Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Watching the View

Written by OldDog

Justine sat quietly on the corner couch of the waiting room, looking at the snowflakes drifting slowly with the wind outside the room. She felt no particular affection to the furniture in this waiting room, or to any other hospital waiting room she had been in the past months. She brought reading materials with her, but today - well, today was just a day meant for relaxing and watching the snowflakes do their gentle dance. No better way to spend a peaceful evening the day before her twentieth birthday than relaxing, letting the stiffness eases out of her back.

This was the only gentleness in about the last 14 months. She lost both parents in a terrible airplane crash just over 11 months ago. Something about icing on the wings, loss of stability control - the plane smashed into the runway, killing everyone aboard. Her grandfather was all the family she had. He immediately flew in from where he lived, stepped in and took control of everything from funeral arrangements, to the insurance people, to the federal people trying to politely investigate the crash. He had grieved the loss of her parents, his daughter, as much as she, but it did not show as much on him as it did on her mind and emotions.

Her grandmother had passed some years ago from cancer; it had been a short but mean illness once she had been diagnosed. She was too far along when it was discovered to attempt anything more than pain reduction and hospice to ease her issues. Justine was just ten years old when she died; she remembered seeing the quiet pain in her grandfather's eyes. It was still crystal clear - the slow tears that came down his cheeks as she held his hand on one side, her mother on the other, as the casket was lowered into place, the vault lid slid quietly into its solemn position, and the grave site was cleared of human trappings so it would look as natural as possible.

Now, it was just a routine event that had her again sitting in a generic hospital waiting room. Her grandfather had delayed some minor "male adjustment surgery," as he liked to call it, to fix a hernia that he had gotten years before. It was a standard, routine surgery done thousands of times, in dozens of hospitals across the country. Now that most everything to do with her tragedy had been worked out, he could take the time to get it repaired. The only problem appeared about a week before the surgery when he developed an abscess, in of all places, right behind his testicles, He made no big deal of it - according to him, and this had happened probably 5-6 -7 times through his life. Something with how his hair follicles wouldn't let the hair escape the skin properly. Being as he was Type II diabetic, this made him more susceptible to minor infections, it took longer to heal, etc. He would get a "zit," or an infected hair follicle, and it would balloon into an abscess in a matter of 3-4 days, which is how this instance occurred.

The issue of where he got these irritations had always been somewhat of a running joke when he had told Justine about the short change in plans. She had never been exactly "left out" according to her parents where sex education was concerned. She had the requisite health classes, had seen her dad's penis once or twice when she was little because they all three would shower together, but no one made a huge deal out of her seeing any family member nude. It was just what happened in some daily routines when the schedules allowed, or some weekends. She could not remember anything spectacular, and having no brother to also check out as some of her friends would do, he memories were pretty vague about "down there."

The one, lone, former boyfriend who wanted to touch her breasts on a date was singularly distressed that she had more of a clinical reaction than wanting to pursue touching him and "have sex." He left her standing in the driveway as he sped off down the street, obviously pissed off, and less than impressed with her attitude. Justine marked it up as interesting, but not particularly exciting - he had pinched her skin when he stuck his hand inside her bra so that put her off and it was only worse as he groped around trying to find her nipples. Since she would not take off her blouse he had to contend with getting into the top or the bottom band straps of her bra. He was not pleased about her lack of enthusiasm, and even more pissed that she wouldn't touch his penis. She saw no need to either touch or stroke his penis. She had no real knowledge of size but his just didn't seem all that long, or that big.

Since her grandfather had told her it was no problem for him to his this minor procedure, she took him at his word and left arrangements to check in on him. Justine got up, checked with the nurse's desk, and then walked down the corridor to the private room where her grandfather had just been placed after returning from Post-Op. She was listed as sole next-of-kin so there was no issue with her being in the room. As she was standing at the door, the surgeon came up to greet her and discuss how the surgery had gone. He explained that the surgery went as expected, that there were no complications, and as the same thing that the last time her grandfather had this kind of minor rectal region surgery, he would feel some minor pain and need to keep things clean along with changing the bandage often for a week.

