Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Granddaughter and Storms

Written by HankWilliams1956

"Is that all there is beautiful?"

"Yes it is. I'm so glad that is done. When are you going to clean grandma's things out or are you?"

"Sense it's as late as it is now and as much as your mom had here let's take this on over to the Good Will and then if you want to, you can ask Bob to meet us at Jackie's Diner for supper. I'll go through the rest of your grandma's things and toss out what I don't want to keep. Come over early enough, it'll be easier for you to see if there is anything you want to keep for yourself before I take it to the Good Will."

"Okay sounds good to me. I'll give Bob a call and see if he wants to meet us or not, if he's not in a conference which seems to be the deal anymore." in a disgusted tone of voice.

As June stepped around to the other side of the pickup while pulling her cell phone out of a pocket I finished tying the load down, then got in on the driver's side and waited till June was done with her phone call.

When June climbed into the pickup and shut the door, "He told me 'no', he is too busy to meet us there, so he'll stop and eat at one of those high priced restaurants on the way home. I'm beginning to wonder if he even loves me like he says he does. He is got to where he don't come home and eat any more so I end up either throwing out food that would've been good the following evening for me to eat instead of fixing something for nothing to be ate, which I do eat them at dinner time if I'm home and not running around town for whatever reason. He hasn't gotten a promotion that I know of and he seems to be spending most of his time in a conference any more when he used to all ways take my calls before."

"Do you mind me asking how long this has been going on?" as I turned the corner just a few blocks from the house.

"About eight months now. He doesn't want to talk about what is going on as far as to tell me if he's gotten a promotion or not and he keeps saying he's not ready to set a date for our wedding yet either."

"It does sound suspicious to me too." June and I talked as I drove to the Good Will drop off location with me letting her vent for the most part.

At the Good Will drop off location we unloaded everything and sat it all where we were told to put it all for them to go through and with the pickup off loaded I put my bungee cords away in the tool box across the bed of my truck and then we went toward Jackie's Diner.

The reason June and I are getting rid of her mother's (daughter) things and I'm getting rid of my wife's things is that nine months ago the two of them went shopping and they got hit head on by a driver going too fast. The driver jumped out from behind a slower moving vehicle into their lain before getting to the street that the person went to turn onto and the two women were right there and didn't have time to hit the brake before contact between the two vehicles.

While June and I ate our supper at Jackie's Diner we made small talk then I took her home at her house. I went home then and turned on the television for some kind of sound so that it didn't sound so lonely even though it still is. I then headed off to the shower and after my shower I went into the kitchen to grab a beer without a stich of clothing on, which I did even when Bea was alive.

During the nights June would spend with the wife and I, while she was growing up, I'm sure that June never saw me undressed or in a state of dressing or undressing. That is until she was old enough to be curious about the difference between boys and girls, then I stopped letting her in the same room as I was while I changed clothes or dressed in something more comfortable to wear before bedtime. I had done the same thing to June's mother when she was growing up too.

The following morning I got up went into the kitchen, fixed myself something to eat for breakfast while the coffee was making and then I sat down to eat at the kitchen table.

When I was half through with eating my breakfast the front door opened and June stepped into the house and into the kitchen, "Hi grandpa. How are you doing this morning?"

"Now that I'm stuffing my face I'm doing pretty well. How are you doing this fine morning?"

"I'm doing so, so." as she stepped into the kitchen and over to the table.

"Do you want something to eat or a cup of coffee?" as she was pulling a chair out right next to me.

"I'll get me a cup of coffee if you made enough for both of us to have some."

"Have you ever seen me make just a small amount of coffee?"

"No but I thought that maybe you started making less since grandma's not around anymore." picking my cup up and taking it with her toward the coffee maker.

"No I haven't. I guess I'm just hoping someone will come around and join me for a cup. I usually get it drank between now and bed time though so I can set the pot back up to just turn it on of a morning." then taking another bite of my food.

When June had the cups filled she turned around toward me with the two cups in her hands and her eyes got a surprised look in them, "I just realized you have no clothes on grandpa."

When June got the surprised look I then realized I wasn't dressed yet, "I wasn't expecting you so early this morning so I did what I usually do on the weekends and any other morning and that is I wait till I'm done with eating breakfast and drinking my coffee of a morning."

"Okay I have no problem with it really. It just surprised me to see you not dressed since you usually all ways get dressed before breakfast when I would spend nights here."

