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The Young Lions

Written by bjjl
I was first introduced to bondage and dominance when I got to college. I joined a Fraternity and for the first six months I was one of the house "Bitches" There were three of us that had to serve the upper class men. That meant doing all the laundry, the cleaning and the cooking. That also included sexual services. Guys could come into my room whenever they wanted and get whatever they wanted. That was all part of the initiation.

They would drag me out of bed and make me suck their cock's at all hours. Some would tie me to the bed and fuck me. One guy would take and fuck me in the shower when he felt like it. Other guys would just bend me over the bed or do it on the floor. Whenever we were in the Frat house, we had to be naked all the time. One of our jobs was bringing beer and snacks to the other guys. Sometimes the "Bitches" were forced to jack each other off for entertainment.

It was different when there were Frat parties. We had to wear little cheerleader skirts, bras filled with water balloons and blonde wigs. All Frat Bitches were dressed like that even ones from the other Frat house. At these parties there were usually around ten "Bitches". When I said skirt I mean just the skirt nothing underneath. It was easier for the older guys to reach under and pinch your ass. In some cases, grab you by the cock or balls.

If anyone wanted sex it was your job as a "Bitch" to give it to him. My first party I sucked twelve cocks, was fucked three times and forced to ejaculate three times. The strange part of all was the fact that I really enjoyed it. At first I thought it was perverted but as time went on I realized how much I like being dominated by others. Then I got away from it after our time was up and we became the guys that the others had to serve.

I never lost my deep desire to be sexually dominated. Then at twenty three, in my senior year and struggling. I met Shawn he was twenty, very intelligent and rich. He had a new Mercedes and an apartment off campus. He offered me free board and room. I had to be his live in slave, do the cleaning cooking, and sexual service as needed. I took the job immediately.

Then at twenty six I married and we had Brandon our first son. One year later we had Jake our second son. Julie and I both had great jobs and moved into a nice big house. My dad only lived about a mile or so away which made him a perfect babysitter for the boys. That way he wouldn't be lonely after mom died.

Now Brandon was nineteen and Jake was eighteen and I was all of forty five. Julie and I went away for a three day weekend and left the boys at home with the understanding they would not wreck the house. We had trouble with the car and decided to come home Sunday morning. I went over to dad's house to let everyone know we were home early. The front door was locked so I went around back.

The garage door was open off the patio. I could hear something inside so I quietly peeked around the corner and got a real shock. The boys had their grandfather tied over a couple of saw horses. He was completely naked, arms tied behind his back, blindfolded and legs spread wide open. Jake had his cock in dad's mouth pumping away. Brandon was behind dad with his hard cock in his ass humping away.

Dad's ass was red as hell. I saw a puddle of semen on the floor between his legs and Brandon was milking dad's cock as he pumped him from behind. Because they had not seen me, I silently backed away from the door careful not to make any noise. I got in my car and drove away.

On the way back home I still had images of dad bent over those horses getting fucked at both ends. It brought back fond memories of when I was in college and the things that happened to me. My own cock was rock hard and my shorts were wet with pre-cum. I realized how envious I was of dad. I also wondered how long this had been going on.

I got home and immediately took a shower to relieve my cock of its stiffness. Then I called dad and told him we were home and come over for dinner with the boys. I took dad home that evening so it gave me a chance to be alone with him.

"You know I came by your house today after we got home." I cleared my throat. "I saw something in the garage. You care to talk about it?"

Dad gave out a big sigh. "Well, what did you see?"

"You. Naked over the saw horses. Brandon and Jake having a little sexual pleasure."

"I see." He wiped his bald head. "I guess I knew you would find out sooner or later."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Oh, a couple of years."

"I guess I am a little shocked."

"Shocked?" I could hear the tone in dad's voice change. "You went to college, boy! Don't sit there and tell me you never had a cock up your ass! Or a cock in your mouth. I know you did! So don't act like you are shocked."

