to start our sexy father-daughter fuck. As my father and I kissed and sipped our champaign, I was so hot thinking about how exciting it was going to be. Just the two of us, playing with each other for an entire month. I then moaned in a low voice and purred,

"Well, not only do I get to spend ten days on a yacht being fucked by three horny guys in their mid twenties who have, by any woman's standards, real- big- cocks, and then I get to spend a whole month in Monte Carlo fucking and playing with my powerful, sexy fathers giant 13inch cock. God all this is making me crazy baby."

My father and I put down our glasses and really got into a wild kiss. He began driving me crazy as he ran his skilled hands up and down my stockings right up to the lace tops causing me to moan in a deep guttural,

"Ohhhh fuuuuckkk, that feels so sexy Frank."

As we continued to play with each other I began to think that me father also had the best of all worlds. Not only was he about to over-take a multi-billion dollar company, but on the weekend he was going to be fucking my big tited daughter-his very own 18 year old granddaughter and then he was going to take me to his villa in Monte Carlo for month and finish the cycle by fucking me- his sexy 54 year old daughter! I was going mad thinking about what all the incredible, sexy fucking we were going to doing. All the different ways I was going to blow him and fuck him, to let him know how much how grateful I am for the lifestyle he has provided me and to show him how much I love his giant cock. I also wanted to prove to my father that although his 18year old granddaughter has huge tits and big fat nipples that my pussy could do things to his monster cock that that no 18 year old, including my daughter could ever give it.

The ride to his private jet would be another hour. My father had to leave to go back to New York for a few days to start the take-over hour before he flew back to take my daughter to Las Vegas for their hot weekend fuck, which still made me jealous, but a little less now knowing that I would also get the chance to fuck his legendary 13 inch cock for an entire month. Although I knew there wouldn't be the type of time that we both needed to get into a real fuck we did both knew that we could use this valuable time to play with each other.

Putting down our glasses we began heatedly kissing each other and running our hands up and down each others bodies. My father had me lye back and began kissing all over my tiny flat tits through my see through white blouse. He was moaning loudly and saying how much he loved my little tits on my flat chest. He would lick and kiss them and then our hot tongues would meet for that untamed nasty tongue kiss.

While toying with my hard aching nipples he said,

"Ummm, I love your sexy little girl tits and these tiny nipples baby, and this flat chest... so sexy baby"

As my father was busily sucking all over my flat chested tits his hands were running up and down my stocking covered legs sending sparks deep into my pussy. When he sat back we sipped our champaign as I reveled in the sensations that were shooting through my body from my 74 year old father. As I crossed my long legs my fathers' eyes were openly going from my high heel pumps to the tops of my exposed tan thigh high stockings. As he groaned approvingly I looked in terror and excitement at the giant bulge that went all the way down the inseam of his left leg to the top of his knee! I knew my father loved the sight of my long shapely legs in my tan stockings and high heels. He said,

"Oh yes baby you have a very sexy pair of legs. So long and slender. I love the way these stockings and high heels look on your long legs baby."

He then added hotly as he worked his way down to my high heels and said hotly,

" very sexy baby."

For the next half hour my father made me delirious as he ran his tongue up and down each of my stocking covered legs saying how sexy they were. He would go up one leg then meet me for a hot tongue kiss, then travel back down the other leg. The feeling of his hot breath and lips kissing and running his flicking tongue all over my stocking covered legs made me moan noisily and say,

"Ohhhh fuck... that feels sooooo sexy baby. You're driving me fucking crazy Frank. Ahhhh!"

The exquisite feeling was too much and after a while I had a wonderful orgasm as his tongue continued to flick over the lace tops of my tan thigh high stockings then back down to my black high heel pumps.

After cumming we sipped our Champaign and kissed again. It was so wild to be here kissing and playing with my 74 year old father after all these years of never really knowing him, only by his ruthless business reputation and his reputation for having thousands of young women. It seemed so inconceivable that just a few days before I was in a boutique in Manhattan with my daughter dressing in thigh high stockings and heels and skin tight dresses that he bought for us to wear for his party. Now, here I was only a day later sinfully dressed in a pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings and a tiny thong under a see through white blouse that easily showed off my braless 30AA tits and my flat chest, sipping champaign and kissing my father while making an arrangement with him to fuck three young Middle Eastern men and then fly away with him for a month to fuck

After all this sexy teasing I had a desperate need to see my fathers giant cock and to suck it. I began by kneeling down in the limo while I seductively ran my finger nails up and down his huge shaft. As I did this I smiled slyly and moaned,

"Ohhhh soooo big. Sooo fucking big!"

