Montag, 30. März 2015

House Keeping

Written by FLSr5r

The doorbell rang and it took me a few seconds to answer it. When I opened the door, I was very please with what I saw. She seemed to be about 45 years old, as promised in my phone call with her two days ago, but she was smoking hot. She had a face that was sort of long, with dark brown shoulder length hair that formed an oval around her face, and just enough make-up to tell me she was wearing some. Her eyes were dark brown, almost black, and seemed so deep I could fall into them and drown. She was wearing an overcoat in spite of the fact that it was warm outside that hid her figure, but even the coat could not disguise the fact that she was slim and shapely. I smiled widely and invited her inside.

"You must be Kelsey," I declared with certainty. "I am Todd. Welcome to my home."

"It sure looks beautiful from the outside, Todd, and it is probably just as beautiful inside." Kelsey was politeness itself.

"Come in, Kelsey, and let me tell you a little more about why you are here." She had a beautiful face with an alert expression, but laced with just a hint of apprehension. She wore some pale pink lipstick, and what might be some blush on her high cheekbones. The colors around her eyes highlighted her eyes rather than covered them, making them the dominant features of her face. They were dark brown and seemed to be pools of liquid, and they showed so much life they exuded excitement. All told, she was even more beautiful than the pictures she had sent to me by email. I led her to the family room, and sat on the couch. She sat near me, but not next to me. She still wore her coat, and I did not offer to take it from her at this point.

"As you can see, Kelsey, I have a large and beautiful house. I have designed it myself, and furnished it according to my tastes. And also, as you can see, my tastes are most decidedly masculine. I have lived alone since my divorce almost 20 years ago, so I can decorate how I want to. And it is almost 4,000 square feet, a large house for just one person, I am told by my two sisters constantly, and by my friends regularly. But I like it. A lot. Still, it is a big house. I have no problem keeping the kitchen clean, and my office is for me alone. But the rest of the house sometimes needs a little touch up here and there, and this is where you come in.

"I explained my ad to you the other day on the phone. Now I want to go into a little more detail. I need two things that I stated in the ad. First, I need light housecleaning. You know what I mean - sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and maybe a little mopping every once in a while. If this works out, and you get to know me and my house, maybe you can straighten up here and there, put things away, even wash dishes once in a while. I want the bed linens to be changed every week, and the bathroom towels to be washed with the sheets. Only what I believe to be light housekeeping. Once a month, I expect to find someone to do the serious cleaning, but that is a separate issue. If you are at all interested in that, we can discuss it later." I paused for a few seconds, to make sure I had covered everything I wanted to say about cleaning. I couldn't think of anything else, and she jumped into the silence.

"And the other thing you need?" Kelsey inquired softly, almost gently. I noticed that her smile was so warm and engaging that I took a moment to bask in it, yet it was just a little hesitant.

"The other thing I need, Kelsey, is a little entertainment. I have been alone for too long. I hate the bar scene, and I simply am so out of touch with the dating scene that I don't know what to do once I enter a bar. Yet I absolutely love feminine company, and I miss having a sexy woman around. I have more than enough money to enjoy life, but I have no one to enjoy that life with. So I decided that it was time for a change. As I stated to you over the phone the other day, I want someone to clean my house who is scantily clothed. A classic "French maid" outfit is just fine, whatever you believe that to entail. Or beautiful underwear is even better. Whatever is tantalizing to me and fun for you. But at no time will I ask or expect you to be fully nude. I promise I will not touch you in any way while you are here. On the other hand, you may touch me if you choose. And you may touch yourself if you want. It is most important that you relax and enjoy your time here, because I want to be teased. If you are not enjoying yourself and your time here, I will know it, and I will not be as teased and excited as I would be if you were enjoying yourself.

