Sonntag, 30. November 2014

My Incredible Grandfather-in-Law

Written by Cecilie

I will tell you about events that took place this June.

I am not a native English speaker. I wish my vocabulary bank was bigger. Some sentences may be clumsy. You may find grammar mistakes or wrong use of words.

But this is my best effort.

My topic isn't mainstream. It's not for everyone. Some of you will hate it.

I hope you are able to judge by title and tags whether or not this story is for you.

Thank you.



I am Cecilie. I'm a tall young woman, 1.80, slim and very fit. I have been called statuesque and I won't object to that. I am proud of my looks. My hair is dark blonde, long and wavy. I know men find me attractive. I have been told I have a kind looking face with classic beautiful features.

My husband Tim is also a looker, with his athletic physique and beautiful eyes. Like me he's 25. He is also tall, 1.90. We've been together for four years now. We both come from privileged backgrounds and have for three years owned our cosy two bedroom downtown apartment. We married last year.

The first three years of our relationship were wonderful. Even our sex life was great. True, there always was a disparity in sex-drive. I could have it multiple times a day! But he always did his utmost to satisfy me. He has given me good sex on a near-daily basis for more than three years.

I always wanted to be a young mother but Tim was hesitant. He used to say he didn't feel mature enough. Still, a year ago, we decided to start a family. Which has been much easier said than done. Despite frequent sexual intercourse I couldn't succeed in becoming pregnant. A fertility test showed that Tim's sperm production is very low, gradually almost non-existent. Some time ago he received a diagnosis - "Azoospermia"."

The motility and quality of his sperm is low too, so Tim is receiving fertility drugs. I have suggested we use donated sperm and Tim is open to that.

To add insult to injury his equipment shrinks. Yes! By a lot too! That's really not so uncommon. Tim used to be of medium size.

Well, he's not anymore...

So, ta-da! Our marriage is blessed with two more diagnoses! We need to deal with Tim's "Testicular Atrophy" and his "Penile Atrophy"...

Then, guess what? You guessed, didn't you? Of course. He's suddenly not able to get it up! Almost out of the blue.

I have tried lingerie, porn, booze, all kinds of dirty talk. I suck him the best I can, which is pretty damn good! But no, still a softy. At best an erection that disappears once he's inside me. It's been like that for three months.

So, what's the name of the problem we struggle with here? A "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder", I assume?

We have become tired of seeing doctors.

My own libido on the other hand is through the roof! It's really gone out of control.

Lately I've begun wondering if our decision to start a family was a smart one. Of course our present problems are stressing our marriage. The last months Tim's personality has been getting on my nerves too.

There are aspects of his character that I find increasingly annoying. His alleged radicalism, for instance, this need to disassociate himself from his bourgeois background. I think his political views are superficial and simplified.

Little by little I have come to acknowledge that he also is spoiled and work-shy. Tim was sacked from his latest job because of frequent absence. Myself, I'm finishing my master's degree in law these days. I'm proud to call myself ambitious.

But I am painfully aware that allowances from Tim's parents is our prime source of income.

And he is changing to the worse. He has become more and more sulky. Increasingly awkward and insecure, no doubt due to our problems.

His favourite remedy seems to be booze and weed.

The long and short of it, the present situation bothers both of us. A lot. "Infertility depression"? That's no doubt a potential diagnosis too. For us both.

So, we go through a rocky period now. Our sex life is almost non existent, and we fight a lot. During a quarrel a few weeks ago, I was so mad I told Tim I might leave him.

His reaction was shockingly vehement. He actually started to cry and told me if that ever happened, he would kill himself. And no matter what I said or did, he would never dream of leaving me. He loved me more than life, he said.

And me? I have loved him dearly for a long time. Now it's more like living with a grumpy low-sexed panda on a zoo breeding programme. I'm running very thin in patience.

But my feelings for him will return.

I hope.

Tim and I had just returned from a three week vacation, when his mother called. Her father had been depressed since he was widowed. He had been living with them for four weeks now and had begun to recover. Now they were about to redecorate the house, could we accommodate him his last week before he left the country?

