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Mistress to Grandfather

Written by Mistress of spices

Chapter 1

My grandfather Jack was a powerful, handsome man in his 70s. Despite his age, he was in fantastic shape and health, going swimming and running for miles, continuing to attend board meetings for the corporate empire he had built, and retaining an active sex life.

This last was in evidence from the number of barely-legal nubile nymphets who were always stumbling out of his bedroom in the morning, clutching their clothes as they made their way, hardly able to walk, to the front door of his mansion. What they had in common, apart from knockout bodies and airhead countenances, was this dreamy smile on their faces, as if they had just had the most amazing sex in their lives. And it was probably true, judging by the gossip and rumours I became privy to through socialite circles, internet tattlers and servants' tongue-wagging.

My grandfather, six feet tall and muscular with a shock of salt-and-pepper hair and a tanned, sharp-featured face, had developed quite a reputation for being a playboy ever since my grandmother died twenty years ago. She was relatively young, extraordinarily beautiful and it was cancer that had taken her. He had been very much devoted to her in their years together, despite his standing and stature as a formidable tycoon known for being feared by most in the corporate establishment, and after her death had given himself over to some of the more venal excesses that come with that territory it seemed. It appeared as if he couldn't go a day without ploughing some stunning siren in her late teens or early 20s.

As for me, Abby, I have inherited the good looks in my family, if I might say so myself. A killer body, if petite at five foot four inches, with voluptuous, large-nippled breasts that are slightly big for my frame, tiny waist and slender hips that flow into toned legs – men routinely turn heads when I walk down the street.

I have long black hair which reach my shoulders, full lips and expressive blue eyes that have routinely been called "intelligent". I mean, I guess I am in a sense. I am a philosophy student at one of the country's best universities and consistently top my class. The combination of beauty and brains is often too intimidating for men and thus I remained single and virginal till my 20th birthday. When my grandfather took me as a lover.

My parents were holidaying in Europe that year and I encouraged them to miss my birthday because I knew it would only make matters logistically complicated for them to fly back to ring in my 20th. School had just gotten out for the summer and so I flew directly to Grandfather's mansion, figuring I would celebrate with the only other relative I had.

My stay there that time was the one that confirmed all the murmurs regarding his carnal career. Every morning, as I got out to take a walk, I would see women my age leave his bedroom, throwing me smiles that suggested "if only you know what you're missing...". This piqued my curiosity but obviously, there wasn't much I could ask or say. After all, this was my grandfather. At the same time though, a slow awareness of him as a man had begun to dawn on me. I would watch him emerge from the pool, his athletic body dripping wet, or on his way back from his evening run when his strong legs and – dare I say it – tight ass rippled with sinew. His wit and charm were another thing and far more arousing to the smart girl in me – he always making me laugh and we would have spirited debates about all sorts of topics from politics to literature to sports. Slowly, I began to get infatuated with him, playing with my hair and flirting with him uncertainly, partly afraid he would notice and become scandalised.

To my surprise, he flirted back gamely and I sensed a growing sexual realization from his end too, all wicked glints in his eyes and husky double entendres. Once I even arranged to have him see me fresh from my bath in a short bathrobe, my skin pink from the hot water and hair tousled and damp. Let me emphasise that he liked what he saw, lust lighting his green eyes as he took in the globes peeking out from the robe's parting, the ass moulded by the material, the thighs just visible and glistening with moisture.

I started wearing figure-hugging tees and shorts around the house, which he definitely responded to, as I could gather from the appreciative look in his eyes whenever he saw me. I would make sure to try and reach for jars on high shelves in the kitchen so he could see my breasts straining against the T-shirt as I vulnerably stretched before him before requesting that he help. He obliged by moving behind me and making sure his hard chest touched my back as he took down whatever it was I wanted, his erect cock brushing my butt.

The eye contact grew hotter and both of us knew exactly what we were doing. I once requested he zip me up in a little back dress as I went out for drinks with a female neighbor who had invited me to a club. The dress was fairly conservative but when you have an expanse of creamy young skin punctuated only by a delicate bra strap, it ceases to matter right? My grandfather got up from the sofa where he was reading a magazine and came up behind me. I could smell his clean, musky scent and felt his strong fingers momentarily trace the strap and linger on my back before pulling up the zipper.

He didn't release me immediately, placing his hands on my waist for a second and I felt his breath on my ear as he smelt my hair before letting me go. I turned and thanked him. He waved it away, "The pleasure's all mine." The odd formal phrasing and the low, suggestive way in which he emphasised "pleasure" sent a curl of anticipation tingling through my body. A body he was raking his gaze down in a very male way, nothing grandfatherly about it. I ran a hand through my long hair and gathered it to one side as I returned his look, exposing my slender neck to him and letting him have a glimpse of what lay beneath the LBD, noticing his visible erection. He cottoned onto the implication and smirked at me as I turned and left.

The next morning, having passed a supermodel on the landing, while I was reading the newspaper at breakfast, he came in to make coffee. My considerable cleaveage was visible as I bent over the table and announced,

"There's a flood in Bangladesh."

He turned to fix his gaze at my chest and drawled, "Glad to see you're keeping abreast of current affairs, little one."

I took a second to absorb what he had just said, then straightened and said, "Yes it's very wet down south."

He quirked his eyebrow respectfully, "That must be...hard."

The tension had reached a level where we were verbally fornicating through weather reports. "I hope something is done about it soon." I finished, turning back to go to my room, hips swaying suggestively in my short shorts.

That night there was a fundraising gala for one of the many charities my grandfather supported and the next day was my 20th birthday. I soaked for a while in the bathtub, masturbating to the thought of my grandfather taking me, then applied strawberry body cream to my nude body with a vague desire to make it taste good. I decided to dress up and show my grandfather what he was missing. No more supermodels, I decided. He had to man up and accept that what he wanted was a woman he could spar with. And it wasn't as if he didn't find me hot.

I chose a gown I had picked out earlier in the year with some college friends. A daring backless number with plunging neckline that emphasized my lush breasts and slim waist and a pair of heels held up by a single strap. I wore my hair loose and swept to one side since I knew the effect that had on him and sinful lace lingerie that I hoped would get seen by him before the night was up. As someone who had never even had a boyfriend before this, you might wonder if it was true that I managed to wield this kind of confidence, but with all the signs pointing to Grandfather's interest in me, I knew that it was a matter of letting him pursue me once he knew how receptive I was. An alpha male like my Grandfather needed but a sign to capture prey. Spritzing some perfume onto my erogenous zones, I descended the stairs to see him waiting for me with his date.

Jealously I regarded this rival and noted her voluptuous frame and cascading blonde hair as she clung inanely to my grandfather, looking at him with adoring eyes and stroking his arm dim-wittedly. I coolly met his eyes as I came down and the smolderingly hot response I got almost had me tripping. He was devouring me with his eyes, masculine hunger blazing in those green depths. I smiled seductively as I reached him, making sure he knew I knew what was on his mind. He introduced me to his lady friend whom I dismissed almost immediately, much to the amusement of Grandfather. He would not be going to be bed with her if I had any say in the matter.

The gala was a long and tedious affair, full of people either too old to chat up or too stupid to string a sentence together. I kept catching Grandfather's eye from across the room and staring at him long and deep. After a few glasses of wine, I got a bit bolder and licked my lips as I sipped my drink, turned around for his benefit so he could see my naked back and discreetly brushed my fingers against my cleavage to draw his attention to it.

It was quarter to midnight when, in the midst of a conversation with a bunch of old men all ogling me, I felt his strong hand on my waist and his hot breath on my ear as he bent to whisper, "Shall we leave, princess?"

I turned to look at him and there was no mistaking the heat. "Your birthday celebration awaits." He added, leaving no doubt about what he had in mind. The blonde bimbo seemed to have disappeared. I nodded haughtily, not allowing him to see my excitement, and took his arm as we exited.

The sexual tension was getting unbearable. As soon as we got into the car, Grandfather rolled up the partition between us and the driver and grabbed my hair as he pulled my head back, his mouth descending onto mine. It was a sizzling kiss, our tongues dueling and fighting for dominance as our lips stung each other. My arms looped around his neck as his hands slid down to my waist, stroking my body and setting it ablaze. I almost whimpered in protest when the car stopped and he pulled back.

Alighting, he pulled me out and we almost ran to the front door. The servants had the night off, which was a good thing because anyone who saw us then would have known what was going to transpire. Rushing inside, Grandfather pinned me to the wall next to the door, his hands on my waist and his lips nuzzling my cheek and sucking my earlobe. I was panting but found the strength to push him away. He growled in frustration and I could see why people were afraid of crossing him.

Holding him at arm's length, I said, "Grandpa I want to make it worthwhile, not be taken against a wall my first time."

He frowned, "You're a virgin?"

I nodded, then taking advantage of his confusion, pushed down the straps of the gown, letting it pool at my feet. I think my grandfather, for all his experience and control, busted a nut seeing his 50-years younger granddaughter leaning against a wall in a black lacy bra and panties and heels. Holding his salivating gaze and licking my lips again before biting the lower one suggestively, I raised my arms above my head to thrust up plump breasts, reveal my deep navel indenting a flat, milky white belly and draw his attention to my barely-there panties affording a tantalizing glimpse of my treasures, the heels making apparent the strength of my thighs as they held up my ass.

"All yours, untouched." I breathed throatily.

Recovering and moving towards me, Grandfather smiled wickedly, "Looks like the birthday present is for me to unwrap. Hmmm. Where shall I begin?"

I giggled like a little girl and looked up at him faux-imploringly, "Please be gentle, Grandpa."

As his magic hands skimmed my waist, I understood how well my grandfather had mastered his impulses to become a good lover, given the cock straining at his pants and the drool beginning to form in his mouth as his hands moved to my breasts. I hadn't bothered to move my arms down, preferring to keep up the act of being at his mercy...I could see how turned on he was by that. His hands gently squeezed my breasts, moulding them and weighing them, plucking my nipples through my bra.

"So beautiful," he murmured, "your tits look delectable."

I was beginning to get wet even as he massaged them, closing my eyes and breathing heavily.

"All for your Grandpa Jack," he got rougher, bending his head to lick my neck in deft strokes, before lingering to suckle my throat patiently and slowly. Then he moved down to nuzzle my breasts with his lips over the bra, still refraining from doing anything more than pressing them with his strong fingers, pinching the nipples through the lace and following up by rubbing his open mouth against the bra. I sighed and brought my arms down to fist his hair and hold his head to my chest when he looked up and ordered,

"No. I want you captive to my attentions."

The command in his voice undid me as I returned my arms to their original position, my breasts snugly fitted in the small bra, begging to be mauled. Bending to them as he reverently kissed the convex protrusions above the bra for the first time making me whimper he added slyly,

"Besides, the way your tits look offered up like this...mmmm."

He groaned pumping them and nestling his nose in my cleavage, the material scraping my soft skin. I almost came from his sudden aggression, whimpering again and moving my heeled foot up his thigh.

He moved his hands down my waist and licked a straight path from below my breasts to my navel, he moved his tongue in my belly button. As I looked down at him helplessly, locking my left foot around his broad back, he pried my ass from the wall, smoothing his large hands over my buttcheeks and nibbling at my navel gently, his tongue swirling inside, as his lips soothed the soft abrasions of his teeth. I squirmed and sighed, much to his delight, moving my left leg restlessly on his shouder as he groaned,

"Your skin...mmm...tastes like strawberries Abby, did you...mmmm...slather something on for me?"

I nodded, unable to speak as he moved down and nuzzled the super-sensitive area just above my mons where my panties began. He looked up to meet my gaze, licking his lips,

"Nothing like fresh, tender granddaughter to satisfy a craving." He stuck his nose into my crotch and inhaled, the lace chafing my wet pussy with an intensely pleasurable friction, moaning, " sweet and wet, my hot little sex kitten..."

