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My Weekend with Grandpa Part 2

Written by Michael142

This is the continuing story of a pretty, eighteen-year old college student named Annie. She is spending another three-day weekend with her Grandfather (Michael), along with her best girlfriend whose name is Summer (sometimes shortened to 'Sum'), also eighteen. I have serialized the three days of this visit from Friday night to Monday morning. My intent is to place all of the parts of this story in the incest/taboo category to maintain continuity.

This is now the week after Annie and her Grandpa initiated a sexual relationship between them. Her friend, Summer was ready to give herself to Annie's Grandpa whom she crushed on last week, but Michael refused because she was a virgin, and felt that someone her own age should be the one to make her a woman. During the last week, Annie spent a very romantic night with her Grandpa by herself, and she was able to entice her friend to find a suitable candidate to relieve her of her pesky virginal status. Narration of this story series is in the third person singular point of view.


1. Annie and Summer, Wednesday night to Thursday morning after their weekend with Michael

"Oh my God, Annie! You and your Grandpa, again last night?" Summer asks with wide eyes.

"Well ... um, yeah!" Annie replies with a guilty smile.

"Why, you little hoe!" Summer teases!

"Me a hoe? Who was that petite little blondie last weekend that opened her legs to my Grandpa ... to Michael, offering her bod to him? Anyone we know, Sum?"

'Okay, okay, I'm a little hoe too, if you put it like that!" Summer says with a girlish giggle.

"Oh my God, Sum! Last night was so amazing! My Grandpa is such a sweetheart; he took me out to dinner, and let me have a sip from his wineglass. After that, we just walked around the lake. It was nice and we talked about a lot of things Sum, including what happened last weekend. He just wanted to make sure that I was okay with what happened."

"Yeah, things did get a little wild, didn't they?" Summer offers.

"Yes, wild ... but Sum, I have feelings for Michael. He's related of course, his being my Mom's dad makes it awkward. But, we have also been friends through the years, and he has always been there for me and helped me over some difficult times, Sum. So I guess it is natural to feel some affection for him—"

"So, where are you and Michael going on your honeymoon?" Summer interrupts just to tease.

"Stop, Sum! I am trying to be serious here! I have met your Grandpa, he is a very sweet man, but and at five-foot eight and two hundred fifty pounds, he is not exactly a heart-throb is he?"

"Don't get me wrong Annie honey, Michael is very attractive for and older man, and I was so infatuated last weekend, that I would have let him do anything we wanted to me. Believe me doll, I understand the attraction!" Summer explains.

"Well, anyway, after our walk and some fresh air, we decided that we would just try a romantic relationship just to see. To see what, I am not sure, so we went back to his place; I just told Mom that I was sleeping over at Grandpa's."

"Sleeping huh!" Summer says with a suspicious look.

"Well ... we sort of like, made love, um ... three times. First time was kinda hard, like straightforward, but later we made love umm, slow and easy after we raided the kitchen. Then this morning I snuck into the shower when he was in there, and we kinda had a quickie, with the water running over us. It was so romantic, Sum; like in a movie or something!" Annie explains.

"Annie! You have to help me find someone, some uh, guy to um ... you know ... so I can be uh, be like with you-your um, Michael. He is so hot, and I want to ah ... well you know, but I have to be like ... you know ... experienced." Summer said, nearly tongue-tied asking about something so delicate.

"In other words, you want me to help you find someone to pop your cherry, so you can screw Michael!"

"Well ... yeah, putting it crudely, that's about it!" Summer says with a chuckle. Annie adds,

"Well, it can't be just all sex between us and Michael, remember that Grandpa and I are also friends ... I can tell him everything; he and I have discussed the merits of his girlfriends over the years. It is not just a matter of some old guy screwing his granddaughter, so please Sum, if you are going to have that kind of relationship with Michael, be his friend first." Annie said, being serious.

"Yeah, okay ... I see what you mean." Summer answered thoughtfully.

"It is kind of like you and me Summer. We have been friends for a long, long time. What we have now is the result of years of friendship and affection. I love you Summer. I don't see us as a couple of grunting little pigs, just hot for each other's forms! I love touching you, but we have always been there for each other as well. You are my friend, with benefits."

"I know all that Annie, m'love. We have talked about this before. I love touching you and being with you, but I like boys too. You have stood up for me many, many times with your great physical and inner strengths. So, wherever we go in life, marriage or whatever, I will still want to be with you in some emotional and even sexual way. You are a soul for my soul, my dear."

"Exactly! Ditto, Sum!"

Both girls worked themselves into an emotional state, and with tears in their eyes, they embrace, and kiss each other sweetly.

" Okay now ... back to your immediate problem. Um ... okay ... let's seeeee! Oh, yeah ... a few of us are going out tonight for a little while, and I will be with a nice boy I have um, done it with before, and he has a very nice friend, so if he looks good to you, he is all yours! Kinda short notice I guess!" Annie offers.

"M'kay ... I guess ... pick me up at seven-thirty, but I have to be back my eleven-thirty ... midnight at the latest. If I sneak in any later than that, I will have to deal with Daddy. Not living at the dorm this week so I have to deal with 'the Rents.' That is, unless I just say I am staying with you. They like you Annie!"

"Alright then! The kid's name is David. He's cute with blond curly hair, but a little shy, so ... you will have to lead him a little."

Annie is able to get the car for the evening. Summer and David are in the backseat, while Annie drives with her date next to her in the front. They have a very nice time, and Summer and David hit it off very nicely.

They all go to a movie, and Summer encourages her date to become 'friendly' with her in the back row; unbuttoning her blouse a little and letting him touch her. Afterward, they find a nice secluded place to park, she asks David to make love to her ... but gently. She pulls her panties off, and stuffs them in his shirt pocket with a sexy smile. After a little encouragement, she has a slender cock inside her for the first time.

To Summer, it feels like a little pinch, and is over quickly. David pulls out of her before he comes, and she finishes him off in her mouth. Summer is no longer a virgin.

Annie and her date went for a short walk to make things easier for Summer and David. Annie found a nice grassy spot for her and her friend to fool around a little, but told him that where will be no sex ... not for a while anyway. Annie was thinking about another weekend with Michael.

Had Michael spoiled her for her boyfriends? She wasn't sure. She was thinking (hoping) that her young pussy has spoiled him for his older girlfriends!

Annie presses Summer to ask for permission to stay over, and after picking up an overnight bag for her, They settle together in Annie's room. They both wrap their arms under their pillows, and lay facing each other under the covers with a small flashlight ... Annie teases Summer about her satisfied 'just got laid' smile.

"How was it honey?" Annie quietly asks her friend, sub rosa.

"I'm still a little sore down there, but it was very nice. It was short and quiet, but ... nice!" Summer's face was aglow as she giggles into her friend's face, just inches away. Summer touches her finger to Annie's nose in a gesture of affection, and continues. "That boy has got himself a very nice little cock, Annie. I think I like him ... he has my virginity!"

"Mmm, that's so nice Sum. If you are happy, I am happy for you." Then changing to a mischievous grin she adds, "You are such a little hoe, giving it up on the first date!"

"Shut up Annie!" Summer giggles as she slugs Annie in the shoulder.

The girls move in a little closer and kiss ... softly with nervous lips opening to each other's mouths. After a little mutual fondling under T-shirts, the girls are tired. Summer falls asleep quickly, and Annie follows soon after, but not before giving her friend's bare ass a little massage, and saying (mostly to herself),

"G'night, m'love!"

Annie calls her Grandpa before her first morning class, just to check on staying with him on the weekend. He tells her it's fine with him, and she informs him that Summer is coming with her, but has a four-hour work shift on Saturday.

Summer is just coming out of the shower, and walking a little slow and stiff,

"Did'ga call Michael?"

Annie looks up at her lovely naked friend, toweling off, and dripping on the carpet,

"Yup, were on for this weekend, we can get you to work and pick you up. Then the rest of the weekend is just the three of us ... ready for that?"

"Mmm, yeah! I am!"

2. Friday night, Annie and Summer arrive at Michael's (Annie's Grandpa's) townhouse.

"Grandpa!" Annie screams as she comes in and throws her overnight bag to the side, to hug her Grandpa. She throws her arms around him smashing her lips into his, and whispers in his ear, "Michael!"

Michael sees Summer standing by the door over Annie's shoulder holding her valise in both hands in front of her with no more than a pleasant smile (not sure what might happen this weekend). Michael lifts his eyes to Summer as Annie releases her embrace, and says,

"Hello Summer. Very nice to see you again." With a slight pause, he continues, "I think we know each other well enough for a hug, don't you?"

Summer places her bag on the floor, sweetens her smile, and walks to Michael. She puts her arms around Michael's neck, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and as Michael encircles her with his strong arms She says,

"Of course Michael. So nice to be here again." Then she continues in a nervous voice, softly in his ear, "I-I could use um, a massage later i-if y-you are up for it."

As she looks into his eyes hopefully, he answers in nearly a whisper,

"Of course, honey!" Summer breathes a sigh of relief and smiles broadly.

Looking at the two young girls in front of him Michael says,

"The house is yours girls, make yourselves comfortable ... I'll take my two favorite girls out to dinner when you are ready ... somewhere nice!"

The girls giggle, grab their bags and bound up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

"Oh my God Annie, Michael had his arms around me and my heart was beating so hard! Feel my heart ... it's pounding!" (taking Annie's hand and pressing it to her chest between her small breasts)

Without giving her friend a chance to think, Annie quickly surprises Summer with a short but passionate French kiss.

"Better?" Annie asks her surprised friend.

"Whew, yeah Annie! Better!" Summer says trying to re-gather her wits.

With a wicked smile on her face, Annie picks up her petite girlfriend, and throws her on the bed, starting to tickle her into a torrent of giggles, as Summer grabs a pillow from behind her and uses it to protect herself.

"Oh, ho ho, baby you are so dead!" Annie laughs as she picks up the other pillow, and the two friends start a knockdown-drag-out-no-holds-barred pillow fight. Annie has the advantage of size, reach, and athletic ability, and quickly overpowers her smaller friend. Annie sits on top of Summer holding her down, and says giggling,

"Give it up honey, or it will go bad for you!"

"Nuh-uh, doll, do your worst."

With a wicked smile on her face, Annie turns her friend over onto her stomach, and holding her down, pulls her shorts off, and then her panties. Summer is kicking her legs, and trying to turn herself back over, but with little success. Annie smooth's her hands over Summer's pretty, little naked ass and sliding her hand down between Summer's firm little cheeks and a finger into her diminutive asshole. Then she spanks Summer with three hard smacks on her cute little ass, still holding her down.

"Quit it Annie!" Summer tries to say but muffled with her face in the bedspread.

"Give up Sum?"


Annie pulls Summer's top up and forces it off over her head, unsnaps her bra, and pulls it off. Summer is still kicking and flailing, trying to end her submission to her stronger friend. Then Annie flips Summer back over, and straddles her friend who is naked except for socks and tennis shoes. Annie reaches back behind her and fingers Summer's now wet crotch.

Summer is breathing hard, aroused by the spanking and fingering of her pussy, but reaches up and tickles Annie enough to get an advantage. She pulls Annie's halter-top off, Annie is not wearing a bra, so her 34B's giggle free, and are hanging nearly in Summer's face.

Summer reaches up and massages Annie's tits, paying attention to her hardening nipples. Annie reaches down and unbuttons her own short shorts. She lowers herself down as begins kissing Summer passionately with her tongue filling her friend's mouth. Summer slides her hand down the back of Annie's shorts to find that her sexy friend is not wearing panties either.

"Annie! Tsk, tsk, tsk! No panties ... you're such a little slut!"

Annie smiles with a slight blush on her cheeks, relinquishes her superior position over Summer and flops over onto her back. She looks over at Summer and says in a breathless voice,

"Take 'em off me Sum!"

She lifts her butt off the mattress as Summer slides Annie's shorts down and off over her little red tennies. Summer runs her middle finger very lightly across the edge of Annie's slick pussy lips. Annie flinches a little and looks up into her friend's eyes, saying only one word, but says it softly and with a little jitter in her voice,


Summer, half covering her friend, with their breasts rubbing against each other, kisses Annie on the lips, on her throat, and then lower, kissing her way down to Annie's breasts. Annie is breathing hard, and Summer can feel her friend's heart beating hard against her lips. Summer moves her kisses and touches down Annie's body, as Annie opens herself up to anything her cute friend has in mind for her.

As Summer's tongue touches Annie's clit, Annie gasps, and after Summer sucks her friend's little nubbin into her mouth, Annie's gasp turns into moans as waves of pleasure starts to wash over her. Summer breathes in her friend's female smell, as she licks her pussy, spreading her petals with her lips, and sliding her tongue into Annie's very wet vagina.

Just then, there is a tap on the door, and Michael says through the closed door,

"How are you guys doing? We should get going soon to get a good table."

"O-Ok-kay, Grand-Grandpa, we'll b-be down in a, a few minutes."

Summer raises herself up, and kisses Annie on the lips, giving her friend a taste of her own aroma and juices. Then she kisses Annie on the tip of her nose, saying,

"Last one in the shower is a dirty little hoe!"

Both girls jump up, trying to remove their socks and shoes as they stumble toward the door. They ran right out of the room and into the bathroom completely naked with breasts jiggling, and bumping into each other, not thinking that Michael might still be in the hallway (he wasn't).