"I will pay you $300 for two hours of your time. At the end of two hours, I will pay you cash and you may leave. If you want, you may clean up here, or take a shower, or whatever you decide. And once I have paid you, if you choose, I would like to take you to dinner. To a nice restaurant, where you may dress up and show off how beautiful you are. As I expressed to you the other day, inviting you out to dinner is entirely my option. If I find I enjoy both your conversation and your company this afternoon, I will invite you out to dinner with me tonight. If I enjoy our time together, I will ask you to make this a long-term contract - twice a week, on Monday and Friday, if it were my choice, but how often would be your choice. Each time will include dinner, but only if you choose. It is entirely possible that you will enjoy the housecleaning and the spending money, but not wish to participate in dinner. That will be entirely up to you and will have no impact on the more pragmatic side to our relationship." Again I paused to think if there was anything I left out.

"In the ad, and then again in our phone conversation, you mentioned the possibility of additional money; I think you called them tips. What did you mean by that word?" She seemed slow to inquire about what I meant by "tips," perhaps even a little embarrassed by asking. I smiled.

"Yes, tips." I paused, trying to put my words together. "I consider the stated fee to be the equivalent of the cost of dinner. It is fixed by the menu. But I have always tipped for good service, and even more for special service. And the only time I have tipped as low as 10% was when I was not happy with the service. If I am happy with the service, I tip my server anywhere from 15% to as much as 50%. To be more specific, I want you to enjoy your time here. If you do, I will almost certainly enjoy myself even more. And the more I am teased and excited, the more I will tip. But I am talking about being teased and entertained. I am not talking about you stripping naked, as I already said. Being properly teased is as much a mental thing as it is a visual thing. If I invite you back, and if you decide to come back, over time you will understand what teases and titillates me and my unique tastes. As you implement that knowledge, the tips will increase. Do you fully understand what I want from you? Do you have any questions for me at all?" I believed I had been a clear as possible, but I had no idea what her response to the offer was going to be. I hoped that her presence here implied a positive response, but my description of what I wanted was more detailed this afternoon than it had been a couple days ago on the telephone. I looked into her gorgeous eyes and waited to see if she was interested in the offer. Her response was quick in coming.

"So, you want me to clean the house to the point that it looks and smells clean. And you want me to be sexually entertaining while I do it. But you are not asking that I strip naked for you. And you are not asking that I have sex with you. And the indescribable balance between uninspiring and titillating is left undefined, but the amount of my tips will rest on my finding and exceeding that balance. Right so far?" I found that I really liked her ability to grasp and then to verbalize. I suspected this one was a keeper.

"Right so far," I nodded. "But I still hear a question in your eyes." I chuckled when she raised her eyebrows, those sexy almost black eyebrows.

"Yes, I have one more question. Why in the world would you ask for a 45 year old woman when we both know you could have a list of hot young women lined up at your doorstep to do this?"

"I told you I want to be teased and tantalized. That requires that we work together to develop a fantasy. And a fantasy works only as long as it seems possible. If I can't see the possibility of this fantasy ever coming true, then the fantasy collapses. There are hundreds of 20-something women who would go for this. Hell, there might be several thousand of them in the area, I don't know. But that fantasy could never come true. I could get sexually aroused by a young and sexy woman, but I could never get properly teased and tantalized by a fantasy involving a woman that young. I wanted this to work with a woman more my age. And before you say anything, I need to tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect body. And even if there were a perfect body somewhere, I am not convinced it would be encasing a 25 year old woman. I wanted an older woman that was more mature - it is just that simple." I sat back, confident that I knew what I wanted and what would be the most exciting image for me to build this fantasy. And since this was my fantasy I was pursuing, I didn't want to start out with something that I knew would fail in the long run.

She paused for a few seconds, and then nodded.

"So I guess the next thing would be for you to decide if my body is good enough that you might want, and be able, to develop your fantasy with me." Her voice was clearly a monotone, almost unmotivated, and her expression was unreadable. Did I detect a little anxiety in her?

