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My Weekend with Grandpa Part 1

Written by Michael142

This is the story of a pretty eighteen-year old college student named Annie. She is spending a three-day weekend with her Grandfather along with her best girlfriend Summer. I have serialized the three days of this visit from Friday night to Monday morning. My intent is to place all of the parts of this story in the incest/taboo category to maintain continuity. I may continue with future adventures of Grandpa and the girls if there is any interest among the readers. Please comment to let me know. This story is pure fiction, and characters bear no relation to any real persons.


1. Friday evening: An evening with Grandpa.

You can call me Annie!

It's Anne really, but I like Annie and everyone calls me that. It is Friday night, and I am spending a three-day weekend with my Grandpa at his place.

He's in pretty good physical shape for a guy in his sixties, and I could always feel the hardness in his arms and chest when I hugged him. He still skis, plays racquetball, and bicycles. I used to rollerblade and bicycle with him when I was aged six to fourteen, but now that I am eighteen, it's mostly dinners and movies.

Grandpa's pet name for me is Petunia-Face, which he often shortens to 'tunia'. I am eighteen—nearly nineteen, five-foot five, one hundred twenty-five pounds, with 34B's on top. And, yes I have a couple of extra pounds ... who doesn't! Friends tell me that I have a nice shape and that I am pretty.

I know I'm pretty, but no raving beauty. I don't really care, I am happy being me. And, in a pair of short shorts, I have caught men stealing glances at my smooth teenage thighs; even Grandpa, a time or two.

My best girlfriend's name is Summer. She is short, petite and very pretty with shapely legs in a short skirt. She is eighteen also, but unlike me, Summer is still a virgin. I was like a "B+" student, but my pretty friend is an "A" student ... 4.0 all the way, like since kindergarten. She is attending City University with me with a major in political science ... pre-law.

She is planning to attend law school after graduation, and she will be an awesome lawyer. Since we are both eighteen, we are both freshmen. My major is English, and my plan right now is teaching ... I think!

Before my eighteenth birthday, I didn't think much about sex. There were too many other things to worry about then like grades, friends, school activities, dealing with Mom ... just typical teen-girl, um ... stuff. I became more sexually adventurous since turning eighteen. I still do not trust most boys much, but I did lose my virginity to a nice boy after my eighteenth birthday. He was eighteen also, and was not the type to brag to his friends ... at least not that I knew of!

Since becoming eighteen, Summer and I have ... well ... experimented a little on sleepovers. Nothing too heavy duty, just a little um, you know, between friends. So I guess we have seen each other's bod's a time or two. She has a very cute petite shape.

I have also had some fantasies about me with my Grandpa lately. It was nice to brag to my girlfriends that my Grandpa was buff when I was younger, but lately I have started to see him less like Grandpa, and more like Michael, um, more like a man. Is that gross? Well maybe, but although he is not like, movie star handsome he is slender and muscular and has an attractive twinkle in his eyes.

Still, it is taboo since he is my Mother's Father ... he is my Grandpa. That is what also makes it a little exciting. His kindness and attention to me over the years as made me love him, and now at eighteen-plus, maybe in love with him! I want him to see me as a woman ... not as a child anymore.

Anyway, this weekend should be fun with him! Tonight, we will probably do dinner and a movie. When I was younger, we would see every new horror movie together. I would end up hugging his arm with both of mine, and hanging onto him for dear life during the scary scenes, but now ... not so much.

In the morning, he'll cook breakfast for us ... if I get my butt out of bed, that is! Most of my time will be spend up in my room at his place, listening to music, texting friends, updating my page online, and that kind of stuff. When he is gone for a while, as he has to be tomorrow, I might curl up on his couch with a book, watch TV, or maybe just listen to some music.

He is taking me out to dinner tonight at a nice Italian place ... I love spaghetti and meatballs, and I know that he will give me a little taste of his wine. Instead of the theater, we decide to order some on-demand movies at home, and I'll cuddle with a warm blanket watching them.

~ ~ ~

2. Saturday mid-morning to late afternoon: Summer and me.

It is Saturday morning, and I am sleeping in. I finally manage to get my lazy little hiney out of bed and Grandpa is already gone. I am taking Grandpa up on his suggestion to have a friend over, and call Summer.

"Sum! Hi! It's me!"

"Annie. Hi!"

"Um, over at my Grandpa's. Can you come over?

"Ah, don't know."

"C'mon Sum, I'm bored out of my skull!"

"Well ... okay but I have work later, so it will only be for a few hours."

"Good! See ya in a little bit. Bye!"

"Bye Annie!"

I stumble into the shower, and just lean against the wall letting the warm water flow over me. God, I love that feeling! The water flows over my body ... nice ... warm ... comforting. I soap up my hands, and rub them around my face and neck and the lather from the body soap builds.

I move my hands down over my breasts, over my stomach, and I moan a little as I feel my soft skin. I push my hand down a little further, over my mound and onto my clit ... I feel a little shudder. Soap feels good between my legs, on my little cunny and even moving my soapy hands over my ass gives me a tingle.

"Ohhh!" I moan as I shudder a little, again.

I rinse my body under the showerhead and just let the water run down my back, over and between my breasts dripping off my nipples... and just warming me up. I love the way the water tickles running over my ass and inner thighs. I turn off the shower and towel off.

I find a pair of short jeans shorts to change into, and a cropped halter-top with a V front showing some cleavage. Pretty casual, but it's just Summer and me. I make the shorts a little shorter by folding up the hem a couple of times until the bottom of my butt cheeks nearly peak out.

As I run my hand down and over my butt, I let my fingers play with the exposed skin at the bottom of my shorts. A couple of fingers poked into the bottom of my shorts and onto my soft little ass. I get another little shudder.

As I bound down the stairs, I jump off the second to last step just as the doorbell rings. It's Summer! She has some movies with her and she sets them on the coffee table. We get busy in the kitchen making popcorn, and getting together whatever snacks Grandpa has.

As we work closely, I rub my hand up her side from her hip just to cop a feel as we work in close quarters. As she is at the sink, peeling some kiwis, I move up behind her putting my hands on her hips. Summer turns around quickly and slides into my embrace with my arms around her. I give her quickie ... just a peck on the lips.

Sum licks her lips, and says, "Mmm tastes like soft coral pink! L'Oreal, right?"

"I'll never tell!" I teased, and we both giggle.

As I turn to bend over for a pan from a lower shelf, Summer runs her hand down over my butt. Mmm, another tingle when her fingers touch bare skin at the hem of my shorts.

"Ohhh, very cute shorts honey!" She teases, still fondling my ass a little.

Summer and I have been friends a long time, and are comfortable touching each other's bodies. It seems so natural to us; being free with each other's bods. Neither of us is very modest when we are together; we shower and sometimes sleep naked together on sleepovers ... sometimes. It's not a big deal! It's not really even sexual!

Summer asks about Grandpa, "So, when does Michael get back?"

"Dunno. Later this afternoon or tonight I guess. Why?" I reply matter-of-factly.

"It's too bad I will have to leave by then. I think he's kind of cute, and he has such a hard bod for an old guy." Summer says with a playful smile. I know she is fishing for a reaction from me.

"Sum, stop! Eew!" I do react to Summer's declaration as we moved back into the living room with our stuff.

"What do you think you would ever do with my Grandpa? He's sixty years old!" I countered.

"Well, darlin' I just might give him a little, if I get the chance." She says laughing.

"Quit it Summer, you have never given anyone "a little" ... miss virgin territory! And, what makes you think he would even be interested?" I insisted.

"Oh, I suppose you want him all to yourself huh?" She is pushing my buttons a little.

"Gross! I am not interested in giving my Grandpa a little of anything! So just drop it, okay?"

"You forget that we have been friends for a long time Annie m'love and I see the way you look at him sometimes." She continued.

"Well, he's family and that makes it like incest so even if I wanted to, it's not possible. Can we please talk about something else? You're starting to piss me off a little!"

I am getting impatient with her insistence. But, I get the distinct impression that my sexy little friend has had some of the same thoughts about my Grandpa as I am having, or she wouldn't bring it up.

She looked at me, "Okay honey, but he is cute ... just saying! Maybe I'll come over after work tonight and spend the night with you and your sexy Grandpa." Summer said giggling profusely.

"Come back if you like. I'm spending the weekend here, and Grandpa won't mind. He knows you. And ... if you want to fuck him, knock yourself out honey!"

