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Bad Girl Taught a Lesson

Written by CarmenDeLust

Chapter 1

Brittany was in deep trouble, and she knew it. She just hoped that her principal wouldn't be too graphic on the phone to her dad. Walking into the living room, however, there he stood, tall and irate, glaring at her from across the room. Her Pappy sat on the sofa, ignorant of what had transpired.

It wasn't until her dad hung up the phone that all became clear.

"Brittany, is this true? Were you SUSPENDED for sucking cock in the gym equipment room?!"

"What?!" Pappy said, his hand angrily slapping his knee. "She did what, now?"

"That was her principal," his son replied. "A teacher caught them as she was sucking the dick of some boy at school! Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Brittany pouted and shrugged her shoulder. She would be off to college in just a few months, so who cared what she did now? She always got away with murder, and her parents never seemed to punish her about anything. Of course, that was before Pappy moved in...

"You answer your daddy, you little hussy!" Pappy bellowed.

"It's just Bobby, my boyfriend. It's not like I was giving head to the whole football team," she replied nonchalantly.

"Well," her father replied, still angry, "I am VERY disappointed in you, young lady. VERY."

But Pappy was baffled. "Is that it? She can act like a hussy and all she gets for punishment is that? Well boy, it's no wonder she's a hussy, when you let her do whatever the hell she wants to!"

"Well, what am I supposed to do, Dad? We ground her and she still sneaks out and does God knows what..."

"I'LL show you how to punish bad girls. I set your sister straight, didn't I?"

"I guess so," her Dad replied.

"Come here, hussy girl!" Pappy ordered, and tugged hard on her arm. She stumbled toward him and before she knew it, she lay straight across his lap.

"What the fuck?!" Brittany said indignantly. "You're going to SPANK me? Are you for REAL?"

"A good spankin' on the hiney is what you DESERVE, you little hussy," Pappy replied, at once pulling up her short kilt revealing her tight white cotton panties. "Here now, boy. You pull these panties off. She won't need 'em no more."

"WHAT?!" Brittany replied, struggling, but his arms were like iron and he had her tight on his lap.

Obeying his father, Brittany's dad tugged on both sides of the panties, and pulled them down her milky white legs until off they came.

"She's got herself a good hiney, that's for dang sure," Pappy said, and stroked her smooth bottom.

All of a sudden, WHACK, he brought his hand down hard on one cheek and Brittany let out a little shriek.

He rubbed the red spot he had made, and a stray finger stroked her pink pussy lips that were peeking out from between her legs.

Brittany couldn't tell if the touch had been done by purpose or accident. "Let me go!" she bellowed, thrashing around, but he held onto her fast.

"Quit fightin'," Pappy ordered, and down came his hand again, this time on the other sweet cheek. "You deserve punishment, girl."

And that's how it continued. Smack, rub, stroke for a good ten minutes. By now her ass was a bright crimson, and her pussy had quite betrayed her. All those delicate strokes had made all her juices start flowing, and Brittany knew she was getting wet as October. Of course, she didn't tell her Pappy that.

He sat her up, and quick as a flash, had his pants undone and was pulling out his giant old cock. Brittany was aghast, for it was literally twice the size of Bobby's cock, but that still didn't necessarily mean she wanted to suck it.

"Uh, Dad," Brittany's father said, equally confused as his daughter. "What are you doin'?"

"I'm givin' her the same punishment I gave your sister when she was caught suckin' around town. Now, here's the rule, girl. You get caught suckin' cock, you suck cock at home. That's your punishment."

"No way, and there's nothing you can say that will make me," Brittany said defiantly, but her Pappy would not be so easily cast aside. He reached up and yanked hard on her hair. She yelped out loud, and while her mouth was still wide open in indignation, he pulled her head down and right on top of his rock hard cock.

"There you go," Pappy said and he guided her head up and down with his strong hand. "Now, you suck that cock, little hussy." She could not help but move her pouty cherry lips up and down over the throbbing hard cock, and not wanting to anger him again, each time she got near the tip, her tongue did a little dance. She knew she was doing well when he started to moan, but he let her straighten up at last, and he had a big smile on his face. "Hot damn, boy. Our Brittany sure knows how to suck some cock! Alright. Now it's your turn."

"What?!" Brittany said, shocked. She had thought her punishment was done.

"I dunno, Dad," his son said.

But Pappy was adamant. "Boy, I ain't gunna live forever! You need to teach our girl here who the boss of this house is!"

His courage building, off came his buckle, and down to his ankles his pants went. His cock was already hard and excited, the tip wet with anticipation. Moving up toward Brittany he said, "You get caught sucking cock, you suck cock at home. That's the rule."

"But, Daddy..." Brittany began, but couldn't finish, for the next moment he grabbed her head and brought her sweet, wet mouth down on his cock.

