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Life in the Old Fart Yet

Written by Cromagnonman

I was lying in bed in that half awake state, thinking, dreaming, about all sorts of things when I thought that I heard a noise. There should not have been any noises in the house because I have lived alone for the last three years since my wife of forty years died, and I have no pets.

For several minutes I listened for a repeat of the noise but there was nothing so I returned to my reverie. Then I felt someone get into my bed. "Hi Gramps, it's only me," It could only be my 19 year old grand-daughter Phoebe, she was the only one of the grand-kids who called me that. "And my friend Lacey."

"Hi, Phoebe's Gramps." Another voice and another body in my bed.

"What's going on? What are you two doing here? This isn't right." It was around then that I realized that neither of them had any clothes on, they were delightfully naked.

"Happy birthday Gramps." Phoebe said as she planted a non-platonic kiss on my lips.

I had forgotten, as one tends to do at my age, that it was now my birthday, the clock radio on my bedside table told me that it was past midnight, a new day, my birthday.

"We thought that we would get in early and give you a present that you won't forget, at least not straight away." She took my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt so firm and, what's the word I'm, looking for? Perky. Her nipple was erect and felt slightly rubbery. I knew that it wasn't right but I couldn't resist the temptation to caress her.

Lacey's body was behind me and I could feel her firm young breasts pressing into my back. Her hand snaked around me and she reached for my cock, which had attempted to become erect for the first time in a long time, and began stroking him through the opening in my flannelette pajamas. He succeeded.

Phoebe had undone the buttons of my pajama top and I allowed her to remove it. She ran her fingers through the tangle of hairs on my chest and circled my nipples with her finger. "You look pretty fit for your age, Gramps." I don't know how she could tell in the dark but it was flattering that she thought so.

Lacey had untied the cord at my waist and was pulling my pajama bottoms down. She had to scramble down to the foot of the bed to pull them away from my feet and as she came back up she engulfed my cock with her mouth.

I reveled in the moist warmth as she slid up and down the shaft. I have never felt anything like this, ever. My wife never showed any interest in oral sex and I wasn't about to push the subject, so all I could do was imagine what it would feel like. Now I know, and it feels amazing.

Phoebe took my hand and placed it between her legs. I could feel the moistness of her pussy on my fingers. What else could I do? I pushed a finger inside her, and my thumb caressed the tip of her protruding clit. Her hips moved back and forth under my gentle ministrations. "That feels so good, don't stop, please, don't stop."

This is heaven, this is bliss, this must be a fantasy, but can you feel a fantasy? Lacey released my cock from her mouth with a 'pop' and straddled my body, feeding my cock into her. She was hot, she was moist, and she was great!

Phoebe decided that she wanted some pussy action too, so she straddled me lowering herself, her pussy, onto my mouth, inviting me to lick her. I accepted the invitation and my tongue began to probe her, to delve deep inside her, to withdraw and caress her clit before returning to her inside pleasures. I must have been doing it right because she was writhing around on my face in ecstasy, soft moans coming from above me. "Gramps that feels so good, I've never been eaten so beautifully."

Similar noises were coming from the other end of the bed. Lacey was slowly moving up and down my shaft, clenching her muscles so that she squeezed it going both ways. I didn't know how long I could hold out, I'd forgotten what sex felt like, it had been years since the last time, but the memories were returning and I remembered what it felt like just before I ejaculated, and it felt just like this. "I'm going to cum." Lacey pushed herself down on me and held herself there, so I was left with no alternative but to empty my load inside her. I felt her muscles clench as a spasm engulfed her body.

"Oh that was so great. You are really good at this. Happy birthday." She remained on my cock as it went down and then she slid off me and began licking my cock and pubes clean of our juices.

Phoebe came, oh how she came, she flooded my mouth with her juices and it was all that I could do to lap them up. When she had finished she got off me and went to the foot of the bed. I couldn't see her, but I was pretty sure that she was licking my cum from Lacey's pussy.

