Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Life with Grandpa

Written by No Panty Girl

Mom left us when I was two years old. By he time I was six Dad was serving ten years in the slammer on a drug bust. I went to live with my granddad, my only relative.

Granddad was an ordinary hard working man who lived on a small farm outside of Preston, a small manufacturing town about ten miles away. Granddad worked at the Preston Stove works during the day and operated the farm in his spare time.

Granddad was good to me, he helped me and encouraged me with my schoolwork and ensured I had everything I needed to do well in school. He did not expect me to help out on the farm but wanted me to concentrate on school.

For twelve years grandpa made sure I was on the school bus every morning on the way into Preston to school. He bought me a $250 prom dress for my high school prom with his hard earned dollars.

I was eighteen and after much deliberation was off to the Barbizon Modeling Academy in Toronto. It was my first time away from home.

After a tearful farewell I boarded the bus off to pursue my career.

I did well in Toronto. Found myself an apartment to share with a girl from Kitchener, a city near my hometown. I found a job working nights at "The Station", an old railway station converted into a bar. Working as a waitress with my cute little ass in my short shorts the tips was good.

Grandpa's checks arrived every month along with his weekly phone calls to see if I needed anything. I always ensured me if I ever needed anything all I had to do was ask.

I lost my cherry in Toronto. He was a suave underworld character with plenty of bucks to spend in all the best places.

I was a pushover for a guy like Tony. I was naive country girl fresh off the farm. He told me he could help me with my career so it wasn't long before I was in bed with him.

Basically all Tony wanted me for was to fuck and show off. We would spend afternoons fucking in the Holiday Inn while he would make phone calls to his associates and wife waiting at home. One time he did get me up to sing at a swank nightclub one of his friends owned.

The only modeling assignments I got were car shows and expositions. Just hanging around in skimpy outfits providing eye candy for horny guys. Discouraged I decided to return home to grandpa.

Returning back to the farm I found grandpa had taken in another border to help him with the chores around the place. Owen was a twenty-year-old son of a woman grandpa had an affair with many years ago. Because of the resemblance I suspected Owen might be grandpa's son?

Grandpa was surprised at what a woman I had blossomed into. No more the gangly teenager but a graceful woman with a body that excited most men.

The old house on the farm was not really that big. Owen was using my old bedroom and the other bedroom was being used as a storage room. Rather than upset the house I told grandpa I would be willing to share his bed.

He was quite surprised at my offer but I could see the gleam in his eye.

"C'mon Grandpa, we're all adults now." I convinced him.

Grandpa made room in his closet and drawers for my stuff.

It was strange but nice that first night, cuddling up to grandpa in my tee shirt and panties. We just snuggled and had a beautiful night's sleep.

Grandpa informed me that dad was doing another five years on a trafficking rap and wanted to know if I wanted to go visit him. I told him I considered him to be my father and wasn't interested.

The next night I woke up in the middle of the night to find grandpa's hand in my panties on my pussy. It felt comforting so I went back to sleep. I was awaken early next morning with my panties off and grandpa's cock in me fucking me from behind. I slammed my ass back on him and had a beautiful climax as he pumped his cum into me.

From that night on grandpa and me became lovers.

Grandpa was in his sixties but still in good shape thanks to working on the farm daily. He was like a love-starved teenager, fucking me every night.

Our love life did not escape Owen's attention. One day he came right out and asked me: "Are you screwing Nick?"

I admitted I was and he asked if he would let him fuck me too?

Of course I agreed, Owen was a good-looking lad and grandpa was in his sixties. I would have to fuck Owen secretively because I knew grandpas would not agree, especially if Owen was his son. It was bad enough he was fucking family without including his son in a threesome.

I took Owen into my bedroom and stripped. Grandpa was not due home from work for another hour. Owen watched closely as I uncovered my charms. Stark naked I jumped onto the bed.