His daddy had sure been right. She really did know how to suck cock, certainly much better than her mother ever did. Perhaps because she was sitting up this time, she was able to speed up, and go faster and faster, now also squeezing and stroking his dick with her hand.

He pulled out, his cock protesting, because it sure as hell wanted more.

"Alrighty, now," Pappy said moving in close beside Brittany. "Inspection time."

"What's that?" Brittany asked, confused. She was sure she had been punished enough.

"Now we check you over and make sure you're growin' properly. Or, have you been to the doctor recently to get all your parts checked?"

"No, but..."

"That's what I thought," Pappy said. "Let's start with those cute titties of yours. Don't be shy, girl. You unbutton your blouse there for Pappy. Let me have a look-see."

Brittany looked up at her daddy, who still had his hard dick in his hand. "You just mind what your Pappy says now, girl."

Biting her lip, she slowly unbuttoned her white uniform blouse. Pappy pulled the sides back and down her arms, revealing her sweet, round, perky breasts. He smiled as she wasn't wearing a bra, but knew she should've been. So, that's why her boobies always jiggled when she walked...

He brought his warm hand over her right titty, and stroked her round nipple with his old thumb, noticing that it was the color of young peaches. "Very nice, girl. Your titties are comin' in perfectly. Sit down, boy. You have a feel, too."

It wasn't too bad, Brittany thought as they sat there, one on either side of her, stroking squeezing, sucking, and licking.

When suddenly, Pappy slid down to the floor and turned to look at her. "Now, let's check out your cunny."

"No way!" Brittany protested, and squeezed her legs together as hard as she could, but her Pappy's old, strong hands easily pried them apart. "Pappy just wants a look-see. Don't be shy now, girl! You show Pappy your pussy."

Her daddy was still massaging and gently pinching her nipple as her Pappy leaned in close to her pussy, like he wanted to get a good look. "Hmmm... Let's see what we got, here," he said as he stroked it with his finger. It was already wet and juicy, and he smiled to see it ready and aroused. "This here working properly, girl?" he asked while expertly rubbing her clit in a circle.

Brittany gasped, and was filled with pleasure, but didn't want to show it. Her mouth simply hung open, but he could read her perfectly.

"Good," he said, and without delay, leaned down and kissed it with his lips. Her pussy was soft and smooth, and his tongue explored from her clit down to her pussy hole. She gasped again, and she couldn't help but look down helplessly as his tongue swirled and twirled all over her hungry cunt.

"Mmmm," he said, kissing and licking some more. "Tastes just like ripe honeydew."

Brittany's breathing had become heavy, especially each time his tongue passed over her clit, and she had struggled to not release one moan, no matter how good it felt. She didn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing her punishment felt sexy.

"Now, let's check out that cunny hole o' yours..." Pappy said, inserting a finger into the deep, pink folds of her pussy and pushing it in as far as it could go.

Brittany gasped again, this time locking eyes with her Pappy. The smile faded from his face, and he looked sharply at her, eagle eyed. "This here ain't no virgin cunny. This here cunny has been fucked. Quite a lot, I would say. Don't deny it, girl! Pappy can tell!"

"What's this?" her daddy demanded, pinching her nipple rather hard.

"Just Bobby!" Brittany professed as her Pappy fingered her pussy, in and out, in and out it went.

But her father evidently didn't believe her, for he roughly pinched her nipple again.

She let out a little shriek. "And another boy! My boyfriend before Bobby! Kevin was his name."

"Lies," Pappy said, now inserting two fingers in and moving them deftly back and forth.

This time, her daddy bit her nipple.

"Alright!" Brittany confessed. "My first was the next door neighbor boy, Danny. But, that's it! I swear!"

Pappy felt satisfied she was telling the truth, but he inserted a third finger anyway, spreading her pussy hole open even wider. "You ever fuck this Bobby boy at school, girl? You tell the truth to your Pappy now! He'll know if you're fibbin' him!"

"Three times," she confessed, her pussy getting wetter and more aroused the stronger he fingered her. By now, her daddy had both hands on her titties, rubbing her peachy nipples in between his fingers. "Once in a janitor's closet, and twice in the gym equipment room."

"Well, girlie," Pappy said, shaking his head and pulling out his fingers, "you know the rules." He straightened himself up and moved closer to her. "You fuck a cock at school, you fuck a cock at home."

Before she could even think to protest, in he slipped his fat cock into the velvety folds of her young pussy.

Moans and gasps could not help but escape from her, as she helplessly felt him penetrate her deeper and deeper until the giant head of his cock was rubbing deep against her g-spot.

"Ooh yeah, girl. That's some tight cunny you got there."

But Brittany could only watch in disbelief as his long cock disappeared inside her, only to come out again, and be pushed back in.