I was getting a little pissed at her though. I don't drop the f-bomb frequently, but my sexy little friend is touching a nerve. I dismissed her taunts as just a schoolgirl crush on a hot older man. It would be fun to have her come back tonight though, and I was sure she was kidding about my Grandpa ... just pulling my chain.

Anyway, we sat on the couch with our booty of snacks spread out on the coffee table. We watched a chick-flick which was okay, and then moved on to a comedy. It was not all that funny, but by then we were both in a strange mood; laughing at everything throwing popcorn and pretzels at the screen, and at each other and giggling our little faces off.

This was shaping up to be a very weird day.

Sum noticed a kind of thoughtful look on my face, and grabbing a pillow from behind her, she whacks me in the head with it.

"Why so serious today, darling ... we are supposed to be having fun! Do I have to beat it out of ya?"

I grab the pillow from behind me and whack her as I said,

"Oh-ho-ho you are so dead! Challenge accepted baby, so take that!"

We started laughing and giggling and trying to whack each other with our soft cumbersome weapons. After some time, whacking, pushing, shoving, tickling, fondling, laughing and giggling, we decided to call a truce; declaring the match an exhausted tie.

We went back to watching the movie, with each of us sneaking in an occasional pillow whack. Summer finally leaned back into the cushions at the end of the couch, and crossed her legs over my lap. She does that sometimes, and I usually just started to massage her legs lightly with my fingers as I am doing now.

I started with her lower legs with slow fingertip tickles and rubs, and then I moved to her thighs. It was not anything sexual, just light touches and scratches while watching the movie.

She is wearing a pair of white shorts with wide-open cuffs high up on her thighs. I was spreading my finger over her thighs and at one point; my fingers find their way into her cuffs and up inside of her shorts a little. Nothing planned, it just happened. With my attention is still on the movie, I sense her looking at me. She smiles and asks,

"Where do you think you are going with those fingers, young lady?"

I quickly pull my hand out of her shorts, and say to her, "Oh my god! Sum, I'm sorry I didn't mean to—"

"It's okay Annie. Gee, I am just teasing you! But it feels nice. You know I love you, um, touching me!" She interrupts me.

I look at her, cock my head to the side with a quizzical look. I say nothing ... not really knowing what to say. Then she smiles and leans one knee up against the back of the couch opening her legs. She reaches over takes my hand, and places it high up on her inner thigh that is still across my lap.

I look directly into her eyes and still wearing my curious look; let my fingers slide over her velvety-soft inner thigh, as she smiled sweetly.

"Mmm, nice, Annie!"

She has never done that before ... this is something new. I switch my concentration from the movie to exploring my pretty friend's silky leg. Her shorts allow me to slip my hand all the way up onto her hip, and then back down the front to her panty-covered crotch.

I let my fingernails lightly scratch the material directly over her cleft, slowly moving them back and forth, as she breathes in sharply and then she starts to moan and smile.

She is still looking intently at me with her soft smile. I can see by the rising and falling of her apple-sized breasts that she is becoming aroused. I slip a finger inside the margin of her panties, and touch girl-flesh.

She closes her eyes, increasing her moans. I let my finger slide over her increasingly slippery pussy lips, and as I lightly touch her clit, Summer gasps. I gather some of her silky moisture on my fingertips, just rubbing the silkiness between them. Sum has always been quick to become wet down there!

She takes my hand, and slowly licks her slippery juices from my fingers as she continues to look into my eyes. She lifts her butt off the couch enough to unbutton her shorts, and I help her pull them off. She then turns onto her stomach with her thighs across my lap.

She is wearing powder-blue cotton bikini panties, with a pretty, pink bow at the waistband. She pulls her knit top up over her head and off. I am staring at my petite little friend, in nothing but panties and matching bra ... with matching little pink bows.

Her petite little body is an amazing sight. With a lump in my throat, I nervously pull her panties down and off. I am smoothing my hands over her downy bare ass. After teasing her crack a little with my fingertips, I slide them down to her little puckered opening. She pushes her butt up a little, and opens her legs for me. She is lying with her arms round the pillow under her head. She is smiling and moaning softly into the pillow.

I rub her asshole with my middle finger with enough pressure to increase her to moaning,

"Oooh that feels so wonderful, darling!" She moans.

I push my finger in just a little, just massaging the tight ring of her pucker. She reacts by wiggling her cute ass a little pushing it up to meet my touch. I slide my finger down, between her wet pussy lips, and onto her clit. As my fingertip touches her sensitive little button, she gasps sharply.

"Ohhh, Annnieee!"

"Mmm Sum, you have such a pretty little butt ... feels so nice!"

I reach down and place a kiss on her ass cheek, lick her little crack, and then unclasp her bra. She turns over onto her back as she removes it. She looks up at me completely naked, with an incredibly innocent look; eyes wide as saucers.

I pull my top off, and it falls to the floor. I put my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts pulling them down and off. We have been nude in front of each other before, but this is different ... this is sexual. Kind of new territory for us, and not knowing exactly what to do, we just start to play with each other's tits, and fingering each other's nipples. She looks up at me, and asked nervously,

"A-Annie, what are we doing?"

"Mmm, don't know Sum ... let's just um, let it happen ... a little ... and see.'"

"Okay, Annie."

She must also have recognized that something different is going on this afternoon. I move my head toward her lovely crotch. As I move in closer, I am breathing her in. The scent of her is so amazing ... sweet ... musky ... a pleasant but strong female aroma ... feminine smell! I was getting a little light headed from it. I always tried to keep my own feminine smell to a minimum, but now breathing in Summer's, I was getting sexually aroused.

I slide my hands under her butt, and bring her crotch to my face. Her moisture is beading up heavily. My thumbs spread her ass-cheeks, and I gave her little ass pucker a light lick with the tip of my tongue. I blow on her moistened orifice, and she shudders. I kiss the insides of her thighs, and the creases either side of her outer lips.

I am giving very special attention to all areas of her sweet aromatic crotch except her clit and pussy lips, just to tease her a little. Oh, God! Her musky smell was really getting to me! As she raised her head a little, she said breathlessly,

"Annie ... I need you to ... lick me ... um, there!" She reached down to spread her pussy lips with a couple of her fingers. Summer was breathing, in little gasps trying to speak. "A-Annie ... pl-please!"

I am a little surprised by the position I was now in ... that of being a lover to my best girlfriend. All of our touching, chaste kisses, and hip bumps were one thing. Now I am breathing into her crotch with her strong female smell filling my nose, and with her expecting me to give her some sexual release.

I am nervous as I move my lips in and place a light kiss on the edge of her pussy lips ... just enough to tickle her. She inhales sharply, then starts to exhale again in shallow little huffs, and then sharply back in again. She is shuddering so I reach my thumb up to rub her clitoris, as I lustily kiss, lick, and bite her pussy lips.

Her breathing increases, now deeply in, and all the way out. I slide my tongue into her pussy, and she convulses into a very strong orgasm. Trembling, quaking, convulsing, she makes a series of squeals and little screams into her pillow, which is now covering her face. She lets it fall to the side.

"Than-Thank ... you Annie ... hon-honey. Ohhh, I, I ... s-so needed ... that! I can feel it ... everywhere! Just everywhere, darling!" Then she smiles broadly.

Surprised by what just happened, I look down at her with a crooked smile the only reply I can make is, "My pleasure sweetie."

I just fucked my best girlfriend!

As I try to get my mind around this, I shudder into a nice little release of my own. We were both slippery pools of sweat! I rub my sweaty belly against her sweaty belly, just making rude little noises as she giggles and laughs uncontrollably, placing little kisses all over my face and lips.

We lay in a tight embrace, mixing my sweat with hers, and her leaking onto my thigh, still between her legs. I think this takes the cake as the weirdest (and sexiest) thing Summer and I have ever done together! We start to return to some sense of normality; I look into her clear blues.

"WTF, Sum?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know Annie ... just kind of happened for us today. I'm not sorry it did, I have wanted this to happen for some time. Guess the sex gods just thought it was time."

"But, does what we are um ... doing bother you at all? I ask.

"Mmm, no. I think it's natural for girls. I love what you did with me ... to me. It was unexpected, but very nice. You and I, we are just very um, very, very, like extremely good friends."

She was laughing out loud before she finished that last sentence, and I joined her with a serious case of the giggles. We are both so high from our girl sex, that we just laugh and talk loud and fast. Our remarks tumble over each other's, and in the end, we are giggling too much to be able to finish a thought.

God, we're a couple of silly bitches!