I moaned then, a loud keening sound, "Ooh grandpa", involuntarily pushing my hips forward into his waiting tongue. I couldn't take it any more and brought my arms down to clutch his grey hair as he mildly bit my clit through the panties, making me moan again as I wriggled against the wall.

He chuckled then and left off, eyes shining triumphantly and arrogantly as he looked up still holding me, "This is your punishment for teasing me with that sinful bombshell body of yours, making me want to rip off your clothes and fuck you senseless for days now, dreaming of keeping you pliant and sated in my bed as I impregnate you again and again"

Getting aroused as I was by his plans to dominate and ravish me, I removed my leg from his back and ruffled his hair as he continued to kneel, "Grandpa you horny bastard," I whispered, "I can't wait to see you naked with your beautiful cock inside me."

He grinned and got up, pulling me to him, "I will make you my mistress, and you will bear my children." Sucking my ear, he continued, "Silk and roses and strawberry cream...I'll keep you occupied enough to never leave the won't be able to walk when I'm through with you, my cockteasing granddaughter."

I gasped at the way his hands were rubbing my ass, wiggling provocatively in his arms as I moved my hands up his chest and ground against his penis, "I like the sound of that. But you'll raise our child till I complete school."

He nodded, his eyes gentling, "You're exactly like your grandmother in beauty and spirit. I can't think of a better mother for more children." With that, he tightened his hands on my butt, picked me up and, burying his face in my pinkened breasts, started striding towards his bedroom, our sexual greed no longer belied by outward control as I clutched his shoulders and threw back my head to allow my 70+-year-old grandfather (and soon to be father of my children) access to my ripe young body.

Chapter 2

Even as my ankles locked around his back, the heels digging into his coat, my sturdy Grandfather's stamina didn't flag as he carried me up two flights of stairs, boding well for his abilities in bed. As my hands gripped his hair and shoulders, he ran his tongue from my cleavage to my throat, sucking my pulse and kissing me. I loved how feminine he was making me feel, secure in his strong arms.

As we entered his bedroom, he kicked shut the door behind him and put me down, slightly out of breath but more from his attentions to my body than the ascent upstairs. The chandelier cast a suffused, romantic light over the room, scarcely brighter than a host of candles. Taking me in again, Grandpa Jack shrugged off his coat with a smug expression on his face that told me he was in charge. It was the way in which he was so self-assured that moistened me between the legs most, I decided as I moved towards him to tango.

Two could play this game, I thought, taking his large hands in my small, soft ones as he reached up to his collar and looking up at him as I started to unbutton his shirt, exposing a muscled, taut and broad chest with a sprinkling of grey hair that disappeared down a powerful, narrow belly. Swarthy and sinewy, it was no wonder he had been able to carry me all the way up without breaking a sweat. I was becoming incredibly excited seeing this man's torso and then, when I pulled down his trousers, his magnificent cock making itself visible through his boxers. His breathing had quickened and I took advantage, smoothing my hands up his chest, kissing his neck and then his nipples, lazily licking them and making circles with my tongue.

He grabbed my hair and pulled back my head, eyes dark with simmering lust, and bent down to give me a knee-weakening kiss as I looped my arms around his neck. Even at 70, he was virile and masterful, wresting control from me in a delicious way that made me feel simultaneously fragile and protected.

"You're quite a minx, aren't you, little one?"

He was using the term of endearment he had always addressed me with but now with the undercurrent of sexual force, circling my bubble butt with his fingers. I lanced my tongue through his mouth, reaching down into his boxers to grasp his cock and running my hand up and down.

He groaned, "As incestuous as this're making it worth the...unh...transgression."

I smirked, drawing on all half-baked recollections of my radical feminist theory courses, relishing his breathlessness and obvious pleasure at my ministrations, "Incest was only prohibited for reasons of property rights."

Then my voice dropped as I milked him harder and stroked him with more fervor, shimmying my ass in his hands playfully while scraping his chest with my nails,

"But then...I don't mind being your property..."

I leaned closer, nipping his ear, "To do with as you wish."

That sent him over the edge, almost imploding in my hand as, with a snarl, he picked me up bridal style and threw me onto his bed before turning away to the edge of the bed.

Delighted with my victory, I propped myself up against the soft pillows, spreading my hair so that they fanned out and stretched languorously to make my body available to his now icy gaze, challenge in my eyes, as I spread my legs and gyrated my hips, my heels completing the picture.

Watching my little performance, he dropped his boxers and offered me a full glimpse of what would soon be inside my virginal cunt and womb. His magnificent 8-inch penis, standing to attention. My pussy almost flooded in anticipation. Unsmiling and with none of his earlier amusement, he put his right knee on the bed,

"You can't dangle a cat before a starving dog and expect him to have good table manners."

There was an erotic threat in his tone that, instead of warning me only made me want him more. I raised myself on my elbows, breasts saucily protruding like fruit. His eyes refused to budge from them. I swiped a hand in the air like a claw, "Meow Grandpa." A dangerous look appeared on his handsome face,

"I really hope you have more of that lacy lingerie kitten, because I mean to rip it off you with my teeth."

Quietly, he moved his hands down my legs, unbuckling my heels and tossing them aside, then leaning to suck my toes and kiss my ankles till my body was on fire. I gasped as he was suddenly on top of me, cruelly holding my wrists apart to bare my body to him. I loved it.

"Ooh Grandpa, you're so strong." I breathed, draping my right leg over his left one and stroking his rock hard butt with my foot.

He was in no mood for talking, bending down to give me a punishing kiss before sucking my neck down to the tops of my breasts. He looked up, his mouth full of saliva,

"I have wanted to eat these melons since the day you got here", then hooking his teeth on a frill, ripped the bra off.

My tightly compacted boobs sprang free and he wasted no time in slobbering over them like the dirty old man he was, never mind his sex appeal. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, rubbing his ass with my feet. Clamping my wrists down to the sides of my body so that the ripe, milky orbs stood to attention like balloons, he swallowed them whole and rasped his silk-rough tongue all over them, encircling and suckling.

He made noises such as those made by gourmets feasting on rare delicacies – "Mmmm" and "ohhh" – and sank his teeth gently into the fleshy parts as I purred like a cat – "Oh grandpa", "More grandpa", "Yes you old bastard" – while he soothed the bites with his lips. As I made progressively loud sounds of pleasure and moved restlessly, he mauled my nipples, grazing them with his teeth, licking them and sucking them as if they were lollypops,

"I often wondered whether you're nipples were shell pink or crimson," he paused to meet my by-now-orgasmic stare, tonguing my rock-hard red tips as he grinned dirtily, "they're like a species of pomegranate...mmmm...or sweet pink plums with dark red cherries – I really lucked out."

He blew on the tight peaks, sending a tingle of electricity spiraling down my belly. As he returned to chewing them, I drove him wilder as I scraped his back with a toenail and arching my back to make sure he stayed there intoning, "Oh oh OH!". He was like a particularly patient animal playing with his prey and I was going out of my mind with desire, my juices soaking my panties as I whimpered and moaned his name. After what seemed like forever, he let go off my wrists, grabbed my ass, moved up and licked my sweaty neck,

"Such a succulent morsel you are, Abby. All sugar and spice. I've tasted the sugar, anyway."

He reached behind me and gathered the shreds of my bra, throwing it away as he bent to motorboat. As he buried his face between my breasts, using his lips to make me wild, I clasped them and pushed them closer to make it easier for him.

Squealing and sighing restlessly, I couldn't believe my own grandfather was assaulting my beautiful young breasts, marking them with hickeys. "Oh Jack," I tested his name on my tongue but somehow it didn't feel right. He looked up, "Only your grandmother called me that." I felt like I was encroaching and ran my hands tenderly through his hair as he dipped back to my nipples.

"Oh grandpa," I murmured, stroking his shoulders, "you're making me feel so...possessed."

The conqueror was back when he looked up next, male arrogance reeking from ever pore as he held my gaze while biting a "cherry" and making me gasp audibly,

"My delicious concubine, you're a dish worth savouring. And anyway," he rubbed his face against them, drooling, "I want to know how able are the...uh...jugs that my child will drink from."

I bit my lip to bite back a moan of ecstasy at his words.

He continued to look at me directly as he unfurled his tongue and licked my stomach, stopping to worship my navel with rhythmic jabs that mimicked the act of fornication.

"I wonder what your belly will be like swollen with my child." I slid my feet experimentally down his muscular back as he neared my cunt, making me insane with frustration,

"Let's find out then."

He growled and sniffed my panties again,

"Intoxicating. So...innocent and spicy. Are you sure no other man has ever gotten to your honeypot Abby?"

I giggled at the word 'honeypot' though old-fashioned as it was, it was also arousing,

"No grandpa, you're the first man to sample my charms."

My small, smooth ass rested in his big, manly hands as he got down and started placing slow lingering kisses on my upper thighs.

"So soft, so delicate..." he murmured, "so womanly. Especially your dark panties against this marble skin. I can't wait to unwrap my gift."

He caught the edge of my panties in his teeth. His virile authoritativeness had me creaming almost before he could even unveil my virginal, wet pussy.

"Look at me, Abby, watch me tear off the last barrier to your modesty. Know who you belong to, my baby cat."

I held his gaze as he easily pulled off my frail panties with one tug of his teeth, my toes curling in anticipation atop his back as he kept his eyes on mine while bending to my dripping, hairy pussy and giving it a strong, sure lick. I almost came off the bed, one hand clenching the sheets and the other Grandpa's silvery hair.

His head had disappeared between my thighs, the vision of this 70-year-old man's grey mane bobbing between my legs, ankles locked on his neck as his calloused hands cupped my almost-jailbait buttcheeks, had me moaning loudly. He rubbed his nose and lips against my wet flower, then suckled the distended flaps and buds before making a maddeningly perfect suction hole with his mouth and attaching it to the bundle of nerves that was my clit. He suckled like an infant on a teat, wringing out fluids and honey and my screams and moans as I wiggled my butt grinding my pussy into his face.

"Grandpa you dirty old man, you sick fuck," my imprecations caught on gasps as he ate me out, saying the most scandalous things that in turn ended in moans of delight –

"What a luscious rosebud...mmmm....",

"What juicy delights you have stored here, you sly vixen...mmmm....",

"Oh yes, your delicate button...mmmm...",

"My, what a meal you are, my horny little granddaughter....mmmm....and so responsive too...mmm....moving your pert little bottom just so".

His slurps and sucks got loud enough to be heard and I clutched his thick silver hair as I thrashed from side to side while he gave me mindblowing cunnilungus, muttering "Oh yeah baby" and "That's it, grandpa" between sobs and sighs as I creamed and came. I thought I would become his sex slave after this, forget school and my degree. If this was how he treated his women in bed, I'd be happy to bear him as many children as he liked.

After orgasming twice or thrice, I pulled his head up, his lips soaked with my honey. "I want you inside me now." My commanding tone had him up and poised at my vaginal entry in no time. "Now Abby, I am going to thrust inside you and make you mine. I am going to blow my seed into you and make scream as I take you. And you will mother my children and be my mistress for ever more." I nodded, drawing his head down for a kiss, tasting myself on him and wrapping my legs around his hips as he thrust into me.

Chapter 3

I felt my muscles expanding as Grandpa's gigantic cock entered me, making me feel fulfilled. My legs around him tightened as I drew him in further and our kissing became more furious as he pushed in. My nails raked his shoulders as the feeling of being joined mounted, my vaginal lubrication allowing his 8-inch thick monster to invade my brittle hymen and unseal me. The pain was considerable but after Grandpa spent some time kissing my lips and neck, it subsided.

We made eye contact as he prepared to plunge in and then buried himself to the hilt with an involuntary expression as if he had died and gone to heaven.

"Unh...your cunt is like a liquid glove around my dick."

I winced and held him closer, unconsciously writhing my bottom that contained the socket for his plug.

"If you keep doing that, I'll lose whatever little control I have..."