"I'm an old man," Pappy said after a while, pulling out at last and standing up. "Let's see how your pussy feels from behind now, girl."

With that, he yanked her up and spun her around, once again, bending her over. Now, however, her face was met with her daddy's cock. He didn't take long to put the two together, and was once again enjoying the pouty lips move up and down his big shaft.

Pappy, however, pulled up her skirt again, revealing her still-pink ass from the spanking she'd received. He spread her sweet cheeks apart, and his cock found the jar of honey that was her sweet pussy. Holding onto her thighs, he drilled his old cock into her like a master pro, pounding happily away, going faster and faster until he could feel the cum start to rise up.

Pulling out, he sprayed all over her pink ass, and even went so far as to rub it in with the budging head of his cock. One last squirt, and he was done, a pleased man who had set a bad girl straight.

Her daddy, however, was truly disappointed in her, and so would not pull out. Like an explosion, his cum shot in the back of her mouth in several bursts, filling her mouth, and leaking out like drool. Like a good girl she swallowed, wiping away the excess with the back of her hand.

"Now, my hussy," Pappy said, pulling her upright and turning her around. "What have you learned?"

"To be a good girl, or else I get punished," Brittany said.

"That's right, girlie," Pappy said, adoringly patting her on her sweet ass cheek.
"That's right."

Chapter 2

It had been a month since Brittany had been caught sucking her boyfriend's dick at school and got suspended. Getting suspended she thought was bad enough, that is until she got home and got an even worse punishment.

However bad it was though, sucking her daddy and Pappy's cocks, and getting fucked by her Pappy, it actually felt more good than bad. On lonely nights when she was horny, she'd tickle her pussy and remember how hard both cocks had been.

For a while there, she thought they'd be groping her every chance they could get, but life went quickly back to how it had always been, and she was beginning to wonder if it had all been a dream.

One Friday night her best friend Missy was over having a slumber party, fulfilling every teenage girl list of to-do's at sleepovers: watch movies, paint nails, eat pizza, and talk all night long.

Now, Brittany had known Missy since fourth grade, but something about her always seemed a bit weird. Brittany never thought much about it until Missy asked a rather odd question.

"Brittany, have you ever kissed a girl?"

She ogled her friend a moment before erupting into a fit of giggles. "No! Why? Have you?"

Missy shrugged her shoulder. "Somethin' Shauna did the other day. She was whispering in my ear, and I turned to look at her but she was too close. For a split second, I swear, our lips touched."

Both girls giggled hilariously.

"What did it feel like?" Brittany asked.

"I dunno," Missy replied, smiling. "It was only for a second. I barely felt it."

Brittany giggled as Missy built her courage. "Do you wanna try it?"

Nonplussed, Brittany exclaimed, "What, with you? Now?"

"I won't tell anyone. Promise."

Brittany began to feel butterflies, but at the same moment, her pussy started to feel hot and wet. Deep down, she wanted to. "You swear you won't tell anybody?"

"I swear!" Missy professed, and waited 'till Brittany looked like she was ready.

Moving in closer on the bed, Missy leaned over and pressed her shiny lips onto Brittany's. Whether it was arousal or curiosity, both opened their mouths slightly and touched tongues.

Brittany leaned back, feeling hot and dizzy. It seemed wrong and dirty, but also very sexy. She had never thought about girls before.

"What did you think?" Missy asked eagerly. "Did you like it?"

"Kinda," Brittany replied.

Impatiently, Missy asked, "Can I kiss you again? You kiss awesome."

Thinking a moment, Brittany at last gave in. Missy's lips just tasted too damn good. Nodding her head, they both moved in together, Frenching, only this time, Missy's hand moved up and squeezed Brittany's titty.

Gasping, Brittany pulled back. "What are you doing?"

"Aren't you curious? I mean, sure you've felt your own tits, but have you ever felt someone else's? Wanna feel mine?" And with that, Missy pulled off her tank top, now leaving on only her undies and sleep shorts.

Missy was tanned, but with no lines. Brittany wondered if she tanned topless in her backyard. Her tits were full and plump, and had pointy nipples. Brittany wondered what it would be like to suck them...

"Go ahead. It's okay. I swear, I'm not gunna tell..."

Smiling, Brittany shyly leaned forward and stroked Missy's boobies, gently squeezing them. Missy moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes. Her courage building, Brittany leaned down and licked her nipple, flicking it with her tongue. Missy again moaned aloud, and lay back on the bed.

Brittany then moved closer, now openly massaging and sucking her amazing titties.

Without warning, the door opened.

"Brittany, I..." a voice said, and shocked, Brittany sat up to see her Pappy standing at the door, his face equally surprised. "What is Sam Hill is goin' on here?" he demanded, shutting the door.

