Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Sister, Sister

Written by SaraiSins

There I was sleeping softly when I felt a cock entering my pussy. I gasped softly and moaned as the incredible girth ripped me wide. "Ah," I cried out.

"Shhhh," the voice said.

He sounded familiar a glimpse at the mirror above my dresser on the right told me it was my grandfather.

Now, I know he didn't think I was grandma. He pressed even more into me and I wanted to scream out as my virginity slipped away from me. I tried to pull away but he had an immovable grip on my hips. Finally, he pushed all the way inside me making me groan at the pain of having such a massive cock inside of my cunt. I felt so full and stuffed. My hand went down and I felt his balls and his cock inside of me all the way up my pussy.

He rose up and kissed my neck. I could smell the alcohol on him. Shit, maybe he didn't know.

I had to tell him. This is not right. What if someone walked in? And he just took my virginity. Bye bye, Zack, the boy I'd been saving it up for.

"Grandpa, this hurts."

He began to thrust in my pussy. In and out over and over. At least he was going slow. "Shhhh, Lizzie we've been doing this for years."

I paused. Lizzie was the name of my sister. She's twenty-four, four years older than me. Holy shit, this was her room but Grandpa must not have gotten the news that she wouldn't be here until tomorrow night and because of the extra people coming we were rooming together.

I wasn't sure what to do so I let him keep fucking me. Mostly the news of him and Lizzy threw me for a loop. I winced at every stroke as the pain continued to course through me. Then something happened. I literally felt the juice flowing through me. The sounds of our sex mixing. He was swimming inside of me.

I felt wet and all of sudden I began to moan to what he was doing to me.

I pushed my ass against him as he pressed deeper into me. "Mm, grandpa."

He leaned down to whisper. "Call me daddy, you know I like that." Grandpa pressed his hands on my back; one at my neck and the other near my waist.

He sped up fucking me slightly. It started to feel so good. I gave him what he desired. "Yes, daddy." I sighed as I continued to moan. Biting my lip, I called out once more. "Daddy, that feels so good."

I popped up my pussy and started rocking my hips with his. "There you go, Lizzie. You know how I like it."

I should be annoyed he called me by my sisters name, but I wasn't. I was too far gone. I wanted his cock inside of me to last. "Daddy, right there." I groaned. "Something, ohhhh. Daddy, I feel like..."

"Ohhhhhh, so good. So so goood." I felt it. The tremble in my thighs, the release of power from my lower belly. The yank towards his cock.

Grandpa grunted. He fucked me a little harder. I was thankful the bed wasn't creaking and this one had no headboard. He kept his shirt on which minimized the sounds of skin against skin. He began to pummel my little pussy. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Dadddddy."

"I'm going to...I'm gonna...I'm commmmmmmming."

Grandpa came too. "You're better than Lizzie, Brittany."

I blushed as I heard his word. So, he did know who he fucked. I should have been worried about his cum in my pussy. Instead, I asked. "Will you do that again?"

Grandpa lied down beside me. He looked so young to me. My parents did have their kids young starting with Billy in their teens. "How about you try it?"

I climbed over and pushed my pussy onto his wet cock. I pulled my gown the rest of the way off allowing my breast to spring free. I felt the wonderful feeling of being full once more.

He grabbed my back to lean me down. The two of us embraced, making out. His arms latched onto my hips and I got the message to rock on him. We both moaned. I wondered if we were making love or not. I had no idea what any of this meant for the two of us.

When we came up for air, he instructed me to rise up and twist around. "Reverse cowgirl," I whispered.

"Yeah," he replied. "Spread your legs and relax your hands on my chest. Keep your feet flat and use your knees."

New to sex and this position felt a little weird at first. Once I was comfortable, I followed his suggestion and began to fuck him in earnest.

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