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Getting Grandpa up

Written by ADOM

Chapter 1

Holly and her parents were worried about her grandfather. He came to live with them a year and a half ago, after the death of his wife. As expected, he was saddened over his loss but about a year later he adjusted to this new phase in his life and was generally up beat. This new pessimistic mood saddened Holly as he had always been so kind to her and they had a special, close relationship

Lately, however, he was crabby and depressed affecting the whole family. No one knew what was going on with him. His son, Dan, tried to discuss his behavior but he wouldn't talk about his negative attitude. For the past few weeks Holly and her mom, Sheri, took turns checking on him at night to be sure he took his medication and inquiring if he needed anything. This was a chore neither looked forward to as he was usually surly with them.

Ed's routine was to go to his room after dinner and watch television or surf the internet. The retreat to his room gave Holly and her parents some peaceful time to themselves. Holly, attending the Community College, used the time to study.

Tonight was Holly's turn to check on Grandpa. "Oh Mom do I have to?... He has gotten so rude."

"I know Holly it's tough on all of us ... but he is your grandfather and we are his only family.. He needs our help no matter how nasty he gets.... Dan, you should try talking to your dad again." Dan nodded.

Holly pulled her nightie over her supple eighteen year old body. She drew a cold a glass of water from the refrigerator door place it on a tray and walked to her granddad's room. The door was closed. She knocked softly. There was no answer so she slowly opened the door. The first thing Holly noticed was a picture of a young women's hand wrapped around the huge dick of an older man on the computer screen. Startled, she looked to the bed. Ed was lying on his back. His pajama pants were open and his hand against his limp cock which nested in his salt and pepper pubic hair... A hot flash rushed through her body, her puffy pink nipples hardened as she moved to the bed. She set the tray on the nightstand.

Ed did not move... he appeared to be asleep. Holly touched his hand and in an apparent reflex he grabbed her hand and placed it on his flaccid dick. Looking back at the computer screen Holly began to stroke her grandfather's penis. She had jerked-off her boyfriend but this felt different. Ed's rod began to thicken and grow in her hand. She felt warm all over. Noticing wetness between her legs she increased her strokes until her grandpa's shaft reached its full seven inches.

Ed stirred but appeared to remain asleep. Holly's hand moved faster and faster until her grandpa exploded shooting his cum on her arm and hand. Her heart was beating fast as she squeezed the last several drops from the head. Holly grabbed tissues from the night stand, wiping off herself and her granddad's dick. She pulled the sheet over Ed, turned off the light and softly closed the door.

Holly's pussy was moist as she lay in bed fingering her clit. She rubbed her erect nipples as she slid two fingers in her tight twat. Her fingers flew faster as she recalled the excitement of making her grandpa cum. In a matter of minutes she brought herself to a climax. Breathing heavily she sucked on her pussy juice soaked fingers until she fell asleep.

The next morning Ed came to the breakfast table and said with a smile:

"Good morning.... how is everyone this morning?"

Sheri and Dan flashed a puzzled look at each other. Holly was surprised but a sly smile crept across her face. Ed finished his breakfast, poured a second cup of coffee and took the morning paper out on the patio.

"What is that all about?" Dan asked his wife.... "Not that I'm complaining."

"I don't know." Sheri replied. She looked at Holly who was smiling as she continued to eat her breakfast.

After Dan left for work. Sheri said:

"Holly.... You know something don't you... You know why your grandpa is in such a good mood."

Holly continued to smile. "Now don't get mad... You always say I can tell you anything...and we share lots of things we don't tell Dad or others....right?" Sheri nodded.

"Well last night when I went in to give grandpa his water.... He was asleep on the bed. His pajamas were open and his penis was sticking out..... All shriveled up like. There was a picture on his computer of a young girl giving a hand-job to an older man.... I..."

"So you jerked your grandpa off?... What did he say?"

"He never woke up ..... At least I don't think he did.... You know I told you I had jerked-off Jerry... but this was different.. Grandpa got hard right in my hand... and... and .. He came all over me.... It was a real turn-on Mom."