Missy bolted upright and grabbed her top, covering her exposed breasts.

"Just a misunderstanding, Pappy," Brittany said, quickly. "You see...we were just...wrestling when..."

"I ain't no half-whit, girlie," Pappy replied. "I know a titty-licking when I see one! Now, YOU young Missy, I'm gunna have a talk with your daddy."

At this, Missy looked horrified. "Oh my God, please! You can't! Seriously, you can't! He's the biggest homophobe! I'd be in SO much trouble, please!"

"You deserve to be punished young lady," Pappy replied. "A good hidin' will do you good!"

"Oh no," Missy replied. "Seriously, I'd much rather get a spanking! Daddy would take away my CAR if he found out. Please! You CAN'T tell him."

Pappy scratched his face, appearing to weigh his options. "That don't sound like no kind of punishment to me. Now, this little lady's gunna be gettin' her punishment. If I don't tell your daddy, you'd be willin' to get it too? Brittany will tell you, it ain't no picnic..."

"Anything," Missy replied. "Please...just don't tell my dad..."

"Alright, then," Pappy replied. "Who's gunna be spanked first?"

"I will," Missy volunteered. "What we were was my idea, anyway."

"Alrighty then, young Missy," Pappy said, sitting down on the bed. "Take off your panties and over my lap you go."

At this, Missy balked. "Take off my panties?"

"You want me to call your daddy or don't ya?"

"Alright!" Missy replied, though suddenly feeling rather conspicuous. She pulled down her shorts and panties and was now completely naked. Both Pappy and Brittany could see that she liked to have Brazillians, because she was completely hair-free.

Pappy's cock grew hard, looking at such sweet titties and pussy. He wondered what it tasted like... "Now you just lay across my lap now, Missy girl. You gunna get yourself a spankin'."

"Alright," Missy said, laying herself down on his lap.

WHACK came down his hand, and she let out a squeal.

"Hey, OW!" Missy complained, at which point Pappy just laughed.

"Punishments are supposed to hurt, silly girl!"

He rubbed her tight ass, and a lone finger stroked her hairless pussy lips which lay just between her legs.

"Hey! Do you know you just touched my..."

WHACK! Down came his hand again, and out of Missy came another squeal.

Ten full minutes of spanking, rubbing, and stroking, and Missy learned it was best not to argue. She had ASKED for this punishment, after all...

He then pulled her up and announced that it was Brittany's turn.

Brittany was now experienced as to her Pappy's punishments, and kept on her shirt, but stripped off her shorts and panties. Her pussy wetted with anticipation, knowing full well how good the spanking, rubbing, and stroking was going to feel.


Fuck, she thought. It felt even better the second time around, as each time his finger stroked her pussy, it sent little electric shocks through her, making her even wetter than before. Ten minutes, and then she was allowed to rise up, curious as to what would follow. All she'd done was suck on some titties after all...

But in a flash, his pants were undone and out popped his mammoth cock. It was as old as he was, but long and thick. Brittany still remembered what it tasted like, and how it felt in her mouth.

"Alright, girlies. Gather round and down you come."

Brittany was immediately on her knees eager for participation, but Missy wasn't sold. "Are you serious? We have to suck your cock?"

"I ain't forcin' nobody," Pappy replied. "You got a choice here, girlie. The choice is yours."

Missy thought a moment, and then sunk to her knees. Side by side, they both attacked the giant cock with their lips, each taking turns sucking it and pushing it down their throats as far as it could go. Up and down, up and down they stroked it with their sweet cherry mouths, until at last he let them take a rest. They sat side by side on the bed, waiting for what was to come next.

"That's some good suckin', both of you," Pappy said proudly. "Now, what exactly did I witness when I walked in? Was this a first timer, or do you both lick each other often?"

"First time!" they both protested at once.

"We were just curious," Missy assured him. "We've never been with girls before, honest! We were know...curious."

"Huh," Pappy replied, apparently deep in thought. "Well, that's the funny thing about curiosity. It can get you in all sorts of trouble. Best we get that curiosity out of the way, so it can't lead to no trouble later."

"Wait," Brittany said, confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'll explain later. Right now, it's 'Inspection Time'."

"What the fuck is 'Inspection Time'?" Missy said, watching as Brittany pulled off her tank top and spread her legs.

Pappy sank to the floor, first starting with Brittany. His hands started massaging her plump boobs. "This is when I check you girls over to see how you're comin' along."

He sucked on Brittany's nipples, looking pleased as punch. "I just love how jiggly your titties are, girlie," he said, making them bounce in his hands. "And how about your cunny?" He moved his hands down, gently caressing her sweet pink folds. Missy could not help but watch every motion, leaning in to better sneak a peak at Brittany's snatch.