They play in the shower, tickling, giggling and touching ... and somehow even got clean enough to dress-up nice.

"Annie, I um, didn't bring a nice dress for dinner, I guess I didn't think about that. Can I borrow one of yours?"

"Sure!" Annie started grabbing things off hangers and throwing them onto the semi-rumpled bed. The girls sorted through the outfits, but since Summer is smaller than Annie is, she will have to pick something that Annie has outgrown. Annie has always kept a part of her wardrobe at Michael's, so there are some things that are too small for her.

Summer picks a navy blue dress with matching cloth belt, a rounded white collar, and a scoop neck. It seems a bit childish on her, but her figure fills it out very attractively. She borrows a pair of sheer thigh-highs, and heels from Annie. She wears a pair of lacy boy-shorts and a cotton bra.

Annie selects one of her favorite short tight black dresses with the hem riding about six inches above her knees. Her ample cleavage shows to best advantage in this dress, and she wears bikini panties and no bra, and heels without stockings.

The girls bounce down the stairs to find Michael ready to go, wearing a white shirt without a tie, tan sports coat, and dark blue jeans with western boots. Summer looks him up and down, and waves her hand in front of her face in a fanning motion says,

"Whew! Very sexy, Michael!"

Michael smiles and leads the girls out the door. Since Annie is out the door first, Michael takes the opportunity of giving Summer a little pat on her fanny. She turns and smiles at him.

They have a nice dinner, and Michael shares his wine with both girls, who each look around for the waiter or maître d' before taking their sips. Michael selects a California Vouvray, which is lower in alcoholic content than say, a Chardonnay and a better choice to share with underage girls. They are enjoying the meal and the lighter more girl-friendly wine. Annie grabs Summer's hand as both girls snatch their purses and head the ladies room.

In the hallway leading to the restrooms, Annie stops and says,

"Sum, do you see those boys at the table over there?'

"Yes, what of it?"

"You have had your back to them, and didn't see, but they have been looking our way all night. Kind'a cute, huh?"

"Mmm, guess so. The one with the dark curly hair is kind'a cute I guess."

"Well I winked at them when we passed by their table, but I don't think their parents noticed."

The girls hurry into the ladies room, later as Summer came out of a stall, she saw Annie pull off her bikini panties and stuff them in her purse. She says,

"C'mon Sum, slip 'em off. It'll be fun ... sexy!"

Summer takes a few seconds to think about it, and shakes her head no.

"C'mon Sum, no guts no glory!"

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes a little, Summer reaches under her dress and shimmies out of her lacy boy shorts, and folds them into her purse.

"There! Happy?"

Annie approaches her, slides her hand up the back of her legs and up over her cute naked ass,

"Oh, yeah! How does it feel?"

"Undressed!" Summer said with a blush in her cheeks.

The girls enter the hallway back to the restaurant, and the two boys are there, waiting for them. The boys approach, and the one that Summer did not have her eye on, takes Annie by the elbow and leads her a short way down the hall and they engage in a very close conversation with Annie against the wall with her knee raised and her foot resting against the wall behind her. The dark curly-haired one approaches Summer and introduces himself.

The two girls talk to the boys a while, just smiling and flirting a little. The one with Summer is a bit shy, so Summer takes a pen out of her purse, grabs his hand and writes her name and number on his palm. Then she reaches up and kisses him quickly on the cheek, and hurries back to the table, but not before grabbing Annie by the hand and pulling her away from her boy.

Annie is kind of tripping as she tries to keep up with Summer, and says to the boy over her shoulder, "Call me, James!" Annie is a flirt, but she is still just eighteen, and Summer is used her friend's flirty behavior. She sometimes takes it upon herself to become like a little mother to Annie, watching out for her.

Back at the table, Annie hikes up her hemline some as she sits, showing a lot of thigh. Michael notices, but does not say anything. And, with a very familiarly pungent female odor in the air, Michael knows that there are two pairs of panties, inside two little purses ... no longer covering two little pussies. He smiles to himself and lets it pass.

They all decide to split a Creme brulee three-ways (the girls eat most of it) as the conversation continues to be lively with laughter from Michael, and giggles from the girls. Michael sits back a little and smiles a satisfied smile watching his favorite little girls having fun.

He orders himself an Irish coffee (Cappuccino coffee, Irish whisky, and whipped cream) and offers a taste to his little companions. They like it; Summer reaches over to wipe some tell-tail cream off Annie's upper lip.

On the way to the car, Annie pulls Summer back a little and whispers something in her ear, and Summer at first says no, but then relents. At the car, Annie gets into the back, and Summer takes the front passenger seat. After a couple of miles, Summer looks back at Annie, and Annie gives her an encouraging nod. Summer lowers her seat back a little, and stretches into a yawn in an attempt to raise the hem of her dress to the top of the dark band of her stockings. She spreads her thighs a little. She is starting to breathe faster. She can feel her heart beating harder.

She looks back at Annie again, and Annie gives her a more insistent "go ahead" nod. Summer nervously slides her hand onto Michael's right thigh, and rubs it a little. Michael is instantly aware that the girls are up to something, and decides to play along to see where it goes. Summer moves her soft hand onto the back of Michael's hand, letting her fingers massage it a little. She takes his hand and places it high on her inner thigh. Her heart is pounding!

Michael knows what they are doing of course, and starts to slide his fingers up from the material at the top of her stockings onto Summer's buttery-soft thighs. Summer gasps as she feels Michael's light touch on her most sensitive skin. She moves her seatback down more, and spreads her legs further and closes her eyes. Michael can see her breasts heaving under her borrowed schoolgirl dress.

As he slides his fingers lightly up inside her thighs, he can feel her heat as well as her moist flesh. He decides to go along with something the girls obviously want, and slides a finger into Summer's moist folds and inside her little cunny. As she lifts her ass, she also raises her hemline up over her hips, and spreads her legs wider to make it easier for Michael. Summer starts to feel the familiar tingle building in her thighs and buttocks.

Annie watches intently from the back seat, as her friend starts to orgasm, with a finger under her own skirt, sliding it in and out of her moist little pussy. The feeling builds up in both girls as they shudder into nice little orgasms nearly simultaneously. As usual, Annie wins that race too. Michael says,

"Is very one happy now?"

Both of the girls reply almost in unison,

"Un huh!"

Summer, still completely exposed to him with legs wide open, reaches over and puts her tiny hand on Michael's growing bulge, and with a little pat says,

"Mmm, we will have to take care of him later, Michael!"

Back at the house, the girls run up the stairs pushing, bumping hips, talking over each other, and giggling. Michael heads for the downstairs bathroom, and the girls noisily slam the door of their room, take off what is left of their clothes, and change into their normal casual attire: T-shirts and panties.

They bound down the stairs to look through Michael's extensive movie library. Michael makes popcorn and pulls out some sodas for his little girls, and they all settle in for a movie, with Michael on the couch between them. They manage to keep their hormones in check throughout the movie, satisfied with just being close to Michael and leaning against his shoulders.

The girls get sleepy after a while, and head upstairs cuddling together in their queen-size guest room bed. There are actually two guest bedrooms in the house, but they enjoy staying together in the one closest to Michael's bedroom, and the upstairs bathroom.

Michael turns off the TV, puts on a little jazz, and opens a bottle of wine. He likes red ... a respectable Pinot Noir. The rich red wine coats his palate with a nice semi-dry but fruity taste, and he leans back enjoying the music, the wine, and the lack of teenage girls shoving their pussies in his face. After regaining a portion of his sanity, he turns off the music, the lights, and heads upstairs.

He stops and briefly listening at the door of the room the girls are using, and satisfied that all seems well ... and quiet, he retires to his room. He changes into his customary bed-ware, a long T-shirt and boxer briefs.

He falls asleep quickly from the effects of all the wine, and Irish whisky. As is customary, he leaves his bedroom door ajar. He cannot sleep in a room that is sealed and dark, so he leaves the window open, and the shades up as well to let the moonlight stream across his bed.

3. Friday night to early Saturday morning, Michael's bedroom.

After some time, Michael feels a tiny warm body spooning up against his. He says quietly over his shoulder,

"Annie, not tonight honey."

"I-Its n-not Annie!" a soft high-pitched female voice answers.

As he turns around, Summer moves closer and cuddles with him as his arms instinctively enclose her tiny form.

"Summer, what are you doing? Where is Annie?"

"Annie is asleep, and I woke up, but the house is dark, I-I j-just came in here ... the door was open; you don't really mind, do you Michael?" She hesitates for a second or two and looking up at him with doe-eyes.

"Hmm, so what do we do now? Do I just tear off your clothes, push you down of the mattress and have my way with you?" Summer giggles,

"No, of course not Michael! You kiss me ... softly, then you ... take my T-shirt and um, (she says the next word in a softer voice) ... panties um, off, and um ... an' um, you c-could start with a little ma-massage if you like, just like last weekend ... and then you ... you m-make l-love to me, Michael! I am n-not a virgin any—anymore, Michael!"

Michael just smiles, thinking that Annie had a hand in helping her out of that predicament ... her pesky little cherry! Her eyes were wide as saucers as she nervously explained just what she wanted as a sweet young teenager from a strong mature male.

This is the boldest thing that this normally shy little girl has ever done or said. Summer is very jittery. She is petrified! She waited several seconds as Michael formulated an answer. It seemed like an hour to her, and her heart seemed to be pounding in her throat.

"Come with me, my dear." Michael said after looking at Summer for several seconds, as he rose from the bed, took her hand, and pulled her out of bed to follow him.

He leads her down stairs, and flips on a small light in the kitchen, which flooded the downstairs with a soft, romantic glow. Summer settles herself on the couch. He comes back from the kitchen with two glasses of ruby-red wine, and hands one to Summer.

He could have done as she had asked upstairs, and could be making love to her right now, but leading her downstairs is a sort of retreat to regroup as he gives himself time to think about what he might allow himself to do, to someone else's young daughter.

"Here. Drink this. It will relax you a little Summer."

As she looks up at him, Michael's heart skips a beat. She looks so young. She is almost nineteen, but being so petite, and in the soft glow with wide round eyes, she looks about thirteen. Michael is not into underage girls of course, but the effect of the lighting and her soft smile is engaging ... appealing ... sexy. He walks over and puts on some soft music.

He chooses Debussy, whose music always has a dreamy quality. As he turns, he sees Summer with her eyes closed, holding onto her wineglass in both hands, and obviously moved by the music. He can just see the wet spot on the crotch of her cotton panties under her T-shirt.

Having set a romantic stage, he sits next to Summer without touching her. They drink their wine, and talk softly for a long time, as he thinks. His soft baritone voice, the music, and the wine are all conspiring to relax the little girl.

Her eyes sparkle as she smiles, reacting to Michael's friendly banter and obvious sense of humor. She likes him. He does not try to seduce her, but just lets her come to him if that is what will happen tonight. If it does not happen tonight, at least they are making a connection as friends. Summer is thinking to herself, "My God, what a sweet man. He could have ... well he could be upstairs right now pounding it into me, but instead he is interested in making a connection ... a friend of me." She was also thinking that he was as scared as she was.

After a while, she places her glass on the coffee table. She takes Michael's hand and without a word places it on the crotch on her very wet panties, spreading her legs as she presses his fingers into the soaked fabric. She looks up at him with a look in her eyes that says, "Touch me, Michael."

Michael lowers his lips close to hers, and then he halts to smell her sweet breath on his lips. She moans softly with the pleasure of his touching, as she opens her mouth to him. He comes a little further, and she closes the distance, pressing her mouth into his. His fingers continue exploring her panty-covered crotch.

He hooks a finger inside the material, and slides it into her sopping young cunt. She responds by putting as much passion into kissing him as she can, as she lowers her hand to his crotch, and squeezes him. She has her legs, her mouth, and her arms open to him, relaxing into whatever he decides to do to her. Michael, now with a final decision, stops and says,

"We should continue this upstairs."

"O-Okay Michael!"

He helps Summer to her feet to lead her back upstairs to his bedroom. He takes her in his arms at the doorway to his room, and carries her to the bed and carefully placed her on it. He can feel her shaking from her renewed nervousness, and decides to take it slow with her. He climbs into the bed, and lowers himself into a very soft kiss. When he breaks from the kiss, he looks into her eyes.

She has a glow about her. He thinks, "My God, she is so beautiful!"

She smiles at him and puts her arms around his neck, kisses him sweetly.

Her voice becomes halting and she has tears in her eyes, but continues as well as she can,

"Michael, I-I want you i-in-s-side me!"

Summer's eyes are still welled up with tears, as one starts to roll down her cheek and her chin trembles. This diminutive beauty touches Michael's heart. She made her declaration so guilelessly ... so innocently, that he picks her up in his arms, and kisses her long and passionately. Her face is wet with tears as he kisses her eyes and then her lips, using his thumbs to wipe her tears away.

He pulls her T-shirt up over her head, lays her back on the bed, and very delicately slides her panties over her ass, then down her legs and off, as she raises her butt to help him. Michael looks down at the amazingly lovely eighteen-year old girl lying beneath him completely naked. She looks up and says,

"Michael, please go slowly with me."

"Summer, I am a little nervous myself. I never imagined—"

"Michael, don't think of me just as Annie's friend, I want to be your lover tonight!"