"Why you little Tramp..." Sheri said with a smile... "You better get going or you'll be late for school."

Ed came in the kitchen and announced: "I'm going to the gym to work out... haven't been there for a while."

Ed left and Sheri was curious. She had an hour or so before she had to leave for her appointment. She went into Ed's room and sat at his computer. Reviewing site history and the searches he had made, she discovered he was seeking "Obtaining and Maintaining an Erection."

Then she stumbled over an e-mail he had exchanged with a cyber friend Pete, apparently about his own age. He was bemoaning the fact that he couldn't get a hard-on even with Viagra and porn. Pete said he needed a woman to stroke his cock and he should try a massage polar. That's where Pete went. So that was it, Sheri thought to herself. Ed was all cranky because he couldn't get it up and Holly's hand-job got it done. She was looking forward to see what tonight would bring.

Dinner was a pleasant experience for the first time in quite a while. Ed chatted away, asking how Holly's day was. Discussed the baseball standings with Dan and even helped Sheri clear the table and fill the dishwasher. Ed excused himself and said he was going to shower and watch some TV in his room.

"Don't forget my pills tonight, Sheri." He said as he left he room.

Holly went to her room to study. Dan was watching TV as Sheri showered and put on her Baby Doll nightie. When she returned to the family Room Dan had just turned off the TV to go to bed. He commented about her sexy nightgown and hoped he would see her take it off later. Smiling Sheri filled a glass with ice water and went to Ed's room.

As she entered Sheri noticed a video loop on the computer screen of a pretty young thing sucking off an older man. She turned to the bed and caught Ed quickly close his eyes, pretending to be asleep. His hand lay next to his soft cock head peeking out of his open pajamas. Moving to the bed she set the glass down and freed Ed's limp dick from his PJS. As she cradled it in her warm hand it began to come to life.

Stroking with one hand while cupping his balls with the other Sheri said with a smile:

"You can't fool me.... Your not asleep you dirty old man."

Ed stirred but said nothing as his cock grew in length and thickness under Sheri's care. She bent over the bed and ran her tongue around the purple knob. Ed's shaft stiffened as Sheri's lips lowered to the base of his rod. Slowly she raised and lowered her head, feeling his dick thicken with each motion. As she hastened the pace, Sheri felt Ed's hand grab the cheek of her ass pulling her on to the bed. Her pussy was dripping as she flung her leg over her father-in-law's head and lowered her cunt to his face. He reached up and pushed her Baby Doll panties to the side.

"Well I'll be damned... you've got a bald pussy.... I like it!"

His tongue moved back and forth over her orifice. Ed's fingers parted her swollen lips allowing his tongue to penetrate her pudendum. His fingers darted in and out as he sucked on her clit.

Sheri increased her pace as a response to Ed's tongue and finger fucking. Muffling her cry she whimpered as she came. Lowering his head, Ed patted her on her butt and said,

"Sheri... Sheri... Sheri... I've just got to get my prick into this hot ... juicy... pussy."

Sheri swung around to straddling Ed's torso. Pulling her panties off she flung them to the floor and mounted her husband's father's cock. Reaching up, Ed pushed her nightie over her head. Her tits hung down in Ed's face. He licked the dark brown aureoles and sucked her hard round nipples.

Sheri began to ride up and down on her father-in-law's rod bouncing her full boobs on his smiling face. As she felt his pulsating cock in her cunt, she speculated that Ed's dick may not be as long as Dan's but it felt thicker.

"OH Dad.... Fuck me....Oh fuck your naughty Daughter-in-law...... Give me that cock Dad.... Yes... Yes... Ohh... god.... Oh Dad.."

Sheri bit on her lip to keep from making too much noise as she was about to cum again. Her body shook as simultaneously she felt Ed shoot his cum in her vagina. Their pace lessened. Ed raised his head and Sheri leaned forward to meet his lips.

Her face and body were flushed as she moved off Ed. Sitting on the side of the bed she wondered what she would do if Dan ....

"Here baby... cool yourself down." Ed handed Sheri a cool damp towel along with a fluffy dry one. "That was spectacular... daughter-in-law." Ed said with a smile.