Tim's grandparents had lived in the US his entire life and he didn't know them well. He didn't think much of his grandfather, though. Being a leftist, he accused his grandfather of being a capitalist pig. Not entirely unreasonable, I'm afraid, the methods the old man had used to build his fortune appeared to be quite ruthless. Karl seems to be a man who takes what he wants and hates taking no for an answer.

I believe Tim always was quite intimated by his strong-willed grandfather. Perhaps even jealous of such a vigorous and successful man.

Of course we had to grant my husband's grandfather accommodation. I had met Karl only a few times, last at his wife's funeral three months ago. I definitely like him. He is a distinguished, very handsome man of 70, short, barely 1.70. He is still running his business, working full-time.

My husband's grandfather is the father of five sons and one daughter, all of whom have done very well. In the sense that they all are strikingly attractive, well-educated, have great careers ... all that. I had a very pleasant talk with him at the funeral and like previously we had a really good rapport.

We had a good conversation about the perishability of life, no less! Karl is a wise and very interesting man.

Still, my grandfather-in-law is a classic Pater familias, a patriarch of a kind that mostly is history in our part of the world.

His life in recent months has been astounding. Immediately after the funeral, a young woman of 26 moves in with the old man! Shortly after, they marry. Tim's tolerant mom was surprised and very sceptical.

She knew her father had had mistresses, he seems to have been quite the stud. But she had no idea her father had a mistress at this ripe age. She was uncertain as to what this was all about. Was it a young hussy who just wanted to get hold of the old man's money? Was he becoming demented? Or were they actually in love? She couldn't tell.

Tim and his mom aren't very close. But she and I have a fantastic relationship! I often name her my best friend, and I believe she is. We can talk about everything.

She has confided in me that her mother on her death bed told her that her husband has got three love children. They were all planned. He had paid generous child maintenances and knew them all quite well. She was OK with that.

She had been blessed with the most wonderful man in the world, she told her daughter. He had never neglected her. He was an incredible lover and she had accepted that other women wanted a piece of him too. Their life together had been incredible.

Her narrative was accompanied by an unfamiliar girly giggle. I could tell she was proud of her manly dad.

Her own sex life has become a huge disappointment. She has been seeing other men for more than ten years now. Tim's dad knows, and accepts.

And Grandpa Karl?

He lives with his young woman for six weeks. Then misfortune strikes again. His young wife is killed in a traffic accident. And Karl slides into a depression.


My grandfather-in-law moves into our guest room at 5 pm one fine day in mid-June.

Karl gives Tim a short handshake. I, on the other hand, am greeted with a warm embrace and kisses. His behaviour surprises me. I have only seen his right-minded, sensitive side. Now he seems to be in full dominant mode. From the moment he walks in the door, he treats Tim with disrespect, even contempt.

We enjoy our first really hot summer day. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top with a bare midriff and I'm barefoot. Tim's grandpa changes to shorts as well. He is barefoot too. On his upper body, he has a sleeveless T-shirt, it's very open at the neck. I have only seen him in a suit and I'm pleasantly surprised that the tanned old man is so well-built, so muscular and hairy.

Karl doesn't bother to hide the fact that he thinks Tim is a lazy, spoiled brat. He finds it intolerable that one of his heirs is showing such complete lack of ambition. Karl belittles my husband without mercy.

The power balance between the two men is seriously askew. Tim's grandfather is a man who commands respect! I should have been repulsed by the way he treats Tim but for some reason, I'm not. What he says is basically true, after all.

Karl's self-confidence is overwhelming. He showers me with compliments in front of Tim. He praises my intelligence, charm, beauty, sexyness, even my awesome ass and legs!

He insists on joining me when I go to prepare dinner. He wants to help. Tim has clearly been intimitaded by his grandfather's flirting and forceful behaviour. He looks relieved when Karl leaves the dining-room.

While helping me preparing the vegetables, Karl makes sure his body frequently touches mine. He holds eye contact with me.

An unusual situation indeed. I am his grandson's wife, after all!