Michael could not believe that he is about to make love to this beautiful young girl, lying beneath him ... wanting him. His cock is rock-hard. For the first time in his life, he is not sure what to do. He has had no such hesitation with his girlfriends. Annie had tricked him the first time, so the spell was broken. But, this little beauty is new. She is very young, very tiny, and very soft. He is as nervous about what will happen as she is.

He swallows past the lump in his throat as he lowers his hand to her stomach. She gasps sharply as she hollows her stomach at his first touch. He lifts his hand immediately in response to her gasp, but then lowers it again, slowly massaging her stomach. Not sure what to do next, he moved his hand over to her side, as she giggles nervously to the tickling sensation.

Her giggle actually breaks the ice a little, and they both start to relax. He runs his hand over her shoulder and down her arm says to her past the lump in his throat,

"My God, Summer! You are so beautiful!"

She smiles slightly, blushes and says in almost a whisper, "Thank you, Michael."

His hands explored her small breasts, and moving again down to her stomach. His hand moves over her hip and over as much of her buttocks as he can reach. He shifts his position to place his upper body between her legs. She opens her legs and breathes harder, closing her eyes. Michael pushes his hand under her buttocks and lifts them slightly as his mouth finds her mound, covered lightly with soft blond hair.

Michael is happy to see that she has not found it necessary to shave her pussy, as his tongue twirls around her soft hairs, and then moves to her pussy lips. He just lingers over her sex, to take in the musky smell of her, built up from of a day of excitement and arousal. He breathes her in, becoming a little intoxicated from the heat and aroma arising from her warm, moist vulva.

He starts with light kisses and bites to her nether lips, starting to slip his tongue into her just a little ... just teasingly. Summer responds by pushing her crotch into his face as her breathing quickens. She is moaning long and loud to his attentions. He moves his kisses to the very top of her inner thigh, her buttocks, and her little puckered hole.

He holds his face close to her, spreading her buttocks with his thumbs, and placing little kisses on her aromatic little hole, licking around the tight opening. When he pushes a finger into her little pucker, he pushes her over the edge and she spurts her juices into his face, and dripping down her crack as she shudders and convulses breathing hard, all the way in and all the way out. Her skin feels like it is electrified, and the slightest touch anywhere causes her to jump.

He returns to her very liquid pussy, licking her and allowing his tongue to invade her preciously private place. Summer is delirious with the waves of pleasure that wash over her young body. Michael changes positions, removing his T-shirt and briefs.

As his briefs come down, she gasps as his cock springs free. He lowers his lips onto hers, as she licks her juices from his face like a hungry little kitten with a bowl of milk, She becomes more aroused just by taking in her own sickly-sweet aroma on Michael's face from her pussy and her ass. The smell of sex is beginning to thicken in the room.

"Please fuck me Michael!" she rasped breathlessly.

She is more aroused sexually now, than she had ever been in her young life, and wants everything and anything from her new lover that he can possibly give her. Michael slides his thick six and a half inches into her saturated pussy, slowly in one long stroke. He holds himself inside her while she convulses into another strong orgasm. When he senses that she is ready, he slowly slides out and then into her in a smooth rhythm, as her body tries to hold him and bathe him with her juices. She thrusts her hips up hard to meet his strokes.

Michael is amazed to feel her strong hard little body pushing and thrusting against his. He thinks, "this little girl as a little bit of whore in her!" Summer is the most responsive lover he has ever had, and as he fucks her, he is thinking that he will have a difficult time giving her up. Michael shifts her onto her side, and with her leg over his shoulder fucks her kneeling, with her screaming, lying on her side.

He then moves her completely onto her stomach, pulls her hips up, and takes her hard from behind without missing a stroke. She lies on her face pushing her tiny firm ass cheeks up to him as she grabs the covers in her tiny fists. Michael puts his hand on her stomach, holding her to him as he fucks her, grunting with each stroke, until he can feel himself getting very close.

He grabs her hips harder, and with a final hard thrust, he becomes the first man to cum deep inside her young body. He moans and pushes in with each spurt. She comes again in a milder set of shudders and convulsions. She is completely delirious as she feels his hand on her stomach as she breathes out. She massages his hand still holding her stomach with her tiny hand.

He holds her hips high as he pushes into her as far as he can, holding himself inside her. He starts moving in and out of her again with slow even strokes, and slips his finger into her ass as he continues to fuck her. He will eventually make sweet love to Summer, but for now, he is just fucking her hard, and she seems to want it that way.

At last, they collapse together, with her on her stomach, and him lying on top of her. They are both breathing hard. Michael whispers in her ear as he massages her sphincter,

"Summer you are so amazing. You are the most responsive lover I have ever been with."

"Michael! I think you have ruined me for any boys. I just want you to fuck me! You have my body whenever you want it, Michael darling! It belongs to you!"

They both shift onto their sides facing each other, kissing as she presses her nipples into his hairy chest, and his cock again begins to stir between her slippery thighs. She rotates her hips to massage his hard cock with her slippery inner thighs.

All of a sudden, Michael's door flies opens with a loud bang and Annie is standing in the doorway with the crotch of her bikini briefs visible under the bottom edge of her T-shirt.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE???" She shouts at them!

3. Friday night to Saturday morning early, Michael's bedroom (Continued).

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE???" Annie shouts at the tousled bed containing her naked Grandfather, and her equally naked and sweaty friend, Summer.

Annie is upset seeing her Grandfather in bed with Summer, partly because someone else is receiving Michael's attentions, and partly from her being left out of all of the action. She wears a pout on her face, as tears form in her eyes.

She feels hurt!

"Grandpa! Summer! What is happening in here??? Someone please tell me!! This is supposed to be our weekend together ... the three of us!" She starts crying.

Michael jumps up from the bed as Summer clutches the covers to her naked body. Michael puts his arms around his sobbing Granddaughter, as she starts pounding his chest with her hard-clenched fists.

"No! No! Don't touch me Michael!"

"Annie. C'mon 'tunia settle down honey."

"Don't call me that! You can't call me 'tunia or petunia-face ... ever again!"

Michael holds his little girl tighter, and her fists open as she throws her arms around Michael's neck, just wanting him to hug her and comfort her. She is shaking with tears and grief. Michael kisses every part of her tear-filled face, trying to comfort her as much as he can.

Summer gets out of the bed, and puts her arms around her friend from behind, rubbing her hands up and down her sides to help.

"Annie, I am so sorry if I hurt you. I-I couldn't sleep, and j-just wanted to slide in with Michael. Things got away from us um, I guess."

Annie reaches back and pats he side of Summer's head—as much as she could reach of it—and tearfully says,

"I'll be okay Sum, just give me a minute will you?"

Michael lets go and backs off, as Annie turns to her friend for some much-needed girlfriend-to-girlfriend comfort. Summer holds her friend, as she rocks her back and forth, and kisses her face and neck. Annie cries on her friend's shoulder, and starts to run her hands over her naked friend's body as she starts to come out of it a little. Summer runs her hands up Annie's back under her T-shirt ... Annie says,

"That feels nice Sum. Just hold me a little bit longer."

Summer holds her friend, and even moves a hand into the back of Annie's briefs, and onto her generous firm ass. Summer looks over Annie's shoulder at Michael, who smiles slightly, and gives her a nod that said, "It's okay, go ahead and comfort your friend."

Annie brakes from Summer's embrace, looks at both of them and with a kind of crooked wet smile. She sniffs away her tears and says,

"I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat!"

All three of them laugh as they head downstairs to the kitchen. On the way past her room, Annie stripped off her T-shirt and panties to match the nude state of the other two. Michael hangs limp about four inches as he starts to make some coffee for his two completely naked teenage lovers. Annie takes in a deep breath, and releases it in little catches, still getting over her tearfulness.

"I'm okay. I guess I knew that you two might end up together at some point; I just wasn't ready for it to happen so soon, and without me. So, um I apologize for being a brat!" Summer approaches her,

"Annie, you are my oldest and dearest friend and I love you, but I am not sorry that Michael and I made love. Our time together with him will come."

"Sum, Michael, I am really okay with you two making love, I was just a little shocked this time."

"Your turn will come Petunia-face, and it will be this weekend when I can have you all to myself, but I also want the three of us to explore each other. Not exactly sure how that will work, but it will definitely be fun figuring it out."

"Michael, shut up and please pass the sugar!" Annie says with a smile as one last tear squeezes from the corner of her eye and slides down her cheek.

The three nude friends sit and talk, laugh and giggle (the girls giggle) as they drink their coffee, and eat the muffins Michael toasts for them, topped with cream cheese and a slice of tomato.

"This is good!" said Annie as she chomps into her muffin. Summer just looks over at her hungry friend and shakes her head. Annie notices her doing this.

"What's the matter with you, blondie?" Annie challenges her friend.

"Mmm, just watching my pretty friend enjoying herself, anything wrong with that?"

"Well, as long as you are makin' fun of me, grab me another muffin will ya?" Annie counterpunches. The both laugh, as Summer gets up and puts her arms around her friend's neck. She smooth's her hands over Annie's ample breasts, squeezes them and declares,

"God, I love these things!"

"Just make sure you can finish what you start girlfriend!" counters Annie.

Michael was still standing in front of the girls, with his dangle now up to about five inches and growing a little thicker, finally said,

"Okay, it is now three-thirty in the morning. So, what 's next, babies?"

Summer and Annie go into a head-to-head conference for a few seconds and Annie issues the findings,

"We want to head back to bed ... your bed, Michael ... all three of us!"

"Fine with me, just remember you have an old man here who needs his sleep!" Michael answers with a smile.

They finish their mid-night snack, and head back upstairs. Michael follows two remarkably lovely little asses up the stairs. The all crawled into Michael's bed with Annie face to face with him, and Summer spooning up from behind. This arrangement became too much for Michael, whose five inches grows to a little over six and a half inches, between Annie's silky thighs.

After some minutes of soft passionate kissing, Annie shifts her position to allow Michael to slide into her very slippery pussy. Summer just rubs her mound against Michael's ass, and her tits into his back. Michael could feel Summer as she moves her body against him.

He shifts onto his back as Summer moves to the side to allow him room. He pulls Annie on top of him and continues fucking her without missing a stroke. Summer gets up and straddles Michael's head, so that her pussy is on top of his mouth, as she and Annie kiss and play with each other's tits.

Michael shoves his tongue up inside Summer's sweet pussy and Annie continues to push herself down onto Michael's long, thick cock. The girls continue to kiss as they hold each other tighter. Michael moves his tongue in and out of Summers sweet wet hole, as she pushes herself forward a little to allow him to bury his face between her cheeks. Summer moaned and pushed her lips into Annie harder as she feels Michael's tongue exploring her little puckered hole.

Annie starts to shudder into a strong climax as Michael empties his load deep into his Granddaughter's sweet teen pussy. Summer holds onto her friend as she convulses, and then shudders into a mild climax of her own coming all over Michael's face. The lovers all separate breathing hard.

The girls notice that Michael's pole is still standing tall and proud as he lay on his back, just begging for attention. They look at each other, smile, and both move their pretty lips to Michael's hard-on, each vying for the better share of his veined beauty. Annie gets his glans—the tip of it—in her mouth, tasting his come and tickling the underside with her tongue. Summer licks and mouths the shaft and sucks his balls into her mouth, and teasing them with her tongue.

They appreciate Michael's pari passu treatment of both of them—the fair and even sexual treatment given to both of his lovers. Annie receives Michael's cum in her mouth. As she lifts her mouth to swallow it, Summer licks what still spurts from his rigid cock, licking the tip clean.

Both girls looked at each other, giggled and fell upon Michael to share his cum with him as they kissed him and pushing some of it into his mouth. Then they giggle wildly!

"Hah! Very clever, my sweet little tarts!" They all laughed as the girls covered Michael's and each other's faces with kisses.

The girls shower first, as Michael uses the downstairs shower. They finish and tumble out with a hail of giggles trailing them into the guest room completely naked, and dripping all over the hallway. They dressed in clean T-shirts and panties, each insisting on dressing the other, with lots of fondling involved.

Michael pulls on a pair of cut-off blue jean shorts and a fresh T-Shirt, and retires by himself, to his room. Michael has stamina but he is not indefatigable; the girls wore him out. The girls laugh, tickle, and pillow fight until they collapse in each other's arms, and fall asleep.

4. Saturday Morning, Michael's kitchen.

Michael is up first, and starts breakfast for the three of them; omelets, pancakes, grits, sliced strawberries and kiwis, with lots of orange juice and of course ... coffee. Summer comes downstairs before Annie on purpose to talk to Michael.

"Um, mornin' Michael. Um, can I ask you something? I want a favor from you."

"Morning Summer honey, what's up?"

"Um Michael next time you and I are alone, can you um—" She moves closer, blushes deeply as she whispers the rest of her request in his ear, then she steps back and lowers her eyes, not sure what his response will be.

"Sure honey, we can do that."

"Oh good Michael ... thank you!" She breathes a sigh of relief and smiles.

Summer and Michael are putting finishing touches on breakfast when Annie appears in the doorway wearing a short-cropped T-shirt, bikini panties low on her hips, and fuzzy bunny slippers. She yawns, and the bottom of her breasts shows as she rubs the sleep from her eyes,

"Wha's up?"

The other two laugh at Annie's confused look. She doesn't press it, and they don't offer an explanation. She figures that if she has a right to private conversations with Michael, so does Summer.