Owen quickly stripped to join me. My heart skipped a beat when he pulled down his shorts and his hard cock sprung out. It was beautiful, at least nine inches of rock-hard cockmeat.

"Tit-fuck me." I said as he got on the bed.

I have the perfect tits for tit fucking, 38C and firm. Owen laid his log between my mounds and I squeezed them together trapping his cock. He started thrusting up between my boobs.

Playfully I tried to catch his helmet in my mouth as he slid up to my chin. Once or twice my tongue licked him before he unloaded a load of pearl white cum onto my chest.

Owen rolled the head of his cock in he puddle of cum at the base of my neck and fed it to me. I licked the delicious cream from him greedily.

After my fresh cream appetizer I was ready to fuck my uncle, nephew or whatever.

Own moved down and placed my ankles on his shoulders. Almost folded in half he entered me and went where no man had gone before. I was still a virgin where Owen's cock reached.

It was the fuck I had been longing for. Owen's cockhead was knocking on the door of motherhood and I was going to let him come in.

"Fuck me Owen, give me a baby!" I pleaded.

I never suspected I had to worry too much about grandpa knocking me up so I had quite taking the pill after I stopped fucking Tony. Now Owen's virile cock was almost touching my cervix.

I was prepared to have Owen's baby. Grandpa would think it was his and dot over me as my belly swelled.

I slammed my hips up to meet Owen's thrusts so when he cum his sperm would find its way into my garden.

"Now!" I cried as I felt my orgasm breaking loose.

Owen grunted and I felt his warm cum flooding my womb. It was bliss, my body quivered as Owen inseminated me.

Owen and I continued to fuck secretively and soon my periods ceased coming. I happily informed grandpa he was going to be a father again.

Both Owen and grandpa are proud of my son Chad and we are working on a brother or sister!

Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

Where It counts

Even though I'm short by today's standards, my five foot six inch body towers over tiny Michelle. My granddaughter's very short when you gauge her to today's women. The little girl's barely five foot tall. That, however, is not what you see when you look at the little girl who just turned eighteen.

What stands out even more than her diminutive stature is something far more important than height. The little girl's been blessed with a body so incredibly nice, all you can think about is fucking that incredible body no matter who she is. Tiny Michelle's really got it where it counts.

Her grandfather loved her incredible body, but knew he couldn't have it. Therefore, he did the next best thing. He took pictures of her every chance he could, then, like some sick old fuck, jerked off while looking at them.

That was good for a while, but eventually got tired. Michelle wore all her clothes in those pictures. He wanted pictures of his granddaughter without any clothes at all. He wanted to jerk off while looking at Michelle's incredible naked body.

Yeah, I know! I'm a sick old fuck. I not only wanted the immoral and obscene, I wanted the impossible. There was no way in the world this gorgeous kid would ever take off all her clothes for some sick old fuck who should be out playing golf instead of staying home with his dick in his hand. Still, I didn't give up trying.

I took her picture at a party. Michelle smiled for me, then asked why I was always taking her picture. "Not that I mind, Grandpa! I'm just a little curious why you take so many pictures of me."

I couldn't lie. I told Michelle the truth. I thought she was beautiful and had a great body and I loved looking at it in her pictures. She smiled again. Women love it when men say nice things about them, even if that man is her dirty old grandpa.

Little Michelle was no different. For some reason, she loved hearing it from me, even when I told her I'd love seeing her great body without any clothes at all.

The smiled remained. For a kid so young, what I said didn't phase her one bit. She didn't even blush, but more importantly, she never told her parents what I said. If she had, they sure as shit would have gotten pissed at me for saying such an outrageous comment to their little girl.

But, the way I saw it, Michelle was no little girl. Oh, she was little in height, but this kid was no little girl. She was certainly old enough to know what her horny old Grandpa was thinking.

"Grandpa! Now you're being silly! I can't take off all my clothes for you. Then you'll see me naked!"

Don't you get it kid? I want to see you naked. In fact, your Grandpa wants to fuck you. That's why he wants you naked. You take off all your clothes and then I'll fuck you.