I smiled a feline smile then, meeting his eyes as I squirmed deliberately and slowly. He pounded into me like an animal, pistoning in and out as I moaned and held on, his cock sliding across my narrow passage like a weapon of pleasure.

The sensations were beginning to overwhelm me as Grandpa moved down and sucked my left breast, using a thumb to manipulate my clit as I moved my feet across his butt and my hands across his shoulders, twisting from side to side in a frenzied state of abandon. The ecstasy wreaking my aerobic 20-year-old body was uncontrollable, an inferno spreading through it as I climbed heights of passion with my 70-year-old grandfather whose mouth on my nipple was relentless and thumb on my clit skilled enough to make me explode multiple times. His rhythmic bestial onslaught reduced my inexperienced self to a wanton puddle of sex, perspiring and spent, submissive and thoroughly mastered.

He kept groaning as he pushed into me, his words getting filthier and more stimulating,

" little slut...mmmm...what a cunt you have, tight and tasty and wet for me. My baby broodmare...oh yeah, look at these fruity tits, I wish I was our child....let your stallion ride you, my ripe young sexpot...MMMMM..."

We both climaxed almost simultaneously and I felt the shattering aftermath of orgasm rack my frame as Grandpa's cock blasted its contents into the mouth of my womb, his sperm deluging my insides.

Panting like the old fox that he was, he bent down to my cunt and inserted his hands beneath my ass to lift it, "To keep the seed from getting wasted," he explained as I recovered from the most satisfying sex I had ever hoped to have. No wonder those girls had those dreamy smiles, I thought. Just when I thought I would get some respite, Grandpa naughtily bent down and kissed my cunt again.

"I want to go another round" he mumbled, taking in my scent.

I couldn't believe the kind of stamina he had.

"Stallion indeed," I whispered, stroking his head as he continued to suck my clit with long, slow swirls of his devilishly talented tongue and patient pulls of his pillow lips till I was crying with pleasure and approximating his filthy mouth from five minutes ago –

"Unh grandpa, make me your slut, give me a baby. I'll be your hung stud...ohhh I love it when you pretend I'm your favourite food. OHHH...."

He bit down on my clit and I swear my back arched off the bed. He held me down by keeping my wrists in his grasp, all the while making sure I knew his beautiful, slumberous green eyes were on me.

"I love your expressions and moans, Abby, as you come apart for me. The only time I like hearing a woman talk endlessly is when she's beneath me in the throes of passion."

His words made me moan more and I started bucking beneath his expert tongue and teeth, feet battering his back as a flood of cuntjuice burst forth into his mouth. He lapped it up and then put a finger into my honeypot, withdrawing it to suck upon it as he looked at me, his tongue imitating its work down below.

"Mmmm...such tang."

He hissed to underscore this and stretched out on me again, biting my neck as he resumed fucking me to a delirious pace and my steady mewls of pleasure.

After one more round of intense lovemaking, we both lay back replete, sideways. Grandpa had his head pillowed near my breasts as he softly kissed my nipples one by one, my thigh lay around his hip, my foot fondling his hips and my hands cradled him as he treated my tits like his favourite ice cream cones while sliding his palms down my butt and belly.

I sighed contentedly. I couldn't believe it – till yesterday I was a an average teenage grandchild and now here I was, in the powerful arms of my sex god grandfather whose prowess in bed had women flocking to him in droves. Despite the 50 year age difference, we mated like sex-crazed animals, my body carrying the marks of grandpa's lust and vitality. I felt sated, like a real mistress, my body submitted to Grandpa's virile, ravenous appetite.

His almost inaudible sounds of approval as he licked my melons aroused me and I arched my back so that he could take in more tit, "Someone's hungry."

He left a breast, a popping sound accompanying the loss of his lips and smiled wickedly,

"Such young, round, erect breasts, topped with scarlet nipples practically beg to be sucked."

He tweaked a nipple as I gasped, "Your aureoles pout, little one, as if they would be offended if I didn't keep them in my mouth all the time."

His words were setting me on fire. "As does your pretty, impudent little clit."

He bent to finger it, then dropped his voice a notch, to a deep whisper, "Thankfully, granddaughter, I am happy to oblige."

I giggled and moaned, "Ohhhh grandpa."

Chapter 4

I remember sleeping off with my grandfather spooning me, his large hand on a waist, then breast as he strummed my nipple, and his slow licks on my neck putting me to sleep like a lullaby. The next morning I awoke to find nobody next to me, curtains drawn against the sun leaving the room in a dark, cave-like atmosphere. I blushed remembering the previous night and looked for my clothes, then remembered that they'd been shredded. And my gown was still downstairs.

I wasn't sure how I was going to leave the room naked but popped into the shower to wash up before thinking about it. In the mirror, I saw the indentations and love bites my lover had managed to mark me with and I blushed remembering the circumstances of those marks. Drying myself down, I figured I'd wrap the towel around me to cover myself as I padded down to my room or wherever my grandfather-lover was.

As I emerged from the bathroom, I noticed something I hadn't before, a jewellery box with a single rose on it on the table to the right. A note lay beneath:

'Wear this and keep the rose. – Grandpa'

I opened the box and in it found the most exquisite ruby necklace I had ever seen. The door clicked open and I turned around to see my sexy grandfather standing there in a T-shirt and jeans, smiling warmly but also with a whole plethora of meanings in his eyes.

"It's for the gift you gave me last night."

I blushed again, recalling in graphic detail much of what happened,

"Thank you grandpa but there was no need. It was given freely."

Ambling towards me, he smirked, "Oh I know only too well. The flush on your skin is very becoming I must say. Just like other parts of you." I reddened further at his comment, I knew he was a good flirt but hadn't seen this seductive side of him before to know just how good. He turned me around and reached for the necklace.

"Allow me."

I nodded dumbly, letting him gather my long hair to one side and clasp the necklace. Then he bent down and started planting kisses on my neck, reaching in front and yanking the towel off me.

"You won't be needing this."

My arms instinctively went to my chest protectively. In the light of day and without the courage of wine, I was a lot more diffident about my body.

"Such innocence," came my grandfather's amused drawl as he pushed me forward against the table and unzipped his jeans.

I knew what was coming almost before it came, his hard cock ramming into my pussy from behind. I had started getting wet the moment I saw him and the pressure of his penis as it steadily entered and exited my still-tender pussy had me rolling my eyes as I put all my weight on the table, grandpa's capable hands plucking my nipples and stroking my belly.

"Happy...unh...birthday...unh...Abby." He managed, as he kept up an easy rhythm, nothing like the frenetic mating last night. I arched back as I came, erupting with a low scream, and he caught me as he too exploded. His hands moved all over me and I knew what I wanted to do next.

I turned around and fell to my knees, looking up at him with a knowing half-smile. Holding his cock, I started playing with it, "Oh grandpa, what a big cock you have." I said in my best little-girl voice as I caressed his root with purposeful, strong motions of my small hand.

I kept fondling him till I knew he couldn't take it any more. The sight of his granddaughter, just out of adolescence, bending down to service him seemed too much for him as it was. I felt powerful again, the combination of my strawberry skin, pomegranate breasts and honeypot having a heady effect on him already, as I rubbed his penis with the serenity of a courtesan.

For an inexperienced girl, I learnt fast and I could see, from the way he held his hips tight and the manner in which his eyes drooped down with pleasure, that my grandfather was ecstatic that he had discovered not just a tasty morsel but a gourmet.

"I can't wait to taste you now."

He caught his breath, surprised and voracious as he ran his hands through my hair, disbelieving that I was going to take him in my mouth. He reached down and took off his T-shirt so I could see his gorgeous manly chest as I went to work on his manhood. Licking his balls slowly, I ran my tongue across his scrotum, my tiny pink tongue running amok on his cock.

I heard him curse, then took all of him in my mouth as his hand in my hair tightened. Moaning sexily, I suckled him nice and good, my small mouth bulging with the contents of his penis as I insatiably wrung him out, sucking and drinking in his squirts, pumping and pressing. For a good five minutes, gazing into his sex-maddened eyes devoid of control and full of lust, I gave him the blowjob of his life, before he finally let go of of my hair and roared,


Pulling me up by the shoulders, he picked me up and pinning me against a wall, impaled me on his cock, a stream of spunk gushing forth into my belly. My arms clutching his neck, my legs automatically went around his waist and I milked him, moving up and down of my own accord, untutored but clearly good at this, wailing nonstop and breathlessly as his seed took root in my womb.

His grey hair fell forward to my breasts and I felt the day worth of his stubble abrade my skin in a delightfully sensual way. He rubbed my ass as I rode him, refusing to tire as he managed both my weight and his own. I marveled at his strength, feeling the muscles on his arms as he came in me and crying out when he nipped my breast a bit too hard. Not that I minded, orgasming at the same time. He looked up, I sighed, running my tongue over my full lips lasciviously before sensuously biting the bottom one, and bounced mischievously, my breasts jiggling in his face,

"My stallion. You're so tough. I love it when you mean business."

He grinned, sucking my earlobe, "And I love the way you respond, little one. So loud and helpless and uninhibited. And rosily naked. These curves..." he groaned, "a man could die gorging on you." Setting me down, he kissed me for a while. Then his eyes lit up again,

"Let me return the favour, kitten."

He got down on his knees and reached for the rose. At first I couldn't figure out what he planned to do but when he pried my thighs open and put one leg on his shoulder, I could hazard a pretty good guess. Plying the rose between my legs, he made go crazy, pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts as the rose petals tickled my pussy lips.

"A rosebud for a rosebud...these petals are as fine as yours."

The subtle sensation of the papery flower against my clit and cunt was incredible, setting off all sorts of sensations in places I didn't even know existed. When some time later, grandpa removed the rose wet with my cuntjuice and replaced it with his tongue and teeth, I started babbling like a madwoman,

"Unh..yes grandpa, more, more...ahhh suck me, bite me, oh eat me...make me your woman mmmm...."

I gasped as his stubble prickled my inner thighs reminding me how much of a man he was and how much of a woman I was, his teeth scraping my clit ever-so-gently as his tongue rolled into a cylindrical pleasure-tool that salved the momentary grazes. This man should give workshops I thought, tugging his silver hair hard enough to pull it off. Even at 70, he could give a woman such intense oral pleasure it wasn't a small matter.

"Little one, you are spicier than a curry, so flavourful I could eat you all day."

Giving a final kiss to my clit, he withdrew as my legs threatened to collapse. Sweeping my hair away from my perspiring neck, I asked, "Speaking of eating, I haven't had anything since last night. Should we go downstairs?"

Eyes darkening, grandpa got up and put on his jeans, then helped me up, "Yes let's."

Then he handed me my strappy heels, "Wear these. Only these." He smirked, "And my scent of course."

A thrill ran through me at the possessiveness he displayed and I ran my hands up his chest, "You want me to go down naked wearing these?"

He nodded, fingering the necklace, "And this."

I felt so decadent walking down in just heels and what was essentially a bejeweled collar, grandpa's hand on my ass as a sign of ownership, my breasts proudly jutting forward as my pussy hair glistening with juice and saliva. In the kitchen, I expected to find breakfast. Instead, grandpa had cleared the table and I thought I knew why. He was so horny, my knees almost buckled. I ran a finger down to his belly innocently,

"I thought you were sated, grandpa."

He didn't bother answering, simply picked me up and placed me on the table, my legs dangling. Picking up a bowl of whipped cream from atop the fridge, he moved towards me. An errant thrill coursed through me, the knowledge that he would not be denied and that I alone was the dessert he craved had me dying to fuck him senseless.

After painting my lips, neck, breasts, anointing my nipples, drenching my pussy and coating my thighs, grandpa attacked me like a famished dog, holding me down, sniffing my armpits and cunt, panting with his tongue out as he laved my porcelain skin clean and biting my ample assets as if I were a bone.

I think the neighbours would have heard my screams and sobs of passion if we hadn't been down in the kitchen. By the time he was done with me, I was only too happy to lay back and have him plough me like a field, my cries subsiding to the whimpers and mews of a well-pleasured lady whose man has left no stone unturned to keep her satisfied.

