Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Laura Learns the Law

Written by lohengren99

Chapter 1 - Me

My name is Laura. I am 22. I find older men attractive. For as long as I can remember I have found older men so much more attractive and interesting than boys my own age. I have been fascinated by their experiences, their wisdom, and their confidence. There is a stability about older men that I always found comforting. And to be perfectly honest, I liked the fact that older men had money. Younger guys, my age, were either broke or spending ridiculous amounts on fixing up cars or buying huge stereo systems for them. I enjoyed being spoiled from time to time by the older men I knew.

As I developed sexually, I fantasized about being with older men. My girlfriends would talk about how cute boys in school were. At the same time, I was getting wet panties over my teachers. They would go to the movies and then swoon over Brad Pitt or Matt Damon. I would go home and finger myself half the night because of Robert Redford or Harrison Ford.

When I became sexually attractive, I started with guys my age, being somewhat in awe of the older men I knew. What I discovered quickly was that guys my age, late teens at the time, were enthusiastic but had no regard for meeting my needs. Oh, they all talked a good game but in most cases I found I didn't even have time to get my butt comfortable before they were cumming and wanting to go listen to their new stereo. So, of course, I turned to older men.

I had a six month affair with a man that I babysat for. He taught me a great deal and because he was married I knew he would keep his mouth shut. We had to bring it to an end when his wife began to get suspicious. I really did love him but c'est la vie, c'est l'amor, c'est le guerre. I would go to my favorite dance clubs and dance with the 40 and older crowd that really knew how to dance. It wasn't unusual for me to end up spending the night with an older man, sometimes single, often married.

My sexual activities did not harm me in any way. I got good grades, went to a major university and now I am in law school. My father was a lawyer and my grandfather was and still is a lawyer. My father passed away a couple of years ago from cancer, which was a major blow to my mother and I. My grandfather was a tower of strength to both of us. My father, his only son, had worked as a partner in the law firm and when I entered law school granddad offered me an internship in preparation for following in my father's footsteps. My grandmother had passed several years earlier and granddad threw himself into his work.

Granddad was 59 and very handsome. He worked out regularly and actually bore a striking resemblance to Harrison Ford. He still had a smile that reflected his love of life and remarkable energy for a man of any age. At 6'1" he was a presence in a crowd in any size room. Being single, he dated. We often teased him about the younger women he went out with. While he never married any of them, I chided him that if he did I wouldn't know whether to call them "grandma" or "sister".

I apparently got the height gene from him through my father, as I stand 5'10 and also have a slender athletic build. The blonde hair gene came my way also. Granddad's and my dad's hair was sandy blonde while mine was what I would call Scandinavian blonde. And, yes, for those that are wondering, the drapes and the carpet match, if you know what I mean. I did inherit my mom's bust line and figure and have ended up at 35-24-36D. I too can create a presence in a room, even if I do say so myself.

Being the granddaughter of the head of the law firm had advantages of course. I got a private office, adjoining granddad's. I took care of special projects for him, doing research, reviewing contracts, and that sort of intern thing. Around others I always called him Mr. Livingston, but when it was just the two of us, it was just "granddad". We were always professionally detached in groups or in public, but in private we always had a hug for each other and a peck on the cheek.

Being his "special assistant", I often put in long hours at his side to meet deadlines. It wasn't unusual for the two of us to be the first ones there in the morning and the last to leave at night, sometimes two or three hours after everyone was gone.

Chapter 2 - One night…

We finished up about 7:30. He gave me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Go home, Laura. Just because I'm a workaholic, that doesn't mean you have to be too." He laughed.

"Granddad, you know I enjoy working with you. We are a team" and I hugged him back. He felt good in my arms. Strong. Warm. My breasts felt good against his broad chest. For a moment I let myself get lost in his cologne and warmth. I thought I felt his cock stir a little. It occurred to me "Well, why not? I'm a nice looking young woman… just his type." And then the moment passed. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, grabbed my purse and headed out.

I got as far as the parking lot when I remembered that I had wanted to take home a couple of contracts to review before meetings the next day. The elevator took me silently up to the 10th floor where the law firm of Livingston and Livingston was. I didn't see any lights and thought that granddad must have left right behind me. The door between my office and his was cracked open and a dim light shown through. Then I heard a soft moan. For an instant I thought it was a moan of pain, but then I heard another one and recognized it as a moan of pleasure. I crept over to the door.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light in his office. The only light in the room was from granddad's computer monitor. Once my eyes adjusted fully I could see what he was looking at and what he was doing. He was looking at a website that was all teenage girls or young women in their early twenties. It took a second for it to register, but they were all blondes, too. Needless to say, they were all naked. Some were posing; some masturbating: and some were getting fucked by older men. Granddad enlarged several of the thumbnail sketches. Then, confident that he was alone, he stood up took off his suit coat and undid his belt. I'm sure my eyes grew wide at this point. He dropped his pants and his boxers. His cock was already hard and pulsed in front of him. It was only slightly above normal in length; maybe between 7 and 8 inches. But I learned a long time ago that "bigger ain't better". After all, you can't park a semi in a one car garage. His cock was beautiful; straight, hard, and a nice rounded head. His balls hung freely below his cock. They were nice sized. I had fucked and sucked many older men and he was suddenly the most desirable one I knew. I watched him.