"You were pretty sensational yourself Dad.... I see where Dan gets his fucking skills from." Ed smiled with pride.

Sheri readied herself, putting on her nightie she slowly closed the door and tiptoed to her bedroom. To her relief Dan was asleep. Getting into bed she rubbed her still wet pussy. Smiling, she thought about what a great fuck her father-in-law was.

Sheri was unaware that shortly after she entered Ed's room, Holly had snuck down the hall and observed all the events of the evening. In her room Holly lay naked on her bed rubbing her vibrator against her clit. Her heart beating fast, she could not believe what she has just witnessed. It's not like she had never seen two people fuck before. Often she heard noises coming from her parents' room and she would creep to their door and watch them make love. In fact, she learned how to give her boyfriend Jerry a hand-job and swallow after he cums in her mouth. From her dad's and Jerry's reactions, boys and men seem to like that.

Watching her mother and granddad was so erotic. She loved them both so very much. Holly continued to masturbate as she couldn't get the vision of her mother riding gramp's cock out of her mind.

The next morning Ed was smiling and singing as he entered the kitchen. With a wink to Sheri he said,

"No breakfast for me. I'm going to meet friends at the coffee shop before I go to the gym. Gota stay in shape ... you know!"

Dan gave an inquisitive look at Sheri, still in her nightie and robe, tried to avoid eye contact. "He seems to be doing better don't you think?"

"Well whatever you're doing to put him in that mood, keep it up....You know I have that meeting in Kansas City today so I won't be back till tomorrow. Anything you need before I go?"

Sheri shook her head and gave Dan a big wet kiss and a pat on his butt. "That should keep you till you get back." She said with a smile. Dan grabbed her ass and gave her a deep throat tongue kiss. "I'll need more when I get back."

As her dad was leaving Holly entered the room wearing her sleep shirt. "Have a good trip Daddy." She looked at her mom smiling and busying herself with breakfast. "I heard Gramps sing... he must be in a good mood again." Holly studied her mother to see if she would say anything about last night. It didn't take long for Sheri to tell her.

"Oh Holly... you won't believe what happened. I went into your grandpa's room thinking I'd do what you did the night before... You know give him another hand-job... then I saw the loop video of a woman giving head... so I thought.... Well I did suck his cock and.... we just got carried away and..."

"I know .... I know Mom... I watched you from the hall."

"Why you little sneak...."

"It was so hot Mom... I got so wet watching you and grandpa... I fingered myself right there in the hall. I was so glad Dad went to bed early."

"Me too... he was asleep when I returned to the bedroom... thank heavens... I don't know what I would have done or said had he been awake. Since you don't have any classes, what are you going to do today sweetie?"

"Oh I don't know... I'm so horny after last night ... I was going to mess around with Jerry ... but he has to work today."

"We are very open with each other right?" Holly nodded. "So are you still a virgin?"

"Yes Mom I told you I would talk to you before 'I did it.' But I think ... after last night... I'd...."

Holly blushed and quickly left the room. Sheri waited a few moments and followed Holly to her room. She was studying her shoulder length red hair and naked body in the full length mirror. Stopped in the doorway, Sheri watched her beautiful daughter cup her perky breast, run her hands over her puffy pink nipples and slide her neatly manicured fingers over the triangle of her neatly trimmed red pubic hair. Sheri was shocked at being turned on by observing her daughter touch her body in such a sensual manner.

"Oh.....Mom... you startled me."

Putting her hand on her daughter's shoulder, Sheri asked:"Are you okay baby?"

"Yes Mom... I'm just not sure.... I think I'm ready to ... to lose my virginity.... But Jerry is so immature... I don't think he would ..."

"I know feel vulnerable and young boys aren't the best for your first time. You want an experienced man... one that knows how to pleasure a woman... someone who will be gentle and loving."

Unconsciously Sheri reached around her daughter's waist and ran her fingers through Holly's red pussy. Startled, Holly stiffened and then putting her hand over her mother's rubbed it back and forth.