The girls are hungry, and dive into all of the food. Michael just stands off to the side and watches with a mug of dark black coffee in his hand. He takes one of the omelets, folded in from both sides, and folds it again between the toasted sides of a muffin. Michael loves the taste of a good omelet sandwich on the weekends.

"Well, cuties, what's on the agenda for today? I am free all day so just name it."

"Summer has to work today, for a few hours. So, you and I can do stuff together, Grandpa. She starts at eleven and is off at three." Annie explains.

"Okay, then here is the plan. After we drop Summer off at work, Annie and I can go bicycling—I still have your bike here, honey. Then we can pick Summer up and go bowling again if you are up for it. After that we play it by ear!"

"Oh bowling! I love bowling Michael!" Summer said excitedly clapping her hands.

"Okay Grandpa, I'll change into something ... I can be seen in public wearing and help you load the bikes in the back of the car. But not sure about bowling ... I mean I like it, but I suck at it."

After breakfast, Summer changes into her tan and brown uniform, with a rather short skirt. Michael looks at the hemline, and Summer laughs,

"Don't worry Michael, I'm covered!" She lifts up the hem of her uniform dress to model the tight gym-style shorts that she was wearing, covering her to mid-thigh. She giggles.

Annie keeps a bicycling jersey and padded shorts at Grandpa's, and is wearing a runner's bra under. She grabs her helmet and gloves when the other two are ready to leave.

Annie jumps into the front passenger seat, and Summer squeezes into the back of Michael's SUV with the bikes. It is just a short trip to the restaurant to drop Summer, and before she jumps out, she reaches across and kisses Michael and Annie both on the cheek.

"Bye ... see ya at three!"

She skips into the restaurant, happy after last night's activities. An older African-American waitress is having a cigarette near the front door, and watches Summer approach, and as she reaches the door the waitress takes one look at the happy teen's face and says,

"Uuuu huh!"

Summer smiles at her and said, "Mornin' Missy!" Missy just reiterates, "Uuuu huh!"

On the way out of town to their favorite bicycling route, Michael asks Annie,

"Annie honey, were you really upset with Summer and me last night? I don't want to have anything between us ... anything nagging at us."

"Oh no Grandpa, not really I guess. It was you know, a shock to see you guys ... together ... like sexually! But after I thought about it, I did help Summer lose her virginity so she could be with you... just kind'a thought it might be the three of us ... you know! Just being a silly little girl I guess, I still love you both like crazy!"

"Glad to hear that darlin', I do not want to lose your regard for me. You and your Mother are more important to me than anyone else in this world."

Annie has tears on her face and she reaches over and kisses her Grandpa on the cheek.

"I love you sooo much Grandpa!"

Grandpa pulled the car over to the side of the road, put his Jeep in park, and turned to Annie and with a serious expression says,

"Annie, we changed our relationship over the last week. I guess it was inevitable, given the amount of time we spend together. But, you will find a nice boy someday and get married. I will always love you, but I will move on and so will you when the time comes. I do not regret anything you and I have done, it was done out of love. Do you know what I mean, honey?"

That was a lot for Annie to digest all at once but she is smart; she knows what he is saying. She looked at her Grandpa,

"You will always be my Grandpa, whether we make love or not. And, who knows Michael, even if I get married, we might still be able to get together a little. I'll just tell my husband that I have to spend a weekend with my aging old Grandpa to 'take care of him.'" She giggled at the double sexual meaning.

"It's a deal baby! Now, help me get these bikes out will you?"

Annie and her Grandpa have a wonderful ride, covering fifty miles in just under three hours. Annie has become quite a strong cyclist with her Grandpa, and the seventeen-eighteen mile-per-hour average is not hard for her ... or her Grandpa who wanted to go further. After downing the rest of her water bottle, Annie said,

"Wow that was a great ride Grandpa, thanks. I'm a little hungry though."

Michael looked over at his Granddaughter, and just took in the sight of this pretty girl. Her long brown hair, normally in an attractive shag-cut that frames her pretty doll's face, is pulled back into a bun in the back to accommodate her helmet. Her face is even prettier with the glow on her cheeks from the exercise of the ride. He saw her figure in a different light, now in her cycling duds. Annie has large rounded breasts for her slender, but slightly padded figure. Her legs are strong, but shapely.

His granddaughter is a lovely sight, even with a smudge on her face, and strings of hair sticking out here and there. He walks over to her, sweeps an errant lock of hair off her forehead and back under her helmet. He cannot believe that he gets to make love to such a lovely young girl. He looks at her, and with great affection and a smile, he responds to her request for food.

"Okay my lovely bottomless pit, we'll stop someplace on the way to get Summer."

They stopped at a little malt shop in town, both sweaty and stinky, and each had a nice, cool malt, and shared a cheese burger. Annie ate most of the burger, downed her malt and half of her Grandpa's. He just slowly shook his head. Annie looked at him as she was finishing his malt for him,

"What?" she looked down at the two empty glasses in front of her, "I'm just a growing girl, Grandpa!"

"Just make sure you don't grow in the wrong direction, doll."

"Well check this out, Granddude!" She rose up and lifted her shirt to show him her flat stomach and womanly shape, but lifted it high enough to show her bra a little cleavage, and got a couple of wolf whistles from some young guys in the corner booth. Annie giggled and threw them a kiss.

When the time came to leave, Michael left an overly generous tip for the cute blond server. Then he teased the girl behind the counter as he paid, just to get a smile from her, and she rewarded him with a cute giggle as well. The server joined the counter girl watching Michael and Annie depart.

"Oh, he's sooo cute!" the counter girl said.

Summer was ready for them when they arrived to pick her up. They made the short trip back to Michael's house to shower and change. Annie told her Grandpa that he could go first as they picked out something to wear. He could hear them giggling as he disappeared into the bathroom. Actually, there is a bathroom downstairs with a shower, but upstairs is more convenient. They wait for the water to start, and slowly creep over to the bathroom, completely naked ... both of them!

Michael was in the shower with soap all over his tight muscled body, The girls opened the door, and crept to the shower in tiptoes; Annie opened the shower door and started rubbing Michael's back. He turned around quickly and her eyes fell to his crotch,

"Mmm! Nice Michael!"

Summer joined in, and the girls surrounded Michael soaping up his body. Annie quickly took charge of soaping up his cock, and balls. He was now about five inches and growing as she stroked him to his full length. Summer was soaping up his buns and slipping her fingers down between them.

Michael retaliates by shoving a surprised Annie up against the wall and sliding himself up into her pussy as he looks into her pretty, brown eyes. With the soap and her generous wetness, it slides up into her quite easily. Both girls get a very soapy ride from Michael as he brings them both to satisfying orgasms. He rinses off his breathless companions, as Annie says,

"You better have some energy left old man, because tonight is going to be one wild ride!" Summer nods in agreement with a sexy smile.

"Just allow me to pace myself, and I'll take care of you both; whatever you want, my babies!"

Michael rinses off, and leaves the shower to the girls as he grabs a towel and heads to the bedroom to dress. They kiss under the showerhead as they rinse; stumbling over each other getting out of the shower and into towels.

"Hurry up ladies; we're leaving for the alleys in ten!"

Summer dresses in a white pleated 'skort' with a light blue blouse, bobby socks and sneakers. Annie changes into a pair of tight jeans, a white knit shirt, and flat shoes without socks. Michael is already dressed and ready to go. Annie piles into the back of Michael's Jeep, and let Summer again ride 'shotgun.'

The girls have a very giggly time bowling, running off to get a couple of sodas, some chips, or just to giggle with friends over the phone. Michael averages one-eighty over three games. The girls don't care about the score, the were happy just being with Michael. After bowling, he takes the girls out to diner ... casual ... just a family-style Italian restaurant. It was a casual place, so the girls were able to sneak a sip or two of Michael's Chianti.

On the way home, Summer in again in the front passenger seat, and massages Michael's thigh a little, and squeezes his hand. Michael lifts her hand to his lips, and kisses the back of her hand. Not to be left out, Annie puts her arms around his neck from the back seat, and the whispers something to Michael, then looks over at Summer, and giggles. Summer catches this exchange and with a furrowed brow, asks, "What?"

"Mmm, wouldn't you like to know, doll!" Summer just shrugs her shoulders and looks out the window.

Back home, the girls had a sexy little surprise for Michael as they flew through the door and ran upstairs giggling as they raced to the top. Annie is the better athlete and has a longer stride so she wins easily. They ran into Michael's bedroom and rifle through his closet, picking out three of his long-sleeve shirts, making sure to pick out a longer one for Michael.

Downstairs again, the girls are each wearing absolutely nothing but one of Michael's dress shirts, informing Michael that they have declared tonight as 'shirt night. This means that the three of them will wear a long shirt ... and only the shirt all night tonight. The girls roll the sleeves up to about their elbows, and Michael does the same. Annie has one of Michael's western shirts with snap buttons, Summer's is pink, and Michael's, blue.

The girls are swimming in Michael's shirts, and it covers them nearly to their knees. Michael is lucky and the one they picked for him at least covers his ass, but the tip of his dangle is visible occasionally in front as he moves.

The girls dig through Michael's movie library and select a couple of movies that work for them. They helped Michael making a big bowl of popcorn, and grab some sodas and other snacky 'pogie bait' to enjoy with the movies.

All set up, Annie grabs one of the movies, slips into the DVD, bending over at the waist and showing her shapely butt as she does. Michael and Summer react with hoots and wolf whistles as they throw popcorn and pretzels at her. She turns smiles, bows, and says,

"Thank yew, Thank yew vera much, I'm her 'til Thursday!" with her best Elvis impression, which drew cheers, whistles, and applause (and more popcorn) from her appreciative audience. In appreciation, she unsnaps a couple more buttons on her shirt and flashes her boobs, as she giggles.

This is the best thing about being at Michael's, at least from the girl's point of view. They can relax and be as sexy as they wish in a safe place, with no guilt and no judgement. Michael is not a horn-dog, so they are always comfortable being naked or nearly naked around him.

Annie squeezes in between Michael and Summer with her bare feet propped up on the coffee table, and her shirt still halfway unsnapped, as the movie starts. Michael gets up and turns off all the lights except a small night light in the kitchen, to provide the proper movie-watching mood.

Annie reaches over and unbuttons a couple more of Summer's buttons so she has access to her friends small round tits ... and Summer has access to Annie's larger, rounder breasts as well.

They enjoyed the movie, and as Summer often does, she turns and lays her legs across Annie's lap. Annie usually just lightly massages her legs, she starting with her lower legs, and Michael starts with Summer's feet, now on his lap.

Michael's lap is actually starting to tent a little being in the presence of two sexy teens wearing nothing but one of his shirts. Summer just relaxes against the end of the couch, enjoying the movie, and the attention from Michael and Annie.

Annie volunteers to switch movie when the first one ends, displaying her cute little ass as she bends to insert the movie. Michael said,

"My, the moon is certainly full tonight!"

Annie wiggles it a little for Michaels benefit, as Summer says,

"Hey! Down in front! Move your fat ass lady; we're watching a movie back here!"

Annie lifted her shirt to show more of her ass and then turns to stick her tongue out at Summer and Michael. She giggles as she runs back to the couch to resume her position. Summer resumes having her legs across Annie and Michael, but his time lying on her stomach, giving her friends better access to her slender shapely legs.

Annie wastes no time sliding her hands up the back of Summer's legs and onto her ass lifting her shirt up to put it on display. Still watching the movie, Annie casually lets her fingers slide down Summer's crack to her moist pussy as she opens her legs a little. Michael moves his massage to Summers lower legs, but his hand soon moves off of Summer and onto Annie's thighs, and then between them.

All of the touches are light, but the growing arousal between the three of them is palpable. Michael is stroking Annie's very wet pussy, as Annie starts to slide a finger into Summer's equally wet little cunt. Summer rotates her hips and spreads her legs to give Annie and Michael a view of Annie finger fucking her pretty friend. The three are quickly starting to lose interest in the movie, as both Annie and Summer start to get close.

Summer flips onto her back, dropping one leg off the front of the couch, giving Annie access to her clit and better assess to her pussy. Summer shudders into a strong orgasm, giving Michael a ringside seat to it happening to her as she spurts onto Annie's hand and thigh.

Annie takes her finger out of Summer and licks her friend's juices off her fingers. She pushes Summer's legs off her lap and opens Michael's shirt to mount him, reverse cowgirl. Michael welcomes his Granddaughter's ample ass onto his now completely turgid cock. She slides down easily all the way, and she leaned forward to get some leverage from her feet on the floor and moves her ass up and down over her Grandfather's thick cock.

Annie screams as she comes hard, flooding Michael's lap with her juice. She flops off Michael to the side as Summer stands to make room for her. Annie lies on her back with her wrist over her eyes and her leg up on the back of the couch, giving Michael and Summer a view of her pulsating pussy. They can see into the opening as it pulses with Annie's final convulsions.

Annie gets up after she cools off, and pads into the kitchen for a drink of water. Summer bends over and whispers in Michael's ear. Michael turned and spread out on the couch while Summer mounted his still tumescent member, sliding all the way down to his balls. Michael unbuttons the remaining buttons on her shirt to be able to play with her breasts and nipples while Summer fucks him.

