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What Have I Done?

Written by Talon 86

"I'm not going to let you suck his cock!" I screamed and instantly felt bad about blowing up on Lindsay. She was a sweet girl, usually very prim and proper, and we had been going out for almost a year now. "I don't need the promotion that badly." My voice was less than convincing. I looked around at our meager apartment and our few possessions.

She flashed her bright smile and slid the blond hair that was in her bleu eyes around her ears. Her smile always pulled at my heart and there was no way I could fight its warm tug. I pulled her against me, feeling her soft breasts against my chest. Our lips met in a gentle embrace.

"I know. I'm sorry for even suggesting it." She began, her head resting on my chest. "It's just sometimes I get so desperate. We're barely scraping by as it is. I know it's wrong, but maybe one sin can bring about a better future for the both of us."

She was of course referring to my boss. An elderly pervert who only gave out promotions to the full-breasted women I worked with. Mr. Ed Creely was his name.

I had to admit that she was right of course, and her offer was tempting. But, how could I watch her being used by an old man she never knew? More to the point would she be able to satisfy his lust? Lindsay was good-looking, attractive in a natural way, but she wasn't very experienced sexually. We had grown up together and I was her first boyfriend. We had stumbled our way through first and second base during our relatively short romantic relationship. I never really wanted to push her past her limits for fear of scaring her away.

Yet here she was standing in front of me, putting her body on the line for a small pay raise. She was built petite, 5'6, maybe just over a hundred pounds, long blond hair and blue eyes with perky round breasts that fit wonderfully inside my palms. Her greatest asset was in fact her amazingly shaped little ass that perfectly filled out a pair of tight jeans.

"You're right." I said at last, not really sure what to say. Not even sure if I meant it. The thought of my aged old boss, somewhere in his mid-forties using my twenty-year-old girlfriend as a fuck toy was suddenly extremely erotic. With a nervous laugh I joked, "You weren't serious... I mean about giving him a blow job... were you?" I had to see if she would actually give into my newest dark desire.

She too laughed nervously and I could see her cheeks turning a pinkish red. "Well... sure I suppose so if you wanted me to I would do it. What's one blow job compared to a better future?" I loved how self-sacrificing, and even naïve she could be. To find a woman like that was a rare gift.

I couldn't believe how genuine and sincere she was. Deep down there was a part of me that wanted to destroy her innocence, to watch her give in to passion, to ... to.... My cheeks grew into a fake embarrassed grin, "Really?" I said, acting as best I could, "I mean, what if he wanted more?"

Lindsay shivered with what I could only assume was surprise. "You know that I would do anything for you if I thought that it could better our life." The sweetest smile burned into my evil heart.

"Well let's hope it doesn't come to that." I lied. "I wont force you to do anything, though he'll be here any minute either way." I watched Lindsay disappear into our room hopefully to change into something sexy.

With her out of the room I sat back on my couch, taking a deep breath, not knowing what to expect. I couldn't ignore a dark desire to watch her with an older man, but at the same time I didn't want to scare her away from sex all together before I had my chance. Even as I lay back gently rubbing my soft cock, imagining this newest fantasy, there came a loud knock on the door.

I leapt to my feet. Expecting my boss's stern face to be glaring back at me once I opened the door I was shocked to find my grandfather and cousin on the other side.

"Hhheeeyyy there little buddy!" My cousin Eric said, roughly punching me in the shoulder and gut. Before I could react both older men invited themselves inside. "I told you he'd be here." He said to my grandfather. Eric was nearly five years my senior, mid-twenties, a football player in his younger years and professionally unemployed now as far as I knew. He had that whole jock look that nerds like I could only dream of attaining.

"Don't you listen to your phone messages?" Asked my grandfather who was pushing seventy years old. He wore old man pants, too small slacks, which struggled to hold in his creeping beer belly. He looked young for his age, sure, but he was still old. Thick glasses sat atop his bulbous nose and the missing hair on his head seemed to be escaping through his ears and nostrils. I gave him a firm handshake and he pulled me into an uncomfortable hug.

"What are you guys doing here? I haven't seen you since Christmas." I was sure they could sense the nervousness coursing through my body from the tone of my voice. I had to admit that this meeting was not on the top of my list of things to do even at the best of times. From the moment they stepped through that door I thought only of Lindsay and my shattered dreams of watching her with my boss.

"We were in the neighborhood and thought we'd catch up with our favorite young relation." Eric said from the kitchen, helping himself to a beer.

"What he means is he lost all of our money at a strip club last night and we need a place to crash for a little while." My grandfather corrected. "I assume that couch folds out?"

"You guys can't stay here! I have my boss coming over any minute now and you'll ruin everything!" My desperate plea was lost on the two other men who took up residence in my small living room.

"Would you relax, you make it sound like a hot date or something." Said Eric, now sitting beside me on the couch. As if on cue Lindsay stepped into the room.

There she stood wearing a tiny black skirt that was cut dangerously high on her thigh. The last time I saw her wear anything that risky was Halloween, the same skirt from her little devil costume. She also wore a tight red halter that tied around her smooth neck. Her shoulders and back were mostly bare, her hair was tied up in a long blond pony tail. I saw my cousin and grandfather looking with aw at my catholic schoolgirl in slut's clothing.

What happened next took me by complete surprise!

As I sat there, stunned beyond intelligent vocalization, Lindsay closed the gap between us and curled up on my grandfather's lap. "You must be Mr. Creely." She said in a soft seductive tone. She was so small, sitting there like a sexy cat.

My jaw hit the floor. How could I ever explain this to my relatives? Word would spread through my family about the sick way I use my girlfriends to get ahead in life. I vaguely remember trying to tell her that this was in fact my grandfather, not my sex-crazed employer, but Eric covered my mouth with a big sweaty hand. I half expected my grandfather to throw her off him, and go over the immorality of sexuality. But then I guess I didn't know my grandfather as well as I thought.

Frank, my grandfather nodded with a satisfied looking grin playing about his lips. I watched in horror as his hands slowly rubbed her hips and ass, growing more intense every second. Lindsay began to respond, thinking this was her chance to earn me the raise we had been waiting for. I could see by the way her body was tensing up that she was uncomfortable, but she continued to do as she thought I expected – smiling, giggling and softly returning my grandfather's kisses.