Then she drops her smile and is serious. She looks directly into my brown eyes with her liquid blues and softly says, "I love you Annie!"

Tears are filling my eyes, and my chin is trembling. I am completely at a loss for words as we kiss noisily and open-mouthed for a while ... well, maybe for a long while.

Then she abruptly brakes from our kiss, jumps up and says in a panic, "OH MY GOD ANNIE! WHAT TIME IS IT?"

"It's three-thirty. Why?"

"SHIT!" She said as she jumps up, grabs her clothes, and says over her shoulder on the way upstairs to the shower, "I have to be to work by four! I'm going up to shower so bye sweetie, love you."

With knitted brow, I am watching her cute fanny disappear up the stairs. I flop back down on the couch on my back and say quietly and mostly to myself,

"Bye, love you too!"

My words are lost in the sound of the bathroom door slamming, and the shower running. I am still downstairs having slipped into just my shorts when she bounds down the stairs, with her hair still damp. She presses up against my naked breasts, as she kisses me on the cheek, and races out to her car.

I watch her disappear down the street, as I lean against the outside doorjamb half-naked, with a cup of reheated coffee in my hand. A neighbor boy looks up at me with my tits exposed to the world, looks away quickly and hurries down the street. I calmly watch him, and then turn to go in shutting the door behind me.

~ ~ ~

3. Saturday late afternoon: Grandpa catches me. Later, Summer tests Grandpa's willpower.

After Summer left, I dressed in jeans, panties, and a short T-shirt.

I'm watching a little TV, lying on the couch ... just vegging! I absent-mindedly slide my left hand down over my body. I lift my T-shirt, and my fingers feel so good on my stomach, I just start to make lazy circles on my belly, letting my fingernails gently tickle my exposed torso.

My right hand finds its way under my short T-shirt, and onto my braless tits. As the fingers of my left explore my stomach, I tease my nipples to hardness while watching a romantic movie.

"God! It feels so good." I am thinking as I idly touch and finger my soft skin. Tickles, but in a pleasant way.

Before I know it, I'm unbuttoning my jeans. I slide the zipper down. My fingers lazily drift from my tits into my open jeans, just lightly massaging my lower abdomen. I let my fingertips comb through my pubes, and then massage my mound as I let out an involuntary moan. Damn! It feels so f'ing good!

My hand returns to my stomach as I flatten it and slowly massage my abdomen. After a while, I raise my ass off the couch to pull my jeans and panties down to about mid-thigh. I let my hands move over my butt with it still raised, and was beginning to feel an over-all tingle.

I then slide my hands down the outside of my thighs, enjoying the feeling of my soft skin. I continue to massage my stomach with one hand, while the other one finds its way onto my now engorged clit. I am naked to the world from mid-thigh to the bottom half of my breasts.

I am moaning softly, as I tickle my sensitive little nubbin. I slide a finger inside my very wet vag, and then move it in and out in an increasing rhythm. My breath quickens, and my heart beats fast. My attention shifts away from the movie completely, and onto my very pleasurable finger fucking.

My moans increase as I really start to get into this, and then all of a sudden ...

Oh, My God!!

My Grandpa is here!!

He came up from behind me as I am lying here with my jeans and panties down my thighs, and a finger sliding in and out of my pussy with my T-shirt up over my stomach, showing the bottom half of my breasts.

"Grandpa! Oh my God!" I screamed!

That is all that came out for a reaction in my state of panic, I am just about to pull my hand out of my throbbing crotch and my finger from my swollen pussy lips, to pull myself together ... I am so embarrassed.

But before I can pull out, Grandpa puts his hand on top of mine, and says,

"Shhh. It's okay 'tunia honey. Don't stop what you are doing."

He pushed my fingers back down onto my sopping vulva. I don't give a shit any more that he is there ... I am too turned on. I continue my moans as I massage my swollen pussy lips, pushing the tip on my middle finger back into my pussy.

Grandpa has never seen me with my pants down like that before ... he has also never seen my pussy before. Plus, he can probably hear the slurping sounds of my finger furiously fucking me as I buck my hips.

I resist the urge to straighten up because I had gotten myself too hot, and was too far along. Doing this in front of Grandpa is actually a little hot! I never had an audience for this before ... but I am kind of liking it.

I think I even lifted my ass up a little to give him a better view of my performance, but I am not sure what he saw. I think Grandpa went into the kitchen after he allowed me to um, continue.

I moved my left hand over my stomach and onto my breasts, pulling my T-shirt all the way up, exposing them completely to anyone watching. I did not care. I could not stop. I am wildly turned on, but am also so jittery as I exposed myself so completely to my Grandpa I'm worried that I'll fall off the couch.

I feel the tingling in my loins built into shuddering and throbbing all over. I push my jeans and panties down and kick them off, spreading my legs wide to get better access to my pussy.

I am now frigging myself furiously and being very vocal about it. I am breathing harder than I ever thought possible, and my heart is pounding right out of my chest as I stiffen into a mind-blowing orgasm.

After he pushed my hand back into my jeans, he kissed me on the forehead, then I didn't see him as he just left me to the task he insisted that I finish. He came back out, knelt next to me and put his hand on my stomach, sliding it up to my top and just brushed my hard nipples as he pulled my top back down over them.

After I finish, he put his arms around me, holding me as I convulsed with little screams into a very strong orgasm. Then he is there again, smoothing my hair back from my forehead, and just being comforting. How much of my naked bod he really saw, I will never know, since he was actually facing away from the exposed parts of my body.

His comforting hug along with the sexual excitement made me very emotional. I start to cry. Whether it's shear emotion from being comforted by my Grandpa or something else, I don't know. I am blubbering like a little baby. As he reaches down and kisses me on the cheek, I turn my teary face toward him and smile.

I can feel myself getting wet again, just looking into my Grandpa's face with my stomach and pussy so exposed, whether he is looking or not. I lift one knee up against the back of the couch. I smell like sex, as he kisses my salty tears, and then wipes them away with his thumbs.

He speaks first. "I'm so sorry if I embarrassed you Petunia-face, but I just had to let you finish." After a pause he continues, "I think you should get up now, and get yourself cleaned up my dear."

Still breathing hard, I smile up at Grandpa and say simply, "Y-yah, o-okay Grandpa!"

We both look deeply into each other's eyes, at the shared sexuality. His face is kind. Then I blush deeply ... I suddenly feel my deep embarrassment now that I was coming around a little, and drop my knee, as I feel the need to cover myself up.

"Grandpa, I am so embarrassed doing, um, this in front of you ... I never—"

Grandpa smiles as he puts a finger across my lips to interrupt me. "Don't be embarrassed 'tunia, it's alright, and don't have anything I haven't seen before."

That should have been comforting, but then I thought to myself, "yah, but you have not seen mine before!" Instead, I just smile back sheepishly, not really knowing what to say. I pull my panties and jeans cover my nakedness.

I look at him close my lips and swallow hard, and reply, "Gran-Grandpa, you c-can m-make love to me if you want. I-It's okay. I-I'm on the pill an' um, everything."

My eyes widened as I looked in to his eyes for a response. Then I thought, OH MY GOD!! My heart was in my throat as I realized that I had just offered my body to my Grandfather! "What the HELL are you thinking, girl?"

I lower my eyes and blush deeply.

He looks at me for just a split second. I can't imagine that he is really thinking about it. But, he is a virile man with a pretty, semi-naked teenaged girl lying in front of him wanting him. He answers me with a knitted brow,

"You know I can't do that Anne, I'm your Grandfather. Clean yourself up, and we'll get some dinner." After a short pause he continued,

"Wear a pretty dress and we'll go fancy. Okay honey?"

"Yes, Grandpa." I answered with the sweetest most wide-eyed little girl smile. My face was now about four shades down the crimson scale. Once again, he asks me to forgive his forwardness in allowing me to continue. I smile sweetly, rose to kiss him on the cheek.

"There's nothing to forgive Grandpa. And, thank you. I love you."

At the top of the stairs, I pull off my top and turn toward Grandpa to give him a view of my large round tits. Unfortunately, he went over to turn off the TV. I enter the bathroom to turn on the shower, and I can hear him coming up the stairs.

I know that he needs to shower also before we leave, so I step out into the hall wearing only a towel, strategically placed to show a lot of cleavage on top and a little of my bottom.

"You know what Grandpa; we could save some water if you joined me! Just think of the ecological benefits!" I offered with a giggle.

"Annie! Take your shower!" He said, as he was now close enough to give me a hard smack on my exposed butt.