Summer came very quickly due mostly to Michael's friction filling her insides, but also from Michael's fingering her very sensitive nipples. She collapsed on top of Michael, and the two kissed passionately. Annie joins the group kneeling by Michael, and kissing him with her own shirt completely open, showing her large breasts.

Summer suddenly remembers that she left her overnight bag in the car since she threw it in the back before she climbed into the front. She said that she needs to change to go outside to get it, but Annie tells her she will go with her ... just as they are. So the girls run outside to the curb to get Summer's bag.

The night air is cool on their warm bodies and wet pussies, as they shiver a little. Annie is more adventurous than Summer and quickly opens the back door, but from the street side since the bag is on that side. She bends over taking her time getting the bag as she exposes her ass to anyone looking. The cool air on her bare ass, and the possibility of discovery excites her.

Summer's shirt lifted enough to expose her lovely petite ass, as she raises her arms to rest her elbows on top of the car as she watching her crazy friend. As they start to return to the house, they notice the neighbor looking out his living room window at the two sexy teens.

Annie tells Summer that she hopes the man saw her ass. Summer shakes her head, calls Annie 'a little hoe.' Annie chases Summer around the front of the house, just giggling and playing grab-ass. Summer takes her bag and runs into the house where they find that Michael had slipped on a pair of jeans, with his shirt tucked in but open, showing his hairy chest.

"Hey Grandpa, that's cheating on 'shirt night'! Annie protested, but Michael just laughed.

Summer pulls Annie into the kitchen so she could talk to her quietly to her about something.

"Annie honey, I want to have Michael all to myself tonight, if it's okay with you. You can have him alone too if you want. But I can't tell you why, so is it okay?"

"Of course darling! I will give Michael to you after I settle down, I want my time with him too, but it doesn't have to be alone ... you can join us. I will have plenty of time with him anyway, so whatever you guys are going to do ... enjoy m'love." Annie smiles sweetly at her, and then kisses her quickly on the lips.

The girls follow Michael upstairs, and the three them lose their shirts (and jeans) very quickly as Michael took turns fucking both girls. Since Summer is a neophyte at giving head, Michael and Annie give her a lot of practice. She even got used to taking Michael in, past her gag reflex, to be able to take his cock all the way into her mouth and into her throat.

She gags on Michael's come the first time, but her two lovers were intent on making her an expert. With her lips, and hands on Michael's cock she is able to bring him to full erection quickly, and taking all of him inside her mouth and she was able to swallow all of the cum Michael could give her.

Annie is finally tired, and goes to bed by herself, sliding into the guest room bed completely naked. She falls asleep almost immediately.

Summer turns to Michael, with a sexy smile and says,

"Remember my special request Michael? Are you still up for it?"

5. Sunday morning one o'clock AM, Michael's bedroom (Continued).

Summer turns to Michael, and says, "Remember my special request Michael? Are you still up for it?"

"Are you sure about this my dear?" He answers.

"Yes Michael, I w-want this. I have never done this before, s-so I need you to help m-me. I really want to do it with you."

"Okay Sum, but this is a big step for you, and I want you to be very sure."

"I am, Michael."

Summer is not quite as sure in her mind about her special request from Michael, but wants to be open to all kinds of experiences, and has decided not to think about it ... just do it!

"Let's start with some love-making to get you warmed up and when you are ready, we will start."

"Michael, I am so very nervous about this, so please be gentle with me, o-okay?"

"Come with me, Angel-face." Summer smiles at receiving a "face" nickname from Michael.

He leads her upstairs to his bedroom and she crawls in lying on her back, legs straight, careful to make sure her shirt covers everything to her knees. She is very nervous ... jittery with the sexual excitement. Her heart is beating faster, and her breathing increases with the palpably erotic situation. She is thinking to herself,

"God! What the heck am I doing? Michael is so hot, and he is going to think I am just a skinny little girl. I am not as pretty as Annie and my boobs are not anywhere near as large as hers. I am going to be so embarrassed exposing my bony ass to Michael. I hope my nervousness won't show!"

He tells her to unbutton her shirt, and she is thinking, "Oh shit! Here it goes!" but she complies as nervous fingers fumble with the buttons. She slowly opens her shirt. Michael lowers himself into a soft kiss on her lips supporting himself on his arms.

Michael is thinking, "My God, she is beautiful! It makes me kind of nervous being able to making love to such a stunning young girl. I hope it does not show!

He can feel her nervousness through her kiss, but she moans softly at the touch of his lips on hers. He slides a hand down her body from her chest to her lower abdomen to calm her a little. She responds to his light touch, and as his hand rests on her stomach, she starts to relax if only just a little. She is still nervous about what she knows is about to happen.

Michael moves his kisses and touches to her pert apple-sized breasts, and Summer moans with the stimulation of her very sensitive breasts and nipples.

He drops his head to her crotch and breathes her in, enjoying her sweetly musky aroma ... the smell of her sex. Summer is pretty, her body is petite but shapely, and her body complexion is flawless. Michael notices these things as he hesitates taking in Summer's sexy aromas; not as sweet Annie's, but very sweet nonetheless.

As he lowers his lips to her fleshy nether-lips, she can feel his breath on her moist crotch as she opens her legs for him. He spreads her open with his tongue as she arches her back and gasps loudly,

"Oh, Michael!"

She can feel the tingle starting in her buttocks. He continues kissing her moist crotch until he senses that she is getting close. Michael moves up, kisses her passionately and long on her face and her lips. This gives her a taste of her own pussy from his lips, increasing her state of arousal.

She is thinking, "Oh my God, I can feel his lovely penis between my legs. It tickles! Please Lord! Keep me from giggling. Oh, please Michael, put it in me now!"

Without another word spoken between them, he slides his cock into her all the way in with ... one ... long ... smooth stroke. She gasps loudly as she feels herself spreading to accept his large invasion. Michael starts a rhythm in her that she can feel throughout her bottom, with long strokes ... in and out ... in and out.

All of the sexual anticipation and extreme stimulation from Michael brings her to the brink. With just a few more strokes, Summer grabs the sheets hard in her tiny fists, and thrusts her pelvis up against Michael's and squeals as she shudders and convulses into a powerful orgasm ... one of the most intense she has felt in her short sexual life. Her insides feel so full, holding tight to Michael's thick cock, bathing it in her satiny essence.

Michael stiffens and comes deep inside her causing her to climax again. Outwardly, she is moaning loudly, but inwardly she is saying to herself, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh Shit! That feels so f'ing good! He is so handsome!"

As their final convulsions end, the two lovers just lie in each other's arms. Summer looks up into Michael's face with a wide-eyes child-like look that could only be saying, "I love you."

Michael lowers himself into a single sweet kiss on her lips. He is thinking to himself as he smiles at her, "Oh God! That feels so f'ing good! She is so beautiful!" He pulls away from the kiss, as part of her lower lip, sticks to his then breaks away and settles back. She smiles the sweetest, prettiest smile he has ever seen from any of his lover.

Michael is trying hard not to fall in love with Summer but is losing the battle as the two share a moment that comes only rarely between true lovers. A moment very palpably full of portent and tenderness, and they both feel it!

He is sure of it. He is falling in love with this sweet, young girl. He doesn't want to move a muscle for fear of breaking the spell—the moment they share. She breaks the silence without spoiling the moment,

"Michael, I love you ... I'm sure of it. You may have my little cunny whenever you want me, darling."

He smiles down at her beautiful face framed by her tousled blond locks ... he tears up. He did not expect that! Such a feeling comes over him that it just demands some welling up from this strong man. They both know that this time ... this moment ... in the unfolding of the cosmos, as stars explode and planets collide unseen by them ... this moment cannot last forever. It will end.

Michael slowly rises, and as if connected to him, she raises her body with him. She sits on the sheets with her knees drawn up sitting on the wet spot created by their lovemaking. She is taking a few seconds to enjoying the moment. Even the wet spot feels good on her naked little ass.

She knows that soon, she will have to assume the position for her special request to take place. As she moves, Michael reaches over to the drawer next to the bed and retrieves a tube of K-Y.

He looks at Summer now on her hands and knees on the bed, he is thinking "Damn! I have never seen such a lovely little ass! This little girl is so gorgeous!" but says to her,

"Summer m'love, are you ready?"

"Y-Yes Michael!"

Her voice is jittery as she bites her lower lip nervously wondering if she really wants to go through with this. She makes her decision as she gets down on all fours on the bed, giving Michael a view of her perfect little rosebud.

Michael moves behind her and applies copious amounts of KY on his finger, massaging her muscly ring at the entrance, and then slips it into her lovely tight little hole. Summer gasps as the cool lubricant touches her warm squishy insides. He uses a second finger full and slides his finger deeper into of her.

He moves it around inside her slowly, to lubricate her so he would not hurt her later, and because her insides feel so soft and cushy. He spreads a generous amount of KY on himself, taking the opportunity to stroke the tip a little, bringing his cock to porcelain hardness.

Feeling her soft insides is as pleasurable to Michael as it is to Summer as she feels his finger invading a previously unexplored private place on her body. She pushes her hips back against his hand, moaning. She thinks about how damn good it feels, and is starting to relax about doing this.

"Are you ready Angel-face?" He says softly next to her ear.

"Mm-hmm!" She answers again biting her lower lip in nervous anticipation. "Shit! What the heck am I doing? A man's large cock is going to be up my ass!" She thinks to herself waiting to feel Michael's cock entering her. She is a little jittery.

Michael gently placed his hands on her tiny hips, as he slowly pushes just the very tip of the tip against her pretty hole. She gasps as he pushes it in a little, and pulls out. He introduces the tip again, pushing it in a little further until the entire glans of his cock is inside her.

"Mmmm!" is what he hears from Summer as he pushes just a little further. But her mind is much more active, enjoying the feeling of the soft object easily sliding into her sensitive insides. She would not know how to describe the feeling, so she just enjoys it.

He gave her a safe-word to use if she feels too much pain or wants to stop, so he is waiting to hear her say "applesauce" as he continues pushing into her further. He figures that he is about three inches or so into her, and although she winces with some level of discomfort, he hears no safe-word. She is thinking "applesauce," but does not say it out loud.

He continues sliding himself into her as he can feel her trying to open herself up by arching her back, pushing back and widening her stance on her knees. Now all the way inside this lovely little girl, he is just letting her get used to the feeling. She starts to rotate her hips again, trying to intensify the feeling from the fullness inside her.

He slides his cock all the way out of her completely and introduces some more jelly to her wide-open hole. He watches as it contracts a little ... and tighten around his finger as he slips it into her.

He again puts the tip of his cock at the tight ring of her little opening. He can see her hole give way as he pushes. This time he pushes more quickly inside her so he is again all the way inside her ass. Her mouth is open as she moans loudly, and shudders a little. She is thinking, "Fuck applesauce! Let me have it all Michael!"

He feels the shudders from her little body as he holds inside her. She can feel the hair from his balls tickling her pussy lips, and mixing with her downy blonde ones.

He slowly pulls almost all the way out of her and swiftly and smoothly slides it back in as he can hear little grunts from her. He notices her wince a little and moan as if from some discomfort, but still no magic safe-word. With the thick invader so deep inside her, she is thinking "Applesauce, applesauce, applesauce!" but sticks with it until it again becomes very pleasurable.

His fingers reaches underneath, tickling her clitoris, as he starts stroking smoothly in and out of her small ass in a nice rhythm. Her grunts started to turn into "Oooo's" as she gets past the discomfort, and is feeling the pleasure from anal sex for the first time. After a couple more strokes she moaned,

"Ohhhh, Mi-Michael! Ohhhh, Mich—fuckin-A honey! That feels sooo good! Fuck my little ass Michael!"

With each successive stroke, she became more vocal using the 'f-word' liberally. Her vocal responses are turning him on, so he decides to entice her into some dirty talk. After all, this is dirty sex!

"Tell me what you want Angel-face!"

"Oh Michael I want you to fuck my sweet little asshole, and to fuck it good! I want to cum hard from your fucking me!"

"Does that mean you are a little ass-fucking whore, my dear?"

"Oh yes! Oh yes Michael I am such a little ass-fucking whore, it's ridiculous!"

"Tell me that you are a total slut and you need me to fuck you up the ass!"

"Oh Michael darling I'm such a little slut! I am so slutty and I need you to fuck me up my ass! Oh God, I am totally such a slut! FUCK ME, MICHAEL, USE YOUR LITTLE WHORE!!" She screams!

"Tell me that you are nothing but a little slut-whore and you will let me do whatever I want with your body."

"Oh my darling I am such a little slutty whore, and I will let you do whatever you want with my body ... I will be your little sex slave! I love it!! FUCK ME MICHAEL! FUCK ME SO HARD!!"

Using this language with Michael increases her state of arousal to the point of frenzy! She is breathing very heavily, and her words are coming out in torrents of short breaths.

"Summer my darling I am going to come inside my little slut's ass. I am going to shove my big cock deep inside your ass and come inside you!"

"Oh yes Michael, come inside your little ass-fucking slut ... come inside my body!!" Her buttocks feel like they are electrified, the tingling is so intense.

Michael was surprised to hear the f-word escape such sweet and tender young lips, but her use of this very aggressive word is a definite turn-on to him. The talk and the anal sex are immensely stimulating to them both. He pulls out almost all the way, and then shoves his cock back into her ass to the hilt, as she pushes back against him to receive his throbbing turgid member.