I have never in my wildest dreams imagined anything like this. I have read about men having this type of experience but I've always put it down to male fantasy, men who are unfulfilled fantasizing about their perfect sexual experience. But it was happening to me, this wasn't a fantasy, this was real, and it wasn't over yet, not by a long shot. There was more, much more, to come.

The two of them climbed back into my bed and lay beside me until, under Phoebe's gentle ministrations, my cock became hard once more. "My turn for some cock action." Phoebe said as she lowered herself onto it.

Lacey was good but Phoebe, the little girl that I remembered dandling on my knees as an infant, she was brilliant. The way that she moved, the speed at which she moved, she squeezed him and did pelvic floor exercises on him, and while this was happening I had Lacey's pussy covering my mouth and accepting my tongue.

"Oh this is so good." Phoebe sobbed as yet another orgasm wracked her body. "I've never been loved like this before. Oh Gramps you are so good, you could teach the young guys a thing or two about love making. I wish it could be like this every time I made love."

This is exactly what an aging, geriatric even, lover likes to hear, that he is somehow better than the young bucks. It reminded me of the joke about the old bull and the young bull walking past a field of heifers. The young bull says to the old bull, "Let's jump the fence and fuck a heifer." To which the old bull replied, "Let's walk through the gate and fuck the lot." It's better to take it slow than rush it, and I was taking it slow. Actually, if the truth be known, I wasn't doing much at all. The girls were doing it all, all I was doing was lying here enjoying the experience.

"Oh my God, I'm coming again!" Phoebe cried as she and I reached our climax at the same time, followed a minute or so later by Lacey's intense orgasm that nearly killed me. She forced herself down on my tongue so hard that she covered my nostrils and I couldn't breathe.

Eventually the three of us fell asleep, me hugging Phoebe to me and Lacey behind me with her arms around me. I have died and gone to heaven.

It was daylight when I awoke. Lacey was still asleep behind me but Phoebe was not in the bed. It was then that I heard a noise from the kitchen. I didn't even bother to put on a robe, I was used to wandering about the house naked, and walked to the kitchen. Phoebe was also used to wandering about the house naked and the sight of her standing there making coffee was enough to start my cock hardening all over again. I stood quietly for several minutes admiring her beauty, her skin was flawless, her breasts, from what I could see from this angle, were firm and full. "Mine is white and no sugar."

"Oh Gramps you frightened me, creeping up on me like that." She turned and saw my cock standing at attention. "I would have thought that last night would have been enough for him."

"I guess he's been saving it up for just such an experience as last night. He enjoyed himself so much that he'd like more."

"Oh well, the coffee can wait." She was something of a contortionist and stood in front of me and placed one foot on my shoulder, giving me an easy access to her pussy. As before she did all the work, her hands on my hips pulling me in to her body, and it wasn't long before we had both cum. She licked the cum from my cock before taking a paper towel from the dispenser and cleaning herself. "Coffee time."

We were seated at the table when a tired looking Lacey strolled into the room. While Phoebe's beauty would probably, like her mother's, stand the test of time, Lacey's would not. There were signs, even now, that a hard life would soon take their toll.

"See you tonight at Mom and Dad's, Gramps." Phoebe said as they left, leaving me wondering how I would handle this situation, how I could get through the evening without letting my family know that I had just spent several hours fucking one of my own grand-children. It hit me, this was incest, this was illegal.

A cab called for me at around seven to take me to my daughter's house for the party. The family were all there, my son Harvey and his wife June, their two kids Harvey Junior and Jane, my daughter Penny, her husband Sam and their son Graham and, of course Phoebe, looking absolutely gorgeous.

It was well into the evening before I could have a word with Phoebe on her own. "How's Lacey?"


"Lacey, the girl you were with this morning."

"This morning, what do you mean, 'this morning'? Gramps, what on earth are you talking about?"

It hit me then, I must have been imagining the whole episode. I must be going crazy in my old age. I know that I've found Phoebe attractive since she began filling out into womanhood, but to imagine that I was having the most amazing sexual experience with my own grand-daughter, that was sick.

