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Shawn's Friend

Written by MisterReason

The scene unfolding before me was so perfect that it was like I was in a dream. In front of me were two young ladies who, at 18 and 19 years of age, were prime examples of sweet young flesh that any guy their age would love to sample. For a 62 year man like yours truly, it was a fantasy come to life.

The 18 year old was a young lady that I had just met. She's an adorable little butterball with short black hair and to say she was nervous would be a gross understatement. Her eyes were bugging out of her head as she stood there, shifting her weight from foot to foot while I looked her over.

All tits and ass. That was the description I had been given of this girl named Karen, and even though she was dressed in clothes designed to hide rather than flatter, it was clear that it would take more than the crossing of her arms across her chest to hide the fact that Karen had big tits.

She had a nice round butt that's evident even in the loose jeans she's wearing too, and while she probably could stand to lose a little of the baby fat she was carrying, I couldn't wait to get that baggy blouse off of her and get better acquainted.

The other young lady, Shawn, is nothing like her friend. She's a slender blonde with big blue eyes and a bright smile. Shawn has perky tits that, while barely big enough to fill my hand, stick straight out and cry out to be sucked on.

Shawn's got a sweet and tight pussy too. Shaved, much to my dismay, since I prefer the more natural look, but that smooth little mound is still irresistible to me. Once I started sampling it, I was hooked. The fact that I'm her Dad doesn't even bother me anymore.

It's not surprising that Karen would be attracted to Shawn. Who wouldn't? Shawn didn't exactly resist Karen's advances, because she's been known to go that way from time to time, but she did insist that Shawn come home and meet her old man. That's my baby girl.

I guess it's a sign of how much Karen wanted my daughter, because according to Shawn, Karen had only had sex with one guy her entire life. For her to agree to come and meet me showed the allure of my sweet child, and even after Shawn had explained to the little dyke that this wasn't going to be just a social call, she still came.

We were in my bedroom - my bedroom because of the need for a bigger bed - even though I liked it better when we used Shawn's room. You know, the stuffed animals and the posters of all of the teen idols adds another layer of nastiness to the scenario, but when we have company we make adjustments.

"Everything cool, Karen," my daughter said as she gave her friend a little hug. "You like my Dad, don't you? Isn't he awesome looking?"

Karen still had the "deer in the headlights" look about her, and I smiled as our eyes met. I think my daughter's a little wacky as far as her description of me, but who am I to complain. Shawn tells girls that I look a little like Nicolas Cage, although given the movies he's been making lately I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Shawn, who at around 5'6" was almost a half foot taller than her chunky friend, moved behind Karen and wrapped her arms around her. Giving me a knowing wink, Shawn's hands took Karen arms away from their protective role in covering her chest, and then cupped her own hands over Karen's breasts.

"Mmm," Shawn said as she fondled Karen's tits through the fabric. "Isn't my bud as awesome as I told you? You should see the size of Karen's breasts, Daddy."

"You're right," I said in agreement. "I should."

"Why don't you show Karen yours first, Daddy?" Shawn suggested. "I told her all about you."

"Karen doesn't seem all that interested in me," I said as I looked at the dazed look Shawn's friend had, whether it was from the situation she was in or the way that my daughter was kneading her jugs through her blouse and bra.

"Yes she is Daddy. Aren't you Karen?" Shawn asked her friend, who managed a shrug of her shoulders. "Karen didn't believe me when I told her how big your dick is."

"Shawn tends to exaggerate sometimes," I said, giving Karen a shrug of my own shoulders before slowly pulling down the zipper of my trousers and making a dramatic reach into the fly.

It's all in the presentation sometimes, and it did help that I was already a bit aroused at the proceedings that had been going on around me, but after I extracted my cock from the confines of my briefs and let it hang out of the opening of my pants like that Mapplethorpe photo long ago, the look on Karen's face was priceless.

"Told ya!" Shawn giggled as Karen's eyes darted over to my daughter. "Wanna help me give him head?"

