Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Granddad's Discovery

Writen by standingstones 

Since my wife died eight months ago, I had been pretty lonely all by myself. Things changed when my granddaughter Emily came to visit me. Emily was a student in college and I mainly got to see her during summer break. She just finished her junior year at school and was now home for the summer. Emily came over to my house one Saturday morning to give me a hand with my house chores. Emily had ripened into a beautiful woman. She had her mother's large breasts and wide hips. Emily also liked to wear tight fitting clothes when she visited me. I wasn't sure if this was just her normal way of dressing or if she was trying to turn on her grandfather a little bit.

We were in the kitchen washing dishes. Emily had taken to rub up against me as we did our work. She was wearing a tight t-shirt with no bra on underneath. I could easily see her big nipples popping through. Emily also had on the shortest, tightest shorts I had seen on a woman in some time. If I looked closely enough I thought I saw camel toe pussy showing as well. After one more time that she rubbed against me I asked her a question.

"Emily, are you trying to turn your old granddad on?"

"What if I am?" she countered.

It was one of those moments I wonder about now. I reached out with my hand and grasped at one of her breasts. Emily's eyes got big and she let out a sigh. I didn't let go, but I started to massage that huge tit. Emily pulled closer to me and our lips met. I felt like I had no control now. I knew this was so wrong but I couldn't bring myself to stop. I took both my hands and tugged up on her shirt, pulling it up over her head. Emily's tits came free of the material and were resting on her chest.

We just looked at each other for a moment and I lowered my mouth to a nipple. I began to suck and chew on the tips of each one. Emily didn't object or fight me in any way. She brought her hands up into my hair and basically urged me on. Those nipples responded to all my sucking. They got hard in no time. Emily was breathing hard now. I felt her hands working on my belt, trying to free it up. My pants were soon around my ankles and my underwear soon followed. Emily let out a gasp.

"God granddad, your cock is so huge!" Emily said.

My cock was raging hard by this time and standing straight out. All eight inches of it were rock solid and the crown of my cock was leaking pre-cum. I put my hands on Emily's shoulders but she didn't need my urging her. She went to her knees and took hold of my raging member. She brought it to her lips and began to lick the head.

I thought I was going to blow my load right there. It had been eight months since my wife died. There hadn't been much sex since that day. Emily then started to go down on me. She was working on my cock an inch at a time. It wasn't too long before she was deep throating me. I can't remember the last time when my cock felt like this. A few minutes of this and I had Emily stand up. I didn't want to waste my cum quite yet. We stripped off our remaining clothes and made our way back to my bedroom.

I had Emily lie down. I was observing her. Her pussy was glistening with wetness. She had her legs spread wide and she was rubbing her fingers across her clit. I thought I was in heaven at that second. I climbed in between her legs and took my cock in hand. I pressed the mushroom head at her opening. Emily let out a small gasp and then I shove my rod inside her. Emily squealed when she felt my whole length inside her passage.

"Fuck me hard granddad, please!" She said.

I began to slide my whole length into her, slowly at first. We began to build up to a rhythm. I then lifted her legs up and pushed them to her chest. The fucking truly began right then. I fed her all eight inches of me. I was like a wild bull. I rammed her pussy with everything I had. It was skin against skin. My balls were making a loud slapping noise as they hit her asscheeks. Emily was loud in bed. She begged me to make her cum with my giant snake deep in her belly. I wish I had been able to hold out longer, but I just couldn't manage it. I told Emily it was time for me to pull out, I was close to cumming. Emily screamed for me to stay inside her pussy. Her legs came free and she wrapped them around my back. I couldn't fight it any longer. I let go.

My balls were aching as I sent one hot stream of cum after another into her hot pussy. Emily's pussy was tight around my shaft. She was grasping at me, tugging hard on my cock. Emily then exploded. Her ass lifted up off the bed and we met each others strokes. The sweat was rolling off of our bodies. I didn't know where all my cum was coming from. I just kept filling her insides with my sticky seed. After a few minutes I collapsed on top of her.

Some shock hit me when I realized we hadn't used any protection. Emily soon told me she was not on the pill either. There was nothing that could be done by then. I left my cock inside her until I got soft. When I finally pulled out, Emily used her mouth on me and licked our love juices off. I don't recall when I had such intense orgasms as that day.

Emily went into the bathroom to get cleaned up some. When she came back we were in each others arms talking about what we did. Emily said she had always been attracted to me. As she got older those feeling intensified. It all came to a head that Saturday. I felt worried about what we had done. There didn't seem anyway to turn back now. What was done was done. Emily wasn't about to let things stand. She was fondling my cock as we lie there. I was getting hard once more. When my erection was complete again Emily got on top of me and mounted me.

She was directly over the tip of my cock and then she sunk down. I was once again like a man possessed. I brought my ass up and slid my cock into her as far as I could. Emily was slamming down hard to meet my thrusts. I also reached up and took a tit in each of my hands. I squeezed them as I fucked my granddaughter the only way I could, hard and deep. Thank God for living in a large old house. Emily was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs as I drove my thick cock into her. She wanted me in the worst way I found out.

We were able to go longer this time. I took my granddaughter for well over an hour. This time Emily came first. She was so worked up that she squirted when she came. Her wet liquids hit my groin and that made me lose control. I sent my hot wads of cream deep into her belly once more. Emily had wiped me out that day. She said she wanted me again but I had nothing left in the tank.

That was the beginning of a long summer for both of us. Emily did get onto birth control. She couldn't bear to feel my cock with a rubber on it. She said she needed to feel the skin of my shaft as it rubbed her pussy walls. Emily would come over to my place and she often stayed the night. She told her parents she was over at her friend's house. There is more to this story but I plan on telling it when I recover a little from all that fucking with my granddaughter, Emily.

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