"Ooooh! (I liked it!) Please sir, may I have another?" I tease, pushing my butt out toward him with lots of giggles.

"Annie!" He said sharply. "Behave and take your shower or I'll give you a proper spanking. Do you hear me little girl?"

"Loud and clear, Grandpa!" (Giggles!)

I am being naughty I know, but this is not really me. I am in such a weird mood after the events of the day. I can't help myself, I am still under the influence of whatever drug you get from sex. I am worried about how far I might allow myself to go, though. Whether he realizes it or not, Grandpa had broken a barrier, and things between us were never going to be the same again.

I am thinking these things over as I shower, and come down a little from my sexual high. I dress in a nice short navy blue dress, boat neck, with a nice white collar. I wear thigh-high sheer stockings and heels, and I am once again his sweet and proper little teenaged Granddaughter.

"Well, that's more like it my pretty little princess." He says as he takes in my newly scrubbed look, with my hair combed and neatly put up. He bends down and gives me just a quick peck, but on the lips.

Grandpa takes me to a very nice (meaning expensive) restaurant for dinner. I behave perfectly throughout the meal, and for a reward, he lets me have a sip or two from his wine glass. I have yet to acquire a taste for wine, but he picks a rich red one with a fruity after-taste. I like it, but I am starting to feel its effect.

He is quiet throughout the meal, and I am just guessing that he is turning things around in his mind. Our experience in the living room is one I will never forget, but I really didn't mind what happened ... being watched. Also, later I would have been in heaven if he had taken me over his knee pulled my panties down and spanked me when I was teasing him. Weird, huh?

But, I don't think it's all that weird, a lot of people are turned-on by spanking ... discipline. It's a rather innocent fetish. I excuse myself to go to the lady's room. I finish my business in there and wash my hands. I am almost to the door when I have a slutty little whim to pull off my bikini panties. I quickly wiggle my little butt out of them, sneak them in my purse and return to the table.

I can feel the soft material of my dress as it brushes against my naked ass on the way back to the table. The feeling is starting to make me wet—I can feel the trickle! Once there, I do most of the talking ... a real chatty Kathy.

He listens intently to everything I say, just as if I am explaining the secrets of the universe. I told him that my friend Summer would like to come back over tonight, to stay over and asked if that was okay with him.

He said, "Sure, Summer. Your pretty, little friend. She's is a good kid, it would be nice to see her again."

I wear a sly little smile as I think to myself, "Oh Grandfather dear, if only you knew what Summer and I were talking about earlier today!"

As I continue talking, I am thinking increasingly naughty thoughts. I am still aroused from all of the events of this afternoon, with Summer and later with my Grandpa. I like the feeling of not wearing any panties. I can feel the air gently wafting up my skirt, and across my moist pussy lips ... mmm ... there's that tingle again!

I squirm in my chair a little to let my skirt ride up my legs a little more, until the hem is up to the the dark band at the top of my sheer stockings. I even rose up a little to pull it up. I reach over for the salt, and let my legs spread a little ... sort of accidentally, on purpose!

I look around out the side of my eyes, and catch at least two older gentlemen noticing my young shapely teenage thighs as I provide some nice up-the-skirt views for them. I don't know if they can see my little pussy, but I am trying to expose myself to them.

Doing something this naughty is making me so ... jittery ... excited. I am surprised when Grandpa notices what I am doing. I thought I was being so stealthy.

He looks directly into my eyes and says, "Are we having fun, honey?"

"Oh, my yes Grandpa, the meal is so wonderful, and I liked the wine very much. It was a very nice choice! May I have another sip please Grandpa?" I say cheerfully almost child-like as I start to lift his wine glass to my lips.

"You know what I mean 'tunia." He says directly, looking knowingly into my soft brown eyes, taking his glass back and setting it on the table.

I turn my head to the side, puppy-like, "Aw, c'mon Grandpa, can't a girl have a little fun?"

He smiles and answers my rhetorical question, "Just don't let it go too far. What ever happened to that prim and proper little girl I used to know?"

"Oh, Grandpa, I'm eighteen now ... almost nineteen ... a woman, with womanly desires. I know you get that, Grandpa! Plus, I don't ever remember being all that prim and proper."

"Well, unfortunately I do, so just be careful honey." He said.

I took that to be his permission to be sexy ... but to a point. My problem is, where is that point ... and what will happen if I go past it?

One of our fellow male diners in particular, had been admiring my charms with his wife glaring at him. From where he was sitting, I knew he was seeing far up my skirt and likely, may even seeing my pussy glistening with the moisture I knew was flowing. Knowing this was very, very arousing.

As we get up to leave, I walk by their table, I lean down and whisper to him, as his wife glares at him, "Did we enjoy ourselves tonight, darling?"

Grandpa shoots me a look that tells me that I am inching seriously closer to that spanking. The wine at dinner contributed to my mood as well, and I am just testing my limits a little ... maybe looking for that point. I will probably be mortified later when I think about my behavior. I will be completely red-faced at having shown my naked little teenage pussy to a completely strange older man!

When I get into Grandpa's car, I wiggle in me seat, pulling the hem of my short dress up, and showing a lot of thigh and maybe some of my fleshy little triangle. I don't know if Grandpa notices or not, but I am leaking my juices a bit.

I can feel the growing moistness. I am becoming quite comfortable with my exhibitionism.

I squirm in my seat trying not to be obvious, so I can feel the silkiness of my pre-cum squishing between my naked thighs. I call Summer from the car. She is just finishing work, and she asks if we can pick her up from there. She can safely leave her car there overnight if Grandpa can drive her back in the morning.

Grandpa says it is fine with him, so we detour to the restaurant where she works, and she jumps into the back seat with a little pink overnight bag. I turn a little to talk to her over the back of my seat and as my hemline rises way up, giving my Grandpa a clear shot of my naked glistening cleft.

Summer notices what I am doing but I'm not sure about Grandpa. She just smiles and shakes her head as I talk. Back at Grandpa's, we girls quickly run upstairs talking and giggling as Grandpa goes to the living room. I tell her about my behavior in the restaurant.

She says, "Annie! You are such a dirty little slut!" After a few seconds she continues, "What did it feel like to show your, um, your ... ah, 'self' to a strange man?"

I just reply, "I don't know ... just a thing! It scared me a little doing it. I mean he saw my naked little cunny for god's sake! But, it was exciting ... God, Sum, I was so jittery. I felt so sexy. Also, Grandpa noticed what I was doing."

"Really? What did he say?"

"Grandpa just told me to be careful and not let it go too far."

"Your Grandpa is 'da bomb'! You know that he noticed you, in the car when you had your legs spread talking to over the seat don't you?"

Summer reaches over and lifts my skirt admiring my naked glistening little cunny, "Mmm! Very pretty!" she covers her mouth to stifle a giggle, "And wet!"

I laugh, but remind her that she has done the same or worse in public before.

"Okay, I guess I'm a dirty little teen slut too." We break out in giggles. Then, when we talk about the kind of hell, that the guy in the restaurant is in for with his wife, when she gets him home. We laugh ourselves silly.

I give Summer a blow-by-blow description of what happened when my Grandpa came in and caught me masturbating this afternoon. Her eyes grow wider and wider, as I tell the tale of Grandpa seeing me with my finger up inside my naked little cunt.

Her jaw drops a little, and she says, "Oh my god Annie." I could tell that she is recalling her earlier thoughts about my Grandpa.

"Yup, he just let me finish."

"Annie, that was so sexy, I just—"

"Summer, don't even say it. You can't fuck my Grandpa!" I interrupted her.

"Well, you have to admit, he is just so—"

"I know! He is very sexy. Wow! Let's see what's on TV!" I say, trying to change the subject.

She drops it and we watch TV a little, and pass my phone back and forth texting with friends and giggling. We change into T-shirts and panties and just get very comfortable.

When Summer gets up to grab the remote, I just stare at her petite panty-covered ass, especially where the material curves into her cleft to accentuate her shape. She looks so sexy in her small bikini briefs, and the sight of her shapely little hiney always gives me a tingle.

After a couple of hours, I curl up and fall asleep with Sum spooning up behind me. She has her arm around me and inside my T-shirt lightly massaging my stomach and tits. I am enjoying letting her do whatever she wishes with my body. After a while, I can feel that Summer is still a little restless. She's likely still keyed up from work.

I found out later (from Sum), that she decided to go downstairs, still dressed only in short T-shirt and bikini panties. I have had friends over at Grandpa's before so he is used to seeing us dressed like that at night so he will not give Summer's appearance a second thought.