As he bottoms out, he comes hard, and as she feels him fill her insides, she slips over the edge and she comes hard as well.

He continues to stroke her as she spurts her juices all over him, and down the inside her her thighs. She collapses onto her stomach forcing him out of her as the last few spurts land on her flawless ass. He collapses onto his back next to her. They look over at one another, then down at his cock standing straight up and still leaking, and laugh. They laugh loud and strong.

They hear footsteps padding toward the door, and as the door bursts open, Annie appears rubbing her eyes and wearing nothing but a short T-shirt, and bunny slippers,


Summer and Michael laugh so hard at Annie's timely entry that their sides hurt.

"Annie, my darling come lie next to me." Summer says rising up a little, extending her arms toward her friend."

"Annie come slide in with Summer, I'm going to shower." Michael announced and left the girls alone.

"Oh, Annie honey I just got fucked in the ass by your wonderful Gran—um, Michael!"

Annie kicks off her slippers and pulls off her T-shirt to match Summer's naked state, and slides in with her friend, embracing her sweetly kissing her soft neck.

"Well I guess you have now lost your virginity, all three ways Sum!"

"Kiss me Annie; I am a little ass-slut!" Summer yawns a little, now becoming sleepy.

"Yes you are my darling, you're nothing but a little ass-slut-hoe but I still love you!" Annie answers with a little chuckle. Annie puts her arms around Summer thinking, "Uhhh, she is so warm! God, her boobs feel so f'ing good!"

With that, Annie kissed her friend passionately as Summer fondles her large breasts. Just then Michael returns still dripping a little and with wet hair. The girls look at him, then down at his five-inch dangle with water still dripping from it, and giggle loudly.

He slides into the bed and moves up behind Annie, putting his arms around both girls as much as he can. Annie's ample butt is so soft and warm that Michael starts to harden again as his cock slips between her thighs. She looks over her shoulder at him and asks,

"Michael, are you a little ass-hoe too?"

"Yes. I am an ass fucker. Want ta see?" Michael answers her as she giggles.

"Mmm, maybe tomorrow you can make your pretty Granddaughter your little ass-hoe as well!"

"It's a deal baby, now go to sleep."

Summer is already asleep and snoring softly, but Annie, turned on with Michael's cock hardening between her legs, and just moves her hips to increase the feeling and her own moistness. She reaches down between her legs and fondles the glans of Michael's wonderful cock. She has a quizzical look on her face as she asks over her shoulder,

"Michael? You don't happen to have just one last go left in you tonight, do you?"

"For you my sweet darling ... I do."

"Then let's do it Michael, but soft and easy. Make love to me tenderly!"

Michael moves Annie onto her back. Still asleep, Summer is still clinging to Annie's side. Michael looks down at the two young girls: one asleep, and one starting to breathe deeper in anticipation of sweet and tender sex.

Annie is thinking to herself, "As much as I love your Sum, honey, if you get in the way of Michael's fucking me; I'm going to kick your sweet ass off this bed!" But, she reaches over instead, and gives her sleeping friend a kiss.

As Michael moves between Annie's legs, Summer stirs a little and in her sleep moves a hand to Annie's breasts. He leans down to places a kiss on the perfect skin of Summer's naked hip, and then on her cheek next to her ear. Summer smiles and moans but does not wake.

"Annie honey, let's see if we can make love without waking little Angel-face here."

"Oh so you gave her a 'face' nickname huh?"

"Yes my darling Petunia-face, she is now Angel-face!" He says with a self-satisfied chuckle.

"Mmm, Take this nice and slow Michael, and make me come for a long time!"

"Slow and easy might be all I have left tonight Petunia. You guys are going to have to give me the day off tomorrow."

"Sure Michael, you can go back to being Grandpa for the day tomorrow, and I will be your sweet saintly little—'mmm' Granddaughter—'Oooh'! But, I can't— 'mmm' answer for this little muffin clinging to my left boob ... she's your problem! Oh God, that feels so good Michael!" Annie tells him as he slid himself into her pussy halfway through her speech.

As he continues sliding into her, he begins a nice even slow rhythm with his sweet Granddaughter. She starts moaning softly, and her look says that she loves the way he is making love to her. She is thinking to herself, "Ohhh, yes Michael! Just like that!"

He is thinking over the last week with these girls, and his lovely Granddaughter in particular. He puts Annie's shapely legs up over his shoulders, so he can be inside her deeper, as he starts to think back.

He loves Annie deeply and completely. Although things between have changed dramatically over the past week or so, she is still his Granddaughter. He used to love it when she would burst into his townhouse with four other fifteen-year old girlfriends in tow for a sleepover.

He enjoyed their youth and energy even though he really didn't' have much contact with them after they took over his guest rooms. They would sometimes join him downstairs for a movie or two, and he got used to seeing them running around in T-shirt and panties. They all seemed to be comfortable with it. Likely because Michael is not a horn-dog, and doesn't ogle them.

Usually after they settled into the rooms, Annie would bounce down the stairs, kiss him sweetly on the cheek, and say, "Thank you so much Grandpa, I love you!" then she would be up the stairs again in a twinkling, and slamming the bedroom door to a hail of teenage giggles. He loved the feeling of her supple young body as she hugged him.

He was thinking that his response was always "Love you too, 'tunia! You guys be good up there, and I'll spring for pizza!" They loved pizza because it was a handy meal, it was hot and good, and he paid for it. They were sweet girls with polished politeness for fifteen, particularly a tiny petite little blonde named Summer, who always gave him the sweetest smile as she said, "Hello, Michael!" But, those days are long gone.

Some part of him just wants Annie to come over for the weekend and just be his Granddaughter, the girl he loves to spend time with, bicycling, playing tennis, rollerblading, and skiing, just to be friends enjoying each other's company. Last weekend changed that forever. He thought that tomorrow he might try to get back in touch with the old Annie—his sweet Granddaughter and companion.

He loves making love to her, listening to her soft moans. Annie is a beautiful girl, with her long feathered brown hair perfectly framing her doll-like face, with her bright honey-brown eyes, and soft ample breasts. Michael likes the more shapely girls like Annie better than the skinny-assed models over which most men drool. To Michael, Annie is starting to become a real woman, with a real woman's figure.

Just now, Annie is breathing hard from his slow easy strokes, and he can sense that she is getting close. He doesn't care if he gets off again, but wants to give her just a sweet mellow shudder to wash over her, so she can feel the tingle all the way down to the soles of her feet.

Her skin is butter-soft but firm, and she is so aroused that he can smell her sweet sexual aroma. Michael has had his face in many lovely pussies, but Annie's is the sweetest. It is a matter of body chemistry, I suppose, but Michael loves the taste of Annie better than any of other woman he has been with, including Summer. Annie is sweet ... luscious!

Annie is breathing hard, and he can feel her heart racing, so he picks up the pace, and within a few more strokes, she breathes in haltingly and after a moment, releases it in little huffs as a series of shudders flow over her body like waves. She convulses several times, opens her eyes and with a sweet smile, softly says,

"Mmm, Thank you Michael, that was so wonderful!" She reaches up and gives Michael a very sweet tasting kiss. God, he loves kissing her! She is like sugar on his lips, as she breathes into his mouth past her own lush lips.

She starts to think about the change in her relationship with her sexy Grandpa; and how she misses the old days but would not give up what they have now, to have them back. Nonetheless, she hopes that she can just be his little Granddaughter again tomorrow ... just for a while.

He rolls over onto his back and they both fall asleep. As his eyes close, he notices Summer moving closer to Annie.

6. Sunday, mid-morning in Michael's kitchen.

Michael is up and making coffee just for himself since he doesn't want to wake the girls for breakfast. He is sitting at the kitchen counter on a stool, drinking his hot dark roast coffee, and doing the daily crossword puzzle in ink.

Summer comes into the kitchen about thirty minutes later, rubbing her eyes and dressed in only skimpy bikini panties low on her hips and some kind of snowball slippers, with her pert breasts on display. Her body looks beautiful in the daylight with the sunlight behind her, highlighting her pretty, if disheveled blond hair.

Summer is an extremely pretty girl with short blond hair and clear blue eyes, smallish breasts capped with perfectly centered puffy nipples. She is petite and two or three inches shorter than Annie. That would make her about five-one or five-two and about one hundred pounds soaking wet.

She is still sleepy, shuffles over to Michael, and just leans against him. He instinctively puts his arm around her, and pats her on her behind.

"Be careful with my little butt today Michael, it's still a little sore." She is still trying to focus, but sports a sheepish little smile. She reaches up and puts her lips to Michael's cheek but it is not quite a kiss although that is what she intended ... he thinks.

"Your sweet little ass will feel better later, but it was your special request, remember Angel-face?"

She yawns in Michael's ear leaning her arms on his shoulder, and still half asleep says,

"Yeah, I know, I'm a little ass-hoe."

Michael chuckles and she looks up at him trying to figure out what is so funny.

"You are so cute my darling. Do you remember that I told you last night that I loved you?"

"Yeah, it is about the only thing I do remember (yawn). I told you that I loved your too, (another yawn) Michael!"

"Yes you did. So when you are more lucid, we will have to sit down ... just the two of us to figure out what that means, away from sex, I mean."

"Yeah, Michael ... later." She says, still only half awake.

Michael turns her face to him and kisses her sweetly on the lips aware of, but not caring about her morning kitten-breath. He helps her onto a stool, and rises to get her a cup of coffee. She winces a little, since she is still a little tender down there. She likes her coffee regular: meaning with cream and two sugars. She slowly takes a slip, and then gives Michael her first real smile of the day,

"This is perfect, Michael. Why are you so good to me?"

"Later darling! I'll answer that for you later!"

"M-kay Michael!"

She starts to come to, after her first cup of coffee and he gets her another, just the way she likes it.

"Are you hungry, Angel-face?"

She looks at him with a quizzical look and asks,

"If Petunia-face becomes 'tunia for Annie, then what does Angel-face become for me?"

"We can work that out, honey! Maybe we can shorten it to 'ange'!"

"I can live with that as long as it is always said with lots of affection Michael. And, how about some eggs over medium and a couple of waffles with strawberries on top. Feed me Michael!"

"Anything you want 'ange'!" She looks at him using the short version of her new nickname, and smiles.

"Does that go for me too, Grandpa?" Annie interjected as the entered the kitchen.

"Good morning my darling, what would you like?" Michael asks his Granddaughter shuffling into the kitchen wearing a short T-shirt, fuzzy bunny slippers and nothing else. She yawns and scratches her butt, then sits on a stool next to Summer. She looks at her girlfriend, who is now further into her day than Annie,

"Hi blondie! How's yur butt?"

"Morning Annie! My butt is sore, but getting better."

"Huh? Why are you telling me about yur butt Sum?" still in her morning stupor, forgetting what she asked. It was kind of a rhetorical question anyway—not requiring a response.

Summer and Michael laugh and Michael gives her a cup of coffee the way she likes it, black with a tablespoon of honey. Here my darling Petunia-face, this will bring you around."

She takes a sip, smiles a little, "Good Grandpa, just like I like it! How about some scrambled eggs and toast with jam for breakfast?"

"Okay kid, you've got it."

Michael got busy in the kitchen and served his little darlings their special orders, as the girls are now awake and chatty. They eat everything Michael makes for them with great vigor, and bounce off the stools each with a thank you kiss on the cheek for the cook, and bound up the stairs.

Michael pours himself another cup of dark black espresso roast coffee, and smiles as he reflects on his luck at having such nubile and pretty, young girls to willingly give their supple bodies to him. "Good to be the King!" He says quietly to himself with a self-satisfied smile, and parodying an old movie line.

Michael wants to take the girls on a picnic by the lake, but will have to check with them first. It isn't long before the two fly back down the stairs, both dressed in jeans, knit shirts and tennies. Starting with Summer, each girl in turn throws her arms around Michael's neck giving him a big sloppy kiss on the lips. Then they cheerfully pitch in and clean up the kitchen for Michael.

"What's up for today Michael?" Annie asked.

"What am I ... your social director honey?"

"Um no, but you always come up with such fun stuff to do, Grandpa!'

"Well, how about a picnic down by the lake, a little tennis and swimming at the beach later?"

The girls look at each other and decide it sounds like a lot of fun. But, they will need to change into their bathing suits. They race back up the stairs, and after some minutes come bounding back down, Annie in a one-piece suit with short white shorts over, and Summer wearing a cute two-piece suit with shorts over the bottom part. The three of them work in the kitchen making sandwiches and gathering fruit, chips, sodas, and other foods for their mini-trip to the lake, an hour's drive away.

With food basket, blankets, beach towels, three tennis racquets and balls, and a badminton set, they were ready for their outing. Summer starts out in the front seat and Annie is in back so she could stretch out a little to click on her phone. The picnic ground was crowded, being Sunday, but they found a nice spot off to the side by themselves. The girls played badminton as Michael watched their lithe forms, admiring the way they reach and bend as they play.

Annie prevails, being the stronger natural athlete. They drive around to the beach, and all three of them swim and frolic in the water. Michael gives the girls turns as they step into a stirrup made from his interlocked fingers as he hoists them up into the air for their backward splashdowns; Summer is lighter, and flies higher. The girls love it just as if they are thirteen again and Michael loves having his little girls back again!