"Wait a moment, "said Justine, "I thought this was minor surgery, but you just said 'rectal surgery. What is going on here?"

"Ms. Jones, it was and it is minor surgery," said the surgeon, "It's just that where it's located on a male patient is known as the perirectal region. That is the area more or less right behind the testicles and before the anal ring begins. If it were slightly closer to his anus, I would probably call it a perianal abscess. Peri just means close or near."

The surgeon continued, "he will need to make sure he keeps the area clean and cautious in which direction he uses toilet paper or other materials for about 2 weeks until he comes in for a follow up check. The small stitches will dissolve and he will need to sit and soak about an hour a day starting in 3-4 days."

Justine thanked him for explaining what he did, and what must be done to keep any infections out of the incision area. She found it mildly amusing that she was discussing her grandpa's ass with a stranger, and that she had no idea of what her grandfather even looked like without any underwear. Oh well, it fit into the 'shit happens' category; she went and quietly opened the door. The doctor had said he'd be groggy for about 2 more hours, and then need some mild pain medication like extra strength Tylenol for discomfort "in the nether regions."

Justine walked up near the head of the bed and watched her grandfather sleep. He had one of those faces that spoke of weather, and winds, with plenty of time outside in the element. True; he'd worked exploratory oil fields for most of his life. He started as a petroleum engineer for a large oil company and moved up through the exploration team ranks to become a major department chairman. He had invested wisely, as well as smartly, so when her grandmother had become ill he retired early and just never went back to work. He loved consulting, traveling, and doing things outdoors. He had been skiing in Europe when he received the call about the fatal crash. He was not fat in any sense of the word; he was quite well built, substantially strong, probably around 6-3, and his hair had been completely silver since he was about 30.

As Justine watched him sleep, she became aware of a motion under the sheet. Looking down toward his groin, she noticed that the sheet was slowly moving up an inch or two, holding for a little while, then going back down again. Justine was intrigued; she had no recollection of what could cause any motion. Her grandfather only had a small IV tube in his left hand; nothing else was attached except for the B/P monitor on a one finger.

When the sheet started to move again, that was too much for Justine. She had to see what was going on. Her grandfather was sound asleep so it could not be him; she could see both hands and arms. Careful to not wake him, she started to lift the sheet off her grandfather's side to see what was moving under the sheet. It took only a small moment of recognition for her to realize the hospital gown was bunched up high around his waist. She could see part of his groin - crotch - whatever. The more she lifted the sheet, the more of his penis and his testicles came in to plain view.

Nothing was restricting her view, or her mind, from seeing everything and absorbing everything that was open for view. It took Justine about 30 seconds to decide whether what she was doing was violating his privacy or not. In her mind, not a problem - he had just endured a surgical procedure, she was next of kin -although it was a minor procedure - she took her role probably a little more serious than was necessary. The bottom line -she wanted to see what his pecker looked like and now was an excellent time. He was literally out to the world and would be for awhile yet.

As she slid the sheet just a little further down so his entire crotch was exposed for her curiosity and inspection, she saw his penis began to get slightly larger and fuller. It was starting to throb, and as it did, it began to get stiffer and list away from his abdomen. It took only a second for her to realize the throbbing was in time with his heart beat. As his heart would beat, his penis would bob a little up and down, lean further to one side and continue to get slightly bigger. Justine was immediately fascinated with how it appeared to become more stiff as it became longer. She could see the veins along the bottom side clearly stand out as the head of his penis began to point toward his belly button as more of it slid out from the skin surrounding the edge of the head itself.

Justine wasn't sure but she was reasonable sure she was looking at a larger than usual penis. Her grandpa was bigger in other ways - body size, strength, physical agility -- so why not a "bigger pecker" as well, she thought. That made her smile inside; she loved him with all her heart and spirit so knowing he was a "big man" in this sexual way also made her happy. She was staring along the length of the shaft; she saw there was a groove at the base of the head that started with the pee slit and then blended into the shaft skin. The skin there was totally smooth but it flared out into the width of the shaft itself.