She grinned. I could swear she was reading my mind. "Grandpa! You better get those dirty thoughts out of your head. Grandma wouldn't like what you're thinking about me.

I don't give a shit what Grandma thinks. If she had a body like yours, I'd be thinking about fucking her instead of you. But, Grandma doesn't have a body like yours. No one does. That's why I want you naked, and that, my little Michelle, is the reason I want to fuck you.

By the time the night ended, I had many pictures of sexy little Michelle. I also had one hell of a giant hard-on, something Michelle's Grandma stopped giving me long ago.

While she posed, I grew. While she smiled for the camera, I smiled too. I did so not because I was getting more pictures, but because the little girl's eyes couldn't miss what her fine body had done to her Grandpa.

It was around three in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. My wife wasn't due home for another three hours. It was the middle of the summer so she wore a short summer dress, one that clung tightly on top and flared at the bottom. It showed off her abundant chest as well as her solid tanned legs. I loved the way Michelle looked in that dress. I couldn't help wondering what she'd look like without it. She was there to make me stop wondering.

"So, Grandpa? You still want pictures of me?"

By the time I got my camera from the other room, Michelle had the back of the dress open and was looking back at me over her shoulder. Her teasing eyes and enticing smile told me I was going to get some very different pictures that day. The first one was the dress falling off her shoulders, showing both my camera and me that she wore no bra. The second, third and forth were of Michelle's bare back with the dress draped around her slim waist. After that, I just snapped away.

Every shot was a classic, every pose a tease. She liked posing and I liked shooting. The next group of pictures really teased. Michelle lifted the bottom of the dress to her waist. I stopped shooting just to stare. The tiny viewfinder window didn't afford the view I could get with my naked eye. And the view was wonderful.

It was Michelle's fine ass covered only by her thong panties. I almost came just from the sight of an ass so beautifully shaped. She saw me staring. "Grandpa! Take my picture! You said you wanted me without any clothes. Well, here I am!"

Here I am was beyond my wildest dreams. It was Michelle's bare ass with her panties half way down her meaty thighs. It was Michelle's cheeks uncovered for the camera that couldn't take pictures because the picture taker was in total shock. He never expected such a wonderful sight; he never expected what he saw next.

With a sexy shimmy of her body, Michelle let her dress fall to the floor. All that was left for the leering man was a well-built woman wearing only her panties draping her very meaty thighs. For no other reason other than the purpose of a later masturbation, he took many pictures of that glorious sight. Her sexy pose and magnificent ass were that nice. Michelle's next sexy pose would prove to be even nicer. She spread her feet apart and bent over.

With her panties reaching the tearing point, Michelle looked back at me while I looked at what she was showing off so willingly. She had gone way beyond just showing off her awesome body to her sick old Grandpa. Michelle was now showing me the crinkled opening of her fine ass, as well as the pink juicy lips of her better-than-fine cunt.

Oh, I took many pictures of both those treats. But the truth is, she wasn't showing herself off just for pictures. Michelle had an ulterior motive for showing off her fine body to the old man who said he wanted her pictures without clothes.

I found this out when the little lady stood up and turned around. It was then Tiny Michelle showed it all. "So, Grandpa? Whatta ya think?" she asked with a wiggle of her soft hips, letting the panties fell to the floor. "I'm wearing no clothes at all and you got all the pictures you wanted. What's better than that?"

What's better than that? You know what's fucking better! Did you have to fucking ask? I got all the pictures all right, but I also got another big fat hard-on from seeing my granddaughter naked. A naked Michelle can do that to a guy. If you saw what I saw, you'd get hard too.

Jeez! You had to see her fine tits! They were big and erect, her nipples large and firm. Then there were her fucking nice legs! Christ! Were they fucking nice! I couldn't believe how solid they were, and so finely shaped, tapering up to her softly rounded hips and of course, her totally exposed sweet delicious pussy. Was it any wonder that someone so fucking nice gave the old man an enormous boner? Shit! There she was in all her fucking naked splendor. Pictures? Fuck the Goddamn pictures! I wanted the real thing. I wanted what was better.

