Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Grandfather's Loving

Written by standingstones
I was living with my grandparent's. Even though I was eighteen I was made to stay with my uncle when my grandparent's went away for one weekend. My Uncle Ken came onto me and we ended up having sex the whole weekend together. I was now back at my grandparent's house. One evening I was so horny. I got out of my clothes and got into bed. I pulled the bed sheet up over me. I reached down and was fingering my pussy. I must have been making noise. My Granddad knocked on my door.

"Are you okay in there Sarah?"

"I'm fine Granddad," I told him through the door.

I thought he had left when the door to my bedroom opened. Granddad walked in. I could see his eyes going right to the bed sheet. My tits were poking up through the material. It was deathly quiet for a moment. That was when my Granddad walked into the room and closed the door. He didn't say a word but walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Granddad reached over and put one hand onto one of my tits.

I let out this moan as my grandfather was rubbing my chest through the sheet. It could have been only a few moments when Granddad pull the sheet down away from my body. Granddad didn't miss a beat. He moved his hand to my damp pussy and he started to rub my pussy lips. I thought I was going to orgasm right there. Granddad then slid a finger into my pussy. I was so damn horny. I started to grind onto his finger.

Granddad fingered me for a few minutes and then he stood up. I watched as he slowly took off all his clothes. I was staring at my Granddad's hard cock. He wasn't as long as my uncle. Granddad's cock was stubby but he was so thick. Granddad climbed up onto the bed and he spread my legs.

"What about Grandmother?" I pleaded with him.

"She is sound asleep," he replied.

I knew he was right. Grandma was a sound sleeper. Nothing disturbed her at night. Granddad climbed in between my legs. He took hold of his hard prick and guided it to my pussy. I soon felt Granddad entering my passage. I felt so stretched as he slid his cock into me the whole way. Granddad took hold of my legs and pushed them up towards my chest. Granddad began to feed me his thick cock.

I had to control myself from crying out. Granddad's balls were hitting against my cheeks. I simply lost control of myself and I pushed back against Granddad's cock. The only thought I was having was that my uncle and grandfather were turning me into a cock slut. I no longer cared that my relatives were fucking me. I needed cock.

Granddad was grinding his thick monster around inside me. I could feel some small orgasms as he fed me his dick. I just lost control.

"Fuck me Granddad!"

I saw a smile on my Granddad's face as he sped up giving me his cock. It was so quiet in the bed. The only sound you could hear was my grandfather's sacs slapping against my bottom. He must have fucked me for close to an hour. I heard Granddad grunt a few times and then he unloaded inside me. His oily cum squirted deep into my belly. My pussy tightened around his prick and I milked all his seed from his dick.

Granddad must have had a lot of cum stored up. I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. Granddad left his cock in me after he finished fucking me. I was shaking from the sex we just had. My grandfather eventually pulled out. He ended up kissing my hard nipples and making me have even more orgasms. Granddad soon got up from the bed and he held a finger to his mouth. I stayed quiet as my grandfather got dressed and then left my room.

I was lying on my bed spent from the fucking I just took. I reached down and rubbed my pussy with a finger. I brought some of Granddad's cum up to my lips. I tasted my Granddad's seed. It was the first time I ever took cum in my mouth. It tasted so sweet and earthy. After I cleaned up with some tissues I fell soundly to sleep.

The next morning my grandfather acted as if nothing had happened between us. My pussy was aching. I wanted him again. We got our chance when my grandmother went to the market that afternoon. She normally met up with her friends for lunch. She would be gone for a few hours at minimum. Granddad and I got naked and we went into the shower together. Granddad turned on the shower head and we got into the tub.

Granddad had me place my hands on the shower wall. He got in behind me and I felt his mushroom probing my pussy. He slid his stubby cock into me and we ended up fucking as the water poured over us. Granddad was like an animal there in the shower. He practically lifted me up every time he shoved his cock into my pussy. This time I screamed as I took my grandfather's cock. I need fucked so badly and I didn't care who might hear us.

Granddad reached around and took hold of my nipples. He was pinching them and making them so hard. I ended up squirting my juices as Granddad filled me with his hard rod. Somehow Granddad had more cum to give me that afternoon. I felt him explode inside me. My pussy went crazy and I squeezed his fat cock with my muscles.

Granddad did pull out and I let his cum spill onto the floor of the tub. Our love juices ended up washing down the drain. After we finished my grandfather told me he had been wanting to fuck me for the longest time. He finally got his wish. When Grandma got back it was if everything was normal. I had now took cum from my uncle's and grandfather's bare cocks. I wasn't on any birth control. I was worried that one of them might have made me pregnant.

I guess I will just have to wait and see. I do know I am not finished having sex with either of them. Even now my pussy is aching to be taken again by my loving relatives.

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