I replied with, "Yes, I think that is the next step." I had absolutely no idea what her body looked like, but I found myself getting aroused at the possibility of seeing it the first time.

She slowly stood, walked around the coffee table, and turned to face me from about two feet away. I discovered that I was holding my breath.

Slowly, she untied the belt that was wrapped around her full length raincoat. Then, one by one, she unfastened the buttons, allowing her coat to drape open only slightly. I caught a glimpse of white lace, and sat there waiting. I looked up and into her eyes, and was thrilled to see a twinkle there. She was already teasing me, and seemed to be enjoying it. I waited without a sound, amazed at my patience.

After a pause of several seconds, she shrugged her shoulders and her coat dropped to the floor. She stood there for at least ten seconds without a word. Then she turned slightly to the side and bent over at the waist to retrieve her coat, giving me a great profile view. She folded the coat and gently laid it across the over-stuffed chair behind her. Then she turned again to fully face me, making no attempt to hide anything.

What I saw was a fantasy. It was clear that she was 45 years old, based on the slight sag of her breasts and a wrinkle here and there. But before me was a gorgeous woman with a fantastic body. She was at least eight inches shorter than me, standing at no more than 5'6" tall without her heels. She was wearing matching white underwear. Her bra was very lacy, showing only a hint of her nipples and the darker skin of her areolas surrounding them. She was a full C-cup, and maybe a small D-cup in size, and her breasts were barely contained in the cups that seemed to be mostly missing. Her sides narrowed to a slender waist, perhaps two inches more around than some 21 year old "perfect" body, showing by her nearly flat stomach the fact that she worked out regularly and probably frequently. Her waist expanded to full hips, with what looked like a tight yet rounded ass that sagged only slightly. That beautiful ass was only slightly covered by white lacy panties that weren't quite a thong, but covered only a little more than a thong would have covered. And her pussy was almost exposed by the thin material that seemed to cling to her lips and outline them for me to see. Her legs were long and very shapely, and were covered by light gray stockings that were held up on her thighs by a four inch band of elastic and lace of darker gray. I guessed she might have weighed 140 pounds, but only because of her full and rounded breasts and shapely legs. She wore beautiful white sandals with heels about two inches high and straps that wound around her soft calves several times and buckled about four inches above the heels.

I admit that I gasped, and then quickly drew in my breath.

"Kelsey, you are stunning!" I burst out without even thinking. "Damn!" I didn't know what else to say. She sat down next to me, with her hips barely touching me.

"Is this touching too much?" Her smile was infectious, and it seemed like she was enjoying this entirely too much.

"I said I would not touch you, but that you are allowed to touch me." My smile was warm and genuine.

"That's right, you did say that." Her smile was just as genuine, and even warmer than mine had been.

"Okay, now that I have my breath back, I would like to ask you some more questions."

"You may ask me anything you want, but I reserve the right to not answer. This is a job, not a marriage." Her smile was still warm, but her words held a warning. Apparently, there were some things about her life she wasn't ready to share, I guessed. And I really liked her frankness, and the boldness she showed in answering me like that.

"Kelsey, you always have the right to not answer any question, or to not do anything, that makes you uncomfortable. Always. Do you understand that?" I hoped my voice was firm, but I wanted it to be gentle at the same time. She nodded without saying anything, but her smile was still warm.

"I wanted to know a little more about your past, and especially why you responded to my ad for this position. Why would a woman who is gorgeous and clearly very classy respond to my ad for a partially dressed house cleaner?" My curiosity was high - I really wanted to know the answer.

"I liked your ad. You seemed to be honest and straight-forward about what you wanted, and yet you seemed to be a gentleman in how you asked for it. I was curious about you, and about whether or not I could ever do this type of thing." She paused as if she was unsure how to go on. "Besides, I need the money." She paused for several seconds, and then continued.

