Samstag, 16. August 2014

True Act of Mercy

Written by Barry C
18-year-old Kelly, was a gorgeous young woman, blonde-haired with supermodel looks. Her athletic body would make any man look twice with nice sized amazingly perky breasts that have large upturned puffy nipples. Her long legs, flat stomach, tight arse, a smile that could light up a room and seductive eyes Kelly could make any man her. Kelly was little miss perfect never did anything wrong. Once a week Kelly would visit her grandfather Jack in his nursing home. Jack was a bald 80 years old, a rather handsome but increasingly frail man. Jack was constantly harassing the female staff and complaining he hadn't known the company of a woman in nearly 25 years. One stormy afternoon, Kelly visited Jack she had just come from school and was wet from the storm her thin white cotton blouse clung to her body like a second skin and her lacy white bra was clearly visible.

Jack lived in a private unit and was visited twice a day by a nurse who just left as Kelly arrived. The other half of Kelly's uniform was a short tartan skirt that barley covered her tight cotton panties and sandals it too was soaked. Jack liked the seeing his grand daughter but seeing her like this he enjoyed a lot more. For the last several months, he had been finding himself fantasising about her more and more. Kelly too had felt sorry for Jack who had dementia and often forgot who he was or who he was talking to. Kelly was the only family that put up with him. The thing that annoyed Kelly's mother/ Jack's daughter was he confused things badly and often talked about sleeping with whores while he was in the navy. Once even confusing his daughter for a girl he knew in Fiji asking her if it was still the same price for a blowjob.

Kelly had a mischievous naughty streak that few realised. She had planned to take advantage of Jack, needing money for new clothes that her mother wouldn't buy her. Jack gave Kelly some money for the clothes earlier in the week but it wasn't enough so Kelly decided to hatch plan B. Nervous but excited Kelly planned to take advantage of Jack muddled mind and pretend to be one of the hookers he knew next time him he got confused. Knowing her wet blouse would probably trigger an episode Kelly timed her arrival for after the nurse left for the final time that day. Everything began as planned with Jack confusing her with some whore.

Kelly said "Hey, sailor tell me what you want and I'll tell you how much."

"Alright, Candy I'm up for something special tonight. How about you ride me with no rubber." Jack said

Kelly first time felt strange about all this said " That's special $100 will do it up front."

Jack returned "Hey we do the same deal as always, I give you the money when I've finished."

Suddenly Kelly realised this was serious she couldn't get the money off him and then bring him back to reality before having sex with him. She had two choices end it now or go through with it neither was what Kelly had in mind. Kelly's desperation for the money finally overcomes her dilemma and said, "Alright, sailor let's do it. Get out of those clothes." As she led him to the bedroom.

Jack was now very much lost in his fantasy world stripping off before reaching the bed excitedly commenting " Bonus a strip tease!"

"mm what a handsome big dick you have," Kelly responded with what she imagined a hooker would say. Quickly stripping Kelly hoped to get this over with as quickly as possible. It would not be her first time but she wasn't the most experience.

"Aren't you going to blow me first to get it nice and slick so it will slide into your hot tight pussy?" Jack pointed out.

Taking a deep breath and realising she was totally naked Kelly thought this was the decisive moment. Kneeling between her grandfather legs Kelly sighed and took his impressive old but hard cock between her soft lips and slowly began to suck him off making sure she lubes him up with spit. Satisfied it was time she carefully straddled Jack positioning his cock at the opening of her now very wet pussy and slowly impaled herself grinding her neatly trimmed soft blonde pubic patch down hard onto his grey wiry pubic hair. She could feel him deep inside her as she tried to milk him of his baby juice. She began softly moaning, "Oh fuck me yes that's it."

As he thrust up meeting his grand daughters hot box he grunted, "Yes oh yes!"

Kelly's orgasm approached she made a mistake saying, " Oh Grandad I'm cumming, yes oh pop yes!"

With an explosion of sexual pleasure and shock Jack yelled, "Shit Kelly."

Collapsing from her own strong orgasm Kelly didn't realise Jack had been jolted from his fantasy world continuing the act saying "That was so good sailor but now you pay."

"Kelly get off me what do you think your doing... why! What! KELLY!" Jack screamed.

"Oh! Shit Pop!" Kelly realising she had been caught before going on, "I'm sorry pop I needed the money."

"I would have given it to you why this?" Jack said

"I guess I secretly wanted to like a fantasy but the money gave me an excuse I'm such a Slut don't tell mom." Kelly cried

Jack recomposing himself, "I'm not going to tell anyone but next time you want anything lets talk about it first maybe we could work out something less Bizarre! This time we will write off as an act of mercy."

"Thanks Pop but..." Kelly said.

"But what I'll give you the money and stop being so hard on yourself." Jack said,

"It's just well I feel guilt because I enjoyed being a whore."

"I didn't think well I should have guessed to screw that well you must have really enjoyed it. You really are a top self screw..." Jack confessed, "But, don't worry about it I always reckoned you are supposed to enjoy it and anyone who says different is doing it wrong."

"Thanks Pop." A relieved Kelly said.

Kelly quickly dressed and got her money, leaving wondering what her next act of mercy would be.

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