I then began kissing his monstrous shaft through his pants which caused my father to moan,

"Ummmmm yesssssss baby. Get to know your fathers 13 inch cock."

I then began going wild kissing and licking his huge hard-on through his pants as I was panting myself from the anticipation of seeing the monstrous size of it for the first time. Although something inside told me that a girl would never get used to seeing a cock this big cock no matter how many times it was uncoiled from the confines of pants.

My hands began rubbing my fathers huge cock through his pants.

"Oh fuck!" I said out loud, disbelieving the enormous bulge I was greedily rubbing. I just couldn't believe what I was feeling! I thought to myself,

"Oh god, no wonder my father is so popular. Every girl he fucks must know about his reputation for having such an enormous cock. There isn't an 18 year old girl that can keep a cock this huge that a secret, especially if she fucked it. And from what I know about 18 year old girls is that they always want what their friend has, even if it's their boyfriend, and especially if that boyfriend has a big cock."

As I ran my fingers over the bulging shaft it easily felt twenty times bigger then my husband and even my daughters' former boyfriend Bobby. As I panted with lust, I said in a throaty voice,

"Oh fuck yeah baby, let me get that big cock of yours out of those uncomfortable pants and get it really wet with my mouth and let me show you how good I am at blowing you ....I want to suck all over it so bad baby."

I added heatedly, "I've wanted to blow that great big cock of yours for the longest time father.....Now let me show you how good I am at blowing that huge cock ...Let me suck it like all the other teenage sluts you get every night father."

At that point my father ripped off his pants and out sprung the biggest cock I have ever seen. I swear I nearly fainted when I saw it as I gasped aloud,


He said it was 13 inches, but compared to my husband and to Bobby it looked more like it could easily be 16 inches! As my fathers enormous cock stuck out from his body like a tree trunk I couldn't believe that a cock could actually be so huge! As he leaned back while sipping his Champaign I just stared at his giant cock in a sexual trance for over five minutes as it waved menacingly from side to side while I marveled at its enormous size. As it waved in a frightening way in the air I just groaned over and over disbelievingly as I stared at the freakish sight,

"Ohhhh fuck. Look at the size of that fucking thing!"

As I looked on lustfully at my fathers enormous cock he just grinned confidently while sipping his champaign, giving me all the time I needed to get used to him having such a massive cock. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying this special moment when every women witness the biggest cock she would ever fuck, towering wildly and angrily before her for the first time. After this five minute lust filled display I went wild kissing, licking and pumping every beautiful inch of my father's mammoth cock.

As I licked it uncontrollably, flicking my tongue over the huge maze of veins that protruded from his gigantic shaft I looked up and said heatedly,

"Sooooooo fucking big baby...... Ohhhh father your cock is sooooo fucking big."

I was amazed at how little I was able to take in my hands and mouth. Even with my mouth spread as wide open as I possibly could, I could barely get his big cock head and about an inch more into it. I thought to myself about how easy it was for me to swallow my husband and even Bobby, but here I was trying desperately to get my mouth over the head of my father's great big cock!

At one point I looked up and teased,

"Do you like the way your daughters blowing and kissing your huge cock baby? .... Do you baby? ... Do you like having your sexy daughters mouth all over your huge cock, kissing it...ummmmm...licking it....ummmmm making love to it...oh fuck yeah... I could tell you do baby."

He then grabbed me by the hair and we met in a vicious tongue kiss. The taste of campaign on his breath made this lust filled scene between a daughter and her wealthy and powerful 74 year old father so nasty! He then said to me in an almost rage,

"Yes baby you are driving me wild with that sexy body and talented mouth."

As I knelt on my black high heels blowing my fathers huge hard on all I could think about were all of the hot young teenage girls that had an opportunity to blow and fuck his enormous cock. I began to think about what my big tited daughter was going to think when she got her first glimpse at her grandfathers' 13 inch cock and what it would do to her pussy when they finally got into their fuck. I was so caught up in blowing him that I looked up and snarled,

"So, am I blowing you as good as all those young girls you fuck Frank ... Are you liking the way your daughters sucking your great big mind-blowing cock baby. Am I sucking it as good as all of the young sluts you fuck every night baby?