"I was married for 25 years, and then discovered my husband was having an affair with his secretary. After the divorce, he moved in with her and I decided to evaluate my life. I grew up quite conservative, and I concluded that my conservative nature and dress was not exciting and fulfilling to my husband. Your ad made me wonder if I should consider changing, becoming more adventurous. So I decided to explore showing off my body more than I had in the past. This gives me an opportunity to try it with little risk and no harm."

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" I thought my question was clear, but she showed confusion. "Have you ever taken some or all of your clothes off for fun or profit, for anything other than love?"

"No, never. And I confess I am a little nervous about it."

"Well, I hope this will be both fun and profitable for you. If not, then just say no, and I will pay you what I promised and wish you the best." I looked at her, hoping that I appeared honest and honorable.

"But first, let me tell you a little about me. I was married for one week short of 22 years. My wife left me for her girlfriend." I saw Kelsey look at me closely. "So I know about surprises, believe me. And I am not into one night stands, and never will be. Yet I still have needs, and even interests, that I am still discovering. I made an unreasonable and illogical investment a few years ago, and it made me millions. But I was still alone. Yet I like me. I actually like me enough to be alone with me if it is necessary. So I could handle life alone, but I longed for a relationship with a beautiful woman who was both mentally and sexually stimulating. And I wanted this relationship without any of the problems consistent with a one night stand. Since I didn't want to hang around topless bars, and I didn't want to have a string of prostitutes hanging around, I decided to try this. It is a total experiment with me. I don't know what will come of this. But I do know that I am going to enjoy experimenting. And if you want to try this experiment with me, then maybe we can both have a little fun. How about it?" I shut up and waited for her to respond.

Kelsey stared at the floor for another few seconds and then smiled. And that smile changed her entire presence. She had been hesitant before. Now she sat next to me positively glowing. And as her excitement increased, so did mine.


"Who knows?" she almost mumbled. "Maybe I will get hooked on this exhibitionism thing." I smiled in excitement.

"So, how about I show you around my house." I stood up and looked down at her. I reached out my hand and she took it. I helped her to her feet, and began the tour at the place we stood. As we walked through my large house, I couldn't help but notice her awesome ass, especially as it seemed to sway more and more as we walked. Part way through the tour, I suggested a glass of wine. I led her to the kitchen where I kept a supply of different labels. She selected one, and I uncorked the bottle. As she reached to take down the wine glasses, I found myself staring at her body. The tight panties pulled into her butt crack, outlining her beautiful ass and the camel-toe in front. I found myself getting hard, and she noticed.

"Is that for me?" she asked, almost shyly.

"No, that is for me later. But let's get that issue out in the open. Kelsey, you are totally hot, and beautiful at the same time. If you are around me dressed like that, then you will see me get hard frequently. After all, that is what teasing is all about. So you will have to get used to it. Make all the comments you want about it, you won't embarrass me. But get used to it because you will see me get hard a lot. Are you okay with that?" She looked at me with a grin.

"Isn't it part of my job to make that happen?" I nodded in response. "And don't I get more tips if I make it happen a lot?" I nodded again, and added a grin. "Then I look forward to seeing it happen a lot! Besides, it looks great to me. I actually want to see it a lot, and would even if I weren't getting tipped for making it happen. So maybe you need to get used to me enjoying it!" Her expression was one of triumph, and she took another sip of her wine.

Suddenly, I realized that things just might take a turn I had not expected if I wasn't very careful. This whole experiment was based on entertainment without the possibility of my emotions getting involved, and I realized my emotions were trying to get involved. And as that thought began to percolate in my brain, I decided that unexpected events were not always bad. I found myself looking forward to this experiment far more than I had originally expected.

I finished showing her around the house, including where I kept the cleaning supplies. I poured a second glass of wine but she declined hers.

"So, have you decided to take the job?" I hadn't really asked the question, and she hadn't really said yes.

"From the looks of your pants, I think I have already started." Her saucy grin was a joy to behold, in addition to being sexy as hell. I smiled in response, glad to hear her say yes, and also glad that she seemed to be enjoying getting a rise out of me. Her rather saucy attitude was going to make this thing much more fun.