He took his cock in his hand and began to jack off. He had a series of pictures on the screen. They were of a young blonde, not unlike myself, getting fucked from behind by an older man. He was intently looking at the series, spending minutes looking closely at each one before opening the next in the series. Toward the end of the series of jpgs the man came on her face. Granddad's hand flew up and down his hard cock as he looked at the hot cum shots on his monitor. Then he whispered, "oh god, Laura, take it… take my cum… that's it baby… in your mouth… on your tits… take my cum…" And his cum began to shoot out. Any questions I might have had about the sexual potency of older men were resolved in that moment. His cum blasted out and shot across his desk. It streamed across his monitor screen. Wad after wad, rope after rope, measure it how you will, call it what you want, it was everywhere and it was plentiful. I came aware of the fact that I was licking my lips. My cunt was profusely wet; my juices had soaked my panties. My nipples ached against my bra.

I silently left the office and building. What I had seen had turned me on incredibly. My granddad, this rich successful lawyer, a mature babe magnet who could have any number of supermodels, had just jacked off thinking about me. I couldn't deny the girl in the series of porn pics had looked kind of like me. He had whispered my name when he came; dreaming about his cum being in my mouth, on my face, on my tits. And me? How had I responded? Certainly not by being repulsed. No disgust here. No sooner had I got into my car, then I had my skirt hitched up and my fingers in my pussy. One hand held my panties out of the way and the other hand had two fingers in my cunt. I quickly brought myself to orgasm right there in the parking lot. By the time I got back to my apartment, my panties were in my purse and I had cum two more times while driving. I began to make my plans.

Chapter 3 - The Plan

The next day, he greeted me as he did every day, a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. He commented on how nice I looked. I knew it would be unprofessional to dress slutty to get to him. Besides he didn't really go for that type. Instead, I had picked a mid thigh maroon skirt with white pinstripes and a white blouse with a frilly collar. I did leave the top two buttons undone so that my cleavage was visible from the right angle but not readily obvious. I worn a white lacy bra under it that was tastefully visible, but, again, not obvious.

We went through the day pretty much as normal. He took me to lunch and we made chit chat about nothing in particular. I made a point to reach out and touch his arm when he made me laugh. I kept eye contact with him. When we left the restaurant, I took his arm and let my breast rub against his. He put his hand on mine and we enjoyed the closeness of the moment.

As was common, we worked later than everyone else. I would have worked until midnight if I had too to pull off what I wanted to happen. That afternoon I did a quick web search. It took only a few minutes to find the same web site that he had been looking at the night before. I book marked it for the right time. By 6:00 everyone else was gone. I positioned my monitor so it would be visible through the connecting door, just as his had been. My hands were sweating and my pulse was racing as I got ready to take the big step. What if I was wrong? What if he had some chickie-poo bimbo named Laura on the side that I didn't know about? There was only one way to find out.

I waited until I knew he had stepped out of his office. I cracked the door open about 2 inches. I took my panties off and unbuttoned my blouse. My front clasp bra came easily open between my fingers. I went to the book marked web site. There was the same blonde that granddad had dropped his load to yesterday. I put one foot up on my desk and the other draped across the arm of my chair. I was wide open. Already my pussy was wet. I would not have to fake anything that was about to happen. The excitement of the situation had gotten me wet. The pics on the screen of the young woman, who could easily pass for my sister, sucking and fucking the older man only served to add to my excitement. I cupped one of my tits with my hand. I began to pull lightly at my nipple making it even harder. My other hand went to my pussy. I parted my labia and found my already hard and demanding clit. It was swollen and sensitive. My finger dipped into my cunt to gather lubrication and I spread it on my clit and began to run my finger in little circles on it.

I heard granddad come into his office. I knew it was time. I moaned softly. It was timed but it was not faked. I felt so good at that moment. I felt so wicked and wanton fingering myself there in my office. I felt so sexual, sensual, and insatiable. I moaned again. I felt my orgasm building. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw movement back in the shadows behind the door. He was watching me. I went for broke as I came. "Oh god granddad, fuck me… make me cum… oh god yes… fuck me hard… oh god granddad… oh god… oh god… give me your cum… shoot it for me" My cunt spasmed over and over again. My hips thrust up to meet my fingers. I squeezed and pulled on my tits and nipples trying to milk the pleasure out of them. I held my breath as my cum went on and on. Finally, I began to return from the ecstasy of orgasm. My eyes started to refocus. I thought, "OK, now it is your time to come in and catch me. Now we are going to fuck." And I waited. Minutes went by. I heard his door quietly close and foot steps creep down the hall away from my office. "Shit." I thought. He was too much of a gentleman to take the bait and come in and fuck his own granddaughter. I would have to have Plan B. I didn't have a fucking clue what it would be.

Chapter 4 - Plan B

OK. So he wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck him. At least I knew I wanted to fuck him. There was still a possibility that he only was fantasizing about fucking me and really did not want to cross the line from fantasy to incest. What an ugly word that is, don't you think? I mean, yes, I can understand back before birth control why the taboo existed; inbreeding and all. But now that pregnancy could be easily avoided, what was the big deal? In between birth control pills, vasectomies, and abortion, it's amazing to me that any children get born these days. And why shouldn't men and women find each other attractive, even if they are related to each other? Why was it ok to fuck a perfect stranger that didn't give a shit about me but not ok to fuck a male relative, my granddad for example, that loved me and cared for me. Why should society find it more acceptable for a young woman to give blow jobs in photos for a web site for, literally, the whole world to see, but not to suck her own father's or brother's or grandfather's cock in private? I could understand why rape was immoral and against the law. That is a crime of violence, not sex. It only brings pain, hurt, degradation and emotional scars. But why should consensual sexual acts between relatives be considered immoral as well as illegal. Sexual pleasure brings intimacy and closeness. How could it be a crime between consenting adults? Then it occurred to me.

"Duh… you dumb blonde" I thought. "Of course, that is it. He is a fucking lawyer. He is concerned about the law. Of course, he can go out and fuck other young women your age, but it's against the law for him to fuck you." To make this happen, I would have to take a different approach.

