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Grandpa and Sugar

Written by rhimshot415
My whole life I've lived with my Grandpa. My name is Lorelei Woodson, but Grandpa calls me "Sugar." I am 19 years old, and I have completed 1 semester of a nursing program at County General Hospital.

He is Norman Groves, 61, and more physically fit than men half his age. My father was killed while serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan when I was three months old. Mom, Grandpa's only child, was killed by a deranged drug dealer as she drove by the dealer's corner on the way to pick me up from Kinder Kastle Day Care two months after my father's funeral.

Grandpa was my only living relative, his wife having expired from complications in giving birth to Mom. So naturally the State wanted him to take care of me. As a very successful importer of fine European wines and spirits that he sold all over the country, he had the money and the time to raise me, with help from his housekeeper. He was also a lawyer who seldom practiced, but kept up with the training to maintain his law license. And he was a politician and former mayor of our city.

"Sugar," Grandpa said to me after I had completed my first semester of nursing school, "That car you've been driving is 15 years old, and I can't find replacement parts for it any more when something breaks. So we are going to buy you a brand new Land Rover, which will keep you safe in bad weather. But, I'm not going to buy one with gadgets that can distract you from watching the road around you."

Now I had always loved my old car, but a new Land Rover was proof, as if I needed any, how much Grandpa loved me and worried about protecting me. Grandpa had already taught me to drive any vehicle with a standard transmission, and that was what my old car had. Now, my new vehicle was going to be a cinch to drive.

When we arrived at the dealership, which was owned by a friend of Grandpa's, we saw a silver and black one that looked as though it had my name on it (in fact, it did, thanks to my Grandpa). After a short test drive, with Grandpa by my side, we signed all the necessary paperwork, Grandpa wrote a check for the full purchase price, and we headed to the DMV office to secure license plates and register the car in my name. By the time we were finished, it was late in the day, so we drove to the nearest Italian restaurant for dinner.

When we returned home afterward I wanted to hug Grandpa and give him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. But, both of us having drunk too much Franciacorta, a sparkling Italian wine that Grandpa preferred, we wound up lip-locked instead. Because I look five years older than I am, no one at the restaurant had quibbled about me having a glass of the wine. Likewise, inebriated as we were, despite a filling meal of veal scallopini, we had to hold onto each other to enter the house. So when our lips met, a fire raged through both of us, and when we made our way back to our bedrooms Grandpa pulled me into his bedroom.

Without hesitation we undressed each other and fell, giggling, onto his bed. He kissed me all over my face, down my neck and up to my ears, blowing softly into each one as he sucked my earlobes one at a time.

Grandpa then kissed my chest from shoulder to shoulder and from my supra-sternal notch to the tops of my tiny tits. He then sucked each breast into his mouth, laving my 1/2" nipples with his tongue, and scraping them gently with his teeth.

By this time I was having jolts of electricity flowing from my upper body directly to my core. My breathing became rapid and irregular until I spasmed violently in the first orgasm I ever had that was not self-induced.

Grandpa looked at me, as I rested there in his arms after the orgasm had passed, and asked, "Are you alright, Sugar? Do you want to stop here or continue?"

I said, "Grandpa, I could not feel more loved, so of course I'm alright. And I want to continue until you have taken my virginity and made me fully the woman for you." Bold words from someone who had no idea what was to come, but I wanted it anyway.

So, starting just under my miniscule breasts, Grandpa kissed his way down my body, pausing to lick my belly button, before moving down to my black bush and down over my sex until he reached the bottom of my vagina.

He then kissed, licked and sucked his way back up my labia, spreading them open and tasting the inner lips all the way up to my clitoral hood. The moment he made contact with my most tender spot, I spasmed again.

"Grandpa, what are you doing to me?" I asked him, adding, "I've only ever given myself one orgasm with my fingers; you've already given me two with your tongue."

Smiling up at me from between my legs, Grandpa said, "I love you so much, Lorelei, that when we are together in this bed, please call me Norman, or Norm. As for what I am doing to you, I am making love to you the way it should always be done: slowly, completely and with no rush whatsoever."

I said to him, "Norman, my sweet lover, do what you will to me. You know I've never been with a boy my own age for fear that as soon as they had their way with me they would leave and never return."

"Sugar," he replied, "I come from a line of long-lived people, so if I tell you I won't leave you for at least 30 years, that is what will happen.

"Norman, my wonderful grandfather and lover, that gives me more comfort than you can imagine. But now please take away my virginity. It is my gift to you forever and ever," I told him.

Grandpa then tried to insert the tip of one finger inside me, but I was too dry. So he went back to suckling at my tiny tits until my juices started flowing. And when he paused to finger me again he was able to push his finger inside my vagina up to the second knuckle, where he encountered my hymen.

He withdrew his finger and then used two fingers to stretch my outer vaginal walls so that his magnificent penis could start to slide into me. Then he pulled back, opened the drawer of his night stand and removed a tube of K-Y Jelly that he then spread all over his love spear. He also coated the entrance to my pussy with the same lubricant.

With that done he pushed the tip of his cock into my cunt. As he did so he told me, "Sugar, we have to go very slowly, because your love tunnel has to expand to accommodate my size. And even with going slowly it will probably hurt somewhat as the muscles in your vagina are going to be stretched for the first time. I'm sorry if this does hurt, but it must be done until my cock reaches your hymen."

As he said this to me he began pushing into me. It did hurt at first, but his patient approach to opening me up soon eased such pain as there was.

Grandpa pushed in slowly, backed out just as slowly, and pushed in again. He repeated this until he could easily push up to my barrier. Then, with one quick shove my hymen was torn and Norman's man meat was beyond the barrier. As he withdrew all the way out of me I felt a wet sensation that was not like my normal fluids. He smiled, kissed me, and brought up a wet towel to absorb the blood flowing from where my hymen had been.