"I didn't mean to shock you baby.... You just look so lovely standing there." Stroking her daughter's pussy pelt, she continued. "You don't want to shave this off like mine.... Men love a natural red pussy... their very rare you know."

"Yeah... but why do you shave?"

"It's for your dad. He likes it bald and smooth when he rubs his face down there and eats me. Believe me the way eats pussy, the sacrifice is worth it."

Hearing her mother talk like that got Holly's pussy juices flowing. She turned facing her mother. As their eyes met Sheri grasped her daughter's hands and asked. "Have you ever been with one of your girlfriends?"

Shaking her head, Holly replied. "No Mom have you?... Have you ever made it with another woman?"

Blushing, Sheri admitted she and Dan had done some swinging and she did enjoy lovemaking sessions with another woman on more than one occasion. Assuring Holly she still preferred men she said,

"You know there is nothing wrong in a little experimentation between consulting adults."

Mother and daughter embraced. Sheri felt her daughter's erect nipples against her breast. They kissed... tongues darting in and out. Both hearts beat faster as Sheri threw off her robe and flung her nightgown over her head. Their naked bodies melted together. Kissing, touching, fondling and caressing each other as Holly fell back on her bed. Pushing her legs apart and raising her knees, Sheri knelt at the edge of the bed and buried her face between her daughter's legs. Holly's body gyrated as her mother licked, sucked and probed her tight wet twat.

"Ohh... Oh.... Oh... god.... Oh Mom.... Oh....god...Oh god.....oh god...Ooooo."

Holly climaxed as her mother kissed her red swollen pussy lips. Sheri climbed on the bed next to Holly who knelt between her mother's legs and returned the favor. As it was her first time she wasn't sure what to do except to perform the same pleasures that she so enjoyed. Holly kissed and licked across her mother's smooth shaved pussy. Sheri's body shook as her daughter flicked her tongue on her clit and then slide it into the depths of her mother's sopping snatch. Holly used her fingers, her tongue and nudged her mother's clit with her nose. Sheri wrapped her legs around her daughter's head as she shouted.


With one last squeeze she released her legs, panting and smiling down at her daughter whose pussy soaked face looked up between her mother's legs and returned the smile. The two lay in each others' arms and talked.

"Mom that was awesome.... But I still want a man to...."

Sheri laughed. "I know baby... you got to try it all......I noticed your hymen has been broken...."

"Yeah.... I think I did it with my vibrator... the first time I shoved it way up. It hurt like mad.... and was messy.... You know Mom after seeing you and Grandpa.... Well I think Grandpa would be a wonderful first for me."

Sheri smiled. "You know.... I think he would like that. Would you like me to let him know how you feel?" Holly nodded.

That night after dinner Sheri asked Holly to clear the table. She and Ed went into the family room. While Holly couldn't hear them she had a good idea of what they were talking about. A few minutes later they returned to the kitchen. Ed, being pleasant as he could be, helped Holly finish up the dishes. When they were done he kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm going to take a shower now and watch a little TV. See you when you come to tuck me in." He said with a smile.

Holly's heart beat fast as she slipped her short nightie over her head. Following the usual routine she placed the glass of cold water and Ed's pills on the tray. Her hands began to shake when Sheri reached out and held her arm, comforting her.

"I'll be nearby honey." Holly gave a nervous smile and nod.

Entering her grandfather's room she saw Ed sitting on the side of the bed in his silk robe. Smiling he took the tray from her and placed it on the nightstand. He patted the bed, motioning her to sit next to him. With a slight shiver Holly sat down. She turned and started to speak but words would not come out. Ed put his finger to her lips. Holding her beautiful face between his hands he looked into her hazel eyes. Speaking softly he said,

"Shh honey....I'm honored you chose me for this most important night. I want to make it a very special, loving and memorable occasion for you."

Still holding her face in his hands he bent forward and kissed her pink lips. Holly responded as their lips parted. At first there were gentle soft kisses and hands caressing each others' face. Soon their passion erupted, tongues dancing in and out, bodies pressed together. Ed pulled Holly's nightie over her head and marveled at the lovely young body before him.