But he really is handsome, in a rugged, lumberjack-like way. He holds my waist, he strokes my hair and cheek. For some reason I don't find his advances disgusting. He's too charming and too damn funny! Incredibly direct and insistent. His wit makes me giggle, sometimes laugh out loud. When he makes me laugh, I tend to touch his muscular arm.

I simply feel good in his company. His behaviour is so wordly-wise and superior. So unlike the recitent and inhibited Tim I have come to know lately.

He kisses my neck and caresses my buttocks, pinches them. I remove his hands, slowly. But I give him a cautious smile as I do it.

He gives me a quick peck on my mouth. Without thinking I return it, making a smack sound. I feel myself blushing.

"You're such a naughty man." I hear myself say.

God, what a lame remark! What's wrong with me?

Then he abruptly changes subject and shocks me by saying,

"I confess, Cecilie, that I'm saddened to learn that my lazy bum grandson shoots blank. If he shoots at all."

Oh God, Timmie's mum must have told him about our problems! I had confided in her several times.

He must have noticed I resented him talking about my husband like that. He goes on, in a feigned formal manner of speaking,

"I'd like to apologize on behalf of our entire clan. This is unheard of in our family. Our male reps have never failed their women like this. In our family we don't fail. In our family we are leaders, not laggards."

He looks me deep in the eyes.

"I am personally willing to go to considerable length to help you!"

"Oh thank you, Karl! That is so kind of you!"

And yes, it really was! Perhaps a visit to an expensive fertility clinic abroad would do the trick?

But no... that wasn't what he was aiming at.

He illustrates his statement by lowering his gaze to his crotch. My eyes are drawn in the same direction.

He quickly takes my hand and puts it on a woody of considerable length, actually a monstrous erection! It's straining to be unleashed from my grandfather-in-laws pants.

What incredible gall!!

Dinner preparations were completed. Our meal had been put in the oven.

Shocked, I excuse myself and go to prepare his room.


He will leave the country in a week, yet he has already put out some personal things in his room. A large family photo, with children and grandchildren. He and his late wife in the front. She is taller than him, a beautiful elderly woman. At the very back, to the right, a young Tim, perhaps 16.

How sweet of him to take this photo out! I let my gaze go from descendant to descendant. What an extraordinary family! So many beautiful, successful people!

Then I detect a picture he has placed on the chest of drawers. Karl is seated at a cafe table. By his side is a dazzlingly beautiful young woman. They hold hands. She gives him a glowing smile.

Her sparkling eyes makes it obvious to me that this young woman is carrying his child.

I make Karl's bed. I am in deep thoughts. I stare blankly at the newly made double bed in our guest room. I have only slept there one night. It is a very good bed, probably better than my own. The sheets look very inviting.

My hand slips under the duvet and touches the mattress. How I love the fragrance of clean sheets!

Lewd visions of unmentionable activities in the bed are suddenly dancing in my head. I visualize sweat, sperm and pussy juice on sheets that no are longer clean.

God, I'm so needy. I feel like such a slut! I break out of my reverie. Dinner must be ready by now. I go to the kitchen.


During dinner Karl gives me all his attention. He addresses Tim only when he has got some praise in store for his grandson's wife ("she's a perfect addition to our family dynasty, Timmie! She will give birth to some wonderful children!")

Otherwise, he ignores my husband completely.

I'm not surprised that he continues his flirting. I too am a natural flirt. I'm afraid I have often made Tim jealous. I find flirting titillating.

Initially, I'm nervous and don't speak much. The image of this impertinent old man giving his granddaughter-in-law proof of his size and virility is glued to my mind.

Karl starts playing footsie with me under the table. None of us are wearing shoes. First I remain passive. Then I start flirting back. My toes fondle his muscled calf.

I know this is terribly wrong. Tim's grandpa has proved to me he isn't just any old sod. And that erection! Oooh!

This is plain dangerous, I am playing with fire.

But I guess I want to give Tim a minor shock. There's been so much frustration lately. I never cheated on him until the last three months.

Since March I have slept with three other men. The oldest is my girlfriend's dad.