The next day was spent in the law library. It took me a while but I found what I was looking for. I did my homework. Plan B was complete.

Chapter 5 - Trial Date

The day after I found what I wanted in the law library, I dressed appropriately again; dark blue, knee length skirt; light blue silk blouse, appropriately unbuttoned to the crease of my cleavage. A white lacy bra was partially visible beneath. I opted for a dark blue garter belt and stocking. Matching blue panties completed my ensemble. Morning meetings went by. He was looking at me more, with a different type of look in his eye, but I still wasn't sure. His morning hug and kiss had been a little tighter and a little longer but not enough to make his feelings clear. We went to lunch. We laughed. We talked about a couple of clients that we didn't like but knew they were a lucrative source of income for the firm. We enjoyed each other's company as always. Again, I took his arm and pressed my tit to it as I held his arm. His hand was warm on mine. I looked up at him and caught his eyes focusing on my open buttoned blouse as he looked down to my tits. My lacy bra barely covered my nipples and the way I had my arms together holding his arm, my nipples may have been visible from his angle.

Afternoon work crept by and my anxiety and my confidence battled back and forth. If Plan B didn't work I would give up. The last person left at 6:30. Tonight of all nights they had to stay late to impress Mr. Livingston! But then we were alone. He was in his office and I was in mine. I picked up the law book and took it into his office. He looked up from his desk and smiled. "Hi Laura. You know you really need a life. You aren't a lawyer yet. Enjoy it while you can"

"I've just been doing some research for a family law class I have coming up. It's interesting."

He leaned back in his chair and got comfortable. He was so handsome there in the fading light. His graying hair had a glow in the sunlight. "Tell me about what you found."

"Well, granddad, I've been doing some research on incest. You know, sex between family members…"

His eyes got big and he sat forward in his big chair "Oh? Really?…" And then he didn't know what to say but I certainly had his attention.

"Yeah, I found some really interesting cases. Both in our state and other states. For example, I found a case where a wife became confined to a wheel chair as a result of an accident. Sex became very painful for her. She and her husband had an 18 year old daughter, you know younger than me even ( I added this for emphasis) but certainly passed the age of consent. The daughter, caring deeply about her father and with her mother's consent, became the father's lover. They didn't have any children or anything. Somehow someone found out about it and filed a complaint. An over-zealous DA filed charges. But they got a good attorney that convinced the jury that no harm had come to anyone as a result of their relationship. The man had had a vasectomy, so no children were possible. Their lawyer convinced the jury that no good would come from sending the father to jail, leaving the mother to be cared for by the state, and the daughter on her own at 18. While the jury seemed to be uneasy about the situation, they had to admit they could find no benefit in punishing anyone. So they found the father innocent even though it was clear he had been fucking his daughter." I intentionally used the word "fucking" to turn the conversation.

"Yes, that is an interesting case" granddad said. He was looking closely at me. I could see his eyes taking me in. I don't know if he was undressing me with his eyes, but he wasn't looking away either. "It raises the questions about what is moral, what is immoral, and what is legal. Is it moral to for society to tear apart a happy family because that family is engaged in something society considers to be immoral, even though the family does not hurt any of its members or society? Is this simply trying to legislate morality for "victimless crimes"?" he asked. I know it seems like boring legal mumbo jumbo, but this was going the way I wanted it to. Don't get bored and give up yet.

I went on. "Yeah, and then there is the basic question about what is incest anyway. Some states have different standards from other. I always heard jokes about cousins getting married, but did you know that in 27 states, over half the country, it is legal for first cousins to get married and legal in all 50 states for first cousins, once removed, to get married? Why is it immoral and illegal in some states and perfectly legal to do the same thing across an imaginary line? It doesn't make sense."

"True, very true…" He was thoughtful for a few moments. "Did you find anything about other familial relationships? Sexual relationships? Uncle and niece for example or…. Other ones?"

Bingo. I knew I had him where I wanted him and where, I suspected, he wanted to be. "Why yes, I did, now that you ask. Several states, including this one, define incest as sexual acts between parents and their children, or uncles and aunts having sex with nieces and nephews. Of course, every state prohibits sex between brothers and sisters, though they don't address homosexual relations between siblings. Surprisingly, sexual relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are not specifically addressed…" I just left that last thought hanging out there for him to mull it over. "So while society as a whole may find the thought of, say, a grandmother having sex with her grandson immoral, it isn't necessarily illegal, at least in this state. Not explicitly anyway."

Granddad looked at me closely "Or, for example, for a grandfather to fuck his granddaughter either" He squirmed in his seat. I looked at his crotch. I could see his cock was growing and causing his dress pants to tent out.

"Yes, or that combination, for example" I laid down the law book I had in my hands. I reached up and started to unbutton my blouse, never taking my eyes off him. His eyes never left my body. As my blouse fell off my shoulders and I undid my bra I said, "So, if for example, you and I were to fuck right here in your office, consensually, and I hope very sensually, it would be ok." My bra dropped off my shoulders and my tits were exposed to him. I reached up and cupped them, touching my nipples and making them even more erect. "Oh I suppose the old biddies in the office might talk, but only if they knew, right?" I undid the belt of my skirt and let it fall. I was now standing before my granddad in heels, stockings, a garter belt, and my dark blue panties. "But after all, people do "immoral" but not illegal acts all the time don't they…?" And I pushed my panties down over my hips, over my ass, and they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and stepped forward. "And isn't immorality mostly in the eye or mind of the beholder. I mean, a pact entered into between consenting adults is more of a contract that anything else, isn't it?"

I got down on my knees between his knees. My hands ran up his thighs to his belt, which I quickly undid. His zipper came down and I peeled his pants to the side. "I hope you don't think this is an illegal search" I smiled up at him.