"I can go back in and dress right quick and then come back and finish eating."

"No, finish eating first before your food gets any colder than it is now." setting my coffee cup down in front of me and hers down on the table where she has the chair pulled out from, "Besides this is your house and we are both adults here. Bob and I used to run around the house in the nude but now he has a fit if I don't dress first thing of a morning or at least put on a house coat." as she sat down in the chair.

"As long as it was your mom and no baby brother before or after she was born I had no problem with your grandma running around the house with nothing on, but she wouldn't let your mom do that after she got so old. When she put a stop to your mom running around without clothes on she quit then too and then after she moved out of the house here, your grandma went back to going around without clothes on again."

"That's the way it was with mom and dad when I was growing up come to think of it."

June and I sat there making small talk while I ate my breakfast and drank my coffee and she drank her coffee. After June filled our cups up twice and we drank the coffee in them, "I guess I need to put this stuff by the sink and go get dressed so that we can get started and get it over with. The faster the better I think."

"I'll take care of all this while you're getting dressed." As she stood up then June looked at me, "Now go grandpa. I've got this. I've seen necked men before and I could see you under the table when I got our coffees those two times now."

"Okay, I'm going." as I stood up from the chair.

I noticed that June took a look at me as I stood and she was picking up the two cups and my plate. I quickly turned before my dick got a rise so she wouldn't see it getting hard with her looking at it. As it was it had done got half hard with her telling me that she's done saw me this morning.

As soon as I was dressed I got an arm full of Bea's clothes from her side of the closet and took them out to the living room and draped them over the back of the couch, "June if by chance you want any of these clothes here you might want to put them over the back of the chair there."

"I don't think any of her clothes will fit me grandpa but I will go through them though. I do have a friend that can use some clothes if there is any that happen to fit her."

"That works for me." then I went back to the bedroom for another arm load.

Once I had all of Bea's clothes out on the couch and June went through them I started going through Bea's other things she had in the bedroom keeping what I wanted to keep out of them and the rest I took to the living room for June to go through. Once I had everything out of the bedroom and closet of Bea's I started taking things out to the pickup that June had already gone through and didn't want.

After everything had been gone through we took the rest of the stuff that was left out to my pickup to take it to Good Will. With everything loaded and strapped down so that it don't blow out on the way, June and I got into the pickup and headed to the drop off location.

"Have you seen your dad any since the funerals?"

"No I haven't. He told me to call his cell once I had everything out of the house that was mom's because he wouldn't be able to handle seeing her stuff there and knowing she'll never be there ever again. I called his cell last night after you dropped me off at the house and he was out of town on business and won't be home till Friday or Saturday."

"Did he say how he's holding up? Or did you even ask him?"

"Yes I asked him and all he would say is he's doing okay."

"I've been told he's not one to talk about what he's feeling at the time and then it's like he's forgot all about it when he does finally get over it if he even does."

Once we got to the drop off location we stopped at Sub Way and each got a sandwich and sat there eating it, while making small talk and watching the different people that came in through the door.

Once we got back to my place we then cleaned up the space that is now empty from getting all of Bea's things out of the house. That is when I happen to notice June while bent over that she had no bra on under her over size T-shirt but also had a tank top T-shirt on under the oversize T. She had bent over to pick up some dirt she had swept up into a pile. Even though it was a fast glance I also saw her nipples trying to poke through the tank top and looked to be of good size nips as her tits were also of good size.

I knew June had developed to a good size cup for such a small woman but never really paid any attention to her size all that much. Now I'm having trouble trying not to think about her tits size as I keep doing what I was doing before seeing the view down her over size T. The reason I believe that is making it hard for me to put what I just saw out of my mind is due to it being nine months since I've had sex last.

When we finished cleaning up the house and did just a little bit of rearranging things to help in filling up some of the empty space, "How would you like me to fix us a home cooked supper this evening grandpa?"

"I guess you can or we can just go out or order takeout. I figured you might be too tired to do any cooking after all we've done today."

"Since you won't let me pay for the meal, you can save money by me cooking supper."

"Right now moneys no problem. You deserve to be waited on after all the work you've done today. You can fix me supper another time if you want to."

"I'll make a deal with you then."

"Okay, what is the deal?"

"We'll eat out this evening but tomorrow night is my night to come over here and fix us supper."

"Okay I'll go for that."

"Good. Now, that we got that settled. Do I need to go home and clean up and put on something nice or not?"