Eric was nearly in hysterics, unable to believe what was going on. I could tell the pair were making small talk, but to me their mouths moved without a sound. My mind raced with thoughts of embarrassing family reunions. What would they think of me once they found out about my personal life? At the same time I was torn between extreme jealousy and a morbid fascination, mixed with a heavy dose of erotic lust.

Every so often Lindsay's innocent blue eyes would lock with mine as if to seek reassurance and I assume the lust she saw there was all the encouragement she needed. She continued her make out session with my grandfather, and I could see he was offering no resistance. Frank's tongue danced around hers even as his grandsons watched on.

My grandfather's wrinkled hands slid under Lindsay's short skirt, cupping her bare curves. The view he afforded us with his groping showed unmistakably the black thong panties my girlfriend wore.

Every few minutes Lindsay would pull away, or try to slow his mounting assault but Frank always pulled her back for more and I watched as her resistance dissipated by his experienced hands.

From the corner of my eye I watched Eric open his jeans and force a hand inside to stroke the erection he made no effort to hide. Only then did I notice the firmness straining against my pants. I was enraged with my grandfather for doing this while at the same time experiencing an incredible voyeuristic pleasure all at once. When at last I looked up again I saw Frank had rolled my girlfriend's red halter up over her round breasts and was sucking on a pink nipple.

By this point Lindsay was squirming with pleasure, and I could faintly hear the soft moans escaping her parted lips. Her head tilted back as her back arched in Franks hands.

"Fucking awesome, man!" Eric whispered in my ear as though I had planned the entire affair. It occurred to me that at any moment my real boss could arrive to witness this sick, borderline incestuous mating ritual taking place.

Enough was enough, I reached out to pull away my grandfather's greedy old hands only to have Eric pull me back to the couch. "Relax!" He commanded, pointing to Frank's crotch where he had loosed his wrinkly old cock. I wasn't sure if Lindsay had seen it yet, but her fingers were quickly being wrapped around his thick manhood. I was amazed at how hard and wide he could become for a man his age.

"That's it, girl." He coaxed in a husky voice.

I could see Lindsay was amazed as well, her hand struggled to wrap around the entire girth. She was tense, that much I could see, but at the same time her cheeks flushed a bright red, and her nipples stood erect. I knew she was having the time of her life. Frank gently coerced her hand up and down, up and down until she got into a rhythm of her own. Then, his thumbs hooked the inside of her black thong and began sliding the thin material down the length of her long, smooth legs.

In a way I could never hope to accomplish my grandfather masterfully manipulated my girlfriend to satisfy his primal urges. Despite her initial hesitation Frank allowed two thick fingers to delve inside Lindsay's exposed pussy. Amazingly, each time his fingers came up for air they were more and more wet with her passion. Her pink lips were puffy, so I knew she was extremely aroused by my grandfather's actions.

I briefly looked over at Eric to see him openly stroking his long cock. His eyes were glued on my tiny girlfriend like a hungry pack animal. I realized then that I was the only one not physically taking pleasure by this perverse act. It was too late to go back now. If I told her that this was in fact Frank, my grandfather, not Ed Creely my boss she would be beyond pissed at me.

What was I to do except continue the act? I made as though everything was normal and even joined Eric in pleasuring myself to the sight of Lindsay and my grandfather.

My small apartment was alive with passion. The sounds of deep panting, sucking, licking and a symphony of sex filled our ears.

Frank had Lindsay fill her mouth with his cock, using only the palm of his hand on the top of her golden locks to ease her into position. I couldn't believe how eagerly she took to her task, and I had to wonder if this was purely for the promise of financial rewards or if she genuinely enjoined being used by an old man she just met. How far would she go before putting a stop to this farce?

Her submissive moans had me worried.

Grandpa had her blowing him like a cheap whore in seconds. His hands continued to force Lindsay's head further along his old dick until her nose was buried in pubic hair.

Every few seconds Eric would call out some vulgar phrase that made me want to slam my fist into his face, like: "How's that old cock taste baby?" or "That's it, face fuck her!" What stopped me was watching the effect he was having on my girlfriend. Every comment made her moan and try even harder to please Frank. I watched her index and middle fingers rapidly circling her tiny clit.

I had to give grandpa credit for holding out so long, even jerking myself I had to take several breaks to keep from cuming.

Just as I thought he couldn't last a second longer I watched my grandfather do the unimaginable. Without so much as a word the old man lifted Lindsay off his cock and positioned her on all fours with her petite, perfect ass held in both hands. I doubted my grandfather could tell she was a virgin, but before I could say a word he had his cock penetrating her soft folds right there in front of us all.

I watched in jealous horror as my grandfather began pumping my girlfriend with his unprotected cock, accomplishing in twenty minutes what I had not in our nearly year long relationship. It was incredible the way he had taken her for his own. I expected to see Lindsay's face contort in pain from my grandfather's brutal efforts, but to my astonishment she looked like a beautiful angel. By now her long blond hair was loose, shaping around her face. Her eyes were shut comfortably and her little mouth was wide open, moaning in pleasure.

Frank slapped my girlfriend's perfect ass, and to his delight the young woman yelped with pain and pelasure.

Eric could barely control himself; his hand was a blur of motion. After building a firm, thrust my grandfather waved him over. I watched as Eric's long cock slid into my girlfriend's wide-open mouth. Lindsay looked up in surprise, having never been forced into this position before, but just like with my grandfather she put full effort into accommodating my older cousin.

Eric contented himself to bury all eight inches into her throat, fucking her face without remorse. Lindsay had little choice than to rock back and forth with the sheer force of each thrust. My grandfather groaned deeply as his momentum built. I watched beads of sweat roll down his flabby skin. He tugged on my girl's angelic blond hair for support, pulling her head back as he deeply penetrated her tight pussy. Each time he plunged that thick fuck-rod into her unprotected cunt it made a thick, wet slurping noise that only grew louder and louder.

"Fucking amazing!" Eric groaned, feeding his long, thin shaft into her pretty mouth. I could see his ass muscles clentching tightly.

Lindsay's moans filled the room as Eric pulled his cock from her wide-open mouth. I had never seen or heard anything like what was taking place in my small one-bedroom apartment. Moments later, after jerking for all her was worth, thick sprays of cum shot out in long gooey strings to land in her waiting mouth. To my surprise she managed to swallow all of it at once. How could I ever have known the slut that hid inside my sweet little girlfriend?