He is 53 and by far the best. I have fucked him 4 or 5 times.

My grandfather-in-law is an excellent conversationalist. He is attentive and a good listener, yet he is the one who naturally dominates the conversation. I loosen up. I bat my eyes, smile at him, I agree to everything he says, I giggle at his remarks.

Tim sits quietly by my side. I peek at him a few times. He doesn't really look sad or neglected. On the contrary, he looks sort of excited. He alternately looks at his grandfather and at me. At one point Karl takes a long, scrutinizing look at Tim. His gaze is almost scary, like he can see right through my husband.

It's a look that says: "I know who you are!"

When my grandfather-in-law puts his large hairy paw on my manicured fingers I make no move to take my hand away. Our fingers tangle.

The three of us have shared two bottles of wine. I'm definitely tipsy.

And this old man continues talking to me... only me... in his deep baryton voice. I respond to him, only him...

I feel like a ditzy, over-affectionate slut.


We finish dinner. I feel hot, in high spirits, my pussy is drenched. What makes me this hot? Is it the taboo-like situation? Or is it Karl's overwhelming masculinity, the way he takes control? Does it turn me on to see my husband being put in his place?

Karl excuses himself, he goes to his room to do some work. He will be back in 1/2 hour to watch his favourite TV show. Tim hasn't uttered a word the past 15 minutes. He is very restless. I do some chores. None of us say anything.

He works up courage, "Why did you flirt with the old coot?"

"Why not, Tim? It's harmless. I am a flirt, you know that. What's the problem? He's 70, I'm 25, he's my grandfather-in-law! Can anything be less frightening? The old boy has recently been widowed twice, we should be generous enough to let him have some fun. Besides I think he is cute. And sexy!"

I look at Tim to watch his reaction to my last words.

He works himself up, "He's an old pig!" he scoffs, "he's a bragging old limpdick! It's plain ridiculous, the man is 70, everybody knows that seventy year olds aren't even able to get it up!"

He keeps walking back and forth on our living room floor, then leaves the room. Soon he returns, in the meantime his mood has changed.

"He likes you", Tim states, "You should show him what old limpdicks like him are missing out on. Tease him good! Tease him with something he would like to have but never will. And wouldn't be able to enjoy it even if he got it!"

"Let's do it like this", he suggests,"we tell grandpa I have to retreat because I have some computer work to do. So, the two of you relax on the couch, watch TV, talk, while you try to tease him a little. I will watch you through the door crack and come and stop him if he seriously tries to hit on you."

I try to picture Tim's grandpa and me on the couch. I know he will hit on me instantly. Tim knows that too. Why is he suggesting this?

"Are you serious about this, Tim?"

"Absolutely! It would add some spice to our everyday life. A kick!"

Some spice in our life... Yes, we could need that. And I'm not hostile to a little kinkiness. Basically I'm a thrill-seeker. So, I sigh,

"You're such a child, Tim. But OK, if this arrangement pleases you, I'm in."

Tim seems to be in a good mood all of a sudden. He tap dances a little around the room, points mockingly to the guest room and excitedly sings the refrain of his dad's favourite Rolling Stones' song "You can't always get what you want! You can't..."

With that he exits the room with an arrogant strut and a forced laughter. Like a man who is digging his own grave and loving it.

Why on earth does he initiate this?


My grandfather-in-law comes and sits down next to me in the couch. The TV is on, I have opened a third bottle of wine. I am facing him, huddled up with my feet over edge of the sofa. The bulge in his crotch is already very visible. My pussy is still wet. I look towards the door. The door cracks in our old, quite elegant, apartment are very wide, I know Tim can see the entire couch. The way Karl sits, he is not able to see the door.

The old man immediately starts flirting. So cheeky and unabashed, so sexually vigorous he is! He tells me how much he likes me. A big paw is on my tanned muscular thigh. He goes on about how lovely my legs are, he caresses them, right down to my toes. He pinches my digits tenderly, one by one. A delicious tingling sensation, a small shiver runs through my body. I place my hand over his, my fingers play with his large hairy fingers.