I placed the camera on the coffee table and moved towards her. She didn't move. She stood there smiling as she looked right into my eyes.

"You're tired of just looking, aren'tcha Grandpa? You wanna touch me too! I know you do! I saw what I did to you," she teased and I fucking melted.

Yeah, I wanted to touch. I wanted to fuck the crap out of the young teasing bitch. I didn't care if she was my granddaughter. I only cared about one thing. "Yes, yes! Oh, yes! I wanna touch you!"

She moved right up to me, and with her arms by her side, leaned her body against me. Suddenly, she was rubbing her exposed cunt on my cock.

"Then what are you waiting for, Grandpa? Go ahead and touch me!" she said seductively while moving her body from side to side. "I'm waiting, Gramps! Don'tcha like what I'm doing to you? I like what I'm feeling. Don't you wanna touch hot little Michelle with it?"

I not only touched, I grabbed, squeezing her bare ass cheeks in my hands while she rubbed the cock made hard because of her. I couldn't believe what was happening, or how wonderful she was making me feel. "Yes, yes! Oh, yes!"

That's when the tease ended and Michelle got right to the point. "Mmmm, Grandpa! I just love the feel of your big cock! It's so big and so hard! Don'tcha wanna put it inside me and fuck me with it?"

"Yes, yes! Oh, yes! That's what I want! I gotta fuck you!"

Like a crazy man, I lifted her up off the floor by her sweet ass. When I did, Michelle's solid legs wrapped tightly around me, her arms clung to my neck and she did the incredible.

An eighteen-year-old girl kissed an old man's mouth.

Her wet lips parted and her meaty tongue found my own eager tongue. She chewed on it while frantically rubbing her hot pussy on my hard cock. It amazed me how hot for fucking my granddaughter was. The little girl kissed and rubbed like she really wanted it. What else could an old man do but give the girl what she wanted?

"It's time, baby! We're gonna do it!"

"I'm ready, Grandpa! Give it to me! Fuck little Michelle's hot pussy!"

"Yes, yes! Oh, yes! I'm gonna fuck you!"

When I said that, her arms let go of me and her upper body fell back onto the couch. She still had her muscular legs clinging to my body, but not for long. As she stared up at me with fucking lust in her eyes, her short legs came off of me and opened as wide as any legs could.

Whoa! Now that was a fucking sight! Not only was the young kid showing her Grandpa her sweet delicious pussy, she was moving it up and down and in and out for him.

Needless to say, my pants and drawers hit the Goddamn floor quicker than you can say hot pussy. They did so because that's exactly what I was looking at as the kid used her strong legs to propel her teasing bottom to and fro. Her hot pussy was ready and so was my cock

"You want it, baby?"

"Oh yeah, Grandpa! I want it a lot!

Her Grandma used to say that a lot too. Now she don't. She'd much rather do crossword puzzles than plead like her granddaughter's pleading. That's okay. With this hot kid around, who needs Grandma?

As my hard cock nudged her wet opening, Michelle's smooth legs caressed my hips and she lifted herself off the couch to the waiting cock. "I feel it touching my lips, Grandpa!" she said, then felt even more. "Ohhhh, Grandpa! Grandpa! I'm feeling it all! You can fuck me now, Grandpa!" she told me, but truth be told, it wasn't her Grandpa doing the fucking.

Once she had my cock deep inside her, young Michelle showed me what moving really was. What she did before without my cock, was nothing compared to how she moved with the damn thing filling her hot hole. Whoa! Did that kid love to fuck!