Having cleaned my pussy of blood, Grandpa showed me the red stains that marred the towel. "In centuries past, a sheet or a towel such as this was a husband's proof that his wife was the virgin he expected her to be," Grandpa told me. And while he was doing so he slid himself back into me. A few more thrusts in and withdrawals out of my vagina and Norman was as deep inside me as he could be.

"How are you feeling, Sugar?" he asked me for the tenth or twelfth time.

"Norman, I am fine," I told him.

"Good. Now I am going to make love to you until you want me to go so fast and so hard that it ceases to be making love and becomes fucking," he responded.

Now he began the long strokes out of and back into my cunt. I groaned and hummed with pleasure as he found the rhythm that he wanted. I experienced feelings based upon the presence or absence of his love pole. My juices began flowing so freely I literally was drowning his cock in my depths.

Grandpa continued to kiss my face and suckle at my breasts while I felt his strokes become ever so slightly faster. I also felt the tension building up for my first orgasm around a man's trouser rocket. I could feel my vagina contract and release around Norman's penis within me. The feeling was sublimely beautiful. I begged him to start fucking me, and so he did.

When my orgasm clamped my walls around his shaft, Norman's testicles released their contents into my womb. As I was not on pills or any other form of birth control, I could have become pregnant. If I had I would have been very happy to have Grandpa's child. But I was too close to my period, and so we dodged a bullet. But we were not going to avoid it forever.

So the next day I sat with Grandpa in the kitchen after we had eaten our breakfast. I spoke first. "Last night was wonderful, Grandpa. I love you more now than I ever have. I have wanted to be your woman since I was little. Now I am.

"But, I think we might have a problem. I am not on the pill, and when you came in me I could have become pregnant. However, my period begins tomorrow, so it is not likely. But I've got to go to my gynecologist and find out for sure. Should I get a prescription for the pill? Or do you want to get me pregnant as soon as it happens? What do I do?"

Grandpa stood up, walked around to my side of the table, pulled me to my feet and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my face, my neck, my ears and, finally my lips. "What you do," he said, "Is whatever you prefer. If you don't want to get pregnant now then obtain birth control pills. If you do want to get pregnant now then let's just do what we did yesterday."

"Well, then, Norman, I vote to get pregnant as soon as you are able to make me so. I want to have your babies. You'll be their father and their great-grandfather, which I think is cool. And since you lost your only daughter in that drive-by shooting, you should have other children to take Mom's place. Let me give them to you." I smiled at Grandpa, my heart almost bursting with love for this man who had been my life before, and now would continue to be for years to come.

Taking my hand and leading me back to the bedroom, Grandpa said, "Sugar, I will do my utmost to get you pregnant, as that is what you want. Any children we may be blessed with will be as treasured as you are. Thank you, my beautiful Lorelei, for loving an old man so much."

With that we stripped out of our clothes and crawled back under the top sheet. Over the next two hours I gave Grandpa a blowjob, he ate my pussy, and then we fucked like bunnies. By the time he came inside me I'd had four more orgasms and fell asleep in his arms.

I awoke sometime later to see Grandpa watching me, a great smile on his face. I told him that I was so sore from our lovemaking that I doubted that I could even crawl to the bathroom. So my ever-gallant Norman pulled me to my feet, propped me up with his shoulder, and walked me to the bathroom.

While I did my business on the commode, he filled the bathtub with hot water, helped me get into the tub, and then sat behind me with his legs outside mine. We just lay there in the hot water letting it relax our muscles. Then we washed ourselves clean and rose out of the water to wrap ourselves in terry-cloth bath sheets and went and got dressed.

Then I called my gynecologist's office to set-up an appointment to see if I might already be pregnant. After that phone call we put together a grocery list and Grandpa drove us to our favorite store where we stocked up on fresh vegetables, meat and bread. We returned home and I made us a chef salad with some ham and cheese slices that remained in the refrigerator.

Having eaten, and with me still being sore from my introduction to vaginal intercourse, not to mention losing my virginity, I sat on the sofa in the family room with my Norman holding me, talking about whatever crossed our minds.

"Sugar, what about completing your nurse's training?" he asked me.

I replied, "Grandpa, even if I were pregnant right now I would not give birth before this autumn. Therefore, I will complete my first year of nursing studies before the spring is over. And, depending on when I get pregnant and when our child is due, I may be able to complete the third semester of nursing school. And since I'm at the hospital anyway, I can just go to the maternity ward when labor begins."

"That is good thinking, Sugar," he told me.

"Can we get married in this state?" I asked him.

"My beloved Lorelei, if we are known as being grandfather and granddaughter there is no state in which we can get married. But if we go to a state where we are not known, we might be able to marry. But I would not count on it. I'm sorry, Sugar, but that is the law," he said ruefully.

"But as long as no one asks about our relationship, can we live together and have children like we are planning to do?" I asked him.

"Oh, my God!" Grandpa exclaimed, "We can't have children of our own. When we went to register their birth certificates people would know that the children were born of incest between us. I can't believe I forgot that until now. And since the same would be true if we tried to adopt a child together, we are stuck.

"However, in a few years, you might be able to adopt a child as a single parent, since you would be working to support any such child. And because I, as your legal guardian, could help support you and that child, that would probably work."

"But, Norman," I objected, "That sounds like I could probably only adopt a single child unless there were twins or siblings who should not be separated for whatever reason."

"That is correct, Sugar," he said, smiling at me sadly.

I had to think about this. I did not want to give up on being Grandpa's lover, but it seemed that circumstances would eventually force us to live apart from one another. This I did not want to do, and I told Grandpa so.

"My lovely Lorelei," he said, "Let's just think about this some more. Meanwhile, when you see your gynecologist, ask about all birth control options open to you. You should consider all of them, with the risks and the benefits before deciding. Whatever you choose, I'll support you. As your legal guardian, I will even accompany you if you wish to have me there for moral support and legal authorization, should they object to a 19-year-old woman deciding her own reproductive options. But I don't think they will, and it should be your choice that you can share with me later."