Later I laughingly tried to crawl away, when driven to distraction by my "gorgeous creamy ass", he mounted me from behind as if I were his bitch, licking me clean afterwards with the help of more whipped cream because of my "mouthwatering muffin". Then we showered together and had more hot forbidden sex, my nubile young body used in every way by a man who had been on the planet for more than three-quarters of a century.

Our incestuous coupling made both grandpa and me hotter than anything we had ever experienced and encouraged us to push our boundaries. We had sex all the time in various positions all over the house and involving roleplaying (my favourite was the sheikh fantasy in which grandpa rent a sinfully sexy harem costume) until finally, the next fortnight, I missed my period. I haven't left the house since my birthday.

Now I am pregnant with my grandfather's son, belly swollen and breasts huge, to the delight of grandfather. Our baby will be both my son and father! I plan to go back to school once he is born but looks like my relationship with my grandpa-lover is for keeps.

Chapter 5

My delicious granddaughter was keeping step with me as we descended into the kitchen, the ruby collar on her white throat marking her as mine. Abby, I thought, seeing her tight young butt bob enticingly, thrust out by her high heels, was worth giving up all the others for.

She turned back to gather her long incredible hair to bare her neck to me and throw me a sultry smile. I scanned that appetizing body of hers, marked with my bites. 20 years old, untried, willing to try anything and so aware of her power over me, not to mention I don't think any other woman has ever given me a blowjob as if it gave her more pleasure than it did me. I had only to look at her firm tits and smell her pussy to be reduced to a sniveling lapdog – it was all I could do to not follow her honeypot around with my tongue wagging.

I had had way too many young women to count and wielded way too much power outside the bedroom for this thrill of domination to be a novelty. What I loved about Abby apart from her youthful sexual energy was her ability to play the damsel...I loved a woman I could dominate but what I loved even more was a strong woman who made a show of being reluctant while enjoying what I was doing to her. And I relished the knowledge that I was the first and only man she had allowed these liberties to – the thought of being the only man who got his hands and mouth on her ripeness gave me an erection. And this tasty kitten was my own granddaughter! The knowledge of taboo made me even hotter. I wanted her pregnant and permanently in my bed, giving me more children.

She paused at the foot of the staircase, massaging those gorgeous boobs of hers and fiddling with the large red teats I could feast on all day. Dipping her hand down into her cunt, she spread her legs on her heels, one foot on the last step, and masturbated before me, holding my famished gaze. I smacked my lips seeing her swivel her sweet derriere as her pussy hair started glistening with her juices and she started coming, throwing back her head and closing her eyes as she wept softly. Her pleasure sounds were the most erotic thing I have heard in all my many years of sex - endless moans and incessant faint whimpers that drove me over the edge. At 72, I had my pick of beautiful young ladies but this Lolitaesque creature with her taunting smiles and libido like a she-wolf in heat was a prize.

As I reached her, she licked her fingers and chuckled, "I can see why you like me so much."

I didn't say anything, anticipating the meal ahead. As we entered the kitchen she took in the empty table and understood what I had in mind, grinning naughtily as she ran a finger down my chest to my belly. I wanted to fuck her violently and was in no mood for games. She gasped as I picked her up and placed her on the table, those wicked heels framing her moist little treasure trove, its fecund exotic scent wafting to my experienced nostrils.

Taking down the whipped cream from the fridge, I moved to her and the astute little slut spread herself out on the table, craving my touch and mouth. She made passionate little sounds as I applied the cream all over her sinful body. Her bee-stung lips that sucked my finger as I spread the cream on them, the swan-like neck that she first offered to me a few days ago, her incredible pomegrenates that I was growing addicted to, the taut little waist that reminded me how small and virginal my granddaughter was, the sexy deep navel that I was dying to suck the cream from, and that juicy cunt of hers which had succoured me for hours and that would only be made more delightful with cream.

Once I was done, I stood back to regard my handiwork.

"My favourite dessert..." I rasped bending to kiss her as I took her wrists and held her captive.

My tongue wiped her neck clean and I moved down to her lovely breasts, enjoying their shape and weight in my large hands as I roughly teased her with my mouth,


The sight of my vulnerable granddaughter at my mercy at the height of sexual bliss, skin blushing, eyes closed and lip biting back squeals pushed me to my most carnal. I knew I was a dirty old man leaning over a lush piece of ass who three years ago I couldn't have touched without going to jail. But now...I was like a mongrel with a piece of meat.

Bending to her armpit, I sniffed and licked it roughly, "All clean and shaved for your grandpa. Oh yesss Abby."

She giggled and caressed my thighs with her heels, cooing as my nose found its way to between her breasts and I rubbed between them as my tongue trailed large and thick, in canine fashion, down her creamy stomach. Her hands tightened in my thick hair and I got on all fours above her, lapping at her navel and burrowing my nose into the slight mound above her sexy mons.

She meowed like a cat, wobbling her bum, "Ooh Jack, you horndog, fuck oh...." I liked the sound of my name on her lips.

It had seemed weird at first since only Claire ever called me that but now I found I was turned on by my sweet morsel sighing it out at increasingly loud volume.

"A horndog eh?" I barked playfully, grinning lewdly as I held her gaze, sticking my long tongue out and panting while descending between her legs. I barked again and clamped my jaws at her cunt full of whipped cream, making her scream, before stuffing my face into her cunt and shaking my head vigorously. Abby almost tore my hair off, coming off the bed with an unearthly screech which continued as I attacked her pussy like a real dog would, biting and spitting and tugging as I drank the river of juice gushing into my thirsty mouth.

Giving her respite once I was done I let her sigh, "Ohhh Jack you're so powerful. I feel so...mmm...abused..."

I flipped her over and started pushing into her tight butt, kissing down her back like a frenzied animal, biting and licking till she came. Then I grabbed her waist and pulled her up till she was on all fours.

Freeing herself, my little bitch started to crawl away but I wasn't done yet. I pulled her back and mounted her as she yelped, tearing her asshole as I conquered it. I stroked her pendulous breasts roughly drilling her from behind and biting her soft neck as she cried. I orgasmed after she did and before she could collapse back onto the table, moved down to bite her buttcheeks, sticking my tongue into her hole and swiping in and out as I gnawed,

"This muffin of yours...mmm...makes my mouthwater...MMMM...." Her screams echoed through the house. Thank god I had given the servants a holiday.

Much later, I carried my exhausted princess up to the bathroom to shower.
And more...

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Grandpa initiates Granddaughter

Written by Prairie Dreamer
Chapter 1

Carissa arrived at her grandparent's farm home on a warm June evening. She'd just finished her freshman year of college at a small university for women. She always spent her summers with her Grandpa and Grandma, and had been looking forward to it for weeks. Grandpa, especially, had always been so kind and loving to her, much more so than her mom and dad. Her mom had always been very strict with her, although she never knew why. She'd always been very obedient and tried hard to please her family. She grabbed her suitcase from the back seat of her red car and headed quickly for the front door just as Grandpa opened it.

His big smile and open arms were just what Carissa had been waiting for, and she dropped her suitcase and ran to him for a hug. He picked her up and held her tightly, squeezing her firm round bottom through her shorts with one hand while he quickly kissed her on the mouth, then set her down. He stepped back and looked her up and down, just like always.

"Hey, baby girl," he said with admiration, "you've grown a lot since last summer!" Carissa hadn't seen her family at Christmas because she'd been invited to the home of her roommate, so it'd been a long time since Grandpa and Grandma had seen her. She'd been a late bloomer, and only in the past year had she really started to fill out.

"I know, Grandpa," she responded, "Maybe I won't look like a little kid for the rest of my life after all!" she told him in a teasing voice. It had been their private joke that she'd always be his 'baby girl,' and while she had wanted to have a more womanly body, she liked being Grandpa's 'baby girl.' She hoped her developing body wouldn't change anything. He was always very affectionate to her, liking to hold her and always touching her. She needed that kind of thing since her Mom was distant, so she'd always been thankful for Grandpa. Grandma liked having her around, but she was kind of like Carissa's mom, and didn't feel comfortable with open affection.

"No, you're definitely not a little kid anymore," Grandpa observed, "Your breasts have finally grown. In fact, I think you've got your Mom and Grandma beat. Your's are much bigger." He finished, giving her firm, heavy breasts a squeeze.

"Grandpa!" Carissa scolded him, pretending to be embarrassed, but he had always fondled her, telling her it was his way of showing her how much he loved her, so she really wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact, she'd been eager for him to see how much her body had developed and was proud that he was impressed.

Last summer, when he'd caressed her small tits, he'd told her how much fun it would be when they got bigger, and she had been glad when they finally did. Last year had been the first time Grandpa had actually touched her tits. Before, he'd just looked, and talked to her about her body so she felt comfortable with him seeing it. When she'd been much younger, Grandma had scolded her for letting Grandpa see her naked so she'd started wearing her pajamas after her baths and staying in her room to dress. Grandpa had told her later that it was okay for her to be naked, but just not to let Grandma see her. Carissa had been glad to hear it, since she liked having Grandpa hug her and tease her about how sweet her bottom was.

They entered the house, and Carissa went to the kitchen to see Grandma, then took her bag upstairs and put it in the room she always used when she was here. She came back down, and Grandma was setting sandwiches on the table. She had her purse in hand, and said she was going to her bible study at the church and would be home around 9:00.

Carissa and Grandpa ate supper, and she told him about her classes and what had happened during the school year. He told her about the farm and the animals, and she made him promise to show her the new kittens after supper. She'd always loved the animals at the farm and couldn't wait to see them. They quickly put the food away, with Grandpa giving Carissa frequent pats on the bottom, and once or twice tweaking her nipples, then teasing her about how they stuck out. This had been an ongoing game for the two of them ever since last summer. He convinced her to take off her bra before they went to the barn so she'd be more comfortable, and helped her slip out of it, rubbing her tits in the process and complimenting her on how big and firm they were. She remembered how she'd gotten that funny feeling in the pit of her stomach when Grandpa had caressed her breasts last year, and she could feel it again now. It always made her wet between the legs, too. She'd asked Grandpa about that, and after taking a look between her legs, he'd pronounced it normal.

In the barn, he teasingly pulled her t-shirt over her head, telling her he wanted to enjoy her tits while she played with the kittens, and she didn't think anything about it. He'd often had her take her clothes off when they were alone last summer, and so she felt comfortable with him. Later, she sat on his lap on a hay bale while they watched the little kittens play in barn, and she'd lifted Grandpa's hands to her breasts, showing him that she liked his touch.

"Touch me some more, Grandpa. It feels so good." she confessed. "Remember how it made my pussy wet when you did it last summer?" she asked innocently.

"I sure do, baby girl." he answered "Let's see if it still does," He finished. His big, rough hands gently lifted and squeezed her heavy tits, focusing on her sensitive nipples until she squirmed on his lap.

"I think that's enough," he said hoarsely. "Let's see if you're wet." He pulled her shorts down, and with her back to him as she sat on his lap, he pulled her legs open and slid his fingers into her hot wetness.

"You're definitely wet, baby girl." He said. "And I think it's time for you to learn why you get wet." He continued to rub her wet slit, making her moan softly. While he rubbed, he talked to her about why having her tits and pussy played with made her feel the way it did. About how she was made for sex, and sex was how adults showed their love. After a few minutes, an orgasm racked her body, and she heard Grandpa say that it showed how much he loved her. She hoped he would keep on loving her like that, and she told him so.

"Don't worry, baby girl," he answered. You've only started to see how much I love you."

Chapter 2

The next day, Carissa was up early to help Grandma weed the garden. The rays of the morning sun pierced the coolness, promising a hot afternoon. Both women wore shorts, although Carissa's were much shorter and tighter than her Grandmother's. Grandma also wore a long-sleeved blouse and bonnet to protect her skin from the sun, while Carissa wore a strapless knit top with elastic around the top and bottom to hold it in place. One of her goals for the summer was to get a tan, and now was a good time to start.