By this point grandpa's eyes were rolled back and his mouth hung open in a way that made him look two feet in the grave, yet his hips never faltered. He continued to ravish Lindsay's pussy. I could see his wet cock slide entirely out only to plunge back inside half a second later. Her entire lower body was now continuously jerking with intense orgasm after orgasm. I could tell the end was close; the only question was how it would happen.

As if reading my thoughts, grandpa started to jerk erratically inside her. He leaned over her back and moaned into Lindsay's ear. I wanted to shout out, "NO!" But At that exact moment, as my grandfather robbed me of Lindsay's virginity, we both began cuming at the same time. And there was nothing I could do to stop him.

* * *

When everything was said and done, we all lay there gasping for air, remaining as still and silent as possibly. The whole ordeal seemed like some perverse daydream, but sure enough when I opened my eyes the dream did not go away.

After Grandpa and Eric left Lindsay climbed into the shower without saying a word to me. I gave her some space and retreated to the bedroom to lie down. Only then did it occur to me that my boss never did show up. Something my grandfather had said to me earlier that day suddenly came back to me, "Don't you ever listen to your phone messages?" With that thought in mind I hit play on my answering machine and sure enough there was my grandfather and Eric's message about their visit.

Only then did I hear my Boss's voice come through the machine, dated the day before. "I know it's short notice, but something came up. I wont be able to come by tomorrow. You understand. We'll reschedule for a later date."

I groaned and collapsed on the bed wondering how I would ever explain to Lindsay that I didn't get the promotion.

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

The Hostess

Written by Reshbod
Michelle glanced at the clock at the clock hanging in the kitchen and noticed it was getting later than she thought. She finished cleaning up from breakfast and was finally able to sit down and relax for a little while. She had just seen her husband of two months off two days before on a business trip for a week and a half and had the whole house to herself.

She didn't have to worry about anything until tomorrow, when her grandfather was going to come by and stay for a couple of nights. His house had been damaged during the last heavy rains, so grandfather and grandmother used the opportunity to go visit some old friends who lives about 300 miles away, but he came back early to "supervise" the repairs.

Also, he really didn't want to miss his monthly poker night with his buddies which she now had to host. To be honest, he told her he would cancel the game or meet at one of the other guys home; but she insisted that it was alright to hold it in hers. Now, she kind of wished she had listened to him and just spent a quiet night and maybe watch a movie.

As she sat down on the couch, she wondered if she had time to go to the gym. At twenty-two, she was just getting to the point she needed to work harder to keep looking good. Fortunately her family has good genes. In fact, many of her friends from college often told her that they found her grandfather to be quite sexy. While at first she found that bizarre, she eventually admitted to herself that if he were not her grandfather, she probably would think he was handsome as well. Most of his friends were also in decent shape though none were what you would call sexy any longer.

Now that she was married, she doesn't even think of other men anymore. With a great husband and hopefully some kids pretty soon, she had everything a young woman could want. Of course thinking about her absent husband caused her hand wander between her legs as she stretched out on the couch. With her grandfather coming, she knew this would likely be her only opportunity to "relieve" herself. As she massaged her closely trimmed pubic area, her heart began to beat a little faster. Spreading her legs she inserted her fingers into already wet pussy. Rubbing her clit, she began to feel the tingling spread over her body. Probing herself further she felt an orgasm begin to build. Rubbing faster and thrusting her hips she was lost and only living for the next few moments.

Just as she was about to cum, the sudden ring of the phone almost caused Michelle to jump off the couch. The mood broken, she sullenly walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" she breathlessly asked.

"Are you okay sweetie, did I interrupt something?" came her grandfather's rich baritone.

"No, I was just cleaning up the house in preparation for your card game tomorrow." she replied.

"Oh, honey, don't put yourself out, besides, we probably won't even play that long.""I want to, besides it will give me a chance to wear one of my cocktail dresses" she jokingly said.

"Really?" he replied. "Well, as long as it's not too revealing."

In mock surprise she said, "Just what exactly do you mean?"

"Just when we get together and there's a pretty girl around..."

"You think I'm pretty?" she innocently asked.

After a rather uncomfortable pause she added:

"I just want to be sure you have a nice evening, besides it gives me something to do and keep me off the streets." she laughed.

"As long as it's for a good cause, I'll see you in a few hours, love ya'"

"Love you too" and she hung up the phone

She tried to go back to what she was doing, but she kept picturing her grandfather, which she honestly found somewhat disturbing. So, she decided to take a cool shower and run to the store for snacks.

Her thick dark hair hung down just past her neck. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she must admit, she started looking forward to her grandfather and his friends coming over. It would be nice to be able to flirt again without any problems resulting. Her tan 5' 5' tight body was definitely appealing, but she believed her bubble butt to be her best asset. Her B-cups could definitely be called perky even though she really didn't have any cleavage unless she wore the right bra, even then, it wasn't quite what she would have liked. Looking in her closet, she found a nice black dress that while sexy, was not too flashy. She then pulled out some nice fishnet stockings and medium heeled shoes and placed them on cedar chest at the foot of the bed.

She had a very restless night and was unable to get much sleep. The next morning, she started to get everything set up for her grandfathers game. Making sure there was plenty of beer in the frig and snacks in the pantry she wondered if there was anything else she needed to do. She had just finished lunch when her grandfather arrived. They drank some wine and chatted. He updated her on his house repairs and she told him about what she'd been doing this morning..

"I'm looking forward to your game gramps, I have a nice dress picked out and everything." She informed him.

He looked at her like she was crazy, "You know, we wouldn't be offended if you had something better to do."

"I don't...besides, I can practice my entertaining." She smirked "Ok, I guess it'll be nice to have someone wait and serve us." he said smiling."Cool" she said

His friends typically started arriving for their game around three, so at two thirty she decided to get dressed. Fixing her hair putting on her stockings and shoes she looked at herself in the mirror and not only was she way over dressed, she found herself getting somewhat aroused. Walking out into the living room, her grandfather just stared.

"You're not really going to wear that, are you?" he asked.

Crestfallen, she replied "Don't you like it?"

"Of course I do, you are a lovely young woman, but this is strictly a casual get to..." he was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Oh well...guess it's too late." He told her.

Walking to the door, she opened it. The older man standing there stood agape and looked her up and down several times. Before he could recover she spoke up, "Welcome sir, I am Michelle, I will be your hostess this afternoon...who may she say is calling?"

