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Finger Fucking

So it was one hot summer day and my parents had left the city and had left me alone with my grandparents. I was so pissed I saw what was coming for me just a stupid boring day. My grandma and grandpa are about 67 years of age so they didn't really do much.

For my inconvinience my grandma said she had to go over to a friends house and invited me I quickly said no. She said it was ok and left. My grandpa was sitting down watching tv and all of a sudden fell asleep. I at my teenage years was lusting about boys and saw that my grandpas dick was hanging out I became horny and left to their room and started fingering myself I couldn't take it no more I needed a real dick to fill me in. So I decided to seduce my grandpa. He was half awake and I started to rub his cock gently he then suddenly buldged his eyes open and told me I couldn't be doing that because I was his grand daugter but I ignored and continued. To my surpise his 9 inch cock got hard and this made me wet. I wanted to suck his dick and so I did he tried to push away but I just kept on going I then felt his upward motion he was enjoying it just as I was. I then screamed gimme more grandpa gimme more.

He then rammed the whole nine inches into me and to my surprise I didn't gag. I then layed down on the couch with my legs far apart my grandpa then got the point that I wanted hin to eat me up so he gently tickled my clit with his tongue it felt so0o0o good. He then stuck it all in and I felt waves of pleasure. After about 10 good minutes of tongue fucking I cummed all over grandpas face. He smiled and made me lick it all off. I did and it taste so good. After this my cunt was still wet and I asked my granpa if he was tired and he answered "not quite yet". I was happy to hear that since I was still horny. I then lead granpas hand to my pussy he started by rubbing my clit I moaned "mmmm" it felt like heaven. He then parted my lips with his fingers and stuck one in "mm" two "mmm" three "mmmm" then finally his whole fist was inside me I was screaming like crazy...I humped it for about 5 minutes it was awesome.

After this session I kneeled down and my granpa knew that I wanted him to fuck me so he dragged himself towards me and I felt his hand guide his cock into my now wet cunt. He slowly managed to put it in I moaned out of satisfaction he then sped his motion he then was ramming but I still wanted more in me I yelled "ram me harder harder baby please im begging fuck me fuck me nice and hard fuck me uhhhhh fuck me harder harder" he did as I said he then laid me down on the floor and started to fuck me in slow motion he was old and couldn't really speed up in this position so I decided to roll so that now I would be on top. I began to ride him slowly then faster and harder until I felt tears in my eyes because it began to hurt. I didnt care and continued. After this we did the 69 position in which I made my grandpa cum in my mouth.... I really wanted to feel how cum felt on the pussy so I let granpa rest and then I started to lick his balls and his 9 incher became rock hard again.

I then told him that I wanted to sit on it so he said "go right ahead baby girl" and so I did I jumped up and down up and down...he then lifted me up with his cock still in me and took me to kitchen he slid his penis out..then replaced it with an apple oh my god it felt great...

I then felt a little tickling motion on my ass and it was the head of his penis I had never done anal so I was nervous but I let him slide it in I yelped "it hurts" he covered my mouth and slid all nine inches in it hurt but after a few ins & outs it felt awesome... my granpa then said he was ready to cum and so I said I wanted it in the pussy he refused because said I might get pregnant I scolded him and I told him I was to horny to care and so he did he pumped in and out in and out I was so exhausted but then I felt my pussy tighten and I knew it was time for me to cum so I wrapped my legs tight on my grandpas waist forcing more of him into me he was sweating and closed his eyes ramming his dick so far upp my pussy I screamed and then we both had our orgasm.

We stood their with his cock in me but then unfortunately he slid it out ;( now that my grandma has passed away whenever I go to my grandpas house when my parents need to go out for their buisness trips im always naked so that my granpa can stuff his dick into me whenever he wants... and I love it.

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Grandpa Fuck in Cali

My story takes place last summer after I graduated. Being an 18 year old from the Midwest, I was ready to take on new adventures. My friend invited me to take a trip with her to California for a week. Of course I agreed! She said we'd be staying with her grandfather. I'd met him before when he visited for holidays. He was a very silly and horny man. He always made jokes about how I was the beautiful friend and that I should go swimming in the pool with him. Whenever I would he'd always play jokes by untying the back of my bikini top and smacking my ass. I always laughed and played it off. He was a crazy old man right That's why I didn't mind too much when she said he worked all day and would only be there at night.

When he picked us up from the airport that night everything seemed fine. I sat in the back and he talked to my friend the whole ride. I just watched the city. It was beautiful! Then he took us to a fancy restaurant. I found a table in the corner and he sat down right beside me while my friend sat across. I didn't mind but the whole time he kept sliding his hand up my summer dress and I'd giggle and push it away. He laughed a little. I wasn't uncomfortable he was just playing.

