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My Naughty Uncle Lee

Written by copper_wolf

Uncle Lee was my mom's friend, and since I was a toddler I was used to him coming over to the house. He wasn't a "real" uncle in any way as he wasn't family, but he had known my mom since they were children, and he was in his early 60's I guess. He'd started coming over a lot more often after my parent's divorce, and I'd always thought of him as a second dad, and I also secretly had a terrific crush on him. He seemed to know it, encourage it even, but he didn't leer at me like the boys at school, or stare at my breasts. Sometimes, especially as my late teens turned into adulthood, I'd catch him looking at me with a kind of hunger that was almost palpable, and every so often I'd catch him admiring my butt out of the corner of my eye. He would always act embarrassed or apologize saying he was thinking of something else. He was quite attractive, 5’8” tall, around 220 pounds, white hair and brown eyes. And even from when I'd been a child he'd already had a touch of silver in his hair, or so I'd remembered it.

I didn't see much of him during my college years although he'd help me move in and out of each dorm room, and his ear was always receptive when I had a fight with my boyfriend, or my goldfish died, or if I just wanted to talk. He'd always call me sweetie-bear, and he always made me feel special.

Things changed after I graduated. A few weeks into summer I'd got a job and moved into my first apartment, and Uncle Lee dropped by for a visit because I'd asked him to help me move some furniture around. That took all of five minutes and then he brought out a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift because he knew I loved a glass of zin in the afternoon. He even thought to get it chilled, so I grabbed two glasses and we sat on opposite sides of my new sofa. Within the space of half an hour, we'd drunk it up entirely, and giggled slightly about it. I caught him looking at me and then turning away. He'd been staring at my breasts and that caught me a little by surprise.

Let me see if I can remember the rest, it all seems like a dream.

It was then I noticed the room seemed unusually hot. I'm also feeling a little naughty and decide to tease him a little, so I pull my top down to my shoulders, exposing the bra straps, and a slightly inappropriate amount of real estate. Uncle Lee didn't seem to notice, but he stood up to get the television remote. But he turned off the TV, and sat back on the sofa right next to me, close but not quite touching. He put his arm around me and leaned in, like he's going to whisper something in my ear. But I still feel heady from the wine, and impulsive, and uninhibited, and instead of listening for a secret, I quickly turn my face to him, and give him a quick, moist kiss on the mouth. I close my eyes. A sober part of me has time to think, What the hell am I doing?

But nothing happens, and after a moment I open my eyes again, expecting to share an awkward laugh. But the look on his face is suddenly serious and he's looking right into my eyes with smoldering lust. He licks his lips as if tasting my kiss, his mouth slightly open. He puts his hand around the back of my neck and draws my face close.

The kiss that comes isn't a peck on the cheek and after a few experimental, quick lip to lip, lingering touches, I feel his warm tongue rub tentatively but firmly against my lips. I yield, relaxing my lips and instantly he begins to explore my mouth. Within seconds, it's plunged in deeply and I gasp at the earnestness of his attention, sinking as he presses forward. I'm being pressed into the sofa, sliding down onto my back as my mouth opens to more and more of Uncle Lee's attention. I feel a sudden gush into my panties as I realize this is for real, OMG where is this going? My sober mind tells me to pull away but my body won't let me as Uncle Lee puts his hand inside my bra. This is so hot, I realize, a little guiltily, and I can feel my panties becoming soaked. Under Uncle Lee's touch, my top and bra slide off effortlessly and I wonder how my bra even got unhooked. "Yes," I helplessly whisper as his hands start to move to cup and stroke my breast, lightly pinching my attentive nipples. Yes, this is something I have fantasized about, is it real? I pinch myself mentally.

Uncle Lee's mouth is on my neck and moving down slowly, tasting I and licking the drops of salty perspiration that seems to have come on with the increasing wetness between my legs and the stark, exciting-scary realization of what I'm doing. Where will this stop? When his mouth nips at my hardened nipple I arch my back helplessly as he pushes me back on the sofa. His mouth closes over my breast and his tongue lingers on my nipple that's gotten as hard as a frozen blueberry. I melt in his mouth.

As his tongue works on my other hard lump, my curious hand brushes against his shorts and his firm manhood throbs slightly against my hand while he says, "That's my sweetie bear, Uncle Lee won't hurt you." I look up a little wild eyed but enjoying it, naughtily, breathless. I raise my hips and he pulls down my skirt, and then feels inside my panties.