"Your feet are perfect, sweetie."

"Thank you, Karl. Yours are very nice too!"

My breasts are quite large, firm and well-shaped. My nipples are always a bit stiff. When I'm horny, they get really long. We can both see they are growing now. My grandfather-in-law places a hand in his groin to adjust his hard-on. His cock is obviously growing too!

Oh my God, now I can tell his thing is even bigger than I initially thought. I can clearly see his pant fabric expand further, in length and width. To excite the old man further I lean my head against his shoulder and place my hand on his hairy thigh. I pinch him and caress him. I feel the heat that radiates from his muscular leg. I am now able to take a peek at his crotch.

"... everybody knows that 70 year olds aren't even able to get it up"...

Sure. Tim's grandfather's member has become even stiffer, even longer. My grandfather-in-law's naughty hand has slipped under my tank top, he is caressing my tits. His experienced fingers expertly manipulate my stiffening nipples.

Now what, Tim? Time to appear? I look towards the door. Tim is now very visible in the doorway. He does not look like a man who is about to intervene, more like a man who is hugely excited.

OK, my dear husband, the initiative is now solely yours.

My gaze goes to Karl's crotch again. His male organ has become very large and very rigid. It pokes against his trouser leg. It seems to be tired of being locked up and wants to be liberated. I need to feel and see the big thing that is covered by Karl's shorts. Seemingly accidentally, I put my hand in his lap, now I'm able to feel his throbbing member. I lightly stroke his erection. My grandfather-in-law lets out a little grunt, immediately he becomes even harder! He is way over 20 cm, more than half again as big as Tim and so much fatter!

And I have a strong feeling there is still growth potential here...

Without thinking, I give my husband's grandfather a kiss. He returns my kiss hungrily. I know I am losing control now. My hand is stroking his neck, my fingers run through the full gray hairs on his head. Suddenly my right hand is under Karl's T-shirt. I shudder as I stroke and knead his hairy, big, hard pectorals. He is so buff! I love it!

He takes off my top. His huge hands alternately caress my nipples and my belly. Our tongues play intensely with each other, our smooching sounds must be heard throughout our apartment! My God, what have we started? I knew it, Karl's not a guy to mess with! I venture to put my hand in his shorts and feel his hard thing. It's inconceivably thick and long. But I'm still passionately making out with the old man, so I'm not able to see his magnificent piece. My fingers can't reach around it, and I'm getting wetter and wetter.

Oohh, this is so wrong, I should stop now. I stop kissing him, I lean my head on his shoulder and breathe heavily. Meanwhile, he must have opened the fly of his shorts, he has no underwear. Without external assistance, Tim's grandfathers potent giant cock, has ripped through his fly. His foreskin still covers parts of his beautiful bulbous masculine penis head. It is the most powerful, amazing sight I have ever seen! The beast stands upright, gray pubic also sticks out of the opening. A large drop of precum comes out of his pee hole and runs down the stem of his dick.

I had no idea that such male beauty existed. So veiny! His large veins are bulging everywhere!

"It's just amazing," I whisper. "So rock hard! It's the most awesome thing I've ever seen. How is that possible? You're 70?"

"Cutie, this condition of mine has a Latin name. I have a diagnosis, you see. It doesn't exactly bother me. It hasn't bothered my female friends either."

I look to the door again. Tim is out on the living room floor now. His pants are around his knees, he is pulling his cock. He seems to be glued to the floor and he's harder than he has been since March.

His grandfather remains by no means idle. He now has his hand in my vagina, and one... two... three experienced fingers inside my wet pussy. His mouth finds mine again. I play with his tongue with huge enthusiasm.

I have surrendered without resistance. This man can do whatever he wants to me now. What a predator! Suddenly I let out a loud gasp and I bite Karl's shoulder. I shudder like a leaf in storm. I have just been fingered a little by this man - my husband's grandfather - and I'm coming like a train!

He hisses in my ear,

"My lovely, I haven't had a woman in five weeks. I can fuck you six hours straight if you like!"

I believe him. And yes please, I would like that.

