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The Awakening

Written by CarmenDeLust

Michelle wasn't the prettiest girl in school. Far from it. She was doubtful that any of the boys knew her name, much less her face, for they never seemed to notice her. Quiet and a loner, she kept to herself, and instead focused on science, knowing that in a couple months' time, this hell called high school would at last be over, and college would mean her passport to another world.

Far from never been kissed, she had never even been touched by a boy, if you don't count the time Mitchell Griffith accidentally bumped into her in a hallway. At first, she had thought perhaps he had done it on purpose, and began to look him out and follow him to his classes. That is, until he noticed, and his friends began to laugh at her.

Then, once again, she was alone.

That is, until her grandpa came for a visit. Grandpa always had time for Michelle, and she knew she could tell him anything, and he always listened to her. She loved sitting on his lap, and feel his strong, warm hands caress her legs and arms. Once, he accidentally stroked her booby, which made her feel all warm and tingly "down there".

But Grandpa was the one person on Earth whom she felt truly loved her, so she never said a word. Not ever. And she never would.

Michelle had already gone to bed, and was just about to turn out her light when her Grandpa knocked on the door.

"You looked awful sad at dinner," he said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Won't you tell Grandpa all about it?"

Michelle just shook her head. "You'll just think I'm being stupid."

"Me? Never! How 'bout you come sit on Grandpa's lap? I know it'd make ME feel better..."

Thinking twice, Michelle climbed out from under the covers. She was wearing a short nightgown that ended above her knees. Her grandpa also noticed that it was slightly transparent. He could clearly see her brown snatch and nipples through the nearly translucent fabric. It made his dick hard.

She clambered up onto his lap, and his strong arms enveloped around her. Her ass nestled nicely on his hard cock, and he gently shifted her there, rubbing it in. "Now, what's wrong, sugar? Won't you tell Grandpa?"

Sighing, Michelle said, "Prom is coming up. Nobody's asked me, and I'm pretty sure no one's going to."

"Oh!" he exclaimed, rubbing her bare leg. He dreamt of the pantyless pussy that lay just beyond his hand. "No one's asked you? Well, then why don't you ask a boy you like?"

"I couldn't do that. I'm way too shy! Besides. He'd just laugh at me."

"I don't think he would. Not if you promised to show him a good time."

"What do you mean?"

"Michelle," her grandpa said, shaking his head. "Boys like girls who aren't timid. Who aren't afraid. Maybe if he knew that he'd have a good time with you, he'd ask you."

"Well, how do I show him that?"

Grandpa smiled. "Why don't you kiss him?"

Shocked, Michelle said, "Kiss him? Like, just go up to him and kiss him? You're crazy."

"No, I'm not," Grandpa said. "Or you could talk to him. Tell him all the fun things you two could do together."

"Like what?"

"Well, you know, the stuff you'd do AFTER Prom."

But Michelle appeared clueless. "What do people do after Prom?"

"They fool around and have some fun. You're young, Michelle. There's no shame if you want to have sex with a boy. It's not like MY day where it was frowned upon."

Michelle blushed. "You think if I promised him sex he'd go out with me?"

Grandpa smiled. "I'm sure he would. Especially with such a cutie like yourself."

Michelle smiled, but it faded. "But I don't know what I'm doing. He'd just laugh at me, just like I said he would."

"What don't you know?"

"You know... I don't know how to be GOOD. I don't know how to please him."

At there it was. He knew his chance had come. "Well, would you like me to help you?"


"Show you a few things. Grandpa knows a thing or two."

She knew it was wrong, and bad, and that her parents wouldn't like it. But at the same time, she desperately wanted to be good. Maybe, just maybe, Mitchell would then like her...

"I guess so," she replied at last.

"Don't worry," Grandpa assured her as he shifted her beside him. "I promise you. You'll enjoy it. We're just going to have a little bit of fun. That's all. That doesn't sound bad or scary, does it?"

Michelle shook her head and smiled. She liked to have fun with Grandpa.

Still smiling, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and long, and he gently stroked it with his hand.

Michelle was shocked, and it coursed through her, all the way to her pussy, making her feel all warm and tingly "down there".

"I've never seen one in real life before," she said. "Just the drawings they show in school."

"Give me your hand. I'll show you how to touch it so he's real happy."

Michelle let him take her hand and place it on his cock. "It's real hard!" she exclaimed.

"It sure is," Grandpa agreed. "It likes it when you stroke it like this," he said, pushing her hand up and down his long shaft.

He moaned at her touch, and she couldn't help but smile, feeling better that she was finally good at something a boy would like.

"Would you like to kiss it?"

"Kiss it?" she asked nervously.

But Grandpa just smiled warmly. "Don't be shy. Boys like it when you kiss it."

He ever so gently lowered her head down - down - down until her sweet, wet lips were but an inch away. Her courage building, she kissed it.

"Good, Sugar! Not so scary, right? Try again, and this time, stick your tongue out."

