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A Country Road

Written by lovelyladyfaire
Summer in the mountains. It's been a very cool season for us here among the huge trees and glistening lakes. I was sitting on the back deck watching the humming birds fiercely fight for the right to sip down the sweet nectar within the feeder. Territorial little creatures are truly amazing to watch. The handsome males chase any invaders into their area away with a forceful quick and clear disapproval. The calmer ladies take this moment in time to drink and savor the sugary treat as the males fight for the right to become an ardent suitor.

I suppose we, much like the Humming Birds, have our own clear, concise ways of defending and coveting that which we see as ours. There was a severe storm predicted for the late afternoon and I knew that if I were to get to the market for a few things I had to pull myself away from my sweet creatures and make haste.

I live in a small rural town made up of many family farms. Although our population is small, the actual acreage is vast and unending. It is rare to see anyone on the small country roads as you definitely need modern transportation to move about and gather what you need to feed your creature comforts. I could easily see the man ahead on the road and was actually surprised to see him walking as the sky was becoming darker and the boisterous rumblings were coming ever closer.

I slowed down and came to a stop a few feet ahead of him. His gait was slow, but steady and strong. One foot in front of the other and he was just about at the side of my car. I rolled down the window and as he reached ever closer I spoke once I knew he would be able to hear my voice.

"Hi there, I'm going into town, can I offer you a ride, the weather is changing rather quickly and you may soon find yourself in somewhat of a fix?

Without a word he reached down, opened the door and in a flash he was sitting next to me. I couldn't help but admire his smile,

"Well, thank you so much for this unexpected pleasure. I make it a habit to walk each day and keep myself steady and strong. My name is John Hadly, I recognized your car as you passed by so I didn't hesitate when you offered this old man a ride."

"It's nice to meet you John, I've watched you walk this road many times. With the storm coming on, I couldn't very well let a neighbor be caught in it. I'm Savanah McCall, its a pleasure."

We shook hands and I was amazed at how softly he held my hand. I knew who he was as I had seen him many times at town meetings and gatherings. I would think that he was well into his golden years, in his late seventies I thought.

In almost no time the rain was coming down quite steady and strong. We got into town and I insisted that Mr. Hadly let me drop him at the entrance as he had no way of shielding himself from the deluge that was coming down with gusto.

I parked and grabbed my umbrella and there he was waiting for me just outside the door. A true gentleman, he opened the door for me and took possession of my umbrella offering me a market basket.

"Mr. Hadly, how about we gather the things we need and meet here when we're through. I'll get the car and we can load it and I'll drop you at home."

"That sounds like a plan." He took his basket and went along his way.

Within about thirty minutes we met as we had planned and once the car was loaded we were on our way.

"I want to thank you for your kindness Savanah, I'm sure I would have been a drowned rat had you not picked me up."

"It was my pleasure. You know if you ever have the need for a ride I'll give you my number and you can always give me a call."

He reached over and grabbed my thigh, gently as he again thanked me.

I have always been drawn to older men, I love the gleam in their eyes and the surprise in their faces when a younger woman acknowledges them as men and not simply old codgers.

We arrived at John's home and we both got out and walked around to the trunk to retrieve his packages. I bent over to reach into the back and was quite surprised when I felt him directly behind me.

"Here let me get those" He was very close to me and as he reached around me, his arms brushed across my breasts, he was actually leaning into me from behind when I felt his excitement. The soft moan was both a shock and a pleasure. Admittedly, I didn't move away and he moved ever so slowly, making sure he let me feel all of him.

"You've been so kind to me I think I'd like the chance to repay you by inviting you for dinner, how about it?"

The smile on his worn wrinkled face was almost pleading, how could I not accept his offer?

"That sounds lovely John, I'll take these things home and put them away, freshen up and be back at say six thirty, will that be good for you?"

John smiled and taking his packages in hand told me that he thought that would be just perfect.

"Now don't get all dressed up, I'm a casual kind of fella and I am a pretty plain cook. You take your time and I'll get to making our dinner and see you later on."

I was back in my car and heading home in no time. It was still raining but not nearly as heavy as earlier in the afternoon. I pulled into the drive grabbed my things from the truck and was fast at work putting things away. I had left myself enough time to jump in the shower and dress.

The hot water felt good, I was chilled by the dampness and cold rain. I dried my hair, it was soft and flowing. I thought about what I would wear and decided on a deep blue velor lounge set, pants and a top that was cozy and comfortable. A pretty lace trimmed bra in deep, deep blue covered my full breasts and showed a deep cleavage. The matching panties surrounded the tops of my thighs with lace and felt silky smooth against my skin. A few drops of perfume, into the pants and top and I was just about ready to go. I pulled my hair up and let it hang down across my shoulders. I smiled, I wondered how long it had been since he'd had a guest for dinner.