As I have said, he makes his place comfortable for us, and one way he does that, is by not being a horn-dog every time we walk through the house scantily clad. If the sight of firm little teeny-butts has ever affected him, he never showed it. My friends have told me that they really appreciate being able to be so comfortable, around him like that.

Summer said that she tiptoed into the living room, and quietly told my Grandpa that she was not sleepy, and asked if she could watch TV with him.

"Sure, if you don't mind westerns."

Grandpa is a fan of westerns and really, all films where the good guy gets to kick the crap out of some generic evil dude. His idea of justice I guess. She sat on the couch next to him, and they watched John Wayne talking tough, then hauling off and flattening some studio extra baddie. She smelled coffee and rose to get a cup from the kitchen, and turning, asks,

"Michael, would you like some coffee? I'm getting some for myself."

"No, thank you my dear."

She said that he watched her as she padded into the kitchen with her little panty-covered bottom peeking out from under the T-shirt. Girls always know when a man is looking at their ass. Call it woman's intuition, or ESP, it's a girl thing ... we just know.

In the kitchen, she told me she purposefully bent over the counter on tiptoes to give him a better look at her shapely ass and legs, as she poured and drank her coffee in the kitchen. Maybe my tales of exhibitionism inspired her, or maybe she was flirting. She refilled her cup, and quietly walked back into the living room.

Back in the living room, she sat in the corner of the couch sort of facing Grandpa, with one leg up under her, as her other leg draped over the edge of the couch. This afforded Grandpa very good view of the crotch of her panties under the T-shirt if he was interested.

She said that he did notice. He looked at her legs, and then at her face and smiled, then returned his gaze to the TV. She told me that after a while, she asked if she could spread out a little, as her legs were cramping from the cold.

He allowed her to put her legs over his lap, and she asked him if he would help her by working out some of the cramps. He used to do this for me over the years to help with still muscles.

After he agreed, she flipped over on her stomach so he could massage her calves as they watched TV. She said that it felt wonderful to have his strong hands on her. She was lying facing away from him with her arms folded under a pillow at her head.

She said to him over her shoulder, "Michael, it hurts up further, on my hamstrings. Can you massage that too?

"Okay honey." He said, and he moved his comforting touch to her her upper legs. As an ex-athlete, my Grandpa knows about muscle aches, cramps, and sprains.

"Mmm ... that feels so nice Michael."

She said that she started breathing harder and her heart was in her throat when his massages reached her sit spot just under her buttocks. He worked his thumbs deep into her hamstrings with his hands around the sides of her thighs.

She moaned as she could feel the warmth in her muscles from Michael's strong hands. One of his thumbs accidentally slid up under her bikini brief touching her virgin ass. She gasped, but she liked it. She reached down, and pulled her panties down halfway over her butt ... as far as she could reach.

Over her shoulder, she asked him nervously, "M-Michael, can you ah, m-massage me, um, further up?

He leaned forward and asked, "How far is this massage going to go, Summer?"

She answered, "Oh, Michael, it's just an innocent little massage. I'm sure you have seen a girl's butt before. I trust you."

Without another word, he deftly pulled her panties down off her ass but just to her sit spot. She could feel her heart beating faster and she felt flush all over. She was so nervous that she could not breathe. She had to push the air out of her to get a breath, as she waited for whatever was to come next.

She readied herself for strong hands to touch her tiny ass cheeks. She knew that Michael would not hurt her, but would treat her gently and with respect. The thought of a man's hands on her bare ass was starting to make her wet and turning her on wildly. She could feel a trickle soaking into her panties, still covering her tiny pussy.

"My ... god ... w-why ... c-can't ... I breathe?" she was thinking to herself as she lay in anticipation. She nervously griped the pillow under her head. She raised her smooth and unblemished ass up a little.

She felt his breath on her, as his face came nearer to her exposed ass cheeks ... they quivered with anticipation. As his lips touched her flesh, she found her breath, and inhaled sharply. He placed the sweetest lightest little kiss possible on her left cheek. "Oh, Michael!" she heard the words breathily escape from her lips. The aroma of her sweet female musk filled his nostrils.

He gave her just that one single kiss, before he withdrew and placed his hands on her. His first touch to her tiny tender little ass was very light, and she became jittery ... excited. He started to knead her small firm buttocks, getting deep into the gluteus muscles with his thumbs. She moaned long and satisfied moans.

He massaged her hips, and reached his hands underneath to massage her below her stomach and the inside of her hips, brushing lightly over her lower abdomen. She quivered as his fingers combed through the soft blond hair lightly covering her mound.

She was thinking, "Finally, he is going to make love to me. Oh God, I want to feel him up inside me!" His response came as he withdrew his hands from her, pulled her panties back up over her buttocks, and gave them a soft loving pat.

He shifted his body to face her more, and continued his massages up to her hips, and then to her back just above her buttocks. He had one hand under her on her flat stomach as the other one dug deep in to her lower back muscles. She was moaning louder, and breathing heavily. She said that she came with a little shiver when he put his hand low on her stomach. She hoped that he was not noticing her very wet panties.

He then reached up under her T-shirt enough to massage her upper back, neck and shoulders. If she just wanted an innocent massage, that was as far as he could go with her. She grabbed her T-shirt, and pulled it off over her head, so that she was now nearly naked in front of him. He pulled back a little, but began again with safe-zone massages to her sides, arms, and shoulders.

She said her mind was racing with excitement at having a strong man's hand on her petite naked teen body. She felt exposed, and that excited her. Unfortunately, that was as far as he was comfortable going with someone else's nubile daughter.

"There! How was that for a nice massage?" he asked as he finished her massage and gave her a couple more light love pats on her hiney.

Summer turned over on her back smiled and softly asked, "Um, Michael. C-Can y-you ah, do m-my front—um, my front?

She said as she reached behind, undid her bra and removed it exposing her lovely little breasts. She avoided his direct gaze. The deep blush on her face made her look even more incredibly beautiful to Michael. He looked at her, and tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. She's eighteen like me, but naked she is so tiny that she looks like she's about thirteen.

He looked at her perfect body and her firm apple-sized tits, as he took several seconds to respond. Then he said slowly and deliberately,

"Let's leave that one for another time, Summer dear."

She looked at him with an expression of deep disappointment, and just said softly, with a little nervousness in her voice, "A-Alright, Michael!"

Summer was so full of conflicting emotions that she started to tear-up. Clad only in panties, she crawled up into Michael's lap, and he put his arms around her, holding her ... comforting her. She said that she burst out crying just like a little child as he held her. She told me she felt safe and secure in my Grandpa's strong arms.

She thought that she was falling in love with him. She said that she liked calling him Michael, rather than Mr. Anderson or something similarly formal. She told me the she would have let him do anything he wanted to her and she would just open herself up to him. Anytime he wanted her, she would be his ... completely!

He kissed her on the forehead, rocked her a little and said in a soft voice, "There, there, Sweetheart. Are we feeling better now?"

She said that she smiled, turned and stretched her arms up and around his neck, and replied tearfully, "Y-Yes, Michael. Thank you, I feel s-so much b-better."

She told me that her emotions and her state of arousal just got away from her. She was embarrassed showing so much emotion to my Grandfather. She said that she was also embarrassed that Michael did not return her affections the way she wished. She did find voice enough to offer herself to him,

"Um, Michael, you can um, make ... ah, love to me if you, um, want to." She was very very nervous and jittery saying that, and she told me she just looked up at him innocently wide-eyed, but hopeful.

He gave her a soft kiss on the lips and he said to her, "Summer my dear; I would be the luckiest man on earth if I were privileged to make love to such a beautiful young girl." He hesitated, just painting her face with his eyes then continued,

"But, you are a virgin, my dear! It simply is not my place to take what rightfully belongs to some deserving young boy. Find someone you like, honey. It does not have to be a happily ever after kind of thing, but he should be worthy of you. Give your virginity to him."

She told me that she really wanted to have him inside her, but she settled for the attention he gave her, far short of that. She said that when it was over, she just cuddled against his chest nearly naked, with his strong arms around her. She looked up at him with her liquid blues, and simply said,

"Thank you Michael! You are a very sweet man! I-I love you so much!"

He smiled and looking down at her said, "You know I have my sweet little Annie to think about also, and worry about what she might think." He hesitated, and continued. "But just as a friend of Annie's, I love you too honey!"