He smiled back down at me and then stood up. "Not at all. I think it is warranted by the situation" He pushed his pants and boxers down. His cock was right at my face. I held his pants while he stepped out of them. I took his cock in my hands and squeezed it, loving its heat. He moaned. I slowly stroked it, milking it, loving it. A bead of clear precum appeared at the head. I brought my face forward and let my tongue claim it. He reached down and took my tits in his hands. His fingers closed around my aching nipples. My mouth closed around the head of his cock and he began to fuck my face.
I loved it. I loved him. There was nothing taboo about what we were doing as far as I was concerned. He loved me, I loved him. He desired me, I desired him. He wanted me to suck his cock and I wanted to suck his cock. We respected each other as a man and woman with needs. And besides all this, his cock was just too good to pass on. I hefted his balls in my hands. I used his balls to pull his cock deeper into my mouth. His hips worked back and forth as he fucked my mouth slowly. I looked up into his eyes and saw love and lust there. He put his hand under my chin and pulled me up. His cock popped out of my mouth with an audible sound.

I stood up and pressed myself completely against this wonderful man, my grandfather. Our mouths met and our tongues found each other. My hands quickly undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Soon he was even more naked than I was. I still had on my heels, stocking, and garter belt, which seemed to suit him fine. My tits were pressed hard to his graying hairy chest. His hair was coarse and rough on my nipples but I loved it. His hands were on my ass, pulling my pussy tightly to his cock.

He smiled at me. "So, my sexy little future lawyer, are you ready for your bar exam"

I kissed him deeply and passionately. I felt his cock throb against the blonde mat of my pubic hair. I smiled at him and turned around. I leaned over his desk, spreading my feet wide. I knew he could see my obscenely open and wet pussy. "Yes" was all I could say. I felt him run the head of his cock up and down my cunt lips, spreading the copious wetness he found there over his cock and my opening. The head of his cock parted my labia and then spread my opening. My breath was taken away as his cock filled my cunt. Deeper and deeper he entered me. Finally I felt the head of his cock kiss the head of my cervix. We were one, we were joined. "Fuck me, granddad. Fuck me hard" I said over my shoulder. And he did.

In and out of me he thrust his cock. I grabbed his desk with one hand to keep from falling. I fingered my clit with my other to add to my pleasure. His hands were on my hips using me for his pleasure. No, that's not true. He was using me for OUR pleasure. The head of his cock was sending waves of pleasure through me. My tits on his desk were being rubbed by the papers there. The friction on my nipples sent more waves of pleasure to my clit. All the pleasure was focusing there, at my clit. And it continued to build. And build. And build. And then I came. I came on my granddad's cock as he fucked me from behind. "Oh god, granddad, yes, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper, make me cum, make me cum.." I think I said but I can't be too sure. It may have been incomprehensible sexually induced jibberish. All I know is that I was cumming with more intensity that I have had and that I was exploding in orgasms, one after the other. It was in-fucking-credible. And then he came. The heat of my cunt and the tightness of my contracting cumming pussy muscles must have taken him over the top. He pushed deep into me. I felt his cock expand. I felt the liquid heat of his cum filling me. The head of his cock exploded against my cervix. His cum flowed into every space of my cunt. My spasming muscles caused it to be forced back along the length of his cock and it began to run down the inside of my thighs. He grunted and groaned and moaned as his cum shot out into me. Finally he collapsed on my back.

We laid across his desk panting, gasping for breath as we recovered from this wonderful fuck we had shared. He raised up off of me and I rolled over. I brought my heels up to the edge of his desk, leaving my pussy wide open and dripping. I could feel his semi hard cock teasing my opening. He leaned over me and took my tits in to his hands and a nipple into his mouth.

As he sucked my tits, I felt his cock harden once more and slowly enter me.

"Counselor…" he said to me as he sucked my tits. "I have to accuse you of perjury. You have lied to this court."

"Oh?" I moaned as he began a steady fucking of my dripping pussy.

"You made up some of the stuff you told me about the laws on incest… about grandparents and grandchildren…"

He never skipped a stroke with his cock. He was standing over me, my tits in his hands, his cock deep in my cunt. Already I could feel a second orgasm starting to gather in my toes.

"How did you know, granddad?"

"I already looked it up. But your case and argument were so persuasive… who cares?"

I certainly didn't.

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

A New Summer

Written by Helena69

I walked up the drive of my grandfather’s summer home expecting it to be like every summer. I had just turned eighteen and had been going to visit him every summer for 12 years. At first I enjoyed and it was great, but as I grew older, I wanted my summers to be my own, not my grandfather’s. I never got to meet my grandmother, she died before I was born, but I often wonder if I would enjoy it even more if she were there. She isn’t though, so I don’t try to dwell on it.

I had just about reached the door when I realized that my skirt needed to be pulled down. I’ve always worn short skirts that come up about 6 to 7 inches above my knees. It gave me the attention I wanted from boys at school and customers from where I work. Right now though, my skirt was shorter than usual at around 9 inches and it was the kind of skirt that if you sat down in or moved at all, it showed all. I packed all of my clothes for the stay and forgot the outfit to wear on the drive there. No worries, though. It was only my grandfather. My shirt matched my light pink mini, being a tight white spaghetti strap tank top. I hadn’t looked in the mirror before I left so I didn’t know if it was see-through. I had just bought it a few weeks ago, but I was pretty sure now that it was. No bra, which meant that if it was my nipples would probably be seen. No worries, though, its just grandfather. I sighed and rang the doorbell. What’s done is done. I shouldn’t dwell on it.