The next day I made an appointment with my Doctor for a check up. I was imagining the worst, in which I would soon end up in a home for the perpetually bewildered, where I would spend the rest of my lonely life, not even my family could put up with visiting me in such a dreadful place. This was the end of my life as I know it.

I was in my car on my way to my Doctor's appointment and was stopped at a red light, when there was an enormous crash from behind, my head was snapped back against the headrest and the airbags deployed. I sat there for some time, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

"Get the fuck out of your vehicle!" I looked out to see a large, belligerent police officer standing there holding my door open. "What the fuck do you mean reversing into my car?"

"What do you mean? I was stationary at the lights, you must have rear-ended me."

"Don't tell me what happened. I'll see to it that you never drive again. People your age should not be allowed on the road."

He stormed back to his vehicle and called for assistance. I stood there still in a daze when a soft, calm, almost melodic voice beside me asked, "Are you all right?"

"I don't know. I was sitting there minding my own business when 'crash' I get rear-ended and this officer has just tried to tell em that it was my fault. Am I going crazy or not?"

"No you're not. I saw the whole thing, and it was he who ran into you, and he's trying to shift the blame."

"But how do I prove it, it's my word against his?"

"Help me to take the brake light and reversing light globes from your car and I'll explain it to you later, after he's gone.

Fifteen minutes and a written citation later the vehicles had gone, his to the police workshop and mine to a panel shop, and I was seated in a coffee shop with a woman who was going to save my bacon. "I'm Julia Venning," she said as we sat down.

"Howard, Howard Greene." I looked at the woman across the table from me. She would have been not much younger than I, her face had several lines around the mouth and eyes that added to her attractiveness and from what I could see of her body, the years had been kind to her there as well. "Why did we take those globes from my car?"

"My late husband was a Road Crash Investigator until he was killed, ironically in a vehicle accident, a couple of years ago, and I picked up a lot of interesting knowledge from him. Let me explain, show me the globes." She took them and looked at them closely. "There is the proof that you were telling the truth, right there."

"Where?" I took my glasses from their case and peered at them.

"When a light is working at the time of impact, the filament burns when the glass is broken. If you look closely you will see that the brake light filament has been burnt while the reversing light has not."

"I think that I will need a Lawyer to represent me when I have to go to court, and probably an expert witness. The Lawyer I have but, could you be my expert?"


My heart dropped. I wanted to see more of this fascinating woman.

"Don't worry, I know of someone, a colleague of my husband, who is much more qualified than I am. I know that he will help, particularly if I ask."

The preliminary hearing was held and proved very interesting. The Prosecutor and Officer Callahan were unprepared for my plea of 'not guilty', after all they believed that it would be a straight forward case where it was Officer Callahan's word against mine. But when they heard that we had expert witnesses to refute his claim the Prosecutor's demeanor changed. There was a confrontation between them in the corridor.

Julia and I met several times before the trial, sometimes with my Lawyer, sometimes with her expert witness, who I quite liked, and who Julia made abundantly clear was not a threat to our burgeoning relationship, and sometimes there was just the two of us.

We had coffee together, we had lunch together, and we even had dinner together, not all on the same day of course. Sometimes the dinners were in restaurants, sometimes they were at my house while at other times they were at her's. We were enjoying each other's company immensely, and I was living in the hope that we could take it to the next level, but at my age it didn't do to rush things.

The day of the court case dawned bright and clear. The sun was shining brightly when I met Julia and the others outside the court house. Harvey and Penny were both there as well, lending moral support on behalf of the family. I introduced Julia to them and the look on their faces showed that they were curious about our relationship.

The formalities over we arrived at the best bit of the trial. The Prosecutor was questioning Officer Callahan. Callahan described in great detail how he had pulled up a yard or two behind me at the traffic lights and was waiting for them to turn green, when suddenly I reversed into him. When he got out of his car and approached me he found me to be confused and disoriented, I didn't know what had happened. When he informed me that I had reversed into his vehicle he claimed that I had become abusive, accusing him of lying.