"Why don't you get your friend comfortable first?" I suggested as I undid my trousers and shorts and let them fall to the carpet.

"Daddy wants to see your titties," Shawn explained as she first started to undo the buttons on Karen's blouse before saying the hell with it.

Karen reluctantly lifted her arms and let my daughter pull the blouse off of her. The girl was wearing a bra - a long line contraption built for the heavy duty work it had to do instead of designed for fashion - and her cleavage was cavernous.

Shawn was kind enough to unhook the bra for the terrified teen, and when the last hook came free the harness lurched off of Karen. Shawn peeled the cups away and exposed the biggest pair of tits I had even seen in person outside of a strip club.

Karen's tits weren't the silicone variety, however. Her breasts were 100% real, and while they might not have the cosmetic perfection of my man-made mammaries, the way that my daughter's fingers dug into the plaint softness made it clear that these jugs were a joy to hold.

"Incredible," I sighed as I finished unbuttoning my shirt and watched Shawn slobber all over her friend's tits, licking the wide coaster-like aureoles and making the fat stubs of her nipples pop out.

Karen's eyes moved in the direction of my voice, and when she saw my hand stroking what had become longer and thicker as a result of seeing her, she started to panic, saying something like she couldn't do this.

"Sure you can," Shawn said, using a calming tone in her voice to soothe her friend's fear. "You want me, don't you? I want you too. Here. Help me take my blouse off."

Shawn brought Karen's hands up to the buttons on her blouse, and when her fingers got moving she forgot about me being there, at least for a minute. After Karen pulled apart the blouse, she let out a little sob before lurching forward and attacking Shawn's titties.

My daughter and I exchanged knowing looks as we watched Karen's smother Shawn's perky sprouts with as much passion as I had even done. I didn't think that this was the first time Karen had gotten this far with my daughter, but she was acting like it was.

"Easy babe," Shawn was saying as she pushed Karen's away from her for a second.

"You're so beautiful," Karen sobbed, and she really was crying a little, her body shaking as she looked up at my daughter.

"You are too Karen," Shawn said. "Let my Daddy see you."

Shawn dipped to her knees and undid Karen's jeans and slipped them down her sturdy legs. Her calves were full but shapely, and they both giggled when my daughter started to take down Karen's full cut panties.

"My Daddy likes pussies with hair on them," Shawn said as Karen steeped out of her panties.

Indeed I did, and the sight of that lush black forest between Karen's plump thighs forced me to stop stroking myself for fear I was going to pop a load all over the rug. It wasn't the hairiest pussy I had ever seen, but her triangle was wide and the thick bush looked soft.

Karen was stocky but solid, and naked her fireplug physique was really arousing to me. I tried to imagine what this girls' measurements would be - maybe 48-34-50 I thought to myself with a chuckle - although you would have to slide the tape under her tits to measure her waist because those whoppers of hers hung down that far.

Karen tried to get at Shawn's jeans but my daughter distracted her friend from that and herded her over to me. Karen's eyes followed my cock as it swayed in front of me, and I don't know whether the string of pre-cum that was hanging off the tip of my dick excited or disgusted her.

"He doesn't bite," my daughter giggled as the tow of them came over to me. "Nibbles sometimes though."

Shawn gave me a kiss that was so passionate that it might have rattle my fillings loose, and as our tongues dueled I felt a hand on my cock. The paw was tiny so I knew it was my daughter's hand sliding along the length of my member.

"You like Karen, don't you Daddy?" Shawn whispered in my ear in between nibbling my lobe. "You want to taste that hairy twat and play with those jugs of hers, don't you?"

I nodded while looked over at my daughter's friend, who was obviously perplexed about what was going on. I think Karen was jealous of the affection my daughter was giving me more than upset that a father and his daughter could carry on like we were, so over Shawn's shoulder I motioned for my daughter's buxom buddy to join us.

"That's it," I said as Karen sidled up next to us and let me put my arm around her plump shoulders.