This is intended to be a completely non-sex day, and Michael was just enjoying the day with the girls. But, Summer takes advantage as later, she and Michael find themselves alone in deeper water. Annie as gone off with some friends, and Summer decides to stay with Michael.

She wriggles around a little, and produces her top and bikini bottom by the strings in her tiny fist.

"Michael! This feels so wonderful to have the cool water on my naked skin. Care to join me?" She giggles with a naughty little smile.

Michael takes her by the hand and pulls her around to the other side of some large tree branches overhanging the water, slips out of his suit, and they both hang their suits over the branch. Michael takes Summer in his arms, and slides his already stiff cock into her tiny naked body.

They both get very ardent very quickly, with the additional stimulation of the cool water swishing around their bodies. Summer starts to quiver and comes quickly, but it takes Michael about several minutes of thrusting to explode deep inside her.

They are in water that is chest deep to Summer and she holds Michael tightly, shudders again as he holds his stiff member deep inside of her with her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Oh, Michael what was sooo incredibly sexy. Have you ever done this before?"

"Yes. A few times."

"Ohhh, c-can we do this again sometime Michael?" She asks, wiggling her ass, still being held by Michael.

"Whenever you wish, m'love."

They kiss passionately for a long time before trying to find Annie. It turns out that Annie found a couple of school friends, and was swimming and splashing with them for a while. Before they dress, Michael turns Summer around with her butt in his crotch, and just runs his hands over the lithe and firm little body, especially her hard little tits, already covered with goose bumps from the cool water. She can feel Michael's cock between her cheeks, and pushes back, rubbing her cute bum against him.

"Hi guys!" said Annie when they drew near. "I found some friends from school and we had fun splashing in the water." She looks at Michael and Summer, and with a knowing tone asks, "what have you two been up to?"

"Oh, nothing!" Summer says as Annie notices her putting on the top part of her suit.

"Well, I hope you guys enjoyed your nothing, and I hope I can get a little nothing myself later."

She hugs Summer, and the two girls bound out of the water and lie on the blanket they brought.

After the refreshing swim, Michael challenged them both to a game of tennis. The girls win six games to four, as Summer showed that she has a flair for the game, and returns most of the topspin smashes from Michael. Michael was thinking that she would make a good tennis opponent one-on-one sometime.

"You're pretty good Summer, come over sometime and we'll play."

"My Daddy taught me. He was a top amateur during his college years."

"Hmmm, maybe I should play him too."

"Oh, sure Michael, Annie can join us and we can have a good game of doubles: you and me against Annie and Daddy!"

Annie smiles at been included. She is a good tennis player and a natural athlete, but Summer is better ... quicker. Annie and Summer make a friendly wager about who would kick who's ass in such a match-up.

It began to get onto late afternoon, and they prepare to leave. Both of the girls found a place to change, and are both wearing a halter-top and shorts, sans underwear or suits, and tennies. They are ready to go.

Since Michael is weary, he asks Annie to drive as he stretches out in the back. Summer is in shotgun position again. Summer starts to look back at Michael, and after a few times doing this, Annie says,

"Go ahead honey; I think he might like the company."

Summer smiled and climbed into the back with Michael. There wasn't room to do too much, but room enough just to make out a little. After kissing and fondling for some time, Summer pulls her halter-top off jiggling her pert breasts.

She slides the zipper of her shorts down almost exposing her mound to Michael. She is not wearing anything underneath. He fondles her firm, small globes, kisses her nipples and slides his hand into her shorts tickling her clit with his long middle finger. she closes her eyes just enjoying the attention to her smallish but very sensitive tits and sensitive nubbin.

Lying back with her on top of him, he slides his hand over her small ass, and a middle finger tickles her puckered opening. "Uuuuuh, Michael! Feels so wonderful!" A mildly jealous Annie looks in the rear-view mirror.

After few moments of this, Annie calls over her shoulder,

"Gittin' kind'a lonely up here!"

Summer giggles, gives Michael a final kiss, and slides back into her seat, forgetting that her breasts are still exposed until she hears the first horn honk. She looks up, smiles, and waves to her admirers shaking her tits a little, enjoying the attention to her exposed body. She rises in the front seat a little, and pulls her shorts off and throws them back at Michael, now dressed only in a pair of tennis shoes.

"You really are a little hoe, you know that?" Annie said to her friend, who just covered her mouth to stifle a giggle and answered,

"Uh huh! I know!" She spreads her legs open a little to give the other two, and any passing truck drivers a little pussy show as she rubs herself with her fingers. Annie rolls her eyes, but smiles.

When they reached the house, Annie turns to the other two and announces, "I did the driving so you guys can unload the car."

Summer now dressed again, helps Michael carry out their task quickly, and the three of them head upstairs to change into their comfortable evening clothes. For Michael, it is a T-shirt and jeans ... and for the girls, T-shirts and cut-off jeans shorts. The girls lounge out on the patio with a couple of fruit drinks, just gabbing and passing Annie's phone, back and forth texting, and talking to friends.

After a while, they interrupt Michael's solitude as he is listening to music, putting a movie in the DVD and jumping on the couch with Michael. Michael is on one side, and the two girls sit together enjoying the movie as Michael reads by the lamp. After the movie Summer suggested that they all go out to dinner somewhere, but Annie was tired, and not very hungry; she says,

"You guys go if you want to, I'll just hang ... maybe make a sandwich later. I am going to bed early anyway."

Summer says, "Well Michael, I'm your little date tonight if you want me."

"Sure ... I am a little hungry too, so let's go." He throws his arms around Annie, giving her a sweet kiss, and whispers in her ear just kidding her, "Stay out of the booze honey!"

"Go! Get out of here you guys and give me a little peace and quiet!" Annie orders loudly, but with a smile. Michael notices that with the water and wind tossed hair framing her face, Annie looks beautiful. He smiles back.

Summer went up to change into something more appropriate, choosing a nice crisp sundress with lacy boy-shorts panties underneath, and flats. Michael changes into a dress shirt and sport coat. After they leave, Annie realized how tired she really is, and takes a long hot luxurious bath by candlelight, complete with soft music and lots of bubbles. She soaks until her fingers start to prune.

She gets out and drains the tub, towels off, and heads for her room. She has another thought as she dries her hair, and decides to slip into Michael's bed completely nude, but put a towel under her head over the pillow. She falls asleep very quickly, listening to one of her favorite CDs.

The drive to the restaurant is quiet between Michael and his lovely companion ... likely from all of the activities of the day. This gives Michael some space to think things over. The first most obvious thought to occur to him is, "What in the hell am I doing with these young girls? I shouldn't be doing all of this with them, but I can't give them up ... either one of them."

It was more of a statement than a question, really. "I have had no problem finding female companionship near my own age," he is thinking, "so what the hell am I doing with these young beauties, like this 'poetry' sitting next to me?" (He glances over at Summer; she returns a shy smile.) He had never really thought about his Granddaughter or any of her friends in a sexual way before.

As a man, of course he would have noticed a pretty younger girl like Summer for what she was, just as Summer's father would likely have noticed Annie the same way when she stayed over there. Kind of a 'guy thing' ... but it does not make him a horn-dog ... or does it?

Summer sits upright, wondering if she even resembles the fine young woman, she intends to be tonight. "This is my chance with Michael," she thinks to herself. "I want to be mature ... refined ... cosmopolitan. I so want to be someone whom he will be proud to be with." She is thinking how easy it is to attract a man like Michael just by showing her tits, or wiggling her cute little ass, but she wants a connection with him on a more elevated level.

"I wonder what Michael is thinking ... he is so quiet. What do I have to do to become his lady? I do not want to be just another little piece of ass to him. I want to be more, because ... I love him ... like a woman loves a man ... like a heroine loves her hero!" She notices him looking over at her and gives him a smile that she intends to be ... shy ... demure.

These thoughts flood her brain, as they sit in silence for what now seems like a long trip to the restaurant. The silence is not broken ... nor does it need to be ... until they arrive at the restaurant.

Michael and Summer find a rather quiet cozy little restaurant across town. He opens her door and offers his hand to help her out of the car. She smiles sweetly and says softly,

"Why, thank you Michael ... such a gentleman!" ("Shit! Did that sound lame or what?" she thinks as her smile fades a little.)

They settle into a booth in the corner, sitting together in the middle of the semicircular seat and both looking over a single menu. Her short dress shows a respectable amount of leg and cleavage, but is still decent. She has her hair put up (thanks to Annie helping) and looks like she is about twenty-two ... she feels like the proper young lady she intends to be!

Michael orders for both of them, and selects a nice rich red wine. The waiter brings the wine quickly with two wine glasses, handing Michael the cork. Summer and Michael look at each other, but do not correct the waiter. The waiter pours a little in Michael's glass, he tastes it, and then with approving nod, the waiter pours a glass for Summer then a fuller glass for Michael.

Waiters still hand the cork to the man, to test for leakage and possible spoiling of the wine, but nowadays, it is mostly unnecessary with modern bottling techniques.

Michael puts his arm around behind Summer to explain how to drink the wine, since this is a good one. Since she is assumed to be of age, Michael is going to allow her as much of a 'wine experience' as she chooses. He can feel the warmth of her petite body, and his nostrils fill with her sweetly scented fragrance and just a touch of musk from her warming and moistening vulva.

"For red wine, you only fill the glass half-way to give the wine a chamber for the aroma to gather and warm. Red wine glasses are larger than white wine glasses for that purpose, my dear. You hold the wine with the stem between your middle fingers with the bowl resting on your palm. That's so your hand will warm the wine and release the bouquet ... the aroma."

He helps Summer to get it right, in her hand and continues, "Okay honey, now draw the glass under your nose to test the aroma." She does and giggles at her success in filling her nose with the very pleasant aroma. She is happy that Michael wants to share these things with her ... she imagines that he does this with his more mature girlfriends. This excites her.

"Very good honey we will make a connoisseur of you yet! Now lift the glass to the light to test the color. This wine should be evenly dark red, and if you tilt the glass, you can see the streaks left behind. Those are the 'legs' of the wine ... the amount of tannin from the grapes. Take a small sip, and just let it roll around in your mouth to get all of the flavors. Then swallow. Swallow honey!"

She giggles and just about forces some of it up her nose. She blushes a little. He asks her,

"You did very well Angel, what did you taste?"

"Oh shit!" she thinks ... she forgot to notice, so she quickly takes another sip, rolling it around quickly and swallows.

"Mmm Michael, it is nice, kind of dry tasting, and I thought I could taste some kind of berries ... like blackberries maybe, and a little woody taste. After I swallowed and breathed in, I could taste a little, like cloves. Is that weird?"

"No. That's very good honey ... you are well on your way to becoming a snooty, uppity wine-puke!" She giggles at his remark, and her sparkling eyes search Michael's face, then she reaches over and kisses him.

"Okay smarty pants, what did you taste on my lips?"

"Well, a little of the wine, I see what you say about the berries, and the woody taste is likely from the oak barrel it was cured in ... and also a little L'Oréal coral pink! Oh, that's from your lipstick isn't it!"

"You're so funny Michael, want another taste to be sure?" Without waiting for an answer, she kisses him. Michael, the wine, the evening, and the closeness are all conspiring to undo Summer's resolve to be sophisticated. She excuses herself to visit the ladies room.

Michael was thinking how well the evening was going, and this would be a good time to explore their feelings for each other, and to talk them over. He watches as Summer walks back and he does a double take, thinking she really does look twenty-two. She walks tall and straight with a decidedly sexy sway to her hips.

She moves into the booth, pulls her hem up a little and sits very close to Michael. She had a naughty smile on her face that caused a question mark on Michael's face until the familiar female smell reaches his nose. She answers his unspoken question by opening her purse, pulling out a pair of white lace panties, and stuffs them in his pocket.

"I took them off in the ladies ... just to feel sexy. (She blushes and lowers her eyes.) I-I want to be sexy and sophisticated for you Michael!"

Michael looks around, and since the coast is clear, pulls the panties out of his pocket and presses them to his nose. He smells her sexy female smell and notices a small wet spot on them, causing a twinge in his manhood. The food is coming so he stuffs her aromatic panties back into his pocket.

As the meal progresses, they talk about many things: the meal, the wine, Annie, Annie's Mother, and the panties in Michael's sport coat pocket. Summer takes Michael's hand and puts it high on her inner thigh, whispering to him,

"Touch me, Michael!"

"Here? You want me to touch you here?"

"Yes Michael here ... um I mean there, I mean ... well you know what I mean, Michael. I want people to know you are touching me!"

Michael slides her dress up her silky thighs, as his hand touched her soft downy pubic hair. She closes her eyes and moans softly as Michael slips a finger into her pussy. She starts moaning softly and her moans increase until she shudders all over.

She slowly opens her eyes and smiles at him. Her blue eyes sparkle; she parts her lips, and takes his finger into her mouth to taste her juices. She whispers, "Thank you Michael, darling!"

It seems that neither of them is very hungry, and they skip dessert. The small orchestra is playing a lively waltz, and Michael rises, extends his hand to her and he leads her to the dance floor. There are a few other couples on the floor, but Michael leads her to quiet spot. She can feel her juices leaking onto her inner thighs and it makes her feel sexy as she rubs her thighs together to feel the slipperiness.

