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Tall Drink of Water

Written by Mister Reason
Joyce Schultz had just graduated from high school with honors, and while her parents were very proud of her accomplishments, she were both in agreement on one thing. Joyce was not going to spend the summer in the house reading.

"You're going to get a job," her mother insisted when the subject came up. "I don't care what it is - volunteer somewhere if you want to - but you have to get out of the house and interact with people."

Joyce nodded and shrugged her slumped shoulders, like she often did when faced with a something she didn't want to deal with, but unlike the other times, her parents were not going to let her squirm out of this.

"She has to get some kind of life," Betty Schultz told her husband that night in bed.

"I guess," Jack Schultz said, and although he knew his wife was right, there was something to be said about being the parent of a girl you didn't ever have to worry about.

"Who knows, maybe she'll even meet a boy," Betty suggested.

"Or a girl," Jack added.

"She's not gay, Jack," Betty said, once again rejecting her husband's semi-serious theory for why no boys ever came calling.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," Jack said. "I just want her to be happy."

"Why don't you see if Don needs help at his place?" Betty suggested, and to get his wife off of his back so he could go to sleep, he agreed.


"I don't know anything about ice cream," Joyce said to her parents the next day.

"What did I tell you?" Betty said to her husband with a grin. "I told you she would say that."

"There's nothing to know," Jack Schultz said. "You stick it in a cone, hand it to somebody and take their money. For crying out loud, you had a 99 average last year. You're telling me you can't figure it out?"

"I don't even eat ice cream," Joyce whined.

"Your Uncle Don will appreciate that," Betty said. "Not that you couldn't stand to gain a few pounds."

"And stand up straight honey," Jack said. "Please?"

"Nothing wrong with being tall," her mother added. "Slumping like that doesn't make you look any shorter."

Joyce nodded and straightened up, having fallen into that habit of stooping over once she reached 6' tall, and when she finally ran out of excuses, agreed to go with her Dad to talk to her Uncle about working there.


"Wow!" Don Schultz said when his brother brought Joyce to "The Snackatorium", his summer enterprise that kept him busy until the snow started flying and his plowing business kicked in. "Look at you, Joyce. You're a tall drink of water."

Joyce nodded and blushed as her uncle kissed her on the cheek.

"So what do you think?" Don's brother asked. "Do you think you can give Joyce a job?"

"Absolutely!" Don said as he looked over his niece, and tried to curb his habit of mentally undressing the girls who interviewed for jobs with him, at least until his brother was gone. "Especially nights and weekends. All these kids want to book early at night. You okay with that, Joyce?"

"I guess," Joyce said with a shrug, and was left to look around the storeroom as her father went to talk with her uncle.

"That will work out well," Jack said of his daughter. "She doesn't have much of a social life. Correction. No social life, so nights and weekends work out well for everybody then."

"No boyfriend huh?" Don said. "Well, the way these clowns hang around drooling over the girls that work here, that might change."

"I doubt it," Jack said. "But if you can get her out of that shell of hers, that would be great. She's an incredibly intelligent girl, but socially..."

"Leave that to me," Don said boisterously, slapping his brother on the shoulder. "By the end of the summer you won't recognize her."


"Here's your uniform," Don Schultz told her new employee as he handed Joyce a couple of t-shirts with the logo of The Snackatorium on the front. "Very few rules here. Don't chew gum while you wait on people."

"I don't chew gum."

"Good. Do you smoke? No? Great. Show up on time, do your best and you'll be fine," Don assured the nervous teen. "Be here tomorrow at 4 and I'll break you in myself. It'll be great to have somebody besides me that can reached the stuff on the top shelves. You're almost as tall as I am. What are you Joyce, 6'2"?"

"About six foot," Joyce lied, knowing that she was a bit taller than that now and her uncle's guess was probably correct.

"Well, stand up straight," Don said, patting Joyce on the back and squeezing her bony shoulder while whispering to her that he only said that because her old man told him to. "Oh, and one more thing. I ask all the girls to wear bras. Family place and all."

Don Schultz eyes went down to the lanky girl's chest, and even though she was wearing a baggy blouse he suspected that his niece didn't have much up on top. While that might turn off a lot of men, Don was certainly not one of them. Just the opposite.

"Okay," Joyce said, blushing.

"And so we'll see you tomorrow. Welcome aboard!."

Joyce awkwardly shook her uncle's hand before walking out of the store with her father.

"Congratulations!" Joyce's father said, winking at his brother. "You're now a professional."

Don laughed and watched his brother walk out of the store with his new employee, and as they turned the corner Don rearranged his pants to accommodate the erection he was sporting as a result of seeing little Joyce again.

"Little Joyce?" he said to himself. "Not so little. Behave yourself Don. That's your brother's kid."


"Here," Don said as he handed his niece her name tag, although he was sorely tempted to put it on himself. "You better do it."

Don watched Joyce awkwardly attach the tag above the tiny swell of her left breast, and as he looked over his brother's daughter he knew from the start that it was going to be a long hot summer, at least for him.

It wasn't that Joyce was a stunning beauty or anything, far from it. If you were one of those fans of classical beauty, Joyce was not going to be your cup of tea. It was as if the girl had gotten the lesser features of her parents; her father's big nose and her mother's height, but didn't get her father's outgoing personality or her mother's boobs.

Hardly any boobs at all, Don noted, and who knows how much of what was under the t-shirt and bra was flesh, Don mused. Joyce reminded Don of his first love, back 40 years ago. Gail Hopper was her name, and she was almost as androgynous as Joyce was. She was no looker either, but she had been an animal in the sack, and ever though she had been Don's first, she was still the best no matter what she looked like to others.

As Don showed Joyce around the shop, introducing her to the rest of the staff and showing her the various machines, his mind was elsewhere. Was she a virgin? It didn't seem possible that an 18 year old girl could be these days, but his brother said that she wasn't very social.

Nervous beyond belief too, Don noted, and as the day went on it was easy to see that Joyce wasn't going to excel at customer service. She panicked constantly, dropping things and getting flustered, so when it was time for her break he had Joyce join him in his little office.

"You want me to quit?" Joyce said.

"Quit?" Don said. "Of course not. Why would you think that?"

"I'm no good at this," Joyce said.

"Hey, nothing is easy at first," Don said, putting his hand on Joyce's pale forearm, the skinny limb so white it looked like it never saw the sun, and softly stroked the fine down that graced it. "You just need to relax."

Joyce flinched at first, but Don's hand continued to stroke her furry forearm with his beefy hand, making the down dance between his fingers, and he kept assuring her that she would be okay.

"Hey, you're way ahead of most of the girls. You can make change without the help of the register," Don chuckled. "You should see this place when the power goes out. They're hopeless without the machine telling them what to do."

Don told Joyce that she could help him work the back area, and only come out to wait on people when it got really crowded. Hearing that, it seemed like the weight of the world came off her shoulders.

"There," Don said. "That's more like the Joyce I remember. You're so much prettier when you smile."

Don chuckled as Joyce left, blushing at the compliment. He didn't think that she got told she was pretty very often, because she really wasn't, at least not in the classic sense. Her features were plain, and she did little cosmetically to improve them. Her hair was a mousy brown and was cut in a very ordinary way.

Still, Don thought, there was something about her than gave him a hard-on whenever she was near. That was going to be a challenge now, because they would be working together a lot now.


"Working late these days?" Joyce's mother asked when her daughter slipped into the kitchen just past midnight.

"Yeah. Uncle Don has me cashing out all the registers after we close," Joyce said.

"You don't seem to mind your job so much now."

"No, it's not bad," Joyce admitted. "Uncle Don is really nice."

"Meet any boys?" her mother asked.

"No," Joyce said as she headed upstairs to her room.

Locking her bedroom door, Joyce undressed and put on her nightie before going over to her desk and pulling out her diary. For some reason, Joyce had started to make entries in it once again when she started working last week.

If I had a friend - a real friend that I could talk to - I wouldn't have to write this stuff out, Joyce thought as she went to the next blank page, but writing helped.


Dear Diary,

That's a dumb thing to write every day, but I do it anyway.

It wasn't very busy tonight, so I got to help Uncle Don do inventory. He's so nice. I know it's weird, but I really wish he wasn't my uncle. He always says nice things to me.

Tonight he asked me if I ever thought about becoming a model. That was freaky on more than one level. If anybody else said that, I would have thought they were being funny, but he seemed to mean it, and said I had the body for it. If he ever saw me without my clothes he would never say that, but it made me tingle to hear it.

If he wasn't my uncle, heck, I don't care that he's more than three times my age. He's good looking. His bald head is sexy to me, and he's really strong. Also he's taller than me, which is nice.

He's a touchy guy, always touching my arms or patting my back and shoulders. It feels nice when he does that, especially when his hand rubs my forearms, even though I'm so self-conscious about the hair on them. Sometimes I think that he's looking at me, almost like he's checking me out. You know what I mean? Maybe it's my imagination. Probably is. I mean, why would a guy look at me? Goofy desperate kids my age don't even bother.

He told me about how Aunt Kay divorced him, and how lonely he was. I guess that conversation started when he asked me whether any guys have come on to me at work. As if! He told me that I should smile more, and stand up straight. Rats. I thought I was getting better at that.

When we were working in the back, stacking the boxes of ice cream cones on the shelves, I could have sworn he was looking down the sleeve of my shirt when I raised my arms. Glad I shaved my pits this morning. Must remember to do it every day, even if they don't need it.

Boy, if Uncle Don ever saw this stuff I'm writing, he would think I was crazy. This stuff is probably all in my head. Still, it's nice to think about. Maybe older guys like the way I look. I do better with them, or so it seems. Guys my age sure aren't interested.

Oh well. I'm tired. Time to go to bed. Maybe I'll go right to sleep, but probably not. I'll probably do what I've been doing the last couple of nights. Think about Uncle Don, and dreaming about those big strong hairy arms of his wrapped around me.


"I don't know what I'd do without you," Don Schultz said as she stood behind his niece and looked over her shoulder while she finished counting the cash drawer and wrote the totals down in the ledger. "I used to be here for hours doing that."

Joyce shivered when she felt Uncle Don's hand on her shoulder, and when she felt his minty breath on her neck her body trembled.

"Cold?" Uncle Don asked when he noticed her goose bumps on Joyce's bare arms, and after he ran his hands up and down and got the fine hairs standing up straight on her pebbled skin, he announced that he had a idea to warm her up.

"I've had this bottle around for a while," Don explained when he came back with a bottle of Sambuca. "I used to splash a little on ice cream every once in a while. I know it's cool back here so this will warm you up.

"Don't tell your folks I gave you this," Uncle Don said, and after Joyce nodded she took a swallow out of the little paper cup.

"Ooh!" Joyce giggled as the licorice tasting liquid burned her throat.

"Like that?" Don said, smiling as she reacted to what might have been her first taste of alcohol, and when she didn't stop him he poured some more in the cup.

"Since you're done counting the cash you can have another drink," Uncle Don said as he looked at his niece's long skinny fingers trembling as she held the cup. "Oh. That boy you were talking to near closing time? The one with the earring? He seemed interested in you."

"Todd? He's in the Honor Society with me."

"He was looking at you as if he thought...

"He's gay," Joyce said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Oh. Sorry," Don said. "Serves me right for being nosy."

"It's okay," Joyce said.

"Guess I was just getting jealous about somebody making a move on my girl," Don said, squeezing Joyce's shoulders through the t-shirt and feeling her bra straps beneath it. "You are my girl, you know. You're my best employee. You're sort of the assistant manager these days."

"The other girls don't like me," Joyce said as she sipped the drink again. "I think it's because you treat me like I'm your favorite."

"They're jealous. Too bad. You are my favorite, even if we weren't related."

"Not used to that - me making other people jealous."

Don, still standing behind his niece, found himself leaning against her and brushing his lips on the bare skin of her neck above the collar of her t-shirt, and as he did his hands went onto Joyce's hips.

"I shouldn't have done that," Don said. "But I've wanted to since you started working here. You're so cute."

Don stared at the back of Joyce's head, which had straightened up when he kissed her, and now she stood at the counter staring straight ahead with her hands on the surface as he leaned gently against her.

"Silly old man," Don said while waiting for his niece to run. "Feeling jealous when he sees boys checking you out."

His cock was hard, and he knew that Joyce could feel it as he leaned against her, all the time thinking that this could stop right now, with no harm done. The problem was that he couldn't stop. It was as if he had no control over what his hands were doing as they left Joyce's bony hips and started sliding upward along the front of her shirt.