Karen was at least a foot shorter than me so her tits were down around my hips as she tried to avoid making contact with my cock, which was sticking straight out and begging to be serviced. With my daughter on my left and Karen on my right, my cock was drooling, and Shawn got tired of waiting for Karen to do something so she reached down and grabbed it.

"Help me, babe," Shawn said to her friend, who tentatively put her hand next to my daughter's, and as they began to stroke me as a team I groaned.

"Oh yeah," I said as I leaned over and kissed the top of Karen's head. "Nice hands."

"Let's suck this big boy together," Shawn suggested, and without waiting for her friend's response, knelt down and began licking with Karen kept stroking my dick.

"Go ahead, Karen," I said, putting a little pressure on her soft round shoulders, and finally she went down to join my daughter in kneeling in front of me.

The two of them took turns, handing my cock back and forth between the two of them. I didn't need to look down in order to tell which one was sucking me, because while Shawn was an experienced cocksucker who could damn near deep throat me, Karen's efforts were more amateurish.

That turned me on, knowing that Karen probably hadn't sucked anywhere near as many cocks as my daughter, and was only doing this so she could get at Shawn's pussy. The thought of this bosomy lesbian with her face buried between my daughter shapely thighs turned me on so much that I had to make it happen.

Pulling them both up to their feet, I maneuvered us over to the bed, and when I eased Karen down to the bedding Shawn sensed what I wanted. She helped me part Karen's pudgy thighs, revealing that the thick jungle of hair went down past her pussy lips and well into the crack of her ass.

Karen's pussy tasted more woodsy and wild that my daughter's, and I relished the aroma and taste as I dipped my tongue between her lush labia, making her shiver as I tongued her clit. Then my daughter's head went where mine had just been, burrowing her face into Karen's sex as I watched.

Karen's jugs, still mountainous despite her being on her back, were heaving as Shawn went down on her, and I got onto my knees nest to the brunette, stroking my cock as I watched my daughter's friend lose her nervous exterior when she saw it was Shawn's tongue down there.

"I'm gonna fuck those tits before this night is through," I mumbled to myself as Karen's hands came up and started kneading her massive jugs, not caring that I was watching as she writhed on the bed.

Shawn took her face out of the steaming cauldron that was Karen's sex, and as she slithered up on top of Karen's body my daughter's friend became aggressive, rolling over on top of Shawn and smothering her lithe form with kisses.

Now Karen was down between Shawn's legs, on all fours slobbering like an animal all over Shawn's smooth mound, and as I worked my way around their naked sweaty bodies I found myself looking at Karen from behind.

Her ass was so big and round, and surprisingly firm when I tested her full globes with my hands. I spread her cheeks to see that indeed, the hair did go right up to her anus, which was somewhere in the curls, but I didn't want her ass, at least not yet.

Instead, I knelt behind Karen, and before she knew what hit her, I was sliding my cock up and down her opening, which was dripping wet from the combination of our saliva and Karen's excitement.

"OOHHH!!!" Karen cried out as I sunk my cock into her pussy, which was incredibly tight.

It felt like I was exploring uncharted territory as my long probe descended deep into her impossibly tight cavern, and although I think she might have cried out for me to stop, at that point I fear it would have been impossible.

Shawn's hands were in Karen's hair, pulling her face back down into her pussy as I grabbed hold of Karen's full hips and began rocking in and out of her. She started getting looser down there, and after a bit she was no longer complaining but actually thrusting back into me.

I slid my hands over Karen's back, her skin soft and supple, and then I reached down around the chunky teen and tried to grab her breasts, which were hanging down as she lapped my daughter's cunt.

Leaning over Karen like a praying mantis, my hands were over-matched by her meaty udders, but that didn't stop my from pawing at them roughly while I continued to drill deep into her pussy. The bed was slamming into the wall by this point, but the minor damage was well worth it as I watched my blonde baby cumming, her eyes rolling back in her head as Karen's tongue brought her to climax.