And so it was that one week after New Year's Day, I met with Dr. Ellen Willfong, my gynecologist. Her exam, and tests she ran, later proved that I was not pregnant. She answered all my questions about birth control and pregnancy prevention, and asked me to return in one week if I wanted to select one of the methods we had discussed. After assuring me that I was old enough, under state law, to make my own reproductive choices, I was sent to the check out desk where I paid for my visit and scheduled next week's visit.

I found out, on my return, that Grandpa had summoned some state legislators to our home to discuss changing the state's laws on marriage to permit all family members except siblings or a parent and his/her natural child to marry. The legislators all had a dozen or more years of legislative service, and had already passed a law permitting all cousins to marry one another.

The discussion focused only on civil marriages to be performed by officers of the state. If the parties wanted a religious wedding they would have to consult with their clergy to see if their religion would permit it.

It would take ten years and the agreement of the five other states surrounding ours to get that law passed. A municipal court judge who was a friend of ours then married Norman and me. This took place two weeks after the law came into effect. My adopted twin daughters, then fifteen years old, cheered us on. As Sophia, the older daughter by seven minutes put it, "It's about damn time." Jenna, the younger daughter, said: "Now you two can legally fuck."

Norman then filed papers to legally make my daughters his heirs if I should pre-decease him. But with him being 42 years older than me, that seemed unlikely to happen. And I could be heard muttering, "Ain't the law fun? NOT!!"

During those ten years I finished nursing school and began working in the maternity ward of County General Hospital. Two years into my job I adopted twin seven-year-olds who refused to be separated from one another. It took a lot of Grandpa's time to jump through all the legal loopholes and get the adoption finalized in my favor. That there were twins at all seemed miraculous to me. That they wanted me to be their mother, once they had gotten to know me, and Grandpa, was even more miraculous.

The girls and I lived in a guesthouse that he had built in back of the main house. I paid him rent (which he put into an education fund for the girls) so that I could show the authorities that I was properly supporting my daughters.

Grandpa hired Myrtle Smith, a childless middle-aged war widow to keep both houses cleaned. We ate dinner every night in the main house. As great-grandpa to my girls, he doted on them as he had done with me. Since I worked different shifts each week at the hospital, he often filled in at parent teacher conferences and at school activities in which they were involved.

On weekends, especially, I would have at least one night when I stayed with Grandpa. The girls came and slept in the guest bedroom in the main house, while I slept with him. We knew that they could hear us making love, and did nothing to hide that from them. While they never came into our bed with us, we often had to go to their bedroom to comfort them until they fell asleep.

One Sunday morning, after sleeping over the night before, I had cooked breakfast for the four of us, while Sophia set the table and Jenna poured the juice and the milk into pitchers that she then carefully placed on the kitchen table in front of where I usually sat.

When we stayed over, the girls called Grandpa just Norman. Otherwise they called him Grandpa Norman. We had just finished eating and were about to put the dishes in the sink (Mrs. Smith's orders; we could cook but only she would take care of the dishes.)

Jenna, always more gregarious than Sophia, asked, "Norman, when are you going to marry Mama and end this charade?"

I looked at him and giggled; he looked at Jenna and stuck his tongue out at her, which made both girls laugh. We joined in until we had to stop because our sides hurt.

Finally Norman said, "When the state legislature finally passes the bill that they have been fussing over for the last nine years, the governor signs the bill, and the law becomes effective that will allow your Mama and I to get married, that is when we'll marry. Right now we can't get married. So this "charade", as you call it, is what we must do to be intimate with each other. And you must never tell anyone what we do or when we do it. Okay?"

Sophia answered for both of them. "Okay, then," she said. "But I hope it gets done soon, because this is silly. You love Mama, and she loves you. If this law is needed to allow you two to marry, I can't understand why it has taken so long."

Jenna agreed with her sister. I agreed with her sister. Norman agreed with her sister. Then Sophia added, "What happens when you two can get married?"

I said, "My darling daughters, when Norman and I are able to get married I will move back into this house. You two will continue to live in the other house. You'll finally have more room for your own things. On the day that you turn 21 we will file a new deed to that house showing that you each own 50% of it. We'll pay the taxes and upkeep on it, but it will be yours. When Norman and I are both dead you will each own 50% of this house, and all our other property as well.

"When either or both of you decide to get married you and your intendeds will sign a pre-nuptial agreement that states that any property you own through us will never be considered as property of the marriage. Only you and your sister will own it; and only you can sell your share of it. And when you sell it, if you do, the income derived from the sale will be yours alone."

Sophia looked at Jenna and they both got up and kissed and hugged me. Then they went to Norman and kissed and hugged him. No words needed to be spoken, so the girls cleared our dishes and wiped down the table, and we all adjourned to the family room.

Jenna sat on the right arm of Norman's recliner, while Sophia sat next to me on the sofa. The aura of love that permeated that room made speech unnecessary. We just basked in each other's presence for the next hour.

When the hour was up the girls each whispered something in the ear of the parent they sat next to at that moment. Then they silently changed places and whispered in the ear of the other parent. Finally, Norman spoke to all of us, "Sophia and Jenna, I am honored beyond belief that you want to call me 'Dad' from now on. I gladly accept."

I spoke next, "My daughters, even though we are not yet married, the fact that you want to call Norman 'Dad' now tells us both how lucky we are to have you in our lives. I thank you for sharing your love with him, too."

"Just so you know, my dear young ladies, from this point on I consider you my daughters as well. I haven't had a daughter since your mother's mother died when Lorelei was an infant. And now I have the two best daughters I could ever hope to have. I love you both," he said, tears glistening in his eyes.

Sophia looked at her sister and said, "How could we not love the man who loves our Mom so much. We love you Dad, and are proud to be your daughters, legalities or not."