"Officer Callahan, did you conduct an examination of the accident site, did you measure the tire marks on the road surface, did you photograph the vehicles to establish their relative position in regards to the accident?" My Lawyer was just about to begin the process of discrediting this witness.

"No. I didn't think, because of the relatively minor nature of the collision, that this was necessary."

"But it was severe enough for you to charge my client with reckless driving resulting in the willful damage to police property."

"Yes. Your client is a man of advanced years and it was obvious to me that he was disoriented, he didn't know where he was, and on that basis I thought that charges should be laid as part of a process that would result in his being assessed as to his competency to drive a motor vehicle."

"And you didn't stop to think that he was surprised that his vehicle had been rear-ended by your vehicle and that you were aggressive towards him when you approached him?"

"That wasn't the situation at all."

"Tell us Officer Callahan, have you ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident where you have been at fault?"

"Yes." Callahan mumbled.

"No further questions of this witness."

The Prosecutor had no other witnesses so it was our turn. My Lawyer led me through my story as I told of the incident as I recalled it. The prosecutor asked several questions that I was able to answer confidently.

Julia was called. "Tell me Ms. Venning, what happened on that day?"

"I had just come out of the shopping mall and was just about to get into my vehicle which was parked facing the road and adjacent to the intersection, when I heard the sound of a vehicle braking hard. I looked up and saw the police patrol car collide with the rear of the defendant's vehicle. I then saw the policeman, Officer Callahan get out of his car and approach the defendant. What happened next shocked me. Officer Callahan approached the defendant and yelled at him to 'get the fuck out of your vehicle!' he then told the defendant that he had reversed into the patrol car. He was very red in the face and was most aggressive."

"What did you do then?"

"While this was going on I took the opportunity to take several photographs using my cell phone."

"Why did you do that?"

"It became obvious to me that the defendant may need some evidence to support his version of events."

"And then what?"

"I approached the defendant and offered my services as a witness. I also, while Officer Callahan was arranging for his vehicle to be towed, with the help of the defendant, removed the brake light and reversing light globes from his vehicle."

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I knew, my husband had been a Road Crash Investigator, that light globes, even if they were broken, can be a valuable tool in establishing the sequence of events."

"Are these the globes?" He held up a clear plastic bag containing the globes.

"Yes they are."

"No further questions."

The Prosecutor, probably looking at impending doom, had no questions.

The next witness was about to put the icing on the cake. "Tell Mister Brayshaw, what is your occupation?"

"I am a Road Crash investigator."

"And you have examined these globes?"


"And what was the result of that examination?"

"I found that it was impossible for the events to have occurred as Officer Callahan has testified."

"And what led you to that conclusion?"

"The brake light globes contain two filaments, one for the brake light and one for the tail light. The brake light filament has burnt out while the tail light has not. This is an indication that the brake light was glowing at the time that the globe was broken. What this means is that the defendant's foot was on the brake of his vehicle at the time of impact."

"And the reversing light globes?"

"The filament was not burnt indicating that the vehicle was not in reverse gear at the time of impact."

"You also examined the photographs taken by Ms Venning, what can you tell the court about those?"

"There were rubber marks behind all four tires of the defendant's vehicle indicating that it was forced forward under brakes by the impact. There were also heavier tire marks behind the tires of the patrol car indicating that it was braking at the time of impact. This evidence supports the defendant's evidence and disproves that given by Officer Callahan."

The Prosecutor gave up and announced that the Prosecution would withdraw all charges against me.

I stood up and hugged Julia to me. I looked at her. "Thank you so much, I couldn't have won without you." A voice in my head said to me, 'C'mon, you've been wanting to kiss her for ages, now is the perfect opportunity.' Who am I to disobey a voice in my head. I looked at her for a couple of seconds and then I kissed her. It was supposed to be a kiss of thanks but it turned into something much more than that. With Julia's collusion it became a kiss of passion.