"Ew! Won't it taste yucky?"

"Not at all! Just like licking your finger! Go ahead! Try it! I promise you, the boys will love it!"

Slowly, Michelle leaned back down and kissed the tip of his cock again, this time stroking it with her tongue. She popped back up, triumphant. "You're right! It didn't taste bad at all!"

"Good, Sweetie! Now, this time, try licking it like a lollipop."

Down she went again, though this time much quicker. Her pink tongue popped out, and up and down his cock it went, licking from his balls to the very tip and back again. He moaned with pleasure.

"Wow, Babydoll!" he said hungrily. "You sure do make Grandpa proud! Now, this time, put the tip in your mouth, and move up and down. Think you can try that?"

"Ok!" Michelle now said confidently, and again went down on her old Grandpa. Up and down over his shaft her wet lips moved, her head bobbing up and down like a cork. She also began to slowly suck, and get faster and faster.

Without warning, he held onto her head, holding it down, and came all in her mouth. She at once shot up, shocked, white cum dripping from her open mouth.

"Oh, I am sorry, Sweetie," Grandpa apologized. "But that just means that you did a stand up job if you were able to make Grandpa cum like that."

Wiping up the cum that was dripping down her chin she said, "Really?"

"Oh my, yes, Honey. Trust me. You do that to one lucky boy, you'll have ALL the boys after you in no time!"

Michelle smiled triumphantly. "Thank you, Grandpa."

"Of course, Sugar. Now you get some rest. Grandpa will teach you some more tomorrow."
Grandpa woke up horny, and his cock was hard all day with anticipation of what was to come. When Michelle was at school, and his son and daughter-in-law were at work, he popped out to gather a few supplies. He had wanted to do this as long as he could remember, and was anxious to try it out on his sweet, innocent Michelle.

The day appeared to last forever, and the night longer still. At last it was nearly ten o'clock, and he noticed Michelle's light was still on.

Was she waiting up for him? Perhaps, he thought, she was excited too, for all the wonderful things he was going to teach her - and do to her.

He couldn't wait any more.

He walked in, a plastic bag in hand. Michelle was in bed, her body hidden under her covers.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming," she said, excitedly crawling out from under her sheets. She was wearing the same translucent nighty from the previous night, and she excitedly bounced on her knees. Even from across the room, he could see her boobies jiggle like sweet peachy jello.

"Of course your Grandpa would come!" he assured her, sitting beside her on the bed. "Got lots to teach you tonight! I just had to wait until your Mom and Dad went to bed. This is our little secret, right?"

"Right," Michelle said, smiling. "What's in the bag?"

"Something for later. Something that will make the boys REALLY excited to see you!"

"Really?" Michelle asked excitedly.

"Oh, yes. But, later. For now, would you like Grandpa to teach you some more?"

"Yes, please! Am I going to kiss your thingey again?"

"Perhaps later, Sugar. Firstly, I thought we'd focus on you."

Michelle was taken aback. "What about me?"

"Oh, boys love girls," Grandpa assured her, stroking her bare leg. Her nighty was inching up to her thighs, and he was desperate to get at her snatch. 'Patience,' he told himself. "Boys especially love girl's bodies. How 'bout you be a good girl and show Grandpa your titties."


"Oh, Grandpa wants to show you what the boys will do, so there won't be any surprises for you. Doesn't that sound good?"

"I guess so," Michelle said, but she really just wanted to kiss his dick again. However, not wanting to disappoint her Grandpa, she unbuttoned her three buttons on the front, and slipped her arms out, dropping her nighty at her waist, still hiding what lay beneath.

Her tits were pert and had round, dark nipples the size of quarters.

"My, they are LOVELY!" Grandpa exclaimed, reaching out and stroking them with both hands. It had been eons since he had touched such innocent, sweet flesh. He gently squeezed, massaging her luscious titties with his old, wrinkled hands.

Michelle didn't think it would have been exciting at all, someone feeling her like he did, but it actually started to make her feel rather warm and tingly "down there" again, just like yesterday.

"You really think they boys will like them? Do you think they're big enough?"

"Oh, you trust your Grandpa. The boys will simply LOVE your titties! They'll love to do this, too," he said leaning in and gently licking her nipples.

"That makes me feel kind of funny," Michelle admitted.

"It don't feel bad, does it?"

"No, just tingly all over.

"That's good!" Grandpa assured her. "Make sure you tell the boys that. They like to know they're making you feel good."

He started sucking on her pointy nipples, and flicking them with his long tongue. Such heavenly young tits... Fuck, he could do this all day!

But, he had bigger plans in store...

He sat up. "How you feel, Sugar? Shall Grandpa teach you some more, or is that enough for the night?"

"I feel good," she replied, though slightly nervous as to what he would teach her next. "I guess we can go on."

"Alright. Just if you're sure now..."

Michelle nodded. "I'm sure."