"I'm...Roger, is this the right..." he stuttered

"Please follow me Mr. Roger." She said.

Roger was the youngest of the group at 56 years old. He had thin grey hair and was rather slim except for a slight beer gut; though he kept in good enough shape to run half marathons.

Entering the living room with her stunned guest, she announced, "Mr. Roger." Seeing her grandfather, Roger relaxed, walked up and shook his hand, still unable to speak.

"You remember my granddaughter, Michelle?" whispering, but loud enough so she heard he added sounding a bit embarrassed "she insisted."

Getting back his composure he replied, giving her another long look, "I think she should insist more often."

We went through pretty much the same routine when James and Tim arrived. James had just hit 60 and still had most of his dark hair, though with a growing bald spot in back. Tim was short and stocky and had a perpetual disheveled and sweaty look.

When Richard showed up, he didn't miss a beat. "Well good afternoon 'Chelle" he said as he reached around and hugged her tightly. Lingering a bit longer than was comfortable, he only loosened his hold when she had to push him away. He was the shortest one of the group and quite pudgy, though not really fat. He did sport a comb-over which was hard to ignore. He was slightly shorter than she was but still had a commanding presence. He and her grandfather were both 76. Slipping out of character, she was the one speechless for a moment, until she heard her grandfather behind her.

"Come on in Rich, what would you like to have? The girl will be happy to take your order." Her grandfather told Richard

Looking her over again, he replied, "Just some tea for now; thanks." So far everyone was having just having tea, so she excused herself to brew some more.

Everyone was seated on the couch and chairs around her living room, casually chatting as she played her role of hostess. Bringing drinks when ready and some snacks, she found herself really having a nice time.

Her grandfather finally insisted that she have something, sit down and join them. She got herself some lemonade, sat in the available kitchen chair and joined the group. They talked some about their families, grandchildren, birding trips and golf. Soon the topic came to Michelle, what she'd been doing, how married life was treating her and if kids were in the near plans. Occasionally, while refreshing drinks, she notice them stare openly at her breasts which oddly made her slow down so they could get a good look. Part of her felt a little weird about it, but another part found it somewhat thrilling. They continued to talk and look for about an hour before the men were ready for some cards.

Playing several hands, she sat on the stool behind where her grandfather and Bill were sitting. James and Roger had a pretty good view of her legs, which she tried to obscure as best she could, but she did notice several leering glances. Seeing a few empty glasses, she went into the kitchen for the tea pitcher and went around filling them up again.

After a little over an hour, the men decided to take a break. Michelle went into the kitchen to prepare some more snacks and make more tea. Someone entered behind her and she turned around to look. Richard was standing there watching her. Putting on a smile, she asked, "Can I get you something?"

"Nope, just looking around, I really like your place and just wanted to see it all." He told her

"I'm sorry, that was rude of me." she said walking out the door. Everyone was standing talking, except James, who was just coming back from the bathroom.

"Would anyone like a tour of the house?" she asked.

Everyone nodded their head and answered positively. Then the phone rang. Her grandfather being closest to the phone answered it. It was her husband Jake, calling to let her know that he was back at his hotel after a full day of meetings. After talking for a few minutes her grandfather handed the phone to her.


Excusing herself she left the room and told Jake about her evening so far.

Feigning jealousy, he commented that if she was already entertaining a room full of men, after him being gone only a few days, then he should probably cut his trip short and come home.

"That might be a good idea," she answered, "you know how turned on I get from the smell of Ben Gay and long discussions about prostates." she quirked.

"Oh...ok, just make sure they leave something for me when I return." He said

"No worries, I'm sure there'll be plenty left over." She replied

After about ten more minutes they said their goodbyes and she went back out to her guests.

Entering the dining room, everyone suddenly got quiet and all eyes turned to her.

Slipping back into character, she asked, "Am she interrupting something?"

"No, nothing at all." Her grandfather replied

"We were just waiting for some drinks Miss," he said rather sternly.

"My apologies sirs; is their anything I can get you?" she said bowing her head submissively.

Going around the table, she got to her grandfather last. As she filled his glass she felt a hand on the back of her leg. Looking away from her grandfather, she saw it was Richard, who gave her a wink. She couldn't help but smile in return. Standing there a little longer than necessary she let him rub her leg, until he inched a bit too high. Walking away back towards her stool, she looked at her grandfather to see if he noticed. Fortunately he was buried in his hand. It had felt good to have someone touch her, besides, she was sure he got much more out of it than she did. When it was time for another short break, she took the men on a quick tour of her house. All were very impressed and liked what she had done with it.

As everyone was leaving the bedroom talking, Richard stayed behind and grabbed her arm then pulled her back in as the others descended the stairs.

"I apologize for earlier" he said.

"Think nothing of it..." she smiled.

He interrupted "No...I mean it, it's been a while and you are so beautiful...and with you letting us get a good look at your lovely breasts..." he told her

"That's fine," she said, "It didn't hurt anyone...I didn't realize my flirting was so obvious. I shouldn't have done it, it was mean." She then whispered, "though I did enjoy it." class=Section3>

She leaned up to give him a quick peck on the cheek. He however turned and gave her a full kiss on the lips. She then surprised herself by not pushing him away from her, but actually kissed him back.

Breaking their embrace, she stood there breathless. Smiling, he left the room followed shortly by her as soon as she steadied herself.

Exiting the doorway, she heard a short cough, turned around and saw Tim standing by the doorway, staring at her intently.

Embarrassed at possibly being caught she tried to stammer something, but didn't know what to say.

He just walked up to her, lifted her chin and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, which again she found herself returning. She soon felt his hands reach around and massage her butt cheeks. Losing herself she began grinding into him. Suddenly she was jerked back to reality when she heard her grandfather:

"What's taking you all so long?" he shouted

Pushing him away, she turned and went into her bedroom. Looking at the alarm clock on the night stand she saw that it was only 8:30. Catching her breath and changing her drenched panties; she headed back downstairs.

Going back out into the dining room; everyone was seated and the men looked like they were nearing the end of the game. Roger had most of the money on the table, Richard was almost out of money and Tim was out completely and was sitting on her stool eating some chips. Grandpa and James had a decent pile, but they had lost a good bit as well, with grandpa having a little more.

Michelle walked over to where Tim was and stood beside him.

"Would you like your stool back?" Tim asked Michelle

"No, that's OK." she said as she stood in front of him slightly to the left of his leg.