"Do you want to go to more of a high end restaurant than we did yesterday or go to one that is kind of like the one we went to yesterday?"

"Let's just go to one like we did yesterday."

"Okay. Now if you need to you can go into the bathroom and clean up before we go."

"I think I will thank you."

"What you want to do as far as Bob is concerned?" as she had turned toward the bathroom.

When I asked her the question she stopped and looked at me, "I'm not even going to ask him anything and just go to eat. He never goes out with me to eat anymore so why should I bother asking him anymore. Just like yesterday when I called and asked him he said he had to work late again. It's the same thing every day; he has to or had to work late." June then went on toward the bathroom.

When we got to the restaurant and were eating our supper June talked about wishing she could actually find out if Bob is really working late or not. After listening to everything she had to say, I had an idea as to how to find out if he was actually working or not, so I asked her a few more questions about Bob and his job and all that I may need to know about him.

The next morning after I finished eating my breakfast I got dressed and went into town where I knew my friend's office was. The friend had become a private investigator working on his own after working for a couple other agencies. After talking to my private investigator friend and giving him all the information that I had on Bob and his job and work place.

That afternoon at three fifteen June came in with a sack full of groceries and put them in the kitchen leaving some of the food out on the counter and putting some in the fridge, to keep chilled till time to use them.

I told June about my visit with my private investigator friend and what he told me, "I sure hope he can find out the truth for me."

"I'm sure he will and if he finds out that Bob's not working but doing what you think he may be doing I hope you're prepared to handle it."

"I believe I am. I've done figured that he's playing around behind my back. I've even packed a few things to leave him as quickly as possible as soon as I find out for sure if he's cheating on me or not."

"Have you figured out where you'll move to if he is cheating on you?"

"I thought about moving back home with dad but he informed me last night that he is going to stay where he's at now instead of coming back home here. He said he got that promotion that he's been wanting and his office will be where he's at now. He also told me he's selling the house and will be splitting the money with me because he has found another woman to live with and maybe marry her if things work out between the two of them."

"You know that you're welcome to move in here with me. I do have more than enough room for you as you well know after we cleaned out the spare bedroom in there yesterday. I have no other family members that will be coming to visit me on your grandma's side of the family..."

"You don't know that. They could pop in at any time."

"Yea, right, that'll be the day. Any time we went to visit them I was left out in left field while they would talk to Bea but not to me. It was like I was the third wheel. Hell they never even came to visit Bea the whole time we were married. Hell you saw how they flocked to your dad after the funeral and only two of the husbands married to Bea's sisters came and visited with me and out of Bea's brothers one came over and shook my hand and told me he was sorry about how the two of them died so early in life. None of the sisters or other brothers came over to even tell me to go to hell even much less anything else."

Thinking about what I had just told her a moment, "I hadn't realized that till you just pointed it out. I remember now I couldn't get a word in edge ways to my dad with every one gathered around him. That is when I came over and talked to you three guys."

"You are the only real connection I have to that side of the family if any."

"I'm not real sure I even have a connection to them now that we're talking about it."

"I hate to say it but you may be right about not having a connection there."

"I guess I better go in and fix supper for us." going into the kitchen then.

"Do you need or want any help?"

"No. You just stay out till called." After June got some pans out and utensils' to cook with, "By the way if you want to go in and get comfy you can go ahead it'll be ready right at five."

"I'll just get some what comfortable then." I then went in and took a quick shower to be clean of the little bit of work I did outside around the house.

Stepping out of the bathroom in the master bedroom I opened my dresser drawer and found a pair of boxers to put on to eat in. As soon as I opened the bedroom door I could smell the food that June was cooking up and it made my stomach rumble letting me know just how hungry I am.

Stepping into the kitchen, "I know it sure smells good beautiful."

"Thank you. Go ahead into the dining room and have a seat. I'll be in there in just a moment as soon as I pour us some wine to go with our meal."

As soon as I stepped into the kitchen I saw that June had went in and changed into a tighter fitting T-shirt and shorts that fit her snugly and I noticed she had no bra on then caught myself wondering if she has any panties on or not.

Just a short moment after sitting down at the table June came in with a tray full of wine and ice tea for us to drink with our meal. While June and I ate supper we made small talk and when we were finishing up with the good meal she had cooked up, "I've decided to take you up on your offer if it still stands if we find out Bob's cheating on me."

"No matter what the offer will still be there for you. I'll never turn you down no matter what and you should know that by now."