We all adjourned for a celebratory cup of coffee. I noticed that Harvey and Penny seemed to be making an effort to get to know Julia, and she was making it very obvious that her interest in me went beyond just helping me out of a difficult situation.

That night we dined, Julia and I, at what had become our favorite restaurant. The Maitre D' sensed that a celebration was in progress and assumed that it was something personal and not just our success in court. He lavished us with the best of service, even going as far as presenting us with a bottle of champagne, 'to the lovely couple'. I was about to dissuade him when I caught the look in Julia's eyes, she wanted this.

I realized then that this was also what I had wanted for some time. For weeks after the 'imagined' visit from Phoebe and Lacey I had waited to hear the noise that told me that they were coming again. Then, slowly my thoughts were of what it would be like sleeping with Julia, and whether there was any possibility of us ever becoming husband and wife.

The cab dropped us off at Julia's apartment. "Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?"

As we stepped into her apartment she stepped into my arms. It was at that moment that she really stepped into my life. We kissed, not with the intense passion of a couple in a hurry to get on to the next step, sex, but as a couple who were about to take the time to enjoy, really enjoy, the time that they were planning to spend together.

We had been standing in the hallway for several minutes kissing and I had ventured as far as fondling her breasts through her clothing when Julia removed her lips from mine, "To hell with the coffee, I want you in my bed right now."

We undressed in the moonlight coming through the curtains, and I couldn't help but admire her. Trick of the light or not, I was incredibly turned on by what I saw as she drew back the bed clothes and climbed into the bed, her arms open in invitation.

I went to her and gave myself to her. Recollections of time past resurfaced as I caressed her body and kissed her. Her breasts may have headed South over the years but, to me, they were still beautiful and demanded attention. I kissed her nipples and watched as they became erect. My hand moved over her body until my finger entered her vagina. She responded by lifting her hips off the bed allowing me better access to her body. In the mean time her hand had found my cock and, by the way that she stroked it I realized that she must have been, at one time, a passionate and proficient lover and that she had lost none of her touch.

Her legs were apart so I placed myself between them and, with a little help from her, I pushed my cock into her. There was none of the intense sexual passion that I imagined happened between myself and Phoebe, this was so much better, it was like the difference between a Waltz and Rock and Roll, one was elegance and grace while the other was speed and force. I liked elegance and grace, I loved elegance and grace, and from the noises coming from Julia's lips she also loved elegance and grace.

We elegantly and gracefully joined together until we had both orgasmed. We elegantly and gracefully enclosed each other in our arms and went to sleep. I had found a peace with another person that I had never thought possible.

It was daylight when we awoke, elegantly and gracefully in each others arms. We kissed, "Good morning my beautiful lady." We kissed again.

"Good morning to you. I don't suppose you are up for a repeat performance of last night, are you?"

I held her to me, I caressed her body, I found the center of my sexual desire, I entered into her world of love. "I have something to ask you."

"Oh yes, and what might that be?"

"You don't have to answer right away, take your time. Will you marry me?"

"Of course I will. Come here to me." She held me in her embrace as we made love even more elegantly and gracefully than before. Then we showered together like two young kids in the first flush of passion before breakfasting.

I left her at ten in the morning, having arranged for her to come to my place that evening.

When I got home I picked up the phone and rang my children, inviting them and the grand-children to a celebratory dinner at my place. Harvey and Penny both thought that I was still celebrating my court-room success and I allowed them to continues thinking that. I rang a catering company and arranged for the meal, drinks and arranged for extra tables and seating as my dining table wasn't big enough for all of us.

We were all seated nibbling at the entrée when I tapped my glass with a knife to attract their attention. "I've asked you all here tonight because I have some great news for you." I looked at Julia who was seated at the other end of the table. There had been some interest shown by the family when they arrived and saw Julia there. "I have recently met a woman who has come to mean a great deal to me. Julia was a great help to me over the last few weeks with the recent court case, it has now moved beyond that to the point where I have asked her to marry me, and I'm extremely happy to announce that she has accepted my proposal. We plan to marry in a month or two and, Harvey, I would like you to stand for me at the wedding."