When we arrived at the house it was pretty late so we didn't bother unpacking. There was only one guest bedroom so my friend said to share the bed with her. Suddenly her grandpa said no and that I could sleep on the couch. I didn't mind it was big and comfortable. She wasn't very happy about it but she wasn't going to say anything bad to her grandpa. So I went to her room to change real quickly. What I didn't realize was that the door was cracked open. I took off my dress and panties. Then I grabbed my lightest pink nightgown and put it over top of me. It was so much hotter here! When I turned around to grab my pillow I noticed her grandpa standing right there. He was staring at my body. I wasn't sure what to do so I played it off and gave him a smile. Then I walked past and my breasts rubbed against his chest a bit and lay down on the couch.

Later on that night I heard the creak of a door. I wondered if it was my friend but she always slept so deeply I wasn't sure but I kept my eyes closed just in case. Suddenly I heard someone walk right in front of me and stop. Then I felt someone sit down beside me. I opened my eyes thinking my friend was there but it was her grandpa! My heart started to race and when I opened my mouth to say something he quickly leaned over and put his hand over it. I wasn't sure what was going on but suddenly he said, "You'd better not make a sound. I don't want my granddaughter to wake up. Just let me touch you. I've had the urge to see you and touch you so don't ruin this." I wasn't sure what to do so I just waited to see what would happen. I watched as he took one hand and cupped my breast through the gown. Then he took the other hand from my mouth and held on to the other breast. His eyes were so full of desire that it happened so fast. He suddenly sat me upright (he was so strong) and pulled my gown over my head. In that moment I couldn't believe I was on his couch naked that I started to protest. He covered my mouth again.

"I said just let me touch you. I know you'll end up enjoying this. I've had some experience compared to the farm boys you have at home." I sat quietly as his hands traveled up my thighs and to my pussy. He just stroked the red lips and I noticed my breathing was harder. Was I enjoying this "I bet those boys have never done this to you before." He bent his head down and began licking my pussy. He was right! I'd never felt anything so good before. He knew all the right spots and suddenly this old man had me going. "You're getting wet. I told you you'd like it."

He brought his fingers to it now and massaged my clit before suddenly ramming them into me hard. I began to cry out from the wonderful pain and he suddenly stopped. He grabbed my breasts again and leaned very close to my face. "Don't say a word. Tomorrow night come into my room." Then he walked back to his room and closed the door.

I was so shocked! How could I feel so violated and yet amazing at the same time Part of me wanted to leave and yet part of me was craving more... I listened to the second part. I didn't need to wait for tomorrow night, I wanted it now. I snuck to his room and found him laying there with nothing on. He was surprised but ready. I crawled onto his bed still naked and spread my legs for him to take me.
"Oh not yet my pretty girl, you should be patient. I'm going to make you need my hard cock inside your tight pussy, not just want it." I could feel my heart pounding faster. What was he going to do to me He pulled me on top of him and began to lick my belly. It made me tingle so much that once I tried to slip him into me and he pulled my hair. "I didn't say it was time little girl." I nodded my head that I understood but I really wanted it.

Next he started to lick my nipples and while he did I ran my hand down his huge shaft. I couldn't believe how big it was. I wanted it inside of me so I gently moved my head down to see if he would want me to do it. He smiled and shoved my face to his cock. "Suck it like a lollipop girl. I'm sure you know how. My granddaughter told me you've done it before." I had done it before but none of the guys back home were so big. I began to lick the head before putting it in my mouth. That's when he grabbed my head with both hands and started bouncing my head off his cock. Surprisingly I didn't gag. I loved it and gave him what he wanted.

That's when it happened. He turned me on my back and began to slide his throbbing hard cock over my red wet pussy. I began to have a clitoral orgasm but before I could climax he stopped. He then rubbed over my breasts. They're very perky and my nipples were hard. He made my entire body ready and suddenly jammed his enormous piece inside of me. I sat up and grabbed onto his back but he pushed me back down and went in deeper. I wanted to cry out but couldn't because of my friend. He was going so fast, how did he have the energy Right when I thought I could take no more he pulled out and pushed my legs up beside my head. I'm a flexible girl so when he put himself up my ass I didn't mind at all. He supported himself on my legs and I played with my breasts. "Fuck me Grandpa!" I couldn't help it, I felt amazing. Nothing like this ever happened with the boys at home.