I then added playfully,

"Ohooooo such a huge cock. No wonder you get all the girls you want father, even if they belong to someone else they all want to fuck this great big cock, don't they baby?"

As I looked up at him with a devilish smirk on my face, I licked away at his huge shaft waiting for his response.

My father then pulled me up to him and our tongues flew out to kiss and he said in an authoritative tone,

"Listen Vivian, not only do give your father spectacular head, but you also have it over most of the teenage sluts I've fucked world wide!"

That told me exactly what I wanted to know. Suddenly I felt like I had so much power knowing that my body and my tiny tits on my ultra-flat chest could excite a man as powerful and wealthy and as well hung as my74 year old father who prefers to fuck 18 and 19 year old teenagers.

I immediately lifted his shockingly heavy giant cock with my hands and began stroking it sexily up and down so that he didn't loose his huge hard on or his horny edge. I could feel his huge cock pulsing like crazy in my hands.

As I stroked him I began kissing his tongue and said,

"Oh baby, I love blowing your huge cock. I can't wait to have it stretching the limits of my pussy, but right now I've got to suck it off baby or I'll go crazy. I need to suck it until it shoots off all over this fucking limousine... I need to watch it cum baby."

I then added hotly as he was moaning like crazy,

"Oh baby I can feel your huge cock throbbing like crazy baby. I know you need to get off Frank. Let me finish you off and pump you dry father. Let me pump every last drop of cum out of this great big sexy 13 inch cock baby. Let me pump you off baby. Show your naughty daughter how much cum this great big cock can store up. Oh fuuuuck.... I can feel your big load getting ready top pop father."

I then knelt beside my father who was going crazy with my taunting, and began licking and blowing his pulsating cock while I jacked it lovingly in the palm of my outstretched hand.

As I eagerly stroked and blew his huge cock I began to think of how any teenage girl could easily become obsessed with his huge cock or a cock this huge.

As I wantonly pumped his giant hard on up and down I kept spitting at it to keep it well lubricated. As my turned on hands twisted all over it I was traumatized by its huge size and began to think to myself,

'God, just having a cock this big could make any girl go wild and act so wicked and so differently then she would with a guy that had an average sized cock. I know, because my own husband never made me act like this. It's having a huge cock like my fathers that causes every teenage girl to go insane and beg to please it and fuck him!

I kept stroking and pumping my father's huge angry cock as I sexily kissed it and talked to it, saying that I loved his great big cock and needed to watch it cum. This was really turning him on and his groans were growing louder by the second. Finally I snarled and said urgently,

"Come on baby, I want to watch your great big sexy cock pop off. Oh yes baby let me make you pop."

I began spitting on his enormous shaft as I jacked it up and down with long deliberate strokes. As I stroked it, I looked at him with sex starved lust and snarled,

"Oh baby you've got the biggest fucking cock I've ever played with or heard about (hand jacking up and down real slow)....I know you fuck all those sexy little teen girls baby, but you know your daughters flat girlish chest and my tiny tits and hard pink nipples are driving this great big cock crazy. Umm I see you looking at my sexy stockings and sexy high heel pumps (hand jacking up and down real slow).... Oh yeah... I know your granddaughters never gonna be the same after you fuck her with this monstrous pussy pleaser (hand jacking up and down real slow)... Ummm then you get to fuck your sexy daughter right after that. Oh fuck, aren't you a lucky man Frank. First you're big ttited 18 year old granddaughter, then your sexy tiny titted –flat chested daughter. Oh fuck yeah, I know your ready to pop just thinking about that aren't you Frank. Oh fuck, I can feel your great big cock saying yes I am a lucky guy. (hand jacking up and down real slow).... Oh fuck yeah, I know your even thinking that all three of us will be in bed together soon aren't you father? (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh yeah, that huge fucking cock, so fucking big and so fucking ready to fucking explode (hand jacking up and down real slow)

I continued to drive my father wild as I pumped his huge throbbing cock as I deliberately taunted him saying hotly,

"Oh yeah you like the way I'm jacking your big fucking cock (hand jacking up and down real slow)....Oh fuck, your huge cock feels so fucking good in my hands baby(hand jacking up and down real slow)....God, feel your great big cock throbbing because I'm stroking it just the way you like it baby (hand jacking up and down real slow)...Just how you like having it pumped, (hand jacking up and down real slow) Ummm....Oh fuck yeah, look at how sexy this great big cock looks in your daughters hands, while she's stroking all over it."