Grandpa had looked at her attire with appreciation during breakfast, and when Grandma went back to their bedroom for her bonnet, he'd taken the opportunity to pull Carissa's top down below her breasts and fondle them until Grandma's approaching footsteps ended their game. She didn't seem to notice Carissa's flushed face and stiff nipples, or how her husband made a point of keeping his back to her until the women went outside. Carissa noticed that Grandpa had rubbed his penis against her, and that it seemed to be sticking out, but she didn't know why. She'd seen Grandpa's penis numerous times. He always had let her watch him pee, and many times when Grandma was gone, they'd showered together, then waited a while to put their pajamas on. Carissa had happy memories of reading books, playing board games, and watching tv with grandpa while they were naked.

Carissa and Grandma worked in the garden for a couple of hours, only quitting when the heat got to be too much for the older woman. Grandma headed to the house to cool down, and said she would be doing some laundry, then starting lunch.

"Carissa, why don't you go down to the barn and help grandpa. I think he's cleaning out the hay mow. Tell him lunch will be ready at 11:30."

Carissa happily headed off to the barn, and breathed a sigh of relief when she entered the cool shadowy interior of the big old building. She could hear grandpa's pitchfork scraping the floor above her as he piled up the old hay and readied the loft for the new crop. She quickly climbed the ladder to the mow.

"Need any help, Grandpa?" she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"I sure do," he answered, "and especially pretty help like you! It's so warm up here, why don't we slip off our clothes," he suggested. Carissa smiled and agreed, hoping that he would touch her some more, especially how he had the night before. Grandpa had told her that special feeling he'd given her was called an orgasm, and she wanted another one! They shed their clothes, with Carissa watching closely when grandpa took off his boots and slipped out of his jeans and shirt. She hadn't really realized before that her grandpa had a pretty nice body for an older guy. She supposed all the farm work kept him lean and muscular. She found herself staring at his cock. It was long and thick, hanging well down his thighs, and surrounded by thick graying curly hair. His testicles appeared full and heavy, just like Carissa remembered from past summers. She felt herself getting that feeling in her tummy just from looking at him.

"You haven't seen Grandpa's cock for a long time have you, baby girl?" he queried. "You just look all you want. I like having you look at me, just like I enjoy seeing your sweet body."

"Oh Grandpa," she said breathlessly. "Can I feel it?"

He motioned her forward, and breathed raggedly as she took his cock in both her hands, exploring the weight and length of it. He felt himself hardening as her small soft hands fondled him as if trying to memorize the shape of his penis and size of his balls.

"It's getting hard, Grandpa." She said with curiosity. "Why?"

"It's just like when your pussy gets wet," he explained. "It feels really good when you touch me, but instead of getting wet, my cock gets hard. If you rub it long enough, it will get wet too. Stuff called semen or cum will squirt out of the slit on the end. That happens when I have an orgasm, like what I gave you last night."

"I love you so much, Grandpa," Carissa whispered. "I want to make you have an orgasm."

Grandpa moaned softly and led her to a pile of soft hay, then pulled her down next to him. He guided her hands, showing her how he liked to be touched. She wrapped both her little hands around his erection, pumping them up and down along his shaft as she straddled his thighs. He squeezed her tits, toying with her puffy, pink nipples, tugging at them and rolling them between his fingers as she rubbed his prick. The combination of her hands on his cock, the feel of her tits, and the vision of her naked body straddling his legs brought on his orgasm rapidly. After only a few minutes, he came with a deep groan, his thick squirts of semen landing on Carissa's chest and breasts.

As he was recovering, he realized that his baby girl was still flushed and aroused, rubbing her pussy against his thigh, and he quickly pulled her up so she was straddling his chest.

"I'm going to kiss your pussy this time, baby," he instructed. "I can make you come this way too."

She was so hot and wet that she readily agreed, and scooted herself forward so her sweet pussy was pressed against her grandpa's mouth. She whimpered softly when she felt his tongue probe between her cunt lips, and pushed her hips down, forcing him mouth deeper between her lips. He licked and sucked like a starving man, and in a short time her young body was writhing in orgasm. He held firmly to her hips, keeping his mouth at the opening of her vagina and sucking out her sweet juice as she came.

They lay on the soft hay pile for a while, recuperating from their encounter, then Carissa helped Grandpa finish cleaning up the hay loft before they headed to the house for lunch.

"After we eat, I know Grandma will take a nap," Grandpa speculated. "We'll have time for some more loving."

"I hope so, Grandpa." Carissa said with a shy smile. She felt her pussy swell in anticipation.

Chapter 3

After lunch, Carissa's grandma announced that the morning's work had left her exhausted, and she was going to take a nap. Grandpa gave Carissa a conspiratorial wink, and she grinned. They'd both known Grandma would lie down after lunch, and Grandpa had told Carissa he would teach her more about sex, continuing the lessons in love that had begun shortly after her arrival at the farm for her summer break from college. Carissa was so glad to have special attention from her Grandpa, and she loved the way he made her body feel. He made her feel so beautiful and loved, something that she really needed.

After Grandma went to her room for her nap, Carissa cleaned up the kitchen and talked to Grandpa while they waited to make sure Grandma was asleep. After about fifteen minutes, Grandpa tip toed back to the bedroom, then returned pronouncing Grandma to be fast asleep. He pulled Carissa into the living room, and helped her out of her clothes, then took off his own. He sat down in his recliner and pulled her onto his lap. He kissed and petted her, telling her how beautiful and sweet she was, and how much he loved her. "Oh Grandpa," Carissa said softly. "It's so nice to be able to love each other right here in the house. Sometimes I wish I lived here all the time so we have sex with each other every day. I'm sure going to miss you when school starts up again." Her face became flushed as he teased her nipples, rolling them between his fingers and tugging at them gently. His hand stroked her flat stomach and his fingers tugged at the soft brown curls on her pussy. Her cunt lips were swollen in arousal and he could feel the wetness seeping from between them.

"You know, Carissa," he began. "One of the best ways a woman shows a man she loves him is to let him put his cock in her pussy."

"Really, Grandpa?" she said with disbelief. "I've heard of that, but it seems like it would hurt so much. I mean, your penis is so big I can't imagine it would fit in me."

"It might hurt a little the first time," Grandpa instructed, "but then it feels really good. Most girls love to have a cock in them." He gently opened her pussy lips and pushed the tip of his finger into her vagina. "This is where my cock will go," he told her, slipping his finger in and out gently. "Doesn't that feel nice?" he asked, his thumb massaging her swollen clit as he worked his finger a little deeper.

"It does, Grandpa. It really does!" Carissa confessed in a surprised voice. She could feel her Grandpa's hard cock under her bottom, and she wiggled against him making him groan. "You really like touching my tits and pussy, don't you Grandpa?" she questioned. "It makes your cock so hard!"

"Oh, baby girl, you can't even imagine how much I like it." His voice had that special tone that Carissa only heard when they were naked like this, playing their special games. Grandpa stood up, lifting Carissa with him, then laid her down on the soft carpet. He laid down with her, turing her on her side so her body was cupped in front of his. He pushed his huge erection between her thighs, and held her hips steady as he pulled it back and forth between her legs. It rubbed against her wet pussy lips, and his cock was soon drenched with her juices. Carissa moaned softly. He played with her tits, and pushed his cock up between her pussy lips so it rubbed firmly against her clit with each stroke.

"Is this fucking, Grandpa?" she asked.

"No, baby girl. My cock isn't really inside you, I'm just letting you get used to the feel of it between your legs."

"I wondered," she replied, "because this doesn't hurt at all. It feels wonderful!"

"I know honey," he said, quickening his pace. They both began to moan and Carissa felt Grandpa's belly slapping against her bottom as he thrust faster and faster. It felt sooo good! Her orgasm slammed through her body and she couldn't hold back a shriek of pleasure. Grandpa quickly clamped his hand over her mouth, and then groaned loudly as he shot his load into her soft pussy hair and onto the dark green carpet, leaving a smear of sticky whiteness.

They heard the bedsprings creak as Grandma sat up on the bed, and both leaped to their feet, grabbing their clothes and running for cover. Carissa hurriedly dressed in the kitchen, while grandpa stepped into the bathroom and pulled his clothes on. Carissa was scrubbing a spot on the carpet when Grandma appeared.

"What happened, Carissa?" she inquired. "I've told you not to bring food in here."

"It was only some iced tea, Grandma. I'm sorry. I won't bring any drinks or food in here again."

"Well, see that you don't" Grandma scolded. "What was going on out here anyway? I thought I heard you scream?"

"Must have been the tv, Gran. I watched my soap opera," Carissa explained.

"I don't know why you waste your time on that nonsense." Grandma replied scornfully. "Surely a college girl like yourself could find something more useful to occupy her free time." Grandma's voice trailed off as she walked into the kitchen. Grandpa had heard the scolding from the bathroom door.

He came up behind Carissa, hugging her and feeling her full tits, bare beneath her top. "Thanks, baby girl," he offerred. "Sorry about Grandma. Did you like having my cock between your legs?"

"I really liked it Grandpa. It felt so good rubbing against my pussy. If you want to fuck me for real, I'll let you," she conceded, love shining from her eyes. "I want to learn all the ways to show you how much I love you."

"Okay," Grandpa replied. "First chance we get, I'll teach you to take my cock. I promise you'll like it."

"I always like everything you do to me Grandpa," Carissa said with a happy smile.
"I know I'll love having your cock in me!"

Chapter 4

John sat at the scarred oak table drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper, his empty breakfast plate pushed out in front of him. Smears of drying egg yolk on the white china bore testimony to his choice of nourishment. In the distance, he heard the chicken house door slam, and the cackling of the hens told him that his wife was gathering eggs. Light footsteps caught his attention, and he glanced up to see his granddaughter, Carissa, walking softly into the kitchen, her bare feet hardly making a sound on the old linoleum.

"Morning Grandpa," she said sweetly, and John's breath caught in his throat. Thank God her grandma wasn't in here to see her like that. She was always getting on Carissa for not wearing a robe, and she would have been really upset today. She walked toward the fridge, opened the door, and then stood there, apparently trying to decide what she wanted. Her body was barely covered by an old t-shirt of his that she liked to wear for pajamas. The thin material clearly showed her puffy, pink nipples, and the length barely covered her perfect ass. In fact, when she leaned over to get out the pitcher of orange juice, he could clearly see her pussy hair peeking from between her thighs. He realized his cock was hard, just as it had been almost constantly since her arrival from college last week.

"Morning, baby girl" he finally responded, and watched intently as she filled a glass with juice, took a drink, and then walked to him, straddling his lap and planting a hot kiss on his mouth. He kissed her back hungrily, kneading her ass and pulling her against his hardness.

"You're lucky Grandma wasn't in here," John told Carissa. "But I'm sure glad I get to see you like this. You're looking especially fetching this morning." And he thought to himself again just how beautiful she was. Her sleep-mussed hair and lips swollen from his kisses reminded him of a center-fold. He'd waited so long for her to grow up, and he'd groomed her all these years. Taught her to feel comfortable with her body, and with nudity, both hers and his. Taught her to love him, and especially to love being touched by him. And most of all, he never let her feel ashamed or embarrassed about what they did. Part of what made him want her so much was the naive innocence that surrounded her like a veil. Her honesty and openness drove him wild, and her sweet obedience nearly pushed him over the edge. She was turning into everything he'd ever dreamed of.

"Where is grandma?" she questioned as she rubbed her naked pussy against the hardness inside his jeans.

"She's taking care of the chickens. You'd better get some clothes on. She'll be in here anytime," he encouraged. And just then her Grandma's footsteps sounded on the back porch. Carissa quickly scurried to her room, and heard Grandpa laugh teasingly.