"Already juicy wet, I see," Pappy said, and kissed it. Brittany could not help but moan now, as his delft tongue flicked and licked her clit sending shivers up and over her entire body.

"Ain't no buts about it, girlie. You've got about the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted."

Brittany could not help but be pleased, as he gave it one last kiss before shuffling over to Missy.

"Oh my, you have perky titties, Missy girl!" Pappy said, his warm hands wrapping over her breasts and giving them a playful squeeze.

"Thank you, I guess," Missy replied, somewhat fascinated watching the dirty old man play with her boobies.

Rubbing her nipples in between his fingers, he then pressed her tits together, sucking both her nipples at once. Missy gasped, for no one had ever done that before, and she was surprised at how good it felt, and how a tongue as old as his could so quickly make her feel horny and excited.

"Fantastic," Pappy said, pleased as punch, his hands now sliding down to her perfect crack. "What a delicious lookin' pussy you have, girl! And hairless, to boot! That's one tasty treat for Pappy!"

He stroked it downwards, exploring her tiny cunny, and skillfully toyed with her clit. She let out a little moan, and he could not wait. In he attacked it with his tongue, stroking and licking it and sending little shocks her way by flicking her clit.

"Hot damn, you girls," Pappy said, rubbing Brittany's pussy while fingering Missy's. "Pappy sure do love himself your sweet young cunnies. Boy, does he ever!"

Both Brittany and Missy smiled, for he was much more skilled than any of the Neanderthal boys they had ever fooled around with.

"However," Pappy said, his hands withdrawing and his demeanor growing serious, "this is a punishment, so it can't be all fun and games for Pappy. You girls were about to do something downright naughty when I came in. Weren't cha?"

The two girls nodded.

"Well, I'm a God-fearin' man, and girls should not be lickin' no other pussy! However, I suspect if we left things right here, you two might get curious again! Now, that won't please God, nor your Pappy. So, best get this curiousness over and done with now."

"What do you mean, Pappy?" Brittany asked.

"Lay back on the bed, Missy girl, and spread that pussy open," Pappy instructed.

Missy did as instructed, and couldn't help but reach down and stroke her own pussy in anticipation.

"Lick up, Brittany girl," Pappy said, pointing at Missy's cunt. "Make sure you fuck her with your tongue, and finger her, too."

Brittany moved around, and nervously looked down at the pink pussy buffet that awaited her. She first started exploring with her fingers, and unable to wait any longer, at last licked her first pussy.

Honestly, her tongue had never had so much fun before.

Pleased with his granddaughter's tongue-work, he hoisted her ass up, spread her cheeks apart, and inserted his cock deep in her pussy.

Brittany squirmed and he pushed himself deep inside her, unafraid to bang as hard as he could into her tight hole. Her whole body shook, she was being pounded so hard, and her legs began to quake.

"Alright," Pappy said, pulling out, his cock drippy and wet. "Missy girl's turn."

Brittany was glad to be able to lay down. She had never been fucked so hard in her life. Her pussy was raw, but at the same time, it felt amazing.

Missy rose up off the bed, and Pappy rubbed her pussy, wetting his finger. "For the instigator, the punishment is going to be a little bit different."

"What do you mean?" Missy asked, both nervous and excited as to what was in store for her.

"Just you bend over and lick that pussy, Missy girl," Pappy commanded.

Missy did as she was told, and was thrilled to find out that Pappy had been right - Brittany's pussy tasted just as good as he had said. It didn't take long to have Brittany moaning, and while bent over, Pappy further explored Missy's backside.

First, he inserted a finger in her tiny, tight pussy. It went in like butter on a hot, summer's day, and was just as slippery. Taking that juicy finger out, he then inserted it up her tight little asshole. He heard her gasp, but that only made him more desirous.

"You ever been fucked in the ass, Missy girl?"

She shook her head, no, and he smiled. "Lovely. Pappy going to uncharted territory."

With one hand holding tight onto her leg, the other he used to guide his cock down, rubbing his wet head all over her tight hole.

And then, he pushed it in.

Missy shrieked and convulsed on the spot, but Pappy smacked her ass hard. "Just relax your sweet asshole, girl! It'll only hurt for a minute!"

With his iron hands, he held her hips tightly in his grasp, and slowly plunged his cock deeper and deeper where no man had gone before. She squealed with unbridled pain, but dared not move or protest.

"Oh fuck me, yeah. That there's a tight asshole..." Slowly he pulled out his cock only to push it in again. She moaned, and was caught somewhere between pleasure and pain. Undoubtedly, she felt this truly was a punishment.

And then he began to speed up, and with each pounding, her tongue flicked Brittany's clit. Missy's body was rigid as a board as his cock deflowered her ass, each thrust getting harder and going deeper.