"Dad," Jenna added, "With you loving us we finally feel whole again. When we were put up for adoption we had little hope that we'd be able to stay together and build a new family. Yet, here we are. We may not need as much nighttime comforting, because our greatest wish has come true. We have parents again!"

At those words all four of us began to cry. We quickly ran out of facial tissue and I went and found another box. After we stopped the water works, we agreed that this called for a celebratory dinner. Norman asked our daughters where they wanted to go. They opted for a well-known Australian steakhouse chain location on the other side of the city. We agreed to meet at his car in one hour in dress-casual clothing.

We called ahead for seating, and only had to wait 10 minutes for a table for four to open up. When the drinks menu was presented Norman opted for a bottle of Foster's beer. I had a Cuba libre'. And then Norman surprised our daughters by ordering each of them a Strawberry Bull.

I told them that this was a drink served to under aged young people who could not have alcohol. Norman said, "My daughters, try this, it is made with strawberries and Red Bull. If you don't like it there are other choices."

When the drinks were served our daughters took a cautious sip, decided they liked it, and continued to sip. Meanwhile our server brought us our menus, described the daily special, put down a mini loaf of bread with butter, and departed. After a few minutes the server returned for our orders: 9 oz Outback Special sirloin steak for the three of us ladies, and the larger 12 oz Outback Special for Norman. Five minutes later another server brought us our salads. 10 minutes after our salads were finished the main course was brought out.

No one watching us would have doubted that we were a family. They might have thought the three women were all Norman's children, but hearing our daughters call him Dad and me Mom would have modified that opinion. What mattered to us is that we were having a good time together.

We ladies all went back to the guest house, but I just picked up a few things and then went to live with Norman, while the girls decided that they would start learning to live in their home. They loved the privacy, but were always welcome to stay in the guest bedroom whenever they wanted. Since they were all but joined at the hip, either they both stayed with us or they both stayed at their house.

After Norman and I finally were married we went on a brief honeymoon to Myrtle Beach. We did not stay long because we missed our daughters. But a couple of days of not leaving our bed except to go to the bathroom, and to only wear clothes when room service brought us our meals meant we could be together as husband and wife without any concerns whatsoever.

We returned home to find our bedroom festooned with flower petals and scented candles that created a loving environment. Our beautiful daughters even persuaded Mrs. Smith to buy a bottle of champagne that was chilling in an ice bucket beside Norman's side of the bed, with two champagne flutes sitting on his nightstand.

We took this all in and hugged and kissed our daughters for several minutes. Then they staggered us with our wedding gifts, matching lockets that opened up to show each of their faces, Sophia's on the left and Jenna's on the right.

This time Norman and I were in tears as our children placed the lockets on chains that they fastened around our necks. Each daughter gave us a chaste kiss on the lips as they finished.

Not having kissed anyone but each other on the lips, we were both humbled by our daughters' affection kiss. Norman looked at me, and then at the twins, and said, "You may kiss us this way only on birthdays, weddings and anniversaries thereof, and on holidays; but, only on those occasions. And that is to keep you from kissing us that way when it would not be appropriate. Thank you, my darlings, but now your mother and I want to crash. The honeymoon trip took a lot out of us."

Our daughters left us, but we could hear their giggles until they entered their own house. Meanwhile I told Norman that we should wear these necklaces whenever our daughters were around. He agreed, so we removed each other's necklace and placed them carefully in our jewelry boxes in our nightstands. Then we slowly undressed each other and fell happily into bed. Our lovemaking then was intense.

When we were finished Norman held me in his arms and said, "In the twenty nine years since you came to live with me, I have never been happier than I am right now. And that includes when we first made love, and when our daughters first came to live with you. If I can have even just twenty more years with you, I will have had a blessed life, Sugar, because of you."

One thing I had insisted upon when we were married was to retain my legal name, Lorelei Woodson, for professional reasons. But whenever Norman called me "Mrs. Groves," which he always did in the privacy of our bedroom, I loved it; because that is who I was in private, Mrs. Norman Groves.

The next morning as I drove our daughters to school, I asked them did they still want to be the Woodson twins or the Groves twins, or something else. They did not answer my question until dinner that night, when Sophia asked, "Dad, do you want us to take your last name?"

"Regardless of your answer to Sophia, I only want to be known as Jenna Groves, because while Mom is the one who adopted us, I think of myself as your daughter," Jenna added.

"Now that your Mom and I are married, you can be called by my name, or you can still be called by her name, or you can hyphenate our last names and be Woodson-Groves or Groves-Woodson. You can even choose a different surname altogether. I'll just file the legal papers with Judge Cooper's clerk and in a couple of weeks you can be called by the name that means the most to you. But, once you have changed your names, I expect you to live with those names until you get married, and have this discussion with your husbands," he told them.

Sophia grinned at us and said, "Don't be mad Mom, but I want to be Sophia Groves as much as Jenna wants to be Jenna Groves. You are only Lorelei Woodson at the hospital. Everyone expects you to be Mrs. Lorelei Groves at home. So let's make it unanimous."

I smiled at my husband and my daughters. I said, "Norman, why don't you file amended adoption papers naming your self as the father of these two, and Lorelei Woodson Groves as their mother. That should be sufficient, won't it?"

And so, the next morning, my husband called his legal secretary and told her to pull the adoption file for the twins Sophia and Jenna Woodson. Then prepare an amended set of adoption papers giving their names as Sophia and Jenna Groves, with Norman Groves, Esq. as their father and Lorelei Woodson Groves as their mother. The file with amended paperwork was to be sent over to the Municipal Court to the attention of Judge Fillmore Cooper, who would rule on the amendment as he had on the initial adoption eight years earlier.