"Please don't," he heard Joyce say in a voice hardly audible, and as his hands came up to the logo of The Snackatorium Joyce took her hands of the counter and brought them up to stop him.

"It's okay... okay honey," Don was whispering into his niece's ear. "Please let me."

Don could have overpowered his skinny niece's efforts to stop his hands from going up to her breasts, but he didn't, and as Joyce brought his hands down he suddenly realized that she was pushing them down to her crotch.

"Oh!" Joyce whimpered as she pushed her uncle's hands down to her delta and leaned into the counter, clamping her hand down there as she leaned forward.

"Joyce honey..." Don moaned. "You don't know how bad I want you."

In front of him, Joyce was writhing around, her head rolling back backwards as his hand massaged her pussy through the slacks and panties, but Don wanted to explore elsewhere so he slid his hands up quickly when Joyce released her grip on his wrists briefly.

Don knew what his hands were going to find once they reached the modest swells of Joyce's chest. Over the last week he had "accidentally" bumped up against Joyce in every way he could think of, so when his hands came up to Joyce's breasts he was not surprised at what he found.

"It's okay," Don kept whispering, reassuring his niece that he was not disappointed when what barely filled his hands was mostly the padded quilt-like cups of her brassiere, but although he was a bit surprised at how little was actually hidden underneath the wrapper, that only served to inflame his desires.

Joyce was now leaning back against her uncle, her hands now raised but frozen as if she was conducting an orchestra, and she did not stop her uncle when his hands dipped down to move up under her t-shirt.

Don could count Joyce's ribs as his hands slid up Joyce's smooth skin, and went they reached the bottom of her bra his fingers inched the harness upward easily, baring Joyce's breasts for his over-sized hands to caress.

"Omigod honey," Don muttered as he kneaded the little buds, which felt like only small swells on her chest, and Joyce was practically swooning as she stood between her uncle and the counter while Don caressed her breasts. "So sweet. I want to see you."

As Don massaged Joyce's undeveloped bosom, he felt her nipples start to blossom, and as they inflated they grew to the size of small bullets, long and thick pegs that seemed to throb as his fingers stroked them.

"They're sensitive, aren't they honey?" Don was whispering while nuzzling into Joyce's neck and plucking at her amazing nipples, and Joyce mumbled something in return.

Don was just about to pull Joyce's shirt up over her head when a loud thud came from out in the front of the building.

"Damn!" Don said as he yanked his hands out from underneath his niece's blouse and hustled out the door the the front area of the snack bar, leaving a disheveled Joyce Schultz struggling to catch her breath.

Don got out front just in time to see the taillights of a van leave the parking lot, and when he saw what caused the noise was not an attempted burglary but only the bundle of the free local entertainment guide that they gave away to customers, he cursed again.

"Metroland," he mumbled when he rejoined his niece in the back room, holding the bundle of the free newspapers in his hand while looking at the barely recognizable sight of his niece leaning against the counter with her raised bra making the front of her shirt a lumpy mess.

Joyce's eyes weren't on the papers but on the bulge in her uncle's pants which was only now beginning to shrink, and when it was clear that the mood was broken beyond repair, Joyce turned around and reached under her blouse to re-position her bra.

"Better get you home," Don mumbled, and Joyce nodded.

They secured the shop and got in Don's van for the short ride home. Don kept looking over at his niece, who kept staring straight ahead. He was hoping she would say something, but when she didn't, Don pulled the car over onto the shoulder of the quiet road.

"Joyce honey," Don said softly, searching for words. "I can't really explain it... what happened back at the shop..."

"Please don't," Joyce said in a pleading whisper. "Please don't tell me you're sorry."

"I won't," Don said, and she was right because he really wasn't, and the only thing he was really sorry about was the noise that had broken the spell. "I'm not. I know it was as wrong as wrong can be, but I'm only sorry that it stopped."

"Me too." Joyce mumbled.

"I want to kiss you," her Uncle Don was saying, and seconds after their lips met they were clawing at each other, their tall bodies twisting and contorting as their tongues dueled, and as Don grabbed Joyce's breasts again he felt her hands at his crotch.

And he was letting her. Her nervous fingers were clawing around, trying to undo his belt and open up his pants, and he was powerless to stop. He felt the cool air on his private parts when Joyce managed to yank the slacks down to his thighs.

He heard his niece mutter something a second before the head of his cock became very wet and warm.

It was a sight that Don, even in his wildest fantasies, had not envisioned. His niece - his brother's only daughter - was contorting herself in the cramped passenger side of the van, while her head bobbed up and down under the gentle illumination of the dashboard lights.

Up and down his niece's mouth went and while she might not have been a Linda Lovelace, having scraped his cock with her teeth at first, it was obvious that the girl whose father thought she was a wallflower had done this before, and Joyce was doing it well enough that after a couple of incredible moments Don couldn't hold back.

"Honey - can't - gonna cum!" Don cried out as he squirmed around and tried to pull Joyce's head off of his cock before it erupted, but that only made her go down on him harder and faster.

Joyce only made the slightest choking sounds as Don came, and it was as if he had been saving it up since his divorce, because he kept cumming and cumming. Joyce, for her part, kept swallowing and swallowing until her uncle had no more to give.

Joyce persisted though, and even after his cock had stopped twitching and had begun to deflate she kept lavishing the love on it until he gently raised her head up from his lap.

"Was that good?" she asked timidly with her glasses hanging crookedly on her nose, her demeanor more like the shy teen she had been earlier than the crazed cocksucker she had somehow evolved into moments earlier.

"Are you kidding?" Don said as he helped Joyce return to a sitting position. "That was amazing. I want to do things to you too."

"I have to go home," Joyce said with more than a little sadness after looking at the digital clock on the dash that proclaimed it was 1:17.

"Damn!" Don said, and after getting his pants back up drove his niece the rest of the way home.

"See you tomorrow?" Don asked, and after Joyce nodded he added, "I can't wait."

"I love you Uncle Don," Joyce said, giving him a kiss before hopping out of the van and skipping up the walk to the darkened house.

"Love you too honey," Don whispered at the back of his niece, and after she was safely inside he drove home while his mind raced.


Joyce Schultz tiptoed down the hall and made it to her bedroom without being caught, and after she closed the door behind herself Joyce leaned back against the door and took a deep breath.

The t-shirt was damp with perspiration, and after she shed the uniform top she pulled her jeans off and peeled down her panties, which were dripping wet. Looking up, she saw her reflection in her make-up mirror and paused on her way to her diary.

Her hand went to the wide triangle of brown hair between her legs. It had grown back in so fast, and she thought maybe that old wives' tale about shaving making the hair grow back even more was right, because she sure felt more hairy than before.

Does Uncle Don like girls with pubic hair? He seems to like the hair on my arms, and I love the way it feels when he runs his hands over them, she mused while going to her desk. Joyce pondered that as she sat down and unlocked her journal to began writing.


Dear Diary,

OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!! It almost happened. It WOULD have happened if it wasn't for that stupid noise of the papers hitting the outside wall. That screwed everything up, and we were so close.

I couldn't have scripted it better. Uncle Don had been even more touchy-feeley than usual after we closed the store, and then he came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. This time he didn't stop, and then he kissed my neck.

I almost fainted. My whole body started shivering, and then he put his hands on my hips and told me I was cute. ME! Cute? OMIGOD! And then his hands came up the front of my shirt, headed straight for you-know-where.

What did I do? I stopped him. What a fool! I was begging him to do it and then I panicked. I pushed his hand down between my legs and then I was practically humping his hand, but then all of a sudden his hands came up from down there and went up top.

For a minute I thought he might laugh like Billy Furlong did, that asshole, but Uncle Don didn't. He brushed my hands away and started feeling me up. It was almost as if he liked me being so flat!

If he cared that he was only grabbing cotton he didn't show it. He kept feeling and I could feel his dick against my butt, and then he put his hands under my blouse. The next thing I knew my bra is up around my neck and he's going crazy, telling me he wants to see me while he's pulling on my nipples.

Not only didn't Uncle Don care that I'm flat chested, he seemed to enjoy it. I almost came. I might have, because between his hands and the way I was grinding my crotch into the edge of the counter while he ground into me, I was ready to explode.

Then the freaking noise ruined everything. When he came back, the bulge was still there in his pants, and he had a wet spot there just like Mr. Arthur used to have. Me. Joyce Marie Schultz, making guys drool? And not just a guy, but a man. A grown man who is experienced and could do way better than me.

So he's acting all embarrassed and tells me he better take me home. I'm ready to run up to him and jump onto his lap while he's standing, but I say okay. In the van, I'm going nuts. I might have told him to drive past the house if he got that far, but luckily he pulled over to the side of the road.

He started talking, and I'm like, please don't talk. Then he says he wants to kiss me. So sweet, but once his lips touched mine I went crazy. It was probably funny to look at but I didn't care. I'm grabbing his stuff and trying to get his pants down, and when I did, OMIGOD!

Uncle Don's dick is huge! Not porn star freaky huge but big. Way bigger than Mr. Arthur's was, and I thought THAT was big! Uncle Don is circumcised, and I like that better than the other way. I dove down and and started sucking on it. Took me a while to get used to how big his is, especially the thickness, and I was bad at the start but got better as I went along.

Could only get my mouth about half-way down before I would start gagging, but I guess he didn't mind because he starts telling me he's going to cum, and then tried to pull me off.

NO!! I want to scream, but instead I kept sucking and then he's spurting down my throat. A lot! I ask him if it was okay and I guess it was. He tells me he wants to do stuff to me but it's past 1 and we're parked on the side of the road.

He asks me if he'll see me tomorrow. Are you kidding? I told him I loved him and that was it. I think that was okay. Uncles and nieces are supposed to love one another, right? Maybe not like this.

Oh well. Time for bed.

Joyce looked at what she had read, and then after reading it a second time, pulled the papers out of the book and ripped them in progressively smaller pieces until they looked like confetti.

Mom and Dad had never snooped around her room that she knew of, but this was different. Just trying to imagine what would happened if Mom or Dad ever got the urge to read her diary was terrifying.

In bed, Joyce's hand went where she knew they would go, and while her own fingers plucking at her nipples didn't feel anything like her uncle's had, it would have to do.


The next day at The Snackatorium, the tension between uncle and niece was so charged with energy that to Don, it seemed to the two like everybody else working there had to sense it but they were oblivious.

Luckily, the shake machine blew up which kept him out in front and away from his niece, but Don was able to fix it without losing too much business. When he went back to the bathroom in the rear of the store to clean up, he got a chance to see Joyce from behind, and while that wasn't out of the ordinary, she was wearing shorts for the first time at work.

Her pale legs looked even longer bare, and while they weren't overly shapely, the sight of that much of Joyce's bare skin was enough to get Don's juices flowing.

"Nice legs," Don commented on the way past, and Joyce giggled in response while watching her uncle disappear into the bathroom.

Joyce was tempted to go see if Uncle Don needed help washing up, but instead she concentrated on cutting up the fruit while hoping the clock would move faster.

When closing time finally came, Joyce hurriedly counted the cash drawers while Uncle Don seemed to be moving as fast as he could to finish cleaning. It was 10:30 when Joyce put the cash in the safe, all the time looking around, wondering if they were going to do it back here.

Don was putting away the mop and bucket when he saw Joyce watching him, and when his eyes went downward he did a double take. Joyce was biting her lower lip and looking embarrassed when she saw that she got his attention.

"It's after closing time," Joyce said as Uncle Don came closer to her.

"I wasn't complaining," Don said, his eyes fixed Joyce's nipples, which seemed to be trying to burst through the thin cotton shirt.

Joyce's bra had been stuffed into her pocketbook

after she took it off when all the other staff had gone home, and after the sensitive nipples had been rubbing against the shirt all that time they were swollen and throbbing.

"Not nice to tease," Don said as his hands came up to the points, and when the tips of his fingers touched them Joyce moaned and her entire body shuddered.

"Don't move," Don said. "I like to tease too."

Don used his palms, making circular motions as he ever so lightly made contact, and Joyce seemed to be in a trance as her head rolled back on her shoulders.

"I love your titties, you know that?" Don asked, and his niece nodded.

For someone with a preference, some might say a fetish, for small breasted women, Joyce was a dream come true, and as he rolled the pegs between his fingers through the cloth, he knew that Joyce was his for the taking.