I was thinking about all of this later, and trying to decide whether Grandpa was a creep for touching an innocent naked young girl, or a nice guy for not taking complete advantage of her. For not taking, what she offered to him on a silver platter. I decided that he is probably neither a devil nor an angel, but just a man.

It was the next morning when she told me all of this, adding that when she went back up to bed, she crawled into the bed with me, and cuddled up behind me, pressing her naked tits into my back. She told me that she slid her hands over my thighs, mound, and stomach, and then played with my nipples until she fell into a very satisfied sleep.

I teased her, a little, "So! You took advantage of a poor sleeping young girl did you, you little hoe?"

She giggled and answered, "Yup! I did! Guess I'm a little hoe too!" We both laughed at that.

Grandpa made a big breakfast for both of us, and when he walked around behind us; he put his hand gently on Summer's shoulder. She turned her head to hug his hand with her cheek. When it was time to drive Summer back to her car, she asked me if I would go upstairs to get the little pink bag that she brought with her.

As I came bounding back down the stairs with her bag, but stopped midway. I saw Summer up on tiptoes, with her arms around Grandpa, kissing him passionately with open lips. His hands were on her hips ... kind of a safe zone, as he kissed her back with equal fervor. I let them finish their long kiss before coming into the kitchen.

On the way back after dropping Summer off, I couldn't help myself and asked him,

"Well, did we have fun last night ... after I went to bed?"

He just smiled and drove on without answering.

~ ~ ~

4. Sunday early afternoon to Monday late morning: Just Grandpa and me.

I have one more night with my Grandpa, and after dropping Summer at her car, we decide on a Sunday afternoon of bowling. He loves to bowl, and although I stink at it, I like doing just about anything with him. I get high praise from him and even some high-fives even if I don't do very well.

I get a strike, and excitedly wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him on the lips. He pulls me away, whispers in my ear, "Don't take advantage, 'tunia."

"Sorry Grandpa. But I am not a child you know. Can't I be a little bit bad?"

I was sure that Grandpa thinks I will always be his sweet little granddaughter. But, in just over a year, I will no longer be a teenager. I will be a woman, and maybe I wanted him to treat me like one.

"Well, Petunia-face, we know what happens to bad girls, don't we?" he asks pointedly and rhetorically.

"Well, um, I kinda think so... well maybe ... but I'm just ... hmmm ... not ... too ... sure." I draw out my teasing just for effect.

He bent down and whispered in my ear,

"Keep it up little girl; I have a hard wooden hairbrush that is just itching to meet your naked little hiney. Sit down, it's my turn."

He got his point across, but the prospect of my lying over his knee with panties pulled down is quite tantalizing ... and hot!

I have to say, it is!

I bowled three games, all way under one hundred, and Grandpa averaged about one-fifty to one-sixty per game. On the way home, I talked excitedly. I had fun bowling, even though I really stunk at it. It was fun just being with my Grandpa, but it was not the same as when I was eleven or twelve.

I think being caught by him yesterday changed things. It was now a different kind of deal now, I guess. Particularly since I am more willing to increase the sexual tension between us. I decided that I like it on the edge, and I will push Grandpa's buttons as much as I can. I still have one more night with him so I am hoping I can get a nice massage, just as Summer did ... at least!

It is Sunday evening, and we are in the living room watching a movie. I changed into the shortest shorts I own with no panties and a short T-shirt over with no bra. Grandpa was on the couch and I was lying on the floor on my stomach in front of him, head propped up on my hands.

I open my legs hoping that Grandpa can see up the leg holes of my shorts, but I am not sure he is looking. I even wiggle my fanny a little to try to get his attention, but getting very little in the way of a reaction. Maybe I don't have as cute a teenie-butt as I thought.

Later we made a simple supper for ourselves, with pasta and red sauce, a small salad and of course a little of Grandpa's wine. After that, we played a few games of Backgammon all of which Grandpa won. He gets lucky with double sixes in the last game, so I lose my whole pile of pennies to his luck and his skillful use of the doubling cube. I am getting tired, so I decide to go up to my room.

I bent over to give Grandpa a goodnight kiss on the lips, affording him a clear view down my T-shirt of my naked 34B's. I am trying to settle down, but not falling asleep. Grandpa turned off the TV, and read for a little while. He settled down in his room at about midnight.

I am still wearing my loose-fitting T-shirt. But, I traded the shorts for a pair of bikini panties, which is my normal sleepwear. I am very restless, tossing a little. One possible reason is the sexual tension that has been building between Grandpa and me all day. The guest room was way down the hall and it has a tendency to be kind of cold.

So at about two-o'clock in the morning I quietly pad down to Grandpa's room. I open his door, and Grandpa is fast asleep. He told me earlier that he was going to take some meds to let him sleep. The poor guy has had two pretty teenage girls throwing their pussies at him for two days, and was likely emotionally and physically worn out. He had to have felt some of that tension too. I could sense it, though he hid it very well.

I bend down and and whisper in his ear, "It's cold in the other room, can I sleep here?"

He answers, with a sleepy moan, "Uh, yah, just slide in from the other side. Go to sleep. I'm too tired tonight for anything honey."

I was not sure whom he thought he was talking to, but I decided that he thought I was one of his girlfriends. I kissed him on the cheek, and walked around to the other side of his queen-sized bed.

I was just about to slide in, but I hesitated, and slipped out of my panties just letting them fall to the floor. I slid into Grandpa's bed, but kept to my side. I liked the feeling of my panties sliding down over the very sensitive skin of my hiney. The cool cotton sheets feel amazing to my body as I slide into his bed. I am a little nervous being in Grandpa's bed with him, without panties.

Grandpa was on his right side facing away from me, and I was on my right side facing toward his back. I know that Grandpa always turns over to the other side before morning, so I turn around and scooch up to him so my naked butt is just barely touching him. That way he would spoon up behind me when he turned. That would be nice.

I am so jittery with the sexual excitement I worry that my case of the shakes might wake him. He always wears a T-shirt and mid-thigh-length sport boxer briefs to bed. He doesn't even own a pair of pajamas ... I think he considers them a little wussy.

My heart is pounding as I slide up against him a little more, as subtly as I can; I rub my ass against his. He turns over facing my back, still asleep and he put his arm around me. He then slides a hand up inside my T-shirt, and fondles my pert young tits a little, then slides his hand down my stomach, and onto my hip.

My naked butt is nestled in the front of his shorts. I am trying to control my breathing, which is starting to increase and deepen. I am just guessing that in his stupor he might think he is cuddling with a lady friend.

Yes, my Grandpa does okay with the ladies and has even introduced me to a couple of them on visits to his townhouse and they are quite cute for their ages. They are mostly shapely, athletic and intelligent—just the way Grandpa likes them!

I can feel him starting to move in closer behind me, spooning up close. I turned around to face him curling up inside his warm embrace.

He slides his hand down my side and onto my naked ass, and pulls me in closer, now starting to kiss me. He was not totally awake, but in a stupor from the meds. I can feel his growing hard-on pushing into my stomach, and I kissed him back as passionately as I can.

Oh my God! My heart is in my throat as I feel him respond to my kiss.

As we brake our kiss briefly, I whispered in his ear in as mature a voice as I could muster, "Oh, Michael!" pretending to be a girlfriend.

He pulls his briefs down and off, and then slides his cock between my naked thighs as I opened them to make things easier. With my pussy lips becoming very moist, I slides between my legs easily.

I push my mound into his crotch harder, grinding against him. I can feel him growing between my legs, and I am sure that he can feel my wetness on him as he starts slowly to slide himself back and forth between my thighs as I start to moan.

I turn onto my back bringing him with me, and once on top, he immediately slides his cock into my very wet teen pussy... it feels so thick inside me!

My Grandfather's cock is inside my eighteen-year old pussy! I am shuddering just from the feeling of him in me.

I continue with my moans, and throw in another "Oh, Michael you feel so good!" in a bit of a mezzo voice tone to disguise it. He is sliding in and out of me in long smooth strokes; I can feel his balls up against my ass. I wrap my legs around him as he is stoking me long and hard. He pushes my shirt up fondling my breasts and nipples.

My Grandfather is fucking me!! I am loving it!!

The moonlight coming in the window cut across my abdomen, and leaving my breasts and face in the dark. I can feel that he is reaching the point of no return, and my Grandpa is going to come inside me.

Oh God! I so want him to come inside me!

As he starts to stiffen into his orgasm, I lifted my head so my face and breasts are in the moonlight. It is far too late for him to stop, and after one final deep thrust, he comes deep inside me only drowsily aware that he was fucking his sweet little granddaughter. He grunts loudly as he spills his seed deep inside me. I can feel it!