"Are you ok?" he inquired, "you look tense." He told her.

"Fine...just a bit tired" was all she could mutter.

He turned towards her, placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her in front of him and began rubbing her neck.

"You look like you could use some relaxation." He told her. "Thanks." She replied Leaning into Tim as he rubbed her shoulders, she thought about how wonderful his hands were on her body. Sighing blissfully as he kneaded her shoulder and back she realized his hands had begun to migrate towards her waist. Looking down to see a pair of hands gently rubbing her hips, inching the hem of her dress up very slowly.

Somewhat regaining her head, she looked around the room to see everyone's eyes were on her. She had expected her grandfather to intervene on her behalf, but he just sat there with a look of shock on his face.

Looking down again, she noticed that the hem was up past her waist and now her panties were visible to everyone. She took her hands and tried to lower her dress only to have Tim push her hands away and lift her dress even higher as she lost the will to try again.

She then heard the sound of chairs being pushed back from the table and heard the men get up and walk towards her and Tim.

Next, she felt Tim brush her hair from her neck and lightly start kissing her ear, slowly moving down to her shoulder. Closing her eyes she tried to push what was happening from her mind.

Forgetting where she was and who she was with, she realized a pair of hands were now massaging her firm breasts. Opening her eyes she saw Richard's comb-over as he became bolder and fondled her harder and harder.

She knew this had to stop. She turned to her grandfather who was transfixed on the action in front of him. The farther it went hotter she became. She felt the zipper on the back of her dress get pulled down and she looked around to look at Tim in the eye and tell him to stop what he was doing. As soon as she gazed into his suddenly youthful blue eyes she became transfixed and was unable or unwilling to say or do anything. As she looked, she felt Richard start to pull her dress down from her shoulders and then, before she realized it, she was standing there in her bra, nylons and panties.

Then in what seemed like an instant, she felt hands deftly pull down her panties and remove her bra. She found herself standing only in fishnet stockings in front of 5 much older men one rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck, one licking and sucking her breasts while another's hand was on her moist pussy massaging her lips and slowly inserting a finger up to what seemed to be the first knuckle. Finally, she felt another hand running up and down the length of her arm.

She looked at the hand rubbing her arm then took hold of it as the hand guided her off the stool and started pulling her. Before she knew it, her grandfather was leading her up to her bedroom with four horney old men in close pursuit. Walking beside him up the stairs, she couldn't help but notice the protrusion jutting out from his pants. Seeing that she had such an effect on him made her even more light headed. All she wanted to do was get his pants off of him and see what he had waiting for her.

Guiding her to the side of the bed, he sat her down, she inched back and lay down spreading her arms and legs as the men quickly undressed. Roger was the first one to climb on top of her. Glancing around the room all the men stood around her bed and with their cocks in various degrees of hardness. The mere sight almost made her cum without even being touched.

In her last coherent though she reached for the night stand and pulled out some condoms. Roger grabbed the box, flung them across the room and before she could protest he leaned in and kissed her hard. As he kissed her he roughly pawed at her breasts, pinching and squeezing as if there was no tomorrow.

"I promise, I won't cum inside, I promise." He told her

Then he suddenly he removed his hands to her disappointment; however, she soon realized he needed them to guide himself into her. She felt his cock stretching the opening of her pussy. As he slowly began inserting himself inside of her she immediately came. As he began to build up speed, she pushed her hips up to meet him.

As she felt a second orgasm begin to run through her extremely horny body, Roger began to push into her faster and faster until he neared completion. He pulled out and rolled over, "quick, suck me!" he cried. Quickly leaning up and over, she put him in her mouth and began fucking his dick until he emptied himself inside her waiting mouth. As he rolled off of the bed, she knew there was no stopping now. Not only had she cheated on her husband on her marriage bed, she still had 4 more men to fuck and at the moment, that is all she wanted.

When Roger got out of the way, Tim quickly, took his place.

He pushed himself in her sopping wet pussy. As he plumbed her depth, he was a lot less rushed and more gentle than Roger had been. However as he approached climax he withdrew, crawled over her and straddled on top of her chest and pushed his cock in her open mouth. Tasting her juices on Roger only made her hotter as she sucked away on his thick knob. After a relatively short time he made his deposit, which only made her suck harder. As he filled her mouth she wasn't able to swallow all of it and some did escape and drip down her cheek.

Before Roger was even off of her, she felt another stiff cock enter her. When Roger did move, she looked down and saw that it was James. She then noticed, out of her peripheral vision, a second man holding his dick in front of her face. Reaching up and grabbing it, she saw that it was attached to Richard. She immediately guided it into her mouth and began sucking hard. She realized now that as soon as she finished with these two men she still had one more to go and the most attractive of the bunch. Thinking of her grandfather soon to be fucking her gave her the most intensive orgasm of her life so far. She sucked and thrust harder in order to get them off so she could get to number 5. Lightly nibbling on Richards cock, he soon came in several quick spurts, which she was able to swallow without any overflow. Shortly after James pulled out, came on her belly and collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Looking around the room for her grandfather, she spotted him on a chair.

When James pushed himself away from her and off the bed, she saw her grandfather get up off the chair and look at her with an odd gleam in his eyes. She was scared and suddenly felt ashamed. She did notice his condom covered penis was rock hard as he quickly climbed on the bed beside her.

She tried to say something, but he quickly and roughly turned her over onto her stomach. Lifting her hips, he then pushed his cock against her very wet and lubricated asshole and began pushing into her as she tried to push him away.

"No, I can't...I've never done that!" Michelle screamed.

The denial only made her grandfather tighten his hold of her hips and slowly yet forcefully enter her virgin anus.

She responded with less than a half hearted attempt to prevent him from entering her. The further he pushed the more willing she became. Probing her deeper and deeper until he was all the way in she collapsed onto her arms and buried her face in a pillow.

She had a lost count on the number of orgasms that she had, but this one was without question the most intense yet. As his pace began to quicken, she could hear him breathing more and more heavily, until he pulled out, flipped her over on her back and began to enter her tired, yet hungry cunt.

Pushing on him so he couldn't enter, he looked at her questioningly. She reached down with her free hand, removed the condom then guided him into her waiting lips. Smiling, he pumped her with such force low grunts escaped from her with each thrust. When she was finally able to open her eyes he was staring down at her in pure lust, as she stared back at him meeting each thrust with her own as he rammed himself into her. Pumping harder and harder he was just about to reach his climax.