Norman's cell phone rang early the next morning and he answered, saying, "Fillmore, how good of you to call. Everything is in order on the amendment. When will the adoption go through? Two weeks from tomorrow. That is excellent. Thank you my friend. Yes, I'll have the office send over the filing fees by noon. Give our regards to Barbara and the children. Yes, we'll have a party to celebrate when the adoption is finalized. You two will be the most honored of guests after the young ladies themselves. We'll see you then."

The day before the adoption was to be finalized I received a package with two new birth certificates for our daughters. These would be presented at the party tomorrow night. I had arranged a caterer to handle the refreshments as I expected Mrs. Smith to be in attendance as a guest.

The next day I took our daughters shopping for party dresses, with shoes to match. They wanted to know whom the party was for, and where it would be. I also took them to have their hair and nails done.

When we got home I told them to get cleaned up, put on their best undergarments and to use a tiny bit of perfume under their ears and at the base of their necks. They could get into their new dresses, but were to stay in their house until their father came for them. They heard the noises of the caterers and the chairs being set up in the back yard, but a curtain had been set up that blocked their view of what was going on.

When Norman came to get them he led them to the curtain, but stepped through it alone. In his best politician's voice he addressed the crowd.

"My friends, you all know that Lorelei adopted twin girls eight years ago. And you know that Lorelei and I were married just three weeks ago. But now, as a result of a family discussion, Lorelei and I want you all to meet, formally, our daughters, Sophia and Jenna Groves. Come out, young ladies, and meet our guests at this party in your honor."

I went through the curtain, grabbed Sophia's left hand in my right hand, and Jenna's right hand in my left. I told Sophia to step through first, pulling me, and Jenna, behind her. When we were all on the other side, our guests arose as one and applauded our daughters. They blushed, but we could tell how pleased they were.

Then Norman came over, the envelope in his hand, and said: "My daughters, here are your new birth certificates naming yourselves as Sophia Groves and Jenna Groves, children of Norman Groves and Lorelei Woodson Groves." Giving each young lady her own birth certificate, he spoke to the crowd again. "As their father, I have exercised another prerogative, and obtained for each of these young women, a temporary Learner's Permit so that they can learn to drive automotive vehicles of all types. These are good only until they can be taken to the DMV office to get permanent Learner's Permits with their photos attached."

At this gesture the guests applauded once more. I grinned at my husband, because I knew that what he had done sealed our family celebration as nothing else could have done.

Each daughter hugged him and gave him a peck on the cheek, which I knew would be followed later by a kiss on the lips before they went to bed.

We gathered at the beverage table where everyone took a cup of iced sherbet and ginger ale punch. Judge Cooper stepped up to our daughters and said, "Young ladies, when I signed your adoption orders, both times, I had no idea what you would be like, because I don't always see the adoptees in my court. But here's to you two, to your loving parents, and may your lives always be filled with fond memories of today. Hip, hip, hooray. Hip, hip, hooray. Hip, hip, hooray!" The guests, Norman and I joined in toasting our daughters.

Sophia, being somewhat shy around strangers, nevertheless hugged the Judge and said thank you. Jenna, future stateswoman that she was, also hugged Judge Cooper then spoke to the crowd. She said, "Thank you all for making this day so special for us. And Judge Cooper, when you allowed our Mom to adopt us together, eight years ago, we did not get to thank you. But now that Dad has also adopted us, and given us his surname as our own, we are proud to be known as the Groves twins. Thank you for helping us twice to have a normal family."

Then everyone moved to the buffet table and chose the food they wanted. As they sat at a table, servers came to pour coffee, tea, or soft drinks as the individual guests preferred. Judge and Mrs. Cooper joined Mrs. Smith and the four of us at the head table.

Mrs. Smith stood up, after the eating was finished, and said, "I have helped take care of these two young women since they came to live with Mrs. Groves. They are two of the sweetest children I have ever known, and I am proud to share this celebration with all of you."

The girls went to her and hugged her. They begged her to stay on and care for them when their folks were busy. "After all, we wouldn't be totally who we are if you didn't show us who you are," Sophia was heard to say.

Then, with proper decorum, or daughters visited with each of the guests and thanked them for joining them on their very special day. They were as smooth a doubles act as any presidential candidate with his running mate.

The party broke up early and when only the four of us remained, we went in the main house and sprawled on the family room furniture. And that is when Sophia and Jenna kissed me on the lips and then turned to their father and kissed him on the lips.

Then they went up to their bedroom, removed their party dresses and crawled into bed. They kissed each other on the lips and rapidly fell asleep.

Norman came to me and without saying a word carried me upstairs to our bedroom. After we slipped naked between the sheets he began to make slow, gentle love to me. By the time I had my first orgasm my chest was covered by his saliva, my nipples were standing at attention, and my pussy was leaking like a sieve.

As he tongued his way down to my sex he smiled at me and said, "If I haven't thanked you again, today, for giving me such beautiful daughters, let me do so now. With that he licked and sucked my clitoral hood until the growing shaft within stood proudly forth on its own. Every swipe of his tongue over the erect bundle of nerves caused shivers to flow through me in continuous waves of pleasure that led to another orgasm.

Then he pressed his manhood, which was as erect as my clit, through the entrance of my vagina, in one smooth stroke. When he was fully inside me with the tip of his cock pressed against my cervix, he started to slide back out until only the head of his cock was still inside me. As he pushed back inside on his next stroke he tried to rub the engorged head over my g-spot.

This gave me added pleasurable sensations that led to yet another orgasm. As this orgasm tightened my vaginal walls in waves around his mighty tool, I felt the onset of Norman's orgasm roll through his shaft, which discharged its load of sperm violently towards my womb.

I hadn't been on birth control in over a year, due to medical issues with the iud and with the pill. So three weeks later, when I did not have my period, I said to Norman, "I think you knocked me up the night of the party for the twins."

The next day we went to the obstetrician's office, who performed examinations and blood tests. Dr. Asbell said, "We'll have the test results tomorrow or the next day, but you are showing every sign of being pregnant. Congratulations, Mrs. Groves. Where will you have this baby?"