Suddenly I could feel him ready to cum but I said, "No! Cum inside my pussy. I want to feel you there." He couldn't believe what I'd just said. "But you might get pregnant little girl." I didn't care, I felt too good to let it bother me. So he let my legs fall back down and got on his knees. "I want to make this good for you." He lifted my hips and rammed his hard cock between my legs. I didn't scream this time. I grabbed the blankets instead and enjoyed every thrust. We rocked together for a few seconds and then it happened. I felt like I blacked out the feeling was so good. He held me there for another second then he dropped me.

He lay next to me on his stomach for a minute while he massaged and sucked on my breasts. Finally he said, "Why don't you sleep with my granddaughter tonight. You can just come in here tomorrow if you want." I was so excited that he wanted this to happen again. "Okay Grandpa, your little girl will be back to let you fuck her again." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and skipped out of the room. I slept good that night from being so tired so the next night I was well rested. We did it again every night I was there and I let him do whatever he wanted to me. My friend never found out and that's the way I wanted it. Every time he came to visit her I stayed over. Once we did it in the pool while she was at work. I have a boyfriend but he never gives me the satisfaction of my Grandpa lover.

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Step on it Grandpa

Written by eroticthoughts

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, my mother had me when she was a teen-ager and she had numerous b/f’s before she met, fell in love with, and married her current husband. We ended up living a crappy two level with a full basement including washer and dryer and a laundry shute that extended from both bathrooms on both levels( that was a big selling point), but it was a rickety old run down house

My mother’s husband’s father ( Grandpa Ed) came to stay with us when I was 18, I was still living there because I admit it I liked living rent-free and I did not want to go to college yet, plus I had a p/t job, so it’s not like I was totally mooching off of them. Ok maybe I was, but so what I was adorable and sweet, so I deserved it! 

My step-dad’s father had some money, so with him there the rent was always paid, as well as the ultities and there was always food, he was a big eater and was generous with his food, but even with those qualities he was an older creepy kind of guy. He was, I guess, in his seventies and he was a real pervert. If he was alone with me he would try to goose me everytime I’d bend over, I’d slap at his hand and he’ld laugh. 

He also had a huge collection of really explicit porn magazines and those magazines were always where I would see them, there would be one with a woman’s nude ass looking out at the viewer from the cover on the chair near the kitchen, in the bathroom would just happen to be a magazine opened to some woman spread eagled masturbating her wet shiny hairless pussy, or on the floor near my bedroom would be a torn out picture of some guy fucking a woman as she was bent over a chair, these magazines and pictures seemed to be around a lot, I would throw them in the trash , but those ones I tossed away or new ones would periodically reappear. After a while I got so used to them I didn’t even think about them.

Things only got worse, my mother had to work double shift and my step dad was away from home a lot, he claimed he was working, I knew he was at various strip clubs, word gets around in small towns and supposedly he was boinking some stripper named Louise. My mother turned a blind eye to it, I guess she felt she did not deserve better.

So very often I would be home alone with my Grandpa Ed and he just had a horny vibe about him.
One night I was washing myself in the shower when I just felt like I was being watched, I turned around and I swear I thought I saw the top of someone’s head duck down under the little slit of open window ( the cheap curtains curled up from the humidity of the shower and the window was always cracked open to prevent mold.) So there was an open space there, but I never paid much mind to it, until I saw that head.

However I had a sneaking suspicion it was Grandpa Ed that was peeping on me, the guy was getting more and more interested in me. He would often “accidently” walk in on me when I was peeing in the bathroom. I first would yell at him to go away, as I curled down over my lap, so he could not see anything. After a while he would just stand and gawk and not move, I would toss magazines at him. He’ld leave, but he’ld smile like a pervert.

And he would brush up against me, even when there was a lot of space around us. I tried to not be near him after a while.

One night I woke up feeling very weird like someone had touched me, I turned on the light, but there was no one around. I quickly put on my bathrobe and snuck into the hallway and down to Grandpa Ed’s bedroom, I very slowly and slightly cracked open the door, the light was still on and I saw him laying in his bed, hewas on his side facing the door and I saw his hard cock was exposed through his boxers, it was huge! And really stiff, sticking straight up as he laid there sleeping. I could not believe it, but when I saw that big old dick sticking out of the opening in his boxers I got wet, I mean really wet. I snuck back to my room and closed my door and laid down thinking about that big dick. I knew it was wrong, well not really since we were not blood relatives, but I did call him Grandpa Ed, oh I was very confused and excited. I admit it I rubbed myself because it turned me on, yeah I kept seeing that image until I orgasmed.. I knew I should not be wondering what it would feel like to have the old pervert fuck me, but it laid heavy on my mind.