"I want you," Don said. "Not here though. Will you come home with me?" he asked, and Joyce nodded.

They practically ran out the door and into Don's van, and Joyce's uncle made it to his apartment complex in record time, helped along by Joyce's hand rubbing his crotch.

Don had spent this morning tidying up the place, hoping he was doing it for a reason, but Joyce was not interested in his housekeeping. After he closed and locked the front door his niece was all over him like a preying mantis.

"Bedroom," Don gasped after their mouths separated, and after they got there Don said, "Let me see you. I want to see all of you."

Joyce seemed startled by her uncle's request, but she undid her shorts and slid them down her long, slender legs and then peeled down her panties, exposing the thick triangle of rich brown hair Don was expecting and hoping for.

"Saving the best for last?" Don said as he looked at Joyce, who seemed to have lost all of her nerve all of a sudden as she stood wide-eyed clad only in her t-shirt.

"The light - can you turn it off?"

"Couldn't see you that way," Don said with a smile, but he did turn the knob to dim the light a bit.

When Don turned back around Joyce had already pulled her shirt off, and Don was a little disappointed to have missed the unveiling, but not really since Joyce had her hands across her chest hiding her breasts.

"You're so cute," Don said, peeling off her own shirt and undoing his belt. "Maybe if I get undressed you'll feel more comfortable."

Don stepped out of his pants, kicked off his socks and then dropped his boxer shorts.

"Not nearly as easy on the eyes as you are, I'm afraid," Don said, shrugging his shoulders while his erect cock sprang around in front of him, but while Joyce's wide open eyes followed his bobbing cock her hands still guarded her breasts. "Let me see how beautiful you are, honey. Show me."

With a slowness that was almost painful, Joyce lowered her hands, and the raspy intake of air from Don was the only sound in the room.

He had felt her tiny breast buds before, but seeing them was something else all together. Joyce's nipples would have looked huge even on a busty girl, but on breasts that were barely perceptible swells on her chest, they looked surreal, and the puffy aureolas they were centered on only added to the visual impact.

"Come to me baby," Don said. "You're so beautiful."

They both took two steps forward and then they embraced while Don's cock was crushed between them, curled up to his stomach. Joyce's nipples poked her uncle, the long pegs as hard as diamonds as they pierced the mat of salt and pepper hair that covered Don's chest.

"Are you a virgin, honey?" Don whispered in his niece's ear.

"No," Joyce answered. "Why?"

"It's just that I think your first should be with someone special," Don said as he eased Joyce down to the bed.

"You are special," Joyce said and she went down on her back, pulling her uncle up when she started to go down on her. "Now - please."

Don's hand felt the thick bush, and when he felt how wet she was he moved up between Joyce's rail-thin thighs and brought the head of his cock to her opening, forcing the knob into the very tight orifice.

Joyce cried out, causing her uncle to stop after the ridge of his plump glans penetrated his niece, but her hands were on his backside, pulling him closer and deeper inside of her sex. It hurt, but Joyce wanted it so badly that she stifled her scream, even though it meant biting into her Uncle Don's collarbone to do it.

Don Schultz, while aware of Joyce's teeth digging into him, was oblivious to the pain and instead concentrated all of his efforts on trying not to cum as Joyce's pussy squeezed his cock like a vice. If she had told him that she was a virgin, he would have had no problem believing her.

Don pulled back out after getting half of his manhood into Joyce, and when he slid back in he probed a little deeper. Joyce was now clawing at his biceps, her pussy very gradually getting used to the size of the cock that was impaling her, and while there were tears trickling down the sides of her face and her eyes were bugging out wide, she looked ecstatic.

"Omigod omigod omigod!" Joyce was yelling, making Don glad that the neighbors on the bedroom side of his apartment had moved out.

The sight of his niece wild-eyed and thrashing underneath him, along with the way her pussy was so gloriously tight around his manhood, made it obvious to Don that he would not last very long, so he went into another gear.

The bed was banging into the wall behind the headboard, and he was now impaling Joyce with the entire length of his member, the sweat from his head and chest raining down on his niece like a monsoon as he neared orgasm.

Just when he was about to erupt inside of Joyce she arched her upper torso off of the bed as only the whites of her eyes were visible, and then she started bucking wildly on the mattress. Don grabbed Joyce's wrists and slammed them down on the bedding to hold her down, as it seemed like his skinny niece was on the verge of throwing them both off the mattress.

Don came just as Joyce's pussy practically pushed his cock out of her, and as he leaned into his niece to keep him inside, he was treated to a series of contractions that served to milk his cock dry as they both rode their orgasms nuzzled in each other's necks.

Above the bedroom, they heard the sound of the upstairs neighbor stomping on the floor, and that got them both giggling as Don explained that it was the same way the old lady sounded when she was walking around up there anyway.

"That was so amazing," Joyce said as she looked up at Don, who lifted himself off of his niece while trying to catch his breath. "I think I made a mess."

Don was aware of the wetness but thought it was the result of them sweating up a storm, because while it hadn't lasted as long as Don had wanted, the fact was that he wasn't used to such exercise.

"I think we both did," Don said as he felt his deflating cock begin to squirm out of his niece, and when it finally slithered out she winced a little, prompting him to ask if Joyce was okay.

"Never better," Joyce replied with a grin. "I want him back inside me though. That was so good."

"Beyond good," Don said as he rolled off to the side and looked at his disheveled niece as she sighed and put her hands behind her head and looked up at the ceiling.

So lithe and lovely, Don noted as he looked at the androgynous creature beside him, and while he realized that many if not most guys would say that she needed implants and a few extra pounds, to him Joyce was beautiful.

The way that her hip bones and ribs showed was mostly due to the fact that she was on her back, and her position made the tiny swells of her breast buds completely disappear, but there was no way she could be mistaken for a boy or a little girl.

The thick triangle of hair that surrounded her sex was proof of her womanhood, as were the long and plump nipples that were still pointing upward from their position on the crimson auroelas and also looked over-sized on their tiny platforms.

"You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen," Don said as he rolled onto his hip and let his meaty paw slide up and down Joyce's moist skin.

"If anybody ever heard you say that they would either lock you up or take away your driver's license until you got glasses," Joyce said with a giggle.

"I mean it," Don said.

"I know you do," Joyce said, not giggling anymore, and the way her uncle was looking at her convinced her of that.

Maybe I'm not built like other girls, Joyce mused as she enjoyed her uncle's touch, and when he leaned over and kissed her nipple she sighed. Some guys like me though, Joyce thought. Liked me just the way I am. Mr. Arthur did, even though that ended up weird, and now Uncle Don really likes me like this too.

"Uncle Don!" Joyce giggled as her daydream was interrupted by her uncle, who had nibbled up from her nipples and had kissed his way into the deep recess of her underarm.

"Ticklish?" Don asked playfully before going back into the incredibly deep pocket of his niece's underarm, where the dense coating of 5 o'clock shadow filled the cavern.

"A little. I did shave this morning, believe it or not. I swear. My armpit hair grows so fast I feel like a werewolf," Joyce explained.

"Doesn't matter a bit to me, and if you are a werewolf I want to make sure you bite me first," Don said. "You sure would be a furry one if you didn't though."

"I know."

"I'm really glad that you don't shave down there," Don said as he nodded down toward Joyce's furry delta.

"I did once."

"You did?"

"Yeah. The man I was seeing had me do it," Joyce explained. "It itched so bad when it grew back in after I stopped shaving it and I swore I wouldn't do it again."

"Well, count my vote for you just the way you are," Don said. "I can't imagine what you would look like without it."

"Oh, it was something," Joyce said. "Maybe someday I'll show you pictures."

"You have pictures of yourself naked?" Don said.

"Not exactly," Joyce said, and then to change the subject reached over and lifted her uncle's cock off of the bedding and began stretching the limp hose out. "Wonder if I can get this big boy pointing at me again?"

"Dunno. Remember, I'm an old man," Don explained, but as Joyce rolled him onto his back and crawled down to his hip, he added, "But, this might change things."


"I didn't want to do this," Joyce explained before she hit the prompt that would open up her past for her Uncle Don. "Having said that I admit that there were times when posing for him made me feel - I dunno - special.

"You don't have to," Don said but Joyce disagreed.

"The last few days have been so special for me," Joyce explained. "I'm so in love with you - and I know that nothing will ever come of it because of the obvious - but I need to show this to somebody and believe me that I never told a soul about it. Stupid me. I was so naive and so happy that somebody thought I was sexy, especially somebody older and well-respected."

"Ready when you are," Don said, and his eyes were on Joyce's long shaking finger as it moved.

"Snappy title huh?" Joyce said as the screen lit up with the bubble gum colored script trumpeting 'Welcome to Luscious Lolitas' to the people visiting, and an innocent looking girl licking a gigantic lollipop beckoning people to tour and hopefully join for $9.99 a month.

"Do they mean that?" Don asked when he saw the blurb proclaiming that not only did you have to be 18 to tour or join, but all models were 18 with the caveat "believe it or not" added to the disclaimer.

"They have my drivers license on file - a picture of it. Mr. Arthur snapped it the day after I turned 18," Joyce said. "That along with what he called my portfolio. All the pictures he took of me."

"And no - I don't pay $10 a month to belong to this," Joyce interjected. "When you're a featured model you get free access for however long you want."

"Omigod look!" Don said when he recognized someone very special on one of the entry pages.

"Funny thing is that I do that sometimes," Joyce explained regarding the shot of her biting her thumb, and even though her hair was in pigtails her uncle had recognized her right away because the picture was less that a year old. "Bad habit."

"I'm ashamed to admit this but you look beautiful there," Don admitted, and then laughed when she saw what her name was under the picture. "Muffin?"

"Wasn't my idea but looking back at it, it's a lot better than seeing Joyce Marie Schultz and my address," Joyce opined.

"Agreed. You're the star on this website though."

"Not really," Joyce corrected, and then brought the screen up that showed the faces of all the Luscious Lolitas - some 60 or so young looking ladies that members could access. "I just didn't want you to see the competition."

"No such woman exists," Don assured his niece.

"Now this is going to get a little - no, it's going to get a lot more graphic once we enter "Muffin's Playhouse," Joyce explained. "Last exit before the freeway. Still time to bail out..."

Joyce didn't give Don a chance to answer before clicking to enter "Muffin's Playhouse" which proudly offered 60 photos and a MPEG.

"What's a MPEG?" Don asked.

"A movie," Joyce said. "Sixty seconds that feels like a hour to me when I look at it. Here's the pictures."

The pictures started out very innocently, with a fully clothed Joyce sitting in a room that looked like a schoolgirl's might.

"Mr. Arthur's daughter's room," Joyce explained.

"Good grief."

"She doesn't live there - just visits every other week or so. He got divorced," Joyce told her uncle.

"Are those her clothes you're wearing?"

"No, they were all new things that he bought special for this," Joyce said of the teenybopper clothes she would be seen taking off through the series of photos.

"How does he make you look so - young? I mean, the pigtails I understand, but the way these photos were taken you look..."

"I don't look like I'm 6' tall?" Joyce said in finishing the sentence. "The guy could photograph like a professional, I have to admit. Notice I'm not near anything that will give you perspective that I'm really as tall as Big Bird."

"Ooh! Did you really say that?" Don said as a picture of Joyce biting her lips and looking down at her breasts, with her hands under the little swells, had a caption along with it.

"My titties are getting big?" Joyce said with a laugh. "No Uncle Don, I don't think I ever did or ever will say that. Mr. Arthur kept telling me to stop my nipples from swelling up so they didn't look like they get when they pop out all the way."

"See how pink my armpits are there?" Joyce said when a picture with her arms over her head came up. "Mr. Arthur had me keep running the razor under my arms even after I had shaved. They do look smooth though. Now things get a little more..."


"Warned you," Joyce said as the pictures of her totally naked started coming up, except for the brightly striped socks.

"I have to admit something," Don confessed. "Up until now I had a raging hard-on. Even though that's you there, I don't - I mean it does nothing for me. You look beautiful except it's just not for me."

"And the next month or so was hell," Joyce confessed as she looked at herself with her pussy completely shaved, with nothing around her glistening labia except smooth skin. "I was scratching like a hound, and no I didn't say I was 'waiting for hair to grow down there like my big sister' like it says. I might have a long time ago though."

"Who writes these comments?" Don asked. "And who prints childish letters like this?"