Dad took another deep breath. "The boys started somewhere about a year ago. We were playing Roman soldier game and I was the captured enemy. They blindfolded me and tied me up. Then one thing lead to another. The next thing I know they took all my clothes off. Next they're spanking my ass. Then they're playing with my cock and balls. That got me hard and they yanked me off."

Dad smiled and took another deep breath. " Hell, they remind me of young lions! Testing their power and strength. Full of piss and vinegar. I never seen any harm in it. Actually I was very flattered that the boys found their old granddad sexually attractive. We been playing games ever since."

"You never stopped them from doing it either." I added.

"Young lions need their freedom to explore their sex. Better they explore with me that some stranger on the street. That's the way I look at it."

I pulled in the driveway and let dad out. He leaned in the door. "You gonna tell the boys what you know?" I shook my head.


That Friday at work, dad called and said h and the boys were going camping this weekend in the motor home. He said I could come along if I wanted but I had to play by his rules. I was not sure what that meant but I said I would check with Julie to see if she had anything planned or not. I called dad that evening and told him to count me in. I would come over with the boys in the morning and we could leave from his house.

The property we went to belonged to a friend of dads so it was private. Dad had the keys to the gate and we locked it behind us. The clearing was about a mile back in the woods next to a stream. The boys piled out and began constructing their tent. They remarked that real men don't sleep in motor homes. That was fine I still liked the soft bed instead of the ground.

We finished breakfast the boys took off into the woods while dad and me cleaned up.

"You know later on the boys are gonna want to play Enemy soldier," dad said with a smile. "You think you're ready for that?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "guess so, what's all that about?"

"Simple. You and me are enemy soldiers. The boys capture us and take us back to camp. Then they do whatever they feel like pretty much."

All those memories rushed past me that I had experienced in college and I guess the desire over came me. "OK. I guess you've done it and obviously like it. So why not?"

"About time you do something totally inhibited." Dad said as he went out the door.

"Now you and me split up. I'll go up in the woods and you go along the creek. Remember, the only way they can capture you is from behind. So if they jump out behind you. You are captured.

I walked along for some time cutting across the creek. I thought this is a big area how on earth are they going to know where I am. I didn't know the area I thought I might get lost. Suddenly Brandon jumped directly behind me placing his hand on my shoulder. "You are captured, soldier!

I jumped because he scared the hell out of me. "Damn!"

"Put your hands behind your back!" Brandon ordered.

He secured my arms together and about that time Jake came down the hill. "Great you got him!" Jake pulled out a homemade gag and tied it in my mouth. "Now we got one to go. I know where he's going. I saw him." Jake bolted up the incline and vanished in the woods. Brandon stood next to me with an evil grin on his face.

"It's time I strip the enemy."

That was not very hard to do since all I had on was a t-shirt and shorts. He cut the t-shirt off then yanked my shorts and underwear down so I could step out of them. I had to admit that a flurry of humiliation came over me as I stood there naked in front of my son. Brandon picked up a switch and gave me a little surprise. With a quick snap of the wrist, he smacked me across the bare ass with it.

"Now, follow that path by the bank."

A few more feet down the path he gave me another smack across the ass, "keep moving."

Brandon played with me from behind as I walked down the path. He slid the switch between the crack of my ass and touched my balls. About every ten feet or so he gave me another smack. I felt even more humiliation because my cock was swelling to a full erection. About that time we came upon Jake and dad in the clearing.

Dad was bound, gagged and completely naked like me. Jake had a leash tied around dad's cock and balls and was leading him along. "Told you I knew where he was."

Jake stopped to look at me and my cock all standing straight up in the air. "Wow! Nice hard cock. Big balls too."

I looked at dad and his cock was fully erect too.

Then I though to myself this is only the second time I ever saw my dad naked. All those years as a kid. I only saw him naked once when he got out of the shower. I was about thirteen or so. When we got back to the camp Brandon shouted that we play "Cock Rings"

He made us stand in front of the motor home with our legs spread open. He took out a bag that had a dozed or so wooden rings. They were about six or seven inched in diameter. They stood back several feet and tossed the rings at out cocks hoping to put the ring over our stiff cock. Each cock ringer gave the thrower twenty points.