Suddenly his huge cock began pulsing uncontrollably and I reacted by pumping up and down his huge shaft faster and faster and said,

"Ohhhh baby, cum real hard for your sexy turned on daughter baby. Let me watch that huge fucking built up load explode from your giant cock... Just kick back and let your sexy daughters hands jack that big fucking hot load out of this huge fucking cock of yours baby."

That did it. My father began to moan, "Oh baby... Ohhhhh Fuck! Here it cums baby."

For the next two minutes long thick ropes of hot cum flew every where, as I continued to vigorously pump my fathers huge hard on; fisting it insanely and telling him how sexy it looked. As the cum rocketed out of his giant cock I reached down and pushed my tiny thong aside and began massaging my hard clit. The sight was so hot I came just from watching it.

As my father lay back in the plush leather seat his giant cock continued to shoot rapid burst of thick cum. One long white rope followed by another then another. Each blast of cum was long and powerful, over a foot in length! His hot long ropes of cum shot past our faces and splattered against the dark tinted windows in the back of the limo. It was so fucking wild watching blast after blast of thick cum leap out of that freakish monster cock and splash against the tinted windows.

You could actually hear the splattering drops as they hit the glass loudly, while I was moaning,

"Oh fuck ....soooo much fucking cum.....sooooo much fucking cum baby....Don't fucking stop baby ....Don't fucking stop shooting that great big load of yours baby... Shoot it all over the fucking limo baby."

When he finally stopped his huge cock turned to rubber in my hands as I eagerly licked it and kissed it while I moaned over and over about how huge his cock was and how much I loved blowing it and couldn't wait to fuck it. I was obsessed with it and was worshiping it. This was far from love, this was like someone possessed with sucking a gigantic cock. I was just like every girl or women that worshiped my father's huge cock after it came. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his huge rubbery cock as I licked it all over for more then half an hour. 

As I continued to suck it passionately I was moaning,

"Ummmm so good...still soooo fucking big.... Oh baby your huge cock tastes so fucking good...Ummmmm I love the taste of your cum baby."

After my father came I looked back and saw what looked like stalactites dripping down as his cum clung to the ceiling and tinted windows in the rear of the limo. It was a sight I will never forget as long as I live. There was what looked like fifty long white dripping beads of cum hanging everywhere!

As we sat back and kissed my hands were seductively pumping my father's still throbbing freakish cock. Sparks were still coming off the tips of our tongues as we kissed and sipped some campaign. During our hot father daughter kiss the driver ran the limo phone and announced that we had arrived at the airport. We continued our naughty kiss for about 15 minutes and then collected ourselves. We both enjoyed the idea that the next time we would see each other my father would have taken over a mult-i billion dollar corporation and we would be on our way to Monte Carlo, to fuck and play with each other for a month. As the limo pulled away and I watched my sexy father board one of his many private jets, I smiled to myself slyly and said out loud,

"Yes father, a month with you and that great big popular 13 inch cock in Monte Carlo for a long over-due father- daughter reunion. Ummm...the things I'm going to do with that great big tireless cock of yours father...all the nasty things!"

As he walked to his private jet Frank began to thinking to himself about how perfectly his plan was coming together. He began thinking to himself arrogantly,

"Yes keeping my daughters family under my thumb, for all these years has finally come to reap huge dividends for me. Yes, tomorrow my five year plan to take over the multi-billion corporation from those three amateurs and to fuck my sexy daughter my knockout big titted 18 year old granddaughter will finally begin."

When he boarded his private jet he poured a glass of champaign and went into his private bedroom. On the bed were two very sexy blond 18 year old girls wrapped in a sizzling 69 position. Each of the girls were daughters of two senior partners in the law firm. Although they were both eager to be with him the night of the party, Frank had made arrangements with two other 18 year old girls; a black and an Asian girl whose fathers also worked for him. The reputation for him having a 13 inch cock traveled throughout every circle he walked in.

Having a 13inch cock was all you needed to have when it came to an abundance of fucking. A 13 inch cock was like free advertising. Frank had fucked thousands of sexy young teenage girls just by word of mouth. It was always the same. These girls would always find a way to ask him, when they could get close enough, if his cock was really as big as they heard or 'is it true you have real big cock?' Even at 74, Franks cock was always in the mouth and pussy of the sexiest 18 or 19 year old teenager. For the last 45 years there wasn't a day or night that went by that he didn't have his 13 inch cock buried deep in the pussy of one, two or sometimes three of these very eager young teens.