"Okay, sweet lady, you are now on the clock. Your job is over in two hours." My grin was as big as hers.

"Two hours! From what you have shown me, it will only take one hour." She seemed a little confused.

"Then, you will just have to take your time. Maybe you could walk past me a lot more than would be necessary to take up more time." I knew from the start that the tasks I wanted her to accomplish would not take two hours. I wanted her to have the freedom to take her time, and to tease me all she wanted during that time. Hell, I was paying for teasing and titillating, wasn't I?

She went to work, and I followed her around. We talked about all sorts of things. Her intelligence became more obvious, as did her sense of humor. I really enjoyed talking with her. I found myself liking the woman before me far more than I had anticipated. And even more, I loved watching her work.

When she was sweeping the floor, she would bend over and her boobs would almost fall out of her low-cut bra cups. She would look at me, making sure I was watching, and then sweep some more, adding an exaggerated sway to her hips here and there. And when she would stretch to vacuum the living room carpet, her scanty panties pulled tight against every crease. Her camel-toe was always on display, and I suspected she frequently pulled her panties up and tight to make sure of that. And she was always wiggling her hips in front of me, and swaying just enough to keep my attention.

Once, when walking past me, her breasts brushed against my arm, causing my cock to attain a stiffness I had not seen or felt in years. Her smile as she looked down at my hardness was incredibly enticing.

In short, she was hot as fire and made sure she kept me smoldering the entire time.

Once, when vacuuming the carpet in one of the bedrooms, she faced away from me and bent at the waist to pick something from the floor. She stayed bent almost double for several seconds, allowing me to see her pussy lips as the lacy panties hugged her lips so tightly. And by now, those pussy lips were thick and swollen, suggesting that she was getting turned on by all her exhibitionism as much as I was.

I watched as her boobs struggled to escape her low-cut bra. As she was putting some dishes into the cupboard, she dropped a coffee cup. She twisted and jerked and caught the cup before it struck the granite countertop. She proudly held it up to show me that the cup had not shattered, but all I could see was her right breast. It had fully escaped her bra and stood proudly for me to see. The dark brown areola puckered tightly, and her nipple protruded beautifully. When she saw that I was staring, she looked down and noticed with apparent unconcern the beautiful tit flesh on display. She made no attempt at putting the boob back into the bra where it belonged, and spent quite some minutes putting away the rest of the dishes with the breast fully exposed. She watched me with a smile as I stared at her breast the entire time. After a while, she looked at me.

"This thing is uncomfortable. Do you mind of I take care of it?" she asked politely. I told her to do what she needed to do, disappointed at the possibility of her pushing her tit back into the bra cup. But instead she reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it slide off her arms. Now she had both breasts on display, and I watched with renewed interest and with my mouth hanging open. Her boobs bounced and jiggled with almost every move of her body. God, she had an exciting body!

One time she saw me staring at her crotch, and she looked down. We both could see her pussy lips clearly hugged and perfectly outlined by her tight panties. And we both could see a little wet spot forming between those lips.

"Well, I guess you aren't the only one getting turned on by what is going on around here for the past hour." Her expression clearly showed that she was a little embarrassed by showing her wetness. I, on the other hand, couldn't have been any harder, or I would have responded to her wetness by swelling even more. This caused her to comment on my hardness one more time.

"Listen, Todd, that looks painful. If you need to do something about that, please don't let me stop you. In fact, I wouldn't mind watching, if that is in the job description." She grinned as she bumped her hip against me. "You do realize that I am not the only one around here with a wet spot, right?" In the last few minutes, we both had noticed her wet spot getting larger and larger. But I had not noticed the same problem with me.

I looked down and saw my cock was hard, but twisted a little out of shape. And then I noticed the dark spot of wetness where my pre-come had leaked through my pants. I had worn some nice khakis rather than my jeans, because they gave me a little more room, and a lot more give. But I had not thought that they would show a wet spot more than my jeans would.