Standing, he dropped his robe to the floor and took his granddaughters hand pulling her up to stand with him. They embraced. The ecstasy of their kisses continued. Ed's erection pressed against Holly. Rising on the balls of her feet she opened her legs to allow his thick seven inch length to nestle against her red bush. Her ever so rigid nipples pierced Ed's chest hairs. Stroking and plying her firm butt cheeks their bodies merged.

Holly dropped to her knees and took her grandfather's sixty-nine year old cock in her mouth. He moaned with pleasure as her tongue circled his shaft as she moved her lips back and forth. Holding her head he said,

"Oh sweetheart... that is wonderful... but this is your night."

"I know Granddaddy... but I want to please you too."

"You have.... You will..." He said as he picked her up and placed her on the bed. Spreading her legs he knelt between them and began licking her vulva. Holly's body began to tremble as Ed's tongue, lips and fingers entered her very tight and wet vagina.

"Oh Grandpa... Oh Grandpa...yes... Oh yes...." she cried out.

As Ed gentle prodded he knew it would be a very tight fit for his throbbing cock. Reaching to the nightstand he grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and began lathering his granddaughter's already dripping pussy.
Slathering a glob on his dick he raised up.
"Pull you legs up sweetie.... That's it... Try to relax." Pushing her legs further apart he continued. "Now I am going to go slow but this may hurt... so.... let me know and I'll ease up."

Placing the crimson head of his cock at the entrance to her womanhood he gently inched forward. As his knob passed the gates of passion Holly pushed against his shaft and cried out. Ed stopped... god she was tight.

"Are you alright honey?"

"Yes... Oh yes Grandpa... Keep going.... Oh you're so big."

Ed eased in inch by inch. Being half way in he began a slow rhythmic motion to which Holly responded in kind. As their pace increased Holly relaxed more and Ed slid deeper and deeper in her love canal. Their bodies rose and fell as they slammed against the bed. The intensity swelled. The sexual excitement and quickening movement brought more contact between Ed's cock and Holly's clit. Her body was experiencing rolling waves of frenzy as she experienced multi orgasms. Ed too was experiencing great sexual excitement and about to cum. Nearly out of breath he said,

"Oh sweetheart... your granddad is about to blow.... Cum with me cum with your grandpa...."

Holly screamed with joy as she experienced her defining moment of sexuality. Granddaughter and Grandfather kissed and laid down, arms around each other.

"Thank you Granddad..... Thank you for helping me become a woman"

"Believe me darling.... it was my pleasure."

Watching from the partially opened door Sheri's eyes welled with tears of joy as she witnessed her little girl become a woman.

Chapter 2

"Are you okay Holly?"

"Yes.... I'm fine...... Did I do it right Granddad?..... Were you pleased?"

"Oh yes you were wonderful. You know in all my sixty-nine years you are the first real read head I have made love to."

"Oh grandpa... you're so sweet."

Looking up, Ed caught a glimpse of Sheri standing in the hallway. "Sheri... Sheri... is that you?.... Come on in and join us."

"Oh no... no Dad... this is Holly's night."

"No Mom come on in... and celebrate with us..."

Dropping her robe as she entered, Sheri paused at the end of the bed. She was a stunning, dark haired, forty-three year old woman. In contrast to her daughter's fair complexion, Sheri was olive-skinned. Slightly sagging, her breasts were full, nipples large and dark. Her smooth, shaven pubes capped off her well shaped legs. At five-feet-nine, she was three inches taller than Holly.

"You don't mind my horning in?" Holly shook her head as Ed moved to make room for Sheri.

Ed and his son were both six-feet-two with blue eyes. His white hair and tanned face was very appealing to Holly and her mother. Lying between two beautiful women, Ed knew he was in heaven.

Sheri ran her fingers through his salt and pepper chest hair. Holly began to stroke his limp cock. Sheri joined her taking turns licking and kissing his shaft. As it began to come back to life, one nibbled at his dick while the other licked and mouthed his balls. Man life couldn't get better than this, he thought to himself. Fingering each pussy as the mother-daughter team worked on him, Holly jumped when his finger slid in.