It was just about six thirty when I reached John's house. I could see him in the kitchen as I parked and by the time I reached his door he was already there welcoming me into his home.

"Come in Savanah, its still pretty nippy outside so I built us a fire and thought we'd eat in the living room. I didn't make anything fancy, just some mugs of soup and some sandwiches, how does that sound?"

I was glad that he didn't prepare a big dinner. My simple offer of a ride didn't require him to go all out and I really wasn't in the mood for a heavy meal. I sat down and surprisingly he sat down rather close to me.

"Here you go, now eat it while its still hot, warms you up from the inside out. It was real good of you to give me a lift, it was real nice to get up close and personal with you."

I couldn't help but smile. The little scenario this afternoon was just that, close and rather personal. I looked at this old man and realized he was in fact seducing me, what my reaction to his statement was would set the stage for him.

"Well, you were very close, I have to admit that."

"I have a real attraction to a woman who has everything in all the right places. I couldn't help but see you react to the chill this afternoon, it was a real eye full for an old fella."

I'm sure he was trying to tell me he enjoyed the fact that my nipples were actually rigid and taut from the chill and strained against the thin blouse I was wearing. I wondered if he had shopped and rode home with the erection he pressed against me. There was a true sense of confidence in his words and it was clear he wanted to see how far I would let him take this.

"There are some things a woman just has no control over."

I smiled and moved back into the sofa and turned slightly towards him. It was now his move and I was eager to see what he felt he would accomplish.

"Well I never liked playing games, I'm a get right to it man. Its been quite some time that I've had the company of a voluptuous woman and I'm aiming to make the most of it. I figure after you felt me rubbing hot and hard against you, you sought of understood that I had a little play time in mind. You accepted my invite and here we are so I say let's get to it and not waste any time talking about it."

John reached out and grabbed a handful of my breast. I felt my body shiver, I was ready, willing and looking forward to this.

"Oh I just knew it, you got squeeze me tits, look at that, that hard suck me nipple is already talking to me."

The old man moved close and bent his head down. I watched him open his mouth and grasp my nipple between his teeth. The gnawing back and forth was making me squirm. With his other hand he began twisting and pinching until my other nipple was hard and swollen.

"Come here, sit right here across my lap so I can give you a good look see and some attention."

I was actually happy to oblige him. The second I sat back I felt his erection. It was impressive to say the least. He reached down into my pants and into my panties and he moaned when he felt the wet warmth that was clearly a product of my arousal.

"I want to get in you. Stand up here and get out of those clothes, why waste time."

John pushed me back and literally in less than a minute he had my pants and panties off lying in a pile at my feet. He grabbed his hard cock, already glistening with precum and held it up.

"Get down on this and take it good and deep, you love it deep don't you?"

I spread my legs and slowly lowered my wet warm pussy over his throbbing rigid cock and when he was deep in me I settled down and began slowly gyrating my hips ever so slowly.

"That's it, rub me good and keep me real hard. I got a long time before I have to let go, so we're just gonna do this and lots of other stuff till I'm ready to end it. You feel just like I knew you would. Now let me get to some serious work on these gorgeous titties."

This man wasted not a second. He reached under my top and swiftly removed it. In a flash my bra was gone and he had what he wanted in both hands.

"Oh my god, I'm afraid I may have to spend a good amount of time with these big suckable tits, I have an awful lot of pent up need so just sit back and enjoy it."

I get out of control watching a man's mouth devour any part of me. This old lover man liked to see the reaction to his bites and sucks on my face. The more I winced and moaned the more he loved it. His tongue was like a whip flickering across my nipples and when he bit down it made me quiver and squeeze the hard cock that was buried deep inside me.

He started to slap my tits, causing them to bounce and sway.

"You're a dirty girl, you love having a wet hot mouth sucking on your big tits don't you.?

I think I should spank these tits real good and then when their good and hot and stinging I think I should bite these nipples real hard and suck them real hard, should I do that, is that what I should do?"

"Oh yes, I am a dirty girl and I need to be punished and spanked and made to obey. You want me to be a good girl don't you, and you'll make sure I am, won't you?"

His eyes opened wide and I knew what his thing was. He wanted me to be a bad girl, he wanted to spank me and hear me tell him I needed his attention to be a good girl. One last sly smile and my punishment was to begin.

"That's right, I know just how to make a bad girl behave herself. Now I'm about to rub that hard hot clit and suck on these nipples. A good girl won't cum until I tell her to, a bad girl will disobey me and need to be punished."