"Look," Kelsey said, "You really need to let that thing move around a little or it just might break off." As she was saying this, she unsnapped my pants and was pushing them down. "Oh, look, you forgot to wear any undies today." She stared at my very hard erection standing boldly in front of her.

"The agreement was that we would not touch!" I exclaimed as I almost jumped out of her reach.

"No, honey, the agreement was that you would not touch me. But the agreement did allow for me to touch you." She finished pushing my slacks all the way down. "There! Leave those things bound around your ankles if you want, but I recommend that you kick them off. And doesn't that feel better?" Her eyes were glued to my cock as it stretched to its full length. I wasn't hung like a porn star, but I noticed proudly I was at a full eight inches today. My erection reached for the ceiling, and it bounced a little when I could see her fascination with it. I paused for a moment, and then kicked off my pants.

"Okay," Kelsey said. "I have pretty much finished everything. Just one more thing left to do." I didn't ask what was left, but followed her sweet and very mobile ass into the living room. "You sit over there and you can watch me as I dust the furniture." She flashed a smile at me that was almost blinding. I sat down in the middle of the large couch with my hard dick pointing at the ceiling and watched her run the feather duster across the furniture. I was unconcerned about my naked boner, and she seemed to look at it more than I was expecting. Her attention to by hardness was inspiring it to new heights of excitement. It only took about four minutes for her to finish the dusting.

"I think that is about it, Todd. No, wait, there is some dust on the wall above you." Then without any warning, she was standing on the couch. She had a foot on either side of me as she stretched to reach some place high on the wall above my head. And as she stretched to reach that spot, her sweet pussy pressed into my face. I froze, and then tentatively reached out my tongue. She tasted so sweet. I almost came as I first sniffed her, and flicked her lips with my tongue.

Then I realized what was happening. I tried to move my head back and away from her, but my head was against the wall, and there was simply no place to get away from her. As I sat there trapped against her wet panties, it became obvious that she was grinding her pussy against my mouth intentionally, and I realized that she wanted this as much as I did. So I gave myself to the wonderful job of removing all the juices from her very wet panties. After at least three whole minutes of licking her pussy through her panties, I could hear that she was moaning and groaning and making all sorts of pleasurable sounds. I reached my hands up to hold her cheeks, those soft and firm cheeks that I had been watching so hard for almost two hours. I massaged them and squeezed them and spread them and pushed them together. All the while I never let up licking her wet pussy lips. And all the while, she never stopped all those wonderful sounds of pleasure she was making.

Then I paused for maybe three seconds, and all sound in the room diminished. Without warning, I firmly pressed my tongue against her clit and shook my head as if saying no. Kelsey screamed, and collapsed in my lap, shaking and shuddering and moaning in her almost violent orgasm.

After a while, having recovered from the aftershocks of her orgasm, she looked down and saw my cock sticking up between her legs. So she pulled the leg of her panties to the side and my hard cock was pressing against her very wet and very bare pussy lips.

"This is not part of the job description, sweet lady." My voice was so husky that I almost didn't recognize it.

"Then I am moving outside of the job description, sweet man. Are you going to fire me for it?" she asked as she raised and then lowered herself against my cock. I easily slid against her lips with no effort at all because she was so wet. The stimulation was so awesome, apparently to both of us, that I began to make my own noises. She tilted her head back in sexual excitement while she moaned louder and louder. Her pussy simply dripped with juices as she soaked my hard cock, and she moaned louder and louder.

"Fire you? Not at all. In fact, I was thinking of a raise and a huge tip." And I kissed her as we both started to move. Up and down she moved, kissing me the entire time. She mumbled something about liking how she tasted on my lips, but I was so busy enjoying the massage her pussy lips were giving my dick that I couldn't answer her. So I pulled on her hard nipples, causing her to cry out. I licked and sucked her nipples, and then licked her entire boobs, enjoying her awesome, tight body for several minutes.