Within a few days I stopped obsessing over his cock. My mother told me that she was going away on a business trip for two weeks, yeah right, I knew what that meant, she was probably going on a bender, she probably lost her job. She did that a lot.A week or two of partying then a new job.
She told me that Grandpa Ed was in charge, I had to do whatever he told me. I looked at him sitting on the couch and he had a really lecherous smile on his face. I swallowed and wondered what laid in store.

That night was normal, but I had a weird achy feeling in my pussy, it was making me horny and I had no control over it. I was sitting in the den with him and the energy was odd in there very sexual, if you ask me.

I decided to go to bed. I locked my door and put a chair with its back under the knob, as well as I locked my windows, pretty funny since I was on the second floor and unless he magically turned into some comic book hero there was no way was he going to be getting anywhere near my bedroom through the outside window.

I had a very restless sleep, I kept having filthy dreams about him and I would orgasm in my sleep and these dream orgasms were way more intense than any mastubatory orgams I had ever had, an aside here, I never orgasmed with any guys at that point in my life, I guess they just did not know how to hit my clit right. But when I rubbed myself… ohhhh I orgasmed alright! 

The next morning I got up and it was one of those terrible rainy days, just torrential rain and a steel grey cloud-filled sky. It was the kind of day where you just wanted to stay in bed or just watch tv.
I took my shower and threw my nightgown and panties down the hamper shute, I realized I had forgotten to bring a towel in with me and I had nothing to cover myself, I seriously thought of ripping down the shower curtain and wrapping myself in that, it was silly, but thankfully I spied a towel lying on the floor, it barely covered my ass and pussy, I figured I would tip-toe out, go down the hallway, up the steps and on to my bedroom. I put my ear to the door trying not to breath hard so I could see if Grandpa Ed was around. I heard nothing, I was ecstatic, I tip-toed/ran lightly and I made my way to the third or fourth step when I heard something, I turned around and there he was at the bottom step, damn I knew he saw my ass and pussy, he was smiling and licking his lips, but he was not looking at my face, I tried to move the towel and I could not believe it the whole stupid thing opened and started falling to the floor, I bent over and picked it up I ran nude up the steps as I tried to cover myself. I heard him walking quickly I ran in my room and frantically tried to lock the door, he pushed on it as I tried to close it.

He got in and I was nude and now unbelievably horny, I knew he was liking what he saw, I saw his pants bulged out in front, I remembered back to his big hard naked cock I saw sticking out of his boxers and I reaqlly started juicing up between my legs.

He went back to the door and locked it. Uh oh I wondered what was going to happen. He told me that I needed some punishment and he held me around my waist and carried/dragged me over to the bed. I was shaking and I was turned on. He told me to get on the bed that he was going to whip my ass. I had a b/f do that to me and I almost orgasmed from it, so even though I was scared I was excited too. I knelt on my knees and offered my ass to Grandpa Ed. First he just rubbed his wrinkled rough hands all over my ass cheeks, round and round, I knew my skin was like silk and I knew my pussy was swollen and dripping wet.

I knew he was really seeing me in a very raunchy erotic pose and that turned
me on greatly, over and over his hands felt my bare ass cheeks, he stopped touching my ass and he ran them up my back, over my arms, down my back, back onto my ass. I was aching for him to touch my pussy, my pussy was on fire and wet and my lips I knew were spread open for him I could feel they were not closed. He rubbed my hips and my thighs under my ass even caressed my calves and feet then back up my legs and finally he touched my pussy right in the open slit, right near my pussy hole, I jumped with arousal, he ran his finger up and down my soft wetness and my succulant silky steamy inner pussy skin, he then rubbed around the exterior of my pussy hole and finally he finger fucked me, he pushed his finger all the way in really slowly and when he was all the way in his two fingers under my ass and his palm over the top of my pussy he wiggled it, and he moved his palm over the top of my pussy, I moaned in pleasure, this was sooooo wrong but so horny!In and out his finger glided, my pussy insides were tight and wrapped around his finger. He took my juices and rubbed them on my ass cheeks, I was super wet.

He stopped I heard the sound of his belt buckle clanging and the sound of the belt running through the loops then I heard nothing. I was excited. Out of no where I felt that leather slap my ass, it was firm, yet not painful it was a sexy slap, he would slap then rub my ass with the leather themn slap over and over he did that. Then he picked up speed and did these firm yet gentle slaps on my ass it was so fast that he vibrated my pussy, he then pushed my back down, my tits were squished onto the sheets my chin was on the bed, making my ass stick up higher, now he spanked my little wet pussy lips with the belt, I was moaning in pleasure I knew I was going to orgasm my pussy got that super swollen feeling, my clit was now ultra sensitive and with a nice slap on my pussy with the belt I orgasmed, he must had known because I felt his finger in my pussy, I just pulasted around his finger.