"I'll teach him to laugh at me," Carissa thought happily. She loved to tease her Grandpa, and she knew how much her pajamas had excited him. She'd felt his hard cock inside his soft denim work jeans, and had rubbed herself against him, leaving a wet spot on the front of his pants. "I wonder what he'll say if Grandma notices that?" she thought to herself. She quickly pulled on a short denim skirt and thin pink t-shirt, then slipped into her sandles and headed back to the kitchen. Grandma was washing the eggs, while Grandpa had another cup of coffee. His eyes widened when he saw Carissa. Grandma looked up, and her eyes widened also.

"Carissa, honey," grandma began, "you really have to start wearing a bra. Your breasts are much too big to go without. And besides, that shirt is nearly see-through."

"Okay, Grandma," Carissa conceded, "I just thought that here on the farm it wouldn't matter. After all, it's just you and grandpa."

"Well, that's true, Carissa" grandma acknowledged, "I guess as long as it's just us, you can go without. I know it's much more comfortable." And with that, she returned to her chores. Carissa sat down at the table next to her Grandpa and picked up a piece of toast, spreading it thinly with grape jelly. She leaned back, eating slowly and watching him stare openly at her full tits. She slid her chair back and lifted her skirt, showing him her bare pussy. He nearly gasped, and Carissa knew his cock was hard and jerking, like it always did when he was really excited. She gave him a knowing smile.

"So Grandpa, what are you doing today?" she asked with genuine interest.

"I have to fix some fence in the east pasture, then I'll go to town for feed. I might do some baling later this afternoon if the alfalfa's ready."

They both looked up as Grandma picked up her tub and headed for the back door. "I'll be in the garden," she offered as she walked out the door.

As soon as she was out of site, Carissa was on John's lap again, this time with her skirt up around her waist. He grabbed her to him, humping against her bare crotch, his tongue tasting her mouth. He pushed her back enough to pull her shirt up, then lifted her and sucked greedily at her firm tits, making her puffy nipples contract into tight pink buds. She whimpered softly.

"Are you ready for Grandpa's cock today, baby girl? I think you're asking for it. I think it's what you need to feel good." He talked to her, his voice hoarse with need as he squeezed her firm bottom tighter against his erection. His fingers found the crack of her ass, and a finger slipped between the cheeks, finding her tiny puckered anus and rubbing it gently. She moaned louder and pulled his mouth to her nipples, begging for more sucking. He knew it would be a while before his wife came back in, and he was so horny, he almost didn't care if they got caught. She wouldn't like it, but he really didn't think she'd say much. Appearances were everything to her, and she would never cause a scandal by leaving her husband, and she certainly wouldn't tell anyone she caught him fucking their granddaughter.

John lifted Carissa up onto the table edge, then stood and unfastened his jeans, releasing his engorged cock. He took hold of his thick stem, and began firmly rubbing the head of it up and down between Carissa's wet and swollen cunt lips. She was nearly frantic with need, and he pushed her down onto the table. She pulled her legs up and back, spreading her pussy wide for him, and the dazed arousal in her eyes was almost more than he could take. He had to take a deep breath and remind himself that it was her first time, that he had to go slow. All he wanted was to bury his cock inside her to the hilt, then fuck her fast and hard.

He poised his cock at her opening, and she was pushing against him. He worked the head of his hugely swollen penis into her tight cunt, then held it there, letting her stretch and get used to the feel of having a cock in her. He played with her nipples and clit, then began to gently work the end of his dick in and out, gradually increasing the amount of penetration. After a few minutes, he reached her hymen. He stopped and held himself there, continuing to stimulate her breasts and clit.

"Oh God, Grandpa," she whimpered, "that feels so good. Why did you tell me it would hurt? It just feels so good. Please keep fucking me," she begged.

"Your such a good baby girl, Carissa," he told her. "Move your hips and take as much of Grandpa's cock as you can. You feel so hot and tight. Grandpa loves you so much, baby." His words and his hands drove her over the edge, and as her cunt spasmed in climax, he pushed his cock past her barrier and after only a few strokes he orgasmed inside granddaughter's no-longer virgin pussy. He kept his cock inside her, enjoying the feeling of her tightness around his softening prick. He kissed and cuddled her, telling her how special she was, and how much he loved her. When he finally pulled out, he sat down and licked her clean, sucking his cum and her juices from the tight sweet hole where he'd taken his pleasure. His tongue quickly brought her to another orgasm, and after she'd settled down he helped her adjust her clothes. She followed him out to his truck, and they headed to the east pasture. There was fence that needed fixing.

Neither one of them saw the gray haired face peering in the kitchen window. Nor did either of them see the older woman, the grandma and the wife, with her hand in her panties frantically rubbing her own cunt, bringing on her own orgasm, as she watched her husband fuck her granddaughter.

Chapter 5

Edith went into the house after her husband and granddaughter had left. She couldn't believe how hot it had made her to see them fucking on the kitchen table. Too bad she couldn't hear what they'd said. She wondered if it was their first time or not. She'd known it was coming, this sexual thing between John and Carissa. As she washed and put away the vegetables she'd harvested that morning, she thought back to all the times Carissa had stayed with them, and how much attention John had paid her.

The way he acted with Carissa reminded Edith of how her Dad had been with her when she was a young woman, and what had developed between them. She'd had such a special relationship with her daddy, a relationship that had carried on even into her married years, that she didn't begrudge Carissa the same thing. She suspected that John had some of the same feelings for their own daughter, Carissa's mom, Judith, but she didn't think he'd ever acted on them.

She wondered if John had considered that Carissa might become pregnant. She thought immediately of their physician, Dr. James Daily, who was retired now, but had been their family doctor for years. Maybe he would see Carissa and get her on some birth control. At one point early in her marriage, she had confessed to Dr. Daily about her sexual relationship with her father, worried about the possible consequences of her action, but not wanting to give up the wonderful sex she experienced with him. Not that John hadn't been a good lover, but the illicitness of fucking her own Dad brought an intensity to their lovemaking that was missing with John. Dr. Daily assured her that her confession was confidential, and that what she was doing was really quite normal. He told her that incest occurred much more frequently than most people suspected, and that many of those involved felt it was one of their most satisfying sexual relationships.

She had been greatly relieved to hear all of it, and during her subsequent gynecological exam, Dr. Daily had questioned her further about the things she and her Dad did during sex. After a point, she realized that he was trying to arouse her, and by the time she realized it, he had accomplished his goal. As she lay back on the exam table naked, with her legs in the stirrups, she also realized he was doing much more than giving her an exam, he was trying to make her have an orgasm. The intensity of her arousal overcame any thought of resistance, and as she described how much she loved having her Daddy's cock inside her, she felt the doctor's penis pushing inside her tight, wet cunt. He continued to question her, using his fingers to tug at her erect nipples while he fucked her with strong, quick strokes. In a matter of minutes, they both came, and she couldn't believe that she'd actually let her doctor have sex with her, or that she'd enjoyed it so much.

Still, she was embarrassed, and began to think maybe she needed to find another doctor. She quickly dressed as he wrote on her chart, glancing up to watch her as she struggled to get her clothes on. He gave her a prescription for a diaphragm so she could avoid getting pregnant until she wanted to, and as she was leaving he reiterated how glad he was that she'd felt comfortable confiding in him, and that so long as she was his patient her secret was safe. She didn't realize until she was on her way home, that he'd basically threatened her with telling her secret if she changed doctors. At first she was upset, but the more she thought about it, Edith decided that maybe it wasn't so bad. Their sexual encounter had really turned her on, and maybe it wouldn't be so bad to keep going to Dr. Daily.

Their relationship had continued up until his retirement about 5 years ago. He had switched her to a twice-a-year exam, rather than the usual once a year, and had taken to scheduling her appointments in the evening. John had never suspected a thing!

She thought of Dr. Daily now, in light of what was going on between John and Carissa, because she knew her granddaughter needed to be on birth control. She also knew that Dr. Daily would keep their secret. She'd call him right away and set up an appointment for Carissa, and she'd make John take her. That should be fun! She was looking forward to the little games she could play in furthering John and Carissa's sexual adventures! And they'd never know she was doing anything!

Later that night, after John came back to their bedroom from tucking in Carissa, Edith broached the subject of the doctor's appointment.

"John, I set up an appointment for Carissa with Dr. Daily. At her age, and especially with her looks, she really needs to be on birth control, don't you think?" She phrased it as a question so he wouldn't think she suspected anything. That always worked with him. "I thought he was retired?" John responded. "But you're right about the birth control." He tried to hide the surprise and worry from his face. My God, he'd never even thought about the fact that he might have gotten her pregnant!

"He is retired," Edith answered, "but I called him and he agreed to see her. I told him we wanted it to be confidential and discreet. We don't want it getting out that our single granddaughter needs birth control. The ladies at the church would have a hey day with that! Anyway, he said he could see her tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. I need you to take her because I have a meeting at the church, and I don't think she should go alone. Don't tell her what it's for, just tell her she needs a checkup. Dr. Daily said he'd give her one of those shots for birth control. They last for six months, and that way she won't even know she's on anything."

"Sounds like a good idea," John said thoughtfully. "She might become promiscuous if she realized she couldn't get pregnant, and we wouldn't want that," he explained, trying to cover his tracks and not let Edith know anything was going on between he and Carissa.

Edith smiled inwardly at his comment, seeing right through what he was trying to do. "I'm glad you agree, John." She said, taking his hand and rubbing it on her cheek. She could smell the scent of Carissa's pussy on his hand. Pulling him around in front of her, she worked the buckle loose on his jeans and soon had his pants around his ankles. His penis, hard and swollen, fell forward as soon as she released it from his shorts. He must have made Carissa come with his fingers, and been afraid to risk fucking her with me so close by, Edith thought. Oh well, I'll take advantage of this situation she decided, feeling her own pussy swell with arousal. She took his hardness into her mouth, and began sucking expertly. John moaned softly and grasped her head, slowly pushing his cock into her hot mouth with slow, easy strokes. With one hand, she firmly stroked his stem, while using the other to tug at his full testicles. After several minutes, her finger found his anus and probed it deeply, causing him to quicken his pace and she soon felt him tense up, then grunt loudly as his semen filled her mouth in thick spurts. She swallowed it all, loving the taste and texture of it.

Lying back, she lifted her nightgown and spread her legs, exposing her wet pinkness surrounded by thick pubic hair. "Now it's my turn," she said to her husband with a smile, and he fell to his knees burying his mouth in her slit. She soon began to moan and whimper as his tongue and lips stimulated the sensitive nerve endings between her legs. As she lifted her head to watch John eating her pussy, she glimpsed of movement in the doorway from the corner of her eye, and she was sure it had been Carissa. Their sexual noises had probably reached the girl's room, and she had come to investigate. Edith closed her eyes and deliberately increased the volume of her moans. Thinking about Carissa watching while John ate her pussy soon had Edith convulsing in orgasm, the most intense one she'd with John in quite some time!

Carissa is going to be good for all of us, she thought later as she lay in the darkness waiting for sleep to come. Her mind stayed busy for nearly half an hour, plotting all the ways she could heighten the budding sexual relationship between her husband and granddaughter, while also making sure her own sexual needs were met. "What fun!" She chuckled quietly, and then drifted into a sound sleep.

The next morning at breakfast, John told Carissa about her doctor's appointment. "Your Grandma and I think you should have a check-up at the doctor," he explained to her. "Just to make sure everything is okay."

"I suppose I probably should," Carissa agreed. "I haven't been to the doctor for a long time. Not since I had strep throat nearly two years ago." She thought back to the time she'd been so sick and had needed an antibiotic. "I won't need any shots will I?" she questioned.

"Well," John hurried to explain, knowing she would be getting a shot," you may need a vitamin shot, but that's only to make you healthier. I've had them before and they hardly hurt at all," he reassured her.