"Is it sore Holly?"

"Yeah... it hurts a bit."

"Well swing on up here and let grandpa kiss it and make it all better."

Holly maneuvered to straddle Ed's head, facing her mother who continued sucking her grandfather's cock. Lowering herself she felt Ed's gentle licks and kisses on her sensitive pussy.

Ed's rod became rigid once again and Sheri mounted him sliding her father-in-law's shaft up her sopping cunt. As she rode up and down Holly leaned toward her mother and they kissed. Feeling each others' breast, their pace quickened. Ed wasn't sure what was happening above him but for the moans and sounds of kissing.

Holly seemed to forget about her irritation in the excitement of the moment. Her granddad's nose nestled between her butt-cheeks as she literally fucked his face. Sheri pounded her pussy so hard, his pelvis began to hurt. 'Damn... these two are gona kill me,' he thought to himself. Being too busy sexual excitement, no one noticed the shadow in the doorway.


Holly was the first to see him. "Daddy!"

"Oh shit... I thought you...."

"I know what you thought, Sheri... The meeting was canceled... so I thought I'd surprise you... now I'm the one who gets surprised with my father fucking my wife and eating my daughter's pussy..."

Holly moved to the side of the bed and Ed sat up, his cock still in Sheri. "Oh lighten up son... come on and join us."

Sheri dismounted. Walking toward her husband she motioned for Holly to join her. As she touched his face and offered a kiss he stiffened but Sheri prevailed.

"You know you said since your dad was in such a good mood we should keep doing what we were doing.... Well this is it." She said as she stroked his chest.

"But...but..." Dan was struck by the beauty of his daughter as she approached him. He had caught glimpses of her in various states of undress but this was the first time he saw her completely naked, puffy pink nipples, red-haired pussy and all. He felt his cock grow as he took in her magnificence.

Sheri began to unbutton his shirt. On her knees, Holly undid her father's belt and unzipped his fly, dropping his pants to the floor. As she pulled his boxers down his eight-inch cock sprung forth. Grabbing the base of his shaft Holly licked circles around the reddish-blue head. Raising the knob with her thumb and first finger she ran her tongue up and down the underside ridge of his penis. The combined sensation of his daughter's cock sucking and his wife's long deep throat tongue kiss caused Dan's body to shake

Stroking his cock, Ed moved to his desk chair, smiling as he observed his son being ravished by his wife and daughter. Sheri grabbed Dan by his cock pulling him to the bed. She motioned for Holly to follow. Mother and daughter knelt giving Holly's dad the same double treatment they had bestowed on his father earlier. His prick was pulsating as Sheri motioned for Holly to climb on her dad and fuck him. Smiling Holly mounted her father. Slowly she lowered her labial lips on his shaft.

"Oh my Holly you're really tight...Oh sweetheart.... You're Oh fuck....Oh fuck your Daddy..."

Holly was in control, she was sore but she set the depth and the pace.... Leaning forward she kissed her father. Dropping her body on his they accelerated their movement.

"Oh Daddy... Oh Daddy...fuck your little girl... Oh Daddy....Daddy.......Daddy... Oooo!"

Ed took his camera from the shelf and began snapping pictures of his son and granddaughter loving each other. Holly rose back to her riding position and Sheri joined them by lowering herself on Dan's face. As he tasted his wife's juices he realized how wonderful this all was. Mother and daughter kissed and fondled each other as they became lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Now Ed realized what was going on when they were on top of him. He snapped another picture.... Perhaps they could use it for their family Christmas card.... He joked to himself.

Dan knew he was about to cum. Holly's extra thrust let him know each time she had an orgasm and Sheri was Cumming all over his face. His body jerked as his semen exploded, filling his daughter's vagina.

The next morning Dan, Sheri and Holly woke to the smell of coffee as well as bacon and eggs cooking. Blurry eyed the three stumbled into the kitchen where Ed was preparing breakfast. The table was set with a glass of orange juice at each place.

"The toast will be ready shortly." He exclaimed with a smile. "I know I've been a real bastard lately and this is just one of many ways I want to thank you for getting me... to speak."

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