"Probably a computer program," Joyce shrugged. "Uh - you ready to meet Mr. Arthur?"

"He's on here with you?"

"Just a few pictures," Joyce explained as she brought the mouse over to a prompt that would bring you to the 'Muffin's naughty secrets - don't tell on me!' section.

"That's Mr. Arthur?" Don said of the picture of a man from the waist down, his erection waving in front of him while Joyce knelt there and recoiling as if in horror from the sight of it.

"Yeah, not his face though you notice," Joyce explained. "Only one face in Muffin's naughty secrets. Mine."

"Your acting - you look like a silent films actress there with the shocked face."

"Back then this cock did look big to me," Joyce said. "Since I had seen very few before he came into my life I had nothing to compare it with. Not proud of the rest here but you need to see them."

Don recoiled himself when the last few pictures came up, the sight of Joyce looking bug-eyed as the picture taken from the teacher's angle showed his erection inches from her mouth making him cringe, and then he looked away when he saw the one with his niece's lips halfway down the shaft.

The last one, of Joyce's face in a close up with semen coming out of the corners of her mouth, disappeared from the screen quickly but not quick enough for Don.

"Hate me?"

"Of course not. After what we've been doing together I have no right to judge, but these moments were private things - or should have been private things," Don said. "You did them of your own choice though?"

"Afraid so. I was in love, or thought I was. He made me feel sexy, and although he used me, I allowed it."

"Chalk it up to experience," Don said. "If there were cameras and websites like this when I was young? Well, let's just say I'm glad there weren't."

"One more thing you have to see," Joyce said. "There is absolutely positively nothing else like this with me in it anywhere in the world. I swear."

This little snippet of a movie, taken with a stationary camera, was a couple of very short segments. The first showed Joyce on her knees giving the headless teacher oral sex while he said largely inaudible things.

The second segment showed Joyce - almost unrecognizable - as she straddled her teacher's erection while facing the camera. Joyce lowered herself down on the teacher's cock, and after going up and down a few times she lifted herself up and grabbed the guy's cock as it started to erupt all over the place, and after she jerked him off for a few seconds it was over.

"There's a reason I showed you all this," Joyce said as she brought the screen back to the entry page.

"Other than wanting to make me cry?" Don said only half-kidding, because his eyes had watered up.

"Yeah. The first thing was so you know that while Mom and Dad think I'm the queen of the nerds, I've had my moments," Joyce explained. "So when you get those feelings like you sometimes do - and don't deny it either - that you're taking advantage of me or anything when we make love? You aren't, so get over it."


"The second thing was that I don't want you to be blindsided in case any of this ever comes up. If somebody comes up to you and says that you have a slut from a porn site working for you - or is related to you - you'll have an idea where it's coming from."

"I doubt very much that many people have ever seen this site. There's a million of them out there and the chances that anybody in our sleepy little puritan community will see this are pretty slim, don't you think babe?"

"The first week I started behind the counter I was waiting on this guy and he kept looking at my chest," Joyce recounted. "I don't get much of that but then I saw that he was looking at my name tag. I gave him his milkshake and after he got his change he was looking at me weird. I asked if there was anything else and he goes, 'Muffin?'"


"I managed to stay calm - not like my acting in the picture - and played dumb. I said something like we don't have muffins or any food except hot dogs, and he walked away but that freaked me out so I hide in the back a whole lot since then. Haven't seen him since but if that's any indication it won't be the last time because once it's on the Internet it's out there forever. Now you know."

"Don't worry about me. It's you I'm worried about," Don said. "I think you played it right. Play ignorant and deny everything. Pretend you're a politician."

"That's my plan. Seen enough? Oh wait. One more section. You have to read my fan mail - it's called Muffin's Mailbox where guys - and even a couple of supposed women - can write to tell me what they think of me. Some of the notes are cute and some is scary and some is just nasty."

"Herb in Hoboken says he wants to fuck everyone of my holes," Joyce cackled as she read. "And Scorpio3000 says he loves me so much and prays my titties will never grow. Guess praying works sometimes, at least for Scorpio."

"Good grief," Don said. "Some of these are..."

"Freaky?" Joyce asked. "I know. A lot of guys showing me their dick telling me to dump that guy I'm in the movie with, and some of them complaining that I'm a big nosed geek. Here - this guy says that I'm so ugly he wouldn't fuck me with somebody else's dick."

"She ain't gots no tits?" Don read and roared at the illiterate who then signed his name 'Kieth'.

"Kept me from getting a big head," Joyce admitted, and before she left Muffin's Mailbox she found her favorite and read it aloud.

"My husband wants me to give you a massage. Get you all nice and oily and rub my jugs over your precious little breasts, and then have you sit on my face so I can lick your tiny pink asshole while my husband puts his very thick 7" into your sweet honeypot. Then after he comes I'll suck his seed out of your pussy. If I miss some and you get pregnant we'll have you move into our house and we'll all raise our baby."

"Astrid even left her email address for you," Don observed.

"Pass, but at least their defiling of me was nicely written," Joyce commented.

"is there a pubic hair anywhere on this site?" Don asked as they skimmed some other sections before they logged out.

"I don't think so."

"Not for me," Don said as he wrapped his arms around his niece and hugged her tight. "I confess to having a fetish for small breasted women..."

"Flat chested ones too," Joyce interjected as her uncle's hands reached around and massaged the swells.

"That too, but I also like a nice bush down below."

"That I have, in spades," Joyce noted.

"Before we put this to rest forever," Don asked. "Whatever happened to the teacher? Did you dump him?"

"Yeah. The next time I saw him after those pictures showed up on the website and he showed them to me, when I got to his place there were a couple of other people there. A frizzy haired redhead about my age with gigantic tits and this big black guy who looked like King Kong. Mr. Arthur tells me that he was so happy with the way things turned out with the other pictures that he wants to take some more with his friends," Joyce explained. "I flew out the door so fast you wouldn't believe it. Lucky for me my report card was already out. Haven't seen him since and he finally stopped calling me"

"And that perv's loss is my gain," Don said. "As for the website, Muffin's Playhouse gets an A+ for me up until the camera goes below the waist."

"And a razor will never go down there again, I guarantee you," Joyce said as she was brought away from the computer and deposited on the bed.

"Thank you," Don said as he climbed up over his niece, pinned her arms down over her head and smothered her breasts with affection before sucking on the swollen nipples and nibbling over to Joyce's cavernous armpits. "And if you don't ever shave these that's fine with me too."

"Ooh!" Joyce cooed as her Uncle Don kissed his way through the valley of seedlings. "Sometimes in winter I let them go for a while, but you won't believe how hairy they get. What do you say to that?"

"I say that I know what I want for Christmas, Don said as he brought his manhood into the lush forest and slipped the head between the moist labia. "I want you."

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

What you gave Kevin

Written by Mister Reason

This wasn't right, none of it, and if I ever heard one of my friends tell me they did sometimes like this to their own flesh and blood I would have called them depraved. That's what happens when you get lonely, I guess.

I suppose it doesn't help that even though I'm 66 years old, I can still get it up. Not many of my friends can still, I suspect, but I can and do, and it's a rare day that doesn't find me popping a load while reading an erotic story.

Not just any story either. I've come to enjoy the ones in the Incest category, and while this is a recent interest of mine, I've been making up for lost time. Those stories about grandfathers and their granddaughters really get my juices flowing, if you know what I mean.

I like the tales that are more like real life, because while most young ladies are cute in their own way, not that many are the ravishing beauties depicted in many stories, and that lack of realism makes me lose interest.

My granddaughter Virginia is real. She likes to be called Ginny, so nobody calls her Virginia unless they are mad at her, and I guess she's like most 18 year old girls these days. She's moody and mouthy and likes to give my daughter a hard time when she doesn't get her own way.

I feel sorry for my daughter, who got dumped by her husband a few years ago and became both father and mother to Ginny. Because I live fairly close by and being a retired widower with a lot of time on my hands, I like to help out when I can.

That was how I found myself in the position I'm in now. I went over to their place one weekday afternoon at the start of summer last year. They had screens that needed to get into windows, so because it was a nice day I drove over with nothing but the best intentions.

Well, maybe not all of my intentions were honorable. There was always the chance that Ginny would be in the swimming pool, if they had even bothered to open up the old above ground thing for the season.

Ginny has dark brown hair cut really short, almost mannish looking, and I think many people suspect that she might be a lesbian. Ginny isn't exactly blessed with a knockout figure either. That much I knew in watching her develop from a child to a young woman. She's a little plump, with her bottom a bit larger than her top, but that was alright with me.

I suppose that it isn't that unusual for a grandfather to notice things like that, in a perfectly innocent way. My frequent visits to their home has led me to learn a lot of things that grandfathers don't know though. Maybe shouldn't know. I tend to do a little snooping when I'm there.

Ginny wears 38C bras and her pantie size is 8, which translates into an XL. She uses Tampax Pearl Tampons, Teen Spirit Pink Crush deodorant, Venus Embrace Razors and Silky Smooth Shave Gel. She likes these Twilight books and movies and seems to have a crush on some guy named Zac Efron, and who he is or what he does I have no idea.

Ginny's also a bit of a tease. I've caught her several times giving me little peeks down her blouse, 'accidentally' of course, and I know she's caught me taking her up on her not-too-subtle flirting by looking at what she wants me to see.

I also know one other thing about Ginny that a grandfather shouldn't know. She loves to suck cock.

How do I know that? Simple. I saw her, and judging by what I saw, it was obvious that my granddaughter is no lesbian and that it wasn't the first time a cock had passed between those full red lips of hers.

It was on that day that I went to install their screen windows. After pulling into the driveway I headed to the garage where they kept the screens during the winter. I noted that the cover was still on the pool, which meant that there would be no glimpses of my cherubic granddaughter in her bathing suit that day.

I remember reaching for the knob on the side door of the garage when I froze in my tracks. My hearing isn't all that great, but it was good enough to pick up the unmistakable sounds of a guy having a lot of fun.

Having made those noises quite a lot over the years, although not in recent memory, the groaning and moaning got my attention so I took a few steps around to the back of the garage, not knowing what I would find.

Stopping dead in my tracks when I reached the edge of the back wall, I was treated to the sight of some young guy I didn't know leaning against the back wall of the shed. He looked a little like Maynard G. Krebs to me, skinny, long haired and a bit disheveled, and his pants and underwear were down around his calves.

The girl kneeling before him - her I knew. My precious granddaughter Ginny, who was on her knees in the dirt, fully clothed, was moving her mouth on this guy's cock like a pro, slamming the guy back into the garage wall every time her mouth pushed forward.

"Suck that cock Ginny!" the kid sneered. "Take it all!"

What did I do during all of this? What I wanted to do was go over and get in line for some of that action. Ginny was deep-throating the guy, and even though it didn't look like that was a whole lot there to suck, she took every centimeter of it.

What I did was take out this fancy little gadget - one of this things that you can not only load music onto, but can tell you the temperature in London or what the stock market is doing. It also takes pictures, and that what I did until the guy popped his load. Ginny took the spunk in her mouth too, although she spit it out onto the dirt after he was done.

I ducked back out of sight before they noticed me watching, and I managed to look like I was just arriving when the two lovebirds came out from back there. After they said hello and walked past me I heard the kid tell Ginny that they were lucky they didn't get caught while I went about the business of putting those screens up.

When I got back to my place I made a few prints of the pictures that came out the best and I had to admit that they didn't come out bad. The best part was that although you couldn't see the kids face in the photos, there was no mistaking my granddaughter, which was all I cared about.


"Where's your boyfriend... what's his name?" I asked, having forgotten the name of the boy Ginny had introduced me to yesterday in passing.

"Kevin?" Ginny said. "He's working. Not really my boyfriend though."

"Oh really?" I said while following Ginny out to the garage, having lured her out there on a bullshit premise.

Ginny was wearing a red tank top that allowed me a bit of a view of the tops of her tits, and white shorts that were snug on her full butt. Ginny's legs were plump but shapely, and I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my hips.

"Because yesterday," I said while moving in front of my granddaughter as we reached the garage, and she seemed confused when I herded her out behind the shed. "You sure looked like you were really close. See?"

I handed Ginny one of the pictures I had in an envelope, and when she looked at it the expression on her face was priceless as she gaped at the image of herself on her knees in virtually the same spot we were.

After looking back and forth at the picture and at me looking grandfatherly and kind, she ripped up the picture. I wasn't surprised, although that photo paper is kind of expensive, but it didn't matter because I had plenty more in addition to having the images stored on my computer.