"Oooh, yeah, I'm cummin'!" he exclaimed, and then suddenly did four quick jerks up her ass. Moaning and the rest of his body growing limp, he finally pulled out, his cock wet with his gift to her.

Missy's ass hurt like hell, but at the same time, she loved what he had done to her. Standing up straight, she began to feel his cum ooze down her legs.

"Now my two girlies," Pappy said, pulling Brittany up and putting his hands on their asses. "What did ya'll learn?"

"To be good girls," Brittany said.

"Or else we get punished," Missy finished.

Pappy smiled, and patted them both on their sweet asses.
"That's right."

Chapter 3

"Aw, c'mon, Brittany. You won't get caught. Just DO it!"

But Brittany kept shaking her head at her boyfriend, Bobby. "You're on crack. I'll get caught for sure! And then it's not YOUR ass on the line, it's MINE. Quite literally."

"You won't get caught," he assured her.

"Just like you said we wouldn't get caught in the equipment room? No way! I take booze from my dad and I get caught, do you have any idea how severely I'll be punished?!"

"Why? What would he do to you? Spank you?" Bobby began to laugh.

But Brittany didn't find it so funny, not even if she kind of enjoyed it. She wasn't LOOKING for trouble, or punishment, after all... "No."

And at once, Bobby's whole demeanor changed. "Fine, then. Fuck, you used to be so much fun. Now we can barely fuck or fool around without you getting paranoid. Ya know what? Just forget it. I'll go see if Dana wants to party with me and have some fun..."

He started to walk away, when she called out, "Fine! You win. I'll do it."

He quickly turned around and smiled. "That's my girl. When? The party's tomorrow night."

"I can't do it tomorrow. I know for a fact he'll be home all day. I'll do it tonight and sneak it to school and give it to you then."

"Awesome," Bobby replied, and kissed her.

Brittany looked around, quickly taking advantage of an empty house. She had had to haul ass just to make it home a few minutes before her dad, and she never knew for sure if Pappy was going to be there or out on one of his errands.

She opened her dad's liqueur cupboard where there were about a dozen bottles of various booze, each partially opened. Toward the back there was a mostly full bottle of vodka. She carefully took it out, making sure not to alter the other bottles at all, and closed the doors.
Feeling nervous, she then made off quickly to her bedroom with her treasure, and at once hid it in her backpack.

Half an hour later her Dad called out, letting her know he was home. Ten minutes after that, he asked her to come to the living room.

"Do you have something to tell me?" he asked, his face unreadable.

At once her stomach leapt into her throat, and she could slowly feel her face turning red. He knew. She didn't know how, but he knew.

"No..." she replied, trying her best to hold her shit together.

He then walked over to the liquor cabinet and opened the doors. Turning to look at her, he simply said, "Explain."

Brittany swallowed hard, but her mouth was parched. "Explain what?"

"Explain the missing bottle of vodka."

"How should I know? Maybe Pappy drank it?" She instantly regretted the remark, because it could be easily refuted the second Pappy came home.

"I highly doubt that your Pappy drank an entire bottle of vodka this afternoon." He stepped closer to her. "Where is it?"

Brittany just shrugged her shoulder.

Even quieter, her dad asked again. "Where is it?"

She couldn't take the heat anymore. She thought maybe, just maybe, without Pappy there, he'd go easy on her if she just fessed up. She started to cry. "I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry, Daddy! I didn't want to take it, honestly! Bobby threatened to break up with me if I didn't! Honest!"

He appeared to ponder her words a moment before replying, "Go get it for me."

Off she went in a flash and brought the bottle back to him. He took it and examined it closely, perhaps to see if she had drunk any. He returned it to it's spot in the cupboard and closed the doors. "I'm very disappointed in you, Brittany. Very. Not only for stealing, but for allowing a boy to manipulate you. I honestly thought you were smarter than that."

"I'm sorry," she said again, wiping tears away with her hand. "I'll never do it again, honest."

"Oh," he replied, looking her up and down in her school uniform, "no, I don't think you will."

He then walked over to the sofa and sat down. "Take off your panties," he commanded. "You won't be needing them anymore." He then slapped his knee a few times, and she knew what was in store. She didn't argue; she didn't complain. She simply sniffled, wiped away the last of her tears, and took off her panties.

He pulled her arm, and down she came over his lap. He lifted up her kilt, revealing her bare backside. There, his hand found it's home, and he found intense joy in rubbing it's smooth, warm skin. It was a perfect ass, round and white. At least, not white for very long...

WHACK! Down came his hand leaving a small red mark, and she jolted with the suddenness of pain. He rubbed that spot in, just as his father had done, and reached with a single finger in between her legs and stroked her pussy lips that were waiting there. Over, and over, and over again he did this, until at last with a single finger stroke, her pussy lips separated, revealing the tight pink cunt hidden underneath. It was very moist, and he couldn't help but finger her a little, and be jealous of how his father had gotten to not only taste such a sweet cunt, but fuck it as well.