I see no reason to doubt that my husband's grandfather is a physiologically remarkable specimen.

"You'd like that? A full night of licking...sucking... fucking...?"

I stutter,

"Yes Karl, I'd like that!"

With his left hand he pushes me down on the couch. He wants me on my back, he wants to take my shorts off. Doing that, he turns, his gaze goes to the door. I realize he has spotted Tim.

He doesn't look surprised at all. He just gives his grandson a smug, superior look.

Unperturbed, but even more determined, my grandfather-in-law undresses me. Then he wriggles himself free of his shorts. His horse cock is so rampant he struggles to get it off. He stares at me intently while he fumbles. He swears.

I have to laugh out loud. Never has a man been more eager to take me. A real man wants me real bad now. And it just feels real good!

He sits beside me on the couch and lets me gaze at his gargantuan liberated grandpacock. It must be closer to 30 than 25 cm and it's incredibly thick. His hairy balls are the size of

goose eggs. His mammoth cock sways lightly up from a huge mass of dense, gray pubic hair. The manly smell of his genitals sticks in my nose.

I whisper to him,

"I don't believe you. The last thing I expected today was to meet a rutting lion. It's perfect, you know that? You have no idea how horny this gorgeous monster makes me."

Trembling, I massage his mighty woody to make it even thicker, even harder, even longer. He teases me more by showing me an amazing trick. He's able to make his balls twitch! He makes his huge balls jump up and down in hs enormous sack!

I resist the urge to take him in my mouth. I will save that for later.

He pulls me into his lap. I pull my grandfather-in-law's T-shirt off, I want us both to be completely naked. The skin on his strong neck is a little wrinkly. I caress it tenderly. Below a protruding collar bone, his chest is enormous, the pectorals are hard and pronounced, covered in a heavy matting of white hair. His skin is a little loose. His body intoxicates me! The arms that hold my waist are thick, heavy and muscular. His abdominal muscles are very distinct too.

And everything is covered under a mass of grey hairs. God, he is so manly! I feel a coward, not having acknowledged it before: I love powerful men. I love hairy men. I love muscled men.

I love old badboys.

I kiss and lick his features, the creased chest and neck and his steely dark nipples, I knead his huge pectoral muscles, I lift his arms to lick his armpits, I slaver at his ears.

I am totally oblivious to my husband, who is standing maybe two meters away.


No more foreplay is needed. I am weak-willed and horny, like never before. I position myself so that his pulsating mammoth cock is below me. I kiss him like a drowning woman gasping for air. He brings his cock to my pussy. Thankfully, my vagina has never been tight. I'm grateful for that now. He guides his cock back and forth along my vagina to make me wet enough and wide enough to take him.

He looks deep into my eyes.

"I really like you, Cecilie, you know that? I really need to own this pussy!"

"Yes Karl, I know."

Slowly he pushes into me. God, his cock is so fat, so fat, I breathe heavily while I put all my weight down on him. He needs time to open my vagina, his invasion is quite painful. Slowly, slowly he enters me, and... slowly, slowly the pain disappears.

"Ahhh girl you are able to take me! Oooh the heat! This is one hot pussy!"

I have hardly started bumping on his cock but it's already covered in my white secretions.

"Now, my little filly", the old man says. "Finally you get to know what a real man feels like."

I whisper into his ear, so Tim shall not hear,

"God Karl, what are you doing to me? You are making me yours, aren't you? You horse-cocked badboy!"

He forces his enormous boner deeper and deeper. I feel his mammoth cock touching my uterus. His cock pulsates like a living animal, my pussy walls are stretched like never before, the stimulus is so intense! My torso is much longer than his, his mouth now has full access to my nipples. He kisses and bites them greedily. Then our mouths are drawn to each other again. His throbbing cock fucks my pussy, his long tongue is fucking my mouth.

"Not even my gorgeous Helena could make me this horny!"

In the corner of my eye I see Tim standing on the floor. His cock still hanging out, quite limp now. He has ejaculated already. His stare is one of disbelief, his brain is struggling to understand what is happening. The big old man has taken his girlfriend. Is he losing her to his nearly fifty years older grandpa? It couldn't be!