Jake won with five on my cock.

Then our male libido began to run down so the boys moved us over to the picnic table. They took some refreshments from the cooler then decided to have some fun. They rubbed the cold cans over our nipples which made them instantly hard. They slowly pinched, pulled and twisted the hard nubs. This had an outward effect on another part of our body. It made my cock swell up again!

"I think its time our prisoners tasted some cock," Jake said.

I watched Brandon strip his shorts off in front of me and I was amazed at how well the boy was endowed. He removed the gag, sliding his cock into my mouth. I saw Jake from the corner of my eye. He was eagerly humping his granddad's face. It had been a long time since I tasted cock not since my college days and now it was my own sons.

I heard Jake groan, his hips pumping hard. Then I saw the semen dripping from the corner of dad's mouth. Suddenly Brandon moaned and groaned and my own mouth was pumped full of semen which dribbled from the corners of my mouth. At this time both dad and me were rock hard again.

"I think its time to play take the ring!" Jake said

Jake placed a wooden ring around my cock. He spun dad around. "Now, all you have to do is take the ring off his cock with your cock. Then go put it in the chair and come back."

Brandon laughed, "of course you have to do this while we use the switch on your ass."

It is hard to describe the feeling of dad's cock poking my cock while trying to get the ring off. Then there was the switch Jake used ti crack dad across the ass with. It caused dad jolt from time to time and his cock would snap up and hit mine. I slid my cock next to his, pulled my hips back and let it slide onto his cock. He took it to the chair despite Jake who was snapping at his ass all the way.

It was my turn, they put the ring around dad's cock and I had to snake it off with my cock. This time Brandon had the switch and the stinging on my ass just made my cock harder. At times it looked as if our cocks were sword fighting as we wiggled and bounced around trying to get the rings off. Both of us had pre cum dripping out our cocks. I grabbed the ring and made it to the chair with Brandon snapping at my ass. I had to admit it was sexually exciting.

Brandon reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly began pulling it up and down. "I think its time you show us how much you got in there."

Jake grabbed dad's hard cock and began yanking it. I watched dad's balls roll up and down as Jake pulled on his cock. Then all of a sudden I saw the sperm begin to squirt from the head of his cock.

I now could feel my own orgasm about to let go. I groaned loudly as my whole body shook. "Com'on bring it out!" Brandon was delighted to see the heavy stream of semen. He enjoyed milking my cock of every last drop.

That evening before bed , we played strip poker in the motor home. Of course the boys played poker and me and dad stripped. Brandon was a bad poker player. I was naked almost every hand. Then he made a bet with Jake.

"You win this hand and my soldier will suck your solder. If I win your soldier has to suck mine."

I really wanted Jake to loose because I wanted dad to suck my cock so bad. Mt prayers were answered when Brandon pulled out three of a kind.

"OK." Jake grabbed dad by the cock. "Get on your knees and suck his soldier dry."

I closed my eyes as his warm mouth encase my cock and I could feel his tongue licking my mushroom head. I had wanted this since I was a young boy and finally I got my wish. I think it was the best orgasm I ever had.

Then Brandon and Jake got into the act to finished the evening. They made me kneel down and suck both their cocks, moving from one to the other. Suddenly they pulled away and ejaculated in my face. My face was covered with dripping globs of sperm. Brandon speared it all my face. Then they untied us before they went outside to their tent.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, dad lying on the bed when I came out of the bathroom. He was on his back and his cock was completely hard.

"You really surprise me," I said. "I didn't think you could get hard so many times in a day and hold it!"

He smiled, "those enhancement pills really work! You should try them sometime."

"Thank you." I replied. "I don't need any of those right now."

I turned out the lights and flopped down on the bed. Dad rolled over and I felt his hard cock cock on my leg.

"What the hell," I said. "I wanted to do it for a long time."

I rolled over, grabbed his big balls and held his cock straight up. I slid my mouth over his stiff organ and sucked him as hard as I could before we both retired for the night...

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