"Ginny," I said with an air of grandfatherly disapproval. "That's not nice. You looked so cute there. It doesn't matter, because there's more where that came from."

"Here," I continued while handing my flustered granddaughter another photo. "This one is even better. You can see your rosy red cheeks clearly. I've got this one as a screen saver on my computer. You're got his nuts on your chin."

Ginny's lower lip started quivering and her eyes welled up with tears. It was a touching sight, and for some reason I also found it arousing.

"Gonna give them to Mom?" Ginny sniffed.

"Why would I do that?" I said. "I was young once myself and I remember what it was like to be horny all the time."

"Still feel that way a lot, you know?" I said as I looked down on Ginny, who was about a foot shorter than my 6'1" height, and when I put my long weathered fingers on her plump round shoulder she jumped.

"Then what..."

"Take off your blouse."


"You heard me. Take off your blouse and then take off your bra," I said while taking a step back and leaning on the very wall my granddaughter had pinned her friend yesterday. "Rather hot out today anyway."

"What?" Ginny snapped. "You gonna blackmail me?"

"I didn't say that. I just want to see your tits," I snickered. "I'm sure Kevin's seen them. It's not like you're a kid anymore. You're 18."

"You're my grandfather," Ginny huffed.

"I know," I said. "Makes it sound even nastier, doesn't it? I think you want me to see what a big girl you are now - show Grandpa those 38C's of yours."

Ginny stood open-mouthed, her head slowly moving back and forth as she tried to comprehend what was happening, and how her grandfather knew what size bra she wore. Clearly, I had no intention of blackmailing my granddaughter, but I suspected that she might use that line of reasoning to justify something that might actually be arousing to her deep inside.

"Here?" Ginny squeaked.

"Why not?" I suggested, pointing out that there was no way anyone could see back there. "Besides, this spot is kind of erotic, don't you think."

"I'm waiting," I said after a moment of us staring at each other.

"You - you aren't going to take pictures of me, are you?"

"No Ginny," I said as she pulled the bottom of her tank top out from under her shorts. "That's it - no - don't turn around while you take it off. I want to watch."

My heart was racing as Ginny lifted the top up, exposing her fleshy belly and then the bra that housed her breasts. With her arms raised up briefly, I noticed the faint 5 o'clock shadow that completely coated the deep hollows of her armpits, and I wondered whether that indicated Ginny had a really hairy pussy too.

"Nice, honey," I said. "Now the bra."

Ginny screwed up her face at my request, but I didn't rush her, instead checking out the ample cleavage that her bra revealed, and it was then that I realized that she should go out and buy some new bras, since she was crammed into that 38C.

"Come now Virginia," I said, enjoying her reaction to my using her full name. "You certainly have no reason to be embarrassed, seeing as how well endowed you are. Maybe some day we can go get you fitted for some new brassieres. I'll bet you're at least a D cup now, and it's a shame to have all of that natural beauty squeezed into ill-fitting garments."

The thought of taking Ginny into some woman's foundations store and watching some lesbian clerk fitting her for bras while subtly pawing at her tits - I think that was from a story I read at literotica - made my cock twitch.

"That's it," I said while watching Ginny reach back and struggle with the hooks before the harness lurched forward as her breasts came free.

"Gorgeous," I whispered as Ginny pulled the straps off of her shoulders and held the bra at her side, allowing me the unobstructed view of a great pair of tits. "Look at those nipples of yours!"

While Ginny's full breasts were amazing, what capped them off was even better. Her aureoles were the circumference of drink coasters, the crimson nipples in their centers were like bullets, and those pegs seemed to be growing longer and thicker as I spoke.

"Grandpa," Ginny gasped when my hand came up to feel the giving flesh, and as her nipples burned my palm my heart did a little dance that made my knees tremble.

"Ssh - you love it," I said softly. "You know you love it. Maybe not as much as I do, but still..."

I loved her just the way she was, but if my granddaughter ever hit the gym and lost a little of the baby fat that was on her thick waist, she would be an absolute knockout.

I kneaded her breasts, reveling in their natural softness, and then stepped away to look around the corner of the garage, just to make sure nobody was coming.

"No no," I said, stopping Ginny when she seemed to be thinking that we were done. "We're going to stay back here. There's something I want you to do for me."

"Please Grandpa," Ginny whined as she watched me undo my belt, and my baggy trousers fell to the ground before I even undid the clasp.

"Don't whine honey," I said, pausing before unsnapping by boxer shorts. "All I want is what you gave Kevin yesterday. I love you way more than he does, and besides, judging by the way you sucked his cock that was far from the first one you've gobbled."

I smiled benevolently as the snap popped open, and I reveled in watching Ginny's reaction at what she saw when my faded beige boxers hit the ground. It was the double-take that sent shivers through my body, and though my granddaughter had turned away initially, her head jerked back as I exposed myself.

"What's the matter honey?" I cooed sympathetically, knowing that it wasn't my knobby knees that made her do that precious double-take. "I like the shy act but we both know you've seen plenty of these before."

"Not like that," Ginny mumbled, having given up trying to hide her stare, and her reaction made my cock begin to get aroused.

"What? You mean me not being circumcised?" I suggested while reaching down and sliding back the foreskin to expose the plum-sized glans beneath.

"No," Ginny said, dismissing my suggestion that she wasn't aware of the male anatomy while watching my hand slid slowly up and down what would soon be 9 or so inches of thick flesh pointed at her when fully engorged. "You know."

"No, I don't know, honey," I said feigning interested at what it was that had startled her so, and even though it was something that I had enjoyed every time it happened through my life, I never got tired of it.

"Your cock is fucking huge."

I chose not to chastise my granddaughter for her salty language, and also feigned surprise that my cock was anything out of the ordinary while pulling on my dangling hose innocently. In fact, I was rather aroused already, as well as being much more of a 'show-er' than a grower, so that the 9" cock she was gawking at wouldn't grow much at all after it got fully hard.

"Nothing to be afraid of honey," I said as I put my hand on her round shoulder where the bra strap had formed a groove, and as I eased my granddaughter down to her knees I added, "Been a long time for your old Grandpa."

Holding my cock in my right hand and the back of Ginny's head in my left, I started to bring them closer together, until the tip of my cock was against Ginny's pouting face, and I pressed forward, telling her to part those lips and give me what she gave Kevin.

"Skin it back," I said, but Ginny was already doing just that, and her lips slid along the head and partway down the shaft, not stopping until almost half of my cock was wet with her saliva. "Good girl. That's my Ginny."

The tearful reactions and the way she had behaved earlier - that was long gone. Maybe it was just an act, I thought. Maybe she was playing with me all along just to see if it would make me want her more. If so, like George once said, mission accomplished.

I loved the way she was glance up at my occasionally, and she was go down even further when I smiled my approval. It was feeling too good for me to last very long, but I tried my best to stay control.

"You aren't going to spit it out after I cum like you did Kevin, are you?" I asked. "Gonna cum soon and I want you to swallow it."

"No!" Ginny said, pulling her face away from my cock, and I was about to tell her, fine, if you don't want to that's fine, but that wasn't way.

"Fuck me, Grandpa," Ginny said as she scrambled to her feet and dragged me into the garage, and after she yanked her shorts down her plump shapely legs and pulled down her panties, I learned that Ginny had a nice hairy pussy indeed.

Wet too, I discovered when my hand raked through the thick muff, but Ginny wasn't interested in much foreplay because she was bringing me over to the back of the garage where an old chair sat. Ginny knelt on the arm and bent over to grab the other arm with her hands.

"You seem to have used this before," I snickered as I looked at Ginny's plump ass, and as I spread her cheeks I saw that the hair grew right up to her asshole. "Hairy little thing aren't you? Want it up the ass?"

"No. My cunt, Grandpa," she grunted when I dipped my finger in her anus for a moment. "Give it to me in the pussy. Hard!"

I brought my cock up between her legs and without ceremony leaned into her, making the little girl squeal as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. I forced myself to look away as I pushed all of my cock into her before beginning to thrust in and out.

I looked at the gardening tools in the corner, the pile of newspapers to be recycled and just about anything but Ginny, who was making it tough enough by talking dirty and making a lot of noise. Finally I gave up and began pounding into Ginny as hard as I could, making the chair bounce and causing Ginny's chubby butt to jiggle.

I held onto her fleshy hips as she announced that she was about to orgasm. Actually, what she said was, "Fucking cumming!" and she didn't say it either, but screamed it, making me hope that no neighbors were home.

She came just in time because I was about to myself, and when she came her pussy savagely crushed my cock and made me start to ejaculate inside of her. After a few spurts it struck me that there was a chance I could still fire live rounds, but by then it was too late so I leaned over and reached under my granddaughter, squeezing her jugs as they dangled below her until I was spent.

"That was good, Grandpa," Ginny said as we untangled.

"Yes," I wheezed as I stepped back and leaned against the wall while Ginny looked around for her clothes.

"Damn Grandpa," Ginny muttered as she reached down and scooped the cum that was oozing out of her pussy with her hand, shaking it on the ground and laughing as more drooled out and hung on her pubic hair. "You really shot a load in me."

"You can't get - you know?" I asked.

"No," she said while musing. "That would be something though, wouldn't it?"

"That chair," I said. "You seemed to have mastered that maneuver."

"Yeah, you're tall enough," Ginny said. "And you older dudes like to fuck standing up I guess. Easier on the back and it makes you feel more like a predator. What, you thought I was a virgin or something? I was just playing with you before. Not easy playing innocent. I've wanted you for a long time."

"No, I - well I don't know."

"Yours is the biggest one I've had though," Ginny admitted. "No way would I take you in the ass, at least not sober."

"Oldest one too," I said while trying to get my pants on.

"Um - how old are you?" she asked while thinking. "66? Yeah, I think you're the oldest."

"You've been with other old guys?" I asked.

"Not nice to fuck and tell," Ginny said. "Need help with that?"

"No, I'm okay," I said as the pants finally came up and we made our way out of the garage.

"If you liked it and want more, give me a call," Ginny said before I went on my way, and I told her I would.

That was a year ago, and I've made that call over a dozen times. Only once was Ginny not agreeable, and when she told me the reason why, I told her that I didn't about that and would have that chair cleaned.

I did too, and I don't know if her mother noticed that old chair was professionally cleaned or not, but it makes it nicer for me and Ginny, and for whoever else uses it I suppose, but I'm not jealous because at my age there is no way I could keep Ginny satisfied. Maybe no one man could.

I'm going over this afternoon because it was her 19th birthday recently, and when I asked her what she wanted she told me. I don't know who was more surprised when I said yes, me or Ginny, when she told me that she wanted two men for her birthday.

"Two Grandpas at once," Ginny declared.

She wanted me and this other old guy, who is also a grandfather but not Ginny's, to have our way with her on the chair. She wants one of us to fuck her from behind while she sucks on the other's cock, and then change places.

Ginny also wants us to DP her, although I don't know how we could work that in the chair. We may have to use a bed for that. She explained that because his cock isn't as big or thick as mine he wants the other guy to do her ass while I'm in her pussy.

I'm all for it, but had asked Ginny to please not tell the other old guy that I'm her grandfather because it would make me feel - perverted.

"Oops!" Ginny had said. "Too late."

"Oh gee," I said, wondering how I would look this other guy in the eye with him knowing what I was doing to my own flesh and blood.

"He's cool with it," Ginny said. "I told you he's a grandfather, remember?"

"Yeah but..."

"His granddaughter is away at college, halfway across the country, so he doesn't get to do her except around the holidays and vacations," Ginny explained.

"You mean he..."

"Yeah, and he's been doing her for a long time," Ginny said. "Think of all the years we missed out on. And if this works out with us three he said he would like to have his granddaughter join us when she gets home for vacation. She's a skinny blonde who is smoking hot. Would you like that - a foursome? You like to see me eat pussy?"

"What is this world coming to?" I asked. "Is every grandfather diddling their granddaughters?"

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Ginny giggled.

"I guess," I had said, and while I'm going to Ginny's garage confused, I'm still going.

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

You must not tell

Written by MisterReason

"Told you I'd come visit you tonight," Arthur Preston whispered as he slid under the sheet and slid next to his granddaughter Lisa, and although the single bed made for cramped quarters, as Lisa's grandfather moved against the skinny teen the snug fit suited the frisky senior citizen just fine.