Well, by his reckoning, that was simply not fair.

"How many times have you been punished by your Pappy?" he asked her, his fingers still playing with her pussy.

"Two," she confessed.

"Hmmm," he simply said, pondering. Then he pulled her up and said, "Inspection time."

At once, Brittany began to unbutton her blouse and pull it off. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her bobbies hung and jiggled as she removed her last stitch of clothing, her skirt. When she was finally naked, she sat back on the sofa and dutifully spread her legs.

Her Daddy kneeled on the floor, and stroked her perfectly round tits. "Just like how I remember," he said, squeezing her nipples between two fingers. He tasted them both, trying to almost fit each entire breast in his mouth, and pulled at the nipples with his lips. They were simply glorious, his daughter's young and perky tits.

Then he sat on the floor, and ran his fingers along her milky thighs, from her knees to her pussy. There he stroked it with his fingers, quickly finding her clit and began to rub it vigorously.

She moaned and squirmed, which only turned him on more. At once he leaned down and began to suck on her clit, his fingers finding their way deep into her cunny hole.

He wanted to devour her, fuck her as hard as he could and cum all in her face and hair. Show her the TRUE boss of the house.

But then, the door opened. "And just what in the name of Sam Hill is goin' on here?" asked Pappy. "I'm thinkin' someone's been naughty again..."

Her daddy was more than a little disappointed that he wouldn't get her all to himself, but with Pappy, he knew he had to share.

He told his father all she had done and why, his fingers still busy with their work, plunging in and out of her.

"That's one naughty girl, for dang sure," Pappy said, removing his coat and unzipping his pants. He pulled out his giant cock and began tugging at it, but it was already rock hard. "C'mon here, Boy, and you too, Brittany. You get to suck two cocks for the price of one."

Brittany crawled on the floor to her Pappy's cock, as her Daddy stood opposite him, likewise tugging on his big, hard dick.

She started with Pappy's, but quickly placed her hand on her Daddy's cock, and began to tug away. With her Pappy's cock already in her mouth, she began to suck and move it in and out, keeping her cherry lips tight around it.

"Oooh, yeah," he said, enjoying seeing her go down on him. "Pappy loves the way you suck cock, girl."

Her tongue toyed with his tip, but she could sense her Daddy getting restless. She moved over to him, her other hand now jerking off her Pappy. With a long gaze, she looked upwards into her Daddy's eyes. She knew he desired this, wanted this, to feel her lips around the thing that helped make her.

Holding it in her hand, she began by slowly licking the tip with her tongue, flicking it and stroking it in wide circles. Letting her tongue guide the way, she then I opened wide and swallowed his cock, wrapping her lips around it. She pushed it and and out, and could hear him moan at her skill. She tugged at it with her powerful lips, sucking deeply at the same time.

"Deeper. Deeper!" he commanded, holding her head, and pushing his cock in farther still. She made an odd chocking sound, only to let her release, and then push it back in again, him wanting his deepthroat.

She squirmed uncomfortably, and he at last released her.

"Good girl," her Pappy said. "Not all girls can deepthroat. Pappy will have to have his turn later. For now, how 'bout you be a good girl and sit on Pappy's lap?"

Pappy sat down on the sofa, waving his cock at her. Brittany walked toward him, unsure exactly what he wanted her to do. "Just you come close now. Good. Turn around now and bend over, Girlie. Pappy want to see your pussy."

She did as he instructed, feeling his legs on either side of her. She bent over.

"Nice and juicy!" Pappy said, running his fingers along her pussy canal, wetting his fingers. "And such a sweet, tight asshole you've got there! You let any boy fuck your asshole, Girlie?"

"No," Brittany replied, at once scared, so she vividly remembered her Pappy fucking Missy's ass, and how much she had said it had hurt...

Taking his wet fingers, however, he slipped them in her hairless asshole. "Nice and tight. Now, this is gunna hurt for just a minute, Girlie. Just try to relax and let your Pappy do some fuckin'."

He guided her ass slowly down until her asshole was touching the tip of his wet cock. With sweet anticipation he rubbed his head against her hole, and then tightly holding onto her hips, inserted the tip of his cock in her ass, spreading it wider than it had ever been spread.

She cried out in pain, but ignoring it, he simply pulled her ass down over his cock as far as it could go. She cried out, moaning, and he then pushed and pulled at her hips, shoving his cock in and out of her sweet asshole.

Without a word, her Daddy then walked over, his hard dick still in his hand, and at first she thought that he wanted her to suck it some more. However, he simply pushed her backward, raising her legs in the air, all the while her ass was still filled with Pappy's giant cock.