"County General, in the maternity ward where I'm known as Nurse Woodson," I replied.

"Yes, I've heard of you under that name," she said. She was Doctor Willfong's partner in the practice. I urged her to provide instructions for caring for a baby in the first few weeks of a pregnancy, and she handed me a folder jam-packed with reading matter. I told her that this baby would be our first, even though I had adopted seven-year-old twins eight years ago, before my husband and I were married. Then she smiled and said, "I understand."

Then I added, that I would be bringing my daughters in to see Dr. Willfong next month, and wanted to combine visits. She said that their scheduling people could arrange that.

I felt good that I could pull that together. So with plans to see her in a month I left, scheduled my appointment and one for Sophia and one for Jenna, and then headed for home.

Upon arriving home the girls were all over me. So I handed them the folder of reading matter. I walked into the house; they bounced in.

Norman heard the elephants dancing and decided to see what kind of damage was being done. I rushed into his arms and excitedly spoke the news in his ear, which was the only way he was going to hear me over the rioting rhinoceri that our daughters were trying to imitate.

At dinner that night I told my family that it was all but certain, that the doctor's office would call me with the results of the tests in the next few days. And then I told our daughters that they were scheduled for their first meeting with my gynecologist next month.

Jenna asked "Why now, Mom?"

I said, "You both are close enough to being free to engage in sexual activities with boys. I want you both to have birth control. But you need to know all the options that are available, as I once did.

"Dr. Willfong explained the choices so well, that I wanted her to do the same for both of you. But you will each make your selection independently of your sister. You may end up making the same choice, but I want you each to do so alone. And the only person you will tell is the doctor."

Sophia said, "Whatever you want us to do, I'm certain Jenna and I will do it, Mom."

"Of course," Jenna agreed. Then she asked, "Do you really think we need birth control now? We haven't even dated yet, and neither of us is stupid enough to engage in sex on a first date."

Norman spoke up and said, "We want you protected before you need it, so that you won't have to think about it when it is needed. I hope you will be lead by your mother's example."

Jenna looked at Sophia and they both said, "Okay, Dad. We'll do as Mom says."

I hugged my daughters and then their father did as well. At 10 the next morning I got the call confirming my pregnancy. I called my husband and told him. When I told him the likely due date is October 31 he said, "Really! Our child is going to have a Halloween birthday? Poor kid will get spooky birthday cards until he or she is at least 70."

When we told our daughters that night at dinner, Sophia said, "What a bummer. The kid couldn't go to Halloween party because he or she would have to be at a birthday party."

Jenna said, "Either that or people would come to kid's birthday party dressed in Halloween costumes."

Then I reminded them that a first-born child is often a week or more late. "That'd be cool, too," Jenna said.

That night in bed, as he ate me out, Norman said, "I don't want to know our child's gender before it is born. I like the way it way it was when you had to wait to find out."

I told him I could live with that. Then, as he slid into me he added, "When should we think about a name for if we have a boy or if we have a girl?"

As I could feel my orgasm approaching I said, "Not just now." Then I groaned out loud as my orgasm hit, which in turn drew Norman's cum out of his body and filled me up.

When we had subsided from our peaks I said to him, "You know, Grandpa, it is a good thing you can only get pregnant once at a time, or you might have just given me a second baby." Then I turned on my side, pulled him around me, and drifted off to sleep.

When Sophia and Jenna came with me to my first examination by Dr. Asbell, the obstetrician, they were as delighted as I was. But when I took them next door to Doctor Willfong's office they became quite nervous. But the nurse who took them back to the examination rooms made them relax. And when they met Doctor Willfong, they were put at ease by her easy-going manner.

Sophia wanted me with her for the exam part, so I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders until it was over. I then stepped out until she was once again dressed. Jenna did not want me or her sister there for the exam, but was glad we were there for her when she came out.

I led them to Dr. Willfong's office, and told them I would meet them out in the waiting room when they had learned what Dr. Willfong would discuss with them about birth control methods. They sat as I left. Twenty minutes later two pensive young women found me and we went to my vehicle. I took them to a Panera Bread Company store for lunch. We bantered lightly but did not talk about anything related to their visit to their new doctor.

That night, after dinner, Sophia wanted to talk to me privately. So Jenna cuddled up with her father in the family room while I made cold drinks and we went to her bedroom to talk. "Mom, I really was scared about the exam part, because the doctor was going to see a part of me that no one else ever has. But she made it so easy."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Sophia. Do you have any questions for me about any part of your visit to the doctor?"

"No, Mom, but I think you should talk to Jenna. She was tense during the whole birth control discussion. I didn't know what to do for her, so I held her hand. I don't know if that helped her or not."

I led her back to the family room where she traded places with Jenna. I led Jenna to her room and just held her. I could feel how tense she was, but she eventually relaxed in my arms. Then I kissed her on the lips, to let her know that this was a celebration of sorts.

She said, "You know, Mom, Dad held me just like you did. He also kissed me like you did. But I couldn't relax until you held me. And I'm glad Sophia held my hand while Dr. Willfong talked about birth control methods, because I was about to freak out."

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"Sure, as long as it's with you, I can do that," my younger daughter said.

"What bothered me most was having the doctor examining parts of me that I have never seen. Of course, she was sweet and gentle, but if felt so strange. And then to have that talk just made it worse. I'm glad I have you, Dad and Sophia, because you all give me the love and support I need."

"I understand, honey, and I'll love you like always. So will Dad. And your sister should be the rock you rely on when you can't talk to us. Let's go back out. I want to talk to all of you, now," I said.

We all were gathered in the family room. I sat on the sofa and gestured for our daughters to sit on either side of me. When we were all settled I addressed my husband, "Our daughters have been upset by their first gynecological exam. I know you love them and want to comfort them. For now, though, we need to have a women only discussion. Do you want to go out or anything?"