"What if Mom or Dad come in?" Lisa asked as he felt her grandfather's hand on her shoulder.

"They won't," he assured his granddaughter, who made no move to stop his hand as it came off of her shoulder and moved toward her breast.


She hadn't stopped him out in the kitchen earlier in the evening, when he followed her out there to get a drink during the movie they had been watching, although she had been shocked when he came up behind her at the sink.

"You're way sexier that that girl in the movie," Arthur had said, referring to some little tramp that was starring in one of those steamy movies the whole family had been watching, and when he leaned up next to the nubile 18 year old and brought his arms around her to grab her breasts through her t-shirt, all she did was gasp in response.

"Grandpa," Lisa whispered as his hand went down under her t-shirt and burrowed upward, slipping right under her bra and easing it upward, replacing her lightly padded bra cups with his weathered hands while he nuzzled her neck under her light brown hair.

"Nice," her grandfather had said, surprised at first when he discovered how small Lisa's breasts were, but as he kneaded the lemon-sized titties and felt her nipples blossom under his touch, it didn't matter. "Can't you tell what you do to me? Do you feel it?"

Lisa nodded as he took a deep breath through her clenched teeth as her grandfather ground his crotch into Lisa's backside, making her quite aware of his erection.

"Tonight, after everybody goes to sleep," her grandfather hissed softly into her ear, nibbling her lobe as her soft, light brown hair buffeted his cheek and her sweet cheap perfume filled his senses. "I'm going to come visit you in bed. Okay?"

Lisa said nothing, and as her grandfather plucked at her breast buds he sighed and said, "I take that as a yes."

As suddenly as he had approached Lisa, he left, returning to the living room to watch the rest of the movie with his son-in-law and their wives. Lisa rejoined them, and Arthur was pleased when Lisa exchanged glances with him.

Her nipples were still popped out with the bumps visible through both layers of her clothes, and Arthur wondered if her parents had any clue about what was going to happen after the movie ended and they went to sleep.

It wasn't my fault, Arthur concluded. Lisa had been asking for it, at least that was the way it seemed to him. Wearing all of those skimpy tops and giving him peeks down the front when she would bend over. He might indeed be old, but not dead, at least down there. Far from it.


Lisa was wearing a long tank top and nothing else, so when Arthur's hand went to her breast through the baggy armhole of the top his grope found nothing but flesh, and like in the kitchen before, Lisa's little nipple got hard instantly.

"I love your titties, honey," her grandfather said as he massaged the breast before working his hand out from the armhole and pulling up the bottom of her nightshirt, letting his hand land on her flat tummy and moving it as slowly as he could toward, trying to make the moment last.

Arthur's long, bony fingers went over the pert belly button, and then her hand felt the exquisite softness of her bush.

"You don't have much hair down there, do you Lisa," Arthur asked as he toyed with the impossibly soft wisp of fur that lined her sex. "Do you shave down here?"

"No," Lisa whimpered, her body shivering as she felt her grandfather's fingers slide over her labia.

"So soft," Arthur said. "Are you a virgin, honey?"

"No," came Lisa's reply, her voice quivering under her Grandpa's hand.

"How many boys have you had?"

"Just one," Lisa whispered, her voice ragged as her grandfather's finger slid along the lips of her sex. "Prom night."

"Was it good for you?" Arthur grunted as he thought about the crude coupling that must have taken place. "Did you like his cock in you?"

"No - it hurt."

"Did he have a big cock?" he asked, dipping his finger into Lisa's dripping pussy. "He must have been bigger than the toy in your dresser."


"Couldn't help myself," Lisa's grandfather said as he dipped the tip of his index finger inside of her sex, causing her to let out a whimper as he told of his spying on her. "Young girls growing up fascinate me, and now that you're 18 I wanted to take a peek to see what you were up to. You put that dildo in your little pussy? That black thing?"

"Yes... ooh!"

"Why did you get a black one? Was the boy who fucked you black?"


"You've played around with other guys though," her grandfather asked. "Sucked on guys cocks?"

"Will you tell my Dad and Mom?" Lisa gasped.

"Of course not honey," Arthur said, sliding his finger deep into Lisa, and savoring the tightness that had not been affected by the rubbery cock Lisa had stashed in her dresser. "This is all between you and me."

"Yes. I have."

"How many?" He asked, and when Lisa said four he added, "Lucky guys. All boys your age?"

"Yeah, except for one guy - he was older."

"You like sucking cock, honey?"


"Let's get this shirt off of you," Arthur said, and without her fighting he tugged it up his granddaughter with ease. "There we go. You smell so nice."

Lisa's grandfather nibbled on her now exposed nipple, and while her hands were momentarily tangled up in the shirt up by the headboard, his lips kissed their way up her side and under her arm, his tongue gliding lightly through a moist and lightly scented armpit that was as smooth as butter.

"Ohhh," Lisa shuddered.

"Like that?" her grandfather asked and after she nodded he added, "So does Grandpa. Here."

Arthur released the grip he had on Lisa's wrists, and after reaching down and unsnapping his pajamas, brought Lisa's hand down to his cock.

"Huh?" Lisa grunted, startled when her hand got placed on his fully engorged organ, and her grandfather kept his grip on her wrist after she had pulled away.

"What's the matter, Lisa?" he asked. "You said you've been with guys before. It's okay. Hold it."

"There," Arthur sighed as he pushed his granddaughter's hand back on the base of his erection. "Nothing to be afraid of. Feel how hard I am?" he asked. "Stroke it. Squeeze it hard. Not bad for a 70 year old man, huh?"

"It's so big," Lisa whimpered as her fingers tried and failed to encircle the shaft, and the feel of her hand trembling made the cock surge as a result.

"Bigger than the boy you had sex with?"

"Omigod yes," Lisa gasped.

"Here," Arthur said. "Now slide your hand up. That's it."

Arthur guided his granddaughter's hand slowly up the entire length of his organ, reveling in the confused sounds she made as her hand kept going and going until she finally reached the tip.

"There you go,' Arthur sighed as she got to the gooey tip. "Rub your finger on the head. Feel my cum dribbling out? You're driving me crazy. You like my cock?

"It's really big," Lisa managed to mumble as her finger rubbed the opening of her grandfather's drooling cock.

"I know," Arthur said.

"Do you want me to - you know - suck on it?"

"Yes, but I want to do something to you first, because I think I've gotten you really horny, haven't I? You're really wet," Arthur mused as he reluctantly pulled away from Lisa's hand and sat up, pulling the sheet away before crawling down to examine her sex.

His eyes having adjusted to the murky darkness, he looked down between his granddaughter's legs at the little wisp of hair his hand had been playing with before parting her thighs and getting his creaking body to get down between those legs.

The smell of her pussy was overpowering as her legs opened up, the aroused state making Lisa's pussy wet and pungent, and the dewy down that greeted Arthur's cheeks was as soft as a cloud when his tongue made contact with his granddaughter's clit.

Lisa's thighs clamped the head between them hard as the experienced tongue danced around her sensitive pearl, and even though his ears were covered Arthur could hear Lisa trying desperately to keep quiet as her orgasm roared through her body.

Her body thrashed around as she came, with Arthur holding her down as she bucked and squirmed, and after her orgasm ended her body still trembled with aftershocks as her grandfather raised up from Lisa's pussy and knee-walked up between her spread thighs.

"Got to have you," Arthur grunted as he brought the tip of his cock to her dripping pussy.

"No," Lisa whimpered, but Arthur was too inflamed to hear her.

"You know you want it," he hissed as he pushed the bulbous knob of his manhood into his granddaughter, and stifled her squeal at the entrance of his glans through the narrow opening. "Ssh!"

"Damn, you're tight!" Arthur hissed as he tried to get in deeper, only to find his granddaughter's pussy too tight, her nerves no doubt a part of it. "Relax."

"Too big," Lisa cried softly. "It hurts."

Arthur contented himself with sliding the head of his cock in and out of his granddaughter, with Lisa letting out little gasps with each thrust until he felt himself coming, shooting his seed into her pussy when he could hold back no longer.

"Sorry," Lisa said as she looked up at her grandfather as he knelt between her legs, her eyes going to the now-spent cock that swayed around her sex, the organ still enormous even now that it was flaccid. "It really hurt."

"You'll get used to it, honey," he said as he rolled down beside Lisa.

"You didn't wear - you know - a rubber," Lisa said as she rolled onto her side, her hand going to the limp cock that was hanging on her grandfather's hip.

"Aren't you on the pill?"


"Well, I don't think I'm still firing live rounds at my age," he chuckled as he looked up at the ceiling, enjoying the feel of his granddaughter hand gently stroking his cock.

"Didn't mean to be a baby," Lisa said. "I was scared."

Lisa reached over and turned on the lamp next to her bed, the low setting providing enough illumination for Lisa to see what she was holding that had violated her, and her grandfather chuckled when he saw her reaction.

"Oh man," Lisa whispered as she looked at the long beige hose, her finger tracing the outline of the head of the cock, now hidden by the foreskin.

"Keep stroking it honey," Arthur said. "And tell me when you started thinking about me."

"Huh?" Lisa said.

"The way you've been since we got up here," he said. "You've always been so shy and everything. Don't you think I noticed the way you were teasing me? Letting me look down your blouse?"

"Cathy," Lisa said.

"Who? You mean that chubby girl who was with you when we arrived?"

"Yeah," Lisa said as she kept rubbing her hand along the underside of her grandfather's cock, which she had pulled up to rest on his stomach. "She told me about how good it was."

"How good what was?"

"Sex with your grandfather," Lisa explained. "Cathy - she's been letting her grandfather do her for a while. She said that older guys do it better than guys our age. Then when you showed up she told me to check you out, because she had you had a big one. You could see it even though your pants are baggy."

"Didn't know it was going to be this big though," Lisa mused. "You're getting hard again."

"Modern medicine works wonders," Arthur sighed as he felt his cock stir to life. "Although you have something to do with it too. Plus, thinking about you and your friend turns me on too. Do you two ever play around?"

"Grandpa!" Lisa giggled.

"Don't blame you if you did," Arthur said. "That would be fun, being with you two in bed."

"Oh gee," Lisa said. "You would do that?"

"Sure," her grandfather declared. "Think I could handle you two?"

"I can't even handle you," Lisa tittered before freezing as the sound of footsteps in the hallway made them both hold their breath before the bathroom door closed out in the hall. "I think my pussy is too small. Cathy - I bet she could handle this. She's done it with way more guys than me."

"It was just nerves honey," Arthur said. "Next time you'll do better."

"I was just imagining Grandma," Lisa whispered. "She's even littler than me."

"And she does fine," Arthur said. "Not as much as I like it, but she does it. Even does it another way every once in a while."

"You mean?" Lisa said as she stared at the erection she was holding upright. "No way! She takes you in the ass?"

"On special occasions,' Arthur chuckled. "Maybe some day we'll do it."

"No way."

"Want to try again?" Arthur said, and Lisa nodded, jumping off the bed to her desk before running back with a plastic ruler in her hand.

"Want to see how big it is," Lisa giggled as she held the pink measuring stick along the underside of her grandfather's cock. "Cathy won't believe it. Holy shit! Your cock is almost a foot long."

"I don't think you measure it way down where you had the ruler," Arthur explained with a chuckle. "I do want to get at least 6 inches of it in that sweet pussy of yours, but this time I'll get you ready for it."

"There," Arthur was saying as he slid the rubbery dildo into Lisa's cum-filled orifice.

After getting Lisa's toy out of the drawer he had seen it in earlier, he had lubed it up and worked it into his granddaughter's pussy, enjoying her biting the pillow while he loosened her up.

Lisa was thrusting up her pouting mound at the 7" toy, the tiny wisp of golden fleece making the black tool seem even bigger, and as Arthur used some of the lotion on his throbbing erection he knew the time was right.

Yanking the dildo out, he tossed it aside and climbed in between his granddaughter's thighs again, and while it wasn't all that easy, when he push this time he managed to squeeze more than the head of his cock in.

Lisa's stifled squeal sent a chill down Arthur spine as he pushed further inside her vice-like pussy, and when he looked down he saw that she had taken about half of it in.

"Good girl," he sighed as he began thrusting in and out of her tight hole, looking up to see Lisa's hands on her breasts. "That's it. Play with your titties for Grandpa."