Grandfather opened the door and stood there for 2 minutes, but it seemed like forever. He stared at my body up and down at least twice, taking in the view. I thought about making a comment, but decided against and to see if this looking were to go anywhere. My grandfather was very handsome in a non-Hollywood way. He was normal looking. Though being what normal is today… He wasn’t big, but he wasn’t way skinny either. His grip was strong, but his fingers bony and his hair was balding on top. When he looked up at my face he must have noticed my raised eyebrows because he made a face. He pulled me into a hug and let his hand drift up and down my back. They went further up and down until his fingers hit the top of my butt. When he pulled away, his hands found their way to the sides of my breasts really quick, but left as soon as they got there when he ushered me inside.

We sat down on his couch. We were facing each other for a while before he asked, “How have you been, sweetheart?” I nodded and looked at the floor then him, “I’ve been ok. You?” “Pretty good.” He nodded as well and then we turned and faced towards the wall. I don’t know why I was so nervous or acting weird. I mentally shook my head then looked at him, “Want to help me unload my stuff?” “Sure thing.” We left the house to my car and I opened the trunk. I found two briefcases and two trunks. I handed him the trunks and I took the briefcases. We walked inside and he led me to my room that I stay in every time I go. I set down my cases and he set my trunks down by my other luggage. I ushered him out and told him I had to change. It was around 3:00 during the day, so lunch was over and dinner was too early, so I decided to unpack.

I finished at around 6:30. Everything was taken care of and clean in my room, so I changed into a light dress that was my usual length. It was green and white checkered. It matched by black hair and green eyes perfectly. It showed off my long legs and gave a perfect view of my cleavage. It was tight in all places of the body, one of my many reasons for loving it. Its cotton gave it easy access if I feel like going without underwear or on a date at the movies or wherever. I love showing myself off to the general public; I guess I’m kind of an exhibitionist. The first time I had actual sex in public was on a staircase at my ex-boyfriend’s job. I had never cum so hard and I knew after that I was hooked.

I went downstairs and found my grandfather finishing up with dinner. He had made a tossed salad and Chicken and Rice Soup. My favorite. He told me to go into the dining room and sit down, so I did. I could feel his eyes burning through the back of my dress. For the past 2 years, he had done that every night. I was used to it. I enjoyed it. It was one of some reasons why I continued to come. In the beginning I was afraid and then I began to let my legs drift open, bend down more in loose shirts. I got a kick out of it and he probably jacked off to it, so it was a win-win situation.

He walked in with the food and sat down. I grabbed a bowl and a small plate. We talked about everything and nothing for the hour that we sat there. I leaned back in my chair when he took the dishes away. When he walked out completely I stood up and walked into the living room. I lay down on the couch, my feet nearest to the recliner. I closed my eyes and pulled my legs up slightly. I let my head fall to the side when my grandfather walked in. It was only 7:30 or so, he probably thought I was asleep. He came up close to me and checked if I was asleep. I played asleep until he was certain. I felt a hand on my right leg. He pulled it more to the right, leaving my underwear visible to his eyes. I shifted in my ‘sleep.’

He put his hand on my cunt. He rubbed it. I moaned and shifted again, raising my hips to his touch. My underwear was getting drenched. His bony fingers drifted inside my panties. They rubbed along all the folds. I moaned and began to sweat. My hips bucked against my will again. He stopped briefly, but began again. My right hand drifted to my breasts. It rubbed over the nipple roughly. He stopped again and shifted. I peeked my eyes open quickly. He had situated himself in between her legs. I felt the cushions around me go down and his legs straddle my waist. One of his hands went back and found its place in my underwear and the other, the left, felt my right breast. He pushed my hand out of the way. He roughly grabbed it and massaged it. It felt good in a rough way.

Grandfather picked me up a little and unzipped my dress just enough to pull it down past my breasts. He peaked my nipples and bent down to take it in his mouth. I moaned and sighed as he continued to stroke my pussy, never inserting his fingers and his caressing my breasts. I didn’t think his arms were long enough, but I guess they were. I bucked my hips again, but he didn’t give in. He obviously wasn’t going to put anything inside me and I needed relief. I decided I would feign waking up and see what he does. There was no way he could zip up my dress after pulling it back on and pull down my dress at the same time without me noticing him on me, but I wanted to see him try.

I yawned and drew my arms up over my head, effectively putting my dress back into place. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to zip or pull down my dress. He just got up and walked away quickly. I looked down and my underwear. It was pulled to the side and my pussy was soaking. I zipped up my dress than pulled my panties over and stood up. I straightened out my dress and went to go find him.

I found him sitting at the kitchen table or rather the nook. He was taking a drink of something and was reading a book. The man was faster than I thought. I smiled at him and quietly told him, “I’m going to bed.” I leaned down next to him and kissed him on his head, letting my breasts touch the side of his face. He turned his head into them and I swear I felt a tongue closest to the nipple as he could. I moved in closer, but he didn’t do anything. I sighed and shook my head. “Goodnight Grandfather.” “Goodnight sweetie.” He patted me on the butt and I was on my way to my room to fuck myself senseless with whatever I could find.

Samstag, 6. September 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Written by luv2flirtamswf34
Now everyone had heard the children’s version of Little Red Riding Hood but gather around boys and girls so I can tell you the adult version.

Little Red Riding Hood was really a 19-year-old girl home for the summer from college. The only family she had left in the world was her grandfather who lived in a small cottage in the middle of a forest.

Red would spend some days exploring the forest while a local woman took care of her grandfather’s cooking and cleaning. At night, Red would read to her grandfather or tell him about the places she had explored and the plants or animals she had seen until he fell asleep. Red’s grandfather as well as his caretaker always warned her to be out of the woods by dusk and safely back inside the cottage.