Ever quick to catch my meaning, Norman said. "I think I'll go get us all some chocolate ice cream. I'll be gone for about an hour. Will that work?"

Three yes votes later he left the house, drove off, and left us there. Jenna giggled, "Elvis has left the building."

Sophia and I burst out laughing, and Jenna just joined in. After a few minutes I said to them, "If you think that exam was hard wait until you want your boyfriend to eat your pussy for the first time. Letting a man look at you down there is much harder. But if you want oral sex, and eventually you will, you'll endure it. And it is not really embarrassing; it is just something you've never done before. You'll have several gynecological exams in your lives, my daughters, so just let them happen."

"Mom," Sophia asked, "Did you freak out at your first exam?"

"No, honey, because I had an older friend with me who had already been through it herself. Just think: if this baby is a girl, one day one of you might have to go with her for her first exam, especially if I'm busy on the maternity ward. Or maybe both of you might go with her."

Jenna asked, "Do boys have to go through anything like this?"

I told her, "No, they don't. Their exam is most likely a check for hernias. They should be tested for STD's before they have sex with any female; but they don't. It's unfair, I know. But life isn't fair."

"Can we talk about the choices of birth control methods? I was confused by it all," Sophia said.

Jenna said, "Me too."

I will answer any questions you have that will tell you about the methods. I won't influence your choice of one method over another. And I would prefer that you not talk with each other about which method you intend to choose. This should be your own choice, freely arrived at, without outside influence. However, despite what you may hear politicians say, abstinence is not a choice, because it leaves you vulnerable to what some guy thinks, and guys are not reliable."

"We hear you, Mom," both girls said.

I said, "If either or both of you choose birth control pills, then you will have to tell me, or Dad, when you need a refill. Otherwise, it is your private business. Oh, you are scheduled to meet with Dr. Willfong, separately, next week to make your selection. You can ask her anything you want about your choice and she'll tell you what you need to know. Listen, ask questions, and choose what works for you."

Suddenly the hour was up and Norman was back with a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream. We all met up in the kitchen where the ice cream was served and we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

The next day I had an extra long shift at the hospital because of two moms who came in during the early afternoon, each six hours into labor and almost fully dilated.

When I finally got home those wonderful daughters of ours had made us homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Norman had been asked to bring home loaves of bread from an Italian bakery, and he had turned one loaf into homemade garlic bread.

It was a meal too high in carbohydrates for the adults, but our daughters, who were very active in sports at school, just burned right through the carbs. After the leftovers had been put away and the kitchen cleaned the girls made a special request.

"Mom, we would like to volunteer in the maternity ward at the hospital. We want to see what it is that you do there, and we want to help the women patients."

Norman spoke up, saying, "That is just the sort of thing young ladies your age could do to make a difference. You'll be sixteen, soon, and will be able to drive yourselves to and from the hospital. As long as your grades don't suffer, I'm all for it. I'll even pay for cabs to take you there and bring you home, when necessary."

I said, trying to hold back tears of pride, "I'm sure the hospital would be happy to have you two volunteer anywhere. We don't ever have enough volunteers. Come to work with me tomorrow and we'll see if it can be arranged."

In bed that night I told Norman that we were extra blessed to have these wonderful daughters. He said that he hoped the new baby would be a girl, too, because girls were fun to raise.

As the months passed into late spring and early summer, our daughters turned sixteen. We had taught them how to drive cars with a standard transmission, and when they obtained their driver's licenses we bought them a good used Land Rover of their own. They now could drive themselves to school, to the hospital, and anywhere else that we gave them permission to go.

After three months volunteering on the maternity ward, Sophia elected to work on the surgery ward, while Jenna worked on the intensive care ward. Wherever they went, Nurse Woodson's daughters were made welcome and they quickly learned their duties and carried them out to the satisfaction of the doctors and nurses. I constantly received glowing reports on their rapport with patients and hospital staff.

One day the head of the nursing school called the three of us into her office. She addressed me first. "Nurse Woodson, your daughters are exemplary volunteers, and everyone they work with appreciates their work."

Then she turned to my daughters, saying, "Sophia, Jenna, if you would like to become nurses like your mother, I am prepared to hold two places for you for the fall after you graduate high school. And I am prepared to offer you full-tuition scholarships should you choose to study with us, as your mother did. You have two years to think about this, and it will not reflect negatively on your mother if you decide not to accept this offer.

"But you are those rare people with great empathy for the patients combined with great dedication to the work, and we would be honored to have you. Just let me know your decision within one week of your high school graduation. If either or both of you decline, that will allow me to offer your place and scholarship to someone else. I'll look forward to hearing from you."

Did we walk out of her office? Did we float out? None of us could say. We just suddenly found ourselves at home, grinning from ear to ear when Norman arrived. I let the girls tell him the news as I just beamed with pride.

"Well," Norman said, "I just always knew my daughters were special, and I am so proud that the people at the hospital know that as well. This calls for a celebratory dinner. Where shall we go?" he asked, knowing full well what the answer would be. "Outback," the girls replied in unison. I said, "Let's go."

As we ate the girls talked about the idea of taking up nursing careers like mine. "Don't get us wrong, Dad," Sophia said, "We would gladly consider working in your business. But as long as we've known Mom, she has been the person we most wanted to be like. This would be a chance to live that ideal."

Jenna said, "Besides, we haven't worked in your business. We know nothing about it. And helping other people seems like a worthwhile career path."

"Well, my beautiful and amazing daughters, I can't fault your reasoning. If you want to learn about my business, I'd be happy to show you. But you are your mother's daughters: caring, compassionate, and wanting to make this community a better place. My business is not about that. So if you both want to become nurses, and you want to take the hospital up on its offer, I say that they had better watch out. The two of you could set standards so high few other students would be able to match you." With that he hugged each twin and, when no one was watching, kissed her on the lips.