He licks his fingers and slides them firmly around the warm place between my labia. The warm, sticky fluid gushes out all over his hand. He brings it out and it my juices stretch out like a stringy egg white, much to my own embarrassment. He licks them, smiles, and offers me a chance to taste my own sex from his sticky hand. As I lick it off his finger, he smiles lasciviously. "Sweetie Bear, you naughty girl, you want to see Uncle Lee's little friend, don't you?" No, right? Yes, I admit to myself, I DO want this, even though I know I shouldn't; my body gives my mind no chance to disagree. Mesmerized, I look up into his hungry green eyes and slowly nod once. He unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants, all the while smiling at me, and his cock springs out. It's about 7 inches, as hard as a wooden pole and it's as fat as a banana except for the wide helmet which must be more than 2 inches wide. As I look, a drop of clear fluid comes out the tip and slowly drips down, leaving a string just like my own pussy juice. It slowly runs down the inside of my thigh. He takes his cock in his hand and lightly strokes it.

"Now, Sweetie Bear, you've seen it appear; why don't we see how fast the two of us can make it disappear?" Suddenly, I'm a little scared again, he's bigger than my boyfriend was. A lot bigger. Will that thing really fit into me? I almost start to sit up, half-heartedly resisting, but a greater part of me wants to see, to feel, if it fits. Yeah, I want this, even if it's wrong. Is it wrong? It hits me, no wonder Uncle Lee came around the house all the time, he was fucking my mom! How naïve could I have been? My imagination runs wild, did he pinch and nibble her breasts like he's doing to me right now? Did he plunge that big cock in her? Did he cum in her pussy? Did he seduce her on this same sofa? But instead of making me resist, or feel angry or disgusted, I feel incredibly hot. My mom obviously liked it, Uncle Lee was around all the time. Fucking my mom. Ha! Now it's my turn. My vagina contracts in anticipation, and more juice runs down my leg.

Uncle Lee, completely unaware of my internal struggle, but accepting my silence as approval, gently pushes me back on the sofa, and I lie there slightly breathless, waiting, hoping to be impaled. He spreads my legs apart. But instead of that two inch helmet, I feel his tongue gently lick all around my pussy. He's going slow, but his tongue misses nothing and my body gushes in response, now soaking his face and the sofa cushions. My vagina feels like it's aching for something and I feel myself coming to a climax. He seems to know exactly what my body is doing, and he slows, he... slows. Oh yes. Each light stroke of his tongue, gentle movement of his fingers just takes me a tiny bit closer to climax, but not all the way. I moan at his teasing but he keeps going maddeningly slow, teasing me, stroking the sides, above, below, only making the briefest of touches, almost as if by accident, against my clitoris.

Finally, waves start in my stomach and speed throughout my body as I shudder and arch my back, locking up all my muscles. My thighs grip his head tightly, and I put my hands on the back of his head, pulling his face onto my pussy, trying to grind my clitoris against his teasing tongue. My vagina contracts in slow waves. "Oh, oh oh, oh," is all I can grunt as I cum all over Uncle Lee's face and hands, soaking him with a seemingly endless gush of juice. Uncle Lee murmurs, "I love the taste and smell of your pussy, it's like fresh flowers, a fertile field of clover."

Spent, I relax completely, slightly breathless, letting go of Uncle Lee and I take a deep breath. I suddenly notice that he's now eye to eye with me, and his look of wolfish hunger demands satisfaction. A thrill goes through my body; I'm ready for more. I grin, fiendishly. I spread my legs wider for Uncle Lee and aim my hips up at the telephone pole that's hanging over my pussy, the reddish knob glistening with more of his sticky pre-cum fluid. He takes some of my copious juice and rubs it up and down the length of his cock. He whispers, hoarsely, "You know Bear, I've always thought you were hot, and I've always wanted to screw your brains out, since you were eighteen." Under other circumstances and less wine I'd have said, "Well duh," but in my excited state It's too much and I just want it. I respond, huskily, "Do me. Now."

His big cock approaches my moist pussy slowly, as we both savor the moment. As it touches, then slowly presses against my tight opening, I can't help but push up and my labia expands. And expands, taking the helmet in. As it pushes through my opening, it pops through and the rest slides in part way. I gasp, OMG, he's big. He keeps going, slowly, and he's moaning slightly, looking into my eyes. His dick pushes into me like the plunger of an air pump, slowly, tightly, deeply, missing nothing, taking up every bit of space inside me, and stretching a little more. But he's only halfway.