"Oh, yeah, yeah! Give it to me, Grandpa! Fuck me! Fuck me!" little Michelle said while little Michelle moved. And trust me boys and girls, little Michelle could move that awesome body like no babe, big or small, young or old. Even her Grandma couldn't move her once-fine body like Michelle moved her now-fine body

Not only did her meaty hips swivel all over the place, her hot pussy and all its muscles did their own moving too. It held onto my cock and squeezed it while I held onto her moving hips. Oh, Lordy, was I getting a good fuck from the last person on Earth I ever expected one.

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but this wasn't no grown woman with years of fucking experience. Michelle was a fucking kid, yet, she could fuck better than any woman I ever fucked. I suppose that's why I came within minutes after I got my cock inside her.

And the best part was, the little girl was coming too. "Oh, Grandpa! Grandpa! Hold me tight! I'm . . . I'm coming! I'm coming!" she cried out as I was letting go, filling her hole with my juice while holding onto her soft meaty ass.

"I will, baby! I will!" I told her with her ass cheeks trembling inside my hands and my cock feeling the tremor erupting inside her. She was coming all right, no doubt about that. This was no fake, the kind of act her Grandma often pulled. Tiny Michelle was the real deal in more ways than one.

Not long after, her legs fell off of me and she collapsed back onto the couch, her body shaking, her cunt quivering. An old man had fucked a young kid into a state of total exhaustion. Talk about wonders never ceasing? That's when I went for my camera.

She had her eyes closed and her legs wide open as I snapped away. My digital Nikon zoomed in on her opening and captured for posterity Michelle's come-soaked juicy pink lips.

Since my digital cameras didn't make a sound when I pressed the button, she wasn't aware I was getting frame after frame of her still-pulsating love hole. Michelle didn't know I had captured for forever, pictures I could use later on to relive our time together. Happily, it wasn't time for later on just yet. We were still living the present.

We had already crossed the line into forbidden territory. And since we were already there, there was no need to leave so soon. An old man and his granddaughter had already committed one illicit act. Why not do another and another and another?

These were my thought as Michelle's eyes opened. The lusty look in her eyes told me she had the same thoughts the dirty old man she knew as her Grandpa. I've gone this far, her eyes said. There's no reason why I can't take another step and another and another.

Michelle's next step was not a walking step, but a move of her body to a seated position right in front of me. This time, her eyes didn't do the talking. She did.

"Betcha never thought I'd be doing this with you?" she said as her tiny fingers grasped my cock and she started stroking it. I mumbled some sort of unintelligible reply. There were no words to describe how good she was making me feel. What my granddaughter did next rendered me incapable of any speech at all.

With the classic look up at me, Michelle's lips came around my cock and she started sucking on it. I could almost cry from the joy I was deriving from her licking tongue and sliding lips. This wasn't just any woman blowing me. It was tiny Michelle, the youngest child of my youngest daughter who was sucking on my cock like it was the last cock on Earth.

No! I never thought she'd be doing this with me. How could I? No man ever imagines something so absolutely obscene and wonderful? A blowjob is usually a terrific thing. Getting one from my young beautiful granddaughter far exceeded any blowjob I ever got from any woman. Yes, even Grandma!

"Uhmmmmmmm," the little girl moaned while her eyes looked up at me, and her twirling tongue titillated me. No, my friends! Nothing compared to what I was feeling right then. Christ! How could it? Not to belabor the point, but this was my granddaughter who was licking on my cock. Jesus! A fantasy doesn't get any better than that. "Uhmmmmmmm, ohh, uhmmmmm" Michelle moaned while Michelle sucked and licked and teased, taking an old man to where he never thought possible. She had me wanting to come again.

I want to. Oh, Lord, did I want to come inside her sweet mouth. I had never done that with any woman, not once in my life had I ever experienced that joy. You know for sure Grandma wouldn't let me do it. She said Yuck when I suggested it. Michele didn't say yuck. She said no.

"I got a better idea, Grandpa!" she told me and I quickly agreed. I liked her kneeling on all fours in front of me. It gave then old man a real nice view of her beautifully shaped ass, not to mention all the goodies in between her two fine cheeks. "See! I told you you'd like me better this way," she said when she saw the smile on my face and the lusty look in my eyes.