Then it was Karen's turn, and the chubby chick was face down on the bed, her fists full of bedding as Shawn crawled out from under her.

"Harder Daddy," my daughter implored me as she stroked her friend's sweaty neck, her eyes wide and wild as I pounded into Karen with all my might.

Her pussy seized my cock as she came, and then came a series of contractions as waves of orgasms followed. I could no longer hold back, and as Karen screamed as she came, so did I.

"AWWW!!!" I howled as I emptied what felt like a massive load of my seed deep into Karen's womb, and I held on tight as my balls emptied, not letting go until my deflated dick finally slithered out.

"You came so good!" Shawn chirped as she hugged her friend, who looked like she had just been really fucked.

So did I, I suspect, as I watched the two of them hugging. My cum was oozing out of Karen's pussy as the two girls embraced, and I rubbed my seed into the mat of black curls as I enjoyed their affections toward each other before they turned toward me.

"It was okay," Karen said in response to my daughter's question, but the wry smile she gave me let me know that it was probably better than okay.


"I can't believe you two do this," Karen told me as she ran her hand through the hair on my chest. "Having sex with each other, I mean."

"I know," I agreed, glancing over at my daughter, who was asleep on the other side of the bed, before looking back up at the ceiling fan above us. "It wasn't planned, but just sort of happened. Pretty sick huh?"

"Yes," Karen said as her hand went down and picked my limp dick off of my stomach, pulling on it lazily as she continued. "I guess that makes me pretty sick too, because not only didn't I mind after a while, it started turning me on."

"Mmm - do tell," I said, enjoying Karen's gently pulling on my dick. "Tell me more."

"I don't do guys," Karen said. "Guess Shawn probably told you that, but I wanted her so bad that I would have done just about anything to have her. Crazy huh?"

"Not really," I confessed. "I wouldn't want to, but if somebody told me I would have to suck some guy's dick in order to make love to Shawn, I guess I probably would. Don't tell her that - please."

"I won't," Karen said, and we both giggled.

"You're a nice guy," Karen admitted as sh held up my semi-erect cock for inspection. "Wish I had one of these. I've got one at home like this, but this is so warm and..."

"If you keep doing that," I warned Karen.

"What are you going to do to me?" Karen said with a grin. "I don't think that there's any place you haven't made a mess in me, is there?"

"Well," I mused, remembering the loads I had put in Karen's pussy, mouth and especially the joy of ejaculating with my cock deep in between her breasts. "There is one place, but I'm not sure if you're interested."

"My ass?" Karen asked. "You want to fuck me in the ass?"

I started to reply but Karen stopped me.

"Wasn't sure if you would be interested," Karen said. "But I've been thinking about it all night."

"You have?"

"Oh yeah. I mean, I know I've got a fat ass, and I'm kinda hairy back there."

"Very hairy," I corrected.

"Very hairy," Karen agreed. "Not like Shawn's. That hairless little balloon knot of hers was yummy."

"I know," I agreed. "A little hair doesn't bother me a bit. I'm old school."

"Should we wake up your daughter?" Karen asked. "She seems so comfy and peaceful."

"Yes, we better," I said. "Not only would she be made if she found out she missed me fucking you in that sweet ass of yours, but we're going to need lube, and I don't know where she keeps it."

"Okay," Karen said, rolling over and nudging Shawn, while I looked at that lush bottom and smiled.

"Are you going to wear a condom?" Karen asked as she roused my daughter.

"If you want me to."

"Rather not," Karen said. "This is probably going to be the only cock I ever take up the ass, so go commando."

"My pleasure," I said as I watched my sleepy daughter come back to the land of the living, and the delight in Shawn's eyes when Karen told her what we were going to do was evident.

"You're going to love it!" Shawn squealed as she went over to the dresser for the lube. "My Daddy is the absolute best!"

"No, baby," I said, beaming with fatherly pride as they greased up my cock before turning our collective attention to Karen's anus for the priming it would need.
"You're the best."

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