He pulled his finger out and then I heard his pants unzip, he told me he was going to fuck my pussy good. He got on the bed behind me and tried pushing his cock in my very tight swollen pusy hole, he inched his way in, when he got all the way in he groaned. He held me around my hips and fucked my pussy over and over,I felt his hands tightly gripping my hips while his cock really went to town in my pussy. His balls were swinging I knew that because I could hear them moviong and sometimes they’ld slap at me, I was sooo wet that my pussy was slurping, that wet slurpy sound. He liked to pull out and rub his big hard dick under my pussy he’ld rub his head and shaft on my clit I’d tremble and say, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” then he’ld pull back his dick and shove it in my pussy hole. 

Pull it out qick and hard, my pussy hole would close in response and he’ld rub my underside pussy and clity then back in for a hard pussy dip, mmm it felt so gooood. I knew he really liked my pussy when he said he hadn’t felt such a tight hot pussy in a long time and it felt so fucking good. He fucked me until he came, and when he came, it was intense his big hard cock was in so deep that he was touching my g-spot, so he came right against it, a hard gooey shot of cum that made me have the most intense orgasm I felt it to my toes,I felt my own pussy juices shoot back against him, I even spread my knees and arched my ass and pussy up at him, I curved my lower back so that I got an even sexier deeper sensation. I was so horny yet satisfied. He did a very slow pull out after a while.

He told me to lay down, I did, he laid his full body on top of mine, he cuddled his groin and flaccid cock and hairy pubes onto my bare smooth tight red from his belt spanking of me ass and we kind of rocked back and forth, he even rubbed the bottom of my feet with the top of his feet and his toes, damn it was sexy. Oh and the things that we did for those next two weeks, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

Grandpa's Babysitting Weekend

Written by Tim S.

My daughter and her husband asked if I could babysit their twin daughters while they went away on a very important business trip. I was shocked. My son in law knew of my incestuous relationship with his wife. We got passed the initial surprise, and actually became very good friends. It didn't hurt that my daughter /his wife, regularly requested threesomes with us. Once you've sword fought with your son in law the whole other argument kinda goes out the window.

They were a very successful with a big house, pool/deck, and a private lot surrounded by trees in the back. The trip was scheduled in the middle of the summer. Pool time. Bathing suit's, shorts and casual attire. Lot's of grill cooking and drinking beer.

The car service pulled up, loaded their luggage as they said goodbye to the twins. Hugs and kisses all around. They each made last minute instructions. My daughter carefully said to do whatever Grandpa says. ( looking at me and winking ). My son in law said to mind and obey your Grandpa. ( smiling crookedly over his daughters shoulders). It was early in the morning, and I asked who wanted breakfast. Scrambled eggs and fruit. They ate the eggs and bananas. I told them it built strong bones.
I said I was going to read the newspaper and have some bloody Marys on the deck by the pool. I took my top off,sat down and poured myself a strong drink.

I was so relaxed and ready to plan the weekend, knowing I not only was going to have fun, but I wouldn't have to worry about the parents.

Even though it was only 11:00 in the morning, the sun was getting hot. The drinks were starting to hit me a little, so I decided to pace myself better today and in the future. The girls had been indoors making plans while their parents were away. I knew that this was going to happen, and didn't say anything. I may be old, but I remember being that age, and doing the same things.

Around noon or so, I asked if they wanted lunch. Even though they are girls they're teenagers (eighteen ), nevertheless.

As I fixed sandwiches for lunch, I heard giggling from the family room. I called them in to eat. So girls, what's the plans for the rest of the day/week. I'm not judging, or saying no. I just need to know what to shop for and when. Only one condition Grandpa has; no over night stays. As long as you're good with that you can do anything you want. I might need help cleaning up, if you wouldn't mind, however. Now, before I grab a few beers and tan, what time should I start things for tonight and do I need to get anything. Both said no to the provisions, and that their friends would start dropping over about 5:00.

I went poolside, pulled over a lounge chair, a small table to sit my beer on, and my lotion. I took off my shorts off and relaxed on my back, sipping my beer. I knew eventually one or both of them would come out and ask about something or need something. Let the games begin. Let them come to me. Don't be that creepy old grandpa. Be natural and non-aggressive.

As naive and young as they are, it won't be that long before they'll be putty in my hands.
Around 3:00, or so they came down to swim. Perfect. My back was turned to them. Grandpa, do you need anything before we come out and go swimming. I replied that I could use a few more beers if you don't mind.

When they handed the beer to they noticed I was naked. No hard on, but hanging out full Montey for sure. Is everything okay girls. They shook their heads no, giggled, and took another look at grandpa's dick.