"I know but I was taught not to take it for granted that an offer is still going to be there."

"That is true most of the time but you and I are family and maybe the only family we have on your side any way."

"What about your side of the family?"

"They may come and visit me if they have money to do so but if they do it will be to visit then head back the same day they get here, just like they did the day of the funeral if you remember."

"Yes I remember. Back when I was younger didn't your mom and brothers come to visit once?"

"Yes they did and treated us all out to dinner and then stayed around maybe another hour or two then left for home. That should tell you that I'll not need that room in there, so you will be able to use that room for as long as you want to or need to."

"Thank you grandpa very much. Dad called me this afternoon during his dinner break and told me that he and the woman he's seeing now will be here Saturday morning to get his stuff packed up and ready for the movers to load everything into a truck and take it all up to where he's moving to."

As June told me what her dad told her I was wondering about him and my daughter's relationship. Was it falling apart before the bad accident for him to find another woman so fast after his wife's death? Had he cheated on her long before her sudden death? I had all kinds of questions about him and the daughter's marriage. How can he be ready so fast after his wife's death when I'm just starting to being ready for another relationship with another woman?

Wednesday evening right after I got off from work I gave my friend the private investigator a call to see how the investigation was coming along to be told that he needed just a few more days to wrap it all up for us. Friday late afternoon my Forman walked up to me and handed me a note that I was to call my friend up as soon as I got off of work or to just go by his office before six or he'd be out till Monday morning. As soon as I got off from work I picked up my check and gave my friend a call and he asked me if it was going to be just me he meets with about his findings or was June going to be there too.

He gave me time to give June a call to see if she wanted in on the meeting about the findings which she wanted to be there too. I gave my friend a call back and we set up the meeting first thing Monday morning which I then told my boss that I had a meeting with a private investigator Monday and didn't know if I'd make it into work or not that day.

Monday morning I got to the investigator's office a little bit early so I sat in the office waiting room till time and just before we got called back June came in and set next to me till we were called.

Stepping into the office Max held is hand out for me to shake, "Come on in Jake." then looking at June and holding his hand out to her, "This must be June your daughter."

"Yes it is."

"My pleasure to meet you and put a face to the name I've heard so much about from Jake here."

"Thank you but the pleasure is all mine as much as grandpa has told me about you."

"You mean it wasn't all bad stuff he told you about me."

"No sir it was all pretty good stuff."

"Just call me Max. Now we'll get down to business here." stepping around his desk and having a seat in his chair. Max picked up a folder and opened it took out some pictures and as he handed one to June, "To be sure I've got the right man here, have a look at these pictures." handing another one to her as June handed me the first picture.

"You got the right man. That is Bob."

Handing June another picture as she handed me the one she had while taking the next picture from Max, "Do you recognize the woman in this picture?"

"No, I've never seen her before."

"He stops here every morning on the way to work and some mornings he spends thirty minutes and other mornings he spends one hour then he goes on to work from there. The mornings he is there for an hour he comes out with his tie in his hand and starts retying it as goes to his car."

Max had handed pictures one at a time to June as he told us how long Bob spends at the woman's house, "Do you know if this woman is married or single?"

"She's single. Your husband Bob owns the house according to the city records. Now on the days that he just stays thirty minutes with this woman in the house he stays at the office later than all the other employees and when he comes out one and one half after every one else has left he comes out with this woman and walks her to her car then they have a kissing session for a little bit then she gets into her car and drives off while he walks to his car then gets in it and leaves. He goes from here to this restaurant where he meets back up with the woman from his work place. As you can see they kiss again and then walk into the restaurant arm in arm."

"That woman is his secretary."

I managed to put surveillance cams and mikes around in his office and every time she stepped into his office throughout each day they would kiss each other and sometimes during their dinner time they would sit in his office and eat their dinner. Now I've made a little video here for you and I did do some editing to it so it is just a short version of their encounters together from day to day." then Max put a DVD into his computer and after a few clicks of his mouse a video started playing.

Some of the times that Bob and his secretary ate dinner together he would bad mouth June and other times bad mouthed her husband and then they would just hold each other and kiss after eating and bad mouthing their mates and even have a quickie on some of those days during their dinners. On the evenings they would stay late after work they would end up on the couch having sex a couple of times before they left the office. Max cut the sex down to where each session was short so not to take up to much time watching it.