It was tough to keep quiet, because the bed was squeaking and Lisa was whimpering,but not even the thought of having his wife or Lisa's parents coming through the door stopped Arthur. He pulled his glistening spear almost all the way out and then slid back in several times, enjoying the sight the that cute little pussy being impaled by his thick manhood, which was stretching Lisa out to the limit.

Arthur felt her pussy contract around his cock savagely as she came, and unable to hold back he came as well, filling her womb with his seed while her pussy seemed to be tried to push him out with contractions.

"Omigod," Lisa gasped as she felt the massive organ inside of her begin to go limp, finally sliding out of her as her grandfather leaned over her. "I'm never going to be able to walk again."

"Sure you will," Arthur said as he straightened up and pulled on his cock with long strokes, squeezing the last drops of sap onto his granddaughter's mound. "So, would you want to do that?"

"Do what?"

"You and me and your friend Cathy," Arthur explained. "I'm here for a couple of more days."

"You would really do that?" Lisa asked. "The three of us together?"

"Why not? Don't you think your Grandpa can take care of both of you?" he said. "Between you two and my pills, I bet I can. Unless you think your friend won't do it?"

"Cathy? She'll do it," Lisa replied.

"Well, you set it up," Arthur said as he climbed off of the bed and got his pajamas back on, his back aching from the workout. "Better get back in bed before your Grandma misses me. Night."


Arthur looked down at his granddaughter, who was on her knees looking up at him while her mouth stretched wide to take in the head of his cock, and although she couldn't get much more than the head in, she tried like crazy to do her best.

They were in the basement of Lisa's house, while upstairs the rest of the family was walking around unaware of what was going on down in the cellar. They had snuck down at Lisa's request, for two reasons.

One was to tell her grandfather that Cathy was most definitely interested in meeting him, and would be over before lunch. Upon hearing that, Arthur had taken his pill along with a bunch of Advil because his knees and his back were a bit sore from last night.

The second reason Lisa wanted to be alone with her grandfather was simple. "I didn't get to suck your cock last night," she said, so she proceeded to pull it out of his pants and went to work, while her grandfather tried to enjoy it without popping his nut.

"Let's wait until your friend gets here," Arthur said as he helped his granddaughter to her feet and stuffed his cock back under wraps before they went upstairs and out to the garage, where Arthur pretended to be interested in Lisa's car, a ten year old Mazda.

"Where are we going to go?" Arthur asked, and Lisa told her grandfather that there was a place way back in the woods where they went with boys that was secluded.

"Wouldn't it be nicer to do this inside?" he said when Lisa explained that Cathy's mother didn't work so they couldn't go there, and with her house full of company that was out, Arthur suggested a motel.

"Cool," Lisa said, and made up an excuse for having her disappear with her Grandpa.

"So tell me about Cathy," Arthur said while they waited for Lisa's cherubic friend. "I saw her yesterday, but really didn't pay that much attention to her. "I know she's a redhead. Real, I'm guessing?"

"Yeah, but she shaved her pussy," Lisa explained. "That made her grandfather mad, because he likes hairy ones, and Cathy really had a gigantic bush. She's going to let it grow back though, on account of how her labia are so big she thinks it looks gross."

"Never had one without hair," Grandpa mused. "Although you don't have very much around yours."

"I know. Cathy's was so hairy it grew on the insides of her thighs and way down to her ass crack, and that kind of embarrassed her, but her Grandpa liked it."

"He seems like a kindred spirit to me," Arthur suggested. "Must be a child of the sixties like me."

"I guess. He even had her stop shaving her pits over last winter," Lisa said while making a face. "You should have seen her."

"I should have," Arthur repeated.

"She's a couple months older than me. Just turned 19. She's kinda chubby. Big butt and really big tits. She's like a double D cup I think."


"You'll probably end up liking her more than me," Lisa pouted.

"Don't be silly," Arthur said and he looked around before squeezing his granddaughter's butt. "You're a little hottie and with always be my favorite."

"Here she comes," Lisa announced, and her grandfather turned to see Lisa's friend coming up the driveway.

Now that he was about to get to know the girl more intimately, Arthur looked the teen over. She was about 5'4" and was chubby but seemed pretty solid. She was definitely a redhead, with flaming curls and a galaxy of freckles that were revealed with the tank top she was wearing that exposed her shoulders, neck and arms.

Under the yellow tank top Arthur could see the heavy duty harness that was straining to contain a huge pair of jugs, and the shorts Cathy was wearing showed a pair of legs that were plump but shapely.

"Hi, Mr. Preston," Cathy said, her toothy smile wide as her eyes went down to Lisa's grandfather's crotch.

"Hello. Looking for something?" Arthur asked playfully.

"Lisa said you got a big one," Cathy said while blushing. "I told her you did."

"Come here," Arthur said as he motioned for them to follow him around the back of the garage out of sight, and when they got back there he pulled his zipper down and took Cathy's wrist. "Reach in and say hello."

Cathy let Lisa's grandfather put her hand inside the fly of his trousers, and after fumbling around briefly her pudgy fingers found what they were looking for.

"Holy shit!" Cathy said as she started to pull on the monstrous organ.

"Told you!" Lisa responded.

"Oh man," Cathy moaned. "My Grandpa's got a big one, but not this big. Yours is fucking huge. Let's go back to the woods."

"I can see you liked it," Arthur chortled as he nodded down to the busty girl's nipples which were practically popping through the blouse and bra she had on.

"My Grandpa wants to take us to a motel," Lisa giggled.


"Let's go," Arthur said so they hopped into Lisa's car, and as Lisa drove Arthur asked his granddaughter's friend if it was true what Lisa had said.

"Yeah, I shaved it," Cathy said. "I wish I didn't shave it all, but I was tired of being so hairy. Want to see what I looked like?"

From the back seat Cathy handed Arthur her phone, and he shook his head when he saw the picture that she had brought up.

"You're a real redhead, that's for sure," Arthur said as he looked at the burnt orange bush. "Doesn't look like it's too hairy to me though."

"Look at this one," Cathy said as she hit a button and showed Arthur a picture of her on her back naked, with arms and legs akimbo.

"Who took the picture, your grandfather?"

"Yeah. The pit hair, that was his idea too," Cathy said as she lifted her arms to reveal her plump and now smooth underarms. "See? All gone."

"Too bad," Arthur mused.

"You sound like my grandfather," Cathy giggled.

"I like the guy without even meeting him," Arthur said as he handed Cathy her phone back. "He sounds like another child of the 60's. Who knows, if this works out maybe we could all get together."

"You mean us with my Grandpa?" Cathy said. "That would be so freaky!"

"You seem a little wild, Cathy," Arthur said. "Ever do 2 guys at once?"

"No, are you kidding me?"

"Sure. I could be on my back with my cock in your pussy, and your grandfather could stick his cock in your ass..."

"He loves doing that," Cathy chimed in. "Oh man!"

"And Lisa here could be sitting on my face," Arthur suggested.

"Girl - drive faster," Cathy said to Lisa. "My panties are so wet my pussy juices are seeping through my shorts."


Arthur couldn't believe the show that was going on right in front of him on the hotel bed. His granddaughter Lisa and her friend Cathy, as naked as he was, were going at it, and just like the night before, little Lisa had been the submissive one while Cathy was more like him. The aggressor. The predator.

Not in the real sense, because they were both 18, but compared to Cathy both physically and emotionally, Arthur's granddaughter was a child and although Lisa's body was perky and more enticing to Arthur, Cathy's looked like a woman.

Arthur had been nervous while renting the motel room, and felt like a pervert when he had the girls sneak in afterwards, but once the door locked behind them Arthur forgot everything and was enthralled when Cathy took the initiative and said that she was going to get warmed up with his granddaughter.

Cathy had peeled Lisa's blouse and shorts off quickly, and when she deftly unhooked his granddaughter's bra and replaced the cups with her chubby freckled hands, Arthur's cock was already erect and waving in front of him as he watched from the side.

"Motherfucker!" Cathy said when she got distracted by the sight of her lover's Grandpa slowly sliding his hand up and down his erection, and although he recoiled at the salty language coming from the teen he also enjoyed the look she gave his swollen organ. "You're hung like a horse, dude. Can't wait to feel that big boy inside of me."

"Keep going," Arthur groaned as he watched Cathy pull her own blouse off of her head. "Lisa honey, why don't you take Cathy's brassiere off of her?"

"Front hooks, babe," Cathy told Lisa, and then reached up and ran her fingers through her curly red locks before linking her hands behind her neck and smugly watching Lisa fumbled with the hooks that held the contraption.

"Ah!" Cathy sighed after Lisa had undone the last hook, smiling as her friend was startled when the hooks popped out of Lisa's grasp when the harness lurched off of her and her breasts burst free.

"Whatcha think?" Cathy said as he looked over at Lisa's grandfather for approval.

"Lisa said you were a Double D cup," Arthur sighed as her stared at the enormous bell shaped breasts that had eased down to Cathy's thick stomach and the marks made by the heavy duty harness. "I think you might need to go up a size. That's it. Hug each other."

The sight of the two teens embracing, with Cathy's huge breasts pressing against Lisa's titties, made Arthur stop stroking his cock for fear of shooting a load into the cheap carpet of the motel room.

Arthur's old occupation came into his thoughts as she watched Cathy and Lisa embracing and kissing, and having been the produce manager of the local grocery chain, all he could think of was that when those tits rubbed up against each other, it was like watermelons and lemons together.

"Go down on Cathy," Arthur instructed his granddaughter and the teen shed their panties, and although the sight of Cathy's smooth pussy was a bit off-putting, there was nothing at all child-like about the rest of her.

Lisa's face went down between the chubby thighs that parted to accommodate her, and when Arthur saw the over-sized labia on Cathy, he wondered whether they looked huge because there was no hair around them or they were just plain big. Probably a combination of the two, Arthur concluded as Lisa's face eased into the fold.

"That's it girlfriend," Cathy moaned as she reached up and squeezed her fleshy tits, which even on her back still looked enormous, and as he plucked nipples that were as fat and thick as bullets, she implored Lisa. "Show your Grandpa what a great cunt lapper you are."

"Gonna do me first?" Cathy was asking Arthur.

"Ask Lisa," Arthur said, and Lisa briefly took her face from her friend's pussy to say it was okay.

"Can I taste that pussy too, honey?" Arthur asked his granddaughter, and after Lisa rolled away Arthur took a look at the first hairless crotch he had ever gone near, and while it looked alien, it smelt like woman.

Arthur's tongue ran along the puffy lips of Cathy's sex before dipping in, and after he started lapping away he heard Cathy's squeal of approval, but after a minute Arthur had to stop.

"Gotta have it," he grunted as he got up onto his knees and directed traffic on the king sized bed, which was full of flesh. "Get over next to Cathy, honey. That's it. Suck on her tits."

"Eeee!" Cathy squealed as Arthur pressed the head of his manhood into the redhead's opening, and although the labia were large, the opening wasn't that much more accommodating than his granddaughter's had been, and when he pushed into her Arthur hoped that nobody was in any of the adjoining rooms.

"That's it, squeal you little pig," Arthur mumbled to himself, and as his massive tool tore into Cathy he felt none of the remorse and showed none of the compassion he had shown to Lisa, because Lisa was a tender innocent.

"Take it all girl," Arthur said as he pushed all of his cock into the writhing teen, glancing over at Lisa, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights as her girlfriend got pushed up to the headboard, although he noted that she was fingering herself as she watched Cathy get impaled by her Grandpa.

"Holy motherfucking shit," Cathy groaned, the color of her face now matching her hair as Arthur fully impaled her before pulling it all out of her and plunging back in. "Fuck!"

"You like that, don't you?" Arthur cackled. "You gonna like it when I'm fucking your ass later?"

"Fuck," Cathy grunted, holding the backs of her thighs with her hands while her friend's grandfather began humping faster and harder. "Fuck!"

"Get ready for me, honey," Arthur told his granddaughter. "After she cums I'm going to you."

Lisa nodded and got next to her friend on the bed, her hand still wiggling inside her pussy while she watched her Grandpa fuck her friend, and when Cathy started to cum the whole bed shook as her pussy clenched down on the 70 year old rod inside her.

"Take it out take it out!" Cathy screamed as her body lurched and she made like Joe Cocker with her arms.

Arthur was shocked for a second, but as he pulled his member out of the teen's pussy he was looking down when a gusher of fluids drenched his crotch, followed my a second less explosive blast.