Red’s grandfather didn’t ask much of her other than she is home before dark. He also wanted her to keep her gorgeous 38-34-40 figure covered, no walking through the woods in skimpy shorts or halter tops, she had to wear jeans, hiking boots and a t-shirt. He also requested that she lock his bedroom door behind her every night as she left his room.

Everything went wonderfully for the first couple of weeks that Red was home. She got to meet the local woman who cared for her grandfather while she was at school. Mrs. Ives would come in three times a week when Red was a home to give her some time to explore the surrounding forest. One day, while following the sound of a chainsaw, Red came across Mr. Coleman, her grandfather’s closest neighbor who was cutting dead trees for her grandfather’s winter heat.

Sitting on a nearby stump, Red watched Mr. Coleman work. Even though he was at least 15 years her senior, eh was in excellent shape from the hard work he performed daily. She got a thrill from watching the way his plaid flannel shirt stretched over his muscles as he wielded the chain saw.

Upon spotting the beautiful girl watching him, Mr. Coleman turned off his chain saw and laid it on a stump near where he was working. After wiping his forehead on a towel he had tucked into the waistband of his jeans, Mr. Coleman took off his gloves and approached the young woman to introduce himself.

“Better to careful in these woods, Ms. Red,” the woodsman warned. “I’ve lived here close to 20 years but I’ve heard and seen things that will give you nightmares. There are critters around here that ain’t in any book or museum. Don’t go wondering around after dark, ya hear? Now you best be heading home.”

With that ominous warning, Mr. Coleman returned to his work. Red sat watching him for a little longer, puzzling over what he had said before she started walking home. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice Mr. Coleman turn to stare at her denim-clad bottom as she wondered out of sight.

Once at her grandfather’s cabin, Red wished Mrs. Ives a good night as she scurried out the door. After closing the door behind her, Red went to her grandfather’s room to eat dinner with him. As they ate, Red told her grandfather about meeting his neighbor, Mr. Coleman, as well as his strange warning.

“Oh, my dear, I’m afraid Mr. Coleman is right. We do have some creatures that roam these woods that have not yet been examined at length by any scientist. However, there are new species of plant, insects and mammals discovered every day. It’s only a matter of time before ours are given scientific names and put on display at museums all over the world. I do think it would be a good idea for you to stay inside at night though just to be on the safe side.”

After cleaning away the dinner dishes, Red picked up the novel she had been reading to her grandfather but only read a short time before he claimed he was tired and wanted to sleep. Marking the page, Red sat aside the book and kissed her grandfather good night before leaving his room.

Just as she turned out the light, her grandfather called out, “Don’t forget to look my door, child.”

Doing as he wished, Red called “good night” once more as she closed his door. Quickly walking through the house, Red checked that all the doors and windows were locked before washing the dinner dishes then heading upstairs to her room. As she passed her grandfather’s room, she double-checked that the key to his door was hanging on the wall next to the door.

Reaching her room, Red flicked on her bedside light and stripped naked before climbing into bed. For a short time, she lay there pondering Mr. Coleman’s remarks, her grandfather’s insistence at being locked in his room every night and Mrs. Ives’ apparent eagerness to be in town before dark. Red tried to imagine what type of creature could cause such warnings and fear but had not yet been discovered. No one had told her what the creatures supposedly looked like or what they were capable of. Red imagined creatures as strong as grizzly bears, giant spiders that ate human babies or bats as large as humans. Finally pushing these silly thoughts from her mind, Red picked up her own novel but was only able to read a short time before she dozed off.

Dreaming that she was being chased by some of the creatures her mind had thought up, Red jerked awake just as the beast hurled itself snarling on her back. She had flung herself into a sitting up position when she woke and sat there panting as she struggled to push the dream away. It seemed as though she could still hear the animal’s horrid snarling breath as it paced around her.

Suddenly Red realized that the sounds she was hearing were actually coming from downstairs, not from her dream. She could hear thrashing sounds that sounded as if they were coming from her grandfather’s bedroom and what she thought was a strangled cry of the old man. Hurrying into a robe that hung on the back of her bedroom door, Red rushed down the stairs, intent on saving her grandfather from whatever was in his room.

Reaching his room, Red had to fumble for the key as the door was still firmly shut and locked. “It must have come through his window,” she thought as she willed her fingers to stop shaking so she could unlock the door. Finally, she was able to unlock the door and flung it open. She could only gasp and stare in shock at what greeted her eyes.

Her grandfather was on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Dark hair was sprouting over his exposed back and legs where the pajamas had tore from his body by the muscles now fully developed. Rather than having normal feet, his feet were becoming animal like claws, resembling those of a dog or a wolf. Although his legs were not fully exposed, they appeared to be turning into the hindquarters of an animal. Red watched in horror as her grandfather, or what use to be her grandfather threw back his head and howled at the full moon visible through his bedroom window.

She must have let out a small gasp because suddenly the creature turned to face her. Her grandfather’s eyes stared out at her from a face that was horribly disfigured. The nose had elongated and his ears were now at the top of his head, clearly distinguished as human ears but becoming pointy rather like a cat or a dog. As they stared at each other, the ears completed their transformation into the ears of a large dog, standing up at attention.

“Run to your room, child,” the animal hoarsely whispered in her grandfather’s voice.

“What is happening to you?” Red screamed in terror.

The beast opened its mouth once more to howl at the moon and she was able to see the long fangs and sharp teeth. Horrible grunting sounds were coming from its mouth as if in pain as the transformation progressed until the being in front of her was more beast than the grandfather she knew and loved. Once the transformation was complete, the animal grinned at her and flung itself to block the door when she tried to flee the room.