"And Penny, as I don't have any children of my own, I would love it if you could be my Matron Of Honor, and the girls can be bridesmaids. What do you say?"

"Of course I will." Penny replied.

Phoebe stood up and moved around to Julia's side. She kissed her on the lips and hugged her. "I'm so happy Gramps has met you, you look so right for each other."

Jane, Harvey's daughter looked at Julia. "I'm so happy for the both of you and yes, I would love to be a bridesmaid at your wedding."

Julia stayed with me in my bed that night. It was as if she had always been there. The loving was as good, if not better than the previous night, and I was a little sad when she had to leave in the morning. We arranged that we would spend a couple of nights a week at each other's place and a couple of nights alone, sort of to ease ourselves into the marriage thing.

It was one of the nights when I was alone. I was in bed, half asleep when I heard a noise. I was paralyzed with fear. Had I imagined it, or was it like before, someone else in the house. I was almost about to get out of bed and check the house for prowlers when I felt a body, a young body, slip into my bed.

"Hi Gramps, it's only me," It could only be my 19 year old grand-daughter Phoebe, she was the only one of the grand-kids who called me that. "And my friend Lacey."

"Hi, Phoebe's Gramps." Another voice and another body in my bed.

"What's going on? What are you two doing here? This isn't right." It was around then that I realized that neither of them had any clothes on, they were delightfully naked.

"We've come to celebrate your getting married. We've thought about it and decided that, as you're not likely to have a buck's night with lot's of booze, a stripper and possibly your last chance at sex before the wedding, that we'd come and at least you'd have the sex."

She took my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt so firm and, what's the word I'm, looking for? Perky. Her nipple was erect and felt slightly rubbery. I knew that it wasn't right but I couldn't resist the temptation to caress her.

Lacey's body was behind me and I could feel her firm young breasts pressing into my back. Her hand snaked around me and she reached for my cock, which had a great deal of recent experience in becoming rect, and began stroking him through the opening in my flannelette pajamas. He succeeded again.

Phoebe had undone the buttons of my pajama top and I allowed her to remove it. She ran her fingers through the tangle of hairs on my chest and circled my nipples with her finger. "You still look pretty fit for your age, Gramps." I don't know how she could tell in the dark but it was flattering that she thought so.

"No! This isn't happening to me again. I thought that I'd imagined it before, and you let me think that I'd imagined it. And I suppose that when I see you again you'll tell me that it didn't happen and that Lacey doesn't exist. I can't go through this again!"

"Look I'm sorry about before Gramps. I should have explained it to you then, so here goes. Just before your birthday Lacey and I were discussing our sexual experiences and fantasies. Lacey told me that she really got off on fucking older men and I mentioned that I would like to try it for myself, but not with any old men. Then I thought of you, alone here after Grammy died. We discussed it and both thought that it would be a great idea to come here and fuck you for your birthday. After that night I realized that I loved being fucked by you and that I wanted to do it again, but there was something that you said that made me realize that you weren't entirely happy with the situation. Lacey said that she wanted to keep coming here but I knew that this wasn't the right thing to do, so I decided that I would have you believe that it didn't happen and that Lacey didn't exist, that way you wouldn't feel guilty about the whole thing."

"Then when you announced that you were going to marry Julia, who I absolutely think is the right person for you, I realized that I needed to let you know that you hadn't imagined us fucking that night and that Lacey was real and not a figment of your imagination. That you weren't going crazy. So we decided to come here tonight, and to put your mind at rest, the key that I had cut so we could get in is on your kitchen bench, so, that's the story. Are we forgiven?" She hugged me to her and kissed me. "I'm sorry that we screwed with your head Gramps."

"I forgive both of you, and much as I would love to fuck you again, just to be sure that it wasn't all a dream, I'm going to have to ask you both to leave. I have a woman in my life, who I love dearly, and there is no way that I am going to fuck you tonight. I will remember the last time with great fondness, but it was all a dream, a fantasy, and that's the way it will stay." 

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