Grabbing his butt cheeks she held on for dear life, refusing to let go, no need to tell him to cum inside her or not, as if it would have made a difference. That was all it took for waves of her grandfathers semen to enter her canal. Thrusting into her with each spasm, her own orgasm grew into a wave that left her quivering and physically drained, unaware of where she was. Collapsing on top of her with his cock still inside, she could feel it slowly decrease in size and begin to withdraw. When it did fall out, a low, disappointed moan escaped her lips. He rolled over, grabbed her head and pushed it towards his mid section. After cleaning him up she went to work on it, hoping for some more, but it was spent for now.

While her grandfather recovered, the rest of the men were sitting on the bed watch her and fondling various parts of her body. We were all worn out and just stayed there for a while. After a few minutes, she asked.

"By the way, what were you guys talking about when she came back into the kitchen after the phone call?"

"Well sweetie," said grandfather, "we were talking about how lovely you look and Tim mentioned he was tempted to give you a little pinch."

Looking at Tim in mock anger who was presently caressing her upper thigh, simply smiled. Grandpa continued, "I told them that if they did anything that seemed inappropriate, you, being a good girl, would throw us all out of the house in a split second."

"Besides..." he continued, "I said, you were still a newlywed of not even 2 and a half months, and it's called a 7 year itch for a reason. Secondly, I said that you are my granddaughter and...that was when you came back in and we shut up quick." He explained.

Her cheeks flushed as a wave of embarrassment enveloped her.

"Well, guess you don't know me as well as you think you do." Michelle said

"Guess not...but I do plan on catching up," Grandfather said, stroking her hair.

After a few minutes, she got up, went to the bathroom sink and cleaned herself up a bit. She got a towel and washed off her face and wiped all the drying cum off her tits and running down her legs.

Walking back out, the men were getting dressed. She remained naked, no real reason to cover up now. Everyone was silent. Walking downstairs, we went back to the table, sat down and had some more tea.

"Well, sweetie?" her grandfather finally said.

Michelle looked over to him

"How'd you like to continue as our hostess every month?" he asked. "I don't think so" she said and immediately was met with five very disappointed stares.

"I don't think I can wait a full month for next time," she replied smiling.

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Maureen Swallows Granddad

Written by sethp
Maureen examined herself in the mirror. "I could probably stand to lose a few pounds." She thought. The boys in college couldn't get enough of her, though. Maureen had bright green eyes, short spiky red hair, and a very cute smile. She was not ugly by any means, but many of the girls in her school were prettier than Maureen. She had one thing going for her that the other girls didn't though. Maureen was very busty. She had a mouth-watering 36DD chest! She had inherited her boobs from her mother and her grandmother. She glanced again at the mirror while running her hands over her luscious mounds. Maureen smiled.

Due to her considerable attributes, Maureen had no trouble getting dates with the boys in school. She had gone all the way a couple of times, but what she really loved was giving her dates one of her world famous blowjobs. Nothing made Maureen happier than sucking a huge load of cum into her mouth, or onto her massive tits.

She became aware of the joys of blowjobs from looking through her parent's stash of porn videos. One Saturday afternoon, while her parents were out shopping, she decided to pop one of the tapes into her parents VCR. The title was "Top heavy blow jobs." What she saw on the screen amazed Maureen. There was a very curvy, black woman taking the largest cock that Maureen had ever seen, deep into her mouth. In fact the tall white guy on the video was fucking her in the mouth. Maureen was instantly aroused.

With every thrust of his hips, the man drove his cock deeper into the black girls throat. Her thick lips worked up and down his shaft, sucking him in even deeper. She had her tongue sliding underneath his cock and drool was leaking out of her mouth and onto her considerable chest. The girl was even bigger than Maureen in that department.

Soon the man started to moan and cried out "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

The black girl opened her mouth and Maureen could see jet after jet of sperm shooting into her mouth. A few drops leaked out of her mouth and onto her tits. To Maureen's amazement, the girl lifted her giant tits to her own mouth and slurped up the errant strands of cum. Maureen had always had her boyfriends wear condoms and had thought of cum as nasty, and something to be avoided until this very minute. Now she knew she couldn't live another day without tasting some herself.

Maureen had never felt so turned on and wet in all of her life. She started to rub her moist panties. She just had to try a blowjob herself. As if on queue, there was a knock on the door. Maureen hid the stash of videos away and ran down the steps, her giant boobs trying to escape her much to small tank top in the process.

She opened the door and was disappointed to see Rob the paperboy. Rob was very nerdy and almost squeaked when he talked. "Hi Maureen." He said sheepishly. Rob got picked on in school a lot and Maureen knew he had never even been on a date before.

"Hi Rob." Maureen replied. She suddenly had a very naughty thought. "Uh Rob?" she said.

"Yes." Rob squeakily replied.

Maureen decided right there and then that she would give Rob the thrill of his life. This was a golden opportunity that she couldn't miss. Maureen grabbed Rob's hand and pulled him into the house, kicking the door shut behind him as she did. Rob Lost his balance and fell into the couch.

"Don't say a word Rob, Just sit back and enjoy what's about to happen." Maureen told him.

Maureen ripped off her tank top and threw it behind her. Her big floppy tits fell into Rob's view. She noticed that his shorts were starting to tent. Maureen fell to her knees directly in front of Rob and pulled his shorts and boxers down, revealing a pretty impressive cock.

"Uh, very nice Rob. If I'd have known you were packing that weapon, I'd have done this a lot sooner." She told him. Rob was still too stunned to even smile.

Maureen leaned forward and sucked Rob deep into her mouth. "Urg. Ummm." Rob moaned.

Maureen really enjoyed the sensation of having a cock in her mouth and she could taste Rob's precum on her tongue. She started swirling her tongue around Robs cock. "I'm really gonna love this." she thought. She started to bob her head up and down the length of his cock, taking him deeper into her mouth each time. Then she started to suck as she was doing this.

Rob was in heaven to say the least. He started to buck his hips up to meet Maureen's lips. "Thank you god, thank you god." he thought.