How smooth is it? Her analytical self was getting the best of her. The typical "she had to know the facts" spirit was beginning to pull itself out of its year-plus hibernation. Justine took the pad of her left forefinger and very carefully, very cautiously reached toward him and made contact with that point on the shaft. Silk was the first thought to touch her mind - soft and quite smooth, slick but not sticky, and very warm. VERY WARM. The heat made her wonder if it was the infection or a reaction to the surgery. Justine, with a careful motion, slowly began to slide her fingertip down the entire shaft of his penis until she reached the point where penis became scrotum.

She was amazed with the softness, the rigidity, and the throbbing of his penis regardless where she touched him. She had heard "dicks have a brain of their own" once -now she was wondering how true that was?? She pushed his penis about an inch and then moved her hand away. It immediately moved back and forth for a moment and then settled back in its position leaning slightly over to the right of his lower stomach. Justine smiled again - she pushed it some more - it swung farther over, back again, and then settled back in the same place. She pushed it as far over to the right as she thought was safe and quickly moved her fingers. His penis immediately did two swings back and forth about 2-3 inches in each direction, but settled back over the same place.

Now she was intrigued. She could tell by his breathing that her grandfather was still under some influence of the surgical medications. That gave her more courage to continue to touch his penis. Old boyfriends would be having seriously seizures by now if she had touched them in the same way. She had never ever touched any male organ before; this was just too good a chance to pass up learning what one -a pecker - felt like and did when touched. Justine was still intrigued by the softness as well as the rigidity of his penis. She used two fingers to move the silky-soft skin back and forth on the shaft. That the skin moved but the shaft was still quite stiff really spiked her interest even more. His breathing had moved up a notch but his body had not moved; she attributed that to his subconscious responding to her contact on his penis.

Carefully, she wrapped her fingers around his penis shaft about 2-3 inches behind the skin still covering part of the head and just held it. The heat radiating from his penis was awesome. She couldn't believe it could be that warm and not hurt - it felt like the heat from mild sunburn on an arm or leg. She noticed that it had also swelled some more in dimension but not so much in length again. That was fine - she could barely get her small hand all the way around it as it was. As she moved her fingers around the shaft, she pulled the loose skin back and forth to get a better grip. In doing so, she had lifted his penis away from his lower abdomen to where it was almost pointing 90 degrees.

Her hand slipped, his pecker came loose and it slapped against his lower stomach causing her to jump back from the bedside and stand still for a moment. When he did not wake up, Justine moved slowly back to his bedside and looked at his body. His penis was almost standing up from his crotch and was obviously throbbing a lot. She looked for something to use as a gauge to measure his penis because it seemed to have gained another inch in length. In the nightstand was a small cloth tape measure. Using that, she lifted his penis up and placed the tape at the top side where it exited his crotch. Her eyes widened when she measured just under 9 ½ inches in length, and almost 2 inches across at that same place. No way would this thing ever totally fit into a woman, she thought. Vaginas do not go that deep nor open that wide - she had trouble getting a tampon inside.

As Justine went back to pulling on the soft skin and experimenting with the feel, she had to giggle to herself. It dawned on her that she was actually slow jacking her grandpa. Some primal chromosome kicked in to tell her that she was performing a sexual act on her grandfather while he was still asleep. She had kept slowly pumping his penis while these thoughts moved through her mind; it felt good to do something special for him even if he was still knocked out by drugs. As she pulled up on the shaft skin, she saw his ball sac move with the motion. She could just see the outline of one testicle. The thought "new territory" crossed her mind. As she continued to pull slowly on his penis, she used her left index finger to touch his scrotum and being exploring it as well. To Justine, it felt even softer than his penis if that was possible. The skin really moved freely wherever she pushed or pulled it. There were some fine, small blonde colored hairs near the shaft of his penis but not lower; she figured a nurse had shaved him since she was getting close to where the tape of the bandage was placed.