"This may be different than other times you've seen the doctor," Edith told her. "You're a woman now, and you need a special kind of check up that all grown-up women get." She began, and then watched John's face as she continued to describe the exam. "You'll have to take your clothes off, and the doctor will feel your breasts and look at your vagina and bottom. He'll massage your breasts to feel for lumps and pinch your nipples to make sure there is no discharge. Then he'll have you put your feet in these things called stirrups that are on the table. They hold your legs up and apart so your pussy is spread open. He'll probably also shine a bright light between your legs so he can see better." She could see John's eyes as he pictured Carissa on the doctor's table. She'd bet a hundred bucks that he had a raging hard-on already! "The doctor will put his fingers inside your pussy and probably will stick one up your bottom as well. He has to see if things feel okay inside you. This usually takes a while, and don't be embarrassed if you become aroused. I always enjoyed my exams. Just don't be uptight about it. Dr. Daily is a good man and will give you a very thorough check-up." She could tell Carissa wasn't sure what to think. "Grandpa will be going with you, so don't be nervous. He can stay with you the whole time if you want him to."

"Well, okay, I guess." Carissa said, a hint of unsureness in her voice. If her grandpa would be with her she would be fine. "What should I wear, Grandma?" she asked.

"Well, before you go be sure to bathe and shave your legs." Edith began, "then I'll lay out some clothes that would be appropriate for you to wear. You won't need a bra or panties since you'll be taking off everything as soon as you get there anyway."

John sat there in silence, listening to his wife describe the doctor's visit he would be witnessing. Just the pictures he imagined had given him an erection that made his jeans very uncomfortable. He hoped Dr. Daily wouldn't notice the effect Carissa's nudity would have on him. He'd have to act like it didn't bother him a bit. And, Oh my god, riding over there in the car with her and knowing she wasn't wearing a bra or panties would almost be more than he could bear! He'd have to try and get Carissa alone sometime this morning.

"Carissa," Edith spoke up," I need you to help me this morning. We're going to clean out some closets. John, you were planning to plow the field up north weren't you?" she reminded her husband. Carissa and her grandpa wouldn't be playing their little games this morning, Edith vowed, laughing to herself. She wanted them both to be fresh for the appointment. She'd explained the situation to Dr. Daily, and she could tell he was excited at the prospect of examining Carissa while John watched. That was probably the reason he had agreed to the appointment. "Come on, honey," Edith directed Carissa, "let's get started on those closets."

Later that morning, Edith told Carissa to go and take her bath to get ready for the appointment. While she was their, Edith looked through her closet for an outfit Carissa could wear to see the doctor. She found a dressy blouse made from a fairly sheer material. Normally, worn with a slip and bra, it would be conservative, but with nothing under it, Edith was sure little would be left to the imagination. She also found a straight navy skirt, and took it to her sewing room for alterations. She shortened it considerably, and hoped she had guessed the length correctly. She wanted it to just barely cover Carissa's ass. She also made the slit in the back go up higher, so anyone walking behind the girl would get a tantalizing peek at her naked bottom with each step she took.

She finished the project just as Carissa came out of the bathroom. Edith helped the younger woman fix her hair and put on makeup, and then led her to the bedroom to show her the clothes she was to wear. Edith was glad there wasn't a full-length mirror in the room. She didn't want Carissa to see just how revealing the clothes really were! When Carissa slipped off her robe, Edith gazed appreciatively at her granddaughter's firm and voluptuous body. Her breasts were large and round crowned with big puffy nipples. Edith guessed her to be about a D cup. Her slim waist and smooth round hips framed a pussy thinly covered with dark pubic hair. In fact, the hair was so sparse on her labia that the full pink lips were visible. No wonder John is so smitten, she thought to herself. Her breasts made her small frame seem top heavy. Silently, Edith planned to make more alterations to the girl's clothes. Her body was way to spectacular to hide.

Carissa slipped on the blouse her grandma had laid out, and had to tug it together across her breasts. "I think this top is too small, grandma." She said. "I wore it a couple years ago before my breasts grew so much."

"Well, it's the only decent one you've got for dressing up, so I guess it'll have to do." Edith directed. She walked over and helped Carissa get the buttons fastened, pushing against the girl's huge tits to flatten them while Carissa fastened the buttons. They felt so firm and dense to Edith, probably the most perfect looking breasts she'd ever seen, even compared to her own tits, which had been pretty spectacular when she was younger. She still thought her tits weren't bad for a woman of her age. When she moved her hands, Carissa's nipples were hard and made very visible dark nubs through the fabric of the blouse. Edith couldn't resist rubbing them again, and reached up to run her thumbs back and forth over the girl's stiff buds. "You're nipples are so big, Carissa," she commented. "They're nearly the size of mine." Edith quickly lifted her knit top and unhooked the front clasp of her bra, showing Carissa her heavy breasts. Although they were somewhat slack, they still looked pretty damn good, Edith thought to herself. "My breasts used to look a lot like yours do now. Pinch my nipples and see if they get as big and hard as your's." Edith suggested, pushing her chest out toward Carissa. The younger woman giggled and seemed to think nothing of squeezing her grandmother's sensitive nipples between her fingers and rolling them around. After several seconds, she let go and they both watched the dark red buds tighten into long, thick points.

"I think yours may be bigger, Grandma," Carissa observed.

"Well, you'd better finish dressing so you'll have time for lunch before your appointment. We spent more time on the closets than I'd planned and it's nearly 1:00 now. I shortened your skirt so it would be more in style. I've seen the young gals like you wearing their skirts pretty short lately. I hope I guess right on the length." Edith picked the skirt up from the bed and bent down so Carissa could step into the waist. Her face was near Carissa's sweet pussy, and she could smell her clean, musky odor. It was all she could do not to bury her face in the girl's crotch, but she knew Carissa wasn't' ready for that. Instead, she tugged the tight skirt up over her granddaughter's hips, and reached around her to pull up the zipper. As she worked at the zipper, their full tits were pressed together, and Edith felt her bare nipples harden against Carissa's thinly covered mounds. Carissa pulled down on the skirt, trying to make it longer.

"I think you got it a little short, Grandma," she complained. "It feels like my butt shows. Does it?" she asked, turning around to show Edith the back. It does indeed, honey, Edith thought to herself, but Carissa didn't need to know that.

"Not really," Edith said as she studied the skirt. It only feels that way because you don't have panties on. I did get it a little short, but there's no time to redo it now. Just don't lean over and you'll be fine." She instructed. She handed Carissa a pair of high-heeled sandals, waited for her to slip them on, and then watched her teeter out of the room. Edith followed Carissa down the hallway and stairs to the kitchen, all the while admiring her handiwork with the alterations. The cheeks of Carissa's firm round ass peaked from under the skirts short hem, and with each step the pleat in the back gaped open just enough to give her a quick view of Carissa's butt crack and the wispy hair between the girl's thighs. Perfect, she thought, and couldn't wait to see John's reaction.

The women ate a quick sandwich, and could tell by the dirty dishes that John had already eaten. Edith heard the shower in the downstairs bathroom running, and knew he was getting cleaned up for the appointment. When he walked into the room, Carissa was standing at the sink rinsing dishes, her back to her grandpa. Much to Edith's amusement, he forgot himself and stopped to stare, getting a real eyeful when the girl leaned forward to pick up a towel from the counter.

"Carissa has nearly outgrown her dress-up clothes, John," Edith told him. "She's worried that these are too small, but I told her she looked fine, and that we'd get her some new ones as soon as we could." Picking up on his wife's cue, and wanting to make Carissa feel comfortable, John replied," You look great, honey." But even he couldn't believe that Edith thought that revealing skirt was okay. About that time, Carissa turned around and he saw her breasts, clearly visible through the thin blouse, her large pink nipples appeared to be boring holes through the front. He felt his cock harden, and knew that his loose fitting dress pants wouldn't hide it. He quickly sat down at the table and hoped Edith hadn't noticed his erection. Of course she had, since she'd been watching for that very reaction, but she appeared not to notice. Carissa teetered across the room on her high heels, breasts jiggling beautifully, to give her grandpa a hug. After all, she hadn't seen him since breakfast. She kissed him quickly on the mouth, and then hugged his head against her breasts. This isn't helping my hard-on go away, John thought to himself. "

Get your purse, honey, and we'd better go," he said, wanting to get her out of his sight so his erection would go away enough he could walk to the car without making a spectacle of himself.

"Come on, John" Edith urged, "You'd better get the car out." With no excuse to remain seated, he stood reluctantly knowing his cock was still partially erect.

"Good God, John." Edith scolded. "Did you get that erection from looking at your granddaughter? That's disgusting!" She forced herself to appear angry, but inwardly enjoyed his guilt and discomfort at being caught. Surprisingly, instead of making his cock soften, her words made it even harder, and to his embarrassment he had to walk across the room in front of his wife with his trousers tenting out in front. "Maybe you shouldn't take her to the doctor after all," Edith threatened. "She needs someone to comfort her, not someone to stare at her tits and pussy, and fantasize about sticking his cock up her. Really John, I can't believe you let yourself get in this state. What's Carissa going to think? I only hope she doesn't notice." She shooed him out the door, and by the time Carissa came out, he was in the car waiting.

Chapter 6

Carissa crept down the dark hallway, making her way back to her bedroom after going down to the kitchen for a drink of water. Her short pink nightgown swirled softly around her thighs as she neared her bedroom door. She stepped carefully, trying to miss the squeaky floorboard that would announce her presence. Her parents were sleeping in the guest room, having arrived for a visit earlier that afternoon. As she walked quietly past their half-open door, she heard a rustling sound from within, and glanced into the room. The brightness of a full moon illuminated it. She stopped short, taken aback at first, and then very curious about what she saw. Daddy was kneeling on the bed behind her mother, who was on her hands and knees, naked bottom pressed against him. She watched in fascination as his hard, glistening cock plunged in and out of her mother. He held her hips firmly, working her wet pussy with rapid strokes. Carissa heard her mother moan softly, and saw her full breasts jerking under her body in rhythm with his fucking.

Carissa stood, mesmerized at the sight of her parent's hot sex. She felt liquid warmth gathering in her pussy, and shifted on her feet, her thighs pressing together, putting delicious pressure on her swelling pussy lips. Suddenly, daddy pulled his cock out and Carissa heard him tell her mother to turn around. She complied, and took his thick cock into her mouth, licking and sucking the sticky wetness, tasting her own cunt on him. He leaned down and began to fondle her breasts while she sucked. His big fingers pinched and tugged at her sensitive nipples, eliciting more groans from her, and even more enthusiastic sucking. Just when Carissa knew he must be nearly to cum, he pulled away from his wife again, telling her to turn back around. He reached to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of lotion. Carissa watched as he squeezed some onto his palm, and then dipped his fingers in to it. Her mother had resumed her previous position, on hands and knees, her shapely ass toward her husband. He began to rub the slippery lotion into her ass, pushing his fingers inside her tight hole, first one, then two, and finally three fingers.

"Oh my god," she heard her mother say, "my god, that's too much. Please…"

He seemed to listen to her, and took his fingers out, slipping them down between her legs, rubbing her wet cunt. She arched her back, spread her knees further apart, and groaned loudly. "Do you need to cum, you hot bitch?" her Dad asked. Carissa couldn't believe he talked to Mom that way! But his words nearly brought a moan to her own lips. Her hand slipped down, lightly caressing her naked pussy lips under the short hem of her nightie.

"Oh yes… please let me cum, honey," her mother begged.

"You can cum after you take my cock up your tight ass. How's that babe?" He said, his voice gruff with passion. She only whimpered in return, and Carissa wondered if she really didn't want to have her ass fucked, or if her actions were meant to further excite her husband. She herself sometimes acted a certain way because she knew if would make grandpa hotter for her. She watched as her Daddy grabbed his cock in one had, and Momma's hip in the other, and began to press his swollen cock head against her tight ass hole. His cock looked so huge to Carissa. She couldn't believe it would fit into that tight hole. She reached behind and began working her sticky-wet finger into her own ass, wanting to know how her mom felt. She saw the head of his cock push through, and he began to slowly press in to momma, in and out, a little deeper each time. Her mother groaned with each inward thrust. When he was fully inside her, he stopped, just letting her tight bottom stretch to accommodate his size. He reached beneath her, and began caressing her pussy. Carissa could see his finger circling her clit, rubbing her wetness. Carissa imagined she could smell the musky heat of their sex. When Carissa heard her mom began to whimper in pleasure, Daddy began fucking her ass with deep even strokes, all the while continuing his gentle massaging of her swollen clit.