Our daughters each wrote a letter of acceptance to the head of the nursing school. Then they applied themselves to their studies as late Summer turned into Fall and I waddled through my work, preparing for my own stay in the maternity ward. On November 5th of that year our daughter Angelina was born. Two loving parents brought her home to two eager, older sisters. I was sore, but proud of my newest daughter.

The day after Angie was born, I had the twins join me as I nursed the baby. As I did so I spoke to them. "Sophia, Jenna, this baby, born of my body, is not more important to me than you are. I love you all equally. Should I become so involved in Angie's life that I seem to forget you, just remind me of this conversation.'

"Gee, Mom," Jenna said, "You never had to nurse us or change our diapers, so how could we be jealous of you doing that for our sister. And for the record, the idea of having a baby sister is as exciting to me as anything could be."

Sophia added, "Mom, you loved us long before Angie became possible. And since we are too old to be jealous of her, we only want to do whatever we can to help take care of her. Having a baby sister, after sixteen years of just having Jenna, is like a bonus. I love both of my sisters."

I thanked them both. Then Angie chose that precise moment to burp her agreement with her twin sisters. Everyone giggled except Angie, who elected to fall asleep.

The time flew by. The twins graduated high school and we had a big party for them. Little Angie cheered her older sisters at the party. Then, before we knew it, it was time for them to start nursing school.

One day they came home with strange expressions on their faces. It was my day off so I watched them walk in and knew that something had happened. I hugged them and asked if they wanted to tell me what the problem was.

Finally Jenna spoke, "There is this one guy in our class who is an absolute asshole. He just decided to grope us without even asking if we were interested. Sophia broke his nose, and I kicked him in the balls. He threatened to have us arrested."

I said, "Tell your father when he comes home."

"Tell me what?" Norman asked, having come in just behind the twins. So Jenna repeated what she had told me. He hugged the twins and told them that they had done well to show the asshole that such behavior is not acceptable.

"Meanwhile, if he does try to have you two arrested, call me immediately, and don't fuss with the police. I'll take care of that. There is no way that any charges will ever stick. I love you and I'll be there for you."

Fortunately, the other guys in class with them made protecting our twins their mission. And word eventually filtered up to the head of the nursing school, who summoned the student and security to her office.

To the student she said, "Because of your behavior towards the Groves twins, I am rescinding your enrollment in this school, and canceling your financial aid. You have five minutes to gather your personal effects.

Officer Pendley will escort you to your locker. You may leave your textbooks there. Then he will escort you from the building. Any attempt to resist and charges will be filed against you with the District Attorney, both by the school and by the Groves twins. If I were you I would leave this community and never return. Officer Pendley, remove this trash from my office."

Pendley replied, "With great pleasure, Madam Chairwoman." Then the office was once again hers, alone.

Little Angelina Groves was a delightful addition to the household. She rarely fussed. She loved her Momma and Poppa, and adored her older sisters. Even when she hit what was supposed to be the "Terrible two's," she was just too sweet.

She especially loved the fact that Momma or one her sisters would give her a bath, just before bedtime; and then Poppa would carry her to her bed, tuck her in, and read her a story, just as he had done with her Momma at that age.

At two and half she was enrolled in a Montessori day care center that had replace Kinder Kastle as the preschool/day care center of choice. Angie made friends easily, and always was first to help a classmate who was struggling. And if a child got hurt, Angie stayed with that child until adults came to take care of the injured student.

These traits stayed with her throughout her elementary, middle school and high school years. Gifted academically, a natural athlete running track and swimming, she was the natural choice to be valedictorian of her high school graduating class. Her older sisters and her mother took the day off from their respective nursing careers to be there for Angie.

Now 90, her Dad was brought in by wheel chair, pushed by his devoted sons-in-law. He knew that he might not live to see her graduate nursing school as her mother and sisters had done before her, yet he knew that she wanted that as a career. So her graduation present from him was a fully paid tuition voucher to any nursing school in the state. Along with that there was a present of a voucher for all of her textbooks from her mother and sisters.

Her Mom, at 48, had retired from active nursing 10 years earlier and accepted the chairwoman's position at the nursing school. In seventeen more years she would retire completely. She knew that Norman would probably not live that long, but she would treasure every day that she had with him. Pleased that her twins had loving husbands and solid careers, she could devote herself to Angelina without hesitation.

When Angie stood before her fellow graduates, she smiled and asked, "Why do they call this commencement, which means beginning, when we are ending our high school careers? Is it because we are about to begin the next phase of our lives? Is it because we are now free to do what we wish, instead of what others have told us to do?

"No! It is because the world is now in our hands. WE will determine, over the next 50 years, what is important, what is unimportant, and who will be the leaders of business, industry, entertainment and politics. If we like something, others will too. WE will set the rules. WE will even change the game, if we wish. WE will control the world's economy for decades to come.

"So that is why they call it commencement. To paraphrase Al Pacino in 'The Devil's Advocate,' it's our time now. If there is any inspiration to be had from my words, let it be to make the most of our time, not just now, but as long as we live. Thank you."

The ovation from her classmates and their families was deafening. All of us appreciated Angie's words. And she didn't stop smiling until we all went out to dinner and she had to use her mouth to eat.

As our meal concluded, Norman indicated that he wished to speak to all of us. He said, "I have had two daughters of my body, and four daughters of my soul. And there is not one that I have loved more, or less, than any of the others.

"But, Angie, you have lived up to your heritage beautifully. Now I don't know how many more years I will have with you sweetheart, but even after I'm gone I'll be only as far as your memories. Meanwhile I just want you to know that your old Dad loves you and I always will."

I said, "My darling daughter, you have made your brothers-in-law proud. You have made your sisters proud. As you just heard, you have made your father proud. And I don't have enough words to tell you how proud of you I am. Just know that you are always loved, and you are never alone."

Grandpa left us two years later. He did get to see Angie join me, and her sisters, as a nurse, before passing in his sleep.

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