It's too much, and he's going too slow! I want him to hurry before I pass out, I'm already seeing stars. I reach up and put my hands on his lower back, and wiggle my hips, wrapping my legs around him. Then with a powerful tightening of my legs, I suddenly draw him into me. I DO see stars this time. OH SHIT! YES! This time, it's his turn to gasp, "Oh Sweetie Bear, you naughty girl! God, you feel so incredible! You're so tight inside!" Secretly grinning at turning the tables on Uncle Lee, I tighten my strong thighs around him, locking him in an iron embrace. And tighten. And finally, our pubic hair mingles and I know he's in all the way. I feel the heat of him against me, and the refreshing coolness of his ball sack pressing my entrance. I realize I was holding my breath and let it out in one gasp. "Oooooh! Yessssss."

I feel entirely filled up like a stuff sack, overflowing as my vagina stretches out to accommodate him. I've never felt so full. I relax my leg lock and he begins to slide in and out, slowly, very slowly, and the immense friction from the tight fit is overwhelming. I just came a few minutes ago, but already I know that this stimulation is going to result in another massive climax, and soon.

I writhe under his strokes, and look into his eyes. He's staring gently but playfully into my eyes. We're both really enjoying this! Why didn't we do it sooner? I tighten my legs around him. He groans, "Oh, you're so tight, I can feel your pussy clamping me like a vise." He begins to screw me from slightly different angles, each one touching a new part of my womanhood that he hadn't touched before, maybe nobody had touched before, certainly not my last boyfriend. My body answers; I grind and twist back against him, feeling the stirrings of my orgasm. Uncle Lee moves faster and faster, and it's building up to a strong climax. I don't want it to end, it feels so good. Maybe we could make this a regular thing, why DIDN'T we ever do this before? Then a horrible thought comes to my mind, I know exactly why I didn't do this before! I'm an idiot! I put my palms on Uncle Lee's chest and push at him, none too gently. "Uncle Lee! Stop! I'm not on birth control! Don't cum in me!"

Uncle Lee seems not to notice at first, his eyes are closed and his slow fucking continues unabated; my palms might as well be pressing against a bull. But he slows for a moment, looking gently back into my eyes. "When was your last period Sweetie Bear?" Even as my body continues responding to his slower thrusts, he stops and then pulls out gently with a wet pop. My body sighs in disappointment. I have trouble remembering. "Last week? Yeah, I just finished on Sunday." Today's Friday. Uncle Lee smiles, "It's OK honey, you're fine. You won't ovulate for another week. Now turn around on all fours for your dirty Uncle Lee 'cause I've got a hot present for you that's been six years coming!"

I nod my head, and climb down on the floor, resting my arms on the sofa cushion and my head on a pillow. I relax and spread my legs wider for my naughty gift from Uncle Lee. I'm already so juicy and stretched that this time when he presses his member against my pussy, instead of pausing slightly, it slips suddenly in like a wet cork. I gasp slightly as this time, it's in DEEP in this position. As Uncle Lee speeds up, I can feel his head pressing deeply into me, stretching me out completely. Lustfully, I push back on him, this time feeling his cool ball sack thump against my pussy. I don't want to stop and am happy when he starts moving at different angles again. It's stimulating me from all directions and I move back against him instinctively at alter angles to get just the right friction. Up, down, fast, slow, zigzag, hard, soft, left, right. There, and there, his fat penis rubs my g spot. Oh yes! Uncle Lee wraps his arms around me, one hand squeezing my breasts and nipples and the other rubbing my clitoris, his hot breath blowing across my shoulders. He speeds up his thrusts and I can no longer match his thrusts, his weight and power press me deeply into the sofa, impaling me on his eager cock like an insect pinned to a display.

As I melt under him, Uncle Lee's cock rubs indirectly on my g-spot and I feel the waves building, coming from my belly and moving into my chest and vagina. I'm going to cum, and cum big. I want to cum on Uncle Lee's cock so bad! Uncle Lee is also breathing hard, and he's thrusting harder than before, grunting with each thrust as I can feel his balls slapping against me. I want to cum with him! Please! My body begins to tense up. The sofa is hitting the wall and I giggle that Mrs Polenski next door might be listening to everything. That's more of a turn-on than a turn off. The pounding of the sofa knocks the calendar off the wall and my neat black X marks tell me absentmindedly that today is August 15.