His coming in me pushes me over the edge, and I shudder and convulse into an extremely strong orgasm. It was so intense that it scared the hell out of me. He is a strong and powerful man, and most of my prior activity was with one or two unexperienced boys. I could feel him spurting inside me, and as he grabbed my ass cheeks to hold it inside me ... I came again.

It was way too late for him to stop by the time he became aware that he was coming inside of his Granddaughter. He just held on and rode it out. We lay together breathing hard and hearts beating against each other's. Our sweaty bodies slipping and sliding against each other for some time until we both cooled down.

I was lying on my back with my legs spread, my heart throbbing, and my Grandfather deep inside me And, as I cool down, I start to wonder just how much trouble I have coming. I fooled Grandpa into fucking me, and I know he is not happy.

He gets up, and pulls on a pair of jeans. Without saying a word, he heads down stairs and makes a pot of coffee. I am still upstairs, sitting up in his bed leaking my juices and his cum into his sheets, holding the top sheet against me.

God, I am in sooo much trouble.

My heart started beating faster again; as I get out of bed and pull on my panties, I pad down the stairs to face the music. He is sitting on a stool at the counter in the kitchen, and when he sees me, he slowly gets up grabs the coffee pot and pours me a cup. We sit in a very uncomfortable silence for some minutes. Then he looks directly into my wide soft brown eyes, and says,

"What in God's name, Annie?"

I am speechless, I stutter, "I d-dunno, I j-just wanted to s-sleep in your w-warm bed, and I g-guess things um, g-got carried, um carried away ... a l-little ... maybe ... um, I g-guess."

I could not help feeling as if I was twelve again ... a bad little girl. My voice trailed off with my last few words. I put my cup down and cast my eyes down, trying to avoid his hard gaze.

God, he is pissed!

Then I summoned a little courage and told him in a stronger voice, "I'm sorry, but Grandpa, I'm not a kid anymore ... I am of legal age, I am a woman, and I am not a virgin like Summer. I-I am n-not sorry it happened!"

He lifted my chin so he could see into my eyes. Then he said, "All this weekend, you have been cruising for a paddling, and pushing my buttons. I love you Annie, you are my little girl's little girl, but you are my Granddaughter and I am not supposed to have uh, sex with you. You tricked me into it!" He pauses still looking directly into my eyes, then continues.

"If I were more awake, I would have spanked your little ass and marched it back down the hall to your room. Bad girls are spanked, Annie! I took a couple of sleeping pills tonight because I need the rest. But, the coffee will start to bring me around enough to deal with a very naughty little girl."

I tried to swallow past the lump in my throat. I look back at him with my eyes open wide and starting to tear up.

I'm scared!

I sat there becoming very nervous with my chin starting to tremble, and starting to tear up. I take little sips of my coffee to distract myself from his anger. He hesitates, takes another drink from his cup as if he was deciding on a course of action, and then he orderes,

"Annie, I want you to go upstairs and get the big wooden hairbrush from the top of my dresser. Bring it down here."

My lower lip is still trembling and my tears continue to slide down my cheeks. I just say, in my most contrite naughty little girl voice, "Y-Yes sir."

Then I straightened, wiped my eyes, and say more defiantly, "But I am not a little girl, Grandpa!"

I get the brush from his dresser, and coming down stairs with it, slap it against the palm of my hand to test it. It stings like crazy. I shake my hand, and slowly walk down the rest of the stairs. I can feel a sense of real dread, but a tiny bit of sexual excitement as well.

I hand him the brush. He pulls a straight chair out from the corner of the kitchen. With a vice-like grip around my wrist, he pulls me over his lap, and yanks my panties down.

"Annie, I really hate to do this. But, you manipulated me into very inappropriate behavior, and you need to feel a little sting where it will do you some good."

I am sniffling a little already, but manage a soft, "O-Okay G-Grandpa."

He pulls my T-shirt up out of the way, and then smooth's his hand over my lower back, and then over my quivering ass cheeks ... I can't stop shaking, but his strong hand feels so nice sliding over my soft and sensitive little butt.

Then, with brush in hand he reaches back and in a long arching stroke, brings the broad back of the wooden brush down on my poor unsuspecting little flesh. The intensity of the pain is not something I was ready for, and I yelp like a little wounded animal. Then,

Smack. Smack. Smack.

He rains down three hard blows in a row and I starting crying from pain so intense I could not breathe out. I could not believe that anything could be so incredibly painful. He continued after a second or so with one stroke at a time ... alternating between ass-cheeks. I scream in pain with each stroke!

I was sobbing openly and loudly. My punishment was not over yet. The blows rained down on my poor ass as I could feel it getting raw ... hot ... and I assume ... red. My ass-cheeks now have a pulse of their own as they throb, and throb.

He stops, and rubs my ass-cheeks with his hand, and it starts to feel a little better. His middle finger slides down my crack just a little, as he soothes my ass and checks the damage.

He told me that I had gotten ten strokes, and would get ten more. The oddest thing was that I could feel my pussy leaking again. This intense pain also has a strong sexual component to it that I did not expect ... being exposed to my Grandpa and being spanked by him is turning me on!

I plead with him, "No Grandpa, no more I'll be good, I promise. Please it hurts so much!"

He quickly answered my plea with another eight or ten strokes delivered in rapid succession; I was crying as hard and loudly as it was physically possible to cry. The pain is becoming unbearable. I'm sure I will not be able to handle the full amount of strokes.

I kicked my legs at each stroke, but his strong arm had me in a vice grip on his lap. I was bawling uncontrollably as I gripped the legs of the chair. The hard spankings stopped for only a few seconds, then I received one final slap, and it was the hardest and most intensely painful of them all. I could begin to feel my womanly juices leaking down my crotch.

I was sobbing uncontrollably, and hiccupping between them trying to get my breath. I was in absolute agony. At last, the punishment is over and I am still sobbing, with my soft and tender little buttocks on fire. I knew that I had been cruising for a beating all weekend long, but was completely unprepared for the terrible reality of it.

He delivered the last series of blows with the flat of his hand. I guess the brush was doing too much damage to his little Granddaughter, so he set it aside. He stopped a couple of times to check the damage, and to rub my injured hiney.

In a calm and even voice, he said, "Upstairs now, Annie! Move it!"

I start to get up from his lap but I need his help to get to my feet. I could feel the intense heat, as my buttocks throbbed. I reached for my panties, but he said, "Leave them!" I walked up the stairs in front of Grandpa trying not to expose too much of my wetness to his view. I can feel my slippery inner thighs sliding together as I mount the stairs.

Every step I took that required my buttocks to flex, even in the slightest way, was intensely painful. I was sure he could see my juices running down my inner thighs. As I turned to go to my room, he grabbed me by the wrist, and pulled me into his room and telling me to lie across his bed on my stomach.

I lay on my own previous wet spot still sobbing trying not to rub my ass. It was just too sore and it hurt too much to touch it ... even in the gentlest way. My ass seems like a painful thing separate from my body. It doesn't even seem a part of me, it hurts like hell!

"Oh my God, It hurts so much!" I think to myself as I cry into Grandpa's soft sheets.

He sits beside me on the bed, and puts some lotion in his hand, then starts to spread some on my poor little ruined ass. At the first touch, I shrieked and breathed in sharply and deeply. I start crying again.

I hold onto the sheet tightly gripping it in my fists, and crying into it. I stuff it in my mouth a little to stifle my cries. After a few rubs, it starts to feel better, and then it starts to feel good. My breathing is still catching a little from my sobbing, but I am starting to calm down.

His hand feels so good as he spreads the lotion on my butt, and my pussy is still moistening from the stimulation. His lotion-laden fingers follow the natural contours of my ass and the crease between my buttocks. I feel a lubricated finger running down my crack and even push into my butthole a little. I am moaning, as pain is turning to pleasure.

He played with my little pucker with the tip of his finger, and I felt it enter me just a little. It felt so good, that I forget about the fire on my back porch some. I push my ass up a little hoping he would continue.

"What was my dear Grandpa up to?" I am thinking to myself!

He withdrew his finger to massage my crotch further down, leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Pull your T-shirt off honey, and I will give you a nice massage since I have the lotion handy."

I wasted no time getting my T-shirt over my head and throwing it onto the floor. I spread my legs, and now lie completely nude in front of my Grandpa, as he starts to massage my neck, my back, my sides, and up onto my shoulder blades. As his hand rounded my shoulders, I turned my head to kiss the back of his hand.