Max managed to get some pictures through a few windows with the woman Bob stopped to see each morning and on the thirty minute stay they just sat and talked and he would give her some money and the days he stayed longer they had a round of sex. When Bob and his secretary didn't stay late they would meet up at the restaurant kiss then go in and eat supper then have a little kissing session before leaving at which time Bob would head back over to his house he stopped at each morning and spent a couple of hours having sex before going in to clean up before heading home.

After the meeting that took one in a half hours June and I walked out of the office and down to our cars then at her car she turned to me, "I guess you're going to have a roommate grandpa." in a very angry detecting voice.

"Do you need any help moving your stuff?"

"No I can get it. Like I told you I've got a lot of my things packed and ready to go which doesn't leave me much to pack and load. Besides I know you need to get to work unless you took the day off."

"My boss told me to take the day off to take care of the matter at hand here then go in Tuesday to work. He said we'll just call it a sick day."

"You've been with the same company for how long now?"

"Thirty some years now and he pays me more than the other guys that I work with because of it."

"I better go get my thigs and I'll meet you at the house then."

"Okay. Drive careful so I don't get another phone call."

"I will. I love you grandpa."

"I love you too baby." then I closed the driver's door for her.

The next morning out of habit I went to the kitchen and started the coffee maker then went to cooking up some breakfast with nothing on but the apron which I take off when I sit down to eat. In the middle of cooking breakfast June walked into the room and with a whistle, "You really have a good looking behind there grandpa."

"Shit" I whispered to myself, "I'm so sorry June baby. I should've got dressed before I came in here. Being half a sleep yet I just came in here without giving it another thought."

"Oh grandpa don't think anything of it. I told you this is your house so dress however you want to dress or not dress."

"Here keep a watch on this and I'll go put on one of my boxers."

"I told you don't have to go do that."

"A granddaughter shouldn't see her grandpa without clothes on."

"Grandpa don't worry about it now. I saw you not long ago with nothing on and you have nothing more than Bob has. The only difference maybe the size but other than that the two of you have the same thing."

I went ahead and finished cooking breakfast and even cooked up breakfast for June too. Once I had breakfast cooked and on two plates I took them to the table and sat the plates down on the table with one in front of June and one in my spot at the table.

I sat down at the table then I reached back and untied my apron and laid it over the back of the empty chair next to me across from June. As I had a bite of my eggs on my fork I happen to look at June to see she had a very thin night gown that was very much see through. As soon as I could see June's tits and hard nipples with nipples trying to poke through the gown I got a hard cock real quick.

While June and I ate our breakfast we made small talk and I had a very hard time keeping my eyes off of her tits but I felt like I was failing at it. When she stood up to take our cups over and refill them with more coffee I saw that her gown stopped right at the spot her butt and legs connect at and I could see right through to her ass and ass crack. When June turned around to walk back to the table with our coffees I could see her bald pussy as easy as I could her butt crack.

The second morning June was there I put on my boxers and I could even smell a breakfast being cooked up. When I stepped into the kitchen I saw June in her thin night gown, with the apron on and the gown had rode up some from the apron being tied around her waist just above her butt, so half of her butt was uncovered.

"How long have you been up this morning baby girl?"

"Oh not long, just long enough to start the coffee maker and cook over half of our breakfast. You can go ahead and fill our cups up over there and this should be ready by the time you get them sat on the table at our spots."

With the coffee on the table I sat down then June came over to the table with our plates filled with food and when she had them sat down on the table in front of myself and her spot she took off the apron and put it on the counter then came back over and sat down at her spot.

From that morning on is how it is of mornings when I have to work but on the weekends, I do the cooking of our breakfast with me wearing my boxers and the apron.

The third week that June lived in the house the two of us had turned in for the night after watching a movie on the television on another station than the local station so we missed the news and weather so we went to bed.

Sometime after we had gone to bed I got woke up from a loud clap of thunder and in less than two seconds June was at the door coming into my bedroom, "I'm scared grandpa..." another loud clap of thunder again and she was in my bed under the sheet with me cuddling as close as she could possibly get, "I'm sorry I didn't ask first but it scared me. I don't like storms."

"I guess it'll be okay for you to be in here with me. Let me get up and put on some boxers." then another loud clap sounded off all most as fast as we saw the flash of lighting light up the room.

"No don't get up. Please grandpa, hold me."

"I have no..." the thunder cut me off it was so loud that time.