Maureen was really enjoying her self and started to fondle Rob's balls as she was sucking him. Without warning Rob erupted into Maureen's mouth. He moaned as he shot stream after stream of cum. Maureen swallowed as much as she could but just like the girl in the video she lost some as it leaked onto her tits. She sucked every last drop of cum out of Rob's cock. Maureen then lifted her heavy breast to her mouth and slurped up the few drops that had escaped.

"Rob, please don't tell anyone what we did here today, this is just between you and me. If you keep your mouth shut, I promise we'll do this again." Maureen told him. After all, she couldn't have everyone thinking she was some kind of slut. Rob smiled and thanked god for his good luck.

After her first blowjob with Rob, Maureen couldn't get enough cum. She had blown almost everyone on the basketball team, including one of the coaches. She had picked up a couple of garbage truck drivers at the local truck stop. She even sucked off three construction workers at the same time. Of course, Rob had gotten lucky again on more than one occasion. Maureen made it a constant habit to go to every party she could. There was always lot's of guys willing to give Maureen her dose of cum for the week.

It was after one of those Saturday night parties that Maureen was walking home. She had swallowed three loads of cum and was very happy. She was pretty drunk and had forgotten that her grandfather was staying over at her house this weekend. Maureen let her self in the back door and snuck up stairs, being careful not to wake her parents up. She stumbled on the upper landing and went into the wrong room!

Maureen pulled off her top and unclasped her bra letting her pendulous boobs swing free. After completely undressing, Maureen flopped onto the bed started drifting off to sleep. She was suddenly aware that someone was in her bed, and worse yet that it wasn't her bed!

"Oh god, where am I?" she thought. She reached her hand across and found a raging hard on in her grasp. "Hmmm, I don't know who this lucky guy is, but he's about to give me some sperm!" Maureen thought happily.

Maureen leaned over and sucked her mystery man into her mouth. He was very large. Maureen was determined to take as much of him as she could though. She could tell that the stranger had awoken. He started to moan and grunt, and thrust his hips up to meet her mouth. Maureen grasped his cock and started to pump him with her fist and tightened her lips on his shaft.

The man placed his strong hands on her boobs and pulled at her huge nipples. Maureen knew that he would have a huge load for her and she started to slurp and make sucking noises as she continued to worship his cock.

In a strangely familiar voice the man warned her that he was going to cum. Maureen took him into her mouth deeper. Within seconds her mouth was filled with sperm. The man gasped and started to shoot what seemed like a gallon of cum into her willing mouth. After swallowing as much as she could, Maureen pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed the last couple of shots onto her tits.

"Now that was fun." Maureen exclaimed and collapsed onto the mans chest and fell into a deep sleep.

Maureen awoke to find herself in her own bed, not sure how she got there. She remembered her mystery man and the fantastic load of cum he had given her. But didn't know who he was or why he was in her house. "Was it Rob?" she thought. No he didn't have the balls to sneak into her house, or the balls for that much cum!

Maureen got dressed and headed downstairs. Her mom and dad were heading out the door. Her mom called out "Maureen, Can you make some breakfast for your granddad when he comes down? We'll be home before dark. Thanks honey!"

Maureen was horrified. "It couldn't be." she thought. Maureen heard a noise behind her and spun around to her grandfather standing there.

"Honey, I want to thank you for last night. You have no idea how bad I needed that." He told her. With that he dropped his pants revealing another raging hard on. "I sure could use that again if you don't mind?"

Maureen was in shock. They stood there staring at each other for what seemed like minutes. But finally her love of cum prevailed over her morals and she removed her top, letting her giant breasts fall free.

"Cum is what is most important in life." she told herself. Maureen stepped over to her grandfather and dropped to her knees. As she engulfed him in her warm mouth, she thought, "what would mom think if she could see me now?"

Maureen smiled around her grandfather's cock as she bobbed her head up and down the length of him. She lovingly caressed his balls with her hand as she inhaled him deep into her throat. She purposely made obscene slurping noises as she sucked him harder and harder hoping to coax another load of cum out of him. She felt her grandfather stiffen, and in seconds he was erupting in her mouth. Maureen swallowed every last, tasty drop and gave her granddad one last suck for good luck!

"Oh God Maureen, you know how to make an old man feel young again." He told her as he fell back into one of the kitchen chairs.

"Granddad, what must you think of me?" She asked him.

Maureen's granddad smiled at her and told her "Maureen, I think you are the most wonderful granddaughter an old man like me could ever have! Between last night and this morning I've never felt younger. I don't want you to worry about a thing."

Maureen smiled and crawled over to her grandfather and engulfed him in her mouth again. She wanted to get him hard again and feel his huge cock deep inside her.

"Maureen that feels so good." Her grandfather told her. Maureen slid her lips over the shaft all the way down until her nose touched her grandfather's belly. She loved the feeling of his cock deep in her throat. Maureen could feel him getting harder and knew that he would be hard enough to fuck soon.

"What the Fuck is going on here! Maureen you little bitch!" Maureen's mother had come home early. "This is incest! Dad what were you thinking??"

Maureen released her grandfather out of her mouth with an obscene plop. His proud cock waived in the air glistening with Maureen's saliva. He noticed that his daughter Nancy was staring at it. All three of them stared at each other for what seemed like 15 minutes. They were all too shocked to move or respond. Maureen's grandfather was the first to speak.

"Nancy, there's nothing in this world that I can say to fix this. It's not right but Maureen has made me feel like a man again for the first time in years." "It's not something I'm about to give up. So either you join us or get the fuck out."

"Maureen!" he commanded. " If you don't get those lips back on my cock now. You'll never get another taste of it."

Never one to purposely disrespect her elders, Maureen opened her mouth and took her grandfather into her mouth again. She sloppily resumed worshiping his cock. Lovingly sliding her lips up and down his length and fondling his balls in the process.

Nancy dropped to her knees out of shock and despair. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. Her world had been turned upside down. Nancy started to cry, but was startled to feel Maureen's hands unbuttoning her blouse. Nancy didn't protest but just let it happen. Nancy started to speak but found her fathers cock pushing into her mouth instead. Instinct took over and Nancy started to suck. She sucked and slurped with wild abandon. As she took her fathers cock into her mouth she felt her bra removed and replaced with Maureen's lips and hands.

Nancy and her husband were stuck in a loveless marriage that had lasted 4 years too long at least. Nancy couldn't remember the last time she had sex or a tender embrace. Years of frustration and loneliness melted away as she abandoned herself to her two new lovers.