"She squirts sometimes," came the giggling voice of his granddaughter who seemed amused at her grandfather's shocked expression, but Arthur recovered quickly and knee-walked around Cathy - whose body was still convulsing - and went between his granddaughter's thighs.

"Ow!" Lisa gasped as Arthur's dripping cock got reminded how tight his granddaughter's pussy really was, and now Arthur forced himself to be more gentle and tender, not impaling Lisa like he had Cathy, only working about half of his cock in and out of her while she squeezed her little titties for him.

"So fucking hot."

The voice had come from Arthur's side, where Cathy had recovered and was now kneeling down beside them, watching Lisa and her grandfather moving in a steady rhythm.

"So fucking hot watching you fuck your Grandpa," Cathy was telling her friend, and while she watched them her hand was deep inside of herself while behind her the bedding was drenched. "You go girl. Take that big cock deep."

"You had enough?" Arthur asked Cathy as sweat rolled off his body and onto his granddaughter while he watched Lisa begin to heat up.

"No way," Cathy said. "I want more though. I want you to cum in me after you make Lisa cum."

Arthur nodded, wishing he had taken a couple extra Advil because his back was beginning to feel the effects of all this, but he sucked it up because he doubted whether this would ever happen again. He tried not to cum himself when he felt Lisa's pussy contract around him while she thrashed beneath him.

"Do me doggie," Cathy said as Arthur climbed out from between his granddaughter's thighs.

Okay, but turn around the other way. "Face the dresser."

"Like this?" Cathy asked after the three of them rearranged their bodies, and as Cathy got on all fours the cherubic teen looked up at the reflection in the mirror. "Cool."

Arthur contorted his back a little as he came up behind the chubby redhead, whose back was a galaxy of freckles on pale white skin. Cathy's ass was plump but pretty solid, and after kneading the chunky ass cheeks he spread them open.

Deep in the fleshy crevice he saw Cathy's anus, and while she had shaved almost everywhere there was still a tiny circle of burnt orange hairs around her tan balloon knot, and he playfully slipped his finger in the tight hole, enjoying the stunned reaction of Cathy in the mirror before telling her, "Next time," as he moved up tightly behind her.

"Oh man," Cathy groaned as Arthur slid his cock into the plump teen from behind. "Feels even bigger this way."

"You like it though, don't you?" Arthur cackled, reaching out and grabbing Cathy's hair and pulling her head back gently while she laughed and said yes.

"Fill with your Grandpa sap," Cathy said in a challenging voice.

"When I'm ready," Arthur sighed as he leaned up into the fleshy backside, running his hands all over the freckles as he looked at them in the mirror.

Cathy's jugs were hanging down almost to the bedding, and the massive mammaries swayed a beat behind as they started the bed rocking. Arthur reached down and around, cupping the huge tits as best he could while his aging hairy body covered the teen like the true predatory animal he was.

"I love you honey," Arthur said to Lisa, who was watching her Grandpa screw her friend, and not wanting her to feel left out Arthur nodded for her to kneel next to them.

"Give Grandpa a kiss," Arthur said, and as they kissed in a decidedly un-family like manner he asked his granddaughter to play with his balls.

That's it," Arthur said when he felt his wagging scrotum get captured his her little hand. "When Cathy cums, I want you to really squeeze them Like you were milking them dry, okay?"

"Harder," Cathy was grunting as they looked at themselves in the mirror, and Arthur responded, his thrusts so violent that the bed started inching towards the dresser.

"Now!" Arthur yelled as he watched Cathy's face do an imitation of the painting The Scream, and as he let out a feral howl Arthur felt Lisa squeezing and twisting his balls as he joined in the orgasm, filling the portly teen's pussy with his aged sap.

"Go get it," Arthur sighed as he let his cock flop out of Cathy, nodding to Lisa after rolling Cathy onto her back. "Clean her up."

Lisa looked apprehensively as Cathy's pussy, with the milky white semen drooling out from between the puffy lips, but she did as her grandfather asked, letting her tongue slide up and down the crevice as he looked down with pride.


They had moved to the other bed because they had made the first one unbearable to lay in, and now the three of them were comfortable in a fresh bed. Surrounded by the two 18 year olds, the old gray grandfather looked like he was in heaven as he rested on his back, hands clenched behind his head as the two girls plucked his nipples and played with the hair on his chest.

"Mine were hairier than yours," Cathy said as he slid her hand up and ran her fingers through the silver spray of hair in Arthur's armpit.

"Yours were hairier than anybody else in the world," Lisa giggled from the other side of the bed.

"You didn't seem to mind," Cathy retorted, before asking Arthur whether or not he would be able to do an encore.

"My Grandpa can only do it once usually," Cathy explained. "So it's okay if you can't."

"He did it twice last night," Lisa said, coming to her grandfather's defense.

"I might be able to," Arthur said, hiding his grimace as best he could as he tried to find a comfortable position, and although he knew his cock could rise again, the thought of trying to get his back to cooperate was the sticking point. "If I got some help..."

Cathy immediately knew what Arthur wanted, and after she had slid down the bed Lisa joined her friend at his other hip. Lifting the utterly limp cock from between Lisa's grandfather's legs, Cathy gave the organ a long slow tug, stretching the cock as far as she could while they giggle.

"It's scary even soft," Lisa said.

"Scary good," Cathy said as Lisa's hand held the rubbery hose at the stump while Cathy slid the foreskin down to exposed the mushroom-shaped glans. "My Grandpa's not cut either. I like them better like this."

"Is your grandfather's this big?" Lisa asked, and Cathy shok her head.

"No, his is pretty big," Cathy said. "I think it's about 7", but my Grandpa's isn't nearly as thick as this."

"You know 7" inches is pretty damn big," Arthur said in defense of the kindred spirit he would love to meet. "You kids spend too much time on the Internet looking at freaks and photo-shopped dicks."

"This should be on the Internet," Cathy said before licking around the ridge of the crown. "We could make you a porn star. How would you like to see your dick in a website, Mr. Preston?"

"I'd rather see it in your mouth," Arthur suggested. "Both of your mouths."

The girls giggled, but then Cathy began to suck on the cock she was holding, and as Arthur began to feel his organ tingle he watched her pass it to his granddaughter.

They went back and forth, sharing the cock that slowly began to get harder and thicker. Their tongues dueled at the tip, slapping the opening along with each other's tongues, and the sight made Arthur take a deep breath.

"Don't forget my balls," Arthur said, and as Lisa tried to suck the cock her friend ducked down and gave each of his wrinkled nuts an exquisite bath.

Cathy was the more talented cocksucker, Arthur determined, figuring that the little piglet probably had a whole lot more experience, but as for watching his granddaughter's lips going up and down his manhood as far as they could? Well, there was something different about that which made up for a lot of inexperience.

"Both of you use a hand," Arthur said as he became nearly erect, and after they got a steady rhythm going with their fists sliding up and down the shaft Arthur suggested a new position. "How about you two riding me this time?"

"Me first," Cathy squealed as she scrambled up to her knees. "I'm already wet."

"You're always wet," Lisa said with a pout.

"I'll cum in you this time, okay baby?" Arthur told his granddaughter, and Lisa smiled as she watched Cathy mount her Grandpa.

"AW!" Cathy groaned as the bulbous head pierced her opening while her Rubenesque body squatted unsteadily over the lance. "Help me girl."

Lisa helped balance her friend as Cathy slowly eased herself down, and along with her grandfather Lisa got a perfect view as the foreskin slid down along with the labia before the thickly veined shaft got swallowed up by the redhead's pussy.

"Nice," Arthur said as he did his part by reaching up and cupping the huge udders that dangled down in front of him, their size even overwhelming his long bony fingers.

Arthur's finger traced around the circumference of the crimson aureoles, which had to be even bigger than drink coasters, before plucking at the fat pegs of Cathy's nipples, making the cherubic girl groan as she put her hands over the wrinkled ones already on her tits.

"This is so good," Cathy said after she had managed to work all of Arthur into her snug cavern as Lisa knelt by her side, stroking her freckled shoulders and nibbling her neck as her friend began humping on him harder.

"Cum!" Arthur said, almost commanded, and as if on cue, Cathy responded, her body swaying around and her head rolling around on her shoulders as she came, and after she was done Lisa almost pushed her friend off so she could climb on herself.

"Ouch," Lisa said as she struggled to stay squatting over her grandfather as she took the head into her little furry opening.

"You can take more than that," Cathy said as she acted like a spotter while Lisa did little squat thrusts on her grandfather. "That's it."

Arthur was surprised at how much of the cock she was able to take like this, and as she got a better feel for the balancing act she seemed to enjoy it ever more.

"Yeah!" Cathy chirped, seeming to be enjoying it just as much as her friend. "Ride that big boy!"

Lisa's head was like a bobbing head doll as she rode Arthur's cock, and he enjoyed Cathy's hands all over Lisa's titties, squeezing and kneading the little buds roughly while the bed bounced beneath all of them.

"Gonna cum soon, aren't you girlfriend?" Cathy cackled, and then Arthur watched as the redhead grabbed Lisa's hand and pulled her wrist behind her head.

"Oh no!" Lisa laughed as Cathy leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the wet and smooth hollow of Lisa's armpit while she futilely tried to stop Cathy, and the sight of this made Arthur's orgasm race through his loins.

Arthur thought Lisa's pussy was going to crush his cock flat as she came, screaming while her grandfather shot his load deep into Lisa's womb, and luckily Arthur had just gotten done cumming himself when the tangled mass of bodies collapsed, sending all of them nearly off the bed.

"Did you cum?" Cathy asked Arthur breathlessly, and after he nodded that he had, Cathy pulled Lisa all the way back onto the bed before burying her mouth into the soft golden down, either trying to suck the seed out or force it back inside.

Arthur took a deep breath as he watched the two teens playing next to him, and although he knew that he would pay the price for this tomorrow, he was too busy enjoying the moment now to care.


"Guess I pulled a muscle or something," Arthur told his wife the next morning when she saw him struggling to get out of bed the next morning.

"You sure you aren't just saying that to get out of going to the swap meet this afternoon?" she asked, but she could tell that her husband was in pain so she told him that she understood.

"There," Lisa's mother said as she set up the den downstairs for her father-in-law with a heating pad on the couch and the remote control within reach. "And Lisa will be home from school in an hour in case you need anything."

"I'll be fine," Arthur said, and after taking a few more pills drifted off to sleep, and only woke up when he sensed a presence beside him.

"Hi Grandpa,"

"Oh. Hi honey," Arthur said as he looked at the little doll looking at him nervously. "I thought I died and went to heaven when I saw my little angel in front of me."

"It's my fault, isn't it?" Lisa pouted. "Me and Cathy. We hurt your back. Mom called and told me you were hurting."

"No honey, it's just part of getting old," Arthur explained. "Besides, I wouldn't trade yesterday for anything."

"Can I get you anything?"

"Maybe a soda, or a beer," Arthur suggested, and as he watched Lisa prance away in her plaid skirt and white socks the mind started thinking things, writing checks his back could not cash.

"Thanks honey," Arthur said as he took a sip of the Sam Adams and set it down onto table while contorting his back again in an effort to find the most bearable position, and as he did he felt a hand slipping inside the fly of his pajamas.


"It's all I could think about all day," Lisa said as she extracted the limp brown tube and began to stroke it. "Even Cathy - she said you were the best she ever had, and she's done a whole lot of boys - men."

"I wish that..."

"You did so good on your back yesterday," Lisa reminded her grandfather, lifting her skirt up and pulling down her panties, exposing the little cleft with the wisp of golden fleece around it, and as she pulled on her Grandpa's cock with one hand she fingered herself with the other. "You'll be gone tomorrow."

"We'll be back around the holidays," Arthur said.

"Your cock is getting hard," Lisa said, and started pulling harder and faster on it while yanking off her skirt and fumbling with the blouse buttons one-handed while she kept stroking the thick stiffening rod. "Please? You won't have to move a muscle."

A minute later, Lisa had stripped and climbed onto her grandfather in the sixty-nine position, sucking his cock while presenting herself to him. Arthur's hands parted the delta, his eyes first noting the tiny pink balloon knot and wondering what it would be like to put his cock into that impossibly little orifice.

Instead he licked downward until his tongue was parting Lisa's sex, and as he lapped at his granddaughter's sex a moment before she would climb on top of him, he knew what he was going to ask for Christmas.

"A better back," Arthur mused while tonguing Lisa's clit, and as he felt her wet lips sliding down the knob of his dick, he added, "and more granddaughters."