"Alright. Next, the boys will want to see your pussy. Can Grandpa see it, too?"

Michelle's smiled faded. She'd never shown her pussy to anyone, not even a doctor. "I guess so."

"Don't you worry about a thing, Sugar," he said, gently pushing her back on the bed. "Grandpa's going to make you feel real good."

He spread her legs wide, and slowly lifted up her nighty to her waist, like he was slowly opening a present.

Her pussy was all brown bush, like a juicy snatch from his golden years. "Has anybody ever touched you here, Sweetheart?"

"No, Grandpa."

"Do you ever touch yourself?"

Michelle blushed. "No, Grandpa. That's dirty."

He couldn't believe his luck. He peeled back the folds of her pussy lips, revealing the bright pink snatch hidden within.

She moaned and gasped as he touched her, paying particular attention to her long-neglected clit. "How's this feel, Sugar? Does Grandpa make you feel good when he does this?"

Michelle moaned softly, taking sharp intakes of breath as her back arched and her entire body was filled with intense warmth.

"Yes," she gasped, and he flicked it with his tongue. It tasted better than anything he could possibly remember. For an old man, licking luscious, wet, young snatch, he knew he could now die a happy man.

He began to finger her pussy hole with his old, fat thumb, just rubbing it gently.

Michelle continued to moan, even as he inserted it into her wet cunny hole.

Licking, stroking, fingering and sucking, on and on he went until he could sense her starting to climax. Her breathing became quicker, her body arched in jerky movements, and a hand whipped down to hold him back, but he quickly grabbed her wrist, pinning it down on the bed, only to suck and finger her faster and faster until she made no sound at all.

Her body then slowly relaxed, and he rose up. "Now, you tell your Grandpa. Did he do a good job on your little pussy? Did he make it feel good?"

"Yes, Grandpa," Michelle replied, squeezing her left tit. "That felt really good."

"Ah, Grandpa likes to make you feel good, Sugar. But, sometimes pain can be a good thing, too."

"Pain? Are you going to hurt me, Grandpa?"

"Just a little, my Honey. Just a little. But what we're going to do will make those boys want you SO BADLY the second they get a look at that pretty pussy of yours."

He reached into the bag and pulled out a box.

"Do ya know what boys REALLY like?" Grandpa asked her. "A bald pussy. No hair anywhere."

But Michelle was immediately hesitant. "But won't that hurt a lot?"

"Yes..." At once his demeanor changed, and he stood up. "I'm sorry, Sugar. I guess Grandpa made a mistake. He was only trying to help, after all. I suppose I thought you were a different kind of girl, wanting to PLEASE your Grandpa."

"I am that kind of girl!" Michelle said, at once scared that he would leave, and not help her. Not make her feel good again. "Okay. You can do it."

Grandpa smiled and sat back down. "It will hurt..."

"I don't care."

"Atta girl."

He opened up the box and took out the long strips of pre-waxed tape. Michelle lay back down, spreading her legs wide.

He took the first strip, and placed it firmly on her pubic hair, pressing down. "You ready, Sugar?"

"I'm ready."

His dick became hard again, knowing he was going to be causing her pain, and that he was going to be getting a gloriously bald pussy as an outcome.

Without hesitation, he quickly lifted the tape, ripping out most of her hair on the one side. She gasped in pain, almost convulsing, and he quickly rubbed her pussy lip with an old, weathered hand.

"No more, no more," she begged, tears running down her cheeks.

"Can't leave you like this, Sugar, all lopsided. The boys won't like that at all. They'd laugh at you for sure."

Michelle sighed and held onto the blankets tightly. "Do it then," she commanded. "Quickly."

He tore off another strip and then massaged that sweet pussy, watching the glorious transformation from a furry bush to a tight bald cunt.

She kept begging him to stop, only to reconsider and ask him to continue. On and on he went, until every last hair was ruthlessly ripped from her privates, leaving nothing but bare pussy and asshole. It was red and sore, despite the constant rubs. He wiped away the last of her tears and he stood her up, tugging down her nighty to the floor.

"Come with me, Sugar," he said, pulling her over to her full length mirror. Michelle stared at her new naked reflection and couldn't believe the transformation. "It looks sexy," she said, amazed.

"No, Sugar. YOU look sexy. Now, what boy wouldn't want to fuck a pussy as pretty as that, huh?"

Michelle smiled, satisfied that her Grandpa had been right.

"Now," Grandpa said, ogling the sexy, naked girl in front of him. "Grandpa has worked mighty hard tonight. Feel up for kissing his cock a bit? Grandpa loves playing with you."

Michelle nodded. "I love playing with you, too, Grandpa," she replied.

He smiled, and gently pressed on her shoulders, pushing her down toward the floor. "Good, Sugar. That makes Grandpa mighty happy. Down on your knees now, and you give your Grandpa a big wet kiss."

Out came is cock, and she opened her mouth, ready for both his dick and the load that would follow.

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