As she rubbed his scrotum with her finger, she felt the skin begin to retract and get snug to the body. By half again, it had tightened up and was now holding his testicles snuggly to the base of his penis. Justine noticed his penis was even more rigid and now the entire head was completely exposed. All the skin had pulled back from it as his shaft became thicker. As she continued to stroke his penis, clear fluid appeared at the slit at the top. Justine touched it with her finger and felt how slick it felt. Very slick, and in copious amounts in fact. Justine changed her grip and used her hand to try to milk this fluid from his penis. As she did, more fluid came out the more she rubbed around the head and the edge of the head of his penis. The head was a warm, pinkish red color now and swollen out more so than the shaft. She found that by using this fluid to cover the heads, his penis felt slicker and even warmer than before.

Justine was fast approaching a quandary point. She liked playing with her grandpa's penis - seeing as how an hour ago she had never touched one, had only seen them in health class photos, and had never seen one up real and live. She knew she was sexually stimulating him with the pumping motions. Should she stop? Or see what would happen if she continued - she had no clue. She had slowed her efforts, thinking all along this was just a science lesson for her -an experiment to be concluded. No it was not - she was having a grand time playing with his penis and seeing it, feeling it, and making it swell and grow more. She needed to see this to an end - health class had only mentioned sexual response but not the end result. What was ejaculation, and when did it happen? What was ejaculation? She damn sure could not go ask a nurse right now. "Excuse me, nurse - I'm jacking off my grandpa, could you tell me what ejaculation is?" - That would just go over like a lead balloon she thought in her mind. So, the only option was to see what happened.

Justine did notice that the more she pumped his penis. The more his body would try to lift itself up to meet her strokes. She began to increase the speed a little on his shaft skin, and sure enough his crotch began to try to push her hand more around his penis. Now the clear fluid was all over her hand and his penis, things were truly slick as she stroked him. Normally a neat freak, Justine did not seem to mind having the fluid on her. It was not urine - it was sexual and she knew it. More over, it came from her grandpa and she helped create it - whatever it is.

Justine was maintaining a fairly smooth stroke on his shaft when she felt the twinge pass through the penis in her hand. Minor, not much - but it was there. Then a second twinge; it was even stronger and she felt the heat of his penis increase as the scrotum snuggled up tight to his penis. Before Justine could move her head, a huge rope of semen literally rocketed out of the head and hit her square in the face. And another, and another - too much to comprehend as she kept pumping his shaft until his penis began to slowly deflate. In total, 7 large shots of semen has exited his penis and splattered all over her. Stunned was not a concept - She now knew why it was called ejaculate; it was literally shot - ejected - from her grandpa's penis. What had hit her lips was not bad to taste; salty and a little tangy but that was fine, no loss to Justine to have tasted it.

Justine was jolted out of her semen soaked reverie by a voice coming from the head of the bed. It took her moment to realize it was her grandfather talking to her and she was still holding his penis, still stroking it slowly, and sitting there covered with his semen shots. Justine was stuck by being caught dead to rights......

"Jus, its ok, honey,' said her grandfather, "I've been awake for a long time"

"But ... but ... you didn't react', Justine said, "I watched your face, your breathing, and you stayed the same.........."

"Because I have studied different methods of meditation," said her grandfather as he smiled, "and I did not want to interrupt your education of the male body."

Justine suddenly realized she was still holding his penis, but as she started to let go her grandfather put his hand around hers so she could not. As she looked at him, he smiled at her.

"It's ok," he said," it's ok. I've been awake since you first played with the head of my pecker. I know your knowledge is limited - letting you experiment - even on me, seemed like a simple way to let you find your own way. And it did feel good, and I'm a man who enjoys contact, and you are over 21, so what harm is there?"

Justine laughed, and then said "none much I guess, except I'm a mess with you shot all over me. I assume this is what they call cum?"

Her grandfather smiled, said "Yes, it is" as he pulled her hand back up and down his penis slowly, "and I'd like you to see if you can coax some more of it out while I enjoy the touch of your hands. As you do that, I'll fill in some of those details for you that you so love to know."

Justine smiled back; this was going to be a good visit for her as she slowly stroked her grandfather's penis into life again. With his help, she would finally be able to sort all this sex stuff out - or be wearing more of his "stuff" again soon. Not a bad trade, all in all. 

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