I thanked them, and then they dove into the water. They swam to the shallow end, where they couldn't be heard, and started talking. I didn't need to wonder what they were talking about. I laid-back, sipped my beer, and opened my legs just a little bit. I didn't want to be gross or obvious. Just a little more than before.

Sure enough they swam down to my end of the pool and snuck peeks at grandpa's dick. I have to say that when I'm completely soft I have an impressive dick. Hanging limp, it's bigger than most men's hard ons. That's why my daughter never could completely give her daddy's dick up.
Can I help you girls. Do you need something. Hungry already. Can you wait for a while. Thanks.
Since you don't need anything right now could you get me some more beers. Grab one for yourself if you want. After all, your parents are gone.

They brought out a six pack, put it the cooler, and opened one for each of us.

They tried to act so grown-up and casual. Drinking beer talking to their naked grandpa, as if it happens all the time. Ah, that beer tastes so good.

So, do you girls nude tan also. I just love it. I like the overall tan, the feel of the sun all over me, and the breeze blowing on my penis. If you haven't tried it, maybe tomorrow, before your friends come over you might try it. You'll understand if you try it.

Can I get you another beer girls. I'm ready. I bent over to grab the beers out of the cooler, showing my ass, practically in their faces. God this beer tastes good. Drink up ladies. We've got a whole week without your parents to say no. We sipped beer's until they said they should go back in and get ready for the party. An hour later I went in myself. I sat out chips and dip, Buffalo wings, taco shells and the fixings, fruit, soda, and ice buckets. I went and showered myself, put on a clean shirt and new shorts. I grabbed a couple of tacos, ate those, grabbed a beer and went into the family room to watch TV the rest of the night. I went to bed at 11:30, after the news. The party was still going full blast.

I got up around 7:30, my usual time. I cut up a big bowl of fruit for the girls, whenever they got up. I made a pot of coffee, knowing that would be a welcome sight for them. Then, I made 2 big pitchers of mimosas. I put them in the refrigerator and made me a big strong one for myself.

I paddled out to the screened in porch, put my drink down and started reading the newspaper. I was completely absorbed in the paper, when my precious twins came out and said good morning to their grandpa. I informed them that the coffee was made, breakfast, cut fruit, in the fridge. Come back out here and eat your breakfast with me.

They were voracious, and ate everything I cut up.

I said I was going to go by the pool. Could you girls bring out the mimosas and three glasses. I want to hear all about the party. Thanks. I had previously arranged the setting. Across from my chair and table was their chairs with a table between them.

The girls came out with the drinks, lotion, and not wearing anything. As soon as I could, I took my clothes off too.

They said they paid attention to me yesterday and decided to go nude the rest of the week.
Let me pour you a drink girls. Relax. Soon one, then another, and another and they were completely relaxed. I heard all about the party and all the laughs they had.
I said I was starting to get warm and asked if they could rub lotion on me. When they got to my dick and ass, they hesitated. I reminded them that their parents said to mind grandpa. Feeling four hands rubbing lotion over my ass and dick was fantastic. This time I let my dick get semi hard. Let grandpa return the favor girls. I spent extra time on their breasts, ass, and shaved pussy areas. We all caught our breathes, and relaxed again. See, isn't this nice.

Around noon, I fixed some sandwiches and chips. I bought the plates out, sat them down and went back inside and brought out a case of iced down beer.
Everyone for themselves the rest of the afternoon I said. We chatted about this and that, sipped our beers, and tiptoed around our bodies and sex.

Near 2:30 I asked if they would reapply more lotion on me. That bridge passed earlier, I decided to get a little bolder this time. When they got to my ass and dick, I asked them to linger there a bit. I want you to make grandpa totally hard. Any objections. Remember your daddy said to obey your grandpa. While you're there would you play with my balls and asshole. They switched positions so each could feel my dick. When hard, it's 10" long. They seemed to like it. I thanked them, and sat on the chair with my dick sticking straight up. Occasionally I would stroke it in front of them so I could keep it hard. Like yesterday, I asked what time the party's starting. Before I went in to get cleaned up and prepare for the kid's party, I stood up and said I was going to jack off and cum to relieve my tension. I pumped myself slowly at first, and then increased the tempo until I shot my load in front of my granddaughters. Thanks guys, I'm going in to freshen up. Leave me a note if you need anything else for tonight. Oh, would you make sure my cum is cleaned up before your friends come over later.
Tonight I prepared hot dogs, hamburgers, chilies, cheese, and various chips and buns. I laid everything out for them to use/eat. I went to the family room, turned on the tv, grabbed a few beers, and settled in until 11:30. Got up the usual time and made the coffee and breakfast. Today was bagels and cream cheese. I cut the bagels in half for the girls, just in case they were too hung over to do it themselves. Juice was ready as well.