“Grandfather, please stop! Oh, what has become of you,” Red said in despair as the creature backed her further into the room.

“I tried to get you to leave,” the animal whispered. “I wanted to spare you but you only stared at me rather than running like I asked. Now you must pay, my child.”

Red’s knees hit the bed as she backed up against it with nowhere left to go. Slowly she sank down so that she was sitting on the bed as she continued to gape at the being in front of her. Walking on all fours like an animal but much larger than any dog she had ever seen before, Red’s grandfather continued to stalk her.

“What happened to you,” Red whispered again in a voice that had gone hoarse and low with terror.

“It’s simple, my dear,” the animal rasped back at her. “I was given the chance to live forever in exchange for a few changes to my body at every full moon. True, the changes are painful but they are temporary and what a glorious feeling when completed! I am stronger now than I ever was in my youth. I can run faster, lift more and my stamina has greatly improved. I feel almost like a young man again in my prime. Yes, it is difficult finding new mates but I am not bound by humanly desires to find only one mate. See, now I crave giving this gift of ever lasting life to all the world.”

With that, the creature jumped onto the bed next to her. He used his front paws to tear the robe open, exposing her fresh young body to his ravenous gaze. His long tongue slipped from his mouth as he stared with wonder at the beauty before him. Her round firm breasts sat high on her chest, heaving from her panting in terror. Her waist tapered down so smoothly only to flare open again as it reached her hips that curved out gently. Although her legs were pressed together, the beast could see the curls of her red pubic hair against the milky white skin of her stomach.

Slowly his cock pushed it’s way out of its hairy foreskin at the sight of this incredible young woman in front of him. Red watched in horror as his prick was exposed. It seemed as if it would never stop forcing it’s way out of his body. 7 inches, then 8 and finally it stopped at 9 inches fully exposed but it was the thickest cock Red had ever seen. It looked as if it was easily as thick as her wrist and her terror increased even more as she saw from the gleam in her grandfather’s eye that he meant to use it.

Slowly sitting back on its haunches, the animal lowered his mouth so that his long slippery tongue was able to caress her nipples. Red gasped in horror and tried to push the beast away but he growled low in his throat so she let her hands drop uselessly to the bed, afraid that he would rip her apart with his sharp teeth and claws if she resisted him anymore. His sharp teeth nipped on her tits causing her nipples to extend even farther and his tongue curled around them.

Standing back up, the werewolf used his front paws to scratch at Red’s thighs, raising red welts where his long claws scraped against her pale skin. Red was too terrified to resist him and allowed her thighs to fall open. Instantly the beast shoved his snout into her pussy, inhaling her fragrant aroma deeply as he stared at her.

“So very pretty, my dear,” he growled in his raspy voice.

Leaning in even closer he pushed his tongue out to barely flick across her pussy, starting low near her ass and dragging his tongue over her pussy lips to her clit. Not forcing her lips apart, just using the lightest of touches to taste her for the first time. Red groaned in fear and tried to close her legs but the animal jumped up on her shoulders to knock her flat on the bed and growled in her face before once again settling between her thighs.

Tears of fear and shame ran down Red’s face as the wolf-creature laid between her wide spread legs again. She could feel his warm breath washing over her exposed pussy. Red gasped as his slippery tongue ran over her once more and squirmed on the bed, trying to get away from him, begging him to stop. As she scooted across the bed, the animal followed her, his tongue tasting her sweetness, until her head was pressed against the wall and there was nowhere left for her to hide. Her hands reached down to push the large head away from her but he was much stronger than she was and able to resist her attempts to stop him.

Suddenly, his hot tongue slithered between her pussy lips and entered her. It stretched into her deep, wiggling as it went. Red moaned low in her throat as the animal’s long tongue pushed into her again and again. Through her fear she could feel a new emotion rising up and tried to fight it off. A tingling sensation had started in her stomach and she could feel her body responding as her pussy juices began to flow. Looking down her body, her grandfather’s brown eyes stared up at her, his face covered in coarse fur that tickled against her inner thighs. As they gazed at each other, he curled his tongue and slowly withdrew it to lap at her exposed clit.

With his tongue flicking against the little hard nub at the top of her pussy, Red’s hands no longer tried to push her grandfather away from her. Instead her hands tugged at the course fur, pulling him tighter against her. A part of her mind still insisted that this was wrong but her body was powerless to ignore the feeling of that tongue. Her hips began squirming on the bed as her fingers stroked the long silky ears of the beast. The moans that escaped from between Red’s lips filled the room.

Red’s hips began bouncing on the bed as her pussy went into spasms. “Oh, I’m cumming,” she screamed in passion as her hands moved up to pinch and squeeze her nipples, her legs wrapping around the beast’s head.

Instantly her grandfather shoved his tongue deep into her cunt, licking up the sweet syrup that was flowing out of her body, her tight cunt squeezing his tongue as he probed deep. The animal was making whimpering sounds as his tongue scooped out load after load of her juices, pressing his face tighter against her as if he wanted to climb inside to discover the source of this wonderful taste.

Red’s body quivered as her orgasm faded away but the beast didn’t remove his face from her steaming box. He greedily lapped at the juices, his cold damp nose bumping against her clit as he squirmed his tongue in deeper. As Red lay back, panting, the familiar tingling sensation began to rise in her stomach and pussy again. Moaning, she started rocking her hips down to meet the animal’s tongue, timing it so that her body pressed down to meet his thrusts to allow his tongue to probe deeper.

Neither Red nor the werewolf were aware that her screams of passion had echoed through the forest, reaching many ears that were drawn to the cabin by the noise. Little did they realize that they were being watched at that very moment, other beings of the forest becoming excited by the view from the window. One of those creatures watching was Mr. Coleman, the woodsman Red had met earlier.