Maureen had worked her self under her mother and was ready to taste another woman for the first time. She snaked her tongue out and gently tasted her mother. It was wonderful! Maureen started kissing and lapping at her mother with more gusto. Maureen really liked the taste and the sensation. Maureen didn't know how it happened but she was pleasantly surprised to find her and her mother in a sixty-nine position. The two hungrily devoured each other. Maureen's grandfather had a problem though, Where to stick his now throbbing cock. They bothed looked so enticing! He decided to take his daughter.

As Maureen and Nancy continued to hungrily lap at each other, Maureen's grandfather positioned himself behind Nancy and slid into his sopping daughter with one good thrust. Nancy orgasmed immediately. She screamed in passion as her cunt was filled with all 9 inches of her father and her clit was being worked on by Maureen's eager tongue.

Maureen slid out from under her mother so that she could watch. Nancy was bucking her hips back to meet each thrust. Nancy started to shiver as her third orgasm of the day overcame her. Maureen could tell that her grand father was going to cum as her grandfather grunted and pulled his cock out, Maureen replaced her mother's cunt with her mouth and swallowed his seed.

Nancy collapsed on the floor and Maureen cuddled in next to her. Maureen's grandfather fell back into the kitchen chair again. "God Nancy, between Maureen's' lips and your cunt, I think I'm getting younger actually!" All three of them shared a laugh at that.

"What would Dad think if he could see us now?" Maureen thought.

Maureen's mother got to her feet and ran up the stairs. This was all a bit too much for her to handle and she had to get things right in her mind. She had just been fucked by her own father and eaten out by her own daughter. Maureen had swallowed her own grandfather. She ran up the steps with her oversized breasts flopping wildly as she ran. She was going to take a cold shower and then straighten everything out in the morning. The worst part is that she loved every minute

Maureen got up and wanted to talk to her mother, so she went up and lay down on her parent's bed. She started to drift off to sleep as her mother's cold shower turned hot and she decided to stay in for a while.

Maureen's grandfather got up on shaky legs. He hadn't had this much sex in years and it was taking a little toll on him. He slowly got up and made his way to the spare bedroom to take a nap. He was happy as hell and wanted to get some rest for the afternoon.

Maureen's dad had only made it halfway to his destination before turning around the car. He had been reflecting on his life and his marriage and was bound and determined to get things going in his marriage again. He had decided that he was going to get home and fuck his wife good and hard. She needed it and he needed it. He started driving faster.

Nancy, Maureen's mother had decided to sit down in the shower. It was a fancy one with benches and multiple sprayers! She was sitting there soaking and thinking about her father and her daughter. God was she getting turned on again?

Maureen's father Ben pulled into the driveway. He had pulled his cock out during the drive there and been stroking himself to an erection. He stuffed his cock back in his pants and entered the house. He faintly heard the shower running upstairs and hoped that Maureen and her grandfather had gone of to do something. He was beyond caring if they heard him going at it with his wife though.

Nancy had drifted off to sleep in the shower. Maureen had drifted off to sleep in the bed with her legs wide open and still wet from the morning's activities. Maureen's father stormed up the steps he was taking his clothes off as he climbed. By the time he got to his bedroom only his shirt remained. He spied who he thought was his wife on the bed. Had she heard him coming home? Was she waiting for him? With one extremely athletic move, he pulled off his T-shirt, grabbed his cock, jumped on the bed and entered his wife. She was sopping wet and he entered her easily, pumping into her hard.

Maureen awoke with a grunt. There was a large cock thrusting in and out of her. She opened her eyes and her and her father locked gazes!

"Oh fuck!" Her father said. "I thought you were your mother!"

"Oh shit!" Maureen yelled. "Oh shit that feels good dad! Don't stop!"

Ben didn't he didn't know how this mix up happened or why his busty daughter was laying naked in his bed but he wasn't going to stop fucking her now. It was too late. Maureen was so hot and wet down there. His large cock was fucking her easily and it felt so good. He pulled out much to her dismay and rolled her over onto her hands and knees. Maureen got in position and was relieved when he entered her again.

She had grown to love the doggie style position. She started to buck her hips back to meet his thrusts. He was fucking her hard and she loved it!

Nancy heard the commotion in the bedroom as soon as she turned off the shower. She had come to terms with what had happened down in the kitchen and was ready for another round with Maureen and her granddad. What she saw when she went into the bedroom shocked her.

There was her husband Ben fucking the hell out of Maureen from behind on the bed. Maureen was grunting in pleasure with each thrust. Ben was groping Maureen's heavy breasts with one hand as he fucked her. Nancy could hear how turned on Maureen was by the wet smacking sounds of their fuck session.

Ben looked over and saw his wife standing there and to his surprise she didn't' protest or try to stop him. Maureen could see her mother there also and mouthed the words. "I'm sorry, is it ok?"

"Yes baby it is." She told her daughter. Keep fucking each other. I have my own cock now.

Maureen and her dad stopped just long enough to glance over and see Nancy drop do her knees and take Maureen's granddad into her mouth. She slid her lips down his cock and fondled his balls with her other hand. He started to push his cock into her mouth further as she started to suck with more force. She loved sucking cock almost as much as her daughter did.

Maureen could sense that her father was about to cum and she desperately wanted to taste him. She crawled forward and Ben's cock slid out with a wet "plop!" Maureen turned around and sucked her father into her mouth.

As soon as his cock entered his daughter's mouth, Ben started to cum. It had been weeks since he last came and he had a lot of ejaculate for his daughter. He shot load after load into her mouth. He was surprised that his daughter was able to swallow it all. He wondered just how experienced she was and what had been going on around here.

Maureen slid her lips off of her father's cock and smiled up at him, cum still glistening on her teeth. "Thanks Dad!" She said.

"Baby, that was so good. As long as your mother doesn't mind I have lot's more for you!" He replied.

They looked over onto the floor and Maureen's grandfather and her mother were fucking on the floor. He had her feet up over his shoulders and was fucking into her with long deep strokes. It was long until Nancy screamed in orgasm and they watched in amazement as her whole body shook.

Maureen's granddad got up and pulled his daughter to her feet and helped her on the bed. Maureen got up from the bed so that her mother could recuperate.

Nancy looked over at Ben and told him she loved him and that she was sorry for being such a prude all these years. Ben leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips. "Things are going to change around her for the better!" He told her. The both looked over and smiled as Maureen swallowed granddad again!