Yet, could it?

Karl signals that he wants me to do the job. I'm so horny, my whole body trembles. I bump faster and faster on his cock. God, his cockhead is so deep!

"Timmie!", Karl's deep, now raspy voice makes me think of a rutting lion.

"Yes!" Tim jumps.

"Come! Make yourself a little useful. Assist me in breeding your woman!"

So aggressive! Karl's just a raving hyperactive wad of horniness now.

Timmie immidiately obeys his grandpa, his prick has become hard again. I can't believe it. And he is bigger than I have seen him in a very long time.

"You little parasite, don't just stand there", Karl barks at Tim. "Take my cock, my balls, give me a good massage. NOW!!"

Very soon my ass meets Timmie's fingers as I slide down towards the root of my grandfather-in-law's monumental cock. I know a terrified Tim is behind me, furioulsy jerking off his grandpa's behemoth slimy penis, no doubt at the same time giving the old man's gorgeous balls a message.

"Oh Karl ... Karl ... KARL!! You wonderful brute, don't ever stop fucking me!"

"You're ovulating, sweetie?"

I nod.

"You're ready for my babymaking seed?"

I hear my own voice, from somewhere outside my head,

"Yesss! Seed me grandpa! Seed me!"

I know it's daredevilish, I know I'm fertile. I know this virile bull of a man will make me pregnant. I know his balls are burstingly full. I know my grandfather-in-law's urethra will transport millions of his sperm cells. I know one of them will find my eggs.

All of a sudden I explode. Again and again, it won't stop. Time and again, orgasmic spasms flow through my body. It's like an out of body experience, I don't recognize myself! I hear myself scream encouragements to my lover.

I hear a voice, Tim must have been snapped out of his trance-like state.

«Cecilie, please, I beg you, don't let him come inside you. Please! Cecilie!"

But his fingers are still holding his grandfather's monster. And his voice is meek and unsteady. His request sounds half-hearted.

I'm not able to answer him, a giant orgasm is rushing through my body.

An insanely loud mating howl comes across Karl's lips. His cock spasms violently and he starts to pump his sperm deep inside me, over and over again, enormous quantities of his seed shoot into my pussy.

I am screaming like a hyena in heat, I cannot help it.

Eventually my orgasm subsides, slowly, slowly. Timmie is still jerking Karl off. I can tell my husband has come again, I feel a few drops on my back. I have to smile a little, having just felt the vast amounts his grandfather sprayed into me. The old man's love rod still pulsates delightfully but is losing intensity now. His sperm flow has stopped, but I'm more satisfied than I have ever been. My horniness is decreasing, so is Karl's powerful erection.

I remain sitting on his lap, we nuzzle and caress each other. Eventually I lift myself up from his lap and snuggle up next to my husband's grandfather on the sofa.


Karl is reclined with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his mouth. He has an arm around my shoulder. I lean towards him. My left hand rests on his thigh.

None of us speak.

I inspect the semen that still flows out of me and down on the couch. How can one man deposit so much?

I have fucked my horse-cocked grandfather-in-law in front of my husband. Our coupling maybe didn't last more than 10 minutes. But Karl's penetrating monster had given me the most incredible vaginal orgasm. It's by far the most fullfilling experience of my entire life.

And Timmie has assisted his ultra-virile grandpa in inseminating me...

I regard the man who has been the man in my life for four years.

He is still standing with his pants around his ankles, his small penis now shrunken. He is still very excited, he even shivers. He stares in disbelief at the amount of semen his grandfather has produced. It's on the old man's cock and balls, on his thighs, it's on the sofa and the floor, and it's still running out of me.

Do I know my husband? Do I know the person he really is? A submissive? A wannabe cuckold? Is he bi? Gay?

I don't know.

What I have done is without any doubt terrible.

But I don't feel any shame. I don't feel regret.

Tim has had the blast of a lifetime. He really wanted this to happen. He loved to watch me with his grandpa. He got his rocks off twice in twenty minutes.