The sight of the large wolf-like animal lying between Red’s thighs was so erotic. The contrast between his silver tipped black hair against her milky white skin and red hair was so arousing. The sight of the huge, dominant and ugly beast so obviously pleasing the beautiful young girl was more than Mr. Coleman could watch and his hand slipped into his pants to grasp his own hard cock as he watched Red’s body rocking up to met the animal.

Red’s bouncing and squirming hips caused her pubic bone to grind painfully against the animal’s snout. The creature placed one of his paws on her pussy to hold her down but the rough pads on the bottom of his paw scrapped against her clit, sending her over the edge once more. After her trembling subsides the beast removed his snout from her steaming box, watching as more of her hot sticky cum bubbles out.

Slowly the animal crawls his way up her body until his long tongue dangles in her face as it pants for air, the head of his massive cock nudging against her open pussy. Red can smell her pussy on the animal’s fur, slick now from her juices and pulls her head up to lick the side of his face, groaning as the taste of her cum explodes on her tongue. Licking a path to his open mouth, Red sucks his tongue into her mouth allowing it to enter her throat as she greedily cleans it.

Pulling it’s head back the animal that her grandfather has become hoarsely commands, “Roll over and get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck that pretty pussy.” The beast slides off her body to sit on his haunches and watch her comply.

Shivering in delight, Red does as he wishes. Rolling over onto her side, staring into his eyes as she moves until she is flat on her stomach and can no longer see him. She moans as she pulls her legs underneath her, feeling her ass rise into the air and picturing the view he is getting as her swollen pussy lips pull apart allowing him to look at her pink creamy center once more. Pushing her arms up, Red slowly rises up before the animal on her hands and knees. Glancing at him over her shoulder she walks backwards until her pussy and ass are pressed tightly against his furry chest, the hair tickling her as she rotates her hips against him.

The animal stands and walks over her, the hair on his belly dragging along Red’s back as the werewolf gets into position. His front paws are astride her shoulders before she can feel his cock at her pussy again. Suddenly he jumps and places his huge front paws on her back, his extra weight causing her arms to buckle before she catches herself. His claws are scraping at her tender skin making her moan in pain but when he slams into her with his massive cock; her head is drawn back as she screams in pleasure and pain.

Without giving her body anytime to adjust to this new intruder, the werewolf begins savagely fucking her. Ripping his cock out until only the thin point is inside her before thrusting back in hard and deep, letting his fur covered balls slap against her throbbing clit. As Red’s head falls towards bed, she catches a glimpse of the woodsman standing outside the window.

“Please,” Red begs, unsure of what she is asking for as she stares into Mr. Coleman’s eyes while the beast brutally fucks her, her body swaying under the attack.

Mr. Coleman’s head is swimming with the vision in front of him. This beautiful young girl being treated like a bitch in heat. The red welts being raised on her milky skin from the sharp claws that drug down her back until they reached her hips that the beast was now firmly holding. Her eyes glassed over in passion and her body straining to push back to meet the animal’s deep thrusts.

Unable to control himself, Mr. Coleman pulls open the window and crawls through. The animal suddenly aware of the intruder growls menacingly at the woodsman but the woodsman ignores him as he walks towards Red. Mr. Coleman’s hand moves to stroke her hair that is bouncing around her sweat covered face. When his hand cups the side of her face, Red turns her head so that she is able to bite the palm near his thumb, her teeth gently nipping at him before her tongue darts out to lick away any pain.

With a groan, Mr. Coleman pulls his hand away and rips off his clothing. Standing before her with his cock jutting from his body he moves in closer and using one hand tilts her head further back. Grasping his cock in his other hand, the woodsman steps close enough to slip it between her open lips.

Satisfied that the man poses no threat and does not mean to interrupt his taking of this bitch, the werewolf continues his deep thrusts. Peering around his bitch’s head, the grandfather watches as the woodsman forces his cock into her throat. As the animal thrusts into her, it rocks her body forward so that she is forced to swallow the woodsman’s hard cock down to the balls.

Being used by both the werewolf and the man turns Red on and she can feel her pussy throbbing as she cums again. The spasms of her pussy trying to milk the large cock inside her and her mouth falling open as she screams “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!”

Mr. Coleman strokes his cock while watching the intense pleasure wash over Red’s face. Her mouth wide open as cries, moans and wordless screams continue to pour out of her while the animal fucks her through her orgasm. On the brink of his own orgasm, the woodsman forces his cock back into Red’s mouth just as his cum begins to shoot out.

Listening to Red chocking and gasping as the hot salty cum shots down her throat is too much for the werewolf. Feeling her body quiver as she gags on the woodsman dick while panting and moaning from her own orgasm causes the beast to release his own load. Forcing his cock into her deep, the animal feels the hot river of cum bubbling up from his balls. His cock twitching as the cum shoots up through him and out the tiny opening.

The force of her grandfather’s cum splashing deep inside her pussy causes Red to cum once more. Even as the animal tries to hold her still to accept all of his cum, Red’s hips begin to gyrate as she fucks him. Swallowing the last of Mr. Coleman’s cum, she lets his cock fall from her mouth. Crying out her pleasure one last time, her head sinks towards the waiting pillow, her back arching up to allow the animal to sink his spewing cock even deeper inside her.

Red is awaked the next morning to hear birds chirping outside her window. Stunned she turns her head to find that she is indeed in her own bed. “What a wild dream,” she thinks to herself as she gets out of bed. Turning to make her bed, she notices hair on the sheets. With horror etched on her face, she bends over to pluck one of the silver tipped black hairs from her bed. She realizes that it was not a dream as she feels her pussy getting hot and wet, remembering what happened the night before.