June just jumped and landed in front of me lifting my arm up and over her with her back side up against me, including her butt and that is when I noticed she was as nude as I was under the sheet. With her against me like she was my dick was right between her butt cheeks. With the way she gave a little bit of a roll back to grab my hand then rolled back forward her butt crack caught my dick up in it, "You don't have a night gown to sleep in?"

As soon as my dick was in her butt crack it started getting hard and the other thing that got my dick to hardening is when June grabbed my hand and pulled it over her, she put my hand right on a tit close to the bed and my arm over her other tit and her nipples went to getting harder than they already were, "No I've been sleeping in the nude for some time now. I'm too scared to stop and grab something before coming in here to bed with you."

Just before another clap of thunder sounded out I could feel June shaking like she was scared of something, then the clap sounded off, "There is nothing to be scared of baby." I all so noticed that between claps of thunder I could hear the rain gushing down on everything and it was soaking whatever was in its way, "It's just raining real heavy right now which tells me it'll be over within a few minutes."

"I still don't like it. It scares me."

I could tell with each clap of thunder that it was further away than it was, then I also noticed that June was flexing her hips causing her butt to rub up and down my dick shaft. Then she started squeezing my hand in a way to make my fingers squeeze her tit while she put another hand on my arm like she didn't want it to move, "Ahh, baby what are you doing? I think we need to get up and put something on."

"I like the feel of two nude bodies next to each other like this."

"I know just how you feel but your my granddaughter not my girlfriend from down the street if I even had one."

"Are we both adults here?"

"Yes we are. Adults that shou..."

"Yes we are adults here. Now are we alone here or is someone else in here with us?"

"It's just us ..."

"Then we are not hurting anyone at all sense it's just us here. No one will even know what we do in here unless you go and tell them because I'm not going to say, as you say, a 'cotton picking word' to anyone about us doing anything in here. Now does it feel good with what I'm doing?"

"Well yes it feels good no doubt but..."

"Then this will really feel good then." then I felt her hand on my cock and guiding it then I felt the head of my hard dick at the entrance to her pussy opening and then the head slid into the opening.

June had to stop a few times till she had all of my seven inches in her pussy,"Oh shit baby. Mmmm. It feels so good but yet it's so bad to be doing." June kept sliding down on my hard cock inch by inch, "It's a good thing your pussy is wet like it is or you wouldn't have been able to get my dick into your pussy. Your pussy is so damn tight.

"I knew you were bigger than Bob the first day I saw you sitting at the table eating breakfast and I knew I wanted to have you one way or another grandpa. Even if Bob had been true and faithful to me I was going to figure out a way to get you in my pussy."

I noticed then that I was squeezing her tits and helping her to get my dick into her tight wet pussy. I don't know when I started squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples going from one to the other without her hand on my hand. June moaned with each inch that slowly slid into her hot little box.

When my dick was in her pussy as far as we could get it, "Oh fuck you have me filled to the brim with that sexy hot rod of yours grandpa."

"I know your pussy is the tightest one I've ever had my dick in. As tight as you are it's a good thing that you're as wet as you are or I wouldn't be in you it's such a tight pussy."

Once June was adjusted to the size of my dick we slowly started moving letting my dick slide outward then back in with increasing speed and length of my cock's movement.

Her pussy muscles squeezed my dick more than it had been and her pussy just got wetter than it already was, "OH, fuck, grandpa, your cock feels so damn good in my pussy. I really don't want to ever take it out, it feels so fucking good."

"I know what you mean there. I don't want to take my dick out of your pussy now that I know how tight it is and how good a tight pussy feels."

"Why don't you get up here on top of me here?"

As June lifted up I just took a hold of her by putting my arm around her and lifted as I turned onto my back putting her on top in reverse cowgirl, "Now baby you can ride for a bit."

"Oh fuck me grandpa you're so deep in my pussy. I didn't think you could get any deeper than you were before." then June started bouncing up and down on my dick then.

After a few strokes up and down on my cock, "Oh damn grandpa I believe this is my favorite position from now on."

"You might want to try a few more positions before deciding on which one you'll like the best." I reached up and around and got both hands full of her firm perfect tits and gave her hard nipples a squeeze and a pinch causing her to moan even more than she was.

A moment later I then put my hands on her butt and helped her move up and down on my dick. After a few strokes more I felt her pussy muscles squeeze my dick again harder than it was and her pussy got even wetter again socking my cock. A few stokes more, "Now baby I'm going to roll and get up so that I'm behind you for doggy."