Of course at first they absolutely love the sheer size of it and begin by worshiping it and kissing it and pumping it and licking it lovingly: Just playing with it and worshiping its enormous size as they moan in disbelief while telling him over and over about how enormous his cock is and how happy they finally are to be sucking it after months of hearing so many stories about his cock. Some girls have been known to wait months before he had the time to fuck them and some even canceled vacations with their boyfriends or fiancés or even their newly married husbands if he called them to say he wanted to entertain them. But, the one thing that always turned hot teasing excitement in fear and trepidation was when all the oral pleasing was done and it was time to fuck the monster cock that they had desperately wanted.

Once the fucking began it never failed that every girl ended up pleading with him not to fuck anymore of his enormous cock into their turned on pussy out of fear that Frank's monster cock would rip them apart. Some even begged him to pull out because they were convulsing and cumming in such powerful waves from being so over-stuffed. Once his cock was drilling itself into a new tight teenage pussy, his ruthless and powerful take no prisoners' attitude took over and he forcefully made them take it. For the ones that just couldn't and demanded that he stop he just threatened to send them home. Of course once that threat was made and the reality of not getting to truly fuck his enormous legendary cock they instantly changed their minds and began getting into the fuck until they started cummng in buckets. So, every young teenage girl went there knowing some very important things; that Frank had a tireless 13 inch cock that he could fuck for hours and even days and that his enormous cock could cum in endless buckets.

Although for some sexy young teens it took longer than others to take his giant cock, but after a while he reshaped their pussies until they were actually begging him not to ever stop. This is what made his enormous cock so popular and in demand. Even at 74 his stamina and ability to recover was better than a hundred 18 year olds combined.

When Frank came into the room both girls broke off their 69 position and immediately went to him. Both girls had a similar body type; they were both blond and weighed about 100 pounds. They were also about the same height, 5' 5''and measured a pleasing 34B-22-35. Both were sinfully dressed in a way that said they wanted to turn him on. Both girls had on a pair of thigh high stockings .One wore white and the other nude. One girl had her hair in pigtails and the other a long pony tail. They both stood tall in classic high heels. The girl with the nude stockings wore a pair of white open toed high heel pumps that showed a hint of the thigh high stockings through the open toe. The other girl wore a pair of classic black high heel pumps.

As they stood beside him they each began kissing him, telling him how much they missed his huge cock while he was at his business appointment. Of course the two sexy teens did not know that his business appointment was with his sexy 54 year old daughter, and that she had just sucked an enormous load of cum out of his freakish cock. By the time he was undressed his giant tireless cock was once again ready to fuck. They then walked to the bed and without removing their high heels got on each side of him and began kissing and pumping his enormous cock with both mouths licking and kissing it while all four hands were busily stroking and pumping it. Of course their sheer awe of his immense size and the thought of eventually fucking his giant cock caused them to shiver and utter how fucking big and sexy it was and that after hearing about it they couldn't wait to be with him and to fuck it themselves.

As Frank was lying back enjoying the wonderful attention to his 13 inch cock that these to young teens were giving him, his mind went directly to the fuck he was going to finally have with his incredible sexy granddaughter in Las Vegas this weekend. As both girls were lost in pleasing the massive towering cock in front of them, Frank began to think about his fuck with his granddaughter.

"Yes Allison you and I are finally going to fuck. I've watched you grow from one bra size to the next until you finally turned 18 last week. Yes Allison you have the one body that has haunted me for years. Your big 36DD tits topped off with the biggest pair of long and very wide nipples that are always hard and pointing straight up off of the tips of your big tits just begging to be sucked and pulled on. And that skinny 22 inch waist with those slender 33 inch hips; make you the vision that I have imagined this great big cock fucking into hundreds of times. Yes Allison, that skinny105 pound frame of yours added with those great big pendulous tits have made me mark off the calendar days until we would fuck. Yes Allison, I know you watched me fuck those two 18 year old girls at my penthouse the other night. Seeing your grandfathers huge 13 inch cock drove you to come to my study in the morning and prove to me that it should have been you and I fucking that night instead of the young black and asian girl. Well baby in a few days it will be you and your well hung grandfather fucking non-stop without any interruptions for four wonderful fuck filled days.

