Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Granddad's Love

Written by standingstones

I had gotten a call from my daughter-in-law, Katey. She had said the toilet had backed up at their place, and she needed me to come over to fix it. My name is Jack, and my son, Nick, was away on business. That left me to help out my son's family whenever a problem arose. I grabbed my plumbing tools and went over to their house. The problem only took maybe fifteen minutes to fix. Katey and my nineteen year old granddaughter, Martha, were back in business. I left after being thanked and went back home.

Later that day, I heard the doorbell ring. It was Martha, bringing me some dinner that her mother had prepared. It was a thank-you gift for what I had done. Martha came in as I put the food away. We then went into the living room. I sat down and Martha sat on the armrest of the sofa.

"Mom and Dad always say they don't know what we would do without you, Granddad." Martha said.

"That is what I am here for, to help out when I can, Martha." I replied back.

Granddad, do you miss Grandmother?"

"Of course I do, Martha, there isn't a day goes by I don't think of her."

Martha had placed her hand on my back and was rubbing me, trying to console me, I guess.

"I care a great deal about you Granddad, you know that, I hope," Martha told me.

"Yes, I do know you care," I replied to her.

I looked up from where I was seated. Martha had on the tightest shirt and shorts I probably had seen in some time. Her tits were pushing hard through her shirt. Between that and her hand on my back I was getting a bit uncomfortable. My cock was starting to rise and I was trying not to let it show. Martha kissed me on the forehead. When I looked up, we were staring at each other. Our faces were just inches apart. She then just moved closer and kissed me on the lips.

It all went so fast from there. I opened my mouth and our tongues soon touched. I pulled her body closer to me. I then came out of my haze. I had been french kissing my granddaughter. I pulled away quickly.

"I am so sorry Martha, I lost my head just then," I said.

"I think we both wanted that, Granddad." I think Martha had been truthful there.

Martha stood up and then knelt down in front of me. She reached out and tugged on the zipper of my pants. I sat there totally shocked, but I didn't stop her either. She reached in and freed my cock up.

"Oh my God, Granddad, it's so big!" Martha blurted out.

I was blessed with a big cock, that was for sure. I am around eight inches in length and pretty thick also. My late wife jokingly said that was the reason she married me. Martha then started to kiss the head of my cock. She then ran her tongue across my piss slit. Martha attempted to take me into her mouth. She only got maybe half of me inside. It didn't matter. I was hard as a baseball bat now.

Martha then stood up and freed herself of her clothes. She had nice firm breasts, and her nipples were quite erect. Martha shaved her pussy down until just a small strip of hair was showing. She then pulled my shirt and pants from me. Martha then pushed me back onto the couch. She climbed on top of me and began to rub her pussy across the flat part of my cock. I had to do everything in my power not to cum right there.

Finally, Martha lifted herself up. She was positioned directly over my shaft. She lowered herself onto my cockhead. Martha then began to feel me enter her.

Oh my God, it's so fucking big!" Martha blurted out.

It didn't stop however. I placed my hands on her asscheeks and started to pull on them. I wanted her so bad now. Wrong or not, I was thinking with my cockhead. I was going to take Martha and give her every inch of me. I brought my ass up, plunging deeper into Martha's pussy. Looking up at Martha's face, she looked completely out of it. Like she was shocked at how it felt to have me in her.

I started to pump into her pussy and Martha met me with her own motions. I was sliding into her wet hole and she was slamming down on me. It had been a long time since I had last made love to anyone. It was two years since my wife died. I had all this sexual energy stored up, that was for sure. I gave Martha exactly what she craved, my cock.

I could feel Martha shudder as if she was having these mini-orgasms. Martha began to get very vocal, She was shouting how she wanted me to fuck her until she was senseless. Thank God, we were at my old house and not in some thin walled apartment. I reached up and took a breast in each of my hands. I was squeezing them, milking each tit and Martha had this lustful look on her face. We must have fucked for a long time. I just remember doing it and it seemed to last forever.

Eventually I couldn't hold it back. I knew I should pull out. I didn't even ask to see if Martha was on the pill. I sure hadn't been wearing a rubber. It was skin hitting skin. I blasted a giant load of my seed into Martha's belly. She screamed when she felt me unload. I really pounded her pussy then. Driving my cock into her as hard as was possible. Martha said she was cumming and we both erupted together.

I think we continued for another fifteen minutes or more. Who could tell? Soon Martha was lying on my chest, spent from all our fucking. I left my cock in her, and Martha whimpered when she felt my thick pole move a little inside her. Martha recovered enough to pull off of me. We took turns cleaning up in the bathroom. Afterwards Martha said she had never made love to anyone with a cock of my size. It felt so wonderful inside her pussy. Martha never wanted me to stop.

I am not the young guy I once was either. I still have stamina, but I can't fuck all day long. Martha wanted to prove me wrong. She led me back to my bedroom. She got onto her back and motioned for me to come to her. I got on top and I took Martha one more time. I lifted her legs and pushed them against her tits. I then sunk my thick monster into her waiting pussy. It was more of the same this time, maybe even better.

I rammed her pussy even longer. I stretched her pussy and fed her my cock until she was screaming. I hadn't encountered lovemaking like that in a long time. Martha told me to make her my cock slave. I pushed in so hard, my ball sacs were bouncing off her ass. Martha was extremely wet now. When she did cum she squirted all over me. When she came I just stopped stroking her. I let her feel my stationary cock. I flexed the muscles in my pecker and that seemed to set her off. There were more orgasms than she could count.

For the rest of that summer, Martha was my lover. She said that her pussy and my cock made a perfect fit together. I couldn't deny that. The problem was that Martha was going back to college soon. The summer was almost over. I think we were both sad because the next time we would see each other would be Christmas.

Martha is now back at school. We talk on the phone, to be sure. Martha said she is saving herself for me alone. I know what we were doing was dead wrong, but I know I want her still and she wants me. It is hard to turn away a college aged woman who wants your cock. I can tell you this from first hand knowledge. Hopefully during the holidays, I will have my granddaughter back in my bed.

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