Now, that's incredible. I can't remember that ever happening. Tim hasn't even had a hard-on for three months!

I'm still in a daze. I absentmindedly put a finger in the puddle between my thighs and taste my lover. His taste is very different from Tim's. It's very good.

Karl gets up, gives me a loud smacker. "Thank you Cecilie. You are incredible."

His magnificent dangling prick hangs more than halfway to his knees as he goes to pick up his cigarette package. His huge scrotum is heavily stretched, his enormous balls are bouncing around too.

The size difference between the two men is even more striking when their penises are limp. A vision crosses my mind, what if these men's packages were weighed? I suspect the old mans equipment would weigh maybe four times more...

Karl throws a glance at my emasculated Tim.

"Glad to know you enjoyed our show, Timmie. Very nice of you to take part. I simply love this remarkable young woman. She reminds me so much of both my wives."

"I wanted her bad and I knew I would get her", he continues. "I knew she was in need of a real man. She is a fantastic woman, and her pussy fits me like a glove. Most women need to lube me. Not her."

My grandfather-in-law walks naked out on the balcony to have a smoke. I make a move. I haven't had a smoke for years. I want to have a cig with him on the balcony. I don't want to be alone with Tim.


But my husband drops down on the couch. His eyes are still shining.

"Wow, Cecilie, that was so wild! Yeah!, it was real real painful to see you with him! Torture!!

But... also... so damn damn hot, I have never been so horny! Who would have believed he would be so... so... so..."

I smile.

"No one. Absolutely no one would have imagined he would be that incredible!"

"And that feeling when he shot his load deep inside you. The way his monster trembled. Crazy!"

I still smile.

"Yes, Tim. It was truly crazy. I've never experienced anything like it. I never thought I would explode like that."

He is silent for a few seconds. Then he takes me by surprise.

"Will you have his baby?"

"I... I desperately want one, Tim. You know that. And we have agreed that donor sperm is a good option. It seems like conceiving from him is a good idea. He's got excellent genes. He won't need much time to make me pregnant. And he is family. I think he's a very good choice."

"Are you leaving me? For him?"

His directness surprises me.

"I...noo... I have no such plans, Tim. I'm a turmoil of emotions right now. And he'll be leaving in a week."

I look at him.

"But... will you still want ME, Tim?"

"I will always want you."

"Even if he puts a baby in my belly?"

"Yes, even if he makes us a baby. I would like to raise it as my own"

I give my loyal husband a peck on the mouth.

I'm glad he has accepted his role in our brand-new threesome. And I'm glad his contempt for his grandfather has changed to awe.

In the course of five hours this incredible old man has brought my husband into complete subjection.


What has just taken place is crazy, isn't it? A violation of the natural order of things!

But then...what is "natural"? I have always been fascinated by mating rituals in the animal kingdom.

I try to visualize a nomadic old alpha lion in rut. This powerful predator pushes his young rival aside with complete naturalness. The young lioness is in estrus and gladly lets the old alpha serve her.

In the human realm, I've never heard of such old alpha males. Until now. Karl is a man a female naturally submits to, and the submissive male naturally shies away from. The alpha has now detected a weak link in his inheritance chain and he is determined to restore the damage.

I watch Karl as he returns from the balcony. I smile at him.

He lifts me straight off the couch.

"You know what I'm going to do to you very soon, sweetie."

"What, Karl?"

"Eat you up. And you know what you are going to do to me very soon?"

"Yes, Karl."

"What's that?"

"Eat you up."

He lets Tim examine us for a few seconds. I am cradled in Karl's strong arms, my arms are around his neck. He lets my husband take in his grandfather's mastery of his wife.

"I will let you watch some other time, Timmie. But tonight it's Cecilie and me. What's happening in my room tonight is for adults only. I wish you a good night."

I say, "Sleep tight, Tim."

Karl lowers me a little to let me feel his fast growing monster cock against my buttock. Then this incredible new man in my life carries me to the shower. We leave the room and our mouths are glued together.

The walls in our old apartment are extremely thin.

I realize that neither of us will be sleeping tight this night.