After a brief pause when the calendar falls, Uncle Lee renews his fucking and begins slamming into my hips so hard now that my face is pressed into the pillow. Wait? August 15? My period started on August 1. That means... I cry out into the pillow, muffled, "Uncle Lee! Stop, stop! No! Please stop! I have to stop! I'm ovulating!" I struggle but can't move as Uncle Lee has me locked firmly in his embrace, impaled on his massive flag pole, holding my arms. But something does get through to him; he responds, "I know honey! It feels so fucking good! Your baby cunt is the best I've ever had! Here it comes! Here comes my present! Uncle Lee's hot cum!"

Uncle Lee's body tenses up very tightly, his 200 pound frame crushing me helplessly into the sofa like I'm nothing more than a giant plush toy. Uncle Lee pushes in deep and stops. I feel his balls against my pussy retract. I feel his pelvis buck and his dick recoils inside me like a huge navy gun on a battleship, his penis and sack throbbing hard with each blast.

SQUIRT! Oh no! The power of the shot is intense, and hot; I can actually feel it splashing, deep in my vagina.

SQUIRT! No, no NO! Another shot of hot cum, surely it must be going straight into my uterus.

Squirrrrrt! A longer and slower one this time, but no sign of stopping. Oh no, what have I done?

But something touches me at that moment. In an instant, thoughts fly through my head. This was my biggest fear, and now that it's happened, there isn't anything I can do about it. And getting pregnant to my Uncle Lee is somehow very sexy and naughty. Uncle Lee is strong and sensual, and I love screwing him, in fact I hope it happens again. I want a man like that for my baby's father anyway! So what the hell! I might as well enjoy my forbidden sex act. Forbidden! Ha! Little old me, who doesn't even get parking tickets, fucking my uncle like a street whore! And you don't get pregnant every time. Yes! I want this, I want his delicious cream pie inside me! And just like that I relax back into Uncle Lee who hasn't noticed anything at the moment except the massive load he is creaming my pussy with. But I push back against him and flex my pelvic muscles against him. He groans, using my name "Oh God Maggie!" I smile, wickedly.

Squirrrrt! Four? Good God the man is a fucking firehose! Oh Yes! Another pulse in my vagina and the waves of pleasure, enhanced by the forbidden feeling, return in a grand slam and my own powerful orgasm tightens my muscles. My vagina pulses and squeezes around Uncle Lee's still hot, still big, throbbing cock. Uncle Lee shouts hoarsely, "Oh Sweetie Bear! I can feel you cumming! Oh yes, oh yes honey! Cum hard on your Uncle's dirty cock!" Now his hips buck and he squirts again and again, his balls slapping against my puss, but the last few shots seem to be dry.

I lose count of the number and I am past caring except that his cock is still throbbing tightly inside of me. It feels so good that everything else doesn't matter. He finally stops and I hold my position, pressing back against him for a few moments, wiggling my ass. Then as his cock finally begins to shrink and falls out, we both roll onto the floor with me lying on top of him. The warmth of his body is like a furnace. I can still feel his cock shrinking under my stomach and I can also feel large gobs of fluid leaking out of my stretched and sore vagina. We enjoy cuddling for a few minutes as we both catch our breath.

Uncle Lee grins, "Hey, let's get a look at that cream pie, huh!" I get back on my fours and turn around and he takes a picture on my phone and hands it to me. I see a misshapen, red vagina, with gobs of white cream leaking out everywhere and dripping down my leg. I put my hand down and wipe what must be a teaspoon or more with my hand, and then absently thinking, I lick it. Salty and sweet, like him. Uncle Lee speaks again, "Wow, we sure did a number on your sweet cunny, didn't we?" Unable or unwilling to tell Uncle Lee that he just maybe impregnated me, I just nod as we both stand up and I feel more sperm drip out and down my legs. Maybe it didn't make it inside me too far, or I won't ovulate on time, or it'll leak out. Who cares?

Uncle Lee senses my anxiety even if for the wrong reasons, "You don't mind, do you Sweetie Bear? It's what we both wanted, right? I didn't mean to force..." I give him a big smile and wrap my arms around him. "Oh yes, Uncle Lee, exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I needed." His tension melts off of him and I continue, "Yes, let's do this again, let's do it again soon." This gives him a sincere relieved smile. He dresses, kisses me and leaves. I sit in a chair and take a first-hand look at my pussy. The white gobs are no longer coming out but I'll have to wear a panty liner all day to soak up Uncle Lee's cream pie. I thinkt of taking a shower, but decide against it. Uncle Lee's cream will drip out of me all day and only I will know about the forbidden sex in my apartment, my little dirty secret. And if I do end up pregnant, what then? Why if it's a boy, maybe I'll name it Lee.

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