I then put my arms around her waist and rolled, then pushed myself up and over, "Ow oh fuck..." she then need to wait and adjust before moaning in pleasure rather than the pain, "Oh fuck you went deeper into my pussy just then and into my cervix. Oh fuck that feels so damn good."

I started pumping in and out of her pussy then, "Oh hell you're so fucking deep. Fuck me grandpa."

As I pushed and pulled in and outward she pushed back into me getting my cock in her pussy as deep as we could. Her pussy was feeling so good I didn't think about whose pussy I was fucking at the moment. Fucking June's tight pussy kind of gave the feeling that I've never had sex till the rain storm came through, "Fuck baby your pussy is so damn tight. I think my cock is going to be rubbed raw by the time were done here."

"Oh fuck me. Your cock feels so damn good in my pussy. I've cum more on your cock than I have on any other dick. Don't stop fucking me. I'm about to cum again, shit it feels so damn good."

"I'm getting close to cumming too. Where do you want me to cum at? Do you want me to cum on your sexy little round butt here or on your perky tits?"

"I want to feel your cum in my pussy. Put all of your cum in my pussy. Oh fuck, I'm fucking cumming now. Cum, now, fill my pussy up."

I then felt her pussy muscles squeezing my cock again which then set me off. I started pumping rope after rope of cum deep into her ever so tight pussy before I could find out if she was on the pill or not, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming baby. I'm fucking feeling up you tight pussy.

"I feel it filling me up. I want it alllll..." then I got socked from the groin down. There was a liquid squirt out of her pussy for the first time tonight.

I've seen videos where a woman may squirt but never been with a woman that did till now. I finally quit cumming and June went down flat on her belly, which I followed her down, then rolled over taking her with me till we lay on our sides with me spooning her and my dick still in her pussy.

In a short time my dick went soft and fell out of her pussy, then June turned over to face me and we started kissing each other with so much passion, which also is the first kiss of the night.

When we broke the kissing off, "I love you grandpa. You're my number one man from now on. That was the best sex I've ever had my whole life. No one can make me cum the way you just made me cum."

"We should not have done what we just did baby. You're my only little girl I have left in this world now. I love you with all of my heart but this was wrong for us to do. If word even got out about us doing such a thing as we did, there will be hell to pay for the rest of my life. I just cum in your tight pussy and I were unprotected meaning I could have made you pregnant just now..."

"No grandpa I'm on the pill. I'm so glad we did this. Out of all the stormy nights and days I've had sex during the storms, you made this night feel the best for me and made me cum the most. I've been horny long before I even asked to move in with you and that ex of mine wouldn't have sex with me. He went out to have sex with another woman or bimbo. Bimbo is more like it. I've wanted to do this since the day I first saw you with no clothes on in the kitchen while you ate breakfast and I'm so glad that we finally did. I have loved you for how long now? Now I know just how much I love you. I would love to have your baby and hope it's a boy so that your great name can be carried on. Now tell me was it as good for you as it was for me? Look at me and tell me you didn't love the feelings we felt having the sex with each other like we just did."

I had this feeling that I was on the losing side of this argument. The answer to her question was, "Yes it was good for me as it was for you." I could not tell her it was any different. I even knew that I had cum more with her than any other woman I have ever been with, including her grandmother and sex with her grandmother, was pretty damn good but with June it was beyond that even.

"I cannot figure out why everyone including you can say it is wrong to have sex with a family member, when it feels so damn good like it was for us tonight?"

"I have no answer for that than, it is against the law to do so."

"That I know but it is a stupide law to me. When two adults, as we are, love each other and one isn't forced into the sex then there should be no law against incest. Sex is meant to be enjoyable for two people that love each other dearly isn't it?"

"Yes. That is what I've all ways been told since I was a kid myself."

"Then who loves us better than we love each other?"

"I don't know of any one that does."

June then leaned in toward me and kissed me on the lips for a moment which I returned the kiss as well, "Now, do you still want to say what we did is wrong?"

"Now I will not say another word against it. I would just lose again if I did."

"That's right. The day you tell me you did not enjoy our sex with each other is the day I will stop trying to have sex with you."

"The way I feel about it now I'll never say that to you. You should try to find a man that you want to be with for the rest of your life though."

"You're the only man I want to spend the rest of my life with so I'm not going to go looking anymore."

"In that case we need to try and get some sleep now.
And the storm is over with now..."