"Let's see how you like Daddy's cock punish you," he then said, finding her wet pussy hole, and plunging his dick deep inside. She shrieked as her two holes were filled with hard cocks, banging her hard and deeply. There she was, sandwiched between them, feeling their hot breaths and deep moans on both sides, all the while being ruthlessly banged away.

Her Daddy, she thought, seemed hellbent on at last teaching her pussy a lesson, for it rammed it again and again, until at last his moment had come. He pulled out, at the same time pulling her down to the floor, as both he and Pappy moved close to her with their throbbing cocks, about ready to blow.

"Open. Open!" her Daddy commanded, and at once she complied, opening her mouth as the two of them squirted all over her face, her hair, and mouth. Her Daddy thought she'd never looked prettier.

Pappy helped her up, his hand finding it's way onto her sore ass. "Remind Pappy what happens when you're a bad girl."

"I get punished," she replied.

"That's right," he said smiling, and smacking her ass. "And dump that boyfriend. Any man who makes his woman do his dirty work for him ain't worth his salt."

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Sister, Sister

Written by SaraiSins

There I was sleeping softly when I felt a cock entering my pussy. I gasped softly and moaned as the incredible girth ripped me wide. "Ah," I cried out.

"Shhhh," the voice said.

He sounded familiar a glimpse at the mirror above my dresser on the right told me it was my grandfather.

Now, I know he didn't think I was grandma. He pressed even more into me and I wanted to scream out as my virginity slipped away from me. I tried to pull away but he had an immovable grip on my hips. Finally, he pushed all the way inside me making me groan at the pain of having such a massive cock inside of my cunt. I felt so full and stuffed. My hand went down and I felt his balls and his cock inside of me all the way up my pussy.

He rose up and kissed my neck. I could smell the alcohol on him. Shit, maybe he didn't know.

I had to tell him. This is not right. What if someone walked in? And he just took my virginity. Bye bye, Zack, the boy I'd been saving it up for.

"Grandpa, this hurts."

He began to thrust in my pussy. In and out over and over. At least he was going slow. "Shhhh, Lizzie we've been doing this for years."

I paused. Lizzie was the name of my sister. She's twenty-four, four years older than me. Holy shit, this was her room but Grandpa must not have gotten the news that she wouldn't be here until tomorrow night and because of the extra people coming we were rooming together.

I wasn't sure what to do so I let him keep fucking me. Mostly the news of him and Lizzy threw me for a loop. I winced at every stroke as the pain continued to course through me. Then something happened. I literally felt the juice flowing through me. The sounds of our sex mixing. He was swimming inside of me.

I felt wet and all of sudden I began to moan to what he was doing to me.

I pushed my ass against him as he pressed deeper into me. "Mm, grandpa."

He leaned down to whisper. "Call me daddy, you know I like that." Grandpa pressed his hands on my back; one at my neck and the other near my waist.

He sped up fucking me slightly. It started to feel so good. I gave him what he desired. "Yes, daddy." I sighed as I continued to moan. Biting my lip, I called out once more. "Daddy, that feels so good."

I popped up my pussy and started rocking my hips with his. "There you go, Lizzie. You know how I like it."

I should be annoyed he called me by my sisters name, but I wasn't. I was too far gone. I wanted his cock inside of me to last. "Daddy, right there." I groaned. "Something, ohhhh. Daddy, I feel like..."

"Ohhhhhh, so good. So so goood." I felt it. The tremble in my thighs, the release of power from my lower belly. The yank towards his cock.

Grandpa grunted. He fucked me a little harder. I was thankful the bed wasn't creaking and this one had no headboard. He kept his shirt on which minimized the sounds of skin against skin. He began to pummel my little pussy. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Dadddddy."

"I'm going to...I'm gonna...I'm commmmmmmming."

Grandpa came too. "You're better than Lizzie, Brittany."

I blushed as I heard his word. So, he did know who he fucked. I should have been worried about his cum in my pussy. Instead, I asked. "Will you do that again?"

Grandpa lied down beside me. He looked so young to me. My parents did have their kids young starting with Billy in their teens. "How about you try it?"

I climbed over and pushed my pussy onto his wet cock. I pulled my gown the rest of the way off allowing my breast to spring free. I felt the wonderful feeling of being full once more.

He grabbed my back to lean me down. The two of us embraced, making out. His arms latched onto my hips and I got the message to rock on him. We both moaned. I wondered if we were making love or not. I had no idea what any of this meant for the two of us.

When we came up for air, he instructed me to rise up and twist around. "Reverse cowgirl," I whispered.

"Yeah," he replied. "Spread your legs and relax your hands on my chest. Keep your feet flat and use your knees."

New to sex and this position felt a little weird at first. Once I was comfortable, I followed his suggestion and began to fuck him in earnest.