"I thought I promised you we weren't having sex." My words were almost hyphenated by her movement up and down, and I struggled to breathe. I looked down and saw my cock glistening with her juices, as her pussy lips continued to massage my cock.

"I thought we had a president that defined sex for us, and this wasn't in his definition." Her words were interrupted each time she dropped hard into my lap and my hard cock pushed against her clit. She didn't pull up high enough for me to enter her pussy, but that didn't stop her lips from almost wrapping around my cock and massaging it wetly.

I cried out as her groans became a scream. She bounced up and down harder, causing her lips to massage my dick even more. Her gorgeous boobs bounced wildly, making it almost impossible for my lips to attach to her nipples the way I wanted so badly. With clear abandon, her body enjoyed my body. Our excitement built until the inevitable.

Then her pussy flooded my crotch with hot juices, making wet, sucking sounds as her movements subsided slightly. Finally my cock followed her example, splashing my cum all over her stomach. After several seconds, she almost collapsed in my arms.

"Yes," I said, "Definitely a raise!"

Sonntag, 8. März 2015

She's Owned by Much Older Man

Written by NYCbbwSUB
Jennifer could not believe the feelings she was having toward a co-worker, Danny. "How could this be?" she thought to herself. The man she had a crush on was 64. Her being 38, she was wondering how she would handle this. Deep down inside she had always had the fantasy of being with a much older man, but never thought she would really do it. Jennifer had no idea, just how much she would be doing with him in the time to come.

Danny and Jennifer had been flirting back and forth for months, and frequently discussed sex, and what each one was into. They realized they were both into a lot of the same things. Danny was Dom, and Jennifer was Sub. A perfect combination, each one thought.

Jennifer was shocked when Danny asked her, if she would like to come to his house to compare sexual notes. Jennifer knew what that meant, and she blurted out "YES," before she had a chance to even think about it.

Jennifer was expected at Danny's house at 7pm. She showered and shaved her pussy completely bald. She wasn't sure what he had planned, but she wanted to be ready.

She arrived at his home at exactly 7pm. Danny opened the door and invited her in. He told her to walk down the hallway to the last room, which was the bedroom. She walked into the room and she saw the regular bedroom items, but in the far corner she saw a weight lifting bench. There was rope tied to the top, and she wondered to herself, why that was. Little did she know she would soon find out.

Danny walked in behind her and closed the door. "Are you ready?" Danny asked her.

"Ready for what?"

"Are you ready to be my little submissive slut?" Jennifer loved hearing those words from his mouth.

Jennifer playfully asked "I thought you wanted to compare notes?"

Danny walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair and said, "Get on your knees bitch!" Jennifer practically melted to her knees. She was loving this already.

"Take my cock out of my jeans." Jennifer did as she was told and had his cock in her hand. "Lick my cock." Jennifer licked up and down the shaft of his big hard cock. She loved the way he tasted, and began moaning as she licked. "You look like such a whore" Danny commented.

"Thank you," was all she could say.

Danny then pulled his cock away from her, and pulled her by her hair, and stood her back up. Then Danny kissed her. A full wet beautiful kiss. She knew then that she would do whatever he wanted. "Take your clothes off slut!" Jennifer did as she was told, and then stood there completely naked.

Danny grabbed her by her hair again, and roughly bent her over the bed, putting her ass way up in the air. He began rubbing her ass, "I am going to make you my whore, and you will do whatever I choose."

He then spanked her ass, making Jennifer moan again. "Oh you like that you little whore?"

Jennifer mumbled a "Yes," moving her ass closer to him showing him she wanted more. He got the hint and smacked her ass again. He kept smacking her, and each time getting harder and harder. She was loving every minute of it. She wanted him to fuck her right then and there, but she was sure he had much more planned.

