Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

A Dirty Old Plumber

Written by lovelyladyfaire

I awoke one morning to quite a problem.

It appeared that sometime in the night my electrical water heater had sprung a leak.

I quickly made a call to the plumbers and they arranged for a repairman to come immediately and make repairs.

Within the hour, the doorbell rang. I could see the truck in my drive and I eagerly opened the door to allow the repairman in.

“Good morning ma’am, I understand your water heater is leaking and you need it fixed, is that right?"

“Yes, come in, I’ll take you to the garage.”

The man was elderly, in his late 60’s and rather overweight. You could see the years on his face. The tool box he was carring had to heavy. He walked past me, set the tool box down on the floor, for what reason I didn't know beacuse I tolf him I was taking him right to the garage. It felt as though he was closer than he needed to be. When I shut the door and turned around I actually ran straight into him. I lost balance and he reached out and stopped me from falling. His hand was under my arm and as he removed it I felt him grab a quick feel my breast.

I looked at him and he just smiled and licked his lips. I must admit I was suddenly quite aroused. I could feel my face flush. I couldn’t help but see very erect nipples under my thin cotton top.

I directed the repairman to the garage and as he walked in I couldn’t help but see quite a bulge in the front of his pants. He actually reached down and rubbed it, smiling at me. I must have blushed because I felt the heat in my cheeks.

“I see the problem; I’ll have this taken care of shortly, if I can be of service in any other way I’m more than ready to help.”

He stared at my breasts and smiled. He turned his back to me, opened his tool box and began the repair. He had flustered me and he knew it. The only thing I could do was get away from him, as quickly as I could.

Perhaps 20 minutes later he called me to the garage. He explained his repair and started to put his tools away. He handed me a bill and I said I would see him in the kitchen and take care of him when he was finished.

I was standing at the sink when the garage door opened and the man came in. He put his tool box down and he came over to the sink area.

“Are you having any trouble with that faucet, looks like it might be leaking?”

Before I could answer he was behind me reaching for the faucet. He leaned against me and I felt his erection. I was startled and didn’t know what to do. I felt myself begin to tremble. This man moved closer and started to push against my buttocks and I didn’t stop him. In seconds he had his hands on my hips and he was grinding his hard cock against me ass. I’m standing there, in my own kitchen, with a complete stranger dry humping my ass and I didn’t try to stop him.

“You have a real nice ass, and this old cock is rubbing all over it. You like it, don’t you? I got a good idea that you’d like nothing more than to have me plunge this cock deep inside your now hot wet pussy.”

He was telling me exactly what I was thinking. I wanted a lot more than a good hard fuck. I heard myself moaning and that was all he needed to hear.

He moved one of his hands to my breast and capturing the nipple. Wasting no time at all, he pinched it and pummeled it in his fingers. I could feel a tingling between my legs and I actually fell back against him laying my head on his chest. I could hear low deep breathing, it was me. He reached under my top and took a breast in each hand. I could feel my nipples swelling in his fingers.

He lifted my top over my head and turned me to face him. With a lecherous grin he bent his head down and began to suck each nipple and he wasn't going to stop until until they were doubled in size.
“Ummm yeah, I love sucking titties. The second I grabbed your tit at the door I knew it just be a matter of time before I had them in my hands. You have a nice set of jugs, the kind that need a good sucking. You love looking down and seeing me suck these rock hard nips in my mouth. I’m gonna push these babies together cause I like to suck these nubbins both at the same time.”

I watched him cover my nipples with his mouth and I watched his lips suck up and down. My nipples were aching and I loved it. He let them fall out of his mouth and he’d bite each one of them looking at me as he did. When his tongue reached out and flicked over the big tip he knew I loved every minute of it. He alternated between biting and sucking.

“Hold these tits for me; keep em together so I can suck em real hard because I know that’s what you want me to do, don’t you?”

Of course I wanted him to suck and bit my already throbbing stiff nipples. This man was good at it and he knew it. As I lifted my breasts and pushed the nipples together he continued to suck. I was delirious with pleasure.

His hands now free, the left one found itself down the front of my shorts. It took his fingers seconds to find the wetness between my legs. He slipped a finger between my lips and parted them. I felt him slide his stiff thick digit into me and he was fingering me. I loved it and I rode his hand. My reaction to the feeling inside me was just what he expected.

“Oh yeah, I knew it, you love it don’t you?”
He pulled his hand up and lifted me onto the counter. Leaning forward he pulled my shorts off and spread my legs. Each hand grabbed an ankle; he placed my feet up next to me on the countertop. He pressed my knees apart and down, giving him a clear up in your face look at my soaking wet pussy.