Carissa leaned against the doorframe, careful to remain hidden, yet easily able to watch her parents. She worked her finger in and out of her ass for several minutes, and then began stroking her hot, wet pussy. Her other hand found its way to her breasts, rubbing her puffy nipples into hardness. She jumped, and nearly screamed, when she felt a warm hand slide around her waist.

"It's only me," Grandpa whispered. She felt his hands cup her breasts, and he peeked over her shoulder, watching her parents fucking on the bed. His hard cock pressed against her ass as they stood watching the other couple. Grandpa's fingers replaced her own in her hot cunt, and he kissed her neck and shoulder while he teased her breasts and pussy. She leaned back against him, giving herself up to the experience.

"Mmm baby," he whispered, "this is unbelievably hot. Imagine that big hard cock fucking you. Would you like that sweetie?" Carissa could only nod, as a huge hot orgasm racked her body. She turned and buried her face in Grandpa's shoulder, trying to smother her cry of passion. He watched over his shoulder as his daughter got her tight ass filled with cum, and her own orgasm slammed through her. She collapsed on the bed, her husband on top of her, his cock still buried in her ass.

Grandpa carried Carissa back to her room, gently laid her on the bed, and pushed her nightgown up above her breasts. He lowered his pajama bottoms, releasing his engorged cock, and then pushed her legs up and wide apart, opening her hot, wet cunt to his view. He moaned softly as he leaned forward, pushing his hardness inside her, feeling her heat and moisture envelop his cock. He fucked her slowly, whispering to her.

"Carissa, think how hot it would be to fuck your Daddy. How good it would feel to have his huge cock inside your pussy. Wouldn't you like that baby?" He continued. "I want you to seduce him, honey. Make him want to fuck you. Tease him until he can think of nothing else but burying his cock inside you."

The Next Day

Carissa awoke the next morning aroused all over again. Pictures of her daddy fucking mom had filled her dreams. God, all she could think of was that huge hard cock pumping her mom's pussy and ass. I need that so much, Carissa thought. Her fingers found her wet pussy, and she quickly brought herself to orgasm thinking of Daddy's cock.

She waited till she heard mom go downstairs, then peeked out of her door to see where her dad was. She could see him in the bedroom, lying on the bed in his robe, reading the paper. She picked up her towel, wrapped it around her naked body, and stepped into the hallway heading for the bathroom. The small blue towel barely covered her voluptuous body. Her breasts bulged out above the terry cloth, and if she leaned over even slightly her ass and pussy showed. As she walked by his room, she called out to him.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?"

"Sure did honey," he replied, looking at her in the skimpy towel. Carissa walked into the room, and went to him, sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed demurely. Still, she noticed him looking at the shadowy juncture of her thighs, barely covered by the towel. She leaned over to hug him, and her left breast sprang free of its confinement.

"Geez," she said, pretending embarrassment, "This towel just isn't' big enough to hold me in. She laughed, as she loosened the towel and covered her breast again, being sure to give him a look at her other breast in the process.

"I'm glad it was just you, Daddy." She confessed, "It's nothing you haven't seen before, even though maybe not for a few years." She laughed again, and then proceeded to give him the hug she'd set out to give in the beginning. She leaned in to him, resting her full breasts against his chest. Snuggling against him. She felt the towel pull up as she put her arms around him, and she knew that her pussy was exposed now. She moved over just enough so he could see her bare cunt. She felt him lift his head slightly, and knew he was getting a better look. She opened her legs slightly, showing him her full, swollen pussy lips covered lightly with blonde hair.

"Mmmm Daddy," she whispered, "I'm so glad you're here. I really missed you."

"I missed you too, baby," he replied. "The house is so quiet without you."

Carissa softly kissed him on the lips, just long enough, but not so long that he was uncomfortable.

"Thank you Daddy." She whispered, intimately. "I'm glad you miss me. Have I changed, Daddy?" She continued. "Have I grown? Did you notice that my breasts are bigger now? They've gone up two bra sizes since I left home." He looked at her chest as she sat up on the bed. Her breasts were big, firm, and round, and she knew they looked good.

"See Daddy," she announced, as she lowered the towel, her breasts bared for his eyes. "Don't you think they're bigger?"

"God, honey," he said hoarsely. "God." He could just stare at her. His eyes were glued to her large, puffy nipples, her beautifully shaped breasts.

"Feel how big they are, Daddy." She directed him, then picked up his hand and placed it over her right breast. He jerked his hand away, but then, as if by its own volition, it slowly returned, lifting, cupping, and squeezing her heavy tit, memorizing the feel and shape of it.

"Oh yes, baby" he said, mesmerized by watching his hand fondling his daughter's tit. "God, yes… they have grown so much. They're beautiful."

"Thank you Daddy. Do you like the way they feel?" She teased him with her naughty words, felt his cock growing against her left side as she leaned against him.

"Yes honey. They feel wonderful. So full and heavy, firm, silky soft." He unconsciously pressed his cock against her; it's aching fullness instinctively seeking that which caused it.

"Your hands feel so good on me, Daddy" Carissa confessed in a small voice. "Oh, please, Daddy, pinch my nipples, make them hard."

Her request brought him to his senses, and he jerked his hand away.

"God, Carissa. This is wrong. We can't do this, honey. Please, get out of here. Forget this happened."

"Well, okay Daddy." She re plied sadly, "I'll try to forget it if you can. But I don't see why it's wrong. We both liked it, both thought it felt good. Why is that wrong Daddy? We love each other. We both want it." As she turned to the door she finished by saying, "I'll try to forget it if you do, but I know it won't be easy." She dropped her towel as she walked out the door, and crossed the hall to the bathroom. She could feel his eyes on her back, watching her delectable young ass as she walked away from him.

After her shower, Carissa returned to her room to dress, and her Dad was nowhere in sight. She'd left her clothes laid out on her bed, and quickly slipped into her dress and sandals. The dress she'd chosen for the day was a short cotton one, pink, sleeveless, and with a scooped neckline. She didn't wear panties or a bra. Grandpa liked her better without. She stood in front of her dressing table mirror to apply her makeup and style her hair. She liked the way her dress showed off her long, tanned legs. It reached just to the top of her thighs. It used to be a little longer, but grandma had helped her hem it. She said Carissa had such nice legs she should show them off. Carissa noted how her bare breasts looked under the thin material of her dress. Her puffy nipples were clearly outlined beneath the fabric. She liked the way her full tits jiggled when she walked, and she knew Grandpa liked it too. For those reasons she rarely wore a bra now.

"I hope Daddy likes it as much as Grandpa does." Carissa said to herself in the mirror, a naughty grin on her face. She looked into her parent's room as she walked down the hallway, and she noticed something white lying on the floor slightly under their bed. She entered the room, realizing it was her panties from the day before, which she left on her dresser when she undressed the previous night. "How did these get in here?" She thought. As she leaned over and picked them up, her hand touched cold, sticky wetness. She lifted them to her nose, inhaled, and knew instantly the moisture was semen, Daddy's semen. It had to be. "My god," she thought, "Daddy came in my panties!" Tentatively, her pink tongue touched the crotch of the panties, needing to taste her daddy, herself, the two of them together. The musky sweetness on her taste buds caused her pussy to swell, get wet, her nipples to harden. She pushed the wet fabric into her mouth, sucking the sex taste, savoring it, while her fingers lifted her dress and touched her cunt. She traced the outline of her swollen pussy lips, feeling the hot wetness seeping out of her slit. She was lost, her senses hot, wild, attuned to her own need.

Somehow, a sound penetrated her arousal, and she turned to see her Daddy standing in the doorway. His eyes were dark, passionate, and intense with need. Carissa noticed immediately that his cock was hard, pushing against the front of his jeans. She pulled the panties from her mouth.

"Mmm Daddy," she said softly, "You came in my panties, didn't you?"

He turned abruptly and walked away, and Carissa's heart fell. She knew he wanted her. Why was he doing this? Tears came to her eyes as she walked from the room. When she passed the bathroom the door was shut, and she heard the shower running. It had to be Daddy. She knew no one else was upstairs. Quietly, she opened the door and peeked in. His clothes were piled on the floor near the vanity, and the room was getting steamy. She could see him through the clear shower door, rivulets of water coursing down his naked body. He leaned against the shower wall, bracing himself with one hand, while the other firmly stroked his huge erection. Carissa watched, mesmerized by how hot and sexy her Daddy was. She stepped into the room, pulling the door shut behind her, and pressing the lock. With both hands, she lifted her dress over her head and felt the warm steamy heat caress her body. She stepped toward the shower, but her Daddy was so intent on his pleasure, his eyes closed, hand stroking his hardness, that he didn't know she was there.

It wasn't until she opened the shower door, that he saw her. She stood still, letting his eyes take in her nakedness.

"Is this what you're thinking about, Daddy?" she asked in a sultry voice. His eyes, filled with the same heat and passion she'd seen twice before, took in her nakedness, feasted on her firm breasts and bare pussy. "Rub your cock for me Daddy." she directed, "Show me how hard you can cum." He was so intensely aroused now, after having touched her breasts, seen her naked, that his hand resumed its grasp around his engorged penis, and began pumping up and down, firmly, faster and faster. "That's the way Daddy," she encouraged him, "rub your cock for your baby girl." She stepped toward him, into the shower, close enough that his cock nearly touched her belly, and then stopped. With his eyes on her, Carissa reached down and began stroking her pussy, holding her swollen lips open with one hand while the other circled her sensitive clit. "God, Daddy," she whispered, "you're going to make me cum, showing me your hard cock that way." She continued her teasing words, watching his arousal grow to a frenzy. "Cum on me Daddy" she instructed him." Cum on your baby girl." Her words released a torrent of pent up need, and he groaned loudly as his cock spurted hot streams of cum again and again, streaking her breasts and belly with his seed. The sight of her Daddy's hot orgasm triggered Carissa's own, and she leaned into him, her arm circling his neck as she exploded in a huge orgasm, her knees shaking, unable to support her, she hung on him. His arms went around her waist, holding her up while she came and came.

Carissa could feel his hot sticky cum between their bodies, and began rubbing her tits against him as her orgasm subsided. His cock was still hard, pressing into her belly as she moved against him.

She slid down his slippery wet body, and kneeling in front of him, took his heavy, swollen cock into her mouth. He groaned loudly and grasped her head, holding her tightly as she began sucking. His cock quickly grew to it full length and thickness again, and Carissa picked up a bar of soap and began lathering his thighs and ass while she sucked. Then, using her soapy finger, she rubbed his sensitive asshole.

"Oh god, baby," he moaned. "This is so incredibly hot!" Her finger pressed against his anal opening, then pushed inside, stretching his tightness. She kept sucking strongly while she worked her finger into him, then moved it in and out in a fucking motion. He groaned again, loudly this time, and Carissa hoped the running water drowned out the sound of his voice. He began to fuck her mouth in rhythm with the strokes of her finger in his ass, harder and faster, until his hugely swollen cock exploded in her mouth, and spurt after spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again, wanting to take in every drop, and he came and came. Slowly, as his orgasm subsided, he slid down onto his knees in front of her and held her tightly.

"Carissa, baby," he said, "thank you, that was so special." And he kissed her softly, tasting his cum in her mouth, then held her, hugging her and telling her he loved her. His hands roamed her naked wet body freely now, gently caressing her back, her ass, then her breasts and pussy, and Carissa knew she would be Daddy's special girl from now on.