He had me, he knew I was into this little game and I would likely force him to punish me, it was his ultimate pleasure. What he wasn't sure of is just how well I'd play. I wanted to cum when he pushed up against me this afternoon so I was more than willing. If I played well I'd be cumming as many times as I could, and I could cum over and over, and over again

His fingers were long and thin. The tips were soft and round and when he began rubbing me it was clearly with the express intent of making me a very bad girl.

"Ahhhh, this love button is so swelled up and hard. Feel me grab it tight between my fingers and give it a squeeze, yeah, you feel it. Now, I hold it tight and just rub the tip real easy, that's it, that's how you like it. Ohhh, you're so wet, don't you cum until I say so or you get a spanking. Rubbing it real good now, you like it, tell me.?"

"Please let me cum, you're rubbing it so nice, I can't be good if you keep squeezing it like that, I can't be a good girl and you'll spank me, won't you, if I cum?"

"That's right, I'll spank you real hard."

The words were as pleasurable as his fingers and he knew it. The devilish smile that came across his face told me he was about to speed up the need for release.

"Hold those tits up here so I can suck them real good."

I lifted my tits up to his mouth and he sucked and bit back and forth, his fingers never missing a beat. He was rock hard and I was having a difficult time not fucking him silly. As if on cue his fingers went wild and he knew I couldn't stop the rocking deep orgasm that had already started deep down inside me.

"Oh you are a very bad girl, I knew you would be. You're wet pussy is cumming hard all over my cock and my hand, now I didn't say you could and you're a very very bad girl."

He pulled his hand out and grabbed hold of my hips. Between his hands and my legs I fucked him silly, hard and deep and he just stayed hard as a rock. His mouth went back and forth from nipple to nipple and finally I had to get off or lose my mind from the complete and utter pleasure.

I moved off and tried to stand up but he grabbed me and actually forced my over his knees. The first smack shattered the almost silence like a bomb exploding. The sting across my cheeks kept my orgasm alive and with each smack I loved it more.

"Get up here, put you're wet cum filled pussy on my mouth so I can clean it up."

He had me standing on the sofa, one foot on either side of his legs and when he reached forward and pulled me to his mouth his tongue was like a snake slipping and sliding in and out and around every inch of me. The sucking was ecstatic and I pushed against his mouth to get all I could. He was relentless and perfect and knew exactly when and how to move his mouth.

The moaning and whimpering was me, the sound of wetness and licking was his. He latched onto my clit and pulled it in and out of his mouth making me just about lose my legs from under me. This old codger could do me like this forever He reached up and smacked me, one cheek and then the other. He was so good at this I never wanted him to stop.

"Oh please, can I cum, I need to cum, please let me cum?"

"Get down, turn around and hold on to the back of this couch."

In what seemed like a split second he was behind me. I didn't hear him take off his pants and he was rubbing the head of his cock up and down my wet slit.

"Now, gotta get me good and wet so I slide in nice and easy."

He found the spot, the place he was searching for and in one jamming push he was deep inside me. I felt him at the car, I felt how big he was, but this, this was even more than I realized. Slowly he pulled in and out and then he started a fast almost non stop motion that fucked me silly.

"You got a sweet pussy, I knew it would be, I knew once I got in I would love fucking you. I'm a lucky man, I can go a long time without losing my rod or without spilling my juice. I'm gonna fuck this nice and maybe reach around and play with these big tits while I do it.

He did just that. His fingers pulled and pinched my nipples and he fucked me deep and then he would slow down and then hard and I was losing my mind.

"Reach down and rub your clit for me, rub nice and give me a good hard cum"

I was ready. I reached down and began circling my swollen cherry and he fucked me slow and steady. He could feel my muscles tighten and he knew I was close.

It took seconds and I was cumming. He smacked my cheeks and started hollering that he was feeling it now. Faster and harder and then he stopped and pulled back and rammed deep as I felt him spill inside me.

The time seemed to stop and I could only hear us and realized we weren't moving, we were both spent. He backed out of me and I crawled onto the sofa and reached for a blanket that was there.

"You are quite a lovely lady Savanah. You played my game with me and I didn't even have to explain the rules to you, makes me wonder if you haven't always been a bad girl.?"

I smiled. "I'm as bad as I need to be and good as I want to be."

When I left that night I was thoroughly pleased, and had no doubts that my dear friend had equally enjoyed himself. As I closed my eyes to sleep I thought how nice it would be to hear the rain and recall my evening.

Now, you may think that this was a one time deal, and you might be right. Only time will tell.

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