At that moment, I resign myself to the fact that I have changed my eighteen-year relationship with my Grandpa forever. I think he realized it the moment he saw me spread before him, invaded my asshole, and asked me to take off my T-shirt. I was hoping that now he wanted to have his little Granddaughter.

Things are different all right ... even his tone of voice is changed. The poor guy is just a man after all. With all of the tension building in him all weekend, curtesy of two slutty teenage girls, it had to be getting to him. Grandpa and I are now at a place from which neither of us can retreat.

He continues slowly to massage my entire body, starting again with my neck and shoulders, down my back and onto my buttocks, which are now starting to feel quite good. He massaged under me on my belly and hips, and then my lower abdomen and pubic mound ... God, he is so turning me on with his massages. He continued down the back of my legs, from hamstrings to calves, and then all the way down to my feet.

With the lotion put aside, he is sliding his hands up the inside of my legs and thighs. He uses one finger to rub my pussy lips. I was so wet by now, and my breathing started to increase along with my heart rate. He slid his finger into my pussy, as he lowered his head to place little kisses on my jittery buttocks.

I moan louder as he tickles my tightly ringed opening with his tongue. He removes his finger from my pussy, and slides it down to my clit, massaging it with my juices on his finger. He rises, strips off his jeans, and gets into the bed next to me on his back.

He softly said, "Annie, climb on top of me."

I could tell that his voice is a little nervous ... different ... scary. I carefully move on top of him with a wary little smile, and we start to kiss softly. He moves his hands up my back, and over my shoulders. I moan softly in his mouth, and then I brake from the kiss to ask him,

"Grandpa, are you going to do something I will have to spank you for doing? I have a pretty strong arm you know."

He laughed, giving me little kisses as I spoke, then he says, "Maybe."

He was getting very hard by now, as he opens my legs with his. He slides himself slowly into my pussy. It feels sooo good to me, and I crush my lips against his, and pushing my tongue into his mouth as far as I can. I press my firm breasts into his hairy chest.

Here I am, lying on top of my Grandfather ... naked ... with his thick hard cock filling up my sweet young cunny. I am so confused, not knowing what to feel. I feel great pleasure for sure, but am still scared, fucking such a strong adult man. I had barely gotten used to the clumsy fumbling of boys.

It is something I had thought about for a while, but now with the reality of it, I was not sure how I felt. It's kind of a 'be careful what you wish for' thing. He responded immediately, and we were kissing like lovers. I was only eighteen, but I was transitioning from girlhood to womanhood tonight pushing myself down onto Grandpa's cock, which is filling me up so completely inside. It's still scary ... but so nice ... sexy!

I have to say, it is!

He is stroking smoothly in and out of my wet little pussy, as I rise up and put my hands on his chest and drawing my knees up. I raised and lowered myself on his cock to match his stroking. He begins to rub my breasts and uses his fingers to play with my nipples.

He was so turning me on with his touches to my breasts, and bringing me very close. He raised his head enough to take my hardening nipples one by one into his mouth, sucking and licking them.

I increase my movement up and down on his cock, and he increases his full strokes as well to match. I have to remain on top of him due to my sore and swollen butt, so I make the best of this position. I reach back to massage his balls; and as he starts to get close, I squeeze them. He pushes up into me one final time, and his cock throbs as it explodes deep inside my tight eighteen-year old vagina.

Feeling him fill me up again tips me over the edge, and I collapse on top of him as I convulse into another strong orgasm. My breasts slide against his sweaty chest and that stimulation of my breasts helps to prolong my orgasm. After we slow down a little, I lift myself off him, turn around and shove my pussy in his face, lowering my mouth to his very slippery cock.

I held the shaft of Michael's cock as I licked and sucked on the slippery head. I have decided to call him Michael whenever we have sex and Grandpa at all other normal times. I tickle his balls from underneath, running my fingernail up the seam between them.

He hardens quickly and gets close to coming again, and I held onto his cock as he was slides his tongue into my pussy. I feel him begin to stiffen, and I slide him into my mouth as far as it will go, still playing with his balls. He came hard with a loud moan, and shot his stuff into my mouth.

It was a lesser amount than before and most of it stayed in my mouth. I cleaned him off as he finishes, and after I release him from my mouth, I swallow his cum. I crushed my pussy harder onto his face and he continues to slide his tongue into my pussy, I come hard flooding his face with my juices in spurts. I continue to lick the tip of his cock until it softens, which is actually quite a while for such a strong man.

After I finish, I slide off and onto my stomach next to him totally out of breath. When I had so brazenly shoved my pussy in his face, I felt like a little whore. I was never that aggressive with any of the boys with whom I had been. But, there were only a few of them and they were timid and inexperienced lovers. Michael is such a good lover, and experience shows.

We are both breathing hard, as he reaches over and massages my ass, letting his fingertips trace down the crack of my ass. He slides his middle finger into my pussy to lubricate it, then taking it out with my juices on it, slides it into my asshole as far as he possibly can. I let out a shriek of surprise, and then start moaning. He moved his finger around massaging my fleshy interior.

It is a very strange sensation, but amazingly sexy. This is the first time I have had anything in my ass. I can definitely get used to that feeling, and it starts to give me ideas for my next visit with Grandpa (I mean Michael). Another thought I have, is to bring Summer into my lovemaking with Michael. I know she wants my Grandpa to fuck her.

"Hmm, my first threesome!" I started to think, with a wicked little smile.

Oddly, none of what we are doing feels wrong to me; unless it is wrong to make love to someone you love. I do not know what the future might bring, but for now, I want to explore my friend Summer and my Gr—ah, Michael for a while longer. I would insist that any other lovers use a condom, but I wanted to feel, Michael's cock inside me while we make love.

We turned toward each other and just kissed and fondled each other for what seemed like hours until we fell asleep in each other's arms. I slide a leg between Michael's, to get as close to him as I can. His muscular chest and flat hard stomach felt so good against my soft body. He looked down at me and said,

"Annie, I want to make love to you every time you come over; just our secret, okay?"

"O-Okay Michael." was the only reply I made to my Grandpa ... my lover.

Then I could feel it coming before it happened and couldn't stop it. I farted loudly, as Michael held me tight. We look at each other with surprised looks, then both burst out laughing, and Michael gently pats me on my bottom. I give out a long slow moan. It's a moan of total contentment as I start falling asleep.

We sleep late, and take our time getting out of bed. I let Michael fuck me hard again, before we leave the bedroom. This time I lay a soft bed of the pillows and insist on having him on top of me. It worked out quite well ... didn't hurt too much. After we finish, I am hungry, so I jump out of bed and race him down the stairs to the kitchen. I won!

We move around the kitchen wordlessly; as we each choose necessary tasks, leading to ... breakfast. He cooks the omelets, and I start the grits, and slice up some strawberries and kiwis. He made about eight or nine silver dollar pancakes, and I heated up the syrup.

We ate like lumberjacks, and talked and laughed until every scrap of food was gone. I was perched on a stool, on top of a very soft pillow.

We clean the kitchen, again wordlessly dividing necessary tasks. I am wearing nothing but my long T-shirt, and he is in T-shirt and jeans. He never wears underwear with jeans, so I know that all I have to do is slide my hand down the back of his jeans to cop a feel of his hard ass-cheeks. After cleaning up, we are on the couch drinking our coffee, talking softly and just listening to some soft jazz.

Sitting on the couch, my ass didn't feel that bad with some cushions under it, and we start to talk about last night. We both decide that however accidentally it happened (on his part anyway) our lovemaking fundamentally changes the nature of our relationship. He said that he knew that at some point I would stop being his little girl, and would become a woman.

I am not willing to give up making love to him, and I will come over as often as I can. Since I will be very uncomfortable screaming out "Grandpa" in the throes of a powerful orgasm, I inform him that I will be calling him "Michael" in bed. He is agreeable with that logic!

I mention bringing Summer into our lovemaking but Grandpa is not sure about including her, even if she does lose her cherry to some young boy, because she is still another man's sweet little daughter. I tell Grandpa that we can be very gentle with her at first, and that I know she wants to.

I will also talk to her about her about using condoms with outside lovers, but to be free and naked between the three of us. Michael and I made love slow and easy one more time with me straddling him on the couch, before he reluctantly drove me home. He once again filled me with his come.

As I got out of the car, I turned and asked, "Grandpa, what are you doing next weekend?
I think that Summer and I are free!"

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