I made two pitchers of Casablanca's and put them in the fridge to get good and cold. I went out to the lanai with the paper and settled down for today's events. Sipping a Casablanca slowly, I heard the girls stomping around the kitchen.

Morning sleepyheads. Everything alright. Once you've got your breakfast and coffee come back out and tell me about last night's party. We laughed at some of the silly things that happened. I'm so glad they are having fun. This is the age to do it and to experiment.

We moved out to the poolside area. Today, we all stripped down to our nothings, without any embarrassing looks or shyness. There was a little more breeze today and it felt so good on my balls and dick.

Girls, please go inside and bring out those pitchers, and three glasses. Thanks. What is this grandpa. It's called Casablanca, they have three different liquors besides the orange juice. So, take it slow. Especially in this sun. Umm, this is good and goes down so smoothly grandpa. Just remember what I told you now.

Would you kid's put lotion on me, please. Today they paid close attention to my asshole, balls, and dick. Making sure grandpa's dick stood at attention, without being told to. You girls are the best, I love you both so much. Grandpa, would it be okay if we fingered our pussies in front of you today. We discussed it before we came downstairs this morning and decided since you got off yesterday we could today. Is that okay with you. Sure, that sounds perfect. Now come over here and let me oil you up. Thanks ladies. If I start stroking my dick, I just want to keep it erect.

The drinks were hitting them pretty fast, even though I told them to go slowly; twice. They began fingering their pussies in front of me. Their legs were spread as wide as they could go. I had a front row seat of pussy dueling.

Eventually both came strongly. They slowed down drinking so fast, and only teased themselves, like I was doing.

You girls have great tans, but grandpa doesn't want you to burn. So spread some more on yourselves, paying close attention to your assholes. Now, I want you to scrunch down in your chairs and finger your assholes for grandpa to see. Oh, this is heaven. I'm going to jerk off again, but this time I'm going to aim my cum at you. Get ready when I say. Here it comes. I had enough jizz to splatter each of my granddaughters asses with my cum. Rub it in sweeties.

We finished off the drinks and went back to the lanai. I went and fixed lunch. I gave them some space so they could talk openly between each other, without me listening in on them. This isn't the first rodeo I have been to. Training their mom and aunt was scarier and I was more accomplished by now.
I fixed us a chicken salad and iced tea. Perfect for this beautiful day. When we were finished, I asked the girls to clean up, and then come back out to the poolside again. And, don't forget the cooler of beers I iced down this morning. I stood there trying to figure out my next step.

Here you are. Pop us a beer, please. Well girls, you came a long ways this morning. What do you think. You obviously love sex. Any ideas for this afternoon. Grandpa, we were wondering where this was all headed. Go ahead and stroke your cock, we like it. And we loved being naughty in front of you. But where's this headed.

Well we'll figure this out together, okay. In the meantime start kissing each other.
Grandpa, we aren't lezzies. We like men.

Hush now. It's not going to hurt. Start kissing. I'm gonna have another beer, watch you two kiss and try and figure out what I want you to do next. That's it, tongue each other real good. Making your grandpa hard as hell watching you two.

Grandpa, can we stop and have a beer or two. We got kinda hot kissing like that. Sure kids. Drink up. In fact have as many as you want. Tell grandpa what you thought about when you were kissing. Our pussies started tingling all over. Is this normal. Ask your mom and aunt. They like it. They looked at each other, laughed out loud, and laughed for a good 10 minutes afterwards.

I guess this rocked your world a little, huh. Have some more beer. Ask anything. But just keep drinking. Do you still trust me and love me girls. I love you so very much.

I had a few beers myself, glad this part was out in the open. Kinda spoiled my hard on, temporarily, however.

Girls, before I go inside and clean up, I'd like each of you to suck my dick. I'm horny and need to get off. They took turns sucking me until I was ready to shoot. When I did, this time I left my load all over their faces. Thanks girs, I needed that. I hope you don't mind, but would you clean up out here again.

Tonight was just putting out Chinese food, delivered earlier. I grabbed a few brews and sat down for the night in the family room. I went to bed my usual time.

The next morning, I laid out an assortment of dry cereal and fruit. All they needed to add was milk. And of course a pot of coffee.

They came downstairs and into the lanai looking pretty hungover. Morning sweeties. I've got champagne today, so it's hair of the dog today.