What was not to like? "Oh yeah, babe!" I said as I took hold of her meaty hips and rubbed my cock between her two cheeks. "I like this a lot, baby! A real lot!

"I knew you would, Grandpa!" she said while looking back at me over her shoulder, her teasing eyes telling me her fine ass was mine if I wanted it. Not surprising, her mouth said the same thing too. "A cock has to be big and hard for this. Did I make your cock hard enough, Grandpa! Did I suck it hard enough to fuck me in my nice ass? Did I, Grandpa? Did I?"

Even if she hadn't sucked it a t all, just hearing her say that made it harder than it's ever been. I never fucked her Grandma in the ass either, but that didn't stop me from doing it to Michelle. There's a first time for everything and luckily for me, my time had come with the nicest ass I ever saw in my life.

"You did, baby doll!" I told her with my hard head poking her anal opening. "And now sweetheart, your Grandpa's gonna show you it wasn't all in vain. I'm gonna fuck you nice ass if you really want me to."

She smiled back at me. "Oh, I do, Grandpa! There's nothing I want more than your big hard cock inside my ass. Will you do that, Grandpa! Will you fuck my ass!"

I did. I don't know how an old man got up the courage to do something as obscene as fucking a woman in her ass, but I did. Oh, Lord, did I do it.

I did it because of whose ass it was, and not because the idea of doing it excited me an awful lot. It wasn't something that preoccupied my mind. I was perfectly content in fucking a woman's cunt until I found myself facing Michelle's fine ass. That's when I knew it was something I wanted, something I needed to do. Having her ask me to do it didn't hurt either. No guy could turn away from that, and this guy didn't.

"Ohh, Michelle, Michelle!" I moaned loudly once I had my cock all the way inside her ass. To my surprise, it wasn't as tight as I expected. In fact, her anal opening was quite loose and slippery, almost as loose as her pussy. What did that mean? I thought. Had she been fucked in the ass before, and if so, how many cocks had her young ass taken. I didn't know, nor did I care. All I cared about was the cock she was taking right then and how much she loved having it inside her ass.

"Mmm, yeah!" she cried out with her bottom moving in every direction, side to side and round and round. "I love a big hard cock in my ass. I could fuck this way all the time. If I come over every day, would you fuck my ass all the time, Grandpa?" she asked and I knew for sure mine wasn't the only cock her fine ass had taken. This kid had taken many before me. Yet, did I care? I'd be a damn fool if I did and I I'm no fool. I fucked Michelle's ass that day, even came again while doing it.

I'm a very lucky man. Most grandparents I know never get a visit of any kind from their grandchildren. I not only get a weekly visit from one of mine, I get a blowjob and an ass fuck as well.

I'm also lucky in the fact I have in my possession hundreds and hundreds of pictures that totally illustrate the events of that first day and the many days thereafter.

Because of the consequence, I could never show these pictures to anyone, especially Michelle's very pretty mother. I could, however, look at them myself and relive every magical second of the times I spend with Tiny Michelle and my granddaughter's incredibly nice body.

Then again, I wonder what would happen if my daughter, Tracy, saw those pictures of her daughter spending real quality time with her very contented grandfather.

Would the forty-year-old honey overreact and get real pissed at her old man for popping her daughter?

Or would the hot looking Tracy and her also fine body, do the exact opposite of what I'd expect her to do and pose naked for the camera too?

Hmm, an interesting question that can only be answered by leaving the pictures out where Tracy can find them on her very next visit.

Stay tuned. Tracy already called. She's coming by tomorrow to bring me some of her home baked cookies. She made a batch especially for me, but she also made some for her husband to take with him on one of his weeklong business trips.

In case you're wondering, Michelle's pictures are already placed in a strategic location where anyone can find the, even an inquisitive mother.