As they dance, he discovers that she can dance as well as she plays tennis, with the same grace and quickness of foot. She is a bright and very delightful partner for Michael as she keeps up with the 1-2-3, 1-2-3 rhythm of the waltz dancing on her toes. She smiles as Michael twirls her knowing that others can see her little ass under the short dress.

The way he smiles back at her seems like a compliment to her dancing skills. She wants to put her head on his chest, but keeps her proper dancing brace as they twirl around the floor.

The next number is a slower and Michael holds her close, and she moves her hands to his chest, resting her head between them. She is smiling a contented smile that Michael cannot see, as she moans softly. Michael slips one hand into the small of her back, and the other on her ass. His fingers curl around one of her buns, as his fingertips define her ass crack over the material of her dress. She can feel herself leaking a little more, hoping that it will not become noticeable to others.

After the dance, they have one last glass of wine, and talk about their situation. They decide to continue meeting on their own ... but with Annie's knowledge. She will be his exclusive girlfriend, but she will share him with Annie. She insists that Michael treat her as an adult, and not a child. He smiles as he searches her face with his eyes, and agrees.

She tells him that she wants to learn more about the world from him, just as he shared his knowledge of wine with her tonight. It made her feel more grown-up.

He pulls her face to his with her on tip-toes, and as her lovely pink lips part, he kisses her softly, enjoying the sweetness of her ... the aroma of her... and her sweet breath on his lips. The kiss seals their new relationship. Summer is his lady ... at least for now. He knows that she will eventually find a handsome young man to take his place.

"Are you ready, baby?" He asks.

"Yes, Michael."

They finish their wine, Michael pays, and they get up to leave. Summer is a little uneasy on her feet, due entirely to the wine, which has gone to her head. He helps her into the car, and drives to a very secluded spot he has used with girlfriends in the past. She asks,

"Michael, why are we stopping?"

"Just some fresh, you look like you need it my dear!" they walk the lovely park along the path silently for a while. Michael looks down at his pretty companion, and continues,

"Summer, honey, I know that you are only nineteen, and will eventually find a nice young man to be with. I fell in love with you last night, Angel-face. I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did. And I—"

"Michael," she interrupted, "I love you too. I know it is strange since I am so young, and I am just getting started. I don't know how long this will last, or how fickle I might become, but for now I want to be in love with you, and I want to make love to just you ... just for now." She took a breath and continued,

"My grades are important to me, and after City University, I will be going to law school, and then studying for the bar. I need a strong steady man in my life who will not get in the way of what I want to do ...what I need to do ... but to be there for me when I need him. I know that sounds selfish and coldly analytical, but I cannot depend on a younger man to do that. You touched my heart very deeply last night, Michael. I want us to explore our feelings a little and see Michael ... we'll just see!" Michael takes this all in, and replys,

"I will be what you need me to be for you, for as long as you need me. I do not have any trouble finding women to fill me life, but I do not love any of them ... I love you. I love Annie too, but she is my Granddaughter, so even if we have sex for a while, there is no future there."

She becomes a little more serious, and continues,

"Michael I have deep feelings for you, but because of what I have to do for a while, I will have to be selfish, and be with you only on my terms. I liked giving my virginity to David, and I have liked so many of my dates in high school and college so far, but I don't love them, Michael. I will try very hard not to break your heart! But I might ... without meaning to." she was starting to tear up a little.

"Michael, please make love to me tonight. Love me softly and slowly ... all night." Summer says, then Michael replies,

"Let's go back and see what Annie is up to, and maybe find some time alone."

Back at Michael's townhouse, Annie is still asleep in Michael's bed. When they enter, they find her naked and lying on her stomach, half in and half out of the covers, showing her pretty ass and shapely legs. Summer approaches her sleeping friend and with just fingertips, slides her fingers up the inside of her leg, and onto her crotch, just rubbing her with the tip of her middle finger.

Annie moans and wiggles her ass, but remains asleep. Summer motions to Michael, and they both creep in, and start to touch the pretty, sleeping girl. Michael uncovers her, and lightly massages her shoulders and back while Summer continues to work on her pussy, with an occasional kiss to her butt crack.

Annie starts to stir just a little, and with her face still buried in her pillow, moans,

"Wha ... wha's happenin'? You guys takin' a'vantage of a sleepin' girl?

Summer reaches forward saying softly in her ear,

"Yes, my darling. Michael and I are going to make love to you!"

"M'kay! Jus' don't wake me, 'kay?"

"Okay Annie honey, you just lie there and we will have our way with you." (Summer giggles)

Summer slides a finger into Annie's pussy just beginning to moisten, also massaging her clit. Michael starts with a massage of her shoulders again, and moves down onto her back and sides. Annie is moaning softly, enjoying the attention. She turns over, bringing her pillow with her over her face, still trying to sleep.

Summer and Michael change positions, and Michael undresses completely, moves between Annie's open legs, and slowly slides his cock into her now slippery quimmy. Summer is massaging her stomach, her mound and her clit as Michael continues in a slow even pace slipping in and out of his Granddaughter.

Summer pulls her own dress off over her head, and undoes her bra. She removes the pillow from Annie's face and half covering Annie; she rubs her tits against those of the sleeping girl, while she starts to kiss her friend softly. Annie responds by putting her arms around Summer as she lifts her hips to get Michael into her deeper. Annie is not quite awake yet, and begins a faux complaint,

"You mean people ... raping a sleeping girl! Isn't that illegal or something? after a few seconds she adds, "Fuck, that's so hot! Feels sooo good, you guys."

Michael and Summer are not exactly sure if she is awake, or dreaming that she was being 'taken.' Summer whispered in her ear, "Go to sleep Annie, it's just a dream!"

"Oh, okay ... seems so real though!"

"Shhh, honey, relax and let us rape you so nicely."

"Okay, Sum honey."

Michael feels the half-asleep girl starting to stiffen into an orgasm, and thrusts into her a little harder. Summer had straddles Annie facing away from Michael, with her pussy on Annie's lips. Annie responds, by licking her friends wet pussy, sliding her tongue along her wet lips and then into her vagina. Michael grabs Annie's buttocks, and jams himself into her, as Grandfather, and Granddaughter come simultaneously.

As Summer gets close, Michael reaches around and massages her breasts and she climaxes, spurting her juices onto Annie's face. Summer turns around facing Michael, and they embrace, kissing, as Summer feels a tongue poking at her little asshole.

Summer moves off her and on to her side next to her friend. Michael is still stroking Annie slowly, starting to soften. Annie, breathlessly says to Summer,

"Summer, can you hand me my phone on the table next to the bed, I need to call 911, I think I've been raped!" Summer and Michael laugh aloud as Summer asks her,

"Annie honey, don't you remember? You asked us to do this, and you had a very nice little orgasm my darling."

"Oh, okay ... never mind. 'Night you guys!"

Annie rolls over on her side and falls back to sleep with a smile on her face and leaking onto the sheets. Summer and Michael cover her up and they both give her a kiss on the cheek. Then they creep slowly and quietly into the guest room, the girls had been sharing. Summer slides back onto the bed. She looks up at him then spreads her legs, and leans back, propped up on her arms.

Michael kneels between her shapely legs, and starts to kiss her inner thighs. They are so incredibly soft (he thinks) as he explores them fully. His lips move up to the the spot where her buttocks meet, just licking her everywhere except her pussy lips. She starts breathing hard as he bypasses her clit and goes directly inside her hips, and lower stomach with his kisses and licks.

Summer is thinking, 'Oh God, Michael, please touch me, um ... there!" she is aching for some sexual release. He moves up her body, but also avoids her nipples, kissing her everywhere else. Then he stops. He tells her to move up onto the bed, and then he starts over again. Starting with her thighs, he massages, licks and kisses everywhere but her pussy lips and her nipples.

This is driving Summer crazy as Michael brings her to the edge time after time, and backs her off. She is begging for relief, Mi-Michael, please fuck me, honey!" But he does not give it to her. He goes into the bathroom just to throw some water in his face.

Summer is still lying on the bed, and can feel the ache growing, but knows that Michael will relieve it, so she refrains from touching herself. She is breathing hard, all the way in, and all the way out, in long huffs.

Michael comes back in, turns her over on her stomach, and gives her the same treatment from behind, touching her everywhere except her pussy, her asshole, and her clitoris. He takes a long time kissing and licking her ass, everywhere but her pucker. Her body is electrified, as she is hurting badly for some relief from the painful tension.

Michael turns her back over, spreads her legs. He touches her pussy lips with the very tip of his cock, and then removes it. She is reaching the edge only to have him back her off again.

"Mi-Michael, are you going to tease me all night? I need it ... I am hurting inside darling!"

Michael presses his tip against her pussy lips again, pushing it in just a little. He touches her nowhere else, and she is feeling just the tip of his cock teasing her into insanity. Without touching her anywhere else, and supporting himself on his arms, he lowers himself to kiss her softly on the lips. She offers him her tongue, but he withdraws, only to come back again and kiss her accepting her tongue onto his mouth a little.

"Oh, Michael please, please fuck me, I am hurting so much!"

She is starting to cry as he slides his cock into her with a slow but shallow rhythm. As he senses that her breathing is reaching a fever pitch, he pushes his cock all the way inside her and she explodes in the most powerful orgasm she could ever imagine. He leaves his cock deep inside of her just holding her through about twelve to fifteen strong convulsions.

She can feel the electricity wracking her little body everywhere, as she becomes delirious with wave after wave of pleasure flooding over her. He holds her until she starts to slow to a couple of shudders.

"Oh my God, Michael! that was the most incredible experience of my life! I came so hard, that it scared me! Look at me darling, I am still jittery ... everywhere!"

Michael pulls out of her and smiles down into her pretty face with her wide round eyes tearfully looking back at him. She looks down at a very hard, angry-looking purple cock pointing at her menacingly and asked,

"Can I have some more of that, Michael?" He laughed,

"Right now baby!"

He lowers himself onto her kissing her sweetly, as he slowly slides back into her sopping pussy. The room absolutely reeks with her sex, as Michael becomes harder inside her. She comes again as he enters her, and twice more as he strokes into her in a nice rhythm for a long time. She orgasms again as she feels him coming deep inside her.

Her buttocks are so electrified, that they hurt ... having been wracked with orgasm after orgasm. She was a sweaty, limp rag as she just lies in the wet spot just enjoying the moment.

Michael senses that she is getting back to normal and just places little kisses all over her face, and she just lies there accepting them. He is enjoying the taste and smell of her, as he kisses her armpits, her slippery stomach, and then her still leaking pussy. She reeks of sex!

When Michael flops onto his back, Summer rolls over and slides her mouth down onto him. She shows Michael that her B-J lessons of two days ago have paid off, as she quickly gets him rock hard, taking him all the way into her throat. He comes hard, and she swallows it all.

"My amazing little lover!" Michael says with a smile.

They quickly fell asleep in each other's arms, both sweaty, stinking messes.

7. Monday morning, in Michael's kitchen.

When Summer and Michael slowly amble downstairs, and into the kitchen, Annie is already there, with a pot of coffee made, and munching on a toasted muffin.

"Hi sleepyheads, 'bout time you guys got up!"

The both look at each other, and then at Annie.

"I had a great night's sleep last night, but had a very weird dream ... you guys were in it!"

Summer and Michael look at each other and chuckle, and then they look at a confused Annie. Still laughing, Summer asked,

"Really? Was it a sexual dream?" Michael has all he can do to keep from bursting out laughing.

"Yeah, since you asked, it was! I dreamt that I was being raped in Grandpa's bed! It was about two snickering ex-friends, who thought they would take advantage of a sleeping girl, and they had their way with her, thinking she was asleep."

Michael, still trying to keep from laughing, asks,

"Well, was it good for you, honey?" Annie laughs with the other two at the joke on her, and says,

"Yes Grandpa, it was very good. It was a very nice surprise; a gift given to me by two people who love me very much and I love them for it!"

Summer and Michael close in on her and hug her covering her with kisses, as she says,

"Hey! Watch the muffin, watch the muffin!" not wanting to lose track of her breakfast.

After breakfast, the girls shower, dress simply in shorts and knit tops, and pack up their stuff, ready to go home in Annie's car. Michael takes the downstairs shower, and dresses in jeans and knit shirt with tasseled deck shoes. They all sit in the living room with another cup of coffee. Annie talks about coming over with her Mother next time, since her Mom is quite busy with work but doesn't get out much, since Annie's father's death, three and a half years ago.

"Mom needs to come over with me Grandpa, just so we can all go out to dinner, and bowling and just a nice walk around the lake, you know."

Michael answers her, "Yes, I have invited you Mother over for a movie night or just to go out for dinner, she always says yes, but we never seem to do it. You will have to kidnap her some night and bring her over with you."

"Leave it to me, Grandpa. I'll get her over here. It will be so nice!" Annie offers then she turns to Summer, ready to leave.

Summer looks at her and says, "Annie is it okay if Michael drives me back to the dorm? I'll call you later honey; we'll get together and go shopping or something."

"Fine by me Sum, I'll call you." Annie kisses Summer, and gives her Grandpa a big hug and a kiss and heads out the door. "Bye!"

Summer turns to Michael slowly unbuttoning her shorts and stepping out of them. She pulls her knit shirt over her head exposing her pert tits. Dressed only in very skimpy bikini panties low on her hips, she says,

"Michael, I am not in any hurry, why don't I make us a nice big breakfast and we can talk a little if you would like.
We can take it all upstairs your bed!"

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