I really like it, so I've had a couple already. The girls were trying to act so sophisticated like they've had it many times before. I guess no one ever told them that this is as bad as those Casablanca's from yesterday. Just as I planned, they were feeling no pain in no time. Ready to go sit outside ladies.
When we got to where we always sat, I kept several bottles of champagne on ice, and a air mattress. What this for grandpa. Don't worry about it right now.

Later on I will explain. Would you mind if I changed things up a little today. Like how grandpa. I'd like you to suck me hard, rather than putting lotion on me. And, after a few drinks we can talk further. It was so pleasant watching them. Two beautiful young women. We drank, talked, and when I thought they were ready, I asked them to oil each other. Pay attention to your sister's tits, asshole, and pussy. Pull, tug, pinch, finger each other until you both get off. Take as long as you want. I'll just sit here, not talk, and just observe two of my favorite people sexually turn their sister on. Of course I'll be stroking my cock, but you don't have to. Just enjoy the moment and feeling.

We went back in for lunch and ate a huge sub, filled with several Italian meats. Any questions girls. Okay, I'll clean up, bring out the beer, and we'll see what the afternoon brings.

Re-oiled I gave them a beer. We talked, laughed, and had more beer.

Okay girls, get on the air mattress and face end to end. Start licking each others pussy. Get those clits hard; all with your tongue. My daughter's love eating each other out. That would be your mom and aunt. You see,eventually they'll want to do the same things to you and expect the same for you. So this week is a practice week. You can do this as often as you like. It's not like a man, who has to re-cooperate between cumming. Once again I'll just drink, watch, and fist my dick. Go on now. Don't worry about me. I won't touch or say anything. Dripping with sweat, shaking from intense orgasms, and head spinning from everything that grandpa had them doing. They were spent for the first time this week. A little weak and wobbly in the knees I handed them a beer and said to catch your breath, chill out enjoy the afterglow of great sex. Clean up kids and put the air mattress away. I'm going to clean up. I'll see you later.

Tonight's treat was pizza. Any kind you could imagine I tried to get. Something for everyone. I sat in the family room, and went to bed my usual time.

The next morning, I had all the fixings for omelets and screwdrivers, ready to go when they got up.
Feeling a lot better than yesterday and looking more rested, they kissed me on the cheek and said good morning grandpa. What will it be ladies. Give me your order and take the screwdrivers out to the lanai. I'll bring out the omelets when they're ready. Sound good, good. Now, let me start cooking. Be there in a few minutes. It didn't take long before I was bringing out breakfast for the three of us. They'd poured a drink for me and we toasted. To sex, may it always be so good. We ate like famished orphans. Anyone want seconds. No. Okay, please clean up and I'll meet you outside. I grabbed the screwdriver pitchers and headed to the poolside. We drank for awhile to loosen up.

Kids, today is the day I've been waiting for. I'm going to fuck you with my big cock. I'm going to fuck your twats, fuck your face, and fuck your asshole. One before lunch and one after. Whomever I'm not fucking can do whatever they want. To decide who goes first we'll flip a coin. Great, it's all decided. Now, let's drink some more. And some more after that.

My first angel lubed up my dick, while I did the same to her privates. Honey, I like to stand when I fuck. That's why there's no air mattress out here. I get to watch me dick sliding in and out of whichever orifice I'm using at the time. So honey, hold onto the side of the chair bent over while I slide my boner up your pooper chute. Ah. Oh yeah. Faster grandpa. I want you to cum in me. Oh baby, here it comes. I let my soft dick slide out of her ass. Soon, my cum-load started dripping out of her crack. To my other granddaughter I said, sorry honey, I said you didn't have to do anything, but would you clean up my cum out of your sister's asshole. Thank you baby. That's really sexy. After a drink for each of us, I asked her to bend over again. This time I shoved my dick up her twat.

I could last longer this time, so I piston fucked her pussy like she never had been fucked before. After quite a while I shot all I had deep into her love channel.

Screaming from an intense orgasm, she got weak kneed and sat down. Honey, would you eat your sister out, until she's all cleaned up. Thanks. We had a couple more drinks, when I asked her to get on her knees and start sucking me off. My other granddaughter had practically put her whole hand up her pussy, masturbating to the rhythm of her sisters head bobbing up and down my cock. When I blew my load, I didn't have to ask her to clean her up, because she'd already started.

We went back inside. Ate lunch, pulled out the beer back outside and drank for awhile. Eventually, I repeated the morning session all over again.

The next day, and the rest of the week, until their parents came home, I fucked them with my cock, with a dido up their other hole. I wanted each of them to get used to it. They caught on fast and loved.
Finally Mom and Dad came home, the kids aunt showed up, and a great weekend by all was had.