Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

Granddad still has it

Written by standingstones

My grandfather lives alone since my grandmother passed on. He told me I could stop by anytime to use his in ground swimming pool. I was home from college and I didn't want to be hanging around my parent's house so I made a trip over to Granddads. I rang the doorbell and my Granddad answered the door. He had his swimming trunks on as he ushered me into his house.

I told him I was taking him up on his invitation to go swimming. Granddad hugged me and told me to go get changed and meet him out in the backyard. I put on my bikini and then walked out to meet my Granddad. I have to admit my grandfather was still in good shape. Not only that, I could see a big bulge in his bathing trunks. I hate to admit it, I wondered just how big his cock was.

My Granddad sat down in one of the chairs out back as I dove into the pool. It was a hot day that August and the water felt so good. My grandfather soon joined me in the pool. He dove in and swam a few laps. Granddad soon swam over to where I was. My top felt like it was glued to my tits. I could see my nipples were showing. I think my grandfather was looking me over. We were standing in the shallow part of the pool and we were just inches apart.

I never expected this but my Granddad pulled me into his body. The next thing I knew Granddad was kissing my mouth. I knew I should have pulled away but I could feel Granddad's bulge pressing against me. Granddad reached around and he undid my bikini top. My boobs spilled out and Granddad didn't waste a second. He leaned down and began to suck on my nipples.

I guess I just gave into all those sensations I was feeling. If I thought my nipples were hard before, Granddad really got me worked up.

"Let's get out of the water Emily," he said.

We climbed out of the pool and Granddad led me over to one of the pool chairs. His hands went to my hips and he pulled my bottoms off. I then got to see my Granddad's cock. He stripped out of his trunks and his huge cock was exposed to me. I have to tell you I never saw a cock that big before. Granddad had to be eight inches in length and his cock was so fat.

He told me to lie back on the pool chair and then my Granddad knelt before me. He took his fat cock in his hand and he began to rub his mushroom up and down my slit. I thought I was going to have an orgasm right there. Slowly, Granddad started to push his monster prick into my pussy. It felt like I was being split apart. Granddad lifted up under my knees and he pushed my legs forward.

Granddad fed me his big cock and I ended up taking every inch of him. I felt his balls hitting against my cheeks as he used my pussy that afternoon. My pussy muscles locked around my grandfather's rod and I squeezed as hard as I could.

"You like how that feels Emily?" he asked me.

I could only nod a yes as Granddad started to pound me as hard as he could. I lost control of myself and started to scream out loud as Granddad took me like some cheap whore. All I can say is that I craved his fat cock right then. I needed him to use me however he wanted. I can't tell you how long we went at it as the sun beat down on us. I was starting to have these intense orgasms as I heard my Granddad grunt.

The next thing I felt was Granddad's hot seed filling my tummy. My muscles went into overdrive and I began to squeeze all his hot cum out. Granddad kept erupting inside me and I took every drop of his love cream from him. Eventually Granddad slowed down and he withdrew his spent cock from my hole. I reached down with my fingers and I felt his warm load start to spill from my slit.

We were both panting as Granddad got to his feet and he helped me up. We grabbed our belonging and then we went back into the house. I soon found out we weren't finished. Granddad walked me back to his bedroom and he got onto his back. I looked down to see his fat cock staring at me. I got onto the bed with him and I took hold of his dick with my hand. I brought his cock to my mouth and I inhaled his prick.

It didn't take much to get Granddad hard once more. His cock was standing up straight when I got over top of him. I positioned myself directly over his erection and then I lowered myself down. Granddad's cock entered me easily. I was so slicked up from his cum I sunk down all the way. Granddad reached up and cupped my tits. He was squeezing them as I slid up and down his fat rod.

I think I screamed even louder there in the bedroom.

"Please fuck me hard Granddad!"

Granddad brought his hips up as I lowered my pussy down onto his staff. I wanted my grandfather to use me and that's exactly what he did. His cock felt like there was a snake crawling around inside my pussy. There was that skin slapping noise as we got into a hard fucking motion. I felt like I was being stretched beyond belief. All I knew was that I needed my Granddad's cock in the worst way.

I hadn't had sex in some months and now my grandfather was giving me one orgasm after another. I was surprised that my grandfather still had some seed left in him. He pushed up hard into my pussy and he shot another sticky load into my body. Just as he did, Granddad pinched my nipples hard. My body shook as I took more love cream into my greedy pussy. We finally finished and I collapsed onto my grandfather's chest.

We kissed each other as we tried to calm ourselves down. Granddad told me he was going to need me in his bed again. The rest of the summer I slipped over to Granddad's house and he fucked me. I just couldn't get enough of that fat cock of his. Granddad really stretched out my pussy. When he felt he had used me enough, he had me get onto my hands and knees. This was the first time I experienced anal sex.

Thankfully Granddad went slowly. God did it hurt the first time. Somehow my grandfather managed to get all eight inched into my bottom. Once he did, he filled me completely. I rubbed my pussy with my fingers as Granddad drove his fat piston into my ass. My hole was so tight but Granddad got me to the point where I could take his thick prick in my tightest of holes.

Granddad had a full load of his seed to give me that time. I used my ass muscles to getting all of his hot loving into my bowels. The summer is nearly at an end and I need to go back to college. I promised Granddad I would get home as often as I could. I couldn't bring myself to tell him I am addicted to his cock and I need to feel him deep in my pussy and ass as much as possible.

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