As Frank was deep in thought about the long anticipated fuck he was going to have with his sexy- big titted granddaughter, the two sexy blond girls felt his giant cock start to pulse rapidly. Suddenly burst after long hot burst of scorching cum came flying out of the head of his cock and shot over the heads of the two startled young teens. In their wildest dreams they could not have imagined a cock this huge and certainly not this much cum flying out of it. For the next two minutes cum continued to leap out of his cock while the two girls were both saying in a stunned tone,

"OH FUCK! Look at all that fucking huge cock- cum!"

As they went back to jacking the wealthy and powerful 74 year olds huge cock –startled and amazed that he could still be cumming after about 30 long ropes burst out of it, Frank continued to see his granddaughters body squatting over his huge cock in a sexy pair of high heel pumps as his giant cock shot burst after burst of scorching cum into her boiling 18 year old fuck hole. Just then the girls heard him say something out loud that they did not understand as the final few burst of cum shot right up to the ceiling over his bed,


As soon as his huge cock spit out its last burst of cum both girls were rabid and licked Franks still amazingly hard cock all over, under and around as they continued growing about how much cum he shot and how big his cock still was. After about ten minutes he got up off the bed and led them both to the bar. This was always a very sexy scene, as the wealthy 74 year old had two naughty 18 year old teenagers on either side of him dressed in stockings and high heels, flicking their tongues against each other rapidly while they enthusiastically stroked his massive cock.

After about 5 minutes of this sexy kissing Frank aggressively turned one over a bar stool and lined up his giant cock to the entrance of the first tight 18 year old pussy that he was going to reshape. As soon as the sexy teen felt his giant cock spread her tiny pussy lips wide apart, her face turned from ecstasy to fright almost instantly. You could see how anxious she was from feeling his giant cock head spread her tight pussy lips apart. She shuddered in disbelief when she looked back and saw that his giant cock extend over a foot away from her ass, even though she felt his giant head lodged against her tight 18year old fuck hole.

The sexy teen's nervousness was obvious in the way she kept lifting the heels of her feet out of the backs of her high heel pumps while the toe of the shoe stayed anchored on the ground. This instinct to raise the balls of her feet out of her high heel pumps once Frank began sending his giant - angry cock up into their tight fuck holes was a desperate effort to calm herself while her terrified pussy attempted to adjust to something it had never experienced before or would never experience again. It was always interesting to observe the young girls friend who was speechless while she watched the giant invader take possession of her teenage friends tiny fuck hole. The expression of lust on the friend who observed the steamy action always changed once she realized that she was going to experience the same freakish huge cock- fucking that her friend was getting, just as soon as Franks giant cock needed to change up the action and sample a different pussy wrapped around his legendary 13 inch cock. This waiting game was always torturous for the innocent young teen watching, fraught with excitement and fear....... This will be continued in a story titled. "Fly the Friendliest Sky's" 74 year old mogul fucks two sexy teens with a massive cock.

As Allison watched the wild sex scene between her mother and the three Middle Eastern men from the balcony above she heard her mother say,

"When my father told me that the three of you wanted to entertain me for the week and that he had heard that you each had real big cocks, I was going crazy the last few days just thinking about how my pussy was finally going to be filled by a big cock."

She then snickered and playfully jerked each cock and then kissed the head of each one which made a popping noise as if she was worshiping each one and said in a throaty voice,

"And now I get to fuck three great big cocks... Ummm, my pussy is going to love being fucked...REALLY FUCKED!"

At that point the leader of the group put his hard cock back into his pants then put his hand around my mother's waist and led her out to the limo. As he walked past my father he pushed him aside and laughed at him while my father still held his tiny 5 inch cock in his hand. The leader then said in a brazen tone that they were going to fuck my mother's pussy for the next 10 days and finally give her sexy body what it was meant to have---a real fuck, a fuck by 3 real cocks!

As the leader led my mother outside the other two men walked by and laughed at my father which caused him to hang his head in total humiliation. I even heard my mother laugh when she saw my father get pushed by the leader. I then ran back into my bedroom and watched my mother walk to the limo with the leaders hand around her waist. I could not believe the sight of my mother and wondered what the neighbors were thinking as they could easily see her dressed like some a porn slut in her white mesh mini-body dress and the nude thigh high stockings and white garter belt that were clearly visible through it, and the shear white thong with those 6 inch glass high heels on. Before she got into the limo my mother and the leader shared a lusty tongue kiss for a few minutes. This only added to the immoral scene that the neighbors could clearly watch. Once my mother and the leader were in the limo, the other two Middle Eastern men climbed in. Within seconds the limo drove off. 

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