After he was done spanking her ass his, hand slid between her legs right into her dripping wet pussy. "You fucking cunt!," you are fucking soaking wet!"

Danny knew what that meant he could use her any way he wanted, and he intended to. He fingered her for a few minutes until she was begging for him to fuck her. "Not yet bitch, I am not done violating you yet" Danny said.

Danny pulled his fingers out of Jennifer's dripping wet cunt, and lead her over to the weight lifting bench.

"Lay down on your back" Danny ordered. Jennifer did as she was told and Danny began to tie her to the bench. He tied her hands to the weights above her head, and then put a spreader bar on her feet. When her pussy was spread and ready for use, he brought her legs up, and tied them to where her hands were. Now her cunt and ass were exposed, and on display for him to see. He wanted to fill her holes, and use her so bad.

Jennifer laid there, and knew she was going to be used real good by Danny, and wanted him to. Laying there, spread and ready for cock made her wetter than she has ever been before. "Please fuck me!" Jennifer begged. "Oh I will!"

Jennifer heard what sounded like a vibrator, and at first got nervous. She felt him slide the vibrator deep inside her wet cunt. "OOOHHH YES!!" Jennifer screamed. "Oh yeah bitch, you like getting your cunt filled, don't you?"

"Yes Yes Yes" was all she could manage to say.

He continued to fuck her pussy with the toy, and slid his finger deep into her ass. She thought she was going over the edge when he did that. She was moaning and begging for more. Just the way Danny had planned it.

"Who owns you whore?"

"You do Danny, you own me, use me any way you want" she begged.

He was fucking her real hard now with the vibrator, and Jennifer couldn't take it anymore. "I'm cumming" she began screaming. At that point, Danny pulled the vibrator out of Jennifer's dripping wet cunt, without letting her cum.

"Oh please I need to cum" Jennifer begged. "Oh no not yet, I have a lot more use for you before I let you cum." With that he got up and untied her. "Stand up whore." Jennifer did as she was told, and stood before her new owner.

Danny began slapping her tits, making Jennifer yelp with each smack. Jennifer was really beginning to like the way his smacks felt on her and her yelps turned into moans.

"You are such a fucking whore!!" "You love when I smack you and spank you don't you?"

Danny roughly bent Jennifer over the bed, and began spanking her ass making her moan louder than before. "You nasty cunt!"

"You love being my dirty whore, don't you bitch?"

"Oh yes, make me your whore, please!" Jennifer begged.

Danny took his belt off, and began whipping Jennifer making her scream.

"I own you cunt!, you are my personal whore, and I will do anything I want to you slut!" Danny yelled as he continued to whip her.

"Yes I will do anything you want!" Jennifer answered.

Hearing that Danny needed to fuck her, just like that, with her red ass up in the air. He stepped up behind her, and rammed his big hard cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt.

"Oh yes!" Jennifer screamed.

Danny grabbed Jennifer's hair as he pounded her pussy hard. "Rub your clit slut!" Jennifer reached down and began rubbing her clit begging to be fucked.

"That's it bitch, beg me for my cock!" As he pounded his whore, he thought about all the ways he was going to use her in the days, and months to come. Thinking about that and now fucking, he knew he needed to cum.

"Get on your knees bitch!"

Jennifer got up and got to her knees, still moaning and needing more use. "You ready to be my cumslut?"

"Oh yes, I want to be your dirty little cumslut."

"Open your mouth bitch!"

Jennifer opened her mouth up wide wanting every drop. "Shoot your hot load all over your whore's face" Jennifer begged.

Danny couldn't hold it any longer. He began cumming all over his whore's face, shooting his cum in her mouth, and all over her face and hair. Jennifer cleaned off his cock, and then Danny pulled his cock out of her mouth, and told her to get dressed. She did as she was told. "You're a good whore, I will be using you again very soon" "There is a cab already waiting for you downstairs to take you home, and I will call you when I wish to use you again."

"Yes Sir" was all she could manage to say.