“Honey you have a pussy that was made for sucking. Just look at these lips. I know that when I get my big old tongue in there and spread you open you’ll beg me for more. When I take these sweet little lips inside and suck first one and then the other one you’ll tell me to let you cum. I think I will so you can poor all your cunt juice right into my mouth.”

I was shaking when his tongue touched me. In seconds he had my throbbing clitoris in his mouth and he was sucking it, teasing it, licking it and popping it in and out of his lips. He let his tongue slide down and spread my small inner lips apart. He was right, as he sucked those small tender lips I begged him to make me cum.

“Oh yeah, you need it now don’t you? You can’t wait to have these old lips glued around that hard big clit sucking you off till you cum. Hang on little lady cause you’re about to sucked off right.”

When he laced his lips around my pulsing clit he didn’t have to wait long for a mouth full of pussy cum. I grabbed his head and pulled his mouth down tight. I gyrated up and down like a bitch in heat and he didn’t disappoint me. I felt my body tense, the rush was coming and when it hit I rode every single jolt of pleasure. I could hear the slurping of his tongue sucking up all the juice. Still in the deep minutes of a powerful orgasm he pulled off me the counter onto my feet.

“Get down, turn around and grab hold of the counter, your wet pussy is waitin for a hard cock to fill it up and fuck it good. Can you feel this big hard stick dipping deep in your cunt? Yeah, you’re still cumming, okay let’s fuck.”

For some reason he pulled out. He spread my legs rubbed his erection up and down to wet it and he plunged into me. He grabbed my hips and held me as he pounded in and out of me. I could hear myself moaning, whimpering telling him to give it to me hard, deep and fast. He gave me everything I asked for and more. He was relentless. At some point he reached up and grabbed my breasts squeezing and rolling my sore aching swollen nipples in his fingers.

“Oh yeah, I feel it now, your gonna cum again…your cunt is getting tight around this driving dick, ohhh yeah, here it comes, here it comes."

I screamed out and felt waves of pleasure wash over me. It felt as though I was convulsing, I was, with the pulsing and throbbing between my legs deep inside me.

“Ohhh yeah, I feel that pussy cumin all over me
keep it cumming. That’s it ride this cock, ride it. Okay baby, it’s the old man’s turn. When I pull this hard stiff cock out of your cunt you turn around and get on your knees. I’m gonna shoot this hot stream into your mouth, get ready, ready? Okay baby, here it's comes just for you. Now now.”

He pulled out of me and pushed me down in front of him. He reached out and took a handful of my hair and pulled my head up.

”Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and he pushed the head of his wet hard manhood deep and began pumping it in and out. Within seconds I felt a hot spray against the back of my throat and I knew he had reached his end. He continued to move, slowing down until finally he pulled his now spent member out of my mouth. I swallowed the last of his release and licked my lips dry.

I managed to stand up and finding my shorts and top I dressed. The repairman grabbed up his now flaccid penis and put it back into its hiding place. He straightened up his clothing and began to speak.

“I’ve just reached 70 and I’m about to retire. I was wondering what I was gonna find to keep me busy and now I know. How big are those tits, I’m guessin 44DDD’s, that right? “

I nodded yes. What difference did the size of my breasts have to do with his retiring?

“Yeah I knew it; soon as I felt that tittie I thought so. Here’s the deal. I’ve got time and I love pussy and I love me some big tits to suck on whenever I feel like it. You got what I like. I’m gonna be your new man. Anytime I feel the need I’m gonna come over and get me some. I have some old codgers for friends and they like the same things I do, so maybe I’ll bring them by with me. Matter of fact I’m off tomorrow so I’ll come over and spend the day with my new woman. Now, I know you’re a little nervous about this but your pussy told me you love it and want it."

He smiled at me and reached down to pick up his toolbox. He was my man?

“Alright then, come on here and kiss your dirty old man goodbye."

I walked to him and offered my lips for a kiss. He opened his mouth and he licked my lips, stopping to suck my lower lip.

“Feel that sucking on your clit don’t ya?”

How did he know?

I walked behind him to the door and as he was walking out he turned and said.
“Now pay that bill I gave you, I don’t work for nothing” and he was gone.

What had I done? I let this dirty old man use me and I liked it. The truth, I loved it, and wanted so much more.

My nipples were still throbbing and the wetness between my legs was sticky on my inner thighs. I turned to walk